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NEW Sulfate-Free Shampoo and 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner! Head-turning hair starts with a healthy scalp. Remove build-up. Relieve itch. Retain moisture. For healthier scalp and healthier hair in just three weeks.* This is scalp care made for Black hair. SCALP CARE MADE FOR BLACK HAIR. *with regular use of anti-dandruff products © 2022 P&G



y a D ls r u C

r e ! v d e o n o g s i h t d e k loo

Introducing the Newest Curl-enhancing Products! You can have soft manageable, shiny curls while treating your hair to healthy, moisturizing ingredients. Choose one that works best for your curls or mix and match!


personal hair styling products exclusively for Curls that you’ll love all day long

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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Business Tips

Exceptional Leaders Have Clarity | How to SORT Your Thoughts By Jill J. Johnson

Most leaders believe they make good decisions. Protecting the status quo is the norm. Then something significant happens: their financials show losses, revenues stall, clients leave, good employees take better jobs elsewhere. All executives and board of directors share a desire to resolve the situation when they are in the middle of a complicated or difficult problem. But exceptional leaders are unique. They demonstrate a willingness to gain real clarity about what is going on inside and outside their organization

Dream World Products

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Jinny & OTC Beauty Awards


Head-turning hair starts with a healthy scalp. The Head & Shoulders Royal Oils collection removes build-up, relieves itch and retains moisture. This scalp care was made specifically for Black Hair. Healthier scalp and healthier hair in just three weeks, with regular use of anti-dandruff products. To learn more, visit https:// headandshoulders.com/en-us/theroyals-oils-collection.


Shine 'n Jam® logo is a registered trademark of Ampro Industries, Inc. 2020


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022







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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022




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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

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EDITORIAL LETTER By Jessica De Vault Hale


New Year, New OTC? A lot has changed in the last two years. As the result of a global pandemic, we’ve seen supply chains disrupted and sky-high inflation of everything from product ingredients to packaging supplies. Consumer shopping behaviors also changed dramatically to adjust to a new isolated way of life. As we embark on another year filled with uncertainty, convenience will continue to reign supreme. E-commerce will be more critical than ever, with many shoppers choosing to purchase or research their next product online. When they do have an in-store experience, expectations will be higher. They’ll want to find what they’ve been eying online and be assured your store has it in stock to buy in person. With so many expectations for a new year, it’s no wonder we’re seeing individuals and businesses reinventing themselves and approaching their lives differently. Now is the time to live and thrive, not just survive. Isn’t it time that businesses follow suit? The spirit of reinvention offers an excellent opportunity for you to reimagine your OTC. You could improve your store layout, product offerings, and policies and ditch what doesn’t work. This is also the time to ask the hard questions: Are you marketing to your customers or assuming they’ll continue to return? Are you offering online purchasing or curbside pickup for the convenience of your shoppers? Does your OTC stand out from the competition? If you’re not satisfied with your answers, now is the time to make the necessary changes. Get started by learning how to lead your sales teams with clarity in this month’s Business Tips on page 16. And get up to speed on the hottest new multicultural products throughout this book to ensure you’re carrying the items your customers love! Jessica De Vault Hale EDITOR


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Ditch the status quo and take your OTC business to the next level by resolving to provide a new and improved customer experience for 2022.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



Hot New Products for the New Year With the new year officially upon us, it’s time to look ahead to the products gaining traction amongst multicultural customers and arriving at Jinny Beauty Supply this year. There are plenty of new items to consider, from hair gels and conditioners to body treatments that are sure to give your shoppers the self-care they crave. Which items should you stock on your shelves? Take a look at our top 12 SKUs and update your inventory with the year’s must-have products for 2022.

Pain Relief When muscle cramps are undeniable, reach for the Barton’s Spray ‘n Go Epsom Salt Spray. You can skip soaking in the bathtub and choose this helpful, on-the-go spray. Pain relief is only a spritz away. Best of all, this new collection comes in several scents, including unscented, organic lavender and organic eucalyptus oil.

Braiding Gel While not a new product, it’s an item in high demand. Shine’ n Jam® partnered with internationally-recognized braider Stasha Harris to create Shine n Jam® Magic Fingers™ for Braiders. The result is an extra firm gel that helps braiders design clean parts and frizz-free styles.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Hair Treatment Breakage is banished with the Clairol Professional® Shimmer Lights® Plex Treatment Step No2. When used after rinsing out Shimmer Lights® Plex Lightener Step No1, hair can experience up to 97% less breakage. This strengthening treatment also keeps the hair silky and smooth.

Color Developer Color Oops Conditioning Bleach is a gentle coconut oil and aloe vera-infused bleach that nourishes your hair while it lightens. This unique oil-based formula allows for a controlled lift to up to three levels to create natural highlights or correct an off-tone color without the fear of over-lightening that comes with traditional powder bleach.

Liquid Mousse The Leaf Legacy Hemp & Avocado Liquid Mousse ditches the messy, sticky foam and instead provides a product that delivers shine and volume. Formulated with a combination of Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and the patented, FiberHance™ bond builder, the liquid mousse can defrizz, moisturize, combat hair loss and strengthen hair up to three times. And the inclusion of 10 Essential Oils helps restore your hair’s natural beauty.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


Hot New Products

Tea Tree Oil Sunny Isle’s 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is an organic, healthy, and harmless oil proven to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Perfect for reducing acne, nail fungus, psoriasis and much more. As an in-demand oil, this product is a vital tool in your beauty arsenal!

Hair Masque Transform dull, dry and brittle hair with the Pink Repair & Strengthen Masque. Thanks to a formulation of natural pea protein for strengthening, a Pro-Vitamin B5 for deep nourishment, and certified organic oils, nutritive botanical extracts and vitamins, this masque leaves the hair incredibly moisturized and shiny.

Clay Mask Need a little self-care? The 7th Heaven Intense Cinnamon Clay Face Mask offers a rich, hydrating experience that draws out oils and refines pores. Formulated with cinnamon to exfoliate and brighten skin, the mask treats your tired face to a deep pore cleanse that leaves a smooth, refreshed complexion.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


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The Royal Oils Protective Styles Collection by Head & Shoulders is infused with aloe water and hemp oil and designed to soothe, remove buildup, and deliver deep moisture to extend the life of your style for an extra week. No itching. No patting.



