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The Gentleman’s Grooming Guide

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The Mane Choice Hair Solution Manetabolism Collection

Growing It Out: A Grooming Guide For the Black Male Shopper

There comes a time in a man’s life when he considers growing a beard or growing his hair out.

Everyone’s hair grows at its own speed, but some


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Evolution in Trimming

Men’s Grooming Post-Pandemic

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

may need a little help to get their hair to healthy

lengths. OTC offer tips on how to cater to your

male customers with several must-have products.

ON THE COVER Creme of Nature Pure Honey Scalp Refresh collection is formulated with the signature blend of pure honey, certified natural coconut oil and shea butter. This collection, infused with aloe and mint, refreshes and restores moisture balance to dry scalp. To learn more, visit cremeofnature.com

TWIST IT. BRAID IT. ROCK IT. PROTECT IT. Introducing the Royal Oils Protective Styles Collection by Head & Shoulders. It’s infused with aloe water and hemp oil and designed to soothe, remove buildup, and deliver deep moisture to extend the life of your style. Comfortably.

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RESPECT THE CROWN OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


April 2021

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Knowledge to Know

Hollywood Beauty® Hero Oils A Vital Traffic Driver in Your Assortment


By Dawn Thompson

6 Strategies That Are Out of This World

selling beauty oils for hair and skin with premium

Everyone has been a part of a team at one time

Tree® proprietary formula with Vitamin E and

at the office, or even in your own home. There

quality ingredients. Our Hollywood Beauty Tea

or another, whether it be on the playing field or

Aloe is over 20 years old and has thousands of

are strategies to choose team players, to mold

positive, loyal consumer reviews across retail.

them into a great team, to define their goals, to

com. Trusted, proven experience in retail has

motivate them for success, to deal with “outliers,”

shown that pre and post-COVID consumers

can’t get enough of Hollywood Beauty® Hero Oils in all sizes.

and to learn from failure – and success.


Crazy Color | From Start to Finish

Create an Organization Filled With Great Leaders By Kate Zabriskie

Crazy Color® was launched with its range of semi-

Organizations create leadership development

explosion. With an impressive range of 40 shades,

they are proactive, sometimes they are reactive,

permanent colors in 1977 amid Britain’s punk rock

program for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes

Crazy Color’s Semi-Permanent Color range has

all times they can be more successful if their

something for everyone.


Teaming Up For Takeoff

By Dr. Rhea Seddon

Hollywood Beauty® is excited to offer the No. 1


Business Tips

The Original Jamaican Black Castor Oil That Just Keeps Getting Better Have you heard about or tried Sunny Isle

Jamaican Black Castor Oil? Few haven’t. Sunny

Isle has received a mountain of positive reviews from popular media outlets and online buyers.

You’ll find Sunny Isle products on the shelves of

major retailers such as CVS, Target, Rite-Aid and many more. Why all of the hype? One of Sunny

Isle’s hallmarks is its commitment to making its products better and better.

programs include a few essential elements and follow some established best practices.


Is Your Company Culture a Thermostat or Thermometer? 4 Ways To Calibrate Your Team By Jason V. Barger

The best leaders and organizations understand that calibrating the thermostat doesn’t just magically happen. It’s not reactionary; it’s

proactive. The best team cultures are committed day in and day out, month in and month out, year

in and year out to calibrating their thermostat and gaining alignment and clarity on the temperature they desire to set in the future.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


The new Gold Series from Pantene Hair Repair Collection, developed by Black PhD scientists, reduces breakage by 50% for 2x stronger hair. So no matter how you work your hair, Gold Series works hard while you work wonders. © 2021 P&G

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Ann Jhin


Jessica De Vault Hale editor@otcbeautymagazine.com subscriptions@otcbeautymagazine.com

Art Director:

Sam Choi support@otcbeautymagazine.com

Advertising & Sales Coordinator:

Over 100 years ago WAHL pioneered modern men’s grooming with the electromagnetic hair clipper. Throughout the decades WAHL has continually innovated grooming tools for the hair professional and is proud to provide state of the art grooming products for the 21st century.

1919 by WAHL Professional supports hair health and delivers versatile applications for a finishing look. Today’s styles are ever-changing and 1919 by WAHL Professional offers flexibility of use that today’s professionals are looking for. All 1919 by WAHL Professional products are paraben and sulfate free.


Contributing Writers:

Shanessa Fenner Sara Rueda Mary Bandy Dr. Rhea Seddon Kate Zabriskie Jason V. Barger Scott Zangwill Dawn Thompson


Lafayette Jones Elayne McClaine Kenny Duncan

To subscribe, call us at 678-805-3291 or visit www.otcbeautymagazine.com.

Subscriptions are no charge for businesses (including retailers, manufacturers, and distributors) in the U.S. of the beauty and barber supply industry. For all other subscribers, yearly subscriptions (12 issues) are $48.00. Please send a check payable to OTC Beauty Magazine to: OTC Beauty Magazine; attn: subscriptions; 3587 Oakcliff Rd.; Doraville, GA 30340. Cover price is $6.00. OTC Beauty Magazine is a trade magazine for the multicultural beauty supply industry offering retail store

owners, manufacturers, distributors, and industry professionals a unique perspective on new and evolving

products, useful business tips, effective selling tools to boost revenue and customer traffic, and valuable product knowledge by combining insight and intelligence with depth and style. This is the only bilingual publication in the industry offering both Korean and English translations.

OTC Beauty Magazine is published monthly by Jinny Corp. Postage paid at Auburn, AL and at additional mailing offices. Reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photographs or illustrations without written permission from a staff member is strictly prohibited.

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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Wonder Curl

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Targeting the Male Customer There are tons of men’s grooming products on the market, but I often wonder how many of the male customers are even aware of it. In my personal experience, men often use their women’s haircare products for their daily grooming regimen. They trust their significant others to point them in the right direction when it comes to what products to use. While there are many new products and brands to explore, if the female customer is unaware, there’s a chance the men in her life may be oblivious, too. While this doesn’t pertain to all men, it’s a generalization that many can relate to. The male grooming industry has truly exploded in the last five years, but if you’re not seeing more male customers in your store as you were expecting, chances are they are relying on a trusted female companion to provide recommendations instead. That’s why it’s good to merchandise and market your men’s products to the fellas and the ladies. Women are likely to shop on behalf of men while they are picking up their own personal care products. We know that finding creative ways to market male items to your female shoppers can be tricky. So to give you a little inspiration, seasoned merchandiser Scott Zangwill offers a few tips on how to do just that in this month’s “How Should You Sell It” column on page 20. You can also keep up with all of the new trends in male grooming by checking out our feature story on page 54. In this edition, we’ll also touch on top-selling products for this popular Jessica De Vault Hale EDITOR


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

category. There’s room for growth when you target the male customer, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

Splat Midnight Kits With Splat Midnights no bleach is needed for a long lasting, vibrant semipermanent bold hair color.

Model is wearing: Midnight Scarlet

Go Bold without the damage.

Ask for all Splat products at your local distributor.


SPLATHAIRCOLOR.COM ©2021 Splat® is a registered trademark of Developlus, 9 Inc. OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


By Mary Bandy

The Everyguy’s Daily Beard Care Routine A good beard care routine is the first step to getting a healthy, handsome

conditioner to add hydration and get rid of scratchy, wiry hairs.

beard. Whether you’ve just grown a beard for the first time, or you’ve had one for years, it’s never too late to get in the habit of taking good care of

We Recommend

your whiskers. Follow these steps for a simple and easy beard care

Beard Guyz Beard Shampoo:

regimen that will keep your facial

Features a nourishing blend of

hair looking and feeling great.

pea sprout extract and Argan oil for healthy hydration. Beard Guyz Beard Conditioner:

Step 1: Clean and Condition

Contains coconut oil and vitamin

Your beard, just like the rest of you,

E to help smooth frizz and

needs to be kept clean and fresh. It’s

prevent dryness.

a no-brainer—no one likes a dirty

Beard Guyz Wash & Tame: This

beard. Every beard is different, but

wash and conditioner combo

washing 2-3 times a week is usually

cleans and moisturizes, all in one

a good plan. Some beards need to


be washed more often, but see what works for your beard and skin type. Keep in mind it’s almost always better to wash less often since washing too much dries out beards and can cause flakes and itchiness.

Step 2: Towel Dry After washing and conditioning, dry your beard thoroughly by patting it

Use a cleanser that will thoroughly remove buildup and odor but won’t

dry with a towel. Don’t rub! It could damage your beard hairs and cause

strip your hair and skin of healthy, natural oils. This will give you a beard


that’s soft and clean, not dry and brittle. Follow up every wash with a beard


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Step 3: Hydrate with Oils & Serums

We Recommend

Next, grab a beard oil or serum to give your beard some much-needed

Beard Guyz Beard Butter: Created with a light, non-greasy formula of oils

moisture. Treating your beard with these products every day will help

and extracts for weightless hydration.

eliminate one big problem almost all beard guys deal face: a dry and itchy

Beard Guyz Beard Balm: Its Shea butter and coconut provide intense

beard. Beard oils and serums are formulated with nourishing oils and moisturizers that will leave each hair smooth and well-tamed. Add a few

moisture and a light hold.

drops to your beard and rub throughout to get rid of frizz, flyaways, and coarse, itchy beard hairs. Use beard oils anytime throughout the day to

Step 5: Comb Out

refresh your beard if it’s feeling tired or dry.

Comb your beard daily to eliminate tangles and style it how you like it. Using a brush or comb is a great way to spread oils and butters evenly throughout the hair and keep your hands mess-free. Combing and

We Recommend Beard Guyz Beard Oil: Formulated with avocado and grape seed oil to smooth and hydrate each strand. Beard Guyz Beard Serum: Includes a blend of proteins and peptides that go deep into the skin underneath the beard to fight itch and irritation.

brushing your beard also increases blood flow to your face, which helps stimulate growth and can lead to a thicker, fuller beard.

We Recommend Beard Guyz Sandalwood Comb: This great-smelling, natural sandalwood comb tames and detangles all beard types.

Step 4: Butter Up Add some beard balm or butter for extra smoothness and softness. The rich texture of balms helps provide long-lasting hydration, so your beard stays itch and irritation-free all day long. For easy styling, try a balm with

Beard Guyz Natural Boar Bristle Brush: Its durable bristles get rid of debris and help spread your skin’s natural oils throughout the beard for an even sheen.

a light hold.

Meet Mary Bandy

Mary Bandy is currently a copywriter for Universal Beauty Products. She enjoys writing informative pieces on beauty products and other various topics with the purpose of sharing knowledge with readers.

