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Hi, My name is Oswaldo Alvarez. I am from Guadalajara, México and I'm 28 years old. I am a graduate






Guadalajara. I have a very good skills in leadership, work well in a team and I am well organized and productive. I am a person who likes a challenge, and I will work hard and sacrifice important things in life to get ahead at work. I like to be in continuous learning environment and I think we shouldn’t be complacent until we´re sure what we seek. My inspiration in Architecture and design comes from many things. In particular, Science-fiction




Stanley Kubrick are a big influence to me and also the graphic artist H.R Giger, the designer of the film Alien. My hobbies include swimming, photography, art and travelling and specially art and photography inspire me to discover new textures, colors, volumes and sensations. Japanese culture is also one of my greatest sources of inspiration, Kenzō Tange is big reference in my projects. I am very interested in finding a design company that involves a variety of challenging projects.

2008 2014

Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design / University of Guadalajara. Bachelor Degree



2014 2015 SEPROPEL Drawings and Design of executive Installations plans. 2015 2016 Creativos en CaprinterĂ­a. (Interior design Construction Group) Cost and budget Drawings and Design of executive Installations plans, 2016 2017

Max CONTRACTS (Construction Industry) NZ Carpenter hand..

2017 2018



FabriK.G Architect Concepts, drawing, models, executive plans.

July – December 2012

March 2014


Curse: Advanced Design of ( Experimental architecture) The bittertang farm Firm.

Volunteer in CCAU Center for the Architectural and urban Culture, Guadalajara.

IT AutoCAD_ARCHICAD_Sketch Up_VRay_3Dmax_Rhino

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InDesign_Microsoft Office

Hand Drating and modeling_ Digital Fabrication_ Laser cutting

SPANISH Native language ENGLISH Speak Fluently and read/write with good proficiency JAPANESE Learning

Graphic Design_ Photography_ Travelling_Swimming_Music _ Digital Art_ Cinematography.

“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die�

Set Plan

• Thesis • Faculty of Architecture University of Guadalajara_2013


• Site_ Guadalajara

In Jalisco, Depression and anxiety are major mental disorders in the country; in the state of Jalisco 15 percent of people suffer from a mental disorder, and only 3 percent is under medical supervision.

• Therapeutic and Social Reintegration Center for People with Depression

Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder. It is a disabling condition that adversely affects the life of a person's family, work or school, sleeping and eating habits, and general health. In Mexico, the incidence of depression has increased every year, now one in five people will experience a depressive episode.

The objective of the center will provide a social reintegration patients, this way can be re-integrated occupationally, socially and physically stable and will keep emotionally.



The objective of the center will provide a social reintegration patients, this way can be re-integrated occupationally, socially and physically stable and will keep emotionally.

The objective of the center will provide a social reintegration patients, this way can be re-integrated occupationally, socially and physically stable and will keep emotionally.

Architectural Plan

Reception Plan

Section F Reception

Architectural Model

Therapy's Plan Section C Therapy's

Section D Therapy's

Administration Plan

Section B Administration

Section A Administration

The goal of the project is to attend a social need that affects thousands of people each year, and that damages the normal life of many people, the purpose is to provide a place with an aesthetic and different look at many public hospitals and treatment centers to that people are used in the state of zand diagnosis of mental disorders in people who come to the place, the same time give medical care, appropriate therapies and corresponding social rehabilitation of adults with depression and anxiety.

Social Reintegration Plan Render Interior

Section E Social Reintegration

Concept Sketch Social Reintegration Plan


This building was proposed for a experimental project of high-density housing in 2040 , the building was part of a series of works focused on alternative housing , the project was to propose a home that solves a problem of a neighborhood with high density population , while trying to solve the lack of living space that would in the future to supply a higher rate of population. The project called for a requirement for a futuristic vision without demanding a clear explanation of the operation thereof , or structure to hold it .

• Semester 4 • Experimental workshop, Faculty of Architecture University of Guadalajara_2010

• Site_ Guadalajara • Theme_ High Density Housing 2040

3d Modeling

Set Plan

Architectural Plan

Interior Garden Wall

Frontal Section

Frontal Plan of Building



Project proposed for a series of works focused on dwellings, this project consisted in an underground shelter where re-use shipping containers as Support in the construction of housing without depending on the totality for its construction, thought, shipping containers with the intention of re-use of structures and thermal insulation and low cost on the market. The objective of the project was to create an underground dwelling which consist factors to think about the environment, the use of recycled materials and low cost thereof. One of the important aspects to carry out the organization of containers was the fact we left a central courtyard where by a structure shaped glass as a skylight, so the light would be projected in the center and not depend 100 percent of the electricity. • Semester 5 • Faculty of Architecture University of Guadalajara_2011 • Site_ Guadalajara • Underground House

Jalisco, México


Downtown, Morelos Park

Garden Plan

1.Garden Roof 2.Living Room 3.Kitchen 4.Master Bedroom 5.Bedroom 1 6.Bedroom 2 7.Pool 8.Studio 9.Laundry Room

Top Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan

Longitudinal Section

Cross Section

Render interior


Trebay it's the first sustainable beach concept in Croatia to add this low impact installations over Stipanska Island at Hvar had to be very sensitive to approach the project with also using some of the installations that we found on site. Trebay it's a beach club for the Adriatic sea a place where you can have all the amenities required for it.

• Year: 2017 • FabriK-G • Location: Hvar, Croatia. • Surface: 18,000 m2

Master Plan

I S L A N D / / S T I PA N S K A

EARTH – stands for our on land grounding activities. Walking trails, Beach Volleyball, Restaurant, sun baths, sleeping, dancing WATER – water sport activities. Wake board, water slides, climbing jump towers, kayak, swimming,

WIND / AIR – Solar Power, Bay Breathing, sailing TARGET // The landscape and Architectural Design will follow local natures rhythm, textures, colors and materials.

GOALS // Leaving a profound imprint of an holiday experience which will give them the chance to see things differently and encourage them to change what is not nourishing. Showing that its needed and cool to go green.



3d Model

3d Model

Axonometric view

Mexican restaurant

Deck B Area

Bar Area

Chill out Area

Monopolies, globalization and loss of identity in cities

Kyoto, Japan 2014

Tokyo, Japan 2014

Real de 14, México 2013

Osaka, japan 2014

Yokohama, Chinatown, Japan 2014

Aranza, Michoacán , México 2012

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA. 2014

Museum no name, Hong Kong, China 2017

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea 2017

Champagne Rotorua, New Zealand 2016

Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016


Chinatown, Shanghรกi 2017

Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

South Korea 2017

Portfolio 2017  

Architecture + amateur photography

Portfolio 2017  

Architecture + amateur photography