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September 4


This log sheet runs from the 4th of September of 2011 to present moments, this will summarize the time that I have been working here and what have I been working on.

Log Sheet

4th of September 2011 to 18th of November 2011 On the 4th I have been all day long waiting for Jakob Bason to call me and give me the time that we would be meeting, after few hours of waiting he calls me asking me to meet him at his place, where he obtains an office like space where he tend to do his work from home, any how the meeting was scheduled to 7pm, he introduced me to the system and how he works, which tends to be very different from where I came from (Greg Wright) because here I just dealt with one person and no one else although he says he got few other people that work with him at the office in Sea point but as long i had work I didn’t really mind by the fact that he told me that the office it too full and they are rebuilding it so I had to work from home. Anyhow here is the way the working system works, Jakob gives me the project breef then I go ho0me and I start working on it, he calls me once and then to check on me and find out the progress of the projects and how far I am. So from the 4th of September till now I have hand only 2 projects and I have attended with Jakob Bason to 2 business meeting with clients,one was on the 17 of October at Radison Hotel in waterfront and the other was on 16th November in Sea point ate the clients house as these clients pretends to increase the house where they are staying at, this was my very first time that I actually went to meet the real client and I actually heard and was asked to give my opinion towards what those clients had in mind and how would we work towards it to make their wishes come true.

I’m working from home and sometimes I call some of my classmates to give me opinion on the details that I want to my structure as Jakob tends to be very busy with few other projects that we have, my everyday day life is computer researching for better ways and cheaper to build certain structures, I also deal with certain supplier to find out certain available materials, prices and durability when exposed to rains, sun and also the fire proofing of such. I tend to miss working at Greg Wright, but somehow I find myself, mostly inspired by the motivation that comes from me by the everyday day self teaching through the research that I do when asked to use a certain material instead of the other to cut down the costs of the all detail. Working with Jakob has been very educational for me as he expose me to real problems that I have to find solution, like now we are working on one of the projects of his Father in Law which we are finding ways of renovating a room that wasn’t used for anything, but because of the location of the room on the site and the surroundings, Jakob decided to go mostly green, because we are working on a farm land, the site is slopy so we are demolishing certain walls and re-designing it in such a way that the building itself makes part of the land scape, we gona make a green roof and all that will be seen from the building is the entranced which is all made of glass, now I’m busy trying to see certain materials that are low budget but strong to actually use it as the funds for it aren’t much.


LOG SHEET AT JAKOB BASON September 4 Log Sheet This log sheet runs from the 4th of September of 2011 to present moments, this will summarize...