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Hello everyone and thank you for reading this, the Otaku Network Magazine, the official magazine of Otaku Network. As many of you should know if you are reading this, Otaku Network is not only a proud producer of unoriginal names, but has also been a very fun site for otakus to hang around for over half a year now~ Additionally, I would like to give thanks to every member on the site, because without you guys, there quite simply would be no site. I would also like to thank our so very generous contributors, without whom the site would be making almost no progress at all, and our staff, who have so graciously donated their time in order to make the site a better place. Before we get into the rest of the magazine, I would like to take a moment to give you all a brief history of Otaku Network, as well as somewhat our motive in creating this site. I realize that many of our members have come from OtakuZone, and already know this story in part. If you wish to skip this section and move on to the rest of the content, I cannot blame you. But regardless, thank you all so much for supporting Otaku Network to this point. I hope that you enjoy reading this magazine, as well as enjoy your future on our site.


THE HISTORY OF ON To begin with, we can go nowhere without discussing OtakuZone to some length. For those who did not come to this site from OtakuZone, it was a site started towards the end of 2009. Like Otaku Network, it was a social networking site based around anime and manga, where many people had fun interacting with each other. OtakuZone had a run of several years, and overall was a very fun place. There were changes for good and bad, and users came and left, and it was a very enjoyable “second home” for many people. Unfortunately, OZ had some rather glaring problems as well. The site was created and maintained by a Chinese company called Noez (a site that also owns other sites such as Mangafox, Mangahere, etc). Noez ultimately was not making very much money off of OtakuZone, and eventually cut off all contact with the site users. In early 2013 the site shut down to an error that there was no longer anyone to fix. The OtakuZone domain has since been sold by Noez to an unknown source, and there is little hope left of the site ever coming back. Now, the story of OtakuZone relates to the story of Otaku Network because many people currently on Otaku Network came there from OtakuZone, and ON itself was created from a starting point of OtakuZone. I myself was a longstanding staff member from OZ, and my Co-Admin Aron was even the User Administrator for some time. Together with the input of some other users, we got together and created Otaku Network. While the current site was officially start on the seventh of January, the original version of the site was first created sometime in November of 2012, and there was an even earlier version that was scrapped. Some have said that Otaku Network sprung from the ashes of OtakuZone, but I personally hold that we only have similar origins. One of the original points of creating Otaku Network was to get away from what OtakuZone had become. Ultimately, although we do cherish those who have stuck with us from their days on OZ, we are our own site, with our own focus. What we value most on Otaku Network is creativity. Instead of stealing artwork for our own use, we promote users to create their own works that we can use. We are a burgeoning site, still trying to define ourselves to some degree, but our primary goal is to do whatever we can to make our user’s time on our site more enjoyable. I hope that this information has helped to clarify the origins of the site somewhat. I thank you very much for reading it, and I hope to see you elsewhere on the site~ ~ Mura











I may not be the most literate person on earth but I’m sure there are plenty of quotes associated with “Don’t hold onto the past”. I feel like such a saying describes our current situation perfectly. It has come to my attention that some people are not happy with ON and wish for OZ to revive so they can go back to it. Many of you newbies may not have heard of Otakuzone, OZ for short, I suppose the best way to describe the website is that it was and always will be a community. Otaku Network spurred from the idea of a replacement site to OZ. Many of the people here, such as myself, moved to ON’s greener pastures as we bade OZ’s Halcyon Days. The site was originally an Anime/ Manga database with a forum, chat, club, and avatar system as extra features. But trust me, nobody gave a flying turd about the database, it was almost as if that part of the site existed solely for the purpose of gaining more points to convert to gold to buy shop items. The downfall of OZ. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular sight to witness... For someone like me who had pretty much been there near the beginning, it was actually pretty sad. I had experienced what is now referred to as Otakuzone’s ‘golden days’. That time was when the site constantly had big updates, when the community became tight-knit, when the forums and clubs remained clean, when the strict chatroom was filled to the brim with people, and when the shop was regularly updated with new items. However, as the community grew, so did the many new members we had to deal with.

