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Museums celebrate the Maeght Foundation’s 50th anniversary A guest work: Marc Chagall’s La Vie Chagall Museum - 14 June to 6 October

Tribute to Alexander Calder MAMAC - 22 May to 7 September

The Marc Chagall National Museum will display La Vie (Life) painted in 1964. This is a key work in Chagall’s career, not only for its exceptional size, but also because it features all the artist’s favourite themes. In this vast panorama, Moses is shown with couples of lovers, acrobats, hybrid creatures and the customary bestiary, the painter himself and his alter ego, the figure of the Wandering Jew... La Vie will be given a specific presentation completed by documents and other works by Chagall. More information at:

MAMAC (Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art) explores the ties between the Maeght family and the American sculptor and painter Alexander Calder. Aimé Maeght provided valuable aid to his friend as art publisher, lithographer and art dealer. MAMAC, which owns one of the artist’s monumental works (Stabile-Mobile, 1970) on Correspondence between Henri Matisse permanent display in front of the Museum, and Aimé Maeght illustrates this relationship with a selection of works: sculptures, drawings, lithographs, Musée Matisse – Summer 2014 documentary films and works, all produced by On this occasion, the museum will present Maeght. letters exchanged between Henri Matisse and More information at: Aimé Maeght. As soon as they met, these two art enthusiasts began a deep friendship. During the Second World War, Aimé took refuge in Vence, close to Matisse. The artist gave his unwavering support to his friend’s projects by creating the opening exhibition of the Paris gallery in 1945. They then became road companions. More information: The Maeght Foundation is a private foundation inaugurated in 1964 by then Minister of Culture André Malraux, for the purpose of showing Modern and Contemporary Art in all its forms. For its 50th anniversary, some of the works in its collections will be shown extra muros. More information at: 2|

Outings Exhibitions, Tours and Workshops MAMAC Stéphane Pencréac’h: Historical paintings 12 April to 31 August

On the Museum’s third floor, the artist’s latest works show how he has changed his course, focusing on conflict in the Middle East. An “improbable subject for a Western painter who stages the People’s Revolution in four cities” —Timbuktu (Mali), Tunis (Tunisia), Tripoli (Libya) and Cairo (Egypt) — each one through a large triptych featuring a characteristic episode.

Julião Sarmento 28 June to 30 November

On the Museum’s first floor, the Portuguese artist develops his protean work (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, performances) whose basic structure lies in repetition of the mechanisms of desire. Combining image and text, he displays his personal iconography inspired by a totally derealised faceless young woman in a black dress.

Origami, Japanese paper folding Asian Arts Museum 26 April, 24 May, 28 June This purpose of this workshop is to learn the art of Japanese paper folding using neither glue nor cut-outs, with three basic motifs: the crane, the frog and the crab. More information at:

Ralph Hutchings: Y A Photo! Louis Nucéra Municipal Library 1 May to 30 June The city’s libraries celebrate photography all over town. The Louis Nucéra Municipal Library gives carte blanche to the artist, designer and photographer Ralph Hutchings. More information at:

Denis Castellas Chagall Museum - 14 June to 6 October

A work by Arne Quinze, Tribute to Alexander Calder Till 28 September

In front of the Museum, the artist has created a monumental temporary work serving as a place for dialogue and communication between the Esplanade and the western side of Place Yves Klein. More information at: |3

The overabundance of images characteristic of Denis Castellas’s painting could lead to the conclusion that his work, inspired by so many different sources, participates itself in the boundless proliferation of contemporary iconography. It is enough to look at his works to realise that the image emerging on canvas, whether using collage or directly retranscribed, may be no more than an alibi, a pretext for asserting the prime reality of painting and its underlying gesture. More information at:

From Cemenelum to Cimiez: Artefacts’ three lives Archaeology Museum of Nice 20 June to 28 September The Museum offers a chance to discover artefacts used in the daily lives of the occupants of the Hill of Cimiez in ancient times, from their creation to their disposal. Such objects have had three successive lives: their use in ancient Roman times; their discovery through excavation, then their study by archaeologists; and, finally, their conservation in a Museum. More information at:

The journey to Nice, Art in the 18th century around loans from the Museum of Besançon Palais Lascaris - 4 July to 2 January The Museum features an exhibition to illustrate the taste for Art in the Age of Enlightenment, presenting works, objets d’art, furniture and musical instruments particularly representative of the taste of the times in the Baroque apartments of this aristocratic home as was traditional at the time,. More information at: www.palais-lascaris-nice. org

Exposition des Diplômés 2014 Galerie de la Marine & Villa Arson 5 July to 10 October

Henri Matisse: Every year, these two venues offer a chance to Nice,the Dream & the Odalisque appreciate the works of graduates of Villa Arson, Matisse Museum-21 june to 29 september École Nationale Supérieure d’Art: creations “Made After celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, the Museum presents a theme shedding new light again on the artist’s presence in Nice through the theme of Odalisques, a series of works known under the generic term of “Nice period.” More information at:

Steve McCurry: Retrospective Théâtre de la Photographie & de l’Image 27 June to 28 September This retrospective brings together a hundred major works made over the past 27 years: portraits, landscapes and street scenes: children and shepherds, warriors and manoeuvres shown alongside (views) of cities, mountain landscapes and ancient temples. The exhibition will also present photographs made during recent travels to India and Tibet and never yet displayed. More information at:

in Nice” on display to the public and professionals for the very first time. More information at: Musees-et-expositions/Galerie-de-la-Marine

Joana Hadjithomas Hadjithomas & Joana &Khalil khalilJorreige Jorreige Villa to 12 12October October VillaArson Arson - 6 July to

These two Lebanese artists pursue their exploration of narrative techniques, historical writing and imaginary creations, as well as detail as a mode of resistance and the emergence of individualities and singularities. They also delve into undesirable e-mail messages, dubbed “Spam,” and their relationships with history, contexts, different systems of representation as well as the strange faith that makes us believe in images and stories. More information at:

Jules-Henri Lengrand Museum of Fine Arts 19 September to 2 November Jules-Henri Lengrand, in addition to his pictorial work, created major mural paintings and stainedglass windows. In 1937, the State commissioned four monumental works for the main hall in the Town Hall of Nice: four episodes in the city’s history painted on marouflage canvas. More information at: 4|

Nice Greeters “Greeters” are people who love their hometown and wish to help others discover it according to their tastes and points of view. Since June 2013, the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Nice launched “Nice Greeters” to develop participative tourism. This free service is based on volunteer work. The 40 “Greeters” each have their own original vision of the city and a strong desire to share it. The theme of the tour —shopping, markets, neighbourhoods, gastronomy...— is less important than the human contact and dialogue, which are the essential aim of such meetings (duration of the tour: approx. 2 hours). Since the service has been made available, over 200 visitors have answered this call. To take advantage of this offer, visitors can make a reservation 7 days beforehand for a discovery tour with a “Greeter” selected according to availability, language and chosen theme (online reservations only). More information at:

Guided tour on the cuisine of Nice Old Nice Thursday morning Walking tour to learn all about the gastronomy of Nice: candied fruit, socca, olive oil, fruit-and-vegetable and fish markets, stroll through the Old Town’s picturesque little streets bustling with shops and activity. At the end, it is possible to have lunch at La Socca d’Or Restaurant (optional).

Guided tour of Old Nice Saturday morning A stroll through the narrow streets of the Old Town to discover its history, curiosities, baroque churches and colourful markets: general presentation from Ancient Greek times to the present, with special emphasis on the Baroque and Belle-Époque periods. This fascinating itinerary is punctuated with anecdotes highlighting past events and people.