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Mary Bandy

THE MUST-HAVE HAIR CARE FOR BEAUTY PROS & THEIR CURLY-HAIRED CLIENTS! Taming clients’ curly, textured hair can be


Control that curly chaos by applying ApHogee’s Curlific!

a daunting task at times. However, with

Curl Definer ($8.99/ 8 oz.). This product adds lasting

the right products, it does not have to be.

curl elasticity, definition and control. The Curl Definer

Beautiful curls and waves require quality

provides body to the hair while resisting humidity. Use

hair care. With the appropriate ratio of

this product on clients for bouncy curls and a control that

proteins, amino acids, emollients and

actually lasts.

humectants, ApHogee’s Curlific! line for specialty textures can help restore,


If there is any moisturizing product curly-haired girls need, it is the Curlific! Texture Treatment ($8.99/8 oz.).

rejuvenate and nourish even the curliest

This product is a strengthening conditioner formulated

of hair.

especially for textured hair. The added quinoa protein 1. ApHogee’s Curlific! Hydrating

works to strengthen natural curly hair and successfully

Curl Serum ($8.99/ 6 oz.) is brimming

prevents curl damage. ApHogee’s Texture Treatment also

with quinoa amino acids to deliver

contains a deep moisturizer to keep hair hydrated and

shine, hydration and control to wavy

hair color looking its best.

to coily hair types with fine to coarse hair. This finishing serum locks in

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

ApHogee’s Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-In ($8.99/ 8 oz.)

moisture while maintaining a soft

is the go-to product for clients with tangly curls. Apply

hold. The Hydrating Curl Serum will

this leave-in conditioner to moisturize the oval shape

leave clients with reduced frizz and

of curly strands that tend to interlock. The Moisture

shine for the rest of the day and is a

Rich Leave-In may be applied for easy styling and great

great at-home product to keep hair

protection from hot tools.

looking its best.



Hydrating Curl Serum

Imparts Lasting Hydration, Luxurious Gloss, and Perfect Control for Healthy Coils, Curls and Waves.

© 2019 KAB Brands LLC

No Sulfates • No Parabens • No Pthalates

...nothing works like ApHogee. OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



The Gentleman’s Grooming Guide Just like women, men like to look their best. However, delving into self-care and grooming may not come as naturally for some as others. Maybe your male customers are unsure of what to purchase to soften their beard or moisturize their hair. Choosing the correct products can be challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to have quality products in stock, so your shoppers know that they’ll always get what they need from your store. Check out these 12 grooming staples that we’re sure your customers will love.

BEARD SOFTENER Customers with textured beards will tell you that manageability is a big deal. Tangled strands can make grooming a hassle. Enter the Uncle Jimmy Beard Softener. This conditioning balm absorbs quickly and eliminates rough, dry and brittle beards.

WAVE POMADE When a shopper wants perfect waves and a soothed scalp, recommend the Deep Wave Wave Forming Pomade. Not only does this lightweight, non-greasy pomade provide lasting hold for waves, but its collagen and active protein formulation penetrates and soothes the scalp, as well.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

CURL ACTIVATOR When curls are the name of the game, you can’t go wrong with the Luster’s S Curl No Drip Curl Activator. It defines textured strands and eliminates breakage while adding sheen. Plus, it’s ideal for daily use, making it a staple to keep in stock for your shoppers.

STYLING GEL Sometimes, a man just wants to keep his strands under control. Help him preserve his style with the Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel. The alcohol-free gel helps your hair “memorize” its style.

SHAVING BALM When men shave, they run the risk of getting razor burn. But with The Mane Choice Head Honcho Hair & Beard Oil + Butter = THE BALM, fellas can soothe their skin after a fresh shave. This wonder product also adds shine, protects, nourishes and softens the face, hair and beard.

WAVING BUTTER When moisture and definition are the goals, the Barber Shop Aid Waving Butter is the perfect solution. Formulated with shea butter for softening, multiwax for a firm hold and Sweet Almond Oil for shine, this product proves why it deserves to be in every guy’s grooming kit.

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


The Gentleman’s Grooming Guide

BEARD OIL There’s nothing worse than dealing with under-beard acne. The last thing you need is your beard styling products to create skin irritations or clog pores. Luckily, there’s the Just For Men Beard Oil that leaves your beard feeling soft and smooth without causing acne.

MOISTURIZING LOTION To shave or not to shave - that is the question for a lot of men. Those who choose to shave their heads for a bald look, suggest the High Time Moisturizing Lotion with Tea Tree Oil. This all-in-one balmy lotion can protect, condition and treat a shaved scalp against sun damage, ingrown hairs and flaking.

GROWTH SERUM Growing a beard or mustache isn’t as easy as it looks. Some fellas need a little help with growing their facial hair. The Godefroy Thick Beard & Mustache Growth Serum offers a longer, thicker and softer beard and mustache. This four-week night treatment increases blood circulation and encourages growth.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Get Silky, Shiny, Luxurious Hair with Natural Ingredients! Plant-based ingredients for natural hair repair and that silky shine you’ve been looking for!

AVOCADO Prevents Hair Loss Moisturizes Strengthens Hair Root Adds Shine

Fantasia Industries Corporation • www.fantasiahaircare.com • Made In USA

Avocado Cilantro product range: Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum, Hydrating Butter, Leave-in & Styling Mousse


CILANTRO Promotes New Hair Growth Essential Vitamins & Proteins Hydrates & PH Balances Hair & Scalp



OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


The Gentleman’s Grooming Guide

JBCO POMADE We all know that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an excellent ingredient for hair growth, but when you combine it with natural beeswax to target weak hair, you’ll come up with the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Pomade for Men. Not only is this a great styler, but it’s ideal for delivering moisture to the scalp and prevent flaking and dryness.

THE CLASSIC POMADE There are tons of pomades on the market, but none have had the Royal Crown Pomade for Men’s longevity. This pomade provides great hold, ample shine and a classic scent.

GROWTH OIL If all you’re looking for is a product that encourages hair growth, you’ll love the Tress World Organic Hair Growth Stimulator. This hair growth oil incorporates a blend of seven certified organic essential oils that penetrate the hair root.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021




By Scott Zangwill

5 Tips for Merchandising Men’s Grooming in the OTC stores We know that 95% of the walk-in traffic to your OTC stores are women.


Merchandise what is selling the best either in the front or rear of the

However, we need to find a way to get these women and men, of course, to

displays or on the shelves. Remember, you are here to make money as

buy the men’s grooming products. In this case, I believe it is very important

well and want to turnover your inventory as soon as possible.

to keep these items very close to the front of the store so they can be well 5.


Lastly, take the time throughout the year to pack up little gift baskets with assorted mix-and-match items. You may want to take a popular


It is vital that the shelves and products are clean and free of dust. Dust

shampoo and conditioner and put the same or a different brand of

can imply that the item is expired or the inventory is just not turning.

cologne, beard oil or beard wash, together. You could also package

It is important to

a shampoo or conditioner

keep up with this.

with a styling gel, mousse or crème. And, in some


Line up the shelves

form or another, every

in either alphabetical

man shaves around his

order or by styles so

face or beard. So, shaving

that all the shampoos,

creams, gels, oils, razors,


and aftershave products


oils, beard washes,

are excellent gifts, too.

gels, mousses, skin care items, shaving

By doing these things, you

products and all of

should see an increase



in your men’s line sales.

boxes are grouped


Always try and run some

together, as well.

type of promotion, sale or discount for these items,


Make sure that the items are stacked nicely and are full of inventory. A

because the primary products sold in the stores are for women - be it wigs,

low or poor inventory to some customers can mean it’s moving slow,

natural products or relaxers.

or it’s a rarer find; and if they like it, they’ll want easy access to it.

Meet Scott

Scott Zangwill is the founder and owner of Merchandising Specialists, Inc. His company specializes in getting your new products into the stores very quickly, as he has an excellent rapport with the store owners. Not only do Merchandising Specialists put out POP material, sales sheets, and samples, they are excellent at getting turnover orders quickly, getting the new products into the store and turning detailed monthly reports, as well.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

he so ot

bprro atei c dt

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Dawn Thompson

Dream World, Inc. 3505 N. Kimball Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 | Tel. 847-600-3020 | Fax. 847-600-3025 | Toll Free 800-535-6110 24

Available Exclusively at Jinny Beauty Supply & Dream World

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

By Dawn Thompson


Hollywood Beauty® Hero Oils A Vital Traffic Driver in Your Assortment Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E is an antioxidant

was and continues to be a top choice. Across our top accounts in 2020,

that reduces inflammation and repairs damage.

Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E grew well over 52% to 77%+ for key time

It prevents dryness and promotes healthy hair


and moisturized skin. Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E Oil is perfect for daily use and moisturization for all hair and skin needs. It has no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or animal testing. Specifically, because it is an antioxidant, it helps repair. When used on the hair and scalp, it reduces inflammation and repairs damage to hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles are more likely to promote hair growth. This spring, please look for our same great product in our new packaging.

Photo Credit: Rene Tapia, RTR Enterprises

Hollywood Beauty® is excited to offer the No. 1 selling beauty oils for hair and skin with premium quality ingredients. Our Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree® proprietary formula with Vitamin E and Aloe is over 20 years old and has thousands of positive, loyal consumer reviews across retail.com. Trusted,

Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E 2020 Performance IRI MULO Data

Past 52 Weeks +77.5%

Past 26 Weeks +73.8%

Past 13 Weeks +52.6%

Past 4 Weeks +57.1%

proven experience in retail has shown that pre and post-COVID consumers can’t get enough of Hollywood Beauty® Hero Oils in all sizes. A few occasions have shown that when retailers offer both variety and larger sizes, they increase their sales overall. Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E grew impressively across its accounts in 2020 and into 2021, as consumers needed multiuse oils that supported their daily needs of preventing dryness with their hair, skin and scalp. This

Adding Assortment in Variety and Sizes Grows Your Business We continue to see strong consumer excitement for our Vitamin E and newly-introduced Hemp Seed Oil. Retailers carrying a varied offering of our Hollywood Beauty® oils have seen significant growth over the entire assortment, pre and post-COVID. We now have a 2 ounce, 8 ounce and newly-launched 16-ounce oil that’s available in Tea Tree. We have seen consumers increase their spontaneous spending when offered an OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


assortment and larger. We predict that adding educational components,

includes a “hero oil” to meet all needs. The brand carries everything from

online or on display at shelf, will increase these outcomes even more.

Tea Tree, Vitamin E, and Hemp oils to Jamaican Black Castor and Avocado oils to promote hair growth and retention, provide moisture and reduce frizz.

Larger Sizes and Popular Uses Beauty supply stores can continue to take the lead in offering both assortments with variety and education. Education helps direct consumers to the oils that will best serve their DIY/ problem-solving needs. Many consumers have dryer hair and skin moments, no matter the season. Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E is focused on preventing dryness, and Tea Tree relieves a dry, itchy scalp. They are a great pair and are available in both 2 ounce and 8-ounce sizes.

In 2019, the 8-ounce size was placed into a few select stores with the 2-ounce size of the same oil type. With sales increases, the distribution on the 8-ounce was broadened, and the 2-ounce oil was not lowered. Since then, the overall business has nearly doubled. Beauty and multiuse oils have always been mainstays for individuals dealing with many hair, skin, scalp and body issues. Now with more DIY and problem-solving needs to address, this trend will likely continue to rise. Consumers reach for oils rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, nutrients and vitamins like our Hollywood Beauty® Vitamin E and the newly-launched Hemp Seed Oil. Tailoring an assortment around these on-trend oil offerings can enhance consumers’ shopping experience and increase sales. But don’t forget to include the variety of size offerings, as consumers want all sizes to meet their unique needs.