We saw through a constant raid of site bugs as the corrupt company behind the site (NOEZ) abandoned it. People became unpleasant and obsessed with seasonal items nicknamed ‘rares. Many familiar faces became disillusioned and bid their farewells. Member activity reduced to the point of none and the forums became a casserole of unfitting threads thrown together. I’m not even being dramatic, the site became a mere shadow of what it used to be, perhaps even less. Eventually, OZ simply stopped working and people finally realised that all that effort they put into gaining rare items have gone to waste. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the number one reason why we should all just put our OZ days behind us. I can ramble on and on about the old site’s shortcomings, but that will take all day. Why wish to go back if there is nothing to go back to? You’ve just gotten out of a deserted wasteland and entered a safe haven, why are you complaining about no longer being thirsty? Don’t be a masochist. I know that many people miss the dress-up system, but take note, that system was a doubleedged sword swinging more towards the negative side because Otakuzone eventually became a dress-up game. Otaku Network is still under heavy development as our t ech team (of like 3?) work hard to add new features (and I’m not being sycophantic whatsoever). Overall, in terms of site quality, ON is a big step-up from Otakuzone. We have a much more organised forum system, a less-restrictive chat, active admins and friendly, pleasant moderators. This is how a social site should

be! A tight-knit community on a sustainable site with no stupid form of economy (as seen within many Valve games and dress-up sites). Even better, we could possibly have our own MMORPG game! Did I mention that with the collapse of the old site we also got rid of many people who go on OZ just to trade items and/or to find an online boy/girlfriend because their life is just that sad? Don’t get me wrong, Otakuzone had been a great site... when it had been a great site. Many enjoyable memories were created and lasting friends were made. No amount of crapification can change that. I give OZ credit for creating the same experience for many others. But guys, it’s time to move on. Stop thinking: “When will OZ be back online?” Because the answer is that it won’t, ever, Unless some rich kid buys the entire domain and happen to possess substantial technical capabilities to know how to efficiently run a whole website. The unlikeliness of such a situation’s occurrence basically insinuates that the site has gone for good. As an post-script, I apologise for this particular rant to be filled with heavy esoteric undertones. Welcome to all the new kids on the block who had no idea what I just talked about but still read through it because they can. If you’re looking for something more relate-able you should probably check out my blog on this site, otherwise I will see you all next ‘issue’, God know when THAT will be released.



Reality and internet life are completely different, aren’t they? According to how you choose and how you decide to present yourself would already become the you that you’ve chosen to become. Through the internet, you can become a totally different person compared to who you are in reality. Meeting someone else on the other side of the world can hardly be a possibility in reality, can’t it? But when it comes to the internet, you are able to reach them easily, without doubt. This story centers around two people who in reality, do seem to despise each other, but when it comes to their virtual game online, are technically the best of friends. All the while I used to read through its pages, an odd grin would often form on my lips, curious as to how they would react when they find out each others’ true identities. And as much as I am curious, the overflowing feeling of excitement rapidly courses through my veins from each time an opportunity to reveal the secret drew so nigh. Proudly, I can say that this type of role-play hasn’t failed to reach my interests. The feeling of being pulled by how the events occur is truly remarkable, as I find each number of happenings to my liking. How will they react when they find out? Will it ruin the relationship that they had built from scratch? Such questions would frequently come to haunt me, at times even impatient to grab the answers directly, but that certainly would not happen. Although I hadn’t given it an immediate chance of reading, I came to enjoy it quite well. If such a thing can happen to me, then so can it occur to you, for it is definitely worth a read.

Landing my eyes on this particular role-play, the abrupt urge to be one of its participants struck my mind. Although it may not be the most original or perhaps even one of the most unique role-plays out there, every role-play is indeed different in its own way. This story alone was enough to captivate my attention. One mastermind, five victims, and a whole supernatural phenomenon that greatly affects their lives. One had to die, for a reason yet to be revealed. Which of the five victims are to meet their unfortunate fate? For what reason? And why five? The questions can only keep coming, but the answers slowly draw nigh. But what really struck me was the question: Who is the mastermind behind their abstruse situation? It all leaves one’s curiosity to marvel on how the characters will react in their present situation, and how they will work together to escape the dreaded fate. Five unique minds, five different people who could have never met if it wasn’t for the phenomenon—how will they face it? While it is currently on an on-going status, it is definitely something worthwhile to read, as well as something to look forward to and perhaps even note on your list of “Must Follow Role-plays”. All the while they unravel mysteries, entail obstacles, and unfold darker secrets, be one of whom will witness many of its events, as it slowly draws to an uncertain end.

All characters belong to their respective owners.

I found the story to be quite simple and unattractive at first, to be honest, but it didn’t stop me from giving it a chance to read. And I must say--it wasn’t a disappointment. In fact, this role-play is something I found very interesting which constantly drove my curiosity to increase little by little from each reply that I read.

It all started with a girl who had no recollection whatsoever of her past life, only finding herself in a beautiful utopia, face to face with a princely young man of odd familiarity. Not only that, but to find a mysterious necklace adorned on her neck is yet another part of the story that adds to my curiosity. Through its progression, it slowly aroused more of my interest, being unable to resist checking when available, to see if it had a new reply. The feeling of being ‘cliff-hanged’ was mutual to me often.

