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WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE? Presidents Report


Editors Note


Upcoming Events


Event Photos & Report Results

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Rob McConachie


Vice President

Jake Thomas


Secretary Club Captain

Ross Cameron


Cory Saxton


& Rallysprint Convener

Jake Thomas


MSNZ Representative

Rob McConachie


Rally of Otago

Roger Oakley

470-3318 (Wk)

467-2559 (Hm)

Chief Scrutineer

Daniel Cresswell


456-2102 (Wk)

Regional Steward

Chris Adams

Wheelspin Publication

Cory Saxton



488-2873 (Hm)

Speed Convener, Autocross, Club Rally


Becky Ladbrook

James Mitchell

Rhys Turner

Shannon Eustace

Matt Hayes

Michael Stevens

Jarrod Glass

Please remember that we are an all volunteer organisation. While we try to deal with everything that lands on our plate in a timely fashion, there’s nobody sitting behind some desk dispensing cheery greetings to callers, brewing the morning coffee and doggedly researching the answers to your questions. So if it takes us a couple of days to get back to you, please accept our sincerest apologies in advance.

P. 3

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Hope everyone had a great xmas and new years. Another new year of events well underway already. There’s just about an event every weekend in our area at the moment so no excuses not to get the car out and use it. The last couple of months have seen some great events. The annual Lawrence rally went off without a hitch. With some of the best roads in the country it was great to finally be able to have a go at it myself. A huge thanks to everyone involved again, we need to be using these events as a stepping stone for organizers to learn for bigger and more involved events. A couple of weeks later we had the speed weekend. Patmos ave. A combined autox with Escc and managed to get one autox of our own in so far. Also back to basics with a trial and motorkana mixed in to one with a bbq just before xmas. A huge thanks to Cory for seeing this through and spending many hours sorting it all out. As we all know these events all take a lot of time out of most of our busy lives to organize. Some of us have been thinking for a while, what we need to be doing to get the numbers up again? It’s a bit disappointing organizing some of these events and having few numbers turn up. Is it that we are having to many events? Do we need to pull back and have less events but better? i.e. new roads if we can find some. Less of the historic events maybe run them every 2nd year? We don’t want to loose these as they along with having trophies for most of them, they do hold historic significance to the club. As a club do we need a full years calendar of events so people can plan for them. At the moment it’s not the easiest to plan around a lot of the major events that are running. Do we need to have the championship results updated more often so as to make it more of an incentive to beat people if we can see how our points are looking? We are probably going to bring out a questionnaire on these and more things to try get a better understanding of what the club is wanting. Please take the time to think about these things and feel free to contact me or any other exec member with your thoughts. It’s the only way things will keep getting better. Thanks again. Rob Mconachie P. 4

EDITORS NOTE Welcome to another issue. This one is about 1 month late..... Life has just got in the way lately, so my apologies for that. The couple of events that have taken place in February will be all caught up in the next issue due out end of April. Speaking of that, if you’ve been asked to write me a report..... I’m happy to receive them anytime, ideally prior to the last week of April! Thanks as always to those who have contributed words to this issue. Also Ali MacArthur and Becky Ladbrook for the photos.

Cheers Cory Saxton - crumpn@hotmail.com

P. 5

UPCOMING EVENTS George King Memorial Drive - Sealed Hillclimb

Sunday 15th March

Otago Rally

3rd - 5th April

Lawrence 1/4 Mile Drags

Saturday 11th April

Eldorado Track - Gravel Hillclimb

Sunday 19th April

Church Road - Gravel Hillclimb

Sunday 24th May

Please check the OSCC Facebook page for more details.

