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CONTENTS 1. Tolerance Essay………………………………………….......... 2 2. Once Upon a Down Original Poem…………………………... 3 3. I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You Poem...……. 4 4. Light Speed Short story...............................................................5 5. OSVALDO ACRONYM……………………………………….. 10


Tolerance Essay All the people has different pints of view of everything, because of their religion, how they were taught, what they have lived, but what matters is to respect what others thinks and to have tolerance with them.

Tolerance is a fair, objective and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial, or ethnic origins, etc., differs from one’s own.

To be tolerant you have to empathize, ignore your differences, accept uncertainty, learn about other people and cultures, analyze your intolerant feelings, be respectful have peacefulness, among other things.

Tolerance is good because it makes you easier to relate with other people and to accept the people by how they are or to respect them and learn different points of view and have harmony.

To conclude, tolerance is essential in our life because it makes us not to judge people by how they look and is the best way that makes everyone live in peace and harmony.


Once Upon a Down Once upon, a warm dawn I inhale a tiny simple yawn Like the morning sun levitating over the farm, I rise towards the village square to sell my ass Along the open path, my ass and I desired a drink . Near the rustic river, I´d seen an old Englishman, sitting on a log. It looked as if time was approaching his brink. In his hand, he had a sack. A bag, a bag, embroil of ivory and black. His eyes were not from his ground. His body fragile, it uttered a moaning sound. He was of dirt. I was pure. He pledged his life to me. I debated with many thoughts, Although his eyes


I do not love you except because I love you I do not love you except because I love you; I go from loving to not loving you, From waiting to not waiting for you My heart moves from cold to fire. I love you only because it's you the one I love; I hate you deeply, and hating you Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you Is that I do not see you but love you blindly. Maybe January light will consume My heart with its cruel Ray, stealing my key to true calm. In this part of the story I am the one who Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you, Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood.


Light speed There goes in the year 2095, in a nice place from Kansas where two children were born, rowdy hellstrom and Lyle macoy. They lived in the same neighborhood, so since they were little they became friends, they always played to be astronauts, making spaceships of boxes or whatever they found. Some time has passed, now lyle and rowdy are 15 years old, they are in the park of their neighborhood, when suddenly they see a moving car and a family outside of a new house, Rowdy- see that girl, she´s so pretty Lyle- I think I’m in love hahaha Rowdy- lets go and talk with her Rowdy- HI, I am rowdy and he is Lyle Summer- Hi guys, I am summer They kept talking till 10 o clock, they would keep talking but next day was school day. When Lyle and rowdy arrived to school, they saw summer in their classroom so they talked with her. They became best friends, they always go everywhere together, they are in the same classes, in fact they mostly do everything together. 2 years have passed, they are in their last high-school year and Lyle is secretly in love of summer, summer is also in love with Lyle, but she is a little bit attracted to rowdy. Lyle ask summer for a date and she accepted, they dated for 6 months, then finally Lyle asked summer if she wanted to be his girlfriend and she accepted Now rowdy, Lyle and summer have finally graduated, Lyle and rowdy decided to study a career in alien life, meanwhile summer is preparing herself for being a professional swimmer Is the year 2120, Rowdy and Lyle are working with the NASA in a project of searching a planet for alien life, and summer has already won 2 gold medals at the Olympics games


Suddenly rowdy missed summer, so he planned a hanging out, the three went to a coffee and talked for hours about what had happened but summer mostly knew everything because Lyle and she were already married and lived together But what Lyle and summer didn’t know is that the NASA told to rowdy that the project he and Lyle presented was accepted and they were going to the planet 123654 of searching of new life NASA told to rowdy that they can take one person with them, but that person and they had to train daily their body for preparing it to the different gravity force that that planet have When rowdy told that to Lyle and summer their face expressions got simply perplexed, they didn’t know what to do or say, after 5 minutes they started talking and they asked questions about when, how. Etc. They went to the NASA station and they asked everything they had to do, the NASA told them what to do and when and how much would they pay to them. But one thing that they knew that were kind of bad news is that is an 80 years journey, so one of the first thing they did was going with their families and friends to tell them what was going to happen Now rowdy, Lyle and summer are going to see each other like when they were some adolescents, daily for five years The first year have passed, they keep training Another year passed And other And other And now they are in the year, they are training harder than ever before The moment has come, the tree Have already said good bye to the people they loved and they are getting into the spaceship, the three pf them feel so nervous, they are in their space suits walking into the ship, now they are in the space ship in their positions, the countdown begins, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 TAKE OFF Millions of people are seeing how the space ship is going to space, for everyone, rowdy, Lyle and summer are kind of heroes. Now they are in the space, they are seeing the beautiful earth one more time before a so much long trip 6