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RESPECT THE CROWN OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


Hot New Products

Color Maintenance The ultra-low PH in the Crazy Color Anti-Bleed Spray helps seal colored hair, working in just 60 seconds to stop the coloring process by shutting down the cuticle. The spray actively extends the life of all colored hair types, locking in color for up to 10 extra washes. Formulated with soya bean oil to enhance shine, this product can also double up as a leave-in conditioning treatment to combat frizziness.

Leave-In Conditioner Nefertiti’s Secrets® All-In-One Leave In Treatment is a lightweight formula that contains natural extracts of sage, rosemary, horsetail, and nettles to soften, strengthen, and stimulate new hair growth. It also contains Keratin Protein and Moringa Oil to help repair damaged hair and increase shine.

Mousse Define curls and braids with ease with the SoReal by Toniez Super Silky Styling Mousse. This mousse is ideal for wraps, frizz control, hold and shine with an infusion of argan and coconut oils.

Refresh Spray When you need to refresh your strands but lack time to wash your hair, consider the Softee for Textured Hair Dry Co-Wash Refresh Spray. This helpful spray revives the hair, imparts shine and keeps the hair and scalp feeling clean. Plus, you can apply this product without worrying about that pesky white residue.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022




How to SORT Your Thoughts Most leaders believe they make good decisions. They believe they already have clarity about their situation. Protecting the status quo is the norm. Then something significant happens: their financials show losses, revenues stall, clients leave, good employees take better jobs elsewhere. All executives and board of directors share a desire to resolve the situation when they are in the middle of a complicated or difficult situation.


kewed Viewpoint Most leaders believe they are already doing the right things. They believe their products and services already meet valuable needs

for their customers. What they don’t realize is their view has been skewed by changes that have gone on around them. New competitors to the market may have significantly altered their historical market position, but they

But exceptional leaders are unique. They demonstrate a willingness to

were so certain they were doing a good job they do not realize how much

gain real clarity about what is going on inside and outside their

their market has changed.

organization. They want a depth of information to understand the truth about what is right and wrong with the strategies they are implementing. They want to identify the factors impacting their




successful. They take control by looking for ways to innovate their organizations to solve their problems, to meet the evolving needs of their customers and to improve their market position. They take the time to SORT their thoughts to gain the clarity they need for success.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Exceptional leaders understand staying close to your market is crucial to long-term success. Markets change over time. They want to understand how their market is changing and why. They determine what they need to do to meet evolving market needs. They want to understand what they need to do to compete effectively with new competitors to retain or enhance their market position. They are constantly assessing customer expectations and if their needs may be shifting beyond what they now offer. Their focus is on the future and moving forward with true success. They move on.


vercoming Obstacles

impact consumer expectations or their long-term survival.

Sometimes leaders freeze when confronted with the need to

Exceptional leaders look for more than a superficial answer. They don’t

take real action. They are so paralyzed by the fear of making

stop looking at the first 10 answers that pull up in their Google search.

a mistake that they make no decision at all. They wait until the situation

They look for the pearls of wisdom buried deep in the data and they are

is dire and then react by putting out the inconsequential fires. By focusing

not afraid to find advisors who will help them find the truth and interpret

on the wrong things, they ignore the main fire that rages all around them.

it. Getting the right information for real decision-making is hard work.

Their inability to address the real issues before there is a complete crisis

They know that it requires a significant effort to re-consider every current

results in chaos. They blame others. Their people don’t trust them. Their

assumption and look for changes in the trends and patterns of the data.

boards lose confidence. Leaders without

Doing that without a biased view is even

clarity and they can do great harm to their

harder. They are willing to invest the time and


money to bring in a fresh and different point of view to discover the truth.

Exceptional leaders expect their situations will change and they have the discipline to continually look forward and assess what changes may affect them. They are always on the lookout for ways to innovate and revitalize their products, services and organizations. They look for new ways to grow, evolve, and succeed. They understand periodic strategic corrections are a necessity to overall longterm success.


ruth Most leaders believe they already




understanding of what is going on. Yet the fundamental reason for a lack of clarity at the top is usually because no one tells them the whole truth. Employees tell their leaders what they think they “want” to hear. People


are penalized for telling the truth. Cultural

ight Information

paradigms cause employees to withhold candid feedback because they don’t want to

Most leaders believe they already have



They apply the same set of assumptions to their decision making that have historically worked for them. They use the same data sources they have always

displease another with bad news. Worse, some leaders are not able to listen to a divergent perspective. As a result, these leaders lose control of the situation and lose their ability to implement corrective actions before things go completely haywire.

used. They rely on the opinions of underperforming staff to explain the challenges they face rather than engage in the proper due diligence to find

Exceptional leaders understand clarity begins with a real desire to see the

out the underlying causes for their organizational difficulties. They fail to

truth of the situation. Truth gives you information. Information gives you

understand the significance of how changes in external market forces can

insight. Insight gives you clarity to set the right priorities and focus your

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


people on the most critical activities designed to create success. These

Final Thoughts

leaders find it refreshing to have someone around who will tell them what they don’t necessarily want to hear, but that they already suspect is true. They use objective advisors to get to the truth and to help them work through the issues to create real and lasting improvements that move their organizational success forward.

Getting clarity can be frightening. Clarity about your problems and challenges can scare your board and staff. It can be humbling to realize that critical strategies you previously implemented are now the cause of the problems now facing your organization. Yet when you have clarity, it becomes much easier to prioritize what needs to be done to resolve the issue or improve it.

Meet Jason

Jill J. Johnson, MBA, President and Founder of Johnson Consulting Services, is a management consultant, accomplished speaker, award-winning author, and Business Hall of Fame inductee. She helps clients make critical business decisions and develop plans for turnarounds or growth. Her consulting work has impacted over $4 billion worth of decisions. She has a proven track record of dealing with complex business issues and getting results. For more information, visit www.jcs-usa.com.