Hollywood Beauty®, the No. 1 beauty and hair oil brand (based

• Hollywood Beauty® Effective Blends – available in a 2 ounce, 8 ounce and a newly-launched 16-ounce Tea Tree oil

• Hollywood Pure® Tea Tree – available in a 1 ounce and 30plus varieties are now available with the new Hemp Seed Oil

• Hollywood Pure® Certified Organics – available in a 1 ounce in 10-plus varieties

• Hollywood Beauty® Jamaican Black Castor Oil – available

in a 3-ounce bottle in seven varieties

• Perfect Results® from Hollywood Beauty®, six Pre-Mixed Pure Oil Cocktails with a touch of fragrance

• Available at Beauty Supply Stores and Your Local Beauty Supply, Worldwide. PLEASE FOLLOW US to learn about our latest innovation, education and tips and giveaways!

Instagram (IG) @hollywoodbeauty_products Facebook (FB) @hollywoodbeautyproductsinc Website: hollywoodbeautyproducts.com and perfectresultsonline.com

on IRI),

Meet Dawn W. Thompson

Dawn W. Thompson is the EVP & Head of Brand Management at Hollywood Beauty® and Kuza® Products. She has spent about three decades in the consumer products, beauty and hair industry. She loves versatile hairstyling and knows keeping your hair moisturized is the foundation of having healthier curls, coils, braids and protective styling. Hollywood Beauty ®, as the leader in multiuse oils, is focused on beautiful hair and glowing skin.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



From Start to Finish!

Crazy Color® was launched with its range of semi-permanent colors in 1977 amid Britain’s punk rock explosion. With an impressive range of 40 shades, Crazy Color’s Semi-Permanent Color range has something for everyone.

Ultra Violet Shampoo

Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones with ease, and hello to the blonde tone you love!

Semi-Permanent Color

Crazy Color is passionate about anti-fade color that keeps the hair’s integrity at an optimum level.

“I’m pretty obsessed with Crazy Color’s Ultra Violet Shampoo; man, it works! Here’s the rule, never let your clients leave without a take-home color or Ultra Violet shampoo when creating grey, silver or white tones. It’s a complaint waiting to happen.”

- Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon

Pastel Sprays

Our five ready-to-use sprays with built-in pastel pigment give your hair an instant burst of color.

This temporary and gentle formula lasts only three washes and is ammonia and peroxide-free. Strawberry scented and perfected for a quick fix look! This for

Rainbow Care Conditioner

This is the perfect deep conditioner to help maintain the strength, shine and suppleness of any bleached or colored hair. Infused with a unique protein blend with moisturizing benefits, it is an ideal treatment for over-processed hair. Frequent use will help seal and smooth the hair shaft for optimum color vibrancy.

EXTEND Shampoo

shampoo is formulated to care and revive all semi-permanent or oxidative color-treated hair types.

When you’ve achieved your perfect tone, lock it in place with the EXTEND Shampoo; because washing your favorite color away is a sad event we want to prevent!

Every product in our Crazy Color range is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and available at Jinny Beauty Supply! 28

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021




www.crazycolorus.com OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



The Original Jamaican Black Castor Oil That Just Keeps Getting Better Have you heard about or tried Sunny



? DID YOU KNOW for over 4,000 d se u n ee b as Castor oil h d es, from hair an os rp pu s ou ri va years for by hes and pains ac g lin ea h to skincare assage oil. using it as a m


Castor Oil? Few haven’t. Sunny Isle has received a mountain of positive reviews from popular media outlets and online buyers. You’ll find Sunny Isle products on

Black Castor Oil with Tea Tree Oil and Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Peppermint. These products are all about infusion. This process involves steeping something in hot but not boiling liquid (such as water) to extract the elements. By infusing

the shelves of major retailers such

Sunny Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor

as CVS, Target, Rite-Aid and many

Oil with 100% pure tea tree or

more. Its castor oil products have

peppermint, you’re getting all of the advantages of this

been featured in Oprah Magazine, UK




brand’s world-renowned castor oil formula, along with the restorative and

Washington Post, New York Magazine and now OTC Beauty Magazine.

healing powers of tea tree and peppermint.

Why all of the hype? One of Sunny Isle’s hallmarks is its commitment

Tea tree oil has been shown to kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi; and,

to making its products better and

in some cases, increase the activity of your white blood cells, which help

better. Sunny Isle recently added

fight germs and other foreign invaders. These germ-fighting properties

two new products that offer

make tea tree oil a valued natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal



skin conditions, preventing infection and promoting healing.

benefits: Sunny Isle Jamaican

Peppermint oils have many advantages, too. In addition to the fresh fragrant scent, it’s also good for your hair and scalp. It may help with dryness, itching or other scalp problems. “Peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect which


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WATER WAVE @UrbanBeautyHair | www.jbshair.com | 678-805-3000

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soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne,” said Dr. Debra Jaliman, a

are grown, harvested and processed by humble farmers in rural Jamaica.

New York City-based dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology

When you purchase Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil products, you

at the Icahn School of Medicine.

are not just getting the best in natural hair and skin care; you’re also helping to support the farmers of Jamaica. Many Jamaican Black

Authentically Made

Castor Oils are on the market, but Sunny Isle is the only Jamaican Black Castor Oil brand approved

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is processed the “old-fashioned”

for export by the Jamaican government.

Jamaican way. Its organic castor beans are roasted and ground by a manual

Don’t be fooled by pretenders. If it’s

grinder and boiled to extract the 100% pure, dark brown organic castor oil.

not Sunny Isle, it’s not Jamaican Black

Sunny Isle roasts its castor beans longer than other brands. This gives the

Castor Oil.

oil its dark brown color and a higher ash content - making this oil more effective for strengthening, moisturizing and growing hair than any other







castor oil brand on the market.

products are available at Jinny Beauty Supply. For more information on Sunny Isle, visit https://

Here’s another powerful reason why Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil


has such a loyal following. Sunny Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil seeds

EYELASHES A full range of gorgeous, 100% human hair lashes that are quick and easy to apply.

dreamworldproducts.com DREAM WORLD, INC. 3505 N. KIMBALL AVENUE, CHICAGO, IL 60618 | TEL. 847-600-3020 FAX. 847-600-3025 TOLL FREE 800-535-6110 EXCLUSIVELY AT JINNY & DREAM WORLD, INC.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


s Di

tr e


yl e



erf t t u

t s se d S

@UrbanBeautyHair | www.jbshair.com | 678-805-3000

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@UrbanBeautyHair | www.jbshair.com | 678-805-3000

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By Dr. Rhea Seddon

Teaming Up for Takeoff Strategies That Are Out of This World Six men and I sat atop four and a half million pounds of explosives waiting for the fuse to be lit to begin our flight on the Space Shuttle Discovery. We knew that for the next seven days, our lives

payloads. Many of the skills I learned about teamwork are applicable to any group coming together to accomplish its goals. Here are some of the specifics.

would depend on our acting synergistically. If



awry during the flight, if we didn’t work together, we might not make it home safely.

How did we come to that moment in time?

Everyone has been a part of a team at one time or another, whether it be on the playing field or at the office, or even in your own home. Can you recall a mediocre team, a terrible one or a lazy disorganized one? There are strategies to choose team players, to mold them into a great team, to define their goals, to motivate them for success, to deal with “outliers,” and to learn from failure – and success.

Choosing and Developing Team Players When you are considering putting a potential team together or adding new members to a current team, the interview process is crucial. Do applicants have the requisite skills, or must they be trained? You should consider

We had been selected for the

whether each of these people has experience working well with similar

Astronaut Corps and this particular

teams. Can they give examples of those types of projects those teams have

flight because we had proven track records of

worked on and how success was achieved? Also, be sure your current team

being good team players, both as leaders – and as followers – and had the requisite skills to accomplish a variety of space missions with varying 36

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feels comfortable with this candidate.

Professional Modular Clipper with Turbocharged Magnetic Motor

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Molding a Group of People into a Team Not all groups of people can come together to form a great team. You’ll find natural leaders, potential leaders and excellent followers who will carry the ball down the field for the rest of your team. Each of them has a role to play. It is up to your leadership to learn the competencies and capabilities

accomplishment or a feeling of success are the best motivators. Others may value the opportunity for advancement or recognition. Financial rewards, raises or prizes may work in your company. Often the praise of their fellow members is sufficient. Have you considered a little friendly competition? Only by asking the team members will you find out.

of each one of them and how to put them to the best use to accomplish the work that needs to be done.

Dealing with Outliers What if one of your company’s team members is not performing well

Defining Team Goals Your team will only be effective if there are clear-cut, well-defined goals which all of the team members understand and are willing to work toward. The role of your management or team leaders is to be able to state these goals precisely and make sure the team understands and is on board with achieving the goals. Your leadership should take responsibility for

or is ill-suited to the team, making the workplace uncomfortable and jeopardizing success? Can you show data that his or her performance is not up to the standards you have set and expect? What about negative reports from coworkers? A frank in-person discussion about these issues is crucial, and it is imperative you solve the problem or let the person go so as not to poison the morale of the entire team.

monitoring the progress of the group and each individual. Should the goals of your team change, all team members much be briefed so there is clarity going forward.

Practicing and Learning from Failure – and Success When things go wrong, it is crucial that you seek to learn all the causes and fix them right away. You must also be sure that team members learn

Recognizing What Motivates Your Team It is imperative that you understand what motivates the people on your particular team. For some team members learning new skills, a sense of


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

from the failure, so the same mistakes are not repeated. Never forget that learning from success will make your team and your outcomes better, too. Incorporate processes or procedures that worked well in the past, and be

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


sure to recognize those team members who made significant contributions

choose and develop great team members

to the achievement.

mold them into the best team for your organization,

define your organization’s goals,

motivate the team appropriately,

deal with problem team members, and

have been a team member and perhaps had the opportunity to be selected

learn from success and failure.

or hired as a team leader. Great teams that produce superior results are

By following these principles, you’ll find that you would have built a team

Teams of all sorts are ubiquitous. Whether at a worksite, on a sports team, in a nonprofit organization, or in a hospital operating room (or in today’s world, virtually or in-person), teams are everywhere. Undoubtedly you

built following the following simple principles that lead to outstanding teamwork. You must:

Meet Dr. Rhea Seddon

that is out of this world.

Dr. Rhea Seddon is a renowned speaker, Astronaut and the author of “Go For Orbit”, a memoir about her adventures spending 30 days in space aboard the Space Shuttle. She is also a former surgeon, healthcare executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Seddon speaks to audiences of all kinds on the topics of teamwork, leadership and taking advantage of opportunities. To arrange a speaking engagement, visit www.RheaSeddon.com.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Kate Zabriskie

Create an Organization Filled with Great Leaders “We have a bunch of high-potential employees we want to keep. We’ve got to offer them something in the way of development.” “These people are going to have direct reports soon and we need to prepare them. Otherwise, I know some will fail. It’s not fair to ask people to lead with no preparation.” “Our leaders are leaders in title only, and we need to do something quickly. We’re losing good front-line employees. I don’t know how we ended up in this situation.”

