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It‘s aLL aBout synC-HRonIsatIon o-synce connects the modern Smartphone technology with the functionality of sportselectronic and opens up a new dimension of data visualisation and trainings management. We unleash smartphone technology with iOS and android systems with infinite functionality for the use in all kind of sports: - ergonomic remote control - high energy efficiency - best visibility - affordable simple solutions

BRILLIantLy sIMPLe Using our expertise and German engineering, we have converted the newest technology into impressive products, which demonstrate unprecedented perception features and are uniquely easy to operate at the same time. “Keep it simple“ is our motto and also the strongest factor behind the innovation of these devices. We are meeting the requirements of athletes, who would much rather spend their highly-prized time training than studying a complicated instruction manual. Our products make the most important information easily accessible to the user on perfectly designed display screens and also possess self-explanatory menu navigation.

PRoDuCt PoRtFoLIo on 3 LeVeLs o-synce is the first and only provider of all 3 levels of sport electronics: ECO – for everyday/urban use – wired or analog RF PRO – sportive training products – analog and ANT+ RF SMART – bridge to infinite technology


mini_pc series simply brilliant! • Completely redesigned • Innovative E’sy-Touch-technology • Confortable PC configurationvia pc interface • Excellent readability • Data transfer via analogue transmission (mini_pc free) or wired (mini_pc save)


„The outer design of the redesigned mini_pc is not a focus of the product at all, which means it can be easily installed on any bicycle without affecting the visual appearance. The user-friendly operation in combination with the basic functions ist just prefect!“ CEO, Dirk Sandrock


urban series your perfect training partner • Setting & analyzing on the PC • 100% waterproof • Energy saving by manual sensor search • Performance RF (re-designed antenna) • New power magnet • ONLY one holder mount design for all urban models!

simple2control To control the bike computer there is no need to take your hands off the handlebar anymore. Developed especially for mountain and triathlon bikes you can place the remote control nearly everywhere. Place them on your aerobars or right beside your shifters. There are two options to mount the urban.


urbanfree not just for night owls • Urban trendsetter with outstanding readability! • Handy backlight function • Intuitive simple2control


remote control Zum Bedienen des Fahradcomputers brauchen Sie den Lenker nicht mehr loszulassen.


navi2coach Meet your digital coach! • Large 2-inch black & white display • Training and navigation in one device! • Workout function • Load GPX tracks directly to your device • Removable battery


race edition

ant+remote smart Control! • Wireless control of the navi2coach or your compatible smart phone • Three buttons • Flexible mounting - left, right or next to your grip ( 6 m = 18 feet range) • Increased safety and simple operation


GO SMART! multiremote


screeneye coach


Smart phones are changing our daily life with incredible speed. They are wearable, powerful computers with almost unlimited functions through millions of different apps. The new IMS Report 2013 announced that in the coming years the use of smart phones will increase with special apps for existing users and will further open up to new customers who have never used sport electronics before. But they also have major disadvantages when used on the move, concerning visibility in sunlight, controlling the touch screen in wet conditions and energy requirements for permanent monitoring. o-synce has solved these issues by developing UDA – ultra mobile digital assistant- helpful devices for remoting, controlling and best visibility of real time data.


multiremote Go smart! • First remote control for your Smartphone* • Control your music player or the display panels of compatible apps • Control your Smartphone directly from the handle bar


* Compatible Smartphones: iPhone** 4s and later, Android 4.3 and later, ab iPad** 3 ** iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple inc.


urbancoach Cycling computer 4.0 • 2nd display & remote Display the real-time data of your Smartphone* and master the Apps by using the cyclometer and the remote control • ANT+ 2 BLE bridge Use your existing ANT+ sensors by streaming the current heart rate, speed & cadence on your smartphone • Standalone mode Use the urbancoach as a digital cyclometer for ANT+ sensors without the smartphone • Compatible with all urban holders


screeneye coach screeneye coach is the first visor integrated head-up display for your Smartphone*. It works as an external display to mirror data from your Smartphone and remote the App. • Smartphone-Intelligence displayed on an external display at the sports visor • Display illumination by a light collecting film • Increased energy efficiency of the Smartphone • Safely keep your smartphone in your bag • Distance, speed and navigation via GPS of your Smartphone