36 colors / each 9pcs

An ultra-matte, super-rich lipstick with the smooth feel of a hydrating lip treatment.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

URBAN CALL BRIEFS By Lafayette Jones

Bernard Bell Operations Analyst and Business Builder

Carla Matthew

Cosmetologist & Community Volunteer

Dr. Deborah Bartlett

Tameran Davenport

Media Entrepreneur & Beauty Instructor

Vegan, All-natural Beard Specialist

Bernard Bell

all affiliate network distribution agreements, growing the subscriber base

Beauty Operations Analyst and Business Builder

from zero to 34 million within 36 months. These license fees have generated over $400 million in revenue for the network. Before joining TV One, Bell was vice president of sales for Tribune Media

Greensboro, North Carolina -

Services, where he oversaw the successful launch of Tribune’s electronic

Bernard Bell is the Shuford Program in

program guide Zap2it into the cable television industry. Prior to joining

Entrepreneurship executive director in

the Tribune, Bell was a regional vice president of sales for ICTV, an internet

the UNC College of Arts and Sciences

startup based in Silicon Valley. He was previously regional director of

and has worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence for the program. In this

affiliate sales for Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) and

role, Bell has been responsible for teaching, mentoring and coaching

started his television career as a sales executive for the Discovery Channel.

students with a special emphasis on social entrepreneurship ventures. His

His sales career began at IBM as an account executive. Before that, he

leadership program has grown from 200 students to a student body of

worked as an operations analyst for Dudley Products Inc., a manufacturer

almost 800 students. The Shuford Program is the only entrepreneurship

and distributor of hair and skincare products for the African American

program in the country housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

community. Because of his association with Dudley Products, he was

Bell is also the chairman and CEO of Urban Media Solutions (UMS), a

recently interviewed for the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Legacy Project (www.

media consulting firm that coaches high-growth startups, corporations

patreon.com/joedudleysr). The project is being conducted by Every.Black,

and government agencies on traditional media and digital strategy around

a company that assists entrepreneurs in creating wealth by leveraging

the urban market. He was most recently the senior vice president in the

technology and utilizing a global networking strategy.

Office of the President for TV One, the lifestyle and entertainment cable

Bell holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from UNC-Chapel Hill and

network. He joined the network in 2003 as the second employee and led

an MBA in marketing from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

the successful growth of the network from a $130 million investment to

Additionally, he attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

an over $600 million valuation within 54 months. As TV One’s senior vice

College for Executive MBA coursework. Bell most recently served as a

president of sales and marketing, he successfully negotiated and managed

corporate director for ICLUB, an investment software company, and is on

The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. - and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


URBAN CALL BRIEFS By Lafayette Jones

the board of entrepreneurship for UNC. He has also served on the advisory

The businesswoman is also a part of the Launch Wake Forest business

board for the American Film Institute and is active in Next Generation


Men - a non-profit focused on teenage African-American young men.

She is passionate about family, developing children, and education and teaches part-time in Wake County Public Schools. Her continued education demonstrates that business acumen and persistence can take you far. She

Carla Matthew

boldly proclaims, “I believe I am here to lead by example, love like God,

Cosmetologist & Community Volunteer

leave a legacy of faith and help build stronger families in our community.”

Raleigh, North Carolina - Carla

Dr. Deborah Bartlett

Matthew is a licensed cosmetologist

Media Entrepreneur & Beauty Instructor

who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a certificate

Nassau, Bahamas – Dr. Deborah

in project management from the University of Phoenix.

Bartlett is the founder and president

Matthew has a varied background in the community volunteer sector and as

of the CEO Network, which was

an entrepreneur in the cosmetology and event planning industries. She has

established in 1997 to strengthen

actively engaged in the community by serving on several non-profit teams,

work ethics, raise productivity levels,

including the MLK Jr. Memorial Organization, Inc., Hubbard House, Clara

and create a networking platform for economic empowerment. The CEO

White Mission and as a volunteer and sponsor of the Arlington 20/20 of

Network hosts some of the most powerful international conferences and

Revitalize Arlington community endeavor.

awards ceremonies in the Bahamas and Atlanta. Political, business and

Matthew has always been a giver of her time and talents to her community.

professional leaders attend from the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the United

She often volunteered her services as a hairstylist to local programs such

States and international communities.

as the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida and the Healthy Families

In 1958, Bartlett was born in Nassau on the island of New Providence. Her

Jacksonville Children’s Commission program. She organized Back to

father, Frank Bartlett, was a Permanent Secretary, a senior official in charge

School Certificates for local students to receive services at the Natural

of a government ministry. Her mother, Mizpah Bartlett, was a senior

Strands salon she managed in 2018.

executive in several companies, a real estate developer and an entrepreneur.

She has since transferred her cosmetology license to North Carolina, where

Bartlett attended St. Anne’s Primary and High School in Nassau, where

she and her family have recently relocated. As a seasoned hairstylist with

she was Head Girl. In 1974, she matriculated at Augustana College in

more than 25 years under her belt, Matthew can vividly remember salon

Rock Island, Illinois, where she received her bachelor’s degree in mass

visits by Dr. Joe Dudley, Sr. of Dudley Products. Clad in a suit and wing-

communication. Bartlett received her doctorate of philosophy degree in

tipped shoes, he often offered stylists industry insight and education, not

Organizational Leadership/International Media from Michael University

just product sales pitches.

in 2011.

“He would ask questions to get you thinking about what you are doing

Bartlett’s leadership role in the business, professional and civic communities

and why you’re doing it,” she said. “Dudley’s workshops were about more

continue to prepare and equip her to expand her vision for media and

than being certified to use a product. Mr. Dudley wanted to ensure he gave

economic empowerment for the disenfranchised in the Bahamas and

you something to build a future of success. For that, I envisioned owning

global community. The veteran journalist and host of the “Rightside”

a salon someday, but also to be professional at everything I set my hands

television show is the only Bahamian to have a syndicated talk show in the

to do.”

United States. She was also a part of the Empowerment Radio Network’s

Matthew immediately bonded with Every.Black and became a member.

Live from the Bahamas show.

She has connected with several small business owners in Raleigh to create a

In 2006, Bartlett started the media arm of the CEO Network with the

network of vetted vendors to be a resource and offer support and referrals.

establishment of Gems 105.9 FM. The Gems team covered the Democratic


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

and Republican Conventions and the inauguration of U.S President Barack

industry, including leadership roles in relationship management, resolution

Obama. Gems launched the weekly Economic Emancipation Show in 2020,

and mediation, risk mitigation and compliance controls, and marketing

with Bartlett hosting and interviewing an impressive slate of local and

operations, as well as a BA and DA certification. Because of her association

global trendsetting guests. The media guru also launched the multi-media

with the Dudley Beauty College/ Dudley Products Inc., she was recently

platform, the Caribbean Digital Network (CDN), a digital newspaper that

interviewed for the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Legacy Project (www.patreon.

targets the Caribbean, Latin American and global communities.


