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school of music

Undergraduate student handbook 2013-2014

table of contents A. The Ohio State University Resources  Helpful Phone Numbers  Student Services Center  Arts Advisors  The Registrar  Financial Aid 

B. School of Music Facilities & Operations 

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Buildings and Hours  Public Safety and Campus Police Music & Dance Library Booking Procedures Practice Room Policies The Instrument Room  Student Locker Policies Recording Services Tickets for School of Music Events

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C. Academic Policies & Procedures


Scholarships and Grants  Student Recital Information Concert Attendance, Juries, Convocations,  Studio Class, and Piano Proficiency

D. Ensembles & Student Organizations 

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school of music

the Ohio State University resources

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helpful phone numbers general resources

learning resources

Undergraduate Admissions Office 292-3980 Arts Advising Office 292-6961 Athletic Ticket Office 292-2624 Financial Aid 292-0300 School of Music 292-6571 Student Advocacy 292-1111

Fine Arts Library 299-6184 Math & Statistics Learning Center 688-3157 Music/Dance Library 292-2319 Thompson Library 292-6785 Writing Center 688-4291 Younkin Success Center 292-4400

safety resources

counseling services

OSU Police 292-2121 Student Escort Service 292-3322 Community Crime Patrol 291-4262 Emergency 911

Career Connections 688-3898 Counseling & Consultation 292-5766 Hillel Foundation 294-4797 Planned Parenthood 222-3604 24-Hour Rape Help Line 267-7020 Rape Education 267-7020

wilce student health center Appointments 292-4321 Student Pharmacy 292-0125 *Student Wellness Center 292-4527 *located in Room B130 RPAC

other campus resources Multicultural Center 688-8449 Honors & Scholars 292-3135 Office of International Affairs 292-6101 Disability Services 292-4190

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student services center The friendly and professional staff of the Student Services Center can help with financial aid matters, registration challenges, tuition and fee payments, and managing your online Student Center. You can contact them via:

Or walk in today!


E-mail: Lobby, SAS Building Mon-Thurs: 9 - 5 Phone: (614) 292-0300 281 W. Lane Ave Fri: 9-4 Toll-Free: (800) 678-6440 Columbus, OH 43210 Sat-Sun: Closed Web:

arts advisors Your assigned Arts and Sciences college advisor is a full-time professional and generalist who advises you on:


O Advising

epf Mike Ho 1 92-696 Phone: 2 7-4293 Fax: 24 all Denney H 0 10 : e c Offi .edu f.6@osu p e o h : il a E-m

• • • • •

the General Education Curriculum special academic and career opportunities graduation requirements university policies and procedures campus support services

Arts and Sciences college advisors are only available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, go to:

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the registrar The Office of the University Registrar’s website is your one-stop spot for class registration, fees, and important dates! You can find information regarding the academic calendar or search the course catalog to find out when next semester’s classes meet. You can also access each semester’s Finals Schedule. And if you can’t find something on The Registrar’s site, they probably have a link to it: • • • • • • •

Buckeye Link Calendar (Academic) Registration Information Student Evaluation of Instructor Transcript Ordering Student Tuition and Fee Tables And much more!!

Check out their full list of tools and links at

Put campus in your pocket with the free OS U Mob ile App. This app gives you easy access to everything Ohio S tate offers, from viewing your gr ades to finding the nearest pizza shop. Click the link below for more info. /osumobile f inancial aid

Information regarding Student Financial Aid can be found at: Not only does the site tell you your current Financial Aid status, it provides you with information about grants, jobs, student loans, scholarships, and more! You can even find information about how to file your FAFSA.