P. 6

LAWRENCE RALLY Corkscrew: This was the introduction into rally for myself, and what an introduction it was going to be. Wazza had recently finished building his new Pulstang and I had been itching to go for a ride alongside him. Our first stage consisted of me looking rather over whelmed with all that was going on in the car, the speed, the noise, the feeling of gravel being smashed about the underside of the car, it was truly a sensory overload. A few more kilometres into the stage, things were settling down a little, my nerves mainly, to my delight. Then we realised, we had been gaining ground on the car in front. About half way through the stage we came to a ninety degree left, Wazza chomping at the bit to overtake had us coming into said ninety degree corner pretty hot, and up the bank on the exit we went! To be fair the Pulstang, having been built so well, popped its backend up like a bucking broco, but kept momentum, Wazza almost immediately responded with a “yeeeehaaaa”, and we were back in the chase. Only another stage kilometre down the road and we had our car in the cross hairs. I looked at the rally safe and it said push to pass, so why not I thought and pressed it. As the meters counted down to us passing, we realised we had a flat tire, right rear, the tire that took the brunt from the ninety left earlier. You think Wazza was going to hold back? Well think again, we went past the car in front sideways at mach 3, they must have thought it was a rear wheel drive! Any who, we drove the rest of the stage out with the flat, and that was my introduction to Gravel Rally. Me Oh My I enjoyed that yes Wazza, I’m ready for round two! Greenfield & Roberts Rd: These two stages went by during the day pretty quick, I mean how could they not when you’re being propelled by the mighty 1600cc of the Pulstang… Mid-stage there are some really tight corners. Over a bridge and up the hill we went. Wazza had installed a hydraulic handbrake, and I think it’s safe to say it payed for itself in these tight corners, I was pretty surprised at how well it worked, he must of known what he was doing or something.. The finish and start of the stages were pretty fast too! Amazing pieces of road, so majestic, even in a car that now smells a bit questionable from the co driver’s seat. P. 7

Cockelshell: So we’re sitting in time control, and Wazza looks at me, finally I’m thinking he’s going to ask me out for dinner, but instead he says “just sit back and enjoy this one, I’ll do the work on this stage”. Again my mind is wondering… what the heck was he doing during the other stage then? Holding back is what he was doing! During this stage the smell in the car went from questionable to nearly intolerable, the stage needed full commitment to put in a good stage time, and we were flying! No I mean, we were literally flying, the stage was full of crests, mostly blind, and we spent most of the time jumping over them! A very impressive piece of driving in my personal opinion, especially in a car so new, nice one Wazza, Good job. Lawrence: This was a new stage to all I believe, and I think it’s going to be one to run in the future. It has a bit of everything. Tight, flow, fast and slow, even tarseal, and plenty of gravel of course. Wazza and I pushed pretty hard on this stage, well mainly Wazza, trying to cement our overall for the day. With only one slight excursion off the road, we did pretty well overall at Lawrence with everything considered having flat tires and all. Best of all, this stage finished right in the township of Lawrence, and we all know why that’s a good perk… after a hard day for some wheeling the cars, and others shitting their pants next to those people wheeling the cars, the pub is but only a stone’s throw away. Cheers Wazza, and OSCC for a great event. Donovan.

NOTE : For detailed results and an overall standing, please visit the website, www.chrissport.co.nz

P. 8

Thanks to Becky Ladbrook for the use of her photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page. Or even more photos on facebook.com/FastExposure

P. 9

P. 10

SPEED WEEKEND Well when our president asked me to write a story about Whare Flat Hillclimb (Speedweekend)my 1st thought was “Sure” that won’t take long... It’s actually a much easier to write about your successes in Rallying than the failures , But here goes ... After having had a fuel issues with the Evo in the previous few events I had a surge tank & new pump & a restrictor out tune done & I was brimming with confidence going into Speed Weekend. But as those that have been around the sport for a while well know that things can quickly change for the worse & sure enough I had a spin on the 1st up the hill . So I was keen to make up for that on the 2nd run however I arrived at the 1st junction a little wide & jumped on the brakes hard & instantly the car swapped ends & from there Noah & I were both passengers backing it quite hard into the bank on the outside of the corner. Not sure who was most upset me with a damaged car or Noah when his 1st words to me were “Is that it?” Is our Hillclimb over? I was super pleased it didn’t shake him up. Upon inspecting the damage I realised our rallying would be over for a while & dreaded having to ring Stone (Tony Johnston) & tell him I had more work for him. But like the champion OSCC life member he is, has now repaired the car with a brand new left rear guard. I am writing this while on a plane to the Gold Coast to celebrate my son Lochlans 21st Birthay, Probably by the time you all get to read this I will Be Married to my sweetheart Carmel. Other news Noah has had his 1st drive of a car (Thx to Stone again) at Deano McCrosties Place & is keen as to do some grass motorkhanas . If anyone knows of a driving suit that might fit a skinny 14 year old let me know please. John Spencer. P. 11