Bartlett has interviewed three of her country’s prime ministers and has

Davenport’s passion for positivity and good health shines in her work

also interviewed the late Nelson Mandela, former President Bill Clinton,

with Positive Outlook Grooming. Since its infancy in September 2016,

the former president of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide, and Dr. Tony Oreilly,

Positive Outlook’s mission has been to celebrate and show unconditional

the chairman of Heinz.

love to men and women of color through the placement and advocacy of

Early in her career, the entrepreneur served as an instructor for Dudley

a high-end, environmentally harmonious and inclusive beard and hair

Cosmetology University in Kernersville, North Carolina. Because of her

product program. Davenport created positive Outlook Grooming in loving

association with the Dudley Beauty College and Dudley Products Inc.,

memory of Davenport’s father and brother, who died in a plane crash when

she was recently interviewed for the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Legacy Project

she was a youth on December 25, 1987.


About Positive Outlook Grooming Founded in September 2016, Positive Outlook Grooming promotes a

Tameran Davenport

healthy lifestyle for consumers looking to grow full, soft and moisturized

Vegan, All-natural Beard Specialist

hair using all-natural products containing only natural oils, pure products




and essential oils. With complete collections of handmade products for


men and women, including shampoos, butters, beard and hair oils, tonics, serums and conditioners, Positive Outlook Grooming prides itself on its

Tameran Davenport is the owner-

exclusion of chemical additives or preservatives, perfumes and alcohol– a

operator of Tameran Baxter, Inc., the

nod to the distinctive hair care needs of people of color. Yet, it extends an

parent company of vegan, all-natural

invitation to all people seeking a higher quality of haircare.

beard and hair care company Positive Outlook Beard Care. Its brand

Shop for Positive Outlook Grooming products at www.pogrooming.com.

Positive Outlook Grooming is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shop wholesale at www.pobeardcare.com. You may also visit Happy Kat

Davenport was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she

Candles and Gifts at North Lake Mall Charlotte, North Carolina. Follow @

resides with her daughter, Imunique, and her son, Khalil. Her eldest son

pogrooming on Facebook and Instagram, and watch out for appearances of

lives in Ankney, Iowa. Educated in clinical aromatherapy consultation

Positive Outlook Grooming products in your local barbershops and trade

and the manufacturing of natural skincare products, Davenport holds

shows, festivals and university homecomings.

an MBA in Business Administration and a bachelor’s in management from the University of Phoenix. In addition, she has more than 10 years of professional experience in B2C business management in the financial

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit www.segmentedmarketing.com. The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


Tae H. Jhin Awards 2021 Each year, Jinny Corp. presents various manufacturers with the coveted Tae H. Jhin Vendor Awards in recognition for their achievements within the industry. Congratulations to all!

Best Communication & Attentiveness

AAA Andis Company

AA Procter & Gamble

A Hollywood Beauty Imports

Best Customer Service

Jon Berlin Murray’s Worldwide 24

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Justin Yoo MID-K Distributors, Inc.

Kristin Stickley Stylecraft

Best Fulfillment Rate & Lead Time

AAA Parfums de Coeur (Cantu)

AA By Natures

Best Order Picking Accuracy

AAA Universal Beauty

AA Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Best Promotional Activity

AAA Strength of Nature

AA Sunny Isle

A Fisk

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


OTC Beauty Magazine Awards 2021 We congratulate all of OTC Beauty Magazine’s 2021 winners as well as honorable mentions. We also extend our greatest gratitude to all of our advertisers for their support.

Best Cover Winner

Softsheen-Carson, Dark & Lovely, February 2021 Honorable Mention

Strength of Nature, African Pride, November 2021


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Best All-Around Advertiser Winner:

KAB Brands

Honorable Mention: Crazy Color

Most Creative Ad Winner

Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream direct dye is here! Crazy Color semi-permanent hair color cream comes in a huge range of 40 vibrant shades and is a fantastic way to add an instant burst of color to your hair! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to live your life in color.

Honorable Mention

Hair Queen Melt Down Duo

Most Marketable Winner

African Pride Moisture Miracle Gels Honorable Mention

Taha Pure Coconut Oil Collection

Best New Advertiser Winner

Nefertiti’s Secrets

Honorable Mention

Total Transformations Hicks Edges Pleasant Image Distributing, Inc. Miami Florida 33141 Made in USA

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022




$20 Rebate! EXPIRATION DATE: JANUARY 31, 2022

Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month to qualify for rebates.

© Dream World Products. - All Rights Reserved


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


Store name



Jinny Invoice Number




I. 2. 3. 4. 5.











Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

LOS ANGELES 1-877-644-0167



NEW JERSEY 1-844-358-8967

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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



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With the holidays officially in the rearview, shoppers can now recover from the costs of gift-giving and traveling. That might mean they’ll be slower to splurge on trending products and stick to only buying the necessities. Make your customers’ lives easier by recommending inexpensive versions of some of the industry’s must-have products. Dream World Products has a wide variety of products to choose from and has an


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Brittny Flexible Detangler Brush Item Number: BR53036

Detangling textured hair can feel like a chore with the wrong tools. The Brittny Flexible Detangler Brush makes it easy with its agile bristles and quality design.


Dream World Silky Velvet Deluxe Luxury Durag Item Number: DRE007VRD

After a fresh cut, your male customers will want to ensure they keep their hair looking its best at all times. With this durag, moisture is maintained, and the new hair cut continues to look sharp and polished.

Dream World Knotted Silky Headband Item Number: DRE134Z

Who says protecting your hair has to be unfashionable? With its silk knot-adorned detailing, this stylish headband will turn heads while protecting your hair from tangling and breakage.


Dream World Silicone Wig Band Item Number: DRE172NA

Ditch the glue and gel and wear the Dream World Products Silicone Wig Band to secure your wig unit. Available in Black, Clear and Natural colors, this one-size-fits-all band is a must-have.