Organizations create leadership development program for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes they are proactive, sometimes they are reactive, all times they can be more successful if their programs include a few essential


Develop from Multiple Angles

Great leadership development programs leverage more than classroom time. They include books, discussion groups, projects,

elements and follow some established best practices.

mentoring, and sometimes internal or external coaching. These added activities reinforce the classroom message and accelerate the


Choose Meaningful Content

No two leadership development programs look exactly alike.

learning process. Think about your content and the various ways you can deliver it.

Some include such elements as leadership behaviors and employee development skills. Others incorporate technical content or project management in addition to soft skills. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, but there is a one-size-fits-all rule: Leadership development program content should be relevant and immediately useful to the people who participate. If you miss the mark on content, don’t be surprised when your program flops.


Model Your Program After Something Established

Nothing says you must create a program from scratch, so look around before diving in. As begin researching, you will quickly discover there is a large body of work that exists, and there are countless companies that have established solutions. A few ideas from one perspective paired with some from another and your knowledge of your participants and organization should save you


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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


some time and yield a custom-tailored approach that makes sense in your environment.


Show Buy-In from the Top

Buy-in from the top communicates a sense of specialness and commitment, and having the CEO or another senior member of leadership kick off a program can go a long way toward showing


Allow Time

Development isn’t instant. It takes time, and good leadership

participants that the initiative is important. With advances in technology, the kickoff does not have to be in person or for that

development programs build in space for life to happen and for

matter live. You can easily use video conferencing technology to

participants to practice what they’re learning.

broadcast or record a message.

When you’re designing your program, be realistic about what you can accomplish in a given period, and know that an intensive six days is going to yield a different result than a thorough six months.


Don’t Use Money as an Excuse to Do Nothing If your business is so small that


Choose Facilitators and Coaches Participants Will Respect

you only have one or two people to develop, consider signing the employee up for a public program. If that expense is still too much,

Should we outsource the

think about partnering with another

sessions? Should the same

business or two and building


something together. If that’s not




classroom portions of our


program? Can we use inside

mentoring and online learning. With


what’s available for little or no cost,








Everyone its



there’s just no excuse to do nothing.


animal. Some people like the continuity of using the same

9. Evaluate Your Efforts

instructor for all or most

Landing on the perfect leadership

classroom session. Other organizations like to shake it up and bring

development formula usually takes time. Furthermore, as changes

in an expert for each topic. Just as with content selection, there isn’t

occur in the world, most programs need a refresh. To stay current

a right answer, but there is a right approach. Think through various

and to refine your approach, ask your program participants for

options and ask yourself what makes the most sense for your group.

feedback. If you’re sincere in your desire to improve, most people will usually give you sincere and helpful information. Listen to what they say and take the feedback to heart without taking it personally.


Make It Special

People who go through a selection process of some kind are usually more excited about participating in leadership development programs than their colleagues who enter programs that have a come-as-you-are-and-when-you-like policy. Consider using a

Growing leaders from the ground up takes time. Fortunately, the payoffs can be huge, and the investment is almost always worth the effort. If you start today, just think where your organization could be in a year or two.

nomination and recommendation process when selecting your program’s participants.

Meet Kate Zabriskie

Kate Zabriskie is the president of Business Training Works, Inc., a Maryland-based talent development firm. She and her team help businesses establish customer service strategies and train their people to live up to what’s promised. For more information, visit www.businesstrainingworks.com.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Jason V. Barger

Is Your Company Culture a Thermostat or Thermometer? Ways To Calibrate Your Team Too many teams and leaders

it as leaders and unified teams. Like a thermostat, the culture is proactively


shaped by the consistent temperature they set.



Mode. The best leaders and organizations understand that calibrating the

end up experiencing is

Without clarity of the type of

thermostat doesn’t just magically happen. It’s not reactionary; it’s proactive.

culture they are trying to create and the

The best team cultures are committed day in and day out, month in and

leader they need to be, the culture they

month out, year in and year out to calibrating their thermostat and gaining

purely reactionary. The temperature just goes

alignment and clarity on the temperature they desire to set in the future.

up and down depending on who is in the room or what is happening in the external environment. One day it’s hot, and the next day it’s cold. Like a thermometer, the culture only reacts to the environment it is in.

Four ways to calibrate your team are: 1. Mission — The Mission is WHY you are going on the journey you’re on. It is the heartbeat and soul to all your efforts. Return your team to

The best leaders and teams on the planet operate in Thermostat Mode.

purpose by involving them in discussion on why they are on the journey you’re on as a team. What’s your collective Mission and each teammate’s

With clarity and precision, they know the temperature they are trying to set as a leader and a col-lective team. No matter what is happening in the

individual Mission? Help clarify the Mission so that everyone is clear from the beginning why you’re going to the ef-forts you are as an organization.

external environment, they proactively set the temperature they desire. The focus isn’t just on WHAT they are going to do, but on HOW they do


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2. Vision — The Vision is WHERE you are heading as a team or

organization. It’s the dream of what is possible and what can be created

who is on the journey and who is doing what. Have a bias toward action

together. Paint the picture of what you hope to create that doesn’t exist

that stimulates progress toward the Vision.

and what that future Vision looks like. What’s your collective Vision as a team and the individual Vision for each contributor’s role? Help clarify the Vision so everyone is clear on the end game and the desired results of all efforts.

Every time you return to these discussions and seek clarity as a team, the thermostat begins to calibrate. Every time you deliver on the actions and behaviors you envisioned, the temperature becomes even more consistent and felt. Culture-shaping is not a one time

3. Values — Your Values are HOW you are committed to traveling




They are the compass that helps you know that you are on track with HOW you’re committed to traveling. Values aren’t dictated to us, but are discovered, discerned and identified by participatory

act, flavor of the month or annual exercise, it requires ongoing discussion, focus,

The best cultures proactively set the temperature throughout their organization. They are grown, developed, cultivated and led with intentionality.

discussion. What are the unified Values that will guide you as a team and what do they look like

in action and behavior? Help clarify the Values so that your teams have a compass for HOW they’ll travel together.

accountability and action. The temperature is intentional and consistent.

The best cultures proactively set the temperature throughout their organization. They are grown, developed, cultivated and led with intentionality. The process for developing high-performing and engaged cultures never stops and the best leaders,

teams and organizations are committed to setting the temperature in how they hire, onboard, do performance evaluations, develop emerging leaders, and recognize excellence. The best leaders invest in their cultures and the climate they want to be a part of.

4. Strategy — The strategy is WHAT you are going to do proactively to bring the Mission, Vision and Values to life. It’s the game plan that clarifies the priorities, people, and next actions to bring the dream into reality. With clear direction for the road ahead, what are the next actions needed

If you’re experiencing negativity, blame, blurry vision, division, disconnection or uncertainty, it may be time to calibrate the thermostat!

to stimulate progress individually and collectively as a team? Help clarify

Meet Jason V. Barger

Jason V. Barger is the globally-celebrated author of “Thermostat Cultures,” “ReMember” and “Step Back From the Baggage Claim,” as well as the host of “The Thermostat” podcast. As Founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting, he is a coveted keynote speaker, leadership coach and organizational consultant who is committed to engaging the minds and hearts of people and growing compelling cultures. Learn more at JasonVBarger.com

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Typical Card Transaction Customer Merchant’s Business

Merchant Received Approval or Decline Notice


Merchant Processor

Credit Card Network

Merchant Processor

Credit Card Network Credit Holder’s Issuing Bank

This is just a fraction of the names of fees that can be charged at the processor level. Interchange Fee Assessment Fee Processor’s Markup Merchant Account Provider Fee Customer Service Fee File Fee Terminal Lease Fee Rental Fee 48

Withdrawl Fee Gateway Fee Statement Fee Account Fee 3D Secure Account Set Up Fee Non Compliance Fee

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

starts with:

ONE FLAT RATE Dash-Pay is the Original Flat Rate Credit Card Processing company. We offer a transparent Flat Rate, regardless of the type of card or the way you process it. End the ridiculous fees.

No Hidden Fees!

Eddie Jhin President of Jinny United proudly endorses Dash-Pay credit card merchant over many others in the market place. Eddie Jhin states, “I firmly believe the honesty and capability of the people running this company and this is why all my companies will be using their service”.

DASH-PAY.COM POSPAY Payment Solutions, Inc (POSPAY) based in Boston is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of WorldPay, and a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) with Visa & MasterCard.

s h t g n e L w Ne

40”& 60”

Now Available in 40, 50 & 60 inch FLAME

















3+1(FREE) 1(FREE)


@UrbanBeautyHair | www.jbshair.com | 678-805-3000

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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


By Lafayette Jones

Terrie Clawson

Stéphanie Dauphin

Rhonda Newton

International Sales, Dudley Beauty Corp., LLC

Registered Nurse and Hair Loss Expert

Sales Strategist and CEO of the Wellness Bosses

Kim Davies Smith

Betty Robinson Clawson

Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Expert

Director Dudley Beauty College - Chicago

Terrie Clawson,


International Sales, Dudley Beauty

Being an integral part of the Dudley company, Terrie Clawson was interviewed for the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Legacy Project. Every.Black

Corp., LLC



(a company that promotes entrepreneurship at www.Every.Black) was Director


International Sales & Key Accounts of the Dudley Beauty Corp., LLC,

recently commissioned to produce the project to document the lifetime impact of this legendary businessman through a podcast at www.Patreon. com/JoeDudleySr where her interview can be viewed.

is responsible for recruiting and nurturing International distributors worldwide. Additionally, she has full P&L responsibility for key accounts within the Dudley customer network. A 40-year veteran of Dudley, she has successfully helped to develop distributors in the following countries: Africa, England, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Barbados, the

Betty Robinson Clawson, Director Dudley Beauty CollegeChicago

French Caribbean, Suriname, Brazil and Australia. Terrie Clawson has held numerous positions over the years including but not limited to Pioneer

The definition of a mother is to

Route Sales Manager, Director of Dudley Cosmetology University, and

establish, direct, protect and support

Dudley Salon Group Manager. She is a member of the Dudley Executive

her young. Can you imagine a mother

committee and reports directly to the President of Dudley Beauty Corp,

with over 6,000 children in 25 years?


Wow! That’s what the current and

She has an MBA from Wake Forest University. When asked the question,

former students of Dudley Beauty College-Chicago call Betty Robinson

how one can accomplish one’s goals in life, she responds, “Find someone

Clawson - their mother in business.

that has what you want and more. Then follow without question, without

Dudley Beauty College-Chicago, located on the south side of Chicago for

doubt or reservation. Believe that God will meet you at your level of

25 years, has been an icon in the beauty industry for outstanding education.

The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. - and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Lafayette Jones

The mission of the school is to develop professional cosmetologists, nail

graduation, she swiftly signed up for an advanced course that focused on

technicians, estheticians, instructor trainees and licensed professionals for

the Pivot Point method/technique.

the 21st century.