The characters, just played remarkably by their role-players, do quite well to develop the story as it arouses more interest to the reader. For two strangers who know so little about themselves, will this journey be able to give them the answers that they need? Does it lie within the necklace that its female protagonist so dearly holds for unknown reasons? Who is this hidden princess? My ultimate question: Who are they really? So many questions wanted answered, and so many more to look forward to that I wouldn’t dare miss.


Get your bludgeoning tools ready, it’s Zombie season!

is scavenging for the items needed to repair tools, care for yourself and attack others which means you are Who loves a good survival almost forced to sift through the dergame? I sure do and with humanoid elict houses left behind in the hurry of creatures desperate for my brains, Zombieland. Often there will be small it’s even better! This year has truly notes telling you about the previous become the year of the zombie with occupants and small stories to follow so many games being released just apart the usual plot, but for the majorthis summer. It’s clear many of us are ity, it is gunfighting, melee attacks and addicted and how can we not be with cover tactics. all these amazing games we’ve been given. One of the downsides of the game is the repetitive gameplay, in my So feeling the need to quench opinion. Sneaking around and killing my blood lust I went out and bought all the bandits in the area, scavengThe Last of Us and man, was I in for ing and then progressing along to the a surprise. The developers, Naughty next cut scene before you have to do Dog, are famous for their impressive it all again. I knew that I had to comcut scenes and attention to detail and plete this to progress and I didn’t like they really stepped up to the plate. the predictability but it all honesty it ultimately didn’t take away much from The Last of Us follows the the game. story of Joel, the rugged protagonist, and his journey across the What really got my gears going post-apocalyptic USA with Ellie, his was that it isn’t your typical zombie charmingly rude side kick, to find the virus. Inhaling spores of a mutated Fireflies. It has the near cliché pair- fungus meant that humans turned into ing of protective father-like male and deadly creatures rather than half dead daughter-like female and I must say brain eaters! Its mind would become it worked incredibly well for them. warped and the fungus would slowly Even from the first minutes of playcover the head creating different ing the game you get emotionally types of creature to battle. What’s punched in the face as you become even more frightening is that this funvery attached to them both as well as gus is a real as you and I. It’s called the fleeting characters that come and the Cordyceps fungus and it infects go. insects such as ants by spreading the infection and taking over their brain A main part of the game play before growing another shoot to re-



By: Tcupz

RELEASE DATE: June 14th, 2013

PLATFORM: PlayStation 3

GENRE: Action

DEVELOPER[S]: Naughty Dog


Sony Computer Entertainment

lease more spores, but don’t worry, it’s staying with the ants and it’s far away from us, for now! I’d honestly recommend this to anyone, it has aspects that any one could love so give it a go.

“People remember their high school days as the high point of their lives, and people remember the high point of their lives as their high school days.” Oreki Houtarou, who had just entered Kamiyama High School though, says that not all students think of making high school really that memorable. He’s more focused on keeping a low profile and sticking to his ‘conserving energy’ habit; he even has the motto: “If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick”. However, his ‘gray’ life-style seemed to change when he received a letter from her elder sister, saying that he should join the school’s Classics Club, which is in the verge of being abolished because it currently has no members. The club eventually gained three more members: cheerful Satoshi Fukube who calls himself as a ‘database’ and has been Oreki’s buddy since middle school; strict Mayaka Ibara, Oreki and Fukube’s friend; and the always curious Eru Chitanda. Altogether, they discuss mysteries related to their school, including ‘Hyouka’, an anthology published by the Classic Club, that was discovered to be somehow connected to a certain case that happened 45 years ago. Some people think that Hyouka didn’t achieve the so called ‘mystery genre’, since other mysterytype animes like Detective Conan, Gosick and Another have heavy stuff like murder cases. Hyouka, on the other hand, focused more on simpler ones, like the strange book

that gets borrowed from the library every week by a different student or why was Chitanda locked inside their club room even if she doesn’t have the key, nor the power to lock the room from the inside. Yes, even though the cases are quite mundane and lacking in depth, it still makes your brain work to solve the problem. The character development of the four main characters are quite gradual, but it’s alright. After all, Hyouka is slow-paced, and that’s better than a person’s personality changing without warning. Even if the characters didn’t notice it, through the issues they solve, bridges were built that made the four interact with each other more, and sometimes, leave hints about their true feelings and thoughts toward each other. Each of them had served as a catalyst for another individual’s change. For the animation, I really find it awesome. From the character’s expressions, to the details and the lighting, Kyoto Animation had done a good job on this area. Well, you can just look at Eru Chitanda’s eyes when she starts telling Oreki “Watashi kininarimasu!” (I’m curious!), and you’re off. The soundtrack is also good. The music playing just matches the mood correctly, whether the scene shows a random funny moment, an undergoing mystery investigation, or even Oreki just conserving energy again. The OPs and EDs were also good. Even the animation here was shown well. The OPs showed the four’s closeness to each other, while