Intelligent regulation of display illumination by a light collecting film the display automatically adjusts contrast to the ambient light: Bright environment – high display contrast Dark environment – weak display contrast (prevention of glare effects)


intuitive 3-button operation Menu/Set

Continuous readability – no interruption of movement * Compatible Smartphones: iPhone** 4s and later, Android 4.3 and later, ab iPad** 3 ** iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple inc.

screeneye x Face your heart beat • Visualization of your training data directly in your field of vision! • Display illumination is from the ambient light collection film and automatically adjusted • Analyse your training and plan your individual coaching (Fit Files) • Zone training


heart2feel series Like a second skin • Ultimate wearing comfort through seamless “silk performance” technology • Pacemaker compatible • Digital ANT+ 2,4 GHZ sensor

(only heart2feel x)

maxpace 16

Click and run • Foot pod with digital 2,4 GHz ANT+ data transmission • Allows extensive analysis and control of your training • 98% accuracy

mixfree and mixpro 17

“starter“ model and ultimate allrounder • Adjustable heart frequency zone which is shown by a visual and acoustic indicator • Calorie and fat consumption • Cycling and running (only mixpro)

Training with o-synce o-synce supports you in the individual planning of your practice and leads you to the best possible training results. Furthermore it offers an exact documentation and analysis of the training sessions. Plan: By using our complementary traininglab software you can create your individual training step by step via the workout editor*.The free online platform provides the basics for your workout.

Online plattform

traininglab workout editor

Train: During the training the virtual coach* guides you through the workout and gives instant feedback. Analyze: After the training the traininglab software documents your results and gives a detailed analysis of your performance. A variety of functions such as graphical diagrams or lap time comparison help you to stay up to date and to optimize your athletic development.

Graphical diagrams


Lap time comparison

*navi2coach and screeneye x only

Genaral functions Wired transmission Analogue wireless transmission Digital ANT+ transmision Bluetooth速 Smart transmission Time Data display Battery indicator Automatic sleep mode Backlight Cycling / running functions Current speed / pace (min/km) Average speed / pace (min/km) Maximum speed / pace (min/km) Speed comparison indicator Odometer Trip odometer Roadbook Cadence functions Cadence Running cadence Auto start and stop functions Altitude functions Current altitude Trip / total altitude Gradient functions Heart rate functions (bpm/%) Heart rate (cur./ avg./ max.) Heart rate zones Heart rate max. (user set) Training functions Lap times Stop watch Stage ride time Zone training Burned fat (compound) Calorie consumption Power Summary of training Navigation Schematic waypoint route planning navigation Navigation via turning arrow w/o maps Geocaching Back Track Tour guide by easy to read arrows tracking Electromagnetic conmpass Date of record/ trip time Other functions Wheel sizes identification Temperature Cache memory in hours* Software for training analysis PC-interface ANT+ Remote Control the Smartphone Text illustration ANT+ 2 BLE bridge Yes

With accessories

* 20 secconds recording interval

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screeneye coach 1




screeneye x




urbanhigh x


urban x

urbanhigh free


mini_pc save

mini_pc free

Functional overview









depending on App

Current press comments about o-synce products The navi2coach is the first bike computer on the market to support the idea of a remote button control.” and “…actually works like it’s supposed to. No crashes, no obvious/apparent issues with any of my data files, nor any features missing that I’d use day to day.” DC RAINMAKER 05/2013 „The screeneye x is a practical training companion. Besides protections against different weather conditions it offers various opportunities off data recording and training management [...] Advantage: The good legible display and the choice of two headband sizes.“ TRIAHTLON TRAINING 38, 05/2013 “Nearly as small as a cyclometer, the navi2coach can be mounted at the stem or handlebar. Shifting during the ride is not an option. The wireless remote control is interesting and can be mounted next to the handlebar; this guarantees navigation through the menu without leaving your hands from the handlebar ...“ a „... handy gimmick.” WORLD OF MTB 04/2013 o-synce Europe GmbH Thaddenstr. 14 a D-69469 Weinheim Phone +49 6201 98050 10 Fax +49 6201 98050 11

The navi2coach is a „function giant with a exemplary and intuitive menu guiding,... a completely individualize able data view... and a clean and outstanding display readability.“ BIKE 02/2013

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