Newton worked diligently in the hair care industry from this time on

Betty Clawson came to Chicago at the suggestion of her bosses, Joe and

with her mom and faithfully used Dudley products at the salon. When

Eunice Dudley. Betty, a country girl from rural North Carolina, doubted

the opportunity presented itself in 1994, Newton attended the Dudley

her own ability of building a business in a big city. But of course, after

Cosmetology University training program. This training program exposed

working with and following the guidance of the Dudleys she knew that

Newton to so much promise and opportunity in the haircare industry.

they would not direct her wrong. So, in September of 1993, Dudley Beauty College - Chicago was born.

In 2002, Newton completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She began working for a large law firm in the area, all while still doing hair in the salon

Betty Clawson’s experience for the past 50+ years with Dudley Products

on the side with her mom. She decided to venture out on her own and

includes direct sales, professional route sales, territorial management, and

provide her services on the Missouri side of the Kansas City Metro. With

the founding Dean of Dudley Cosmetology University in Kernersville,

that, Salon Eminence came into being.

North Carolina. She attributes these experiences as preparation for leadership as a school director. But her relationship with God prepared her for this new responsibility of changing the lives of future business leaders in the field of cosmetology.

She then earned a bachelor’s in nursing and became a registered nurse in 2009. One day in 2015, she observed that this young lady in her early ‘20s had to have her hair shaved off on one side of her head. From that, Newton sought out information and ways to help people experiencing hair

Being an integral part of the Dudley company, Betty Clawson was

loss. From 2015 through 2019, she trained under a series of programs to

interviewed for the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr. Legacy Project. Every.Black

learn all she could about hair loss. As a result, she created a business out of

(a company that promotes entrepreneurship at www.Every.Black) was

providing a natural-looking hair piece for people suffering from hair loss

recently commissioned to produce the project to document the lifetime

primarily for medical reasons.

impact of this legendary businessman through a podcast at www.Patreon. com/JoeDudleySr where her interview can be viewed.

During her interview on the Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Legacy Project (www. patreon.com/joedudleysr) conducted by Every.Black, she talks about how Dr. Dudley, co-founder of Dudley Beauty Products, encouraged her to go into business helping people suffering from hair loss.

Rhonda Newton Registered Nurse and Hair Loss Expert

Rhonda (McCoy) Newton is the youngest of six children born to

Kim Davies Smith Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Expert

Victoria and Autress McCoy, Sr. in Kansas City, Kansas. Newton’s mother, “Ms. Vickie,” was a licensed cosmetologist and business owner. Her father, commonly known as “Jack,” was an entrepreneur, as well. As the youngest, she watched all of her older siblings step into the family legacy of

Kim Davies Smith is a customer service, sales and marketing expert with over 25 years of experience serving companies such as General Motors, IBM and Smart Care Solutions

entrepreneurship. Naturally, she followed suit.

formally Ecolab. Smith is skilled at building relationships and securing

Ms. Vickie was working on a client at the time that she went into labor

new business while delivering excellent customer service. With her

with Newton. However, being the professional stylist that she was, Ms.

positive attitude and passion of delivering solutions to complex customer

Vickie finished up with her client, closed the salon, headed to the hospital’s

problems are some of her most memorable accomplishments. Over the

emergency department and walked in the doors. When asked why she was

years, she has demonstrated her effective management skills of leading by

there to be seen she expressed that she was there to have her baby and

example and teamwork to drive successful business results. Throughout

shortly thereafter, Newton was born.

her journey, there has always been change, ups and downs as she found

Newton grew up around the hair care industry her entire life. During Newton’s senior year of high school, she was given the opportunity to

opportunities to continue to learn and grow in other careers such as real estate sales, restaurant ownership and apparel sales.

graduate early or attend a vocational technical school. Newton chose to

Starting early in Smith’s life she has always paid attention to beauty and

attend vo-tech school and enrolled in the cosmetology program. Upon her

fashion, often imagining what it would be like to assist others in making


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

their clothing selections. As an apparel sales associate at EnVogue Boutique,

company is dedicated to connecting Christian wellness business owners

she was able to explore and develop her abilities to understand the science

(including the beauty industry) with people who want to restore or

of colors in fashion. Soon, she became a fashion advisor for her clientele,

maintain their optimal state of wellbeing. She is committed to make

who always trusted her judgement to find the perfect clothing selections

wellness accessible to more people by helping entrepreneurs with customer

that enhanced their individual beauty. Smith realized that by changing the

acquisition and with increasing their retention rate.

clothing on a mannequin, it could influence the way a person feels about fashion. She also believes that when you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you do good.

Dauphin has been helping entrepreneurs from Europe and America grow their business with specific marketing and sales strategies for more than 10 years. She is known for her ability to create customized sales strategies and

Smith currently lives in Carmel, Indiana, volunteering her time and talents

helping business owners focus on money-generating activities and develop

to support Indiana Black Expo, Circle City Classic, Habitat of America and

B2B partnerships.

seminars to promote home ownership in her community. At a young age, she traveled abroad to countries in East Africa such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda that have enhanced her horizon.

Dauphin is also the author of the digital book, “Biblical Sales Principles. The Christian Business Guide For More Success and Abundance in Your Life.” Dauphin believes, “sales are one of the ways God allows us to take

Smith received her bachelor’s degree at Michigan States University from

care of our fellow brothers and sisters.” In this e-book, Dauphin shows

the school of Urban Development with aspirations to help urban areas to

Christian business owners how to reach more people, transform more

achieve economic growth and wealth. She gained an Associate degree in

lives and identify the steps needed to increase the number of their paying

Electronics from Career Development Institute to develop her technical

customers, all based on fundamental Bible principles.

skills. Smith is also a graduate of IBM’s management development school and has received multiple awards for providing excellent customer service. Smith has participated on company committees to ensure team voices are heard and action is taken to help shape a productive work environment.

Dauphin began in this industry as an entrepreneur hosting many soldout beauty and wellness events such as retreats, wellness days, the Black Women Rise Summit and more. She is also a Toastmasters International Speaker and a recurring contributing writer with platforms such as

Smith Davies Smith is currently a member of Every.Black and serves as

“The Huffington Post” and the No. 1 Black-owned beauty and wellness

the Benefits Specialist assisting new members with taking advantage

French publication “Femme d’Influence Magazine,” writing on topics of

of their benefits. Every.Black is a company that assists entrepreneurs to

entrepreneurship, wellness and self-love.

create wealth by leveraging technology and utilizing a strategy of global networking.

Dauphin’s academic background includes Diversity Management from the University of Liege (Belgium), a masters in social work from the University of Ottawa (Canada) and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Montreal (Canada). She is also a member of Every.Black (www.Every.

Stéphanie Dauphin Sales Strategist and CEO of the Wellness Bosses

Black), a company that assists entrepreneurs create wealth by leveraging technology and utilizing a strategy of global networking. You can connect with her via Linkedin or by email at info@ stephaniedauphin.com

Stéphanie Dauphin is a Sales Strategist and CEO of Wellness Bosses. Her

Each month, Urban Call Briefs covers subjects that provide readers of OTC Beauty Magazine with information on multicultural consumers, Hispanics and African Americans, who are the fastest growing consumer segments in the U.S. The mission of this column is to build a bridge of communications and information between manufacturers and retailers and the ethnic consumers they wish to serve better. The column offers resources covering marketing, retail merchandising, consumer research, purchase behavior, fashion and beauty trends, industry events and people, trade association news, new product launches and a potpourri of information designed to help the readers make intelligent decisions about the customers they serve. Urban Call is a registered trademark of Segmented Marketing Services, Inc. (SMSi). For more information, call 336-759-7477 or visit www.segmentedmarketing.com. The preceding article is the property of SMSi – Urban Call Marketing, Inc. and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author. OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Growing It Out

A Grooming Guide for the Black Male Shopper There comes a time in a man’s life when he considers growing a beard. Of course, this task will require consistent maintenance and upkeep. When you first start growing a beard, leave it untouched the first 4-6 weeks. This allows the hairs to grow evenly. Every beard will grow at its own speed. Need some more tips? Read on!

Beard Basics

Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil If your beard is looking dry and dull, this oil is just

Establish a routine for your beard in order to maintain its growth and

for you. It is used for conditioning and hydrating the

appearance. Wash your beard regularly at least 2 -3 times a week. Dry your

beard. The Macadamia Seed Oil formula is non-greasy

beard thoroughly, and use beard oil to moisturize it. Brush to distribute the

and soothes dry skin while providing a light shine and

oil evenly throughout your beard and to stimulate the blood flow to your

moisture. It absorbs quickly and prevents the itching

beard follicles. Use a beard brush and a beard comb to train your beard

that comes with growing facial hair. The result is a full,

hair. For a neat appearance, trim your beard and clean up your neckline.

supple beard with a lustrous glow.

Here are a few products that can be used to maintain your beard.

Cantu Men’s 3 in 1 Murray’s Billey’s Beard How about a single product that takes care of multiple needs? Cantu’s 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash moisturizes dry scalp and skin. Infused with caffeine and hemp seed oil, it will help your hair grow stronger and thicker.

Balm If you are the kind of guy that likes a soft beard, this balm, infused with coconut and shea butter, keeps your beard as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Wahl’s 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip Trimmer Experience a one-of-a-kind powerful beard trimmer that’s on the market. It comes with multiple guards for a certain length and is praised for its lightness and power to maneuver around your beard easily. 54

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Scalp Refresh

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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


Andis Slimline Pro T-blade Trimmer

Organic Raw Shea Butter, it hydrates dry, brittle hair from breakage and damage from pollutants.

This gadget keeps your cheek lines and neckline neat. It trims the hard-to-reach hairs on the neck. The super-sharp and light trimmer is built to last and holds a charge for a long

ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo


The shampoo is a remedy for dry hair and is formulated with aloe vera, olive oil and panthenol. It gently cleanses

Longer Hair, More Care

the hair, leaves it soft and tangle-free, and your hair will smell amazing.

Black men are growing their hair out more than ever. Facial hair can dramatically change your appearance/ Since hair grows about half an inch per month, it can take anywhere from six months to a year to get the length you desire. Be sure to get regular trims every 2-3 months to

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive

encourage hair growth and prevent split ends.

Conditioning Treatment

If you are growing long hair, it is important to wash your hair once every

This intensively deep treatment can be used as a

1-2 weeks, depending on your hair’s needs. Your hair will let you know

conditioner or a reconstructor. Infused with Argan Oil

when it needs to be washed. If your hair smells, feels oily, looks dry or

from Morocco, it prevents breakage, strengthens the

has dandruff, it needs to be washed. It is imperative that you use the right

hair and leaves the hair soft and silky.

products to clean and moisturize your hair effectively. When you have longer hair, it takes more time to wash and rinse it. If you

Taliah Waajid Strengthener

have long locs, you must first wet them for 3-5 minutes because your hair is

Therapeutic Formula

thicker and will take longer to get wet. Use a half-dollar amount of shampoo and start at the scalp, then work your way through the locs. Next, you will

The light, non-greasy herbal formula combats

wash out the shampoo. The longer your locs, the more time is needed to

dryness and itching. It contains oregano and

rinse them out after a wash. Lift up the locs while rinsing to make sure the

menthol, and sage extract. Your scalp will feel

shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out. Remove excess water from your hair

revitalized, and the result is a healthy, shiny

before applying the conditioner. Be sure to coat every strand. Rinse the


conditioner out thoroughly. Try these products to shampoo and condition the hair.

