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Editorial Letter����������������������10 Beauty in the Man Cave 남성공간에서의 뷰티

Expert Advice�����������������������12 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Makeup

Marketplace�������������������������18 The Man Cave

How Should You Sell It?�������24 Welcoming Men

어떻게 판매할 것인가? 이 달의 판매 초점은.... 남성 고객 환영입니다!

Urban Call Briefs������������������45

Feature Article Multi-Cultural Men’s Grooming that ROCKS! ������64 by Phylencia Taylor

The Multi-Cultural Man has been a personal grooming after-thought for many eras. However, over the last 10 years men’s grooming has surged. Today’s Multi-Cultural Man has a plethora of ethnic specific personal care options, similar to the women’s personal care category. Explore a few of those here.

다문화 남성의 그루밍! 다문화 남성들은 여러 세대를 거쳐오면서 개인적으로 그루밍을 해왔다. 그러나, 최근 10년 동안 남성들의 그루밍이 급등하고 있다. 현재의 다문화 남성들은 여성들의 퍼스널 케어 범주와 유사하게, 인종별 퍼스널 케어 옵션을 넘치게 갖고 있다. 여기에 몇 가지들을 살펴 보도록 하자.

The Road to Profitability

King of Locs..........................61 All About Men

Finished Product

Clipper Tips��������������������������76 Use Witch Hazel for Flawless Skin���������������������� 30 An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

by Nancy Welker

Therapy Trends���������������������78

Witch hazel is best known for its astringent qualities as a skin toner and facial cleanser. In addition to this use, the distilled extract of witch hazel mixed with alcohol and water can be used in cold compresses for fevers and skin irritations including minor allergic reactions and blemishes, and used for a variety of different uses.

Advancing the Male Regimen

Tonsorial Times .................... 80 BARBERNOMICS 2.0 ™

업계소식................................ 92

Jinny News ��������������������������95 Industry News ���������������������96 Coupons��������������������������� 101 Show Calendar����������������� 104 Ad Index��������������������������� 104 Reader Feedback��������������� 106 Product Spotlight�������������� 108 Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

On The Cover

With Andis, “it’s not just a cut. It’s your legacy.” Their first styling series, the American Legacy Collection, features looks that can be achieved with the company’s clippers and trimmers, and highlights six hair makeovers of members of the Andis work family. Riko, the Andis Associate featured on the cover, models the South of France cut created with the SlimLine Pro and BGR+. Download free videos and style instructions at www.andis.com/ GetTheLook.

CONTENTS May 2014 Knowledge To Know Business Tips CPNA Making Connections �������� 36 How to Design a Retail Store for Loss Prevention and by Daniela Ciocan

Don’t miss out on Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) 2014! Independent retail store/OTC key decision makers may tap into the option of pre-registering online for two free passes per company by utilizing the code “OTC$14,” a special code that can be obtained by contacting affiliated manufacturer reps.

2014 소매 미용/OTC 매장 프로그램 Cosmoprof 쇼를 놓치지 마세요! 독립 소매업/OTC의 주요 의사 결정자는 온라인 사전 등록 옵션을 활용할 수 있는데, 코드”OTC$14”를 사용하면 한 업체당 2장의 무료 패스를 받을 수 있다, 이 특별 코드는 제휴 제조업체 담당자에게 연락하여 얻을 수 있다.

Caring for Natural Hair ����������� 38 by David Wright

Learn how natural hair is more than just about the hair, and is nothing new for men. It is a consciousness and a lifestyle. It is accepting, embracing, loving and caring for the natural hair that you were born with; hair whose texture hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners including relaxers and texturizers. 네추럴 헤어는 단지 헤어에 관한 것 이상의 의미를 가지고 있지만, 남성들에게는 별로 새로운 것도 아니다. 그것은 의식이고 라이프 스타일이다. 릴렉서나 텍스쳐라이저와 같은 화학적 스트레이트너에 의한 변경 없이, 당신이 가지고 태어난 자연 모발을 받아들이고 포용하며, 사랑하고 돌보는 것이다.

Manufacturer Profile Wahl Clipper Corporation ����������� 70 Who says you can’t go home again? Exposed to the industry at an early age, Lance Wahl—the Director of Sales and Marketing for Professional Products in North America for the family-owned Wahl Clipper Corporation—initially took his own route in finance and marketing. However, it seemed he couldn’t stay away from his roots, and he returned to the family business that continues to thrive in the clipper and trimmer market. OTC Beauty Magazine spoke with him to learn more about this tried-and-true company.

누가 당신은 다시 집으로 돌아갈 수 없다고 하는가? 초기에 이 업계에 발을 들였을 때, 가족 소유의Wahl Clipper 주식회사의 전문가용 제품 북미 담당 영업 마케팅 이사였던 Lance Wahl 씨는, 처음에는 금융과 마케팅 분야에서 자신의 길을 걷고 있었다. 그러나, 그는 자신의 뿌리로부터 멀어질 수 없는 듯했고, 클리퍼와 트리머 시장에서 계속적인 성공을 이어가고 있는 가족 비즈니스로 돌아왔다. OTC 뷰티 매거진은 이 믿을만한 회사에 대해 그와 더 자세한 얘기를 나눴다.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Profit Protection ������������������������������������������������������������ 50 by Romeo Richards Most retail crimes, whether shoplifting or employee theft, are crimes of opportunity; when you remove the opportunity you remove the possibility. Effective store design coupled with creative merchandising can reduce these incidences by as much as 80 percent.

손실 예방과 이윤 보호를 위한 소매 매장 디자인 방법 대부분의 소매 매장 범죄는 도둑질이든 내부 직원의 절도이든, 기회가 주어지기 때문에 생기는 범죄이다. 당신이 그 기회를 제거할 때 범죄 가능성도 제거되는 것이다. 창조적인 판매 방법의 효과적인 매장 디자인은 이 발생율을 최고 80%까지 줄일 수 있는 것으로 나타났다.

How to Overcome Excuses ��������������������������������������� 54 by Dan Waldschmidt Great people throughout history often fail, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals. Ideas, brilliance, genius—they mean nothing without the guts, passion and tenacity necessary to make your dream a reality. But often, people fall back on excuses and give up on trying to reach their goals. Use these tips to get rid of excuses.

변명을 극복하는 방법 역사적으로 위대한 인물들은 마침내 그들의 목표에 도달하기까지, 종종 아주 처참하게 실패했다. 아이디어, 재능, 천재 - 이것은 당신의 꿈을 실현하려는 용기와 열정, 끈기가 없이는 무의미한 말이다. 그러나 종종, 사람들은 변명에 기대어 자신의 꿈에 도달하려는 노력을 포기한다. 그러한 변명들을 이겨내도록 하자.

Show Coverage

Bronner Bros. Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014������������� 82 Once again, Bronner Bros. rolled out the red carpet for its attendees at their four-day action-packed International Mid-Winter Hair Show, held February 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Georgia Beauty Trade Show�������������������������������������� 90 2014년 제 7회 조지아협회 트레이드 쇼 지난 3월 30일, 뷰티 업계 최고의 쇼 중 하나로 손 꼽히는 제 7회 조지아협회 트레이드 쇼가 성공리에 개최 되었다.


Ann Jhin


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OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Editorial Letter

Beauty in the Man Cave 남성공간에서의 뷰티

S ports posters adorning the walls, a dart board or pool table for entertainment, and a worn-in couch behind a coffee table stained from hot wings, drinks, chips and dip consumed while watching the weekend’s best athletic matchup—is this the image that comes to mind when you picture a “man cave? ” This haven of contentment and unwinding for a man is often where he goes for alone time, or just to chill with the guys. Although beauty products may not typically be associated with this atmosphere, I dare to say inside the bathroom lives a can of pomade or at least a few shaving tools. For this reason we here at OTC Beauty Magazine de c l a r e t h i s i s s u e o u r “ M e n’s i s s u e .” Wi t h i n t h e s e c ov e r s l i e s i n f or m at i on on t h e l at e s t a n d g re at e s t pro ducts made especially for men, advice on how to make this client base feel welcome in your OTC store, a n d a h i g h l i g h t o n Wa h l C l i p p e r C o r p o r a t i o n , a c o m p a ny w h o c a t e r s t o t h e s h a v i n g n e e d s o f y o u r m o s t m a s c u l i n e customers. As always you will find helpful articles on business practices as well as tradeshow coverage and i n f or m at i on on up c om i n g e v e nt s ( s p e c i f i c a l l y C o s m o prof North America which will be here before we know it—see page 36). Although it reaches outside of the male-dominated theme of this month’s publication, we did include a piece on “getting the most out of your makeup” on page 12. The beauty industr y is so fantastically wide that we couldn’t leave the women out completely. So gentlemen, please excuse us for this one. Nevertheless, we encourage you to read on and let this issue help you find beauty in the man cave.

여 러벽을

꾸미고 있는 스포츠 포스터, 오락을 위한 다트

보드나 당구대, 커피 테이블 뒤의 낡은 소파, 주말의 최고 운동 경기를 시청하는 동안 치킨과 맥주, 과자를 먹다 묻힌 얼룩 - 이런 것들이 “남성 동굴?”을 떠올릴 때 연상되는 이미지들입니다. 남성들이 만족하고 긴장을 풀 수 있는 이런 안식처는 종종 그들이 혼자만의 시간을 보낼 수 있는 공간이거나, 혹은 남자들끼리 모임을 가질 수 있는 장소입니다. 비록 미용 제품이 이런 분위기와 전형적으로는 어울리지 않을 수도 있지만, 욕실에는 적어도 몇 가지 면도 용품이나 포마드 캔 하나 정도는 존재한다는 것을 나는 감히 말할 수 있습니다.

이런 이유로, OTC 뷰티 매거진은 이번 호를 “남성들을

위한 호”로 선언합니다. 이번 호에는 특별히 남성들을 위한 가장 새롭고 좋은 제품들에 관한 정보, 남성 고객들이 OTC 매장에서 환영받는 느낌을 갖게 만드는 방법과 조언, 남성 고객들의 면도 관련 용품들을 보급하는 기업, Wahl Clipper Corporation의 재조명 등에 관한 기사들이 실려있습니다. 늘 그랬듯이, 여러분의 비즈니스 운영에 도움이 될 만한 기사는 물론 트래이드 쇼의 범위와 예정된 이벤트에 관한 정보(특히 이전에도 다룬 적이 있는Cosmoprof North America에 관한 내용 - 페이지 36 참조)를 찾을 수 있습니다.







벗어나기는 하지만, 페이지12 에 “메이크업의 최대한 활용” 에 관한 내용도 다루어 봤습니다. 미용 산업은 환상적으로 방대해서 여성들을 완전히 배제할 수는 없었습니다. 따라서 여성들을 위한 약간의 기사도 포함하게 된 점을 남성분들이 너그럽게 이해해 주길 바랍니다. 어쨌든, 여러분들이 이번 호를 읽고 남성들만의 동굴에서도 뷰티 제품을 발견하는데 도움이 되길 바랍니다.

Editor, hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com 10

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

June 2012OTC Beauty Magazine


Expert Advice

Tips for

Getting the Most Out of



et’s face it; buying makeup can get expensive and the only thing worse than the expense is realizing that you really don’t use certain products very often. With that in mind, Casey Casterline, co-founder of eDivv.com, a popular beauty sample swapping site, offers up some ways to get the most out of the makeup in your daily regimen. “I live in a small New York City apartment, if I didn’t come up with creative ways to use the products, I wouldn’t have any place to sleep,” says Casterline. The following tips are great ways to use products in a unique fashion or have them pull double-duty.


OTC Beauty Beauty Magazine Magazine May December OTC 2014 2008

Makeup •

Mascara Wands: Use as eyebrow brushes or spritz a little hairspray on them and use to tame pesky flyaways.

Foundation: If it doesn’t match your skin tone it may serve perfectly as an eye shadow primer.

Plain Lip Balm: Apply around the inside of the eye with your finger to act as a highlighter.

Lip Sticks: Have your lipstick pull double-duty as a blush if you realize you’ve run out at the last minute.

Powder Eye Liner: Add a little water to powder eye liner to turn it into a liquid for a different look.

Hairspray: Allow a light mist of hairspray to fall on your face after you’ve applied your makeup to set it for the day.

Eye Shadow: Shadows that match your roots can easily be brushed in to hide them if your hair has grown out a bit.

Eye Cream: Use a hydrating eye cream in the place of lip balm if you run out. It will keep your lips supple and give them a light shine.

You can also apply a dark shadow to your eyelashes prior to your mascara to give them a boost in volume.

May2008 2014 OTC OTC Beauty Beauty Magazine Magazine December



OTC OTCBeauty BeautyMagazine Magazine December May 20142008

December 2008 OTC Beauty Magazine

Man The


Everyone likes a place where they can relax, feel completely at home and be uniquely themselves without worrying about what others think. This is often times why men create a place in their house deemed the “man cave.” Here we have gathered some of the newest men-themed beauty products to stock our own man cave of products.

Get Dapper with Dax

What could make a hair dress better than have it enriched with a blend of oils to nourish hair and add shine? We dare say nothing. Imperial Dax invites your male customers to give their Short & Neat Light Hair Dress—a part of their tried-and-true line of products—a try. It is perfect for the short, natural look, yet is great when used on all hair types and lengths. Dress your hair up at www.imperialdax.com.

No Grease Please

Men with fades, afros, natural and short hairstyles can now moisturize and condition their hair without worrying about left behind build-up. The Ultra Sheen Men Lite Crème Moisturizer with Shea Butter delivers a shine that lasts all day. Revitalize dry or brittle hair at www.johnsonproducts.com.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Cave The Answer

We’ve found the answer to thinning hair: the new High Beams Color Thickener Temporary Spray-On Hair! This salon-quality, highly concentrated formula can effectively cover bald spots or thinning hair areas. Easy to wash out with just one shampoo, there is no risk of damaging your hair. Get fuller and healthier looking hair at www.salongrafix.com.

Magic Powder

Who knew the Barber Shop Aid Sport Talc held so many uses? Deemed “the professional’s choice,” it soothes and smoothes skin, reduces shine, covers small nicks and helps reduce razor burn, to name a few uses. It also soaks up excess moisture, calms irritations, protects skin and also reduces chafing when wearing a collared shirt after a barber applies it to the neck. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Smelling great all day starts at www.barbershopaid.com.

Kiss Impurities Goodbye

Well, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Men want kissable skin free of oil, dirt residues and other impurities. This is where SoftSheen-Carson’s Magic Bump Rescue Exfoliating Cleanser comes into play. Formulated with charcoal particles, it washes away the dirt of the day while helping unclog pores and remove dead cells and excess sebum. Working to visibly reduce the appearance of bumps, women will not be able to stay away. Learn more at www.softsheen-carson.com. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



Take Your Pick

Smooth, neat fades or highly defined waves, which style is most preferred among your customers? Regardless of which look they go for, Duke has the perfect product for the creation— Waves & Fades Texturizer. Ideal for all hair types, this extra gentle and easy to use product gently and easily loosens natural curl patterns for a manageable style. www.dukeformen.com

Waxless Pomade Define Style

Sometimes all that is needed in the morning to fully wake up and prepare to face the day (in addition to coffee, of course) is the invigorating scents of citrus and mint. This is what is packed inside the Thickening Citrus Mint Texturizing Paste from OGX. Your customers can add confidence and style to their daily routines with this thickening formula that attractively keeps hair in place while stimulating the scalp and revitalizing hair strands. www.ogxhair.com

The Original

Shine ‘n Jam® PomWave is an innovative pomade for men that is free of wax, grease, parabens and dyes. It enhances and controls natural waves while adding a smooth, sophisticated finish. Made for all hair types, this product offers a pliable, firm hold to all of your customers. Learn more at www.amprogel.com.

Don’t fix it unless it’s broke, that’s what we’ve always been told. So why not apply it to beauty products, and stick with the original goods you’ve grown to know and love? J. Strickland’s Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner is one of those and this moisture-resistant formula will give a special lustre to hair while helping it smell great. Help prevent dryness, breakage and split ends at www.jstrickland.net.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Curl & Wave Activator

The S-Curl Wave Jel Activator is a unique Jel that activates curls and waves without a trace of grease. It actually eliminates the “shrinkage factor” that results from shampooing a curly perm. So what are you waiting for? Give your customers what they need for healthy looking, soft and never frizzy or sticky curls and waves. Restore hair’s proper moisture balance at www.lusterproducts.com.

Spray & Go

It’s no secret that we live in a time of a “hurry up and go” mentality. Often expecting immediate results, skin care can be one beauty section that gets overlooked during a shower routine, especially by men. This is why we recommend trying Vaseline’s Spray & Go Moisturizer, shown here in the Cocoa Radiant formula. This non-greasy spray lotion moisturizes in seconds to get the user covered and on their way quickly. www.vaseline.us

Impressive Flexibility

Remington knows that whether getting rid of a 5 ‘oclock shadow or shaping up a signature full beard, men want a close, clean shave every time. For this reason they created the R3 electric razor with Pivot & Flex Technology. The blades easily adjust to every contour of the face. Independently flexing heads, surgical steel blades, a pop-up trimmer and easy to clean body makes this rechargeable, cord-free razor a masculine must-have. www.RemingtonProducts.com

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

How should you sell it?

This month’s focus is...

Welcoming Men! Let’s be honest, walking into an OTC store can easily be overwhelming for any man. With fingernail polishes, numerous lotions and hair styling products lining the shelves it can easily appear to be a beauty wonderland for ladies that doesn’t necessarily welcome them. We know better than that, but make sure they know it too.