J2 Professional Ring Light Item Number: DRE2564-1

It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for an aspiring beauty influencer or that friend who wants to look her best for every Zoom call; they’ll love the J2 Professional Ring Light with tripod stand. Equipped with 10 levels of brightness and smooth dimming, this 10” ring light will pack much punch for its size. Thanks to its flexible cell phone holder, you’ll also be able to record on your own, on the go easily.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022




Simulated Image


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



THERAPY TRENDS Post-Pandemic Beauty Survival By Elayne McClaine

Consumers will greet 2022 with a new lease on life, love and beauty. They have survived two years of attacks on their well-being, insurrections in the air and on the streets, climate crises, shortages, shut-ins and several iterations of vaccine boosters. Consumers feel like survivors, and most feel they have suffered enough. Previous concepts on how we all live and shop have shifted. The survival instinct will drive consumers back out into the retail world. However, 50% of their beauty sales will be investigated and purchased online. Consumers are living the hybrid life of a pandemic survivor. Shoppers will come into stores looking for new solutions to revive their hybrid self-image. Since there was less need for a daily makeup routine, they will have more time to try new and dramatic techniques. Hair products will provide longer-lasting natural styles, and eye looks will evolve into permanent, mini-tattoo applications. High impact color will be accompanied by glitter, neon and sweeping lashes. Why not? They’ve survived two lost years. The New Year will bring on an explosion of hair color at any age, and Computer-assisted hair color selection will drive them from online to an in-store purchase. Gray is also in style with a move towards natural looks. To the survivors goes all the good the beauty industry has to offer—wellness, excitement and self-care. Working from home will continue to focus on an everyday makeup routine. Zooming will focus consumers on eye, skin and hair products that sharpen their commitment to world-class beauty. Online survivors are now exposed to world-class beauty products available on demand. As a result, OTC dealers will survive in this new consumer lease on life. Track the information and product advice found online, follow the consumer commitment to persevere, and place their choices on OTC shelves.

Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skincare and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit www.esmemarketspecialists.com. 34

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with

necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part

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Andis Global Educator – US Team Lead There’s no doubt that the Andis Master® Cordless clipper is designed to perform. With its state-of-the-art engineering, high-torque rotary motor and Constant Speed Technology, you can cut through any type of hair without dragging or stalling.

Cutting Performance My top two adjustable blade picks that can be paired with the Master Cordless Clipper, are the #22-tooth (included) and the #28-tooth (sold separately). Both blades are made of carbon steel and are adjustable from #000 (1/50”) to #1(3/32”). The #22-tooth cutting blade is great for all-around cutting, removing bulk and especially when blending thick hair using the clipper-over-comb technique. This blade works best with dry hair but can also be used on wet or damp hair. Another blade option is the #28-tooth blade, which is an option for finer cutting thanks to the tighter tooth pattern. This blade features teeth with a taller, thinner profile and very little spacing between them. This tighter tooth pattern results in more hair being gripped and cut with each stroke, delivering increased precision when fading. It performs best on dry hair.

Cutting Versatility For ultimate versatility, pair your clipper with any of the Master magnetic attachment combs. Available in sizes 0 - 8, including two half sizes - 0.5 (3/32”) and 1.5 (3/16”) for even more control.

Limited Edition, Unlimited Creativity The limited-edition Gold Master Cordless is encased in an unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing with a durable corrosion-resistant custom gold finish. The included carbon steel #22-tooth blade also features the same luxe gold finish. As an added bonus, this limited-edition model includes five premium metal clip attachment combs in sizes 0(1/16”), 1(1/8”), 2(1/4”), 3(3/8”), and 4(1/2”). For more information, visit andis.com. Kenny Duncan is a nationally known barber, stylist and educator, as well as co-owner of a 12-chair salon— Main Attraction Unisex Salon—based in Philadelphia. He is the barber for several Grammy Award-winning artists and has toured the world as the barber for the Lady Gaga production team. Kenny’s styling work has also appeared in films such as “Fantastic Four” and “Creed” starring Michael B. Jordan. He is currently the Lead Educator for Andis Company.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

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Protected by U.S. Patent 10,786,026; 10,945,478; 10,980,301

Available Colors:


FABULOUS HAIR WITHOUT “BREAKING THE BANK” The Makers of Fantasia IC Launch Leaf Legacy The innovators behind

The icing on this cake? The entire line is infused with a powerful blend

Fantasia Inter Cellular,

of ten essential oils, each purposefully chosen for its array of hair care

known as Fantasia IC,

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This unparalleled line is a triple threat against all your hair woes composed of a unique infusion of Hemp Seed and Avocado Oils. Hemp



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follicles with a high Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids composition. Avocado Oil nourishes hair to help prevent various forms of hair loss due to brittle, weak and premature hair fall. Backed by the patented “FiberHance™” bond builder, salon-proven technology is finally available to the retail industry! This integral ingredient has been clinically proven to make hair three times stronger by penetrating deep into the cortex of the hair fiber, strengthening and rebuilding strand structure.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Leaf Legacy sets out to include the “best of the best” in a most cuttingedge line yet! In today’s high-stress society, this line is a must for everyone!

EYELASHES A full range of gorgeous, 100% human hair lashes that are quick and easy to apply.

dreamworldproducts.com DREAM WORLD, INC. 3505 N. KIMBALL AVENUE, CHICAGO, IL 60618 | TEL. 847-600-3020 FAX. 847-600-3025 TOLL FREE 800-535-6110 EXCLUSIVELY AT JINNY & DREAM WORLD, INC. OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


INDUSTRY NEWS The Formulation Summit 2021 returned to examine industry trends in an age of sustainability and well-being Marking the in-cosmetics Group’s first physical event to take

place in Europe in over two years, the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit returned to London from 29-30 November to examine

deeper level of transparency along with a greater focus on digital marketing and business process automation.

how R&D professionals and formulators can advance in the age of

Following Mary’s session, Samantha Dover, Global Beauty &

experts speaking, delegates from the likes of Unilever, TerraCycle,

behaviours are expected to be habit-forming. Samantha provided

sustainability and well-being. With a host of leading international Solent Group, Rodial, Rahn, SOLFARCOS, Oriflame Cosmetics and more gained unparalleled insights into current and future trends, with a focus on ‘COVID Cosmetics’ and ‘Sustainability and Neurocosmetics’.

Delivering the opening remarks and moderating the two-day

conference, Dr. Barbara Olioso, Founder, The Green Chemistry

Personal Care Analyst, Mintel discussed how shifts in consumer a deep dive into post-pandemic beauty and grooming trends across Europe. For example, in Germany, 30% of adults intended to

actively look after their mental health, while 29% of Brits planned to limit non-essential spending. In Spain, 66% of make-up users

cited skincare as a top consideration when making a purchasing decision.

Consultancy kicked off the 2021 proceedings by calling on

Samantha also revealed how emerging trends are increasingly

12 months. Here, self-care proved to be the biggest trend noted

bioengineered botanicals; and Nue Co’s use of patented olfactory

attendees to revisit the themes that had dominated in the past among delegates, with anti-viral, holistic beauty, microbiome,

sanitiser, wellness and adaptability also emerging as notable topics of interest.