P. 12

Thanks to Becky Ladbrook for the use of her photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page. Or even more photos on facebook.com/FastExposure

P. 13

SPEED WEEKEND Three Mile Hill marked day two of the Mikes Cars Speed Weekend. With a full field it looked to be a good day for everyone. The weather even managed to turn it on to make it a hot day. Glenn Frew managed to take first in D Class and win Overall after a close battle with Ben Terry throughout the day. There was also some other close battles such as the battle of the Honda’s between Aaron Carmichael, Donovan Isted & Matt Hayes but C class domination went to Konrad Scott. Overall It was a great event with only a few incidents including my own run in with the chicane. Thanks to all who travelled to the event from out of town to make it a great weekend. Also a big thanks again to the organisers and the marshals for standing out in the blaring sun. Look forward to the next Three Mile Hill Cheers Shaun Turner

P. 14

Thanks to Becky Ladbrook for the use of her photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page. Or even more photos on facebook.com/FastExposure

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P. 16

PATMOS AVE HILLCLIMB In December we had Patmos Ave, and it sure was an action packed day. I got to ride along with Glenn in Big Red. Glenn’s first run was tidy and his second run was a bit better, but as we were passing the finish line on run 2, a whole lot of smoke came out of the bonnet. Big thanks to James Mitchell and Matt Hayes who must have been able to see the flames because as we came to a stop near them they had the bonnet up and putting out the fire by the time we were out of the car. After the situation calmed down and with help we cleaned up the road and pushed the car out of the way so the event could start up again. As we were walking away from the car to stand in a safer place, I turned around to see more smoke coming out of the car, so we had to run back and put it out again. Turns out the seal had parted ways with the oil filter. As we were waiting for the competitors to make their way to the top of the hill on their 4th run there was a delay part way through the run. Then we hear that Barry Richardson had unfortunately rolled in his Fiat, thankfully he was ok. Trevor Fairley also had a spin on run 1. Glenn’s two runs were enough to take out the win, with Morris Stevenson in 2nd and James Mitchel in his Civic in 3rd. Cheers Alison Glover

P. 17

Thanks to Becky Ladbrook for the use of her photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page. Or even more photos on facebook.com/FastExposure

P. 18

P. 19

NAVIGATIONAL TRIAL The navigation trail, where do I start. That morning I was adamant that I didn’t want to do anything that day but was very happy Mum persuaded me to come and do it. It’s was very fun, we went all around town figuring out with clues where to go. Some questions we had to venture somewhere and look around to find the answer to the questions. There was lots of laughs and some debating about what answer is the correct one. There was moments that you had to quickly park up and take a photo rushing through people to get to where you needed to go. The barbecue and motokhana at the end was very tasty and exciting. I would definitely do it again, it’s a great thing to do with a mate or a family member. And remember that it doesn’t matter if your first to the final destination, it’s the person who has the most questions correct. Mikko Johnston.