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school of music

facilities & operations

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buildings & hours Weigel Hall


Building Manager, Eva Banks

Hours of Operation: 7am - 9pm Monday - Saturday 12pm - 9pm Sunday Weigel 110 Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Hughes Hall


Building Manager, Jim Broadhurst

Hours of Operation*: 7am - 9pm Monday - Saturday 12pm - 9pm Sunday

To have yo ur buckID pu the compu ter system t in , please contact E va Banks at

banks.76 @

*Hughes Hall can be accessed 24/7 by music majors with their BuckID.

public safety & campus police The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety provides law enforcement, security services, emergency management planning, and other public safety services to the university community while contributing to the general welfare of the surrounding campus area. Two services that they provide are:

Buckeye Alert System The Buckeye Alert System notifies students by text of any emergencies in or around the campus area. Students who provide their cell numbers to Ohio State via Buckeye Link are automatically registered for the emergency notification text messaging service. You can add yourself to the Buckeye Alert System at any time by logging into your Buckeye Link account and editing your contact information.

Campus Escort Service Students can request a police escort to accompany them across campus: (614) 292-3322. Please see the OSU Public Safety website for more information regarding hours of operation, service boundaries, and rules of use: _info

More information regarding Campus Police can be found at:

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music & dance library 18th Avenue Library Items of Interest

The Music & Dance Library is located on the 2nd floor of the 18th Avenue Library at 175 W. 18th Ave. Reference librarians are available to help you locate music scores, recordings, videos, or reading material on topics related to music and dance. The Music/Dance Library offers a listening and viewing room, tables for reading and studying, copying and printing facilities, and numerous music and dance research resources. There are more than 30,000 CDs available for borrowing, and thousands more available for streaming from the library’s web site.

The Terra Byte Cafe Located on the first floor, the newly rennovated Terra Byte Cafe offers Crimson Cup Coffee, sandwiches, and an assortment of grab-andgo treats for late night studying. Tables and computers are available on the first floor near the cafe.

The library is open 24/7 for those with a valid BuckID card, but students will have to swipe into the building after 11:30pm. Please see the library’s website for service desk and reserve desk hours of operation:

booking procedures

ation m r o f in e r o For m ling a u d e h c s t u abo ital, student rec . see page 15

The Hughes and Weigel classrooms and auditoria may be booked for use by individual students and School of Music student organizations. Please contact Megan Morelock for all classroom needs and contact Tim Donel for all auditoria needs*. Please note that a space has not been reserved for you until you receive confirmation from Tim and/or Megan.

Megan Morelock • • •

E-mail: Phone: 614-292-4280 In person: Hughes 107

Tim Donel • • •

E-mail: Phone: 614-247-8601 In person: Weigel 122

*Except Student Recitals. Please see Student Recital page for more information

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practice room policies Weigel Hall Practice Rooms Practice rooms on the 2nd floor of Weigel are available by key access only and may be used only when the building is open. Students can check out keys with Production Manager Tim Donel in Weigel 122. A $5 cash deposit is due when a key is checked out that is returned to you with the return of the key. Please note that non music majors are not allowed to have keys to any of these rooms. Please adhere to the following guidelines when using practice rooms: •

Practice rooms can be signed out at the beginning of each semester and will be available to the designated student at that time throughout the entire semester. Sign-ups will begin Monday during week #2 of autumn semester. Sign-up days are based on Seniority. Please contact Tim Donel for more information.

Hours that are not signed out by anyone will be available on a firstcome, first-served basis

IMPORTANT: The School of Music has a 15-minute rule. If a student does not show up for his/her scheduled time within 15 minutes, the room is forfeited for that hour and can be used by another student. However, if the student has reserved more than one hour, s/he can reclaim his/her room at the next hour

Please respect the practice rooms as they are used by all students and guest artists. Do not eat or drink in the practice rooms. Only water is permitted. Please do not leave your personal belongings or trash in the rooms. Thank you!

Weigel Hall Smart Labs There are two Smart Music Labs in Weigel Hall that can be accessed with your Buck-ID. These labs house computers and Smart Music software for students’ use. To gain access to the labs, please e-mail Professor Kinney at with your Buck-ID number.