DAY 1: COVID Cosmetics: how the pandemic altered the beauty and personal care space

Shining a light on how the pandemic has impacted the personal

care and cosmetic industries, speakers on day one reflected on how the industry – and consumers – have responded to the challenges of the past 18 months.

First to address the challenges of ‘formulating in an age of

uncertainty and wellbeing’, Mary Lord, former president of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) spoke about the

widespread disruption and pressure the pandemic had put on all corners of the industry.

Ahead of her session at the Summit, Mary interviewed four

blurring category lines, illustrated by Rose Inc’s use of proprietary

technology that stimulates the neural pathways to boost a consumer’s mental state. In summary, Samantha urged delegates

and brand owners to consider and respond to post-pandemic usage trends, pay attention to value perceptions, and cater to the growing audience of consumers online.

Want to learn more about these industry trends? Read the full report at www.otcbeautymagazine.com.

Fast-tracking sanitiser production and holistic hygiene

Looking back at the unprecedented growth of hand sanitiser

production, Mauro Bleve, R&D Division Lead, Laboratorios Maverick outlined the differences between biocidal and cosmetic products, along with the relevant EU regulations and claims that can be made in each category. Mauro explained why efficacy, safety and quality were key differentiators as mandatory efficacy

tests were required for biocidal products, unlike their cosmetic counterparts.

industry leaders, including Emma Hagemo, Vice President R&D,

Offering first-hand insights into the production of hand sanitiser,

Monaghan, Operations Director, The Handmade Soap Company;

Ireland took to the stage to chart the unprecedented path to

Oriflame; Sam Farmer, Owner, Samuel Farmer & Co Ltd; Sean

and Heidi Bannister, Founder and MD at Arthur Edward Global Cosmetic Recruitment, to get their views on ‘the good, the bad and the future’.

Among the good, the respondents noted a transition in traditional R&D methods, a strategic shift in digitalisation and a greater

Paolo Camattari, Formulation and NPI Manager, Cosmetic market taken in the development of its AirMedica alcohol-based

hand sanitiser. Paolo highlighted how at the end of 2019 the company had celebrated exceeding 85,000 units per week, and

within the first three months of 2021, the company had doubled output, adding a new production line to keep up with demand.

understanding of cosmetic claims and formulations among

From production to the efficacy of personal care formulations,

challenge: widespread supply chain disruption. Looking ahead

– Hygiene, Protection and Resilience Technology Platform,

consumers. The interviewees also reflected on the most notable to future opportunities, respondents anticipated a higher and 40

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

Sayandip Mukherjee, Senior research scientist and leader Beauty and Personal Care Division, Unilever shared research

INDUSTRY NEWS undertaken to understand the efficacy of product formats and

Keeping up with the regulations

Highlighting that no single intervention was perfect at preventing

created during the pandemic, Mojgan Moddaresi, Cosmetics

their effectiveness against both the Beta and Delta COVID strains.

the spread of the virus, Sayandip revealed how a ‘swiss cheese model’ or using multiple methods to achieve cleanliness – from

handwashing to using alcohol-based sanitisers – were resulting in success.

Elsewhere, Professor Marie Loden, CEO, Eviderm Institute discussed whether alcohol-based hand products could deliver

hygiene as well as much-needed hydration. Considering the role

Moving to help delegates understand the regulatory mayhem Safety Assessor, Personal Care Regulatory Ltd, explored how

the pandemic has created an increased demand for transparency,

and greater respect for authenticity in green and environmental

claims. Furthermore, consumers want brands to be authentic in their sense of purpose, be that with the efforts they make to reduce or recycle packaging materials, or through their regulatory classifications.

of cosmetics vs. biocides, Marie reflected on the role of medical

Addressing the specific impact of Brexit on cosmetic regulations,

know exactly what they are claiming their formulation can deliver.

Perfumery Association (CTPA) shared an update on the UK’s

classified products and stressed it was important for brands to

From sanitiser to skincare

Shifting the focus from sanitiser to skincare, Manuela Lanzafame, In Vitro Safety and Efficacy Technician was joined by colleague Agnes






Complife – the Summit’s silver sponsor – to explore the impact of environmental conditions on the skin. Together, they revealed the results of a large-scale study where 254 skin samples were

Dr Emma Meredith, Director General, Cosmetic Toiletry &

regulatory framework for cosmetics and the different rules that apply by location. For example, products sold in Northern Ireland

and the Republic of Ireland are legislated under the EU Cosmetics Products Regulation and EU REACH. Whereas those sold in

Northern Ireland AND Great Britain face double compliance; the

EU Cosmetics Products Regulation, EU Reach UK Cosmetics Regulation and UK REACH are all applicable.

collected and analysed. Measuring actinobacteria, proteobacteria

Helping delegates understand the new UK legal landscape,

genders, with statistical differences noted alongside seasonal

Regulations were absorbed and copied over to UK Cosmetics

and firmicutes, the findings demonstrated a difference among changes.

Keeping skincare at the centre of the discussion, Alain Mavon, Senior Director of Science and Innovation, Oriflame, stepped up to discuss the role of blue light in skin damage. Using his own Instagram account to poll his followers, Alain revealed that 81%

were concerned for their skin health. This is no surprise given the

Emma explained that while many of the EU Cosmetics Products Regulations, those that came into play after the official Brexit

deadline did not apply. For example, publication of regulations such as the CMR Omnibus III or DHA will require re-review by

the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Chemical Safety (SAG-CS), as no changes can be made to the annexes of the UK Cosmetics Regulation without independent scrutiny.

3,400 products referencing blue light and 220 referencing High-

DAY 2: Sustainability and Neurocosmetics

to Mintel research.

Summit, Dr. Barbara Olioso, Founder of The Green Chemistry

Energy Visible (HEV) light launched in the last five years, according

Here, Alain stressed the importance of understanding the direct,

and indirect impacts of blue light on our skin and why biological impacts of light emitted by the sun and light emitted by screens

Returning to open day two of the 2021 in-cosmetics Formulation Consultancy, set the tone for the day highlighting the role of green chemistry and the use of renewable materials to create a new era of sustainability and wellbeing.

cannot be compared. For example, 150 hours of screen-emitted

The big packaging debate

while a 10-hour (600-min) cell phone call equated to just one

Technical Director, PS Partnership

blue light was the equivalent to one minimal pigmentary dose, minute of sun.

