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Hillcrest Poppy Lodge

Young Persons Guide

The Poppy Lodge Way 1.

Education, Employment and Training. Every boy at Poppy Lodge should be engaged in education on some level.


Adventure and Activities. We would like all boys at Poppy Lodge to explore their abilities, challenge their fears, and have fun by taking part in a range of adventures and activities provided by the home.


Therapy. Every boy has the opportunity to take part in therapy as we believe this is a way of moving forward.


Community Involvement. We expect all boys to be involved in the community life by actively taking part in community meetings.

5. 6.

Mutual respect between all community members.

We cannot change the past but together we can build a better future.

SOME FACTS 1 2 3 4


Hillcrest Poppy Lodge is a residential home for boys aged 11-18yrs Poppy Lodge is owned by Hillcrest Childrens Services. Their website is www. hillcrestchildrensservices.co.uk We are located on Hayling Island in Hampshire. This is a great place to live with opportunities for you to get involved in many activities, sports and clubs.

We aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you to live in whilst we support and develop the independence skills that you will need to look after yourself. We have two flats attached to the home that will help you work on these skills.

Culture & Activities Boys who live here and staff who work here come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and are of different ages. It is important that when you come to the home you are able to carry on with your religious beliefs, if you have any, and we will encourage this in whatever way you and your family would like. You will as far as possible, be able to celebrate any festivals that you would at home. We also respect people’s food requirements and will discuss these with you. At the home we have three things that we ask all boys to try their best in . They are Education/Training. Therapy and Activities. Many activities are offered on weekday evenings as well as at weekends and in the holidays. On site we have a fitness gym, arts & crafts/music room and games consoles. The location of the home lends itself to opportunities to experience a variety of other activities such as fishing, football, playing golf, paint balling, bowling, rock climbing, trips to the beach, mountain biking and go-karting. At weekends the activities will be planned with you and can vary, depending on what you like doing! You may have other suggestions about activities which you can let us know at community meetings or tell your keyworker. We will then try to arrange it for you. All activities are dependent on behaviour and completion of daily chores. You can earn extra activites form being on gold (points system). If you meet your monthly targets and six monthly targets you can earn a big reward or activity. From April – September we try to organise activities which will get you certifcates / qualifications.

R U O Y Y T I N U M M CO Keyworkers

Every boy that comes to Poppy Lodge is allocated a key worker. A key worker is the member of staff who takes a lot of responsibility for your care whilst you are staying with us. Your key worker will make sure that all your health needs are met, including visits to the Dentists, Doctors and Opticians. They will help you get a passport, bank account, club / hobbies, help you with education or apply for a local job. Your key worker may change as we get to know you. All the staff at Poppy Lodge are here to support you and we want you to feel comfortable in approaching any of them for help or even just to chat.

My Key Worker is:

Daily Routine 8.00am: Rise & Shine!

We expect you to get up as early as necessary to get you to school, college or work. Wake up calls will begin at 7.30 or earlier if necessary. We expect you to have breakfast, wash, brush your teeth and make yourself look presentable for the day. Cars leave for hillcrest jubilee school around 9.00am.

10.00am: Weekend

You are expected to be up by 10.30am

4.00pm: Tea and biscuits/ fruit.

Catch up on day and plan for the evening

6.00 to 7.00pm: Dinner

You are expected to join your peers and staff at the dinner table.

9.00 - 10.00pm: Bedtimes

We ask all boys to be in their rooms and settled by 10pm.

FAMILY, Telephone Calls and Contact & Visits FRIENDS Home number 02392 637478 FINANCES

We like you to use the phone between 18.00-20.00 pm in the evening but, of course, if you need to phone your social worker you can phone during breaks in the school day and you can phone your parents or social worker at any time if it’s urgent. Mobile phones are allowed at Poppy Lodge, although we do have restrictions around their use and are subject to a contract being signed. Your keyworker will run through the details with you. Unless there are specific reasons, all boys will be encouraged and helped to see their families as often as possible. We do not stop you from seeing your family as punishment. Your family and friends can also visit you at the home, all we ask is that they phone first to arrange times (or they might get here and find that you’ve gone out)

Daily Chores

Community Meeting

There is a rota of daily chores which you will be assigned to complete. This goes towards earning your pocket money and extra activities. We expect you to complete all chores assigned to you.

