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Napping Gel

Allow us to introduce the new all-purpose conditioning gel that can be used on all natural haircuts – Nappy Styles Napping Gel. It delivers a natural shine and easy manageability to hair without greasiness or stiffness. Promote healthy, soft hair and leave it with a vibrant sheen.

Cleanse with Charcoal

Regardless of how long or short your hair is, women and men alike should all condition their tresses regularly. The Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Deep Conditioner is a super-moisturizing, clarifying treatment that will nourish and soften all hair types (including color treated hair). Charcoal works to absorb impurities and help restore hair to its natural radiance. Display contains 12 packs.

Tame Wild Manes

Your male customers’ hair might not be too long, but we all know how wild hair can look when styles grow out a bit. That’s where the Wahl Leopard Designer Professional Vibrator Clipper comes in handy. Designed to cut wet or dry hair utilizing high precision blades and a variable taper level for a variety of hair types, this tool has it all.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2016

The Men Issue OTC May 2016  

Men can often be overshadowed in this seemingly female-dominated industry of beauty, but here at OTC Beauty Magazine we want to turn the tab...

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