What are some ways OTC beauty supply store owners can make their establishments more attractive and shopping-friendly to men? Is having their own section a good idea, or what tips do you have for making men come running? “Having a men’s section is a great idea because it’s less confusing for men. However, posters of men shaving needs and grooming needs should be placed in the store windows at the checkout counters, and maybe even hung from the ceilings and throughout the store to trigger a customer response. I’ve visited a lot of beauty stores and most of the marketing posters and flyers have images of women on the store front windows and all throughout the stores. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” is an old but true saying. I can barely recall seeing any up-to-date marketing posters of men in stores. This would be a great start. It will give men something else to think about when they walk into the stores besides the beautiful women they are admiring on the posters. It will remind them that “wow here’s a product that I might need.” Men are visual and pictures can create responses.”

If you have input you’d like to share regarding this question, send an email to hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com. Your response could be featured in the June issue! 24

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

David Bebe Wright, Founder Barber Shop Aid Brand Products www.barbershopaid.com


어떻게 판매할 것인가? 이 달의 판매 초점은 ...

남성 고객 환영입니다 솔직히 말해, 어떤 남성들도 OTC 매장으로 걸어 들어가면 쉽게 압도 당하게 된다. 네일 제품부터, 수많은 종류의 로션과 헤어 스타일링 제품들이 선반에 즐비하게 늘어서 있는 모습은 마치 여성들을 위한 신비한 뷰티 월드처럼 보이며 굳이 남성들을 환영할 필요는 없어 보인다. 우리는 보다 더 잘 알고 있지만, 남성들도 그것을 알고 있는지 확인해라.

OTC 뷰티 매장 주인들이 남성 고객들에게 더욱 매력적이며 쇼핑하기 좋은 매장을 만들 수 있는 방법은 무엇인가? 남성들을 위한 섹션에 관해 좋은 생각을 갖고 있는가, 혹은 남성들이 몰려들게 만들 수 있는 좋은 조언이 있는가? “남성들을 위한 섹션을 만드는 것은 그들을 덜 혼란스럽게 한다는 점에서 아주 좋은 생각이다. 그러나, 남성들의 그루밍이나 면도 제품에 관한 포스터는 체크아웃 주변 창문에 붙여야 한다, 혹은 천장에 매달아서 매장 전체에서 고객들의 반응을 촉진시킬 수 있어야 한다. 나는 많은 뷰티 매장에 초대를 받았지만 대부분의 마케팅 포스터나 전단지는 여성 모델의 이미지였고 창문부터 매장 전체에 두루두루 배치되어 있었다. “암컷 거위에게 좋은 것은 수컷 거위에게도 좋다”는 오래되었지만 옳은 말이 있다. 나는 매장에 남성을 위한 최신 마케팅 포스터가 붙어 있는 것을 아주 드물게 보게 된다. 이것은 좋은 출발이다. 남성들이 매장으로 걸어 들어왔을 때 포스터의 아름다운 여성을 보고 감탄하는 대신 다른 무언가를 생각하게 해줄 것이다. 그들에게 “ 와, 이 제품은 나한테 필요한 것일지도 몰라.”하는 생각을 들게 할 것이다. 남성들은 시각적이며 사진은 반응을 창조할 수 있다.”

David Bebe Wright, Founder Barber Shop Aid Brand Products www.barbershopaid.com

이 문제에 관해 여러분의 의견을 공유하고 싶은 분들은, hmcneal@otcbeautymagazine.com로 이메일 보내주세요. 여러분의 의견은 6월호에 게재됩니다!


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

May 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


by Nancy Welker

Use Witch Hazel for F lawless S kin 30

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014


itch hazel is best known for its astringent qualities as a skin toner and facial cleanser. Witch hazel, or Hamamelis virginiana, is a shrub or tree. Forked twigs from this tree have been used as divining rods, not because of its “witchy” powers, but because of its “bending” qualities. The word “witch” means “to bend” in the Anglo-Saxon language, and so the name was given. In addition to being used as an astringent, the distilled extract of witch hazel made from the bark, twigs and leaves mixed with alcohol and water can be used in cold compresses for fevers and skin irritations including minor allergic reactions and blemishes. Witch hazel extract can also be poured onto a warmed cloth and applied to bruises and muscle strains. Added to any hand and body lotion, witch hazel can help take the sting out of bee stings and insect bites. Anti-inflammatory One of witch hazel’s most impressive properties is its antiinflammatory effects on conditions such as diaper rash, razor burn and bug bites. Inflammation is caused by free radicals in skin cells, and scientists at Japan’s Shiga Central Laboratory studied 65 plant extracts for their potential anti-inflammatory applications as an anti-aging treatment for skin. Only two of the extracts exhibited active oxygenscavenging effects and protective activity against cell damage, with one being Hamamelis virginiana.

Astringent Witch hazel is considered to be a potent astringent due to the high level of tannins in the leaves. The tannins help to tighten skin proteins which then form a protecting covering to help promote skin healing and stop bleeding. This property makes it particularly useful for treating and restoring vessel tone in varicose veins. Moisturizer Witch hazel has the ability to lock moisture into skin. A study at the University Hospital Luebeck Dermatology Department in Germany found a witch hazel ointment to be as safe and as effective as a prescription moisturizer used to improve hydration of the skin’s outer skin layer, to reduce water loss from skin damage and to maintain skin softness and elasticity. Sun Damage Another use for witch hazel is to treat sunburn and prevent peeling and flaking. Two separate studies at the BioSkin Institute for Dermatological Research and Development in Germany looked at witch hazel’s sun-protectant properties. The first, in 1998, treated healthy patients with a 10 percent Hamamelis lotion after exposure to UVB doses, and the second, in 2002, treated healthy volunteers with the lotion after exposure to UVA radiation. In both instances the lotion reduced redness or burning on the skin after the radiation exposure.

Acne The astringent effects of witch hazel can help dry up acne Antimicrobial Other uses for witch hazel include soothing poison ivy blemishes and excess sebum. Witch hazel is gentle, allowing and healing bruises and cuts, all caused or irritated by for effective treatment for blemishes without excessive viruses and bacteria. A German study in 2002, abstracted drying. by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, investigated the antimicrobial activity of a Hamamelis distillate on bacteria Dermatitis and fungi such as Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans According to the Mayo Clinic, witch hazel compresses can and other organisms in vitro. The results showed significant help to soothe the itching of dermatitis, a condition in antimicrobial activity for the witch hazel extract, leading the which inflammation leads to dry, irritated skin. Scratching researchers to conclude that it can be helpful in preventing skin inflamed by dermatitis worsens the condition, leading the bacterial colonization that has a central role in the to a vicious cycle of itching and temporary relief. Witch development of atopic dermatitis and well as other related hazel compresses can reduce redness, and help speed up the healing process. skin conditions. Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/use-witch-hazel-for-flawless-skin-6159917.html

Nancy Welker is the founder of Get Fit For Life (www.nancywelkermagazine.com) and author of “American Women Don’t Have To Get Fat.” She is a Master Trainer and holds a degree in Fitness & Nutrition, six certifications, and a diploma in Cosmetology & Esthetics. A dedicated researcher of beauty products, fitness modalities, skin care treatments, foods and supplements, she has devoted my 55 years to health and fitness. She believes that how you live every day is the main contribution to your overall wellness. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine April 2014

April 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



Knowledge to Know by Daniela Ciocan

CPNA Making Connections

2014 Retail Beauty/OTC Stores Program CPNA 메이킹 커넥션 2014 소매 미용/OTC 매장 프로그램

Independent retail store/OTC key decision makers may tap into the option of pre-registering online for two free passes per company by utilizing the code “OTC$14,” a special code that can be obtained by contacting affiliated manufacturer reps. This program provides a unique opportunity for retail beauty/OTC store owners to meet with distributors and manufacturers, as well as gain access to show specials and insight into the latest trends in the beauty industry. As a result of feedback from the beauty community, including Professional Beauty Association (PBA) members and Cosmoprof North America visitors, a special emphasis has been placed once again on independent retail beauty/ OTC professionals and key decision makers to maintain this supportive program. Due to major shifts in distribution channels, the retail beauty/OTC market represents growth opportunities for many new companies ready to do business in the US marketplace. However, since many retail beauty/OTCs are relatively small operations with restrictive budgets, this program aims to help partially offset the cost of attending the event and expand the presence of the retail beauty/OTC demographic at the show. A 3-day show pass value is $135 each. The deadline to register for this program is Friday, June 13; all registrations will be reviewed and eligibility will be confirmed. 36

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

독립 소매업/OTC의 주요 의사 결정자는 온라인 사전 등록 옵 션을 활용할 수 있는데, 코드”OTC$14”를 사용하면 한 업체 당 2장의 무료 패스를 받을 수 있다, 이 특별 코드는 제휴 제조 업체 담당자에게 연락하여 얻을 수 있다. 이 프로그램은 소매 미용 및 OTC 매장 운영자들에게 제조업체와 공급업체를 만날 수 있는 특별한 기회를 제공할 뿐 아니라, 미용 산업의 최신 동향을 자세히 볼 수 있는 특별 쇼를 볼 수가 있다.

전문 미용 협회 (PBA) 회원들과 Cosmoprof북미 방

문자를 포함한 미용 커뮤니티와 피드백의 결과로, 독립 소매 미용과 OTC 전문가, 그리고 주요 의사 결정권자들이 이 지원 프로그램을 유지하기 위해 다시 한 번 배정된 것이 중점이다.

유통 채널의 주요 변화로, 소매 미용 및 OTC 시장은

미국 시장에서 사업을 준비하는 많은 신생 업체들의 성장 기 회를 나타낸다. 그러나 많은 소매 미용 및 OTC 매장들이 제 한적인 예산을 가지고 상대적으로 적은 규모로 운영되기 때문 에, 이 프로그램은 이벤트 참석 비용을 부분적으로나마 상쇄 하는데 도움을 주어 소매 미용 및 OTC 업체들의 쇼 참석을 확 대하는 것을 목표로하고 있다. 3일간의 쇼 입장 가격은 135불 이다. 이 프로그램 등록 마감일은 6월 13일(금요일)이다. 모든 등록 은 검토 후 자격 조건을 확정할 것이다. 이 프로그램은 모든

The program is open to any independent retail beauty store attending the show that falls within the following categories: • beauty store without salon services – general market focus • beauty store with salon services – general market focus • beauty store without salon services – multicultural market focus • beauty store with salon services – multicultural market focus • open-line distributorship with store • exclusive line/full-service distributorship with stores Participating manufacturing rep firms who can provide codes and can confirm eligibility are: Gerry Udell, Inc; Greg Dawson & Associates; Jay Halaby & Associates; South East Rep Services; Ted Fishman & Associates; The Kirschner Group; VNC Sales and Marketing. The goal of the Retail Beauty/OTC Stores Program is to leave attendees with key insight and effective tools for retail beauty/OTC store owners to incorporate into their current business model and stores. In all, this program holds great potential in aiding retail beauty/OTC store owners in receiving the most out of their trade show visit. By personalizing meetings to match the need of individual stores as well as aiding them financially, CPNA wants to help as many store owners as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Register to attend CPNA 2014 and take advantage of the Retail Beauty/OTC Program today at www.cosmoprofnorthamerica.com.

독립 소매 미용업체들이 다음과 같은 범주에 속하는 쇼에 참 석할 수 있도록 오픈되어 있다. 살롱 서비스를 제공하지 않는 미용업체 - 일반 시장에 중점 • 살롱 서비스를 제공하는 미용업체 - 일반 시장에 중 점 • 살롱 서비스를 제공하지 않는 미용업체 - 다문화 시 장에 중점 • 살롱 서비스를 제공하는 미용업체- 다문화 시장에 중점 • 매장과의 오픈 라인 판매 대리권 • 매장과의 독점 판매 / 전체 서비스 판매 대리권

소매 미용/OTC 매장 프로그램의 목표는 소매 미용/

OTC 매장 소유주들이 현재의 비즈니스 모델과 매장들을 통 합할 수 있는 중요한 통찰력과 효과적인 방법들을 참석자에게 알려주기 위한 것이다.

이 프로그램은 소매 미용/OTC 매장 소유주들이 트레

이드 쇼 방문을 통해 최대한 많은 것을 얻을 수 있도록 돕는데 큰 잠재력을 보유하고 있다. 재정적인 지원뿐 아니라 개별적 인 요구에 맞는 개별 미팅을 통해, CPNA는 가능한 많은 매장 소유주들을 돕고자 한다. 더 무엇을 기다리고 있는가?


통해 CPNA 2014 참석을 위한 등록을 하고 소매 미용/OTC 프 로그램을 활용하기 바란다.

Daniela Ciocan is the Director of Marketing for Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) and is responsible for keeping this professional

tradeshow fresh and new. Ciocan was instrumental in the implementation of new initiatives for CPNA, such as Discover Beauty/ SPOTLIGHTS Program, the International Buyer Program, BEAUTIQUE Sampling Concept and the TV Shopping Channel Auditions. All have raised awareness and set the bar for shows across the country and around the world.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



Knowledge to Know by David Wright

Caring for Natural Hair 네추럴 헤어 관리


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Natural Hair Definition: Natural hair is 네추럴 헤어의 정의: 네추럴 헤어는 단지 헤어 more than just about the hair. It is a consciousness and a lifestyle. It is accepting, embracing, loving and caring for the natural hair that you were born with; hair whose texture hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners including relaxers and texturizers. An Afro hairstyle is sometimes referred to as “a natural,” but natural black hair can be worn in many other styles besides a short ‘fro. Pressed hair may still be considered natural because once washed, the texture returns to its unaltered state. Colored hair is sometimes considered natural, sometimes not, depending on who does the defining—some people believe that repeated hair coloring alters the texture, even in a slight manner. In my opinion color does slightly alter the hair texture, but I consider this still natural hair.

에 관한 것 이상이다. 그것은 의식이고 라이프 스타일이다. 당 신이 가지고 태어난 자연 모발을 받아들이고 포용하며, 사랑하 고 돌보는 것이다. 릴렉서나 텍스쳐라이저와 같은 화학적 스트 레이트너에 의해 변경된 적 없는 모발. 흑인 헤어스타일은 때때 로 “네추럴”로 언급되지만, 네추럴 흑인 모발은 짧은 스타일 이 외에도 다른 많은 스타일이 가능하다. 프레스 헤어 역시 네추럴 로 고려될 수 있는데, 머리를 감으면 모발의 텍스쳐가 원래 상 태로 다시 돌아오기 때문이다. 염색 모발은 때로는 네추럴로 간 주되지만, 정의하는 사람에 따라 그렇지 않을 때도 있다. 어떤 이들은 지속적인 헤어 컬러는, 약간의 정도라도 모발의 텍스쳐 를 변경한다고 믿는다. 내 견해에서 염색은 모발 텍스쳐를 다소 변경시키지만, 나는 여전히 이것도 네추럴 헤어로 간주한다. 남성 헤어 케어에는 그다지 새로운 것이 없다.

Nothing New for Men As a barbershop owner and operator for many years, natural hair care is nothing new for me. Most men (during my era) have relied on us to take care of their natural hair. Of course there were some wearing the texturized look and a few still holding on to the Jheri Curl and not wanting to let go of it for whatever reason, I could never understand why, but in the barbershop we mostly took care of men’s natural hair.

수년 동안 이발소를 운영하면서 볼 때, 남성을 위한 네추럴 헤 어 커어에는 새로운 것이 없다. 대부분의 남성들은 (내 시대에) 자신들의 모발 관리를 우리에게 의존하고 있다. 물론 텍스쳐에 변화를 준 스타일들도 있고, Jheri Curl(1980년대에 유행한 미국 흑인 헤어 스타일)을 여전히 고수하거나 어떤 이유로든 결 코 포기하지 않는 스타일들도 몇몇 있다, 그 이유는 결코 이해 할 수가 없지만, 이발소에서 우리는 대부분 남성들의 네추럴 헤 어를 관리했다. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


K-t-K Taking care of natural hair was a simple thing. All you needed to do was use a good mild shampoo to keep the hair and scalp clean, a good conditioner, and whatever type of moisturizer or hairdressing you wanted to use to groom or style your natural hair. Most guys with short hair chose some type of pomade to train waves, guys with fades wanted some type of moisturizer to soften their fades, and guys with afros or longer hair used a hair dressing or a stay soft spray to soften, detangle and give hair a little sheen. Braiders used either a hairdressing or gel to braid the hair.

네추럴 헤어 관리는 간단하다. 당신이 필요한 것은

깨끗하고 좋은 샴푸와 컨디셔너를 사용해서 모발과 두피를 청결히 하고, 어떤 타입이든 모이스쳐라이저나 헤어 드레싱 을 사용해 당신이 관리하거나 네추럴 헤어 스타일을 원하는 대로 손질하면 된다. 짧은 헤어스타일의 남성 대부분은 웨이 브를 길들이기 위해 포마드를 선택하고 페이드 헤어컷의 남 성들은 모발을 부드럽게 할 수 있는 모이스쳐라이저 형태를 주로 원한다, 또한 긴 헤어나 아프로 스타일의 남성들은 모 발이 엉키지 않고 부드럽게 하며 약간의 광택을 줄 수 있도록 헤어 드레싱이나 소프트 스프레이를 사용한다. 브레이드 헤 어는 모발을 땋기 위해 헤어 드레싱이나 젤을 사용했다.