Hughes Hall Practice Rooms Practice rooms on the 4th floor of Hughes Hall are available to music majors and are unlocked 24/7. Rooms in Hughes are on a first come, first-served basis. *Please keep in mind that in order to use Hughes practice rooms after hours, you need to have your Buck-ID registered to swipe at the door. For more information, please contact Eva Banks at

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the instrument room The School of Music Instrument Room, located in Hughes Hall Room 08, houses a large inventory of orchestral woodwinds, brass, and string instruments. With instructor permission, these instruments are available at no charge to any current university student participating in School of Music ensembles or classes. A current BuckID is required to start an Instrument Room account. Students wishing to use Instrument Room instruments must file a bond card with the Instrument Room. Bond cards are legally binding documents used to enforce the borrower’s responsibility to return School of Music property to the Instrument Room in its original condition, less the wear of normal use. There are two categories of instrument use available to students: •

Daily Return Use requires that the borrower returns the instrument to the Instrument Room immediately after use. Failure to return a daily use instrument may result in revocation of Instrument Room privileges.

Exclusive Use involves restricted high value instruments and can only be authorized by orchestral instruments faculty.

Instrument Room Hours of Operation Mon-Thur:

7:00am to 9:00pm


7:00am to 6:00pm

Sat & Sun:

1:00pm to 5:00pm

The Instrument Room is closed any day that university offices are closed. Instrument Room hours are subject to change during finals weeks, semester breaks and summer sessions. Contact Jim Broadhurst for more details:

Students are responsible for information here and on the website,

student locker policies

n ormatio f in e r o t For m strumen in e h t g regardin locker policies, d : room an adhurst o r B im J contact .edu

Housed in Weigel and Hughes Halls, the School of Music has approximately 564 lockers in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate the storage needs of orchestral instruments as well as books and personal effects. Any current OSU student participating in School of Music classes/ensembles can apply for a locker at the School of Music Instrument Room, 08 Hughes Hall. Students must present a current BuckID to apply for a locker.

Lockers assignments are determined by the specific storage needs of the student’s primary instrument and students may apply for a second u s locker if the need is proven. Locker assignments are for no more o @ 2 . t s r u h than the current academic year and must be vacated by the first broad Monday after Spring Commencement. Students who are attending summer courses may apply for summer-only locker assignment by permission of the Instrument Room Manager. Any locker that is found occupied without authorized assignment will be opened and the contents removed.

The School of Music and The Ohio State University are not responsible for the loss of personal articles stored in School of Music lockers.

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recording services Recording Services in the School of Music offers services to document performances involving students, faculty, and guest artists. High quality audio recordings are made of all scheduled performances that occur in Weigel and Hughes Halls, and these recordings are edited and electronically delivered to performers without charge. The following services are also available (additional charges apply): • Recording sessions in Weigel and Hughes Halls • Off-site recording of performances involving faculty or students • Multitrack recording, editing, and mixing in the recording studio in Mershon Auditorium or on location • Limited video recording and editing

For more information on these services, visit the Recording Services website at, or contact Mark Rubinstein at 292-0554 or

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tickets for school of music events General Concert and Student Ensemble Performances • • •

$10 general public $5 senior citizens, Alumni Association members, non-OSU students, children 1 FREE ticket with BuckID presented in person. Subject to availability.

Special Events • • •

$20 general public $10 senior citizens, Alumni Association members, non-OSU students, children 1 FREE* ticket with BuckID presented in person. Subject to availability. *Does not include Marching Band Hometown Concert or Drums Downtown. Tickets for these events are $10.