While blue light may not be directly responsible for skin damage, there is cause to suggest that it creates an indirect skin health

concern. Alain stressed that to maintain skin health, consumers

should prioritise mitigating sun exposure; reducing screen time and increasing physical activity; focusing on minimising evening screen blue light exposure; establishing a consistent sleep cycle and beauty routine.

As a big topic of debate across any FMCG sector, Paul Shipton, took to the stage to talk about sustainable plastics, attempting to answer the question, is there such a thing? Paul highlighted that the pending Plastics Packaging Tax created a big challenge for the

cosmetic industry. To combat this, he suggested that the industry would need to embrace standardisation and employ a ‘monomaterial strategy’ in the design stage. He called for transparency

about a product’s packaging and suggested an increased use of more sustainable materials such as compostable bags.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


INDUSTRY NEWS Recyclability remained at the top of the agenda in a session

Sustainability and the future of Green Chemistry

Development Manager, TerraCycle asked delegates, what makes

Morgante, Market Development Manager Europe, Roundtable

on closed-loop beauty businesses. Here, Clare Lot, Business

an item practically recyclable? She stressed the importance of recycling know-how and making sure that the right funding is in place to facilitate the right processes, before speaking in detail

about the current initiatives to create public collection points to

drive volume, process hard to recycle waste and efficiently sort and process materials.

From recycling to sustainability and green chemistry, Francesca on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) joined the programme to discuss

how sustainable palm oil could contribute to a more conscious

cosmetic sector. It is estimated that more than 70% of cosmetic products contain palm oil. The RSPO aims to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm through global standards and multi-stakeholder governance.

Further tackling the topic of circular beauty and packaging, Ed

Francesca outlined the eight principles growers need to adhere

eliminating the idea of waste out of the supply chain, before it

commitment to transparency; compliance with applicable laws

Thorne, BID and Partnerships, Loop™ (TerraCycle) spoke about has even been developed. As a global platform for reuse, Loop

enables consumers to easily return products so they can go back into the supply chain with the cost of recycling embedded into

the product. Offering accessibility, affordability and convenience, Loop enables brands to create a much-needed step change.

Meanwhile, Dr. Christina Raab, Vice President, Strategy &

Development, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute,

suggested that future-proofing ingredients and products with

cradle-to-cradle principles was the globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable, products for a circular economy. With just 8.6% of the global economy circular, Christina stressed that

to keep the world liveable, the circularity rate would need to be

to in order to achieve RSPO certification, from demonstrating a and regulations; use of appropriate best practices by growers and

millers; environmental responsibility and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity; and responsible development of new plantings.

Preparing the next generation of scientists to lead the

sustainability debate, Professor Andrew Burrows, FRSC, SFHEA, Head of Department of Chemistry, University of Bath gave

delegates an overview of the University’s commitment to Green Chemistry education and development. Here, Andrew highlighted

some of the projects being undertaken by PhD students from biodegradable microbeads to new sustainable plastics.

doubled. By rethinking, redesigning and transforming the system,

Neurocosmetics in action

intentionally designing them for their next use.

enhancement, Dr Karl Lintner, President, KAL’IDEES suggested

Christina suggested that product circularity could be achieved by

Finishing off the series of sessions on packaging, Chris DeArmitt,

a world-class expert in plastic materials and Author of ‘The plastic paradox’ delivered a provocative session that called on

delegates to consider the uncomfortable truth about plastics. He suggested that rather than the destructive and dangerous

picture painted by the media, plastics weren’t as harmful as many








well-ageing could be the new anti-ageing trend. He cited the cosmetic anti-ageing challenges from dry skin and wrinkles to anisotropy and glycation, and how the industry has moved from

neuroscience and neurocosmetics to neuromarketing to discuss

customer’s needs, motivations and preferences that traditional methods cannot reveal.

believe. Making up less than 1% of materials and waste by weight

Continuing with a focus on how emotions impact skin health

waste as it would take 3-4lbs of other material to replace just 1lb

Consultancy Ltd, highlighted how we are evolutionarily wired to

and volume, he suggested that removing plastics wouldn’t reduce

of plastic. He called upon delegates to read beyond the headlines to readdress what we all think we know about plastics.

Speaking about the Summit, delegate Hannah George, Technical

Sales Manager, Gattefossé UK Ltd, said: “Coming from the

and beauty, Dr Katerina Steventon, Independent Skincare see ‘visible’ changes in the skin, with happy people looking more ‘radiant and beautiful’. Katerina spoke about how skin health and

beauty is proven to affect our well-being and self-esteem, with ‘skincare as self-care’ critical for mental wellbeing.

workplace, the summit is very relevant, it’s got a good reputation

Speaking after her session, Katerina added: “It is great to be

and the main highlights are the talks and seeing people in person

technical sessions which we can all learn from. I like the data-

so it will be useful to me. All of the sessions are very valuable, from the industry after the pandemic is great. The themes from today on sustainability, the full supply chain traceability, and also

changes with post-Brexit on the cosmetic industry is interesting to see.” 42

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

surrounded by industry professionals who are offering very

driven approach to the event and it’s a great opportunity to network and make new contacts in the industry.”

From emotions to the science of scent and attraction, Professor

INDUSTRY NEWS Charles Spence, Head of the Cross-modal Research Laboratory,

Roziani Zulkifli, Event Director of in-cosmetics Formulation

the cross-modal influence of olfactory cues on multisensory

cosmetics and personal care industry, face-to-face once again

University of Oxford reflected on the explosion of research into person perception – from attractiveness, likeability, gender, age/ youthfulness and sympathy.

Jasmine Greenhalgh, Product Development Chemist, Omorovicza

Cosmetics Ltd UK, added: “I value the Summit as an extremely beneficial way to learn more about consumer trends and to

network. It’s been very valuable so far; some talks have even made

me question what I believe in such as plastics and packaging. It

has shed a light on how the problem centres around the supply chain.”

Summit, said: “I can’t describe how fantastic it feels to reunite the after almost two years without a physical in-cosmetics event in

Europe. To be able to provide the industry with a much-needed

opportunity to hear from industry experts and network with peers is invaluable. The conference programme once again took a deep

dive into the industry’s most pressing trends, bringing together R&D professionals and formulators in a safe and engaging space.

We have already received such overwhelmingly positive feedback and look ahead to returning to Paris in April 2022 for in-cosmetics Global.”

Ampro Industries is Owning Hair Care with A New Scentful Collection Ampro Industries, Inc., Introduces Shine ‘n Jam® Rainbow Edges, the fruitfully fragrant collection every edge enthusiast is craving.