Be Educated Today, taking care of natural hair is just as simple. However, women that are wearing natural hairstyles today have educated themselves very well on product ingredients and knowledge. They are reading the labels, have some knowledge of the ingredients and their claims, and are looking for the best and most natural ingredients for their hair and scalp. Many have decided to make their own natural hair care concoctions right in their own kitchens. I must say that “I salute women who are taking the natural hair journey.” When taking the truly natural approach to hair it makes sense to avoid using harsh detergent-based shampoos. Go for the sulfate free shampoo that claims to be mild, as it will be less likely to strip the hair of its acid mantle. Conditioners should be rich in proteins. To these products you can add essential oils listed under the category that best suits the present condition of your hair. Essential oils can penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and follicle and produce healthy, shining hair. There are also essential oils that encourage hair growth. With our knowledge and understanding of natural hair care we have successfully formulated three categories of natural hair care products for natural hair care using essential oils, butters and natural oils. We have formulated a natural hair care category for normal hair, a category for fragile and thinning hair to help strengthen and help regrow the hair, and a category for dandruff and dry scalp. I am truly honored to be a part of the natural hair care market.

교육 요즘은, 네추럴 헤어 관리가 간단하다. 그러나, 네추럴 헤어 스타일의 요즘 여성들은 제품 성분과 지식에 관해 스스로를 매우 잘 교육하고 있다. 제품 레이블을 읽고, 제품 성분과 자 신들의 주장에 관한 일종의 지식을 갖고 있으며, 자신들의 모 발과 두피를 위한 최상의 그리고 가장 네추럴한 성분을 찾고 있다. 많은 이들이 자신의 주방에서 직접 그들만의 네추럴 헤 어 케어 제품을 만들기로 결심한 것이다. 내가 꼭 하고 싶은 말은, “네추럴 헤어를 위한 여행을 시작하는 여성들에게 경 의를 표합니다.” 이다.

모발에 진정으로 네추럴한 방법으로 접근할 때, 거친

세제 기반의 샴푸는 피하는 것이 좋다. 황산염이 함유되지 않 은 부드러운 샴푸를 사용해라. 이것은 모발의 산성막을 덜 벗 겨낼 것이다. 컨디셔너는 단백질이 풍부한 것이야 한다. 이 런 제품을 위해서 현재 당신의 모발 상태에 가장 적절한 종류 의 에센스 오일을 첨가할 수 있다. 에센스 오일은 모간과 모 낭 속으로 깊숙히 침투해 건강하고 윤기나는 모발을 만들 수 가 있다. 모발 성장을 촉진시키는 에센스 오일들도 있다.

네추럴 헤어 관리에 관한 우리의 지식과 이해를 바탕

으로 우리는 네추럴 헤어 관리를 위해 에센스 오일, 버터, 네 추럴 오일을 사용한 네추럴 헤어 관리 제품의 3가지 카테고 리를 만들었다. 네추럴 헤어 관리에서 있어서 정상 모발용, 모발을 건강하게 만들고 재성장을 촉진하는 부서지고 가는 모발용, 그리고 비듬과 건조한 두피용, 이렇게 3가지로 카테 고리로 나눴다.

나는 네추럴 헤어 케어 시장에 일부로나마 참여하고

있는 것에 진심으로 자부심을 느낀다.

David (Bebe) Wright is a product manufacturer who has relied on his skills as a Master Barber & Barbershop Owner to succeed in the business. He has learned firsthand what customers need when looking to maintain a healthy appearance. This knowledge helped in the research and development of Barber Shop Aid Brand Products, “Your first aid for healthy hair & scalp.” Learn more at www.barbershopaid.com or contact David at 251-533-5625. Email: dwrightimage2006@aol.com 40

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014



OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs by Lafayette Jones

The Road to Profitability

Practicing Proven Retail and Merchandising Principles “The retail world is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Rapidly evolving technology, globalization, and a saturated marketplace offer consumers instant access to thousands of equally compelling products and services, creating unprecedented levels of expectation. The impact of these changes is so profound that 50 percent of today’s retailers and consumer companies will not survive it. Traditional business models will become extinct, and the relationship between vendors and consumers will shift dramatically,” according to authors Robin Lewis and Michael Dart. During the last decade, with a turbulent and troubled U.S. economy, everyone including both retailers and consumers have been in a doom and gloom mode. “Stop fretting,” advises international retail expert Rick Segel, author of “Retail Business Kit For Dummies, 2nd edition.” “People still need groceries. They still need to buy birthday presents for their nieces and nephews. They still like to reward themselves with new shoes or a watch after a tough week at work. So the shoppers are out there—you just have to attract them to your stores.”

Lafayette Jones

Segel provides some “Retail Rules” to live by: 1. Stay in tune with your customers. 2. Keep an eye on your credit. 3. Perform an inventory overhaul. 4. Ramp up your e-commerce efforts. 5. Pump your vendors for information. 6. Conduct a “signage audit.” 7. Take advantage of the “cheap high” phenomenon. 8. Push promotional and off-price items and use bundling. 9. Remember to always sell the “wants” over the “needs.” 10. Shop, shop, shop—your own store, your competitor’s stores and websites. 11. Energize your sales staff with transaction contests. As always, the bottom line for most retailers is that the future is what we make it. For those retailers who are selling what their customers want and need, and who faithfully adhere to proven retail principles, the future is very bright.

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit www.segmentedmarketing.com.

The preceeding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Urban Call Briefs “The New Rules of Retail” Authors: Robin Lewis and Michael Dart Theme: Competing In the World’s Toughest Market Place Book Content: The retail world is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Rapidly evolving technology, globalization, and a saturated marketplace offer consumers instant access to thousands of equally compelling products and services, creating unprecedented levels of expectation. The impact of these changes is so profound that 50 percent of today’s retailers and consumer companies will not survive it. Traditional business models will become extinct, and the relationship between vendors and consumers will shift dramatically. Here, industry experts Robin Lewis and Michael Dart identify the forces behind these changes and look at the retail heroes of today and tomorrow to see how their business models are responding to the modern marketplace. They profile industry giants such as VF Corporation (owner of Wrangler and The North Face), Starbucks and Ralph Lauren, as well as cutting-edge favorites like Apple and Amazon, to uncover why some retailers are so successful at reaching today’s increasingly elusive and demanding customer while others miss the mark by a mile. What they find are three crucial factors that determine whether businesses win or lose: 1. Neurological Connectivity — creating an addictive, irresistible shopping experience, from pre-shopping anticipation to consumption satisfaction 2. Preemptive Distribution — using all possible distribution platforms to access consumers ahead of the competition 3. Value Chain Control — vertically integrating control of a company’s entire value chain, from creation through point of sale, for maximum delivery on the brand promise This essential formula, Lewis and Dart argue, is responsible for virtually every retail success story of the past few decades. So while the landscape may never look the same, “The New Rules of Retail” gives business leaders the tools they need to not only survive, but thrive. The authors’ model for anticipating future challenges in the retail industry is both thought provoking and convincing. What the authors call “neurological connectivity” (creating an experience, not just a sale), in particular, is a fresh insight. The other two principles, “pre-emptive distribution” and “valuechain control,” are also intriguing. Together they pose new challenges for both those who run retail businesses and those who study, consult and teach in retail and supply chain fields. For the first group, they call for a fresh look at how they should run their business; for the second, they show new areas for research. What makes the book compelling is how the authors manage to support every argument with observations in a large number of famous and familiar retailers— from Apple to Zappos and Zara. This last point—presence of a large number of real-world examples throughout this book—would also delight the academic reader. Those doing research and teaching in supply chain management appreciate the historical perspective and the elegant model presented in this book. But the most value in this book for many lies in the presence of such a rich variety of real-world examples. It is rare to find so many wonderful examples nicely organized in one place. Book Reviews “I truly enjoyed reading Robin Lewis and Michael Dart’s book. They have clearly defined the new rules for success; whereby the successful brand managers 46

OTC Beauty Magazine

May 2014

will be those who can manage and control the pre-emptive distribution of their neurologically addictive brand from its creation all the way through to consumption.”—Michael Gould, Chairman and CEO, Bloomingdale’s
 “Lewis and Dart delve deeply and smartly into what we need to do to thrive in the increasingly complex retail marketplace. Great stuff.”—William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman, The Estée Lauder Companies “Lewis and Dart, backed by years of experience in consumer-facing businesses, have produced a penetrating study of how and why some of America’s most iconic retailers and brands lost their way, and examines the winning strategies of those that continue to thrive and grow. The ‘New Rules of Retail’ is a must-read guide to survival in a changed and changing world.”—Margaret Hayes, President, The Fashion Group International “The ‘New Rules of Retail’ is an incredibly interesting and a provocative read. I thoroughly enjoyed the authors’ insight on past events I look forward to debate and dialogue about their predictions for the future.”—Tom Wyatt, President, Old Navy “Despite retail being the driving force of our economy, little has been written about the industry that truly captures its past, present, and future. This book provides tremendous clarity and insight, and should become required reading for retail managers, senior executives and their boards.”—Mark A. Cohen, Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business School and Former Chairman/CEO, Sears Canada Inc. “Lewis and Dart have shown once again that they have their fingers on the pulse of both consumer needs and the ever-changing retail industry. The ‘New Rules of Retail’ is a must-read for anyone who wants to not only survive but to thrive in the decades to come.”—Kevin M. Burke, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Apparel and Footwear Association “This book is an essential read for anyone who is interested in a history of what drives 70 percent of the U.S. economy and the many challenges expected to be faced in the future. Like we are now seeing in politics, the voter/consumer is in the driver’s seat, and those serving her had better take heed.”—Allen Questrom, former CEO, JCPenney, Federated Department Stores, and Barney’s About the Authors
 Robin Lewis is the CEO of THE ROBIN REPORT, a knowledge-based, multimedia strategic report for C-level executives in the retail industry. He was the founder of the Goldman Sachs retail consulting subsidiary, Vantage Marketplace, which provides clients with strategic information and consulting on all sectors of retailing worldwide. Prior to Goldman Sachs, he was Vice President and Executive Editor of Women’s Wear Daily, where he originated and led Fairchild’s Strategic Information Services and the WWD CEO Summit series. He has consulted for Kohl’s, Bloomingdale’s, JC Penney, Macy’s, Liz Claiborne, Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Sara Lee and financial firms such as Bear Stearns and The Carlyle Group. He serves on the Board of Governors for the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Board of Directors for the Fashion Group International. Robin Lewis has over 40 years of strategic operating and consulting experience in the retail and related consumer products industries. He has held executive positions at DuPont, VF Corporation, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), and Goldman Sachs, among others, and has consulted for dozens of retail, consumer products and other companies. In addition to his role as CEO and Editorial Director of The Robin Report, he is a professor at the Graduate School of Professional Studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Michael Dart is a Principal, Head of Private Equity and Strategy at Kurt Salmon Associates, a global management consulting firm specializing in retail, consumer products and healthcare. He was recognized by Consulting Magazine in 2010 as one of the Top 25 Consultants. Prior to joining KSA Michael was a partner at Bain & Co. working in the San Francisco and Chicago offices and founding their South African office in 1994. Michael was educated at University College, Oxford University in England and subsequently received the Thouron Fellowship which provided him with a full scholarship to The Wharton School Of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

“Retail Business Kit For Dummies” Author: Rick Segel Theme: 11 Ways To Improve Your Business Even In The Worst Of Times Content: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned retail entrepreneur, “Retail Business Kit For Dummies” shows you how to start and run your business in today’s retail marketplace—from your original dream and the day-to-day operation to establishing a connection with customers and increasing your sales, both on the Web and at a brick-and-mortar shop. In this practical how-to guide, retail expert Rick Segel shares his expertise and reveals what it takes to be successful. You’ll get a handle of the basics of launching and growing your business, from writing a business plan and finding a great location to hiring and keeping great staff. Find out how to meet and exceed customer expectations, create a positive shopping experience, provide top-notch customer service, and earn customer loyalty. Discover how to: • Launch a successful independent retail business • Create a website that shines • Connect with customers and increase sales • Handle legal and accounting issues • Design stores that really work • Practice the 10 keys to retail selling • Use management practices proven in the trenches • Make visual merchandising work for you This book is a great tool for a would-be entrepreneur thinking about starting their first retail business. It covers all the basics needed to plan, set up and manage a retail business, from writing the business plan to making the business a reality. The author makes good use of case studies which illustrate some of the retail successes and failures that he has observed. Another feature particularly useful is the tips on all aspects of retailing that could take years of trial and error to learn on your own. Last but not least the CD contains a wealth of useful forms and checklists, sample budgets and project plans, and links to online sources of information of where to find designers, software and sales staff. The helpful CDROM is also packed with sample financial reports, customizable legal and business forms, checklists and tools for building your own coupons, gift certificates and much more. The book covers all the nuts and bolts of setting up shop—finding the perfect location, choosing and purchasing merchandise, and hiring employees. You’ll also discover how to write a business plan and deal with paperwork like taxes, permits, registrations and other requirements. There’s also great advice on the art of selling and the fundamentals of promotion and advertising. You’ll also benefit from such practical advice like the ten keys to retailing success and ten ways to impress customers. And there’s much more: • • •

Branding your business Identifying and targeting your ideal customer Developing a marketing plan

• • • • • •

Pricing your merchandise Fulfilling legal and financial responsibilities Getting the word out Choosing the right media to advertise in Setting up and running a sale Fundamentals of accounting and financial statements

Table of Contents Introduction. Part I: Testing the Retail Waters. Chapter 1: Retailing: How It Really Works and How It Can Work for You. Chapter 2: Defining Your Vision: It Starts with a Dream. Chapter 3: Branding: Making Your Business Memorable. Chapter 4: Getting to Know Your Customers Before You Even Have Any. Part II: Settin’ Up Shop. Chapter 5: Location, Location, Location: Finding the Right Place to Do Business. Chapter 6: Designing Stores That Work. Chapter 7: Choosing Your Merchandise: What to Buy and Where to Find It. Chapter 8: Getting the Goods: Controlling Your Buying. Part III: Detailing the Retailing. Chapter 9: Creating the Business Plan and Structure. Chapter 10: The Fine Print: Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s. Chapter 11: Creating Your Internal Systems: The Day-to-Day Stuff. Chapter 12: Finding, Hiring, and Keeping a Great Staff. Chapter 13: Money Matters: Accounting for Money Coming In and Going Out. Part IV: Spreading the Word Without Going Broke! Chapter 14: Generating Word-of-Mouth Advertising. Chapter 15: Advertising Vehicles: What to Include in Your Arsenal. Chapter 16: Signage: The Underutilized Killer Resource. Chapter 17: Setting Up Successful Sales and Promotions. Part V: Selling Made Simple. Chapter 18: Selling the Soft, Suggestive Way. Chapter 19: Visual Merchandising for the Artistically Deprived and Financially Handicapped. Chapter 20: Selling Online: It’s an E-World. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 21: Ten Keys to Retailing Success. Chapter 22: Ten Secrets of Extraordinary Customer Service. Chapter 23: Ten Proven Management Practices. Appendix: About the CD. Index. About The Author Rick Segel, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is a street smart, down-toearth business author and speaker who has spoken to over 2,000 audiences on 5 continents and 49 states. He is the author of 13 books including “The Essential Online Solution,” “Laugh & Get Rich,” and the “Retail Business Kit for Dummies” which is now in its second edition and has sold over 100,000 copies. His articles and weekly column are reprinted by numerous magazines and newspapers worldwide. A seasoned retailer of 25 years, (www.ricksegel. com), he owned one of New England’s most successful independent woman’s specialty stores. He is the marketing expert for Staples.com, founding member of the Retail Advisory Council for Johnson and Wales University, and the creator of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Awards of Excellence Program (RAMAEs). This program is celebrating its 13th year and has recognized over 75 of the most innovative retailers in the state. Rick has authored 13 books, two training videos, a six-hour audio program, and The Retail Technology Assessment Survey and The Retail Store Assessment Survey, both developed for Microsoft Retail Systems. He is a founder and president of The Retailer’s Advantage.com, a private membership site devoted to helping independent retailers improve their businesses. His best-selling books include the “Retail Business Kit for Dummies,” published by Wiley, Inc., now in its 2nd edition and “The Essential Online Solution: The Five Step Formula for Small Business Success,” also published by Wiley, Inc. which is a primer for business owners on creating ecommerce success.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips by Romeo Richards

o t w o H

n g i s De

s s o L r o f a Retail

손실 예방과 이윤 보호를 위한 소매 매장 디자인 방법 50

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014


ost retail crimes, whether shoplifting or employee theft, are crimes of opportunity; when you remove the opportunity you remove the possibility. Together shoplifting and employee theft accounts for around 78 percent of retail shrinkage, according to the 2010 Retail Global Theft Barometer Report, and effective store design coupled with creative merchandising can reduce these incidences by as much as 80 percent. In most instances, retailers can effectively design crime out of their store by consciously taking these factors into account when designing the store from the onset. The very first component of store design for security is tidiness in your store on both the shop floor and in the back room. A tidy store sends a signal to shoplifters and dishonest employees alike that someone cares. An untidy store

부분의 소매 매장 범죄는 도둑질이든 내부 직원의 절도이든,

기회가 주어지기 때문에 생기는 범죄이다. 당신이 그 기회를 제거할 때 범죄 가능성도 제거되는 것이다. 2010년 소매업 국제 도난 지표 보고서에 따르면, 도난과 내부 직원 절도는 소매 수축의 약 78% 선을 보이고 있으며, 창조적인 판매 방법의 효과적인 매장 디자인은 이 발생율을 최고 80%까지 줄일 수 있는 것으로 나타났다.