Overall Rating: 9/10 the EDs still depicted a ‘mystery’ kind of feeling (especially the second one). The voice actors, which were composed of very talented people, (Daisuke Sakaguchi - Gintama, Clannad; Satomi Satou - K-On!, Fairy Tail) did well on giving life to all of the characters. Even some characters that only appeared in one or two episodes of the series got voiced by famous seiyuus. In general, Hyouka is an anime series that’s really enjoyable. It’s light, refreshing, but still has the pinch of solving puzzles. If you’re a person who likes mysteries, you can search now the said anime in the Internet. It’s something worth watching.








Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita) is a shoujo manga by Suziki Julietta following a young high schooler named Nanami Momozono. After being abandoned by her father and losing her home, she finds herself in charge of a small shrine just outside of town. Not all is what it seems, however, and she soon realizes that she has been given the powers of a land god, as well as the title of master over the spirits residing within the shrine. This manga is very much a fantasy, delving into the realm of youkai and magic that is so prevalent in Japanese culture. This series includes time-travel, another world, magic, and a very crabby white fox familiar named Tomoe.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

One thing to note about this manga is the fact that there is quite a bit of character growth, including with a good number of the side characters. The main characters often go to different locations, as opposed to a good number of other shoujo manga, and you can find a reason to love each character.

There are quite a lot of laugh out loud moments, and several fairly touching moments as well throughout the series. All in all, it’s an excellent series, with compelling plots and characters. Although the art style may seem rather “shoujo standard” at first, you actually see quite a lot of variety in character designs. In spite of the main character’s typical big-eyes, half the time her expression is such that you really don’t notice. The backgrounds are well drawn, as are the various youkai you see throughout the series. The series is at 95 chapters and counting. I would recommend this manga to anyone who likes a bit of fantasy, humor at a character’s expense, or maybe just a bit of romance and gorgeous guys. I don’t think many boys would find this series too interesting, but for those that would consider giving it a glance, there is a bit of action to be had, though not much by shounen standards.


Manga belongs to Dr

runken-Elf at deviantArt

Manga belongs to Dr

runken-Elf at deviantArt

Manga belongs to Dr

runken-Elf at deviantArt

By: Beaux Comfortable & Dressy


Whenever I dress up for an event I like looking neat and a little dressy, however keep it a little bit comfortable and casual. I went for a green shade for the pants as it gives color to the grey & white zebra print top. I wore a gold & silver necklace + ring as I don’t like putting on a lot of accessories. I dislike wearing dresses, so for a gettogether I would wear something like this that looks a little classy, casual at the same time. I thought of this outfit while I was planning out our first class get-together after our graduation last year, and I remembered that our graduation gowns were gold+green, and that’s where I got my inspiration from. Basically it’s based on our graduation gowns.

K-Popish My inspiration for my outfit is basically, Korean fashion. It’s not overly done, but it’s a combination of my own taste of American style and Asian style (My hair probably makes it look more asian lol). I like to dance to hip-hop and usually K-pop groups like Big Bang, Super Junior, Beast, and SHINee inspired my dancing and eventually, inspired my fashion taste. A sleeveless sweater combine with a tang shirt and skinny cargo pants with a converse gives you a cool, Asian, sexy dancer look. This outfit wasn’t too expensive as well and all these items could be bought from American stores.




“Catching Stars” is inspired by bohemian and country styles; Asian street fashion also played a big part in shaping this outfit. It’s the perfect outfit to wear in the summer for either going to the beach or just hitting the shops. I’m a fan of layering simple pieces to create a dynamic, yet not over-the-top outfit. As you can see in this outfit all the individual pieces are on a neutral colour palette and by putting many neutral colours together your outfit can still look stylish. The bagginess of the top half and simplicity of the bottom half (including skin-coloured heels) can create an illusion of long legs xD I’m a fan of sterling silver jewelry because they give a sparkle to every outfit without being too bold.






By: Naomi





ON Magazine Issue 1: Summer Edition 2013  
ON Magazine Issue 1: Summer Edition 2013