Each week we hold 1 community meeting for all boys and staff. This gives you an opportunity to have your say on the day to day running of the home, which includes: • Menu Planning • Group Activities & holidays • Changes & developments to the home • Review of the homes Boundaries & routines • Discuss feelings & the dynamics of the group

Meetings There are many different types of meetings that will happen within Poppy Lodge that involve you, such as; planning meetings, community meetings, focus meetings, afternoon tea and key worker sessions. Whilst living at Poppy Lodge, you will be invited to any meetings where decisions are made about your future. Staff meetings take place regularly and anything that you have raised will be discussed here.

Noise TV’s, Games console, Stereo’s/music systems are allowed in the home, but you must keep them in your bedroom and at an acceptable level. You need to consider the other people in the home and the neighbours.If you can’t keep the noise down you will be spoken to, and if it continues the item will have to be removed from your room.

Bedrooms Everyone has a right to privacy. At the home all boys have their own rooms. We do expect boys and staff to respect each other’s space and knock on doors and wait to be invited in. Staff will only come into your room for the following reasons: • To call you in the morning (or at other times, if you are late for school, appointments or another activity) • If they think that you are not safe for some reason, or • If they think you are doing something that will upset others or put them at risk As long as it is not school time or bedtime, you can have other boys to play, chat or listen to music in your room. The door to your bedroom must remain fully open and you must let the staff know first. If any other young person is found in your room without permission and with the door closed, it will be taken very seriously. It is your responsibility to keep your bedroom tidy and staff will check that you do this. We also encourage you to make your room more personal by having pictures, plants, etc

Your Lifestyle Going Out It is important that you make arrangements with staff when you are going out. We need to know where you are going and what time you will be back. We won’t allow you to go out all the time and we expect you to complete your homework, daily chores and usually have dinner before you go.

Pocket Money Pocket Money is usually given out on a Saturday. You are expected to have tidied your room and completed your chores before you receive it. The amount you receive will be based on your behaviour throughout the week and the completion of your daily chores. It will range from £3.50 - £10 per week. You will have to sign to say you have received it. If you do any damage, we expect you to pay something from your pocket money towards repairs or replacement. You will be encouraged to save some of your pocket money each week,it’s a good habit to get into. Your keyworker will also help you to open a bank account.

Staying Out Overnight You will need permission from your parents and/ or social worker before you can stay at friends or relatives houses. You should plan this in advance as it can take some time to organise.

Food Shopping A shopping list and menu are prepared every week and all boys are expected to take part in this. You should make sure we know what you like to eat. When you are ready we will support you to create your own menu and shopping list as part of your independence program. We will then support you to go out and buy what you need.

Work We encourage boys to do their jobs or youth training placements. If you are over 16 and have left education but are not working, we will help you to find a job or youth training.

Clothing Money & Toiletries You will receive a monthly allowance for clothing & toiletries. Your keyworker will help you to decide what clothes & toiletries you need and take you shopping for them. When you are ready you will be encouraged to do your own shopping as part of your independence program.

Travel We have a vehicle at Poppy Lodge which staff can use (depending on availability) to transport you to meetings, family contact and activities etc. The vehicle is a privilege and you will only be allowed to have use of it if you treat it with respect and help to keep it clean and tidy. We will support and encourage you to use public transport and help teach you how to get yourself around. If you use a taxi without our permission you will have to pay for it yourself. Do not rely on staff to bail you out, there is limited money available. If you cannot pay, the taxi driver may choose to call the police.

School You’re Here To Learn And We’re Here To Help! All boys under 16 are expected to go to school every day, we will help and encourage you to do this. We want your experience of school to be a place where you are happy and have fun. With your help we will do everything we can to make school a place where you and your classmates can be safe and behave well so you do not put yourself at risk. We want your school to be a place where you can have rewards, prizes, certificates and qualifications when you work hard to get better at things you find difficult and things you enjoy, not just in the classrooms but on trips and activities too. The Boys at Poppy Lodge enjoy learning in all sorts of different ways that suit their interests and abilities. We want you to do your bit to make school a safe and happy place for you and your class mates. We want you to make positive relationships with people at school including your class mates and teachers. It is important not to bully, make fun of or leave out people who are different or learn in a different way to you. We want you to develop self-confidence at school so you can deal with changes and challenges. We want you to go on to further education or training when you leave school so you can get ready to work doing something you have chosen and enjoy. Residential care should not go against your goals and ambitions. Many people leave the home as a success and not just another statistic.


well-being Sanctions There are consequences when you don’t stay within the homes routines & boundaries. Your key worker will sit down with you when you arrive and explain to you how the behaviour system works.