대부분의 경우, 소매업자들은 매장을 디자인할 때

처음부터 이러한 요소들을 의식적으로 계산에 넣는 것으로 범죄 없는 매장을 위한 효과적인 디자인을 할 수가 있다.

보안을 위한 매장 디자인의 첫 번째 구성 요소는 매장

내부는 물론 매장 뒤쪽의 공간까지도 깔끔히 정돈하는 것이다. 정돈된 매장은 좀도둑이나 정직하지 못한 직원들에게 누군가 관리를 하고 있다는 신호를 보내게 된다. 어수선한 매장은 관리와 보안의 결여를 표시하는 것이다. 정돈된 창고는 직원들과 공급업체 사람들에게 도난은 용납되지 않으며 지속적으로 관리의 눈길을 May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


주고 있다는 것을 나타내는 것이다.

두 번째 단계는 보안

디스플레이 캐비넷이다.

is an indication of a lapse in management and security. A tidy warehouse indicates to employees and vendors alike that theft will not be tolerated and that management is keeping an eye on things. Step two is secure display cabinets. All high value items, especially small items that can be easily concealed, must be placed in secured display cabinets on the shop floor. High value items also need to be placed in secured locations when kept in the warehouse. Leaving high value items unsecured in the warehouse is an invitation for employees to steal. Checkout tills (aka cashiers) need to be designed in such a way that they allow easy access to both customers and employees. If a retailer can afford the cost, tills need to be fitted with POS and exception reporting technologies. This would not prevent a determined dishonest employee from stealing, however, it would dissuade some employees for fear of being caught and it would highlight exceptions as they occur giving loss prevention personnel the chance for early intervention. Good key control is another form of effective store design. To lock high value items up only to leave keys lying about or without proper accountability of who is in possession of keys is not designing out crime. At all times keys need to be in the possession of a store manager and no other staff should have access to keys without proper procedure for monitoring their activities. The location of staff lockers and toilets need to be thought through in terms of security when designing the store. Locating staff changing/locker room or toilet close to the warehouse creates an opportunity for staff members to easily sneak goods into their belongings. Entrance and exit points need to be regulated. The store needs to have at most two entrance and exit points for customers. Tills need to be a few yards away from the store entrance and there needs to be a space between the entrance 52

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

가격이 높은 모든 제품들, 특히 쉽게 숨길 수 있는 작은 아이템들은 보안이 되는 진열 캐비넷에 보관되어야 한다. 가격이 높은 제품들은 또한 창고에 보관할 때에도 보안이 되는 위치에 배치해야 한다. 고가의 제품을 창고에서 아무런 안전 장치 없이 보관하는 것은 직원들에게 절도의 기회를 제공하는 것이다.

계산대(일명 캐시어)

는 고객과 직원 모두 쉽게 접근할 수 있는 방식으로 디자인되어야 한다. 만일 소매업체가 비용을 감당할 수 있다면, 계산대는 POS ( 판매 시점)및 예외 보고 기술이 장착되어야 한다. 이것은 정직하지 않은 직원의 절도에 대한 결심을 막을 수는 없지만, 발각될 수 있다는 두려움으로 직원들을 설득할 수가 있으며 손실 방지를 담당하는 인력이 조기 개입할 수 있는 기회를 제공함으로써 예외적인 것을 강조할 수가 있다.

열쇠 잠금 장치 또한 효과적인 매장 디자인의 한 형태이다.

고가의 제품은 열쇠를 이용해서 잠금 보관하고 열쇠를 소유하고 있는 사람의 적절한 책임 없이는 열 수 없게 하면 범죄를 계획할 수가 없게 된다. 열쇠는 항상 매장 매니저가 소유하고 있어야 하며 어떤 직원도 그들의 행동을 주시하는 적절한 절차 없이 열쇠에 접근해서는 안된다.

직원 사물함과 화장실의 위치는 매장 설계 시 보안의

측면에서 충분히 고려되어야 한다. 직원 탈의실이나 사물함 혹은 화장실 위치를 창고와 가까이 두는 것은 직원들이 물건들을 쉽게 자신의 것으로 만들 수 있는 기회를 만들게 된다.

입구와 출구 지점은 규제가 필요하다. 매장은 고객들을

위해 최대한 입구와 출구 지점을 보유하여야 한다. 계산대는 매장 입구로부터 가까운 몇 미터 안에 있어야 하며 입구와 주요 도로, 주차장 사이에 공간 또한 필요하다. 직원용 단일 입구와 출구도 필요하다. 직원들이 출퇴근 시 이 곳을 이용하도록 권장해야 한다. 편의점의 경우, 뷰 미러 사용은 매우 효과적인 좀도둑질 억제 및 예방 도구이다. 잘 배치된 거울은 매장의 많은 사각 지대를 제거할 수가 있다. 계산대에 배치되는 직원들은 의심스러운 사람의 행동을 모니터 할 수가 있다.

효과적으로 사용되는 EAS 태그 시스템은 좀도둑질이나

직원 절도 모두를 15%까지 감소할 수 있는 능력이 있다. 시스템이 설치되어 있다는 사실만으로 대부분의 절도 계획을 충분히 제지할 수가 있다. 좀도둑들은 들킬 것이라는 생각에 신경을 쓰게 된다. 그들이 매장을 떠날 때 알람이 울리는 것은 그들이 원치 않는 주목을 받게하는 것이다. 그러므로, 많은 아마추어 좀도둑들은 EAS

and the main road and car park. There should be a single entry and exit point for employees. Employees should be encouraged to use this point when coming to work and off duty. For convenience stores, the use of view mirrors is a very effective shoplifting deterrent and prevention tool. Mirrors well placed can eliminate many blind spots from the store. Employees set at the till are able to monitor the activities of suspicious persons. EAS tagging systems, used effectively, have the ability to reduce both shoplifting and employee theft by up to 15 percent. The fact that the system is installed is enough of a deterrent for all but the most determined thieves. Shoplifters resent the idea of being noticed. An alarm going off as they leave a store would draw unwanted attention to them. Therefore, many amateur shoplifters would stay away from a store with an EAS system installed. CCTV is the ultimate loss prevention tool. Well positioned, CCTV can reduce both shoplifting and employee theft by up to 35 percent. The latest advancement in CCTV technology making it possible to detect both shoplifting and employee theft in real time has revolutionized loss prevention. The latest POS system fitted with CCTV will not only report exceptions in real time, it also provides loss prevention personnel with an incident report without having to go through tons of data. As soon as an exception is detected, a report is sent directly to the loss prevention department along with footage of the incident. Good lighting is the simplest and most cost-effective way of designing crime out of a retail store. The lighting systems must be adequate enough to reduce the possibility of theft. When an area is well lit, it produces a sense of safety but it also makes people with sinister motives uncomfortable. There must be good lighting systems in both the warehouse and on the shop floor. Effective store design has the ability to reduce crime in any retail store. However, the level of effectiveness will be determined by deliberately designing the store to reduce or prevent crime.

시스템이 설치된 매장을 멀리하게 된다.

CCTV는 손실 방지를 위한 궁극적인 도구이다. 제대로

위치를 설정한 CCTV는 좀도둑질과 직원 절도를 35%까지 줄일 수가 있다. 좀도둑질과 매장 절도를 실시간으로 감지할 수 있는 CCTV의 최신 기술은 손실 방지를 위한 혁신이 되고 있다. CCTV가 장착되는 최신 POS 시스템은 예외적인 것을 실시간으로 보고할 뿐 아니라, 손실 방지를 담당하는 사람에게 막대한 양의 데이터 보고 없이도 사건 보고를 제공할 수가 있다. 예외적인 상황이 감지되는 즉시, 손실 방지 부서로 사건 영상과 함께 직접적으로 보고가 전송된다.

좋은 조명 장치는 소매 상점에서 범죄를 제거하기 위한

설계 가운데 가장 간단하면서도 비용면에서 효과적인 방법이다. 조명 시스템은 절도의 가능성을 감소시킬 수 있을 만큼 충분해야 한다. 영역별로 잘 조명이 비춰지면, 안전감을 갖게 할 수 있으며, 좋지 못한 의도를 가진 사람들을 불편하게 만들 수가 있다. 매장 안은 물론 창고 역시도 좋은 조명 시스템을 갖춰야 한다.

효과적인 매장 디자인은 어떤 소매 상점에서도 범죄를

줄일 수 있는 힘을 갖는다. 그러나, 그 효과의 정도는 범죄를 예방하고 줄이기 위해 매장을 설계할 때 신중하게 결정되어야 한다.

Romeo Richards is the founder and CEO of Retail Profit Protection Experts, a division of The Business Education Center. He is the author of 12 books on retail profit and loss prevention including: “How to Make Profit in Retail,” “How to Increase Retail Sales with Store Design and Visual Merchandise Display,” “Store Design Blueprint” and “Visual Merchandise Display.” For more articles, whitepaper, best practices guide and ebooks written by Mr. Romeo Richards please visit: www.romeorichards.com. Article courtesy of articlesbase.com. You can find the article at: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-ideas-articles/how-to-design-a-retail-store-for-loss-prevention-and-profit-protection-4751129.html May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Business Tips by Dan Waldschmidt

How to Overcome Excuses

6 Tips to Gain the Edge and Meet Your Goals 변명을 극복하는 방법 우위를 확보하고 목표를 달성하기 위한 6가지 조언 Great people throughout history often fail, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals. Van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime; Winston Churchill lost every public election until becoming prime minister at age 62; Henry Ford went bankrupt five times; Albert Einstein was a terrible student and was expelled from school; Sigmund Freud was booed from a stage. Ideas, brilliance, genius—they mean nothing without the guts, passion and tenacity necessary to make your dream a reality. But often, people fall back on excuses and give up on trying to reach their goals. Most of us have dreams, and many of us have big ones, but few of us actually see them through. 54

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

역사적으로 위대한 인물들은 마침내 그들의 목표에 도달하기까지, 종종 아주 처참하게 실패했다.

반 고흐는 일생 동안 자신의 그림을 단 한 작품 밖에 팔지

못했다; 윈스턴 처칠은 62세에 총리가 되기까지 모든 대중 선거에서 패배했다. 헨리 포드는 다섯 번이나 파산했다. 알버트 아인슈타인은 학교에서 아주 형편없는 학생으로 쫒겨나기도 했다. 지그문드 프로이트는 무대에서 야유를 받았다.

아이디어, 재능, 천재 - 이것은 당신의 꿈을 실현하려는

용기와 열정, 끈기가 없이는 무의미한 말이다. 그러나 종종, 사람들은 변명에 기대어 자신의 꿈에 도달하려는 노력을 포기한다.

우리 모두는 꿈을 갖고 있으며, 그 중 많은 사람들이 큰

꿈을 갖고 있지만, 결국 몇몇 사람들만이 실제로 그 꿈을 실현하게 된다.

Here are my six tricks for jumping off the excuse train and sticking on the path to your goals.

다음은 변명이라는 기차에서 뛰어내려 당신의 목표로 향하는 길을 고수할 수 있는 6가지 방법들이다.

1. Avoid the need to blame others for anything. Mean, smallminded people know that they are sometimes unpleasant. That’s why they are so cranky and eager to point out others’ mistakes. They hope that by causing others to feel inadequate, everyone will forget about how woefully off the mark their own performance is. Don’t blame anyone, for any reason, ever. It’s a bad habit.

1. 어떤 것이든 다른 사람을 비난할 이유를 피하라. 보통의 옹졸한 사람들은 때때로 자신이 불쾌한 것을 안다. 그것은 그들이 짜증스럽고 다른 사람의 실수를 반드시 지적하려는 이유 때문이다. 그들은 불충분한 느낌의 원인을 다른 사람들에게로 돌리려 한다. 모든 사람들은 자신이 수행한 것이 얼마나 비참하게 표시되는지에 관해서는 잊어버릴 것이다. 다른 사람을 비난하지 말라. 어떤

2. Stop working on things that just don’t matter. Not everything needs to be done in place of sleep. If you work for a boss, then you owe them solid time. You can’t cut that out. You can, however, cut out television time, meetings and anything else that gets in the way of achieving your goals. Replace entertainment with activity toward your goal.

이유에서든, 결코. 나쁜 습관이다. 2. 중요하지 않은 것들은 하지 말라. 모든 것들이 잠을 자지 않고서라도 해야하는 것은 아니다. 당신이 상사를 위해 일한다면, 당신은 그들에게 특정 시간을 빚지고 있는 것이다. 당신은 그것을 잘라낼 수는 없다. 그러나, TV 보는 시간, 미팅, 당신의 목표 달성에 방해가 되는 것은 어떤 것이든 잘라 낼 수가 있다. 여가 시간을

3. Refuse to let yourself wallow in self-doubt. You’re alive to succeed. Stop comparing your current problems to your last 18 failures. They are not the same. You are not the same. Here’s something to remember: Your entire life has been a training ground for you to capture your destiny right now. Why would you doubt that? Stop whining. Go conquer.

당신의 목표를 위한 활동과 대체하라. 3. 자기 의심에 빠지지 말라. 당신은 성공을 위해 살고 있다. 지금 당신의 문제를 지나간 18번의 실패와 비교하지 마라. 그것은 모두 같지 않다. 당신도 같지 않다. 이것을 기억해라. 당신의 전체 인생은 지금 당신의 운명을 차지하기 위한 훈련장인 것이다. 왜 의심하는가? 칭얼거리지 말아라. 정복해 버려라.

4. Ask yourself, “What can I do better next time?” And then do it next time. If you spend a decade or two earnestly trying to be better, that’s exactly what will happen. The next best thing to doing

4. 스스로에게 질문해라, “다음은 무엇을 더 잘할 수 있을까?” 그리고 다음에는 그렇게 해라. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


당신이 더 나은 사람이 되도록 10년 혹은

something amazing is not doing something stupid. So learn from your mistakes and use the lessons to dominate.

20년을 진지하게 보낸다면, 분명히 그렇게 될 것이다. 무언가 놀라운 일을 하고 있는 것 다음으로 가장 좋은 것은 어리석은 일을 하지 않는 것이다. 그러니 당신의

5. Proactively take time to do things that fuel your passion. Exercise is a great example. Living in the moment requires you to live at peak performance. A huge part of mental fitness is physical fitness. A sparring or running partner is a great way to refresh physical competition. Physical activity accelerates mental motivation.

실수들로부터 배우고 그것을 지배할 수 있도록 교훈으로 삼아라. 5. 당신의 열정에 불을 짚힐 수 있는 일을 위해 미리 시간을 할애해라. 운동이 좋은 예이다. 순간을 살아가는 것은 당신으로 하여금 최고의 수행 능력으로 살 것을 요구한다. 정신 건강의 커다란 부분이 체력이다. 스파링이나 러닝 파트너는 체력

6. Apologize to yourself and those around you for having a bad attitude. Do this once or twice and you’ll snap out of your funk pretty fast. When you start genuinely apologizing for being a bad influence on those around you, you learn to stop whining and start winning.

경쟁에 활기를 불어 넣는 좋은 방법이다. 신체 활동은 정신적인 의욕을 가속화한다. 6. 자신과 주위 사람들에게 나쁜 태도를 갖는 것에 대해 사과해라. 한 두번 이렇게 해봐라. 그러면 아주 빠르게 당신의 걱정거리로부터 벗어나게 될 것이다. 당신이 주변 사람들에게 끼친 나쁜 영향에 대해 진정으로 사과를 시작할 때, 당신은 더이상 칭얼대지 않고 승리할 수 있는 방법을 배우게 된다.

Dan Waldschmidt

is the author of “Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Achieve Outrageous Success,” (www.EdgyConversations.com). He is an international business strategist, speaker, author and extreme athlete. His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for savvy companies all over the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He’s been profiled in BBC, Fox News and The Today Show, and he is a sought-after media source.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine March 2014

King of Locs by Cyrus Jackson

All About M


Men and women around the world embrace grooming as an essential part of their everyday routines. There is often a misconception that men just started caring about grooming, but actually, men have been grooming since ancient civilization. Back in ancient civilization, men would apply mixtures of mud, minerals and even blood to decorate themselves. The more a male stood out from his competition, the greater his chance was of attracting a mate. Still to this day, men use different products to make them look more attractive and to attract women. Some of men’s first grooming and skin care was the use of fragrant oils. Men would use fragrant oils to clean and soften their skin while also masking body odor. The men’s grooming market today still includes oils, but have expanded to face cleansers, moisturizers, hair gels, body wash, deodorants and shaving products. Oils, essential oils specifically, promote a level of natural health and wellness. They are great for dry skin, relief of sore muscles, lower stress levels and many other daily health benefits. Our Jamaican Black Castor Oil

offers eight different kinds for the consumer to choose from that covers everything from hair, skin and nails. When we attend shows, we find a lot of men coming up to our booth and asking for more information about the oils. Recently, men have increased the amount of money they spend on fashion and male cosmetics. Studies show that over the past five years, products targeted towards men have risen to 5.6% from 4.6%. Men are not necessarily concerned about the gender identity of a product, but more so focused on the product performing as stated on the label. Manufacturers have found ways to persuade men that their skin and hair are different from women so they need to buy “male” products. There was one point in history where only the wives bought cosmetics for men because it did not seem masculine enough for them to buy it themselves. Times have changed and we are now living in a world where gender does not define grooming, hygiene or the use of cosmetics. A man can be a man and feel confident in his skin.