Rowdy- are you ready? Lyle- I’m ready Summer- I’m ready Rowdy- okay, I’m going to activate the light speed, we have half an hour for seeing earth in a long time Summer- The light speed can be used 2 hours per week, right? Rowdy- right The countdown for the light speed starts, everyone is in their positions 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 They are in the spaceship at the speed of light, they can’t talk or do anything, is to much. Now they are far enough of earth for no having communications with it And so they are using the light speed once a week for 3 months until they arrive. They are getting out of the ship and there are aliens outside, yes, they feel a very big excitement, is right, we are not the only ones, the aliens have a language translator that identifies how a language works and they translate it Rowdy- hi, we come in peace, we are just here to learn Alien- hi strange creatures, you are welcome to this planet The aliens take the humans with the leader, when they arrived, the alien leader was perplexed about what he was seeing One week have passed, rowdy, Lyle an summer have a place to live, they have learned a few things and now is time to study them deeply. They are always with protection because there is a conflict between that “alien nation” and other The humans are in the planet and they discover so amazing things like the flora and fauna, how there are very different and new things from earth They see some animals very like the ones of earth, but different in their way The plants are so much different, and the food is also so much different, but by misfortune, that aliens have already almost destroyed lived on the planet, so everything now is on refugees Now the humans analyze the body of the aliens, although the gravity force in the planet is higher than earth, the average Hight of the aliens is 3.50 m, they are with grey skin color, but also naturally they form a metal protection they can show or not whenever they want like aluminum, they are humanoids but combined with reptiles. 7

Now the humans are going to study all the branches of science but with the aliens They discovered so much, like: -language -History -economics -sexual stuff -geography -way of thinking -etc. Now 3 months have passed but humans can’t communicate with earth and aliens neither, now the aliens want to study humans, so they are called with the alien leader Alien leader- you have learned about us, we want to learn about you Rowdy- we were prepared for that Lyle- we have this hologram memory unit that can be converted into your language by this adapter Summer- it contains all information form earth, all the knowledge of earth from its beginnings, till now Alien leader- you humans are so much intelligent than I thought, thank you, you can continue your work Summer- thank you so much, if you allow us, we are going to be studying Alien leader- go on They are in the fifth month of six, they are studding the last thing they must know, its technology, but they decided to study it but no weapons, so earth couldn’t do any type of war with that information They are in the refugee when suddenly the war alarm sounds, they are shooting guarded back to their ship, with soldiers They humans are taking off from 123654 with also air shooting guard Finally, the humans get to be out of there without any harm They are far away but they can see how explosions were blooming up and they feel sad, but also kind of happy, because if that life disappears, they would have already got all their information 8

Rowdy- guys, we couldn’t get all the information about their technology! Summer- are you sure? Rowdy- Did you get it? Summer- with who you think you’re talking with? Of course, I got it Lyle and rowdy- oh thanks god Now 8 months have passed, and they need other 3 months for coming back When that time has passed, they are arriving t earth, they don’t know anybody, but everybody seems to know who they are They are getting out of the spaceship and they see everything different from what they remembered. They felt 11 months, but by travelling through light speed, the time didn’t pass the way they thought, 80 years passed, time was altered with them They are still 35-36 years old meanwhile every person they knew in earth are all gone In the NASA, they gave them 1 month before coming back to explain much things They three of them went to the graveyards of their friends, families, pets, they were so sad, and now everything they have left is the three of each other. Rowdy- we are going to be okay Summer- I hope so 1 month have passed, they went to the NASA for explaining everything, now they have everything, a house, cars, and money end NASA would finance their livings, they don’t have to do anything, so they decided to live the three in one house for being with each other Summer- I think they only thing we have left to do is to adapt to this new society, learn what has happened and carry on Rowdy- we can do it, together Lyle- together Summer- So this is our end of the journey? Rowdy and Lyle- I think so….



OPTIMISM ACRONYM O ptimist people are the best. S shinning as the sun of everyday. V illians are nothing to them . A ccept and help people is what they do. L ife is wonderful and they appreciate it. D reamers is what they are. O ne is the life we got, we must enjoy it.


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