The Mane Choice Hair Solution’s




Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo




Growth Oil Use this oil daily to stimulate and soothe the scalp. It also

The peppermint-scented shampoo gently cleanses your locs of daily dirt and grime. Enriched with

helps to reduce shedding and will improve your scalp’s overall condition.

reparative omegas of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and

Meet Dr. Shanessa Fenner

Dr. Shanessa Fenner is an elementary school principal, TV show host, former radio personality, writer and model.


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SOFT EE MEN’S COLLECTI ON S of te e M e n ’s 2 -i n - 1 S h am p o o & B o d y Was h t re a t h a i r a n d s k i n t o th e u l t i m ate re f re s h i n g s h owe r exp e ri e n c e. W h i l e th e S o f te e M e n ’s B e ard O i l wo rk s t o s m o o th , s h i n e a nd n o u ri s h fac i al h ai r an d s ki n . S o f te e M e n ’s 2 - i n - 1 S h am p o o & B o d y Was h a n d S o f te e M e n ’s B e a rd O i l are i n f u s e d wi th te a t re e & c e d a r wo o d e s s e n t i a l o i l s. B o th are k n ow n t o b e n at u ral l y b e n e fi c i a l i n d i s c o u rag i n g b u i l d u p an d i n c re as i n g ox y g e n a n d nu t rie n t s u p p l y t o h ai r an d s ki n . PA R A B E N F R E E + M I N E R A L O I L F R E E + P H T H A L A T E F R E E + S U L FA T E F R E E + P E T R O L A T U M F R E E

Availab le NOW at:

© So f tee P ro d ucts, a d ivisio n of MC P TN, L L C. So me rv i l l e , TN 3 8 0 6 8 P l e a s e C a l l Yo u r L o c a l D i s t ri b u t o r To d ay !

MA DE I N THE U S A | S OF T EEP RODUCT S.COM OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



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Clippers and Trimmers

Nothing is more integral to a man’s grooming routine than his clippers and trimmers. More and more men are taking pride in their self-care and grooming. That means you may see more gentleman shoppers investing in professional tools to achieve the best look. Will you know which tools will best address their needs? If not, check out the top-selling clippers and trimmers at Jinny Beauty Supply!


Andis T-Outliner Trimmer AN4710

This magnetic motor trimmer offers a close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for

detailing. The close-cutting T-blade has fine teeth that allow for an incredibly close cut. This trimmer also has an 8-foot cord that allows for flexibility in movement.


Best for dry shaving, outlining and fading

• •

Contoured housing fits comfortably in the hand High-speed motor runs cool and quiet


Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip WA8148

For a cordless solution, your customers will love this 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip. This cordless tool has a high-precision, stagger-tooth

2161 blade with crunch technology. It also offers excellent speed and ease of use, making it a perfect fading and blending choice.

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


3. BaBylissPRO® GOLD FX Outlining Trimmer FX787G

This all-metal, cord/cordless lithium outlining trimmer is a rare

find. It includes an exposed T-Blade with 360-degree views and

a Ferrari-designed engine, making it the ideal tool for hard lines and other detail work.

4. Oster® Fast Feed® Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper


The Fast Feed® clipper is a workhorse for any barber’s

arsenal. The powerful Whisper Quiet™ pivot motor is

designed to be durable and long-lasting. It comes with

three comb attachments, cleaning accessories and a

blade guard.


Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Cordless Clipper HCGPMECS

Speaking of fast and quiet clippers, the Ergo Gamma+ features the latest in magnetic motor technology with

an improved linear magnetic motor that runs at 10,000

strokes per minute. And for those who like to switch things

up, this Ergo clipper includes Gold, Chrome and Rose Gold body kits to create custom modifications.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



By Sara Rueda

Treat Yourself & Your Hair Professional-Grade Hair Care at Home! Going to get your hair done is a special thing.

both a ‘cool’ and ‘low’ setting) and Ionic

last as long as possible? And, clean up’s a breeze

Getting off your feet, sitting back, and getting

Technology, this dryer has everything you

with a built-in bonnet and cord storage.

styled fresh; it’s an experience everyone can

require to carry out any type of hair dryer need.

relate to. What if you could take a piece of that

Whether you’re doing a treatment, setting

Find the Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer at

home with you? Welcome to your new life of

some curls or maybe kicking back while you

Amazon, along with all of the other Gold ‘N

leisure! Meet the Gold ‘N Hot Professional

get a gentle drying, this device’s multiple heat

Hot appliances that help you celebrate your

Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer. The dryer that

settings and technologies give you options.




Gold ‘N Hot aims to support stylists and

Effortless convenience! The Ionic Soft Bonnet

hair enthusiasts with professional products

Dryers can be used for many things when it

Dryer features a portable design, flexible hose

for every step of their process. We provide

comes to hair care. Some people have multiple

and a 6-foot power cord. You can set up (or

a wide variety of quality styling tools to help

dryers for those different things but enter the

move around as needed) and plug in wherever’s

you achieve the most gorgeous results and

Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer - a

most comfortable. Maintenance is simple with

ever-changing trends. Follow Gold ‘N Hot on

styling appliance that has versatility in mind.

an easy-to-clean bonnet and equipment. After

Facebook and Instagram @goldnhotelite.

Designed with four heat settings (including

all, who doesn’t want to help their favorite tools

brings salon-grade style and care to anyone, anytime.

Meet Sara Rueda




Sara Rueda is a Gold ‘N Hot Team Member. Her career has been dedicated to helping empower individuals to be their authentic selves and define their own beautiful.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Dry and Straighten in One-Step IONIC HAIR DRYER AND STYLER


/goldnhotelite ph. 888.738.1212

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Brands Doing Their Part Brands that are striving for something more, planet- first pioneers, are this generation’s real stars and what they’re looking for at stores. Coast has been the “eye opener” for decades. Now it is inviting consumers and retailers to open their eyes to the plastic pollution crisis endangering the inspiration behind Coast, our oceans. • Coast Care has partnered with 4ocean, a purpose-driven B-corp, to pull 5,000 lbs. of trash for cleaner oceans, part of its sales will fund this mission. • Sustainable Formula. Parabens and phthalates free • Sustainable Packaging. Post-consumer recycled plastic bottles

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Hair Perfecting Products THICKER FULLER HAIR® THINNING HAIR TREATMENT Thicker Fuller Hair provides a proven salon-quality thinning hair solution that leaves hair thicker-feeling and fuller-looking. This collection is effective for thinning hair, thanks to its Cell-U-Plex blend of pure plant extracts. It’s infused with caffeine energizers and a Marine Flora complex to help volumize the hair.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY IT Thicker Fuller Hair has a strong heritage, with over 25 years of satisfying its loyal consumers. This collection also promotes a consistent regimen, with 60% of consumers buying two or more SKUs at a time. Thicker Fuller Hair’s complete thickening assortment attracts a loyal consumer base and provides above-average basket-building opportunities.

ZERO FRIZZ The Zero Frizz collection offers salon-quality products that leave hair instantly silky, smooth and frizz-free. Since it was launched in 1996, Zero Frizz® has provided high-quality, anti-frizz performance. The range has now been redesigned and increased with salon-quality formulation and packaging.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY IT This line offers superior anti-frizz performance and has a shampoo, conditioner and several treatment products to drive multiple purchases. And thanks to its “Science of Smooth” technology, it provides superior anti-frizz performance that helps it stand out in the marketplace.


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Zero Frizz® provides high-quality, anti-frizz performance with our Science of Smooth™ Technology which is an exclusive blend of KERATIN plus CERAMIDES, PROTEINS and VITAMINS to help hydrate and smooth coarse hair for soft and shiny results!

Thicker. Fuller. Hair. What else do you need to know?

Designed for men and women, Thicker Fuller Hair is powered by our proprietary technology Cell-u-plex. A blend of pure plant extracts infuse the hair shaft to instantly bodify & amplify fine, thin hair leaves the scalp and hair healthier and stronger.


“Best Hair products “I love this stuff!” for fine hair follicles!” – AMZ review – AMZ review

For more information please reach out to Alison Bertolucci:

For more information please reach out to Alison Bertolucci:




thickerfullerhair.com OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Introducing Murray’s Edgewax Caffeine Caffeine Growth Technology is the new science behind stimulating hair growth. As a natural ingredient, caffeine can stimulate hair growth in the follicles ultimately helping to regenerate.

Murray’s Edgewax with caffeine is formulated in beeswax lanolin-enriched gel, coupled with almond oil piercing through to the follicle to provide nutritional support for hair experiencing thinning and breakage. Murray’s Edgewax with caffeine comes in Regular and Extreme Hold.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



CLIPPER TIPS Sponsored by Andis Co.

EVOLUTION IN TRIMMING By Kenny Duncan, Andis Global Educator – US Team Lead

Evolution: a change in the characteristics over successive generations. From the iconic Andis T-Outliner® Trimmer, which remains a barbershop staple, to the Cordless T-Outliner® Trimmer with its enhanced performance married with cord-free design…comes the next-level evolution – the new GTX-EXO™ Trimmer. The Andis GTX-EXO trimmer utilizes the same great cutting performance as the Cordless T-Outliner, but takes it a step further with an open-blade design, providing optimum visibility for precision detailing at any angle. The unique housing allows for the best of both worlds – high visibility with protection for all internal parts from any debris or maintenance products like Andis Cool Care Plus® and Clipper Oil. And unlike aftermarket T-Outliner modifications that void the warranty, this trimmer is backed by Andis for one year. The GTX-Z blade is pre-set with a closer gap, and its custom gold coating is corrosion-resistant for added durability and longer life. The blade’s deep-tooth design allows for more hair to feed through the trimmer. This feature leads to a smoother dry shave, less irritation of the skin, and lowers the risk of hairs being skipped while trimming or shaving. The lithium-ion battery provides consistent power for over 100 minutes while the Constant Speed Technology delivers consistent cutting performance at 7,200 spm through all hair types. The LED indicator light lets you know when your charge is low, so you can continue cutting with the cord. This trimmer kit includes four attachment combs for cutting versatility, a premium charging stand, charging adapter, blade guard and oil. The GTX-EXO Trimmer is a great addition to the Andis T-Outliner series and will not only turn heads with its beautiful design but also with its evolutionary performance. This tool is great for professionals and well as at-home users. For more information about Andis tools, visit andis.com.