Cyrus Jackson has had a successful career in the hair care industry for over 30 years including sales, marketing and product development with companies such as World of Curl, D-Orum Products and Leisure Curl. Jackson is the owner and president of Professional Products Unlimited, Inc. makers of one of the first complete products lines in the industry for the care and maintenance of natural ethnic hair types, Jamaican Mango & Lime. Jackson’s continued development and promotions of quality products for natural ethnic beauty has made him the self proclaimed King of Locs. May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Feature by Phylencia Taylor

Multi-Cultural Men’s Grooming that

ROCKS! 다문화 남성의 그루밍!


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

The Multi-Cultural Man has been a personal grooming after-thought for many eras. However, over the last 10 years men’s grooming has surged. Today’s Multi-Cultural Man has a plethora of ethnic specific personal care options, similar to the women’s personal care category. Beauty brand executives have a better understanding of the buying habits of today’s Multi-Cultural man. Advertising suggests he is interested in a daily grooming routine to aid in boosting his confidence for his wife or girlfriend, as a career booster, or simply to satisfy himself. According to Mintel Research, men’s personal care product launches increased by 70 percent since 2008. By 2018, the category is expected to rise from $3.9 billion in 2013 to $4.4 billion (Mintel). This surge of men’s products and usage in the marketplace equates to an expanded men’s shelf space, more male foot traffic and ultimately, increased sales. Which products work best for the Multi-Cultural Man’s needs in the saturated men’s grooming space? Peruse some of the most popular, innovative and effective products that ROCK for the Multi-Cultural Man in the male grooming categories of haircare, skin, equipment and multi-purpose.

다문화 남성들은 여러 세대를 거쳐오면서 개인적으로 그루밍을 해왔다. 그러나, 최근 10년 동안 남성들의 그루밍이 급등하고 있다. 현재의 다문화 남성들은 여성들의 퍼스널 케어 범주와 유사하게, 인종별 퍼스널 케어 옵션을 넘치게 갖고 있다. 뷰티 브랜드의 경영진들은 오늘날 다문화 남성들의 소비 습관을 잘 이해하고 있다. 광고에서 보여지는 남성들은 아내와 여자 친구, 자신의 일, 혹은 단순히 스스로에게 더 당당한 자신감을 갖기 위해 매일 일상적인 그루밍에 관심을 갖는다. Mintel 리서치에 따르면, 남성들의 퍼스널 케어 제품 출시가 2008 년 이후 70% 증가했다. 2018년까지, 이 분야는 2013년의39억 달러에서 44 억 달러(Mintel)까지 오를 것으로 기대되고 있다. 시장에서의 남성 제품의 급등과 사용은 확대된 남성용품 진열 공간, 더욱 많아진 남성들의 매장 방문, 궁극적으로는 매출 증가와 동일 시 된다. 포화상태인 남성 그루밍 제품 영역에서 어떤 제품이 다문화 남성들의 요구에 가장 적합한가? 다문화 남성들의 헤어케어, 스킨, 바디, 기구 그리고 다용도 제품 분야에서 가장 인기있고, 혁신적이며 효과적인 제품들을 꼼꼼히 살펴봐라.



Photo courtesy of shop. frederickbenjamin.com. Follow FrederickBenjamin on Twitter, Instagram & Tumbler/FredBGrooming and on Facebook / Frederick Benjamin.

WHY FREDERICK BENJAMIN ROCKS: They are lightweight products for the Multi-Cultural Man’s haircare, infused with natural ingredients! • The FREDERICK BENJAMIN Grooming haircare collection was developed specifically for the multi-cultural man’s haircare needs, from conception to completion. • The Dry Hair & Scalp Reliever—these lightweight products perform well for the multi-textured man. • Launched in 2009, the company is named after the Founder, Michael James’ grandfather. Frederick Benjamin was a well-groomed entrepreneur from the south of the U.S. in the 1940s. • All products are infused with natural ingredients like Oils of Spearmint, Clove, Nettle, Hemp Seed and Grapefruit Oils, and are free of drying alcohols, petrolatum, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colorants. • Products feature premium designed packaging and luxury performance with moderate pricing; $12 – $16 for the product range. BRAND INSPIRATION FREDERICK BENJAMIN Grooming was inspired by the lack of products on the shelf geared towards the ethnic, multi-texture, curly haired male. Products that weren’t too drying, too heavy or too greasy. USAGE The products are best used as a hair care system. • Step 1 & 2: Shampoo/Condition at least 2 times per week. • Step 3: Daily Hydrator, a lightweight moisturizer. • Step 4: Finish with the Sleek Water Pomade, for added hold and shine. THE MARKET VOID There is a lack of products geared to embrace the barbering/grooming community that services these men. Frederick Benjamin partners with barbershops across the nation in helping reach and service the end consumer. FIND IT Frederick Benjamin is sold online (shopfrederickbenjamin.com) in barbershops, salons, and beauty and barber supply stores.

사진 제공 @ shop. frederickbenjamin.com. Twitter 에서FrederickBenjamin, Instagram & Tumbler/FredBGrooming Facebook / Frederick Benjamin을 찾을 수 있다.

왜FREDERICK BENJAMIN이 최고인가: 다문화 남성들의 헤어 케어를 위한 가벼운 느낌의 제품으로 천연 성분을 함유하고 있다! • FREDERICK BENJAMIN 그루밍 헤어케어 컬렉션은 컨셉에서 완성까지, 특별히 다문화 남성들의 헤어 케어 요구를 위해 개발되었다. • Dry Hair & Scalp Reliever - 이러한 가벼운 느낌의 제품은 다중 질감의 모발을 가진 남성들에게 효과적이다. • 2009년에 출시되었으며, 회사 창립자인, Michael James의 조부의 이름을 따서 회사명이 지어졌다. Frederick Benjamin은 1940년대 미국 남부 지방에서 잘 성장해온 기업이다. • 모든 제품은 스피아 민트, 클로버, 쐐기풀, 삼씨, 그리고 자몽의 오일과 같은 천연 재료가 함유되어 있으며, 건조한 알콜이나 바셀린, 미네랄 오일, 합성 향료 및 색소는 첨가되지 않았다. • 제품은 프리미엄 디자인 포장과 고급스러운 효능이 특징이면서도 가격은 중간 정도이다. 제품 가격선은 $12- $16. 브랜드의 영감 FREDERICK BENJAMIN 그루밍은 다민족 남성들이나 다중 질감의 모발 혹은 곱슬 머리 남성에게 적합한 제품이 부족함에서 영감을 얻었다. 너무 건조하지도 않고, 너무 무겁거나 기름지지도 않은 제품들이다. 사용법 제품은 최고의 헤어 케어 시스템으로 사용된다. • 1 & 2단계: 최소 주 2회 샴푸 / 컨디셔닝 • 3 단계: Daily Hydrator, 가벼운 보습제. • 4 단계: Sleek Water Pomade로 마무리, 추가적인 홀드와 광택을 위한 제품. 시장성 이러한 남성들을 위한 서비스를 제공하는 이/미용 커뮤니티를 포괄할 수 있는 제품이 부족하다. Frederick Benjamin은 최종 소비자에게 서비스를 제공하고 도움을 줄 수 있도록 전국에 있는 이발소들과 제휴하고 있다. 구매 Frederick Benjamin은 온라인(shopfrederickbenjamin.com)을 통해 이발소, 미용실, 이/미용 재료 매장으로 판매된다.

피부 왜TEND SKIN 이 최고인가: 이것은 남성들의 면도 후 면도기 상처나 안쪽으로 자라는 모발을 위한 절대적인 솔루션이다! •

Tend Skin에 따르면, 흑인 미국인 남성들의 50-80%가 면도기 사용으로인한 상처나 안쪽으로 자라나는 수염때문에 고생한다고 한다. Tend Skin은 억세고 곱슬한 모발을 가진 남성들의 이런 문제를 줄이거나 May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Feature SKIN

WHY TEND SKIN ROCKS: It is the absolute solution for men with razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving! • According to Tend Skin 50-80 percent of African American men suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Tend Skin is the answer to reduce and eliminate those challenges on the faces of men with wiry and curly hair. • Tend Skin is so popular women have begun to use it as well for the stubble-trouble around their legs, bikini lines and underarms. • The formula is so innovative it has two patents. • Priced at $10 - $50.

• •

브랜드 영감 Tend Skin은 1985년 자신의 병원에서 연구원을 치료하던 치과 의사에 의해 우연히 발견되었다. 치료 며칠 후, 연구원은 자신의 면도기 상처가 놀라울 정도로 깨끗해진 것을 발견했다. 이 두사람은 그로부터 해법을 생각하게 되었고 8년동안의 작업과 실험, 특허 출현으로 현재 우리가 알고 있는 아주 효과적인 제품인Tend Skin이 만들어진 것이다. Photo courtesy of www.tendskin.com

BRAND INSPIRATION Tend Skin was discovered by chance in 1985 by a dentist who treated an investigator in his office for a dental service. Days later the investigator noticed his razor bumps had cleared up dramatically. The two had conceived a resolution and 8 long years of lab work, tests and patents produced the very effective formula we know today, Tend Skin. USAGE Tend Skin should be applied to dry skin, only in a thin layer, after shaving or waxing. Wet skin may cause the product to sting. THE MARKET VOID There is no other product on the market like Tend Skin, developed to relieve razor bumps and ingrown hairs—a serious problem for the Multi-Cultural Man. FIND IT Tend Skin can be found in beauty and barber supply stores and retail stores throughout the U.S.

GROOMING EQUIPMENT WHY WAHL PROFESSIONAL ROCKS: They’re shavers and clippers designed for the MultiCultural Man! • Wahl Professional electric clippers are engineered to perform well on a variety of hair types, textures and styles. • Wahl has the Balding Clipper to perfect a bald haircut with a patented tool. • The Multi-Cultural man takes his facial hair serious and the 5-Star Shaver is the tool to sharpen facial hair to perfection. • Salon priced from $50.95 - $57. BRAND INSPIRATION Leo J. Wahl developed Wahl electric clippers in 1919, 95 years ago. Wahl saw a need for electric clippers when barbers were using hand clippers.

Photo courtesy of www.wahl.com. Follow Wahl on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube / WahlPro.

THE MARKET VOID • The Wahl Balding Clipper has a patented balding blade, the only product on the market of its kind.

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

사진 출처, www.tendskin.com

사용법 Tend Skin은 면도나 왁싱 후, 반드시 물기가 마른 피부에, 얇게 발라야 한다. 젖은 피부에 사용하면 따끔거릴 수가 있다. 시장성 면도기 사용으로 인한 피부 트러블이나 안쪽으로 자라는 헤어 -다문화 남성들에게는 심각한 문제- 를 해결하기 위해 고안된 Tend Skin과 같은 제품이 현재 시장에는 없는 상태이다. 구매 Tend Skin은 미국 전역의 이/미용 재료 매장과 소매 상점에서 찾을 수 있다.

그루밍 장비 왜 WAHL PROFESSIONAL이 최고인가: 이 제품들은 다문화 남성들을 위해 고안된 면도기와 클리퍼이다! • Wahl Professional전기 가위는 다양한 헤어 타입과 텍스쳐, 그리고 스타일에 잘 수행될 수 있도록 설계되었다. • Wahl의 Balding Clipper는 특허 제품으로 대머리 헤어컷을 완벽하게 수행할 수 있다. • 다문화 남성들은 얼굴 부위의 수염 관리를 중요하게 생각하며, 5-Star Shaver는 • 얼굴 헤어를 완벽하게 정리할 수 있는 기구이다. • 살롱 가격선은 $ 50.9 - $57. 브랜드 영감 Leo J. Wahl가 95년 전인, 1919년Wahl 전기 클리퍼를 개발했다. Wahl은 이발사들이 핸드 클리퍼를 사용하는 것을 보고 전기 클리퍼의 필요성을 깨닫게 되었다.

USAGE Wahl carries three core brands: • Clippers: used to cut, create, and style hair. • Trimmers: used to create edges, tight lines, hair designs and to trim/shape the face. • Shavers: used on the face, neckline, and on top of the head to give the cut a clean, finished look.


제거할 수 있는 해법이다. Tend Skin은 여성들에게도 인기가 높아, 다리, 비키니 라인, 겨드랑이 주위의 까칠하게 자라는 헤어에 사용하고 있다. 제품 성분이 아주 혁신적이며 두 개의 특허를 보유하고 있다. 가격선은 $10- $50

사용 사진 출처, www.wahl.com. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wahl은 3가지 핵심 브랜드를 갖고 있다: Pinterest, YouTube • 클리퍼: 모발을 자르고, 스타일을 만드는데 사용 WahlPro에서Wahl를 찾아봐라. • 트리머: 가장자리, 가지런한 라인, 헤어 디자인에 주로 사용하며 다듬거나 얼굴 모양을 만드는데도 사용. • 면도기: 얼굴, 목둘레, 머리 정수리 부분에 컷을 깔끔하게 정리하고 완성하는데 사용. 시장성 • Wahl Balding Clipper는 특허 출헌된 대머리용 블레이드가 포함되어 있는데, 이것은 시장의 동종 제품 가운데 유일한 것이다. • 5-Star Shaver은 뛰어난 마무리 기능때문에 시장에서 가장 인기있는 전문가용 면도기이다. 구매 Wahl 클리퍼는 미용 재료 유통업체와 매장을 통해 미국과 세계적으로 독점 판매되고 있다.

• The 5-Star Shaver is the most popular professional shaver on the market because of its superior finishing tool. FIND IT Wahl Clippers are sold exclusively through beauty supply distributors and stores throughout the US and globally.


다용도 미용 제품 왜SUNNY ISLE 자메이카 블랙 캐스터(피마자) 오일이 최고인가: 일상적인 그루밍을 위해 모두가 갖고 있어야 하는 제품이다. - 다용도 네추럴 오일. 그것은 황금 액체이다! •

WHY SUNNY ISLE JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL ROCKS: It’s the one product every man should have for daily grooming—a multi-purpose all-natural oil. It’s Liquid Gold!

• •

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) is the multipurpose, all natural “liquid gold.” It has so many uses the results are golden. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a family of products in which every man will find a scent and performance that works for them. Sunny Isle JBCO is a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent. Sunny Isle supports a Jamaican Community Give Back Program. Sunny Isle purchases their beans from local Jamaican farmers to support their families. High quality products with moderate prices: $4.99 - $12.99

BRAND INSPIRATION The Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil brand was inspired in 2010 by the Jamaican roots of owners, Delroy and Ann Reid. Jamaicans have been using castor oil for years as their homegrown remedy for medicinal purposes, as well as skin care, hair care and everyday aches and pains. Today, Jamaican Black Castor Oil has crossed over into other ethnic groups for varied uses. USAGE Apply daily directly to skin and body. • Hair: Stimulates hair growth • Face: Can be used as an oil cleanser to deep cleanse and moisturize. Great for eczema, acne and psoriasis prone skin. • Feet: A great softener to help eliminate dry, calloused feet. • Skin: A great daily cleanser and moisturizer • Cuticles: Moisturizes and softens THE MARKET VOID • Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the only castor oil approved by the Jamaican government for export. • Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil produces the richest “ash content” potency of any other castor oil on the market. FIND IT Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is sold at www.sunnyislejamaicanblackcastoroil.com, in retail stores and beauty and barber supply stores throughout the U.S.

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)은 다용도, 전체 네추럴 제품으로 “ 황금 액체”라고 할 수 있다. 황금같은 결과를 위해 다양하게 사용할 수 있다. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil은 모든 남성들이 그 향기와 성능을 발견할 수 있는 제품 중 하나이다. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil은 천연 항곰팡이 및 항세균제이다. Sunny Isle은 자메이카 커뮤니티를 위한 환원 프로그램을 지원한다. Sunny Isle은지역의 농민들과 가족들을 지원하기 위해 지역 농가로부터 콩을 구입한다. 저렴한 가격의 고품질 제품으로 가격선은 $ 4.99 $ 12.99

브랜드 영감 The Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 브랜드는 2010년, 대표인 Delroy 와 Ann Reid의 자메이카인의 근본으로부터 영감을 얻게 되었다. 자메이카 사람들은 피마자 오일을 오랜 세월동안 가정에서 사용해 왔는데, 의료용 목적은 물론, 스킨 케어, 헤어 케어, 모든 가려움과 통증에 사용했다. 오늘날, Jamaican Black castor Oil은 다른 민족들과도 다양한 사용형태로 교차되고 있다. 사용 매일 피부와 몸에 직접 바른다 • 헤어: 모발 성장 촉진 • 얼굴: 딥 클린징과 보습을 위해 오일 세안제로 사용 가능. 습진, 여드름, 건선이 쉽게 생기는 피부에 아주 좋다. • 발: 건조하고 거친 발 각질 제거를 돕는 연화제. • 피부: 아주 좋은 일상용 클렌저 및 보습제 • 큐티클: 부드러움과 보습 효과

시장성 • Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil은 수출을 위해 자메이카 정부의 승인을 받은 유일한 피마자 오일이다. • Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 제품은 시장에 나와있는 다른 어떤 피마자 오일보다 풍부한 “ 회분” 효능을 만들어 낸다. 구매 Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil은 온라인 사이트 www.sunnyislejamaicanblackcastoroil.com과 미국 전역의 소매 상점, 그리고 미용 재료 매장에서 판매된다.