How does the FREE TICKET with BuckID program work? Free tickets are limited to one per BuckID, which must be presented in person. No exceptions. • IN ADVANCE. Pick up an advance ticket at the Ohio State Theatre Box Office at the Drake Performance and Event Center, 1849 Cannon Dr., Monday-Friday, 10 am–4 pm. Recommended. • IN ADVANCE [Mershon Auditorium Events]. Visit the patron services desk at the Wexner Center. • AT THE EVENT. Tickets are available at the venue box office, one hour prior to performance. Subject to availability. Arrive early as some events sell out quickly. •

NOTE: Some events have reserved seating . To sit together, all tickets (FREE with BuckID ticket and any additional purchased tickets) must be obtained at the same time.

Advance Ticket Sales Advance ticket sales are available for all School of Music events. • Advance tickets may be purchased at the Ohio State Theatre Box Office, located at the Drake Performance and Event Center, or by calling (614) 292-2295. • For School of Music events held in Mershon Auditorium, advance tickets may be purchased at, at The Wexner Center Patron Services Desk, or by calling (614) 292-3535. Questions? Contact the Ohio State Theatre Box Office at (614) 292-2295.

Concert Parking

For information about concert parking, please visit

The whole family * can attend a fu ll year of concerts by purchasing a ConcertCard. For more inform ation, visit music.osu.e du or call Box O ffice Manager Rache l Barnes at: (614) 292-72 58. *ConcertCard ad

mits up to 6 peop

le per event

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school of music

academic policies and procedures

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scholarships and grants The School of Music offers a select number of scholarship opportunities for its students, including: • The Brahms Fund Small Cash Grant • The Irma Cooper Fund for International Studies • Travel Grants

Current students are also able to request additional scholarship money from The School of Music in spring semester. Visit and select internal resources for more information about these scholarship and grant opportunities. Students can also contact Associate Director Timothy Leasure at for more information.

student recital information The student recital is an essential part of every performance degree at the School of Music. Individual degree programs within the School of Music have different requirements, so students are advised to discuss those requirements with their studio instructor. To begin the process of scheduling a student recital, students should go to and select internal resources for the complete Student Recital Guide and paperwork. There you will find step-by-step instructions on every aspect of the Recital Scheduling process. Any questions about the scheduling process that a student’s studio instructor cannot answer should be directed to Program Assistant, Megan Morelock. She can be reached at or at (614) 292-4280.

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concert attendance, juries, convocations, studio class, and piano prof iciency Concert Attendance. To view concert attendance requirements, please visit and look under the Internal Resources Tab.

Juries. Juries are held at the end of each semester. The time and location of your jury will depend upon your applied studio and/or department area. Please discuss this further with your studio professor. Jury forms can be picked up in Weigel 110 during office hours or can be printed off our website:

Convocations. Your schedule will have an 11:30am time set aside on Wednesdays that will be filled by School of Music Convocations, special events, and chamber music rehearsals and performances. You will be notified of these events throughout the semester. Studio Class. Studios will be held either on Monday and Thursday at 11:30am OR Tuesday and Friday at 11:30am, depending upon your applied lesson schedule for your primary instrument. Make sure to check with your instructor regarding studio class requirements and meeting times.

Piano Proficiency. All music majors are required to develop and demonstrate proficiency in functional keyboard skills and receive group instruction to develop these skills. Students take piano placement tests at the beginning of the freshman year and are placed in the appropriate courses depending on their skill level. All students are encouraged to review their specific requirements for piano proficiency with their music faculty advisor.

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school of music

ensembles & student organizations

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concert bands The Wind Symphony is a nationally recognized ensemble devoted to the preparation and performance of the finest traditional and contemporary music for band. Open to all qualifying students, the Wind Symphony performs at least six concerts per year with the opportunity to work with well-known guest conductors and artists.

The Symphonic Band is devoted to the preparation and


kkel Dr. Mi

performance of the finest traditional and contemporary literature. Music majors and students from other academic areas find participation in this ensemble challenging and enjoyable.

Collegiate Winds is an ensemble of approximately 55 musicians, both music majors and non-majors, who join together to perform one concert per semester. This ensemble is dedicated to broadening the artistic level and interest of its members while performing music of artistic and historical significance.

