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y first trip to Finland and Haaga-Helia was in May of 2007 when the faculty were building the sales program here. I have been to Finland about five times but never more than a week,” says Ellen Pullins, professor of professional sales from the University of Toledo. She is staying in Finland for three months with her husband and three middle school aged children. Working in the MANIA project Pullins came to Haaga-Helia through the Fulbright program which enables American scholars to undertake teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Her time here is divided between lecturing and working in the MANIA sales research which aims to build concrete tools and methodologies for training sales people. “I’m very excited about the MANIA project because it is research that has never been done with this kind of scope. We are actually recording real sales calls and doing qualitative interviews with the buyers and sellers, which is very unique. I think this project is going to offer something to both academic literature and businesses here in Finland,” Pullins explains. Cultural two-way street For Pullins, working with her Finnish colleagues and students gives an opportunity to expand cultural understanding in many ways.

MANIA project is going to offer something to both academic literature and businesses here in Finland.

“I want to become more culturally aware of what it is like here, as well as bring awareness of how things are in the U.S. It adds perspective and knowledge that may let the students see something they have not seen before,” she ponders. And despite the obvious generalizations about the Finnish reserved communication style, Pullins’ experience of her Finnish colleagues has been very positive. “I have found, as I meet new people, that the Finnish reserved stereotype does not seem to hold. People have come to ask me for lunch and they are helping me to find things that I need. And, for example, introducing me to colleagues who have kids the same age. So people have actually been very welcoming,” says Pullins. Family experiences

Besides work, Pullins has some plans for her personal time in Finland as well. “I think that a lot of my personal expectations are focused on the unique opportunities provided for my family, so we are going to do some travelling here. I am happy that my family has enjoyed this time in Finland and that my kids really like the school here. My youngest even said she wants to take the school with us back to the U.S.” Pullins laughs. 

NB The Fulbright - Haaga-Helia Scholar Award Program The Scholar Award enables American scholars to undertake teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level at Haaga-Helia for a period of 3-10 months. The award can be applied by scholars of any field represented at Haaga-Helia: Business, Information Technology, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Tourism, Journalism, Sports and Leisure and Vocational Teacher Education. The application round for scholarships 2016-2017 continues until 1 August 2015.. Contact:, Head of International Services


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