Kenny Duncan is an internationallyknown barber, stylist, make-up artist, photographer, educator and salon owner. He is the barber for several Grammy award-winning artists and has toured the world as the barber for Lady Gaga world tours and the Adele Live world tour. Kenny has also styled for major motion films such as” Fantastic Four,” “Creed” and “Creed II,” starring Michael B. Jordan. He also is the personal barber to NBA stars Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, & Jimmy Butler. He is the co-owner of a wellknown 14-chair salon called Main Attraction Unisex salon, and is the US Lead Educator for the Andis Company


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



THERAPY TRENDS Springing Back From Pandemic Grooming By Elayne McClaine

After a year of being closed down and closed in, many barberless men found themselves quarantined from their grooming routine. As hair and beards began to grow, males began to experiment from home. Now it’s spring again, and men are getting out and seeking solutions. The good thing is, they’ve learned some things during this pandemic. From Zoom calls to online instructional videos and Instagram, men are springing back into grooming. While being quarantined and estranged from professional services, men have been exploring at-home grooming. Men, with more time on their hands, have ventured into ways to experiment and manage their new look. Online shopping opportunities have allowed men to purchase goods that may not have been available or visible at retail. This experimentation has generated an interest in growing the beard and exploring other expressions of natural hair growth such as locs, twists, afros, cornrows or waves. According to a recent manufacturer survey, 40% of males, ages 18-64, grew facial hair since the pandemic began.

JBS Beauty Club has all your accessory needs with

necklaces, earrings, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Stock your store with only the best from JBS. As part

of the largest beauty supply distributor, you can

always buy items by the piece and at great prices. For more information, call 800-361-0786 or visit

them at 4300 Northeast Expressway, Doraville, GA.

Surveyed men stated the top reason for growing or changing their facial hair was experimentation. More than half stated they plan to keep their bearded look. Increased interest in eye creams, facial creams, and overnight moisturizers has also been evident. In fact, men have also explored non-invasive or minimallyinvasive treatments, perhaps to make beards grow even faster. This spring, the pandemic will definitely shape male shopping habits. OTC retailers will have to lure them back into the stores from prominent retailer websites. OTCs will have to actively campaign on social media websites. Digital outreach and instore fulfillment will be a must for attracting consumers of all kinds. These spring male consumers will look different and shop differently. Welcome their post-pandemic grooming and purchasing strategies. Elayne McClaine has identified and developed emerging domestic and global trends in hair care, skincare and other consumer categories for such firms as Chesebrough-Pond’s, Revlon and Pharmacia (div. of Pfizer). Her expertise in therapeutic treatments for hair, skin and scalp led to the creation of the Women’s Institute for Fine and Thinning Hair, sponsored by Rogaine. McClaine has been acknowledged by the American Academy of Dermatologists for marketing and promotional excellence. ESME Market Specialists, LLC consults with firms that require expertise in strategy development, multicultural marketing and account planning. For more information, visit www.esmemarketspecialists.com. 74

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Dream World, Inc. 3505 N. Kimball Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 | Tel. 847-600-3020 | Fax. 847-600-3025 | Toll Free 800-535-6110

Available Exclusively at Jinny Beauty Supply & Dream World

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Curls Founder Enters Into Strategic Partnership with Beauty By Imagination Goody & WetBrush Owner Invests in Prominent Curly Hair Brand To Fuel Growth, Innovation and Broader Distribution CURLS Founder Mahisha Dellinger today announced she has entered into a partnership and collaboration with Beauty By Imagination, a leader in hair care products, tools and accessories, to accelerate CURLS’ next phase of growth. Dellinger will remain the majority and controlling owner while continuing to lead the CURLS brand. With BBI’s strategic partnership, Dellinger will be able to rapidly increase brand awareness, product accessibility and innovation, and expand CURLS’ signature community give-back programs focused on developing the next generation of Black female entrepreneurs. Dellinger will also join BBI’s Board of Directors.

BBI, the parent company to iconic brands including WetBrush, Goody, Ouidad and Bio Ionic, is a portfolio company of ACON Investments, LLC and its affiliates (“ACON”). Through this strategic partnership, BBI will enable the CURLS brand to expand its product offering to curly, coily and textured hair customers nationwide while extending its reach across all distribution channels.

“After 19 years building and leading the CURLS brand, I have chosen to partner with Beauty By Imagination because their investment, resources and expertise will accelerate our growth. Our values are aligned, and they wholeheartedly support my vision to bring more innovation and inspiration to an ever-growing

CURLS community. This is an exciting new chapter for CURListas everywhere - longtime customers and those who will discover us soon,” said Dellinger.

According to Francesca Raminella, the co-CEO of BBI, “BBI and CURLS recognized a unique opportunity to join forces in a strategic partnership that is a win-win for both companies. CURLS is a perfect fit for our strategy because we look for ‘founder’ brands with category authority in hair; strong, authentic customer engagement; and high-performance formulas. The BBI family is thrilled to welcome Mahisha Dellinger and support her in realizing the next chapter of success for CURLS.” “The expertise and leadership that Mahisha will bring to our Board of Directors is something we all look forward to,” Raminella added.

BBI Co-CEO Gary Dailey added: “The CURLS & BBI partnership will rapidly expand CURLS’ distribution. By leveraging BBI’s omnichannel sales platform, CURLS will benefit from our vertically-integrated supply chain resources, bringing the brand to more consumers while enabling Mahisha to focus additional time on product innovation, leadership and inspiration. Mahisha will continue to oversee CURLS’ product formulas and product development, with BBI by her side to optimize operations, logistics and sales.”

Scott Hagstrom Appointed President of Retail Sales at Farouk Systems, Inc. Farouk Systems, Inc. the makers of CHI® and BioSilk® hair care

brands has recently appointed Scott Hagstrom as President of Retail Sales. Scott will be responsible

for the expansion and distribution of all Farouk Systems, Inc. brands

throughout North America. He will also direct and manage the entire

retail sales force, developing a strong

cohesive plan to ignite new sales Scott Hagstrom


Scott joins the company with over 35 years of experience in Executive

Management in the beauty industry. He was also instrumental in 76

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

building many of today’s thriving global brands through creative branding and high-level retail sales initiatives world-wide.

Scott has also dedicated eight years of service as a member of the Manufacture Advisory Council for the Professional Beauty

Association (PBA). The PBA is the largest organization dedicated to salon professionals, distributors & manufacturers.

Scott Hagstrom said, “I am honored to join Farouk Systems as their President of Retail Sales. Their dedication to the beauty industry has been long standing and I plan to bring my years of experience to help produce exceptional sales revenue.”

Dr. Farouk Shami says, “We are so pleased to have Scott join

the Farouk Systems family. His experience and passion for our industry will be a great asset to our company.”



Wide Brush






Q U E R DREAM WORLD, INC. 3505 N. KIMBALL AVENUE, CHICAGO, IL 60618 | TEL. 847-600-3020 FAX. 847-600-3025 TOLL FREE 800-535-6110 EXCLUSIVE AT JINNY & DREAM WORLD, INC.

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Henkel North America Announces New DEI Scholarship and Internship Programs Programs will provide access to quality education and job opportunities for over 50 students in underrepresented communities across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico Henkel, the company behind well-known brands such as Loctite®,

Robert C. Ballard, President and CEO, Scholarship America. “We

new scholarship and internship programs in the U.S., Canada,

and we are doing everything we can to create equity in higher

Dial®, Right Guard®, Schwarzkopf®, and Persil®, has announced and Puerto Rico to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across Henkel businesses. As an important part of Henkel’s

have long supported the values of diversity, equity and inclusion, education.”

broader commitment to accelerating DEI, these programs will

This new initiative will also include enriching internship

strongly support future growth in underrepresented communities

Professionals. These partnerships will offer mentoring and

company’s early talent pipeline for diverse talent.

including Engineering and Business Analytics, Research and

With an initial investment of over $600,000, the initiative will

Marketing, Sales, Logistics, and e-Commerce, to students from

help build leadership, education, and career opportunities that

opportunities with INROADS and CEE Centre For Young Black

and diverse representation of Henkel employees, as well as the

training opportunities across a broad range of areas at Henkel,

be granted and rolled out over the next year. This investment

will include $445,000 to help establish the Henkel Diversity Scholarship






internship opportunities for incoming students across our






diverse backgrounds to help prepare students for corporate

and community roles. Later this year, Henkel plans to announce additional programs with other educational partners.

communities. The new scholarship program, which will be made

“Meaningful partnerships with businesses like Henkel are vital


of delivering innovative programs that accelerate and elevate

available online through Scholarship America, offers renewable

to expand our reach and impact while continuing our mission

populations across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico in need of

the development of underrepresented talent throughout their

financial assistance.

careers,” said Forest T. Harper Jr., President and CEO of INROADS.

“Henkel believes that increased access to quality education

“At CEE, we work with young black youths, their families,

gap in society and business. These new Henkel scholarship and

positive opportunities, including internships, that empower

populations in North America and help strengthen the future

social and economic barriers with an amazing community support






and job opportunities is a critical lever to help close the equity

community leaders, and companies like Henkel to help create

internship programs will reach students from under-represented

youths to pursue their passions while learning ways to overcome

workforce,” said Steven Essick, President of North America and

group,” said CCE Executive Director, Agapi Gessesse.

Regional Head of Finance at Henkel.

The Henkel Diversity Scholarship program is currently accepting

“We are thrilled to join forces with Henkel on its new scholarship

applications until March 18th, 2021. For more information about this

diverse populations in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico,” said

org or visit the website to submit your application directly: Henkel

program that provides financial assistance to students from


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

program, please contact henkeldiversity@scholarshipamerica. Diversity Scholarship Program (scholarsapply.org)

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Dark & Lovely for Protective Styles Collection Takes Your Hair on a Wellness Retreat New Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Hair Hydrator is “Hydration Heaven” in a Bottle Now more than ever, Black women are turning to protective styles not only to encourage growth and maintain hair health, but as an expression of who we are. That’s why, from install to takedown and everything in between, the Dark & Lovely Protective Styles collection has you covered with a range of products to redefine style care for braids, weaves, twists, wigs and locs. And now, Dark & Lovely introduces the Hair Hydrator a daily, moisturizing hair and scalp mist that is infused with a dream team, the hair-loving Rice Water Complex --with rice water, rice bran oil, and rice protein for hair that is 2x stronger, with 58% less breakage. “The past year has reinforced the idea that haircare is self-care. Given protective styles continue to be worn and loved by our consumers, we are launching a new innovation from our Dark & Lovely Protective Styles collection - Hair Hydrator. It’s an easy way to care for the scalp and hair while wearing a protective style, that isn’t limited to Self-Care Sundays,” explains Kristen Blandon, Vice President of Marketing at SoftSheen-Carson, “Our Protective Styles collection already has proven solutions to cleanse, relieve tension and detangle, and we can’t wait to see how people respond to the addition of 24-hour hydration and strength found in Hair Hydrator.” Dark & Lovely introduced the Protective Styles Collection which includes the Tension Tamer, Cleansing Water, Hair Refresher, and

Detangling Cream in early 2020 to make every major phase of caring for their braids, weaves, wigs, locs and natural hair, easier and more enjoyable. And as more women are learning to care for their hair at home, prolong their styles and even try new styles on themselves, this must-have collection will be there, providing carefully formulated solutions just for Black women and their needs. To help spread the word about the line, Dark & Lovely has enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist, Kendall Dorsey, who works with artists including Solange, Nicki Minaj, Yara Shahidi, and Alicia Keys to name a few. “Protective styles can be super pampering and beneficial for your hair when handled with care. That’s why its been so important for me to find products that I can rely on to keep my clients’ hair whether in braids, locs or twists full of shine and moisture while giving them the ultimate comfort,” says Dorsey. “With protective styles so in demand, the Hair Hydrator has quickly become my holy grail.” The Dark & Lovely for Protective Styles Collection is power packed with peppermint, avocado oils and aloe vera to stimulate post install, provide moisture, and restore shine and contains no parabens, no mineral oils and no dyes. The line is now available for purchase at WalMart, Target, RiteAid and Amazon for a suggested retail price of $6.99 each.