Phylencia “PT” Taylor is Marketing & Communication Professional with over 13 years’ experience in the beauty industry. PT is the Founder of Shine Beauty Culture, a Cultural Collective and Boutique Beauty Consultancy. Past and present clients include GBL Sales Inc., Hair-Routine, Ecoco Inc., Carol’s Daughter, Wella Corporation, H2Pro, Johnson Products, Goody, Elasta QP, Bailey’s Beauty Shop and Crown Royal Barbershop to name a few. Follow her on Instagram & Facebook / ShineBeautyCulture. (www.shinebeautyculture.com . ATL . WDC . NYC) May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine




Original Massager Original Hair Dryer

Lance Wahl Who says you can’t go home again? Exposed to the industry at an early age, Lance Wahl— the Director of Sales and Marketing for Professional Products in North America for the familyowned Wahl Clipper Corporation—initially took his own route in finance and marketing. However, it seemed he couldn’t stay away from his roots, and he returned to the family business that continues to thrive in the clipper and trimmer market. OTC Beauty Magazine spoke with him to learn more about this tried-and-true company. 누가 당신은 다시 집으로 돌아갈 수 없다고 하는가? 초기에 이 업계에 발을 들였을 때, 가족 소유의Wahl Clipper 주식회사의 전문가용 제품 북미 담당 영업 마케팅 이사였던 Lance Wahl 씨는, 처음에는 금융과 마케팅 분야에서 자신의 길을 걷고 있었다. 그러나, 그는 자신의 뿌리로부터 멀어질 수 없는 듯했고, 클리퍼와 트리머 시장에서 계속적인 성공을 이어가고 있는 가족 비지니스로 돌아왔다. OTC 뷰티 매거진은 이 믿을만한 회사에 대해 그와 더 자세한 얘기를 나눴다. 70

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Aerial Photo of Wahl Manufacturing

Original Shaver

OTC Beauty Magazine (OTC): Tell us about the history of the Wahl Clipper Corporation. Lance Wahl (LW): My great-grandfather, Leo J. Wahl, invented the electric hand-held hair clipper back in 1919. We are celebrating 95 years this year! Matt Andis and John Oster actually helped to make clipper blades for him in the very beginning. Then, they went off to create their own clipper brands several years later. Wahl used to be the largest manufacturer of hair dryers back in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as one of the largest providers of hand-held massagers back in the day as well as now. Wahl also started manufacturing personal shavers in the 1950s, one unit of which eventually evolved into our professional 5-Star Shaver/Shaper. Wahl has also created an outerspace friendly clipper for NASA in 2006 and is now their certified clipper. We were founded in Sterling, Ill. and still make 95 percent of our professional products in this same location. We are also the largest private employer in this area. We are also supplementing our line-up now with high-end products from our German-owned factory. We acquired a sheep-shearing factory called Lister in the 90s, which is based in the UK and is really becoming a force in that market. Wahl also purchased Kayline, a California-based manufacturer of light-weight salon furniture (like our roll-about carts and trays), in 2008. Kayline still produces all of their products in the USA. There are currently 8 family members with the name Wahl working at Wahl—with more on the way. And, we now sell into 176 countries around the world, with a total of 8 factories and 21 sales/ marketing offices. OTC: How would you say that Wahl products uniquely speak to the male consumer base? LW: Clippers and trimmers have always inherently spoken to male clients because of the precision an educated barber or stylist can create with them. We like to think that Wahl products perform as advertised with a great deal of power, precision cutting and trimming, and are always reliable. OTC: Briefly describe the goods that make up your product portfolio. What tips do you have to help retailers incorporate these items in their stores? LW: Our 5-Star line of products was specifically created for barbers and the units have performed extremely well for us over the last 8-9 years. Our 5-Star Shaver is now a must-have because it is the “ultimate finishing tool”

OTC 뷰티 매거진 (OTC): Wahl Clipper 주식회사의 역사에 대한 설명 부탁드립니다. Lance Wahl (LW): 제 증조 할아버지이신, Leo J. Wahl은 1919년 전기 휴대용 헤어 클리퍼를 개발하셨습니다. 올해로 저희 회사가 95주년이 되죠! Matt Andis와John Oster는 실제로 초기에 저희 할아버지를 도와 클리퍼 블레이드를 만들었습니다. 그리고, 몇 년 후에 자신들의 클리퍼 브랜드를 만들고자 떠났습니다. Wahl 은 1940-1950년대에 가장 큰 헤어 드라이어 제조업체이기도 했고, 지금처럼 그 때에도 휴대용 마사지기의 가장 큰 공급업체 중 하나였습니다. Wahl은 또한 1950년대에 개인용 면도기를 생산하기 시작해서, 결국 전문가용5-Star Shaver/Shaper 로 진화하게 된 것입니다. Wahl 은 또한 2006년에 NASA를 위해 우주 공간에서도 친화적인 클리퍼를 만들었으며, 이것은 현재 그들의 인증 클리퍼입니다. 저희는 일리노이주 스털링에서 시작했으며, 지금도 생산량의 95%가 같은 곳에서 제조됩니다. 저희는 또한 이 지역에서 가장 큰 민간 고용주입니다. 또한 저희의 독일 공장에서 고가의 제품을 생산하는 것으로 라인업을 보완하고 있습니다. 90년대에는 영국에 본사를 두고 있는 양털깎기 회사인 Lister를 인수했으며, 지금은 그 분야에서 강한 힘을 발휘하고 있습니다. Wahl은 또한 캘리포니아에 본사를 둔 경량급의 미용실 가구(저희의 롤링 카트나 트레이 같은) 제조업체인, Kayline를 2008년에 인수했습니다. Kayline은 여전히 전제품을 미국내에서 생산하고 있습니다. 현재 Wahl에는 여덟개 브랜드의 가족이 있죠. - 앞으로 더 늘어날 것입니다. 그리고 저희는 지금 전세계 176개국에 8개의 공장과 21개의 세일즈 마케팅 오피스를 두고 판매하고 있습니다.

OTC: Wahl 제품들이 남성 소비자층에 특별히 기반을 두는 것에 대해서는 어떻게 설명하실 수가 있을까요? (LW): 클리퍼와 트리머는 본질적으로 남성 고객들에게 얘기되어왔습니다. 전문 교육을 받은 이발사나 스타일리스트들이 이런 기구들을 사용함으로써 만들어내는 정확도나 정밀함 때문이죠. Wahl 제품은 광고한대로 파워나 정밀한 커팅과 트리밍이 아주 우수한 제품이며, 항상 신뢰할 수 있다고 생각합니다. OTC: 제품 포트폴리오를 구성하는 아이템들에 관한 간단한 설명 부탁드립니다. 이 제품들을 취급하는 소매업체들에게 도움이 될 조언을 하신다면? (LW): 저희 5-Star line 제품들은 특히 이발사들을 위해 고안되었으며 지난 8-9년간 아주 놀라운 성과를 보여주었습니다. 5-Star Shaver는 현재 “ 마무리 작업을 위한 궁극의 기구”로 흑인들의bald fades나 stray hairs의 마무리 작업이나 스트레이트 면도칼 대신 반드시 보유해야하는 May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


Manufacturer Profile when cleaning up bald fades, stray hairs on an afro or in place of a straight razor. Our Balding Clipper has a patented blade that makes a client truly bald and is perfect for bald fades. Our new 5-Star Legend has just launched and is receiving rave reviews because of the longer taper lever throw for an easier fade and a “crunch” blade that allows for the smoothest cut available! We also have our long-standing staples like the Senior (or 5-Star Senior with a surgically-close blade), the Peanut, and the Detailer and Hero which can be zero-overlapped for producing the closest lines. OTC: What differentiates your company’s products from others that are similar in the market? LW: We are constantly striving to innovate. We have just launched two products in the last few months in the Cordless Lithium Ion Designer and Pilot Clipper. These are US-made and really acknowledge a need in the market. The Cordless Designer has the look and feel of a standard clipper— but it is lighter, has a taper lever and can be used with a cord if needed (but runs 90 minutes without a cord). The Pilot is two-thirds of the size of a normal corded clipper with all the power. It is so easy to maneuver! Wahl has a large team of engineers here in the US and in Germany, and we are never happy with settling for status quo within our product line-up. OTC: What form of product promotion do you believe works best in OTC stores? Why? LW: Wahl has always kept pricing simple. We offer the best price for high quality products, but do periodically offer even better pricing. We do mix in promotional colors and unique patterns that do sell through the stores quite well and have some in the plans for later this year. OTC: What trend have you seen grow the most recently in your part of the beauty industry and how is the company meeting consumer demand for it? LW: The whole barber segment has grown and our 5-Star line as grown in conjunction with that. We have also seen growth in the attendance of beauty schools, as well as the quality of the beauty schools increasing in our industry. We have increased the members of our Wahl Education & Artistic Team (WEAT) by 40 percent over the last year with incrediblygifted educators and are doing many more distributor and school classes. We are actively looking to expand education especially at the school-level to help the entire industry become even better at handling male clientele. OTC: In addition to home and professional goods, Wahl also offers a collection of products for animals. Can you explain how this sector came about and what makes it successful? LW: I do want to note that there is much more than a marketing difference between our professional human and animal clippers versus our home products. Any stylist and barber who has picked up a pro item versus a consumer item can clearly see and feel the difference. But, that is not to say our home products are bad, they are great for consumers but will not hold up over time in a barber or salon setting. Our professional animal division is experiencing nice growth as well by following the same formula as our other divisions—focusing on long-lasting and unique US and Germanmade products at a reasonable price. OTC: What is Wahl doing to ensure excellent customer service to OTC retailers? How can they benefit from working with you? LW: Our Service Department (also located in Sterling, Ill.) has always received rave reviews and is one of the main reasons we have lasted 95 years. OTC retailers can be confident that their customers can have their clippers repaired or replaced by this department while the units are under warranty. Wahl has real people who answer the phones and they know all the ins and outs about our products. I am also very proud to say that Wahl is always one of the lowest-returned lines in the appliance sector of our business. OTC: Which tradeshows do you participate in, and how does this help the company succeed? LW: We do all the major (and minor) tradeshows including ABS in Chicago, ISSE


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

아이템이 되었습니다. Balding Clipper는 삭발 스타일을 원하는 고객들에게 완벽한 페이드 삭발 스타일을 제공할 수 있는 특허 출헌된 블레이드가 달려있습니다. 새로운 제품인5-Star Legend 가 최근 출시되었는데, “크런치” 블레이드는 가장 부드러운 커트를 가능하게 해주며, 보다 쉬운 페이드를 위해 더욱 길어진 테이퍼 레버가 장착되어 있어서 아주 좋은 호평을 받고 있습니다! 또한Senior (혹은 수술용에 가까운 블레이드가 장착된5-Star Senior )나 가까운 라인 생산에서도 겹치지 않는 Peanut, Detailer, Hero처럼 오래 지속되는 제품들도 있습니다. . OTC: 귀사의 제품이 시장의 다른 유사 제품들과 차별화되는 점은 무엇인가요? (LW): 저희는 끊임없이 혁신을 추구합니다. 지난 몇 개월 안에 Cordless Lithium Ion Designer 과 Pilot Clipper를 새로 출시했습니다. 이 제품들은 미국 내 생산 제품으로 시장에서의 필요성을 확실히 인정하고 있죠. Cordless Designer는 표준 클리퍼와 같은 모양과 느낌의 제품이지만 - 더 가볍고 테이퍼 레버가 장착되어 있어서 필요한 경우 유선으로도 사용할 수 있습니다 (무선으로는90분간 사용). Pilot은 같은 파워를 가진 일반적인 유선 클리퍼와 비교하면 2/3 사이즈입니다. 작동이 아주 간편합니다. Wahl은 미국과 독일에 아주 큰 엔지니어 팀을 보유하고 있으며, 저희는 제품 라인업의 현상 유지에 결코 만족하지 않습니다. OTC: OTC 매장에 가장 적합한 제품 홍보 형태는 어떤 것이며, 그 이유는 무엇입니까? (LW): Wahl은 심플한 가격선을 항상 유지합니다. 저희는 최상 품질의 제품을 최적의 가격에 제공하지만, 정기적으로 더 좋은 가격을 제공합니다. 저희는 매장이 제품을 잘 팔 수 있도록, 올해도 다채로운 홍보와 독특한 패턴을 적절히 혼합한 플랜을 몇몇 준비해 놓고 있습니다. OTC: 업계 내 귀사가 속한 분야에서 최근 가장 큰 성장을 보이는 트랜드는 무엇이며, 회사는 소비자들의 요구 충족을 위해 어떤 노력을 하고 있습니까? (LW): 전체 이발업계가 성장하고 있으며, 저희의 5-Star 라인 또한 그것과 연계해 성장하고 있습니다. 저희는 또한 미용 학교를 지원하는 사람들의 증가는 물론, 미용학교들의 질적 성장 또한 볼 수 있습니다. 놀랄만한 재능의 교육자와 많은 유통업체 그리고 다양한 수업들을 보유하고 있는 저희Wahl Education & Artistic Team (WEAT) 도 회원이 전년 대비 40% 가 증가했습니다. 저희는 업계 전체가 남성 고객들을 더욱 잘 주도하는데 도움이 될 수 있는 학교 수준의 교육 확대를 적극적으로 찾고 있습니다. OTC: 귀사는 가정용 및 전문가용 제품뿐 아니라, 동물용 제품 컬렉션 또한 제공하고 있습니다. 어떻게 이 분야까지 진출하게 되었으며, 성공 비결은 무엇인지 설명 부탁드립니다. (LW): 저희 회사의 전문가용 클리퍼(사람용과 동물용)와 가정용 제품 간의 마케팅에는 아주 큰 차이 이상의 무엇이 있다는 것을 말씀 드리고 싶습니다. 어떤 스타일리스트나 이발사들이 전문가용 제품과 소비자용 제품을 골랐을 때 그 차이를 분명하게 보고 느낄 수가 있죠. 그렇다고, 저희 가정용 제품이 나쁘다는 말이 아니라, 분명히 이 제품들은 소비자들에게는 아주 훌륭하지만, 이발소나 미용실에서는 오래 지속적으로 사용할 수는 없을 것입니다. 저희의 전문가용 동물 제품 부서는 다른 부서와 같은 공식 - 오래 지속되고 독특한 미국 및 독일산 제품을 합리적인 가격에 공급하는 것- 을 따라 아주 잘 성장하고 있습니다. OTC: Wahl이 OTC 소매업체에 보장하고 있는 최고의 고객 서비스는 무엇입니까? 귀사와 거래를 함으로써 그들이 얻을 수 있는 혜택은 무엇인지? (LW): 저희 서비스 부서(일리노이 주 스털링에 위치)는 항상 좋은 평가를 받아 왔으며 이것이 저희가 95년간 이어져 올 수 있었던 주된 이유 가운데 하나입니다. OTC 소매업체들은 저희 제품을 구매한 그들의 고객들이 제품 보상 기간 동안은 저희 서비스 부서를 통해 확실히 수리, 교체 서비스를 받을 수 있다는 것을 자신하셔도 됩니다. Wahl은 직접 전화 상담을 하는 담당자가 있으며 그들은 저희의 모든 제품에 관한 출고와 입고 상황을 알고 있습니다. 또한 저희 가전 분야의 제품들이 아주 낮은 반품 라인 중에 하나인 것에 자부심을 느끼고 있습니다.

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in Long Beach, IBS in NYC, Premiere in Orlando and Birmingham, all the Bronner Brothers shows and many other distributor and school shows. We like to use these shows to promote our new and core products as well as use these venues for even more education. OTC: Are there any big plans in store for Wahl in 2014 that you can share? LW: We do have some hot-looking promotional colors coming as well as the launch of a 5-Star Custom Senior in chrome with a cool-lasered art design. The 5-Star Legend is also a winner that has just started shipping. We have a couple other items in the hopper that we are very excited about, but mum’s the word on those for now! OTC: Is there a central belief that serves as the driving force behind the company? If so, what is it and please explain. LW: Our company’s mission statement is to create the highest-quality hair cutting tools at the best prices available while never forgetting our customers. We are a family-owned business that treats our employees as family as well. We are also in this business for the long haul and not for a quick buck…and our reputation always needs to reflect that. I think all of these ideals drive how we conduct ourselves here at Wahl and make me proud to represent our company. OTC: What do you think makes the beauty industry unique and exciting? LW: I think this industry loves innovation as much or more than any… and with that, a company with strong branding can hit several product “home runs” to a loyal customer base. I also think this industry thrives on education—when barbers and stylists are more open to learn more, they keep the industry fresh. OTC: What final thoughts would you like to share with OTC readers about the company and/or the beauty industry in general? LW: I think we have to be in the best industry in the world! The dedication to this craft is second to none. Wahl is just happy to be a part of it.