Reparation/restorative justice If you can take ownership of damage/aggression/ when things go wrong. It is a good way to make things right. This can take many forms for example an apology letter, a meeting, repair/replace and a daily job.



At Poppy we do are upmost to keep criminal proceedings to the minimum . We will try to deal with situations as a community. All criminal activity is taken seriously and is always under review and reflection. We have a good relationship with the local police and the PCSOs often pop in to chat with boys and staff.

We will report you as a missing person to the police. We will inform your parents or a relative that you have not returned at an agreed time.

SAFETY Fire procedure – When you first come to the home, staff will explain the fire procedure to you, showing you the fire exits and explain what to do when you hear the fire alarm sounding. If you hear the alarm, always treat it seriously and leave the building. We have regular practices so everyone knows what to do.

ACCIDENTS If you have an accident, let us know so we can make sure you are ok. We have a first aid box for minor cuts etc. or we will seek medical advice if needed.


We will hand over to the police any addresses or phone numbers of your friends or relatives and the police may check these out. We will also contact your social worker, or the Emergency Duty Team at your Social service office to inform them that you are missing.

PHYSICAL INTERVENTIONS Physical interventions are only used as a last resort, to keep you and the people around you safe. These are only carried out by people who are trained. After any physical intervention we will talk through with you why this happened and why other strategies may not have worked.

CONFIDENTIALITY We take confidentiality very seriously at Poppy. All boys have sensitive information that they would not like others to know. Speak to your key worker about the how’s and when’s that confidential information will have to be shared with staff, social workers and other professionals.

Making a Complaint

What happens when you make a complaint?

If you feel another boy, staff member, social worker or local authority is deliberately being unkind or unfair please talk it over with your key worker or the home manager. You may be asked to write something down if the complaint is really serious, a member of staff will help you with this.

Staff at the home will try to help resolve the complaint but it may need to be referred to someone outside the home such as the Child Protection Tem or Lado (Looked After Designated Officer). Your social worker and parents will be kept informed. You will be told about the progress and outcome of your complaint; you may receive a letter about it. If you want to speak to other external people, there is help if you need it. Remember, you can make a complaint or compliment at any time.

We do NOT allow... RACISM

People of different races, cultures & religions who live at, work and visit the home and everyone should be respected.


All females and males are entitled to the same treatment and opportunities.


This is not tolerated and every boy upon admission to Poppy Lodge must read and sign our bullying contract.


Everyone has the right to choose who they want to be with.


This is not tolerated within the home. We expect all Boys and staff to respect each other’s space & privacy.


This makes the environment unpleasant and unsafe. Consistent swearing and abuse may result in your placement being terminated.


These will be taken and removed from the premises. Illegal weapons will result in the police being involved and possible termination of placement.


Smoking is very bad for you. We do not allow Boys to smoke whilst they are at Poppy Lodge. If you already smoke when you arrive we expect you to join our quit smoking program where we will support you to give up. It is illegal for under 18’s to buy cigarettes and no staff member is allowed to supply you with them. We do not allow any boy who is staying at the home to drink alcohol. Drinking is bad for your health and often your state of mind. If you think you have a problem with alcohol and drink regularly, you should be telling us, your family or social worker so we can provide you with the appropriate support. If we suspect that anyone is using illegal drugs we will call in the police.

Feedback and Improvements This is your home. Let the community know if you want to change things, improve things. It’s important that you have fun and we work together

Advocate An advocate is someone who works for you independent of Poppy Lodge and social services, they are there to help you, advise you and be your support at difficult times such as in meetings or at court. We will speak to your social worker to help you find an advocate that’s good for you. My Advocate is:


Independent Reviewing Officer An Independent Reviewing Officer is someone who chairs important meetings about you and your future; they are not attached to social services or any other organisation that has representatives at your meetings. You will be allocated an independent reviewing officer who you can contact My Independent Reviewing Officer is:


Useful telephone numbers OFSTED: 0300 123 1231 or email them at enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk National Drugs Helpline: 0800 776 600 Advocate: FREEPHONE 0808 808 1001

or send an email to help@nyas.net.

An advocate is someone who works for you independent of Hillcrest Poppy Lodge and social services, they are there to help you, advise you and be your support at difficult times such as in meetings or at court.

The Children’s Commissioner: FREEPHONE 0800 528 0731 The Commissioner is supported by a team of staff at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC). Together, they are responsible for the rights of all children and boys until they are 18 years old, or 25 years if they have been in care, are care leavers or have a disability. Childline: 0800 1111 Beat – Youthline: 0845 634 7650 Frank - A national drug education service: 0300 123 6600

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