Kimberly McKee joins sales team at The Kirschner Group, Inc. The Kirschner Group, Inc. is pleased to

is the first move of an aggressive 2021 growth plan developed

McKee to the growing sales team at TKG.

Professional Division, but also our International and Specialty

announce the appointment of Kimberly Kimberly will assume the role effective

March 1, 2021 and will expand market

penetration in the Southwest and Midwest territories. Kimberly McKee

“Kimberly has 27 years of experience in the Professional Beauty Industry servicing Full-Service Distributors, Salon Chains,

Ethnic Redistributors and Specialty Beauty Retailers and will be a wonderful addition to our team” announced Jay Halaby, Vice

President- Professional Division, United States and Canada. “This 80

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

by the management team at TKG which includes not only our Beauty Retail Divisions.”

Kimberly joins a team of 25 Representatives in the Professional

Division, 27 Representatives in the International Division and 10 Representatives in the Specialty Beauty Retail Division.

The Kirschner Group, Inc. is a worldwide sales and merchandising

organization, representing manufacturers in all channels of the Beauty Industry.

More information on The Kirschner Group can be found at www. kirschnergroup.com or by calling 661-257-6260


DESCRIPTION The first ever lash collection that you can use water to apply false lashes. Innovative new way to wear lashes that takes the stress out of mastering adhesive application. No adhesive needed for an uber user friendly lashes. Patent pending. Exclusive to Ardell brand.

Aqua Lashes 340

Aqua Lashes 341

Aqua Lashes 342

Aqua Lashes 343

Aqua Lashes 344

Aqua Lashes 345

POINT OF DIFFERENCE The art of lash application just got a little bit simpler! Aqua lashes are water activated lashes, an innovative new collection that allows you to apply false lashes with just a dip in water. Hassle and mess free.

MAIN POINTS Ardell provides another easy to use lash innovation! New and existing lash users will not have to fuss over and tackle applying adhesive to false lashes, we’ve done that work for you. As simple as dipping in water activates Aqua Lashes and all you have to do is apply it to you lash line. Beautiful lashes in 2 easy steps.


The lashes are lined with adhesive that is activated by water Application in 2 easy steps – 1. dip lash band in water 2. apply to lash line Beautiful, lush styles in natural to dramatic looks Lashes have tapered tips and a black band mimicking the look of eyeliner Available in 6 styles Lashes may be reused with traditional adhesive application network ArdellLashes.com | #ArdellLashes | @ArdellBeauty OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



Join our


Wahl Professional Announces New Education Teams

Multiple teams will deliver education and inspiration to barbers and stylists at all skill levels For Wahl Professional, providing high-quality education has always been at the forefront of the clipper manufacturer’s


teams” ensures that we are reaching customers at all levels of skill and creativity. There is such


rich diversity and legacy in Wahl

Finucane, Wahl’s National Director


of Education, shares the same

talents of the education team and

education to barbers and stylists

leverage our stellar reputation

in a way that helps them reach

while providing the end-user with

their creative potential. In an effort

the flexibility to choose classes

to reach Wahl Professional’s end

and educational events for all skill

users, Finucane reorganized the Team






my goal was to showcase the

passion and goal of providing



levels,” says Finucane. “Our goal is


to present educational offerings


that can provide the barber or

creative aspects of the barber and

stylist the opportunities to learn

cosmetologist educational needs.

fundamental clipper hair cutting

“Dividing the Wahl Professional Education Team into three “sub-

up to the most creative cutting techniques that utilize multiple Wahl Professional tools.”

Andis® Company Releases Master Cordless Clipper in Limited Edition Gold Color

The GQ 2020 Grooming Award-Winning Clipper Will Be Available In Gold For A Limited Time Andis® Company, a leader in barbering

corded Andis Clipper in the 1920s to the cordless powerhouse

a limited-edition gold color of its

cord-free. And that performance is why you find it in the hands






popular Master Cordless Clipper. The international award-winning clipper will be available in Gold for a limited time at select retail locations.

“We’re excited to release this new

Master Cordless gold finish to give

barbers and stylists the opportunity to

stand out in the shop and express their style,” said Matt Andis, Andis Company Co-CEO. “The Master has been an icon in the barbering community


decades, evolving from the original


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

tool of today that achieves the same high-speed performance but of the world’s greatest barbers.” The Master Cordless’ powerful

lithium-ion battery provides 90 minutes of runtime and weighs nearly 30 percent less than the classic, corded version of the product. Ideal for tapering and fading, the Master Cordless blade

adjusts from size 000 – 1 with the flick of a lever. Plus, Andis’

Constant Motor Speed Technology ensures it won’t drag or stall – even in the thickest hair. Professionals will also appreciate the

premium charging stand designed to keep their workstations organized and the unbreakable aluminum housing that protects the mechanics of the clipper. The limited-edition clipper also includes five premium attachment combs.

The Gold Master Cordless Clipper is available to purchase exclusively at authorized Andis dealers.

MSRP: $398.00



• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Dream World, Inc. 3505 N. Kimball Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 | Tel. 847-600-3020 | Fax. 847-600-3025 | Toll Free 800-535-6110 Available Exclusively at Jinny Beauty Supply & Dream World

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021







April 6-9

Ethiopia Beauty & Fashion Expo

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


April 7-10

Morocco Beauty Expo

Casablanca, Morocco


April 10-11

The Makeup Show Houston

Houston, TX


April 10-12

AHLC Hair Now 21

San Diego, CA


April 11-12

Image Expo Houston

Houston, TX


April 12-16

Beauty Tech Live



April 16-17

Family Business NextGen Forum


https://www.familybusinessmagazine.com/ latest-conferences

April 20-21

ECRM Spring/Summer General Merchandise



April 25

Hairstylist Appreciation Day Nationwide

April 26-28

NACDS Annual Meeting



May 4-5

NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day

New York, NY


May 5

National Nail Day founded by Elegant Touch

May 6-7

Franchise Expo Nashville

Nashville, TN


May 11-15

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Australia Sydney

May 16-17

Int’l Manufacturers and Distributors

London, England


May 23-26

Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange

Park City, Utah


May 24-25

Int’l Conf. on Cosmetology, Trichology, Nutrition

London, UK


May 24-27

Natural Products Expo West

Anaheim, CA





OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



FEEDBACK Let your voice be heard!

In this segment, OTC Beauty Magazine wants to find out what is important to you, our loyal readers. Posing a handful of questions each month, our goal is to learn through feedback how to better serve you. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts; write responses on this sheet and mail it back to us, or send it via email.

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What are some of the most popular men’s products at your store?

Do you have challenges with merchandising your electrical products for men?

Was this issue of OTC helpful in furthering your knowledge about men’s grooming and other related merchandise?

When we receive your feedback we will choose a few answers to feature in the next month’s issue. You could be famous just by answering a few questions – simple as that! We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for supporting this publication. 보내주신 답변 중 몇몇을 뽑아 다음달에 기재하도록 하겠습니다. 몇 개의 질문에 답변을 함으로써, 여러분이 잡지에 실릴 수 있는 것입니다! 여러분의 성원에 감사 드리며, 많은 참여 부탁 드리겠습니다.

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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

Mail this form to: (보내실곳: ) OTC Beauty Magazine, Attn: Editorial Dept. 3587 Oakcliff Rd. - Doraville, GA 30340 Email: editor@otcbeautymagazine.com

free of


Take thirsty curls from parched to pow!

e r u t s i o M e x elu


D *SLS/SLES Sulfates = Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ ® Sodium Laureth Sulfate © 2020 Zotos International, Inc.





OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


88 OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021 Reserved © Dream World Products. - All Rights


Softens, conditions and nourishes strands, leaving hair soft and very manageable. INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS

Green Apple

strengthen and balance pH level for optimal hair and scalp health.


smooths hair shaft and conditions scalp.

Avocado Oil

moisturizes, revitalizes hair, and improves shine.

No Parabéns, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, or Gluten.








OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021






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OTC Beauty Magazine 2021 Coupon must be presented to Jinny Beauty Supply by the last day of the promotional month April to qualify for rebates.

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Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.

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NEW JERSEY 1-844-358-8967

Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.

Store name



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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021






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Purchase the required amount of the vendor’s products. Coupon good for ONE TIME PURCHASE ONLY. Fill out the coupon, supplying all necessary information. Return the refund coupon* along with a copy of your original Jinny invoice** per Manufacturer’s request. You’ll receive a credit from your Jinny Beauty Supply Accounting Department to be used on your next Jinny invoice. NO RETURNS will be accepted on coupon purchases.

*Original only, NO COPIES will be accepted. **Copy of invoice MUST ACCOMPANY refund for credit.

NEW JERSEY 1-844-358-8967





OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



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OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021






OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021




Manetabolism Collection The Manetabolism Collection is a specially formulated blend of healthy ingredients to aid in hair rejuvenation. This continuous care collection helps lead to healthier, stronger looking and feeling hair.

Extra Healthy Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping. It is infused with A, C, E, nutrients, and hydrating ingredients to aid in detangling and improve the integrity of the hair.

Extra Healthy Conditioner is infused with hydrating botanicals to quench dry, thirsty hair. Hair feels soft, smooth, and

is easy to detangle. This conditioner is packed with Biotin and essential vitamins to help improve the appearance of damaged hair and split ends.

Leave-In Recovery Cream coats the strands to help

maintain hydration and manageability. It also makes detangling

easier and helps improve the appearance of dry, damaged hair.

Extra Healthy Warming Treatment Mask is a selfwarming mask that hydrates the hair and helps improve the

appearance of dry, damaged hair. This mask coats the hair to deliver a nourishing, heated treatment---leaving the hair feeling stronger and more manageable.

Design Gel works double duty to set styles in

place while infusing the strands with antioxidants to protect and restore dry, damaged hair.

Life in a Jar Nourishing Balm Oil is

an innovative hair dressing that melts into a

smooth oil. Lightweight, nourishing oil improves

hydration in dry, thirsty hair. It coats the strands with vitamins A, C, E and nutrients for optimum health and shine.

Enhancement Scalp Drops help to promote overall scalp health. This concentrated, nourishing formula is infused with

peppermint and vitamins C & E. The cooling sensation refreshes the scalp.


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021

OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021



.22 STINGER LINEAR MAGNETIC MOTOR TRIMMER (THE 1ST TO MARKET) • Powerful 10,000+ SPM • Easy to be zero gapped • High speed technology • Cordless with 120 minutes running time • Modified DLC coated blade • 3 Customized colored lids Salon Price: $139.99


OTC Beauty Magazine April 2021


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