Company Name: Wahl Clipper Corporation Address: Sterling, Illinois Contact Number: 815-625-6525 Website: www.wahlpro.com Year in Business: 95

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OTC: 어떤 박람회에 참여하며, 이것이 회사 성공에 어떤 도움이 되었는지요? (LW): 저희는 Chicago에서 열리는ABS, Long Beach의 ISSE, NYC의 IBS, Orlando 와 Birmingham에서 열리는 Premiere, 그리고 Bronner Brothers 쇼와 다른 많은 유통업체 및 학교 쇼에 이르기까지 모든 주요(작은 규모 또한) 박람회에 참여합니다. 저희는 이런 쇼들을 이용해서 신제품 및 핵심 제품을 홍보할 뿐 아니라 더 많은 교육의 장소로도 사용하죠. OTC: 독자들과 공유할 수 있는 2014년 Wahl의 큰 계획에는 어떤게 있습니까? (LW): 몇 가지 좋은 프로모션들이 곧 있을 것이며, 냉각 레이저 아트 디자인의 크롬으로 만든 5-Star Custom Senior의 출시도 있을 것입니다. 5-Star Legend 또한 이제 막 배송을 시작하는 승리자이죠. 아주 많은 기대로 흥분되는 몇 가지 아이템들이 준비 중에 있지만, 아직은 아무에게도 말하지 마세요! OTC: 회사의 원동력 역할을 하는 중심으로, 회사에 어떠한 사명감을 가지고 있습니까? 있다면, 무엇인지 설명 부탁드립니다. (LW): 저희 회사의 사명은 고객들이 결코 잊지 않을 최고 품질의 헤어 커팅 기구를 가장 좋은 가격에 만드는 것입니다. 저희는 가족 소유 비즈니스로서 직원들 역시 가족처럼 대우하고 있습니다. 또한 이 비즈니스에서 단기간에 껑충 뛰어올라온 것이 아니라 오랜 시간 차곡차곡 성장해왔습니다... 저희의 명성은 언제나 그것을 반영할 필요가 있습니다. 저는 이 모든 신념들이 Wahl 에서 우리가 스스로 어떻게 수행해야 하는지에 대한 원동력이 되며, 제가 이 회사를 대표하는 것에 자부심을 갖게 만듭니다. OTC: 미용 산업을 독특하고 흥미롭게 만드는 것은 무엇이라고 생각하십니까? (LW): 이 업계는 다른 어떤 것보다 혁신을 좋아합니다. 그와 더불어, 강력한 브랜드를 가진 기업은 충성스러운 고객 기반으로 여러 가지의 “홈런” 제품을 가질 수가 있습니다. 또한 이 업계는 교육 분야도 번창하고 있습니다. 이발사나 헤어 스타일리스트들이 더욱 더 많이 배움의 기회를 가질수록, 그들은 이 업계를 새롭게 유지할 수 있죠. OTC: 회사와 미용업계에 관해 일반적으로 OTC 독자들과 공유할 수 있는 최종 생각은 어떤 것입니까? (LW): 저희는 세계 최고의 산업이 되어야 한다고 생각합니다! 이 기술에 대한 헌신은 타의 추종을 불허합니다. Wahl은 단지 그 가운데 한 부분인 것에 행복할 따름입니다.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine




Sponsored by Andis Co.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure You may recall the Benjamin Franklin quote “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He could have easily been referring to clippers and trimmers. When a customer sends in a product for a warranty claim to the Andis Company, the tools

Andis Introduces New Professional Grade SlimLine Pro™ Cordless Trimmer This small compact cordless trimmer is perfect for necklines, edging and light-duty grooming. The 5-ounce trimmer runs fast and cool and can be zero-gapped. The carbon steel, close-cutting T-blade has an exclusive

are analyzed to determine the problem. The majority are found

Comfort Edge® finish that helps prevent nicks and

to suffer from oil deficiency. Most of these problems could be

scratches for a smooth skin finish. Powered with a

avoided if the hair care professional simply followed the easy

Ni-MH battery for lasting performance, the SlimLine

maintenance routine detailed below.

Start by making sure your customers have the following

items: clipper oil, Andis Cool Care™ and a cleaning brush. Every time a clipper or trimmer is used, the blade should be sprayed

Pro™ carries enough charge for all-day average use and recharges to full power overnight. Learn more at www.andis.com.

lightly with Cool Care while the tool is not running. After it’s sprayed with Cool Care, use the cleaning brush to remove excess fluid and hair particles. Wipe with a dry towel. Next, place a few drops of oil on the front and side of the cutter blades. Turn the clipper on for about 15 seconds to make sure the oil lubricates the interior blade surfaces. Finally, wipe off any excess oil. I call this “clipper insurance” because the process ensures the tool is being maintained and will operate at peak performance. The end result of the process is that the blade is lubricated, clean, disinfected and ready for the next cut.

So make sure your customers know the proper clipper/

trimmer maintenance steps. Not only will it keep their investment running smoothly, but it’s also an opportunity to upsell maintenance-related products and boost your bottom line!

Kenny “The Professional” Duncan is a National educator for the Andis Co. He has presented classroom demonstrations and platform education at many tradeshows such as Empire Future Professionals, IHS International Hair Show, Bronner Bros International Hair Show and many more. He brings a wealth of information and experience to clipper cutting education. He teaches styling professionals the simplest approach to multicultural hair styling through a combination of solid technical demonstrations, creative interpretations, and entertaining presentations. Kenny is co-owner of Main Attraction Unisex Hair Salon, located in Philadelphia. He is reaching stylists around the world through www.ClipperEducation.com, where his goal is to provide inspiration, motivation and education to clippers cutters of all experience levels. He truly is a trailblazer in this industry. 76

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

#1 Beauty Cash-n-Carry JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.


Therapy Trends


the Male Regimen Growth of male toiletries has doubled the rate of the women’s category. Much of this growth is fueled by the growing need for a male beauty regimen. Men, who typically consider grooming to consist of shaving and deodorant products, are becoming accustomed to the regimen of cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging serums. Leading brands have trained males to chase the fragrance—brands have extended beyond deodorant and aftershave items. These scents have extended into body sprays, shower gels and hair care. Once comfortable with the concept of brand families, men have marched into facial regimens. In a recent national survey 63 percent of males age 25-34 reported that they not only understood the concept of moisturizer, they use moisturizers. Much of this male beauty re-imaging is brought on by competition in the job market. A facial beauty regimen is required to stay young-looking and battle-ready.

OTCs need to be prepared for the onslaught of the male

consumer shopping for himself. Male hair color is a booming category where 80 percent of the purchases are made by men. Male consumers want to be handsome, yet “mansome.” Some have become interested in the concept of Brotox—males seeking dermatological services, such as Botox. For the most part, the male beauty regimen is a new frontier. Male consumers are clearly taking greater interest in simplistic solutions. Most of the choices are anchored by traditional branding, scents and performance. It’s great that they are advancing beyond one or two products in the daily grooming routine.

Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skin care and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit www.esmemarketspecialists.com. 78

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

RA Shea Butter Lotion Our # 1 seller, 100% shea butter with Jojoba Oil is the ultimate moisturizer to vitalize and soften skin while blocking the harsh effects of sun, wind, cold and aging. Apply the healing and cooling power of cucumber to your skin. Cucumber melon lotion is a great skin moisturizer packed with vitamin E that softens and heals damages skin. Now customers can take their favorite shea butter lotion wherever they go. By popular demand, we’ve introduced a fit in the palm of your hand size for those who don’t want to be without! For more information, visit www.racosmetics.com.



BARBERNOMICS 2.0 ™ In 2001 I created a term called “Barbernomics” and since then, I have written a few articles and trained thousands of students on the practice of finding new and innovative ways to create and generate revenue through the barbering industry. Please see the article I wrote in OTC Beauty Magazine in November 2011 at www.otcbeautymagazine.com/PDF/KTK2.pdf. I still receive emails concerning how much this article enlightened readers about the growth of the barbering business. In 2014 we are still observing new and innovative products and services which increase the value of our trade. From hair cutting apps to blogs, on demand education, barbering tours and competitions, it has all set fire to a new breed of barbers savvy and connected to the social pulse of the business of the barbershop. Barbernomics 2.0 encompasses building the business and commerce of the industry and it is also a coming on-line education and DVD series. These will train barbers on marketing, career paths, trends and successful techniques used by industry leaders, but will feature some of the best and brightest barbers in the world who are also learning the power of cross promotion. It is vital in any industry to build alliances and relationships with strong brands to create demand for all that your particular industry has to offer the consumer. I challenge all beauty and barber suppliers to develop a relationship with the barbershop and barber schools in your area. Take some time and a renewed interest in the needs of barbers and cosmetologists. Make your store friendly to barbers and even create signage which will identify an area for barber related products. Since barbers are now learning the importance of marketing their services, you should demand business cards to increase your data base of barbers, but also develop a relationship with the people who will purchase products they need and use every day. Keep up the good work!

Dwayne Thompson, aka “The Barber Ambassador,” is the CEO of The Fade Club LLC, a marketing and promotions company designed to grow the barbering industry through education and brand management. He wears many hats as the founder of The Barber Academy Tour, creator of “The Barbettes,” a term designed to promote female barbers, and the former host of Against the Grain Radio show, the first barber related radio show on Blog Talk Radio. He is a dynamic writer, educator, product broker, consultant and social media expert. He has held several Executive positions with a former barbershop publication and a national health outreach program. Mr. Thompson is also the Founder and Publisher of Tonsorial Times Magazine, “The Official Barbershop Trade Publication” focused on highlighting products, franchises, schools and educators directly connected to the barbering industry. For more information, visit www.tonsorialtimes.com. 80

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Sow Time Join us for advertising! Call 678.805.3291 advertising@otcbeautymagazine.com

If you’ve ever thought barbers have already reached the extent of hair creativity, think again. These two gentlemen’s hair designs are proof that the possibilities are endless.

Bronner Bros. A hair model walking the show aisles poses for a photo.

International Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014 Once again, Bronner Bros. rolled out the red carpet for its

Show, and a church service with special guest, Smokie Norful.

attendees at their four-day action-packed International Mid-

Recognized as the largest beauty and trade show of its kind in

Winter Hair Show, held February 22-25 at the Georgia World

the world, the show gladly hosted paramount manufacturers

Congress Center. For 67 years Bronner Bros. has built on a

exhibiting their products on the event floor. These included

dream that was captured on the pillows of the late Nathaniel

noteworthy companies such as Dudley, Ashtae, FHI Heat, Nu

Bronner, Sr. and brother, the late Arthur E. Bronner. A dream

Expressions, Nairobi, Farouk, Mizani and Wahl Clippers.

that started with a small start-up capital where the two brothers

mapped out a success strategy that would bring millions of

the Bronner Bros. International hair Show continued to gather

cosmetologists, students, barbers, fashion designers, makeup

the best in trend-setting styles with fabulous hair fashions and

artists and celebrities to Atlanta, Ga.

extraordinary education, and they don’t show signs of slowing

down anytime soon.

The Bronner Bros. International Hair Show featured

Founded upon 67 years of trade show experience,

noteworthy attractions such as over 300 hair care companies, an

exciting barber tournament, 150 stimulating classes, a Comedy

at www.bronnerbros.com, Facebook at www.facebook.com/

Show featuring Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning

bronnerbros., or Twitter at https://twitter.com/bronnerbros.

Kenny Duncan, expert educator and celebrity barber, shapes up a visitor’s hair on the Andis stage.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

For additional information, visit the company’s website

A Billions Burlesque rep flaunts a show-stopping hairstyle and makeup to match.

Bronner Bros. International Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014

The Dudley Products booth

Isabella’s Own models holding a few of the company’s popular hair products

The Farouk Systems stage

Both men and women alike were able to take part in and experience firsthand the newest barber techniques at this season’s show.

Clothing and accessory booths were scattered among those for beauty styling products and tools on the show floor.

The expansive KISS Products, Inc. booth

A few of the creative hairstyles seen at the Congo Professional booth

A stylist with the Total Media Group works to ensure every strand of hair is perfectly in place.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine

83 89

Kherie Freeman takes a break from working at the Nbeauty booth for a quick photo.

One of the smiling, friendly faces found at the Coco ZoĂŤ booth

Sandy Johnson at the Bonfi Natural Co. booth

A model has her hair styled at the Bonfi Natural Co. booth as she displays a bottle of their popular Oil Free Wig Shine.

This barber at the Black Solutions booth is hard at work on what resulted in a satisfied customer’s hairstyle.

An impressive barber design

The effectiveness of hairstraighteners is displayed at the ISO Beauty booth.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Bronner Bros. International Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014

The beauty business even expands to teeth whitening! Show visitors take a few minutes to “brighten up� at the Bay Harbor Perfection booth.

(Left to right) Bridget and Osheia are more than happy to tell you all about Tropical Roots products.

This barber caught attention of passersby with his unique mask.

Stylist education is continuously a large part of the Bronner Bros. show, year after year.

With every snip of the scissors this stylist was sure to keep onlookers up-to-speed with her technique.

(Left to right) Mark Lee of 3H Beauty and industry expert, Torain

Michelle Williams of Vitale Pro

A glimpse of a hair demonstration at the Universal Beauty Products booth.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine

85 81

This ET Browne rep shows off Palmer’s Conditioning Shampoo.

(Left to right) Jeff Roberts of BTB Sales and Marketing and Domenic Costa of KAB Brands proudly stand behind an array of ApHogee products.

Hairdressers meet to speak with show visitors at one of the Bronner Bros. stages.

The colorful artwork featured here would be an excellent addition to any studio, barber shop or salon.

The ladies behind the successful Mixed Chicks company.

Sunja Friend and her fellow AFAM Concepts booth worker smile, showing off a Hawaiian Silky product.

Excited show attendees

The Hoyu Bigen booth


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Bronner Bros. International Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014

The eye catching Golden Supreme booth

Kathryn Thompson hard at work at the Fantasia booth

A couple of ladies pause for a picture, and we can’t help but notice the creative colorful hairstyle in the background.

A beautifully elaborate hair design worn by a model.

Ken Klibaner and Andy Johnson for Andis Co.

Elle of Poochiez Nails gives a lucky show attendee a new manicure.

Two fashionable show visitors flaunt their colorful hairstyles.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine

87 81

Shirley and Nicolas of FHI Heat

The M.U.M. By Cherry models were hard to miss in their hot pink body suits.

The Täze Luxurious booth was manned by angels.

The Taliah Waajid booth

The Hicks Total Transformations International booth

(Left to right) D’Andrea and Ashlei proudly educate visitors on Strength of Nature’s newest innovations in texture manageability.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

A skilled stylist creates yet another masterpiece hairstyle.

Bronner Bros. International Mid-Winter Hair Show 2014

A barber at the Wahl booth uses a spray technique to finish off a design.

The busy show floor

Aisle by aisle, show visitors found great deals and loads of information about the newest products and styling techniques in the beauty business.

Visitors could sit and rest, or enjoy a snack at the tables set on the edges of the show floor.

A look inside the Mizani classroom before the educational session began.

James Bronner stands alongside the first place winners of the Bronner Bros. Makeup Challenge Competition.

James Bronner and Haley McNeal, editor of OTC Beauty Magazine

Dawn poses with Camilo at the Professional Products Unlimited booth

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine

89 81

2014년 제7회 조지아협회 트레이드 쇼 지난 3월 30일, 뷰티 업계 최고의 쇼 중 하나로 손 꼽히는 제 7회 조지아협회 트레이드 쇼가 성공리에 개최 되었다. 이날, Georgia 주 Norcross 시에 위치한 The North Atlanta Trade Center 에서 오전 9시에 개장한 쇼에는, 168개 업체가 참가하여 291개의 부스를 가득 채우고 2,800 여명의 참가자들을 맞아 북새통을 이루었다. 협회원들의 적극적인 봉사 참여와 철저한 준비로 인해 올해도 역시 흠잡을 때 없는 매끄러운 진행이 이루어 졌으며, 새로이 쇼에 참가한 많은 잡화 벤더들이 많은 주문을 이끌어 내어 모두가 윈윈하는 성공적인 쇼를 개최하였다. 쇼 준비 초반에는 몇몇 대형 헤어 도매상들의 불참 통보로 가슴앓이를 했었던 협회는, 그 동안 쇼가 성공적으로 개최되어온 성과에 힘입어, 수 많은 밴더들이 스스로 참여의사를 밝혀, 나중에는 부스를 늘여서 임시부스까지 만드는 사태가 벌어졌다. 또한, 요즘의 침체된 분위기를 비웃기라도 하듯, 2,800 여명의 스토어 오너들이 참가하여, 점심식사를 하기 위하여 늘어선 줄이 1 시간을 훌쩍 넘기는 진풍경을 만들어 내기도 하였다. 이번에 새로 쇼에 참가한 많은 잡화 업체들은 물건을 직접보고 판매가 이뤄지는 특성 때문에 이번 조지아 트레이드 쇼가 그들에게 대단한 성과를 안겨 주었다. 매년 행운의 주인공을 뽑는 경품행사도 한국 왕복권, 현금 $1,000, 대형 TV 등의 경품을 내걸고 스토어 오너들의 발길을 잡아 쇼장의 분위기를 한껏 달아 오르게 만들었다. 이에 협회는 “실리를 추구한 진정한 의미의 쇼였다” 라고 차체 평가하며 그 간의 노력이 성과를 보여 매우 만족한다고 하였다. 업계침체로 인해 많은 사람들의 우려에도 불구하고, 조지아협회 트레이드 쇼는 매년 성장을 거듭하고 있어, 내년에는 더욱더 의미 있고 실속 있는 쇼로 성장하여 많은 뷰티 서플라이 스토어 오너들의 기대에 부응할 수 있는 트레이드 쇼로 거듭나길 기대해 본다.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

7th Georgia Beauty Trade Show 2014

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine

91 81

업계소식 NFBS 중앙협회 NFBS 중앙협회는 오는 7월27일개최하는 제7차NFBS TRADE SHOW 행사 조직 및 위원을 아래와 같이 통보하였다. 제7차NFBS TRADE SHOW행사위원 대회장: 유중현 준비위원장: 최점균(Angel Beauty Supply, Oakland, CAC: 510-919-0808)

부위원장: 임종표(Ruby Red, RICHMOND, VAC: 804-852-1723) 실무운영위원: 박노훈, 이동윤, 문삼식, 윤 경균, 한규열, 홍서인, 김영중, 이광병 이수룡, 이상신, Sam 황, Paula방, 김선희 행사재무담당: 강정상

조지아 협회 조지아협회는 4월 13일 일요일 오후 7시 에 협회 사무실에서, 지난 3월 30일에 갖은 제 7회 조지아 뷰티 트레이드쇼에 대한 평 가회의를 가졌다. 14명의 이사 전원이 모 인 이날 평가회에서는 지난 쇼에 대해 식 당, 접수, 골프대회, 주차장관리 등등, 항

목별로 자세히 꼬집으며, 잘한 점, 개선할 점에 대한 심층 평가를 하였다. 또한, 오는 5월 18일에는 도리빌에 위치한 스프링홀 에서 이번 트레이드 쇼에 대한 결산을 한 다고 한다.