P. 20

MCCROSTIES AUTO-X Rain did its best to cancel our day out at McCrosties farm in mid December last year, but it’s efforts were unsuccessful as a healthy number of keen paddock racers lined up to get their runs in. The challenging conditions started early and many people, myself included, found themselves everywhere but the desired race line. For many their first run was their best chance to set a good time and after that was a challenge of making it over the finish line hillclimb. But as the rain kept coming down people’s grins were still staying up and the organisers kept letting us line up. It was my first outing in newly acquired starlet and as it turns out my skinny tyres and lack of power proved to be a competitive combination in such conditions as I managed to take the event win from the Glenn Frew in his Evo and Steven McClelland in his Subaru. It was great to see everyone having a good time even with some people having to really persuade their cars to grip up and make it off the start line. Big thank you to the organisers and hosts of these events as not only is it a fun club event but for people like me it’s a stepping stone to getting my starlet into some gravel. Look forward to he next one. Morris Stevenson

P. 21

Thanks to Ali MacArthur for the use of his photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page.

P. 22

Thanks to Ali MacArthur for the use of his photos. Check out an album on the OSCC Facebook page.

P. 23

Event Results Speed Weekend Overall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Name Glenn Frew Mike Wellington James Mitchell Bert Murray Steven Thompson Elliot Charles John Simpson Matt Webber Ian Warren James King Kelly Todd Alan Garrick Braydon Waayer John Hayward Adrian Jones Ash Wallace Cory Saxton Angela Hodges

Car Evo Evo Evo RX7 Escort Evo WRX Starlet Pulsar BMW Levin Levin Legacy Celeste Corolla Lantis Gemini Corolla

Class D D D C C D D B B C B B D C B C B B

Fastest Time 3.19.63 3.20.37 3.27.18 3.34.19 3.38.55 3.43.14 3.46.07 3.53.66 3.55.12 3.55.52 3.57.00 4.01.42 4.02.68 4.08.56 4.17.09 4.18.93 4.25.93 4.48.34

Class D D B C D B C C C C B C C C C

Fastest Time 0.34.36 0.39.61 0.39.98 0.40.13 0.40.55 0.40.73 0.41.00 0.41.84 0.42.85 0.42.93 0.42.95 0.43.59 0.49.47 0.51.69 DNF

Patmos Ave Hillclimb 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Name Glenn Frew Morris Stevenson James Mitchell Matt Hayes Simon Taylor Gareth Rollo Lewis Hicks James King John Hayward Dave Menzies Matt Webber David Wild Barry Richardson Vincent Rozenberg Trevor Fairley

Car Evo WRX Civic Integra WRX Corolla Escort BMW Celeste 240Z Starlet MR2 Arbarth BMW Lotus 7

P. 24

McCrosties AutoX 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

Name Morris Stevenson Glenn Frew Steven McClelland Richie Chadwick Kevin Laird Sheldon Booth Peter Jackson Ross Sims Dan Mulvey Hamish Roche Justin Keable Jennifer Hall Ron Anderson Nigel Lawson Aaron Carmichael Max Newall Cameron Edgar Rhys Turner Shane Wood Thomas Alue Abby Ward Will Bathgate Kent Lobb Ian Warren Mikko Johnston Shaun Turner David Wild Karen Ward Devon Booth Tony Johnston Peter Wild Nikita Gibson Ben Wild Bob Aitken Andrew McCarthy

Car Starlet Evo Legacy Pulsar WRX Carib GT86 Levin WRX Barina BMW Corolla GT86 Evo Primera DX Barina BMW Getz DX Civic Evo Falcon Lantis Civic BMW Levin Civic MR2 Civic Levin Civic Levin Levin Falcon

Class A D D B D D C B D A B C C D C A A C C A A D C C B C B A C B B B B B C

Fastest Time 1.26.98 1.35.01 1.35.99 1.37.15 1.37.54 1.42.43 1.43.34 1.43.44 1.44.39 1.45.24 1.45.66 1.45.74 1.46.24 1.48.22 1.50.00 1.50.14 1.51.55 1.51.86 1.52.69 1.53.83 1.55.75 1.59.98 2.00.34 2.00.53 2.06.50 2.06.74 2.06.85 2.12.60 2.13.14 2.15.28 2.16.25 2.18.34 2.19.66 2.32.22 2.54.25

NOTE : For detailed results and an overall points standing, please visit the website, www.oscc.co.nz P. 25

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Wheelspin #17 January20  

Wheelspin #17 January20