More information on all tours at: www. French Riviera Pass This pass includes unlimited use of the Nice, le Grand Tour tourist bus, access to many sights and museums in Nice and on the Riviera, guided tours and many advantages for shops, restaurants, leisure activities... Available for 24hrs, 48hrs and 72hrs, it also provides access to urban transport (optional). More information at: french-riviera-pass |5

Festivals May - August 2014 Crossover Festival 28 May to 16 June

Hi Beach Party Hi Beach - 3 July to 28 August

After its great success the first year, Crossover, the Electro Pop Festival of Nice is pursuing its aim of offering the people of Nice an annual event even broader in scope. Artists like Fauve and Moderat will be present at many venues, such as Villa Arson, the Opéra and Hi Beach. More information at: festival/crossover

Every summer, the Hi Beach hosts the French Riviera’s finest Electro evenings, becoming a real outdoor dance floor by the sea on Baie des Anges. More information at:

Estivales du Conseil Général June to September These Summer Evenings celebrate Music in all forms. For the 18th year, this convivial prestige event offers over 400 performances in 157 communes in the Alpes-Maritimes Département, which becomes a huge concert hall. More information at:

Fête de la Musique 21 June

This popular event is free and open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike, desirous of performing on stage on 21 June. Launched on Midsummer’s night 1982 by Jack Lang and Maurice Fleuret, this celebration invited all instrumentalists to express themselves in the street. In 1985, Fête de la Musique began “spreading” abroad for the European Music Year and is now held in over 120 countries on all five continents. More information at:

Nice Jazz Festival Promenade du Paillon 8 to 12 July (starting at 6:30pm) The oldest Jazz Festival in France first held in 1948, it acquired its true identity in 1971 with three concerts scheduled every evening on each of the two stages. The first, facing Place Massena, can accommodate 6,000 spectators, while the second, at Théâtre de Verdure, offers 2,500 seats. The programming covers all trends in Jazz. More information at: Nice, Event City Award winner Nice received the 2013 IFEA World Festival & Event City Award in the category of cities with less than 500,000 in habitants for the quality and variety of the events organised: Carnival of Nice and Nice Jazz Festival. 6|

Prom’Party & Fireworks 14 July - 15 August Prom’Party is a great musical event on one of France’s most famous thoroughfares: Promenade des Anglais. It will take place on July 14. Closed to traffic for this celebration, La Prom’ becomes an outdoor concert hall with no less than 7 mobile stages for very eclectic programming. It offers a chance to discover different musical genres, Jazz, Latino and Variety. This evening entertainment will be accompanied by fireworks. Another fireworks is will be held on August 15. More information at:

Crazy Week Festival 16 to 20 July The Scottish group Simple Minds confirmed their presence for the opening night of this PopRock Festival, held for the 5th year at Théâtre de Verdure in Nice. After Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tomo Milicevic, Mika and Thirty Seconds to Mars in previous years, Skip the Use and Cats on Trees will perform here in 2014. More information at:

Ciné Prom From 21st July to 4th August

Once again this summer Ciné Prom will offer outdoor screenings at the Théâtre de Verdure. All the films will be shown in their original version with French subtitles. This year’s films will be La Grande Bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino, A Star is Born by George Cukor, Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola and Skyfall by Sam Mendes. More information at:

Check the Rhyme 1 & 2 August

The Check the Rhyme Festival combines Hip-hop, Rap & Slam in concerts starting at 6pm at Théâtre International Summer Academy of Nice de Verdure, with a large number of performers Cloister of Cimiez - 19 July to 13 August onstage, including Methodman-Redman, MF Doom & S-Crew. Since 1957, the Academy has greeted 50,000 More information at: students of over 50 nationalities. The greatest names in music have attended, first as students, then as teachers. The teaching is adapted to Festival les Plages du rire continuing education for intermediate and advanced students and professionals in the Théâtre de Verdure from 4th to 9th tradition of musical training available in the great August French conservatoires. The Festival features concerts by students with Again this year the City of Nice has decided to offer their teachers and other well-known artists in the the public a living festival. The most famous French comedians will be on stage at the Théâtre de Verdure: Cloister of Cimiez. Les Chevaliers du Fiel, Constance, Richard Cairaschi, More information at: Jean-Marie Bigard, Anne Roumanoff, Michael Gregorio and others will be there to share all types of FR.htm humour. More information at:


Summer Sporting Season April - September 2014 International Half-Marathon of Nice 26 & 27 April

Ironman Promenade des Anglais - 29 June

The Half-Marathon of Nice is a qualifying race for the French Championships. Year after year, it reinforces its place as one of France’s main races, both for the number of participants and for its performance levels. Five races are scheduled over a weekend dedicated to Sport and Tourism for everyone on several sites: Promenade du Paillon, Place Massena and Promenade des Anglais. More information at:

The Ironman Race of Nice is part of the World Championship, with 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and a 42,195 km footrace. This discipline, called Triathlon because it combines three disciplines, is surely one of the most challenging in the sporting world, as well as being one of the most spectacular. Every year, many athletes from abroad come to participate in the race. More information at:

Tennis Open of Nice 18 to 24 May The legendary “Open de Nice” is part of the ATP World Tour 250 Series. It brings back countless memories and events which have never ceased to provide excitement since its creation in 1898, like Suzanne Lenglen’s glory. After an interruption, it was revived in 2010, with players in the Top 20, such asEsrest Gulbis, Gael Monfils, Gilles Simon and David Ferrer. More information at:

Europétanque Promenade des Anglais 19, 20 & 21 July Europétanque is an international pétanque competition with 1,500 players and over 3,000 spectators in the heart of the city. More information at:

Jean Behra Historic Rally Race 12, 13 & 14 September

This automobile rally race alternates road sections and regularity events along an itinerary kept secret until the start. For the 18th year, the cars will cover 700 km in the Alpes-Maritimes, Var Football Match: France - Paraguay and Alpes de Haute-Provence départements over a three-day period before reaching Promenade Allianz Riviera - 1 June des Anglais. The France-Paraguay football match is one of three friendlies held in preparation for this sum- More information at: mer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. More information at:

Régates de Nice Baie des Anges - 23 to 28 September

The Regattas of Nice offer the Côte d’Azur a chance to admire the splendour of old sailing ships and the skill of dedicated sailors in the sunshine of Nice, with workshops and other activities. More information at: 8|

2014 summer agenda Dreyfus Opéra de Nice - 16 May to 6 June Michel Legrand’s opera Dreyfus retraces this social and political conflict around the Dreyfus case, which left its mark on French history. The work is about one of France’s greatest injustices, which led to founding the Human Rights League. More information at:

Robin des Bois (musical comedy) 11, 12, 13 April Nikaïa

Mozart, l’Opéra Rock (musical comedy) 25 May Nikaïa

The Voice Tour 15 June Nikaïa

Gad Elmaleh Sans tambour 5 & 6 June Nikaïa


6 June B Spot

Joe Bonamassa 24 June Nikaïa


Christophe Mae 30 September Nikaïa

Summer in Nice A destination for everyone The summer season, meaning the four months of summer, is the period of the year with the highest tourist frequentation. Between the beaches and mountains, the city is truly a destination for everyone, with many activities to discover, including workshops. Parks and gardens offer playgrounds for children. Museums, just a few steps from the beaches, provide a chance to split the day between relaxing mornings and cultural afternoons in such venues as MAMAC (Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art), the Marc Chagall Museum or the Archaeology Museum. Numerous activities are available for children of all ages: spotting marine mammals, stargazing, cooking classes, devising your own perfume or exploring the Earth’s entrails. Some hotels offer services specially designed for families: special rooms, welcome gifts, balanced meals, play areas... Nice also features luxury hotels, branded shops and gourmet or typically “Niçois” restaurants. The city has proven its dynamism with respect to Sport. The choice of access to public or private beaches is a further asset, and Nice innovated with the first “tobaccofree beaches,” part of the Cancer League’s National Plan. These aspects express the City’s determination to assert its status as Capital of the Côte d’Azur without relinquishing its character as a seaside resort.

between beaches,


and culture.

Labels in Nice

- “Famille +” - this label lists specific quality offers targeting this clientele. It is supported by educational brochures, colouring books, sets of cards and a guide (in French and English) available from the Convention & Visitors Bureau and its site: - “Nice Irisée Naturellement” - Nice is the first French city to obtain this label, along with the international Gay Comfort label created by Travel Out Now granted by IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association). Guide available from the Convention & Visitors Bureau and its site: - “Ville Vélotouristique” - a label obtained thanks to the city’s vast network of cycling trails and facilities. - “Cuisine Nissarde” - a label highlighting the authentic cuisine of Nice, its history and recipes: - The “Nice Accessible” guide, facilitating stays for persons with reduced mobility, is available from the Convention & Visitors Bureau and its site:

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