클리브랜드 협회 클리브랜드 협회는 오는 8월 3일 Ohio주 Streetsboro에 위치한 Boulder creek 골프 클럽에서 불우이웃돕기 골프대회를 개최 할 예정이라고 한다. 작년과 같은 장소인 Boulder Creek은 경관이 아름답기로 유명 한 코스이며, 협회에서 많은 경품을 준비 하여 작년 대회에서도 참가자들로부터 좋 은 평가를 받은바 있다. T타임은 12:30분


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

이며, 참가비는 $100 로, 협회에서 점심을 제공한다고 한다. 클리브랜드 협회 공창배 회장은 좋은 취지인 만큼, 많은 사람들의 참여를 부탁한다고 하였다. 참가를 희망하는 사람들은 7월 15일 까지 대회장 Perter Kim: 330-867-4115 나 협 회장 공창배: 216-732-8143 으로 연락을 하면 된다.

May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine



OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014




Opens Its



Distribution Center in



Distribution Center

Once again, Jinny United held true to their word and on April 28 they set their feet in their Memphis warehouse, which is set to be open to their customers on Monday, May 19.

This distribution center will be their ninth, amazingly creating 1.34 million

square feet of warehouse spaces throughout America.

Eddie Jhin, President of Jinny United stated, “Our ultimate goal is to provide

same day service in America where we have our customers. Ultimately we want to build the best logistic structure for all beauty related products, and once we open several more locations this year and in 2015, we have accomplished this goal.”

He added, “Our company will begin to install automated warehouse systems

and use the latest technology to improve our efficiency and to eliminate any unnecessary costs in the distribution model. This type of an investment will be large for the company, but we have already started this process two and half years ago and are still moving forward.”

As with all of the new branches of Jinny United, Jinny wants to thank all of their

vendors and customers for their support.

Eddie Jhin adds, “To all of our Memphis customers, in advance I want to ex-

press my gratitude for your past, current and future business. I promise that we will do our best in supporting our loyal customers. Our ultimate goal for Memphis is to work very closely together with our loyal customers to increase THEIR STORE business.” May 2014 OTC Beauty Magazine


IndustryNews IndustryNews Andis Sponsors Total Look Competition at 2014 Bronner Brothers Show Andis Company supported barbers and the 2014 Bronner Brothers International Hair Show at the Georgia World Congress Center, February 2225, and sponsored the weekend’s popular Total Look Barber Competition. More than 300 attendees witnessed the Andis-sponsored competition as 32 barbers from across the country had just 30 minutes to create a finished hairstyle with Andis tools. The competition required a complete haircut of at least half inch of hair removed and a head-to-toe fashion look. Contestants were judged on technical execution, originality, new ideas, suitability and head contour. Andis provided each contestant with a competition kit including a T-Outliner, Fade adjustable blade clipper, Excel Ultra detachable blade clipper, Bump Care and Cool Care – a total package worth $325. The winners also received the Supra 120 Ion cordless clipper and SlimLine Pro trimmer. “This is the first time in 10 years of sponsoring Total Look that we had this many contestants and anyone achieving a perfect 150-point score,” says Harry Szczukowski, national sales manager for Andis, “It’s exciting to see how barbers are truly elevating their craft and creativity while perfecting their clipping techniques. ”

The Stephan Co. to Launch Imágen®

The Stephan Co., a leading developer of quality hair and skin care products, unveiled Imágen®, a game-changing new hair care line designed specifically with the Latina consumer in mind. Ideal for those occasions when you absolutely need pelo perfecto, Imágen® Salon Formula consists of six, salon quality hair care products: Moisturizing Shampoo – containing avocado oil and botanicals to naturally revive dry, damaged hair (12 oz); Strengthening Conditioner – formulated to penetrate the hair shaft, instantly detangling and smoothing even problem hair (12 oz); Leave-in Conditioner – a protein-enriched complex that restores moisture and softness (12 oz); Temporary Straightener – a straightening and shining formula to temporarily remove curl and frizz without harsh chemicals (12 oz); Shine – a weightless mist that adds brilliant shine (3.4 oz) and Anti-Frizz Serum – a greaseless finishing balm to tame ‘frizzies’ and seal split ends (3.4 oz). The Stephan Co. also offers Imágen® in value sizes for everyday use for the whole family, including an Aloe Vera-based Shampoo (20 oz), Conditioner (20 oz), and Extra Hold Styling Gel (20 oz). Learn more at www.thestephanco.com.


OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Former Total Look winner and Andis Educator Kenny Duncan talked about the company’s new American Legacy Collection including online videos and instructions and shared business-building tips to inspire the audience as contestants clipped and trimmed their models. Learn more about Andis at www.andis.com. • • •

James Bronner awarded prizes to the top three contestants: 1st Place/$1,000 Haven Hobbs, “Nouveau Classic” model 2nd Place/$500 James Pope, “Breast Cancer” model 3rd Place /$300 Reggie Antonio, “Spring Summer 2014” model

Ampro® Pro Styl® Clear Ice® Extends into Product Line Ampro Industries, Inc., maker of the original and America’s favorite protein styling gels and the award-winning Shine ‘n Jam® product line has extended their legendary Clear Ice® brand into a full product line completely free of alcohol, parabens, proteins and dyes. Building off the strength of America’s favorite clear protein styling gel, Clear Ice®, Ampro created a protein-free version that remains alcoholfree and has been enhanced with Coconut Oil to make the Ultra Hold gel more moisturizing and flake free. To accompany the new Clear Ice® Coconut Oil Styling Gel, is a Foaming Wrap Lotion, Oil-Free Gloss Spray, Shining Serum and Thermal Styling Spritz which are all free of alcohol, parabens, proteins and dyes to keep hair looking healthy, well moisturized, tangle-free and protected during heat styling. Good for natural, chemically processed or color treated hair, wigs and extensions, the Clear Ice® line extension is positioned to be another winner for Ampro. For more information about Ampro Industries, Inc., and the new Clear Ice® line extension, visit www.AmproGel.com, tweet or follow them @Amprogel or visit their Facebook at www.Facebook.com/AmproGel.

June 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


IndustryNews The official for App for Cosmoprof and Cosmopack is now available! This unique tool allows users to experience these live events in a digital and social dimension directly on their smartphone thanks to a free downloadable application! Simply download the app from the App Store and Android to navigate the halls, follow all the events of the exhibition and to find out all the companies who will be present at the fair with meetings and demonstrations. Particular attention has been paid to the user experience through a simple but attractive design. Discover Cosmoprof will be much easier and intuitive thanks to the App that allows users to : • See the list of events with the possibility to add them to a personal agenda • Access to the map of the halls and the recognition by reading the QR Code, of the user’s position in real time • See the list of exhibitors, contact details and location on the map • Take advantage of the e-ticket • Acquire the virtual business cards of exhibitors by reading the QR Code • Share the event on social fan pages and gain access to service information in order to enter the fair Learn more about Cosmoprof North America at www.cosmoprofnorthamerica.com.

Beauty Industry United in “Celebrating Cures” City of Hope Campaign Launched at ABS 2014 At a reception at America’s Beauty Show, City of Hope formally introduced its 2014 Spirit of Life® Award honoree Harlan Kirschner, The Kirschner Group, and invited everyone in the industry to join his campaign “Celebrating Cures” and rally behind the lifesaving work at City of Hope. Nearly 100 industry notables gathered to learn more about the over 30 year partnership between City of Hope and the National Professional Salon Industry, a partnership that has raised millions in the fight against cancer and diabetes, as well as spread awareness to the industry. “The fact is that one in every two men and one in every three women will battle with cancer in their lifetime,” Harlan said. “My son-in-law is a cancer survivor and that my friends, gave me passion in the fight against cancer. Chances are that someone you know and care about deeply will struggle with cancer but we can make a difference.” The “Celebrating Cures “campaign educates salon professionals about the lifesaving research at City of Hope and offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved. The campaign will raise funds through the Spirit of Life Award Gala, a tribute journal, an auction and individuals

giving back in their own community through the online personal fundraising platform. More information on these activities is available online at www.cityofhope.org/salon. The National Professional Salon Industry recognizes industry leaders each year for their outstanding professional and philanthropic contributions at the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award Gala. One of the industry’s best networking events, to be held on July 12, 2014, at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, will include a hosted cocktail reception, delectable sit-down dinner and wonderful entertainment. To donate or register for the Spirit of Life Gala “Celebrating Cures,” please go to www.cityofhope.org/salon. In addition, plans are being made to remodel the Positive Image Center, a place on the City of Hope campus where both men and woman struggling with cancer, hair loss and other self-esteem issues can go and receive professional beauty services. Belvedere and others in the industry have already committed to donating their time and product to make this a world class facility for patients. To learn more about City of Hope, please visit www.cityofhope.org.

“Enjoy Shaving Again” High Time Bump Stopper, creator of the original razor bump remedy is introducing a new specialty razor to complement its already successful line. With the tag line “Enjoy Shaving Again,” problem shavers will find this shielded twin blade razor beneficial in the relief of razor bumps and razor rash. A shield resembling a picket fence on the front leading blade spaces the blade away from the skin thereby eliminating scrapes and cuts and minimizes irritation often associated with shaving too close. With this addition to the Bump Stopper family of products, High Time now offers a total shaving experience: the shave, the treatment and the prevention. High Time has been making Bump Stopper products since 1972 and to date has sold over 30 million units. For more information, visit www.bumpstopper.com or call 800-843-5376. 98

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

IndustryNews Introducing Two New Additions to the AMBI® Flawless Skin Line AMBI®, the brand that helped pioneer the science of flawlesslooking skin for women of color, is launching two new products that are “must-haves” for every skincare regimen! In its tradition of responding to the specific needs to skin of color, AMBI is introducing AMBI® Advanced 5% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Spot Treatment and AMBI® EVEN & CLEAR® Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths. AMBI® Advanced 5% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Spot Treatment works quickly and gently to fight acne blemishes. Microencapsulated benzoyl peroxide in the formula helps deliver acnefighting medicine deep into pores for effective results with less irritation. AMBI® Advanced 5% Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Spot Treatment helps clear acne blemishes and keep new ones from returning, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. This product has special relevance for skin of color, which is three times as likely to develop dark spots from acne blemishes than other skin tones. This makes early acne treatment and intervention a must for every woman who wants to achieve and maintain flawlesslooking skin.

The New Man

Recent trends have also revealed that the use of foundation and color cosmetics has increased over the past three years among women of color. As a result, there is a desire to have a quick and easy way to gently cleanse skin and effectively remove oil, dirt and signs of makeup without a dry after-feel. AMBI® EVEN & CLEAR® Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths provide a special, soap-free formula with moisturizing ingredients that are contained within ultra-soft towelettes. They effectively remove all traces of dirt, oil and makeup, even waterproof mascara! They cleanse, moisturize and, best of all, are easy to use on-the-go. These extra-large cloths easily cover the surface of the face and, after one use, can simply be tossed away. Learn more at www.shopambi.com.

By: Dr. Reginald Mitchell, a.k.a. Dr. Hair, Director of Education for Namasté Laboratories

For years men thought their skin problems were something men just had to endure. However, “The New Man” has awakened. He now realizes he has a right to healthy skin, without bumps, blemishes and discoloration. Men did not realize that their skin problems were caused by bacteria growth and sometimes overactive oil glands. The problem of razor bumps (pseudo folliculitis) on the face and clipper bumps (acne keloidalis) on the neck is most prominent in African American males. A fantastic treatment for razor bumps and clipper bumps is ORS Tea Tree Anti-Bump Spray and ORS Tea Tree Anti-Bump for razor bumps. Tea tree oil is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. This tree grows in Australia and the oil from this tree has been used for many skin problems. The leaves from this tree have a broad spectrum of antiseptic and fungicidal action. Everyday use of these products will give the skin a new moisturization and lubrication. It will allow the skin to become bacteria-free and will aid in producing even skin tones. We must treat the back of the neck and shaving area with great care and make sure they are kept bacteria-free to lessen the effect of certain skin disorders, which may cause scarring or large bumps. “A treatment a day, keeps the bumps away.” Learn more about Namasté Laboratories at www.orshaircare.com

Spilo Worldwide Welcomes Nikola Cline as Vice President of Marketing Spilo Worldwide is proud to announce the appointment of Nikola Cline as Vice President of Marketing. Nikola joins Spilo with over 18 years of experience in the professional beauty industry with top brands such as Paul Mitchell, Sebastian and Nexxus—she was most recently with John Paul Mitchell Systems as Sr. Director of Marketing. Nikola Cline brings a wealth of experience in driving brand growth, developing award-winning products and forming global partnerships. At 100

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Nikola Cline

Spilo, she will be focused on strategic marketing programs and product innovation to drive future sales. Look forward to some big initiatives from Spilo Worldwide at Cosmoprof 2014! Spilo Worldwide is a leading manufacturer, importer and international master distributor serving the professional beauty industry for over 70 years. For further information, visit www.spilo.com.


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4-5 Allied Beauty Show: Edmonton

Ampro Industries ��������������Poster www.amprogel.com Andis Co. ������������������Cover, 63, 76 www.andis.com Barber Shop Aid �����������������������78 www.barbershopaid.com

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International Barbering & Beauty Expo Long Beach, CA www.intbbe.com

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Procter and Gamble .......... Insert Wahl Clipper Corp. �����������������������9 www.pg.com www.wahlpro.com

E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc. ������15 www.palmers.com

Professional Beauty Supply �����75 Xtreme Beauty International����79 www.lavatechtlc.com www.xbi.co


18-19 International Hair & Beauty Show Secaucus, NJ www.ihshow.com

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19-21 Beautyworld Japan Tokyo, Japan http://www.beautyworldjapan.com/tokyo/e/

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June: 8 Denver Natural Hair Care Expo Denver, CO www.naturalhaircareexpo.com

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Reader Feedback Let your voice be heard! In this segment OTC Beauty Magazine wants

to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it through email.

여러분의 목소리를 내세요! 여러분의 목소리를 내세요! OTC 뷰티 매거진은 소중한 여러분의 의견을 수렴하려고 합니다. 매달 몇 가지의 질문을 통해 여러분의 의견을 듣고, 좀더 발전된 잡지를 만들고자 합니다. 약간의 시간을 내 주시어 여러분의 생각들을 전달해 주세요. 질문지에 답변을 하여 저희 사무실로 보내주시거나 이메일을 보내 주시면 됩니다. (연락처는 이 페이지 맨 밑에 있습니다)

1. Do you have a product section specifically for men in your store? Does it help move product? 1. 당신의 매장에 남성들을 위한 특별한 섹션이 있습니까? 이것이 제품 이동에 도움이 됩니까?


______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What measures do you take to protect your store from theft and robbery? 2. 도난과 강도로부터 상점을 보호하기 위해 당신은 어떤 조치를 취하고 있습니까? _________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What beauty product for men sells best in your store, and why do you think so? 3.당신의 매장에서 가장 많이 판매되는 남성용 뷰티 제품은 무엇이며, 그 이유는 무엇이라고 생각합니까? ___________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

Name (성함) _______________________________ Store Name (스토어 이름) _____________________ State (주) _________________________________ 106

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Mail this form to: OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com


OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com

September 2013 OTC Beauty Magazine


Oster Limited Edition ÂŽ Fast Feed

Woodgrain is just about as masculine as it gets. Seeing this texture easily brings to mind images of a man hard at work in a shop, sanding and sawing wood into his latest creation. Perhaps that is why Oster chose a woodgrain print to adorn their Limited Edition Fast Feed clipper. This rugged, yet sleek looking tool is a great addition to any barber’s workstation. Flaunting a powerful, whisper quiet motor, this lightweight and easy to hold clipper has the ability to cut through all types of hair. The blade adjusts from size 000 to 1, offering a wide range of cutting possibilities. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use almost anywhere (thanks to an 8 ft. power cord), and the company also offers additional blades that can be used with it. No matter what cut barbers are trying to achieve, Oster can make it happen. Just like when working with wood, all they need is the right tool. www.osterstyle.com 108

OTC Beauty Magazine May 2014

Profile for OTC Beauty Magazine

Men's Issue May 2014  

For this reason we here at OTC Beauty Magazine declare this issue our “Men’s issue.” Within these covers lies information on the latest and...

Men's Issue May 2014  

For this reason we here at OTC Beauty Magazine declare this issue our “Men’s issue.” Within these covers lies information on the latest and...

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