Jonathan Rudner, CEO Ampro Industries. “We created something that not only has the world class ‘Shine ‘n Jam performance’

people have come to trust, but that also has youthful energy in the

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dance the day

color, design, and fragrance.”

in the award-winning Shine ‘n Jam collection of conditioning gels.

Shine ‘n Jam® Rainbow Edges consists of five, fruity flavors –

out of a desire to give the younger generation a product line,” said

Banana, and Strawberry. “In a word, the fragrances found in the

away with Shine ‘n Jam® Rainbow Edges, the newest obsession “Shine ‘n Jam Rainbow Edges is a fruitfully fragrant collection born

each in a 4-ounce jar: Cherry Apple, Blueberry Blast, Melon Slice,

Shine ‘n Jam® Rainbow Edges models pictured with Shine ‘n Jam® Rainbow Edges assorted flavors below.

Rainbow Edges collection are craveable!” says

Camille Wright, SVP of Brand Marketing and

Communications. “I, personally, tested the scents with a wide and varied audience, who could

never choose a favorite, but all agreed that the scents are exhilarating. They are a perfect way to

welcome a younger user to the brand.” Carefully crafted to smooth the delicate hairline of growing teens, the performance of this formula is flexible,

alcohol, paraben, and flake-free. It will keep their hair laid even while dancing the day away.

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022


GLOSSARY By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Texturizers Vs. Relaxers Want to change your hairstyle to straight or bone straight? Two options can make that happen: a hair texturizer or a relaxer. Here are some differences between texturizers and relaxers to help you choose the proper treatment for your hair goals and type.

curly or wavy hairstyles easily. You will need to touch up your texturizer every eight to ten weeks.

What is a relaxer? What is a hair texturizer? A texturizer is a chemical-based procedure that smooths the hair while maintaining its texture. It is applied when you don’t want all the curl patterns removed from the hair. Texturizers should not be left on for more than 5 to 10 minutes and are considered a mild form of a hair relaxer. They are designed to stay on the hair for less time and be less harsh than relaxers. Texturizers give better curly results on some hair textures than others. Many individuals choose to texturize their hair to switch from straight to

A relaxer is a chemical-based procedure that relaxes the curl pattern entirely by breaking down the hair’s natural structure, resulting in bone-straight strands. It is typically left on the root of the hair for 20 minutes. Some Black women prefer relaxers because it makes the hair more manageable. Depending on your hair texture and growth, relaxers last from 6 – 12 weeks before needing a retouch. It is crucial to avoid overprocessing the hair. For best results, allow a professional stylist to treat your hair to eliminate the risk of damage.

Here are a few products to consider:

African Pride Olive Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer This relaxer is formulated to help strengthen and protect the hair during the relaxer application process. It is enriched with extra virgin olive oil for silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich healthy scalp.

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer

Just for Me Hair Texture Softener

This relaxer provides advanced straightening performance and an exotic shine to the hair mane. It is available in regular and super strengths.

This anti-breakage Sunflower Oil formula softens natural hair texture and prevents damage to the hair. It lasts up to 12 weeks.

Meet Dr. Shanessa Fenner

No matter which chemical process you select, be sure to moisturize and protect the hair to prevent damage or breakage.

Dr. Shanessa Fenner is an elementary school principal, TV show host, former radio personality, writer and model.


OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



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Hollywood Beauty ......................................................................................... 5 www.hollywoodbeautyproducts.com

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Proctor & Gamble - Gold Series. Series............................................ Back Cover www.pantene.com/en-us/gold-series-collection

Proctor & Gamble - Royal Oils................................................... Oils................................................... Cover, 13 https://headandshoulders.com/en-us/the-royal-oils-collection

SMSi - Urban call Marketing, Inc. Inc............................................................ 20 wwww.multicultural.com/multicultural-marketing-news/smsiurban-call-marketing

Softsheen Carson. Carson................................................................................ 19, 35 www.softsheencarson.com

Straight Arrow ............................................................. Inside Front Cover www.manentail.com


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January 8-16

Nail Those Profits at Sea Nail Cruise


https://www.facebook.com/ nailthoseprofits

January 10-14

ECRM Everyday/Holiday Skin, Fragrance, Bath



January 12-14

COSME Week Tokyo—includes COSME Tech,

Tokyo, Japan

http://bit.ly/3pOFOSr COSME Tokyo, Esthec Japan, Inner Beauty Tokyo

January 16-17

International Beauty Exposition

Las Vegas, NV


January 16-17

Serious Business 2022

New Orleans, LA


January 23-25

NACDS Regional Chain Conference

Palm Beach, FL


January 25-27

NAW 2022 Executive Summit

Washington, DC


January 25-28

ECRM Impulse, Front-End & Checklane Program



January 30

North American Hairstyling Awards

Long Beach, CA


January 31February 4

ECRM Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care



February 7-8

Beauty World Japan Fukuoka

Fukuoka, Japan


February 10-14

NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022

New York, NY

February 16-17

Packaging Innovations & Empack

Birmingham, UK


February 19-21

CosmoBeauty Barcelona

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February 20-22

Beautyworld Saudi Arabia

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February 20-23

Global Beauty Exchange

Bluffton, SC


Feb 28 - March 8

Paris Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2022

Paris, France




https://thesocietyfashionweek.com/ fashion-week-dates/

OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022



MASTER CORDLESS CLIPPER IN LIMITED EDITION GOLD Getting better at what you love requires a boldness few are brave enough to broadcast. That’s why this iconic Master Cordless, steeped in barber history, has now been soaked in flawless gold finish. The top clipper

for passionate creators who aren’t afraid to let their

confidence shine, this limited edition pro tool includes four premium metals.

This clipper empowers you to unleash your and your

clients’ creative sides, no matter the hair type or the cut.

Underneath the glowing finish hums a finely-tuned motor that brings the heat to keep you on point. A slender grip

and ultra-long battery life mean you’re always feeling the vibe. Respect the chair. Respect yourself.

Give your creativity a pop of pure color with the Master Cordless in Gold.

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OTC Beauty Magazine January 2022

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“ Moving is an act of love you give yourself.


Introducing the Gold Series New Lengths Collection. For Longer, Stronger Hair.*

Lita knows the secret to real growth is a regimen made for you. The New Lengths Collection is that regimen. Made by Black scientists especially for textured hair. *strength against breakage