University Band is designed for the non-music major who enjoys creating music with limited performance demands. The enthusiasm of the band enables its members to achieve excellent musical results while taking a brief break from their major disciplines. A formal audition is not required for this ensemble.




For more in formation o n the School of Music’s Concert B ands, please visit :

http://ban ds

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athletic bands

The Marching Band is a nationally-recognized and awardwinning band noted for the excellence in both playing and marching. The Marching Band performs for all home football games, plays concerts, travels to several away games and participates in bowl games. Try-outs consist of both a playing and a marching audition. The OSU Marching Band meets only autumn semester and is open to all students by audition.

Athletic Bands offer students the opportunity to perform both in concert and at athletic events, including men’s and women’s basketball, hockey, wrestling, and the spring football games. A large quantity of pop music is performed. Instrumentation includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion and placement is determined by audition. Selected band members participate in trips, including post-season tournament play. These bands are composed of students representing almost every college in the university.

Each year ,t Band perfo he Maching rms a Hom etown Concert in Columbus. Check mus fo r date, time, and locatio n.

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choral ensembles Chorale is a 48-member select ensemble is open by competitive audition to all OSU students (sophomore through graduate students; sophomores only by invitation of the conductor). The Chorale sings a variety of distinctive choral literature with frequent solo opportunities. They perform on campus and in the community, occasionally touring.

The Men’s Glee Club is well-known among male choruses nationwide, having performed for the national conference of the Intercollegiate Male Choruses, Inc., and has a long tradition of choral excellence. The Men’s Glee Club welcomes singers from all academic disciplines on campus, undergraduate through graduate level. The Statesmen is a select a cappella group auditioned from within the Men’s Glee Club, comprising 12 to 16 singers.

The Women’s Glee Club was recently recognized for excellence in performance by the American Choral Directors Association at their Chicago convention in 2006. Entrance to the ensemble requires and audition and is open to women of all majors, freshmen through graduate level. Often sharing concerts with the Men’s Glee Club, Women’s Glee Club also performs solo concerts in the community and on tour. Ladies First is a select a cappella group auditioned from within the Women’s Glee Club, comprising 12 to 16 singers.

The University Chorus is open to all students on campus with a voice placement audition only. It is intended for undergraduate non-music majors and sings one concert per semester on campus. Symphonic Choir is an auditioned mixed chorus of 40-50 undergraduate and graduate students that performs several concerts annually.

Mastersingers is a small mixed ensemble that functions as the recital chorus for graduate conducting majors who prepare one concert per semester, shared by two conductors. All university students may audition for Mastersingers, but vocal music majors may not use this group for large ensemble credit. The Gospel and Spiritual Ensemble is a non-auditioned group specializes in a single

genre of music and performs for the Columbus community at least once per semester. Singers develop skills within the framework of a strong aural tradition and explore techniques of improvisation as well.

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orchestras The Symphony Orchestra. The Symphony Orchestra performs approximately six concerts per year and participates in musical theatre and opera productions. The OSU Symphony is open to all qualified students.

Freshman Community String Orchestra. This group is open to freshman non-music majors who have string instrument playing experience. There are no required auditions for membership in the orchestra.

The Community Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble is open to the OSU community and includes students, faculty, staff and alumni. All orchestral instruments are welcome.

jazz ensembles & combos Jazz ensembles and combos are devoted to rehearsing, arranging, and performing all styles of Jazz literature. These ensembles include:

Jazz Ensemble, Dr. Ted McDaniel Jazz Lab Ensemble, Kristopher Keith Jazz Workshop, James Masters Jazz Combos, Shawn Wallace & Kris Johnson Contact the respective faculty member for audition information.

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opera & musical theatre The OSU Opera performs a full range of operatic repertoire from early baroque operas to contemporary American musicals. The productions utilize students and faculty from the School of Music, the Department of Theater, Department of Dance and other collaborators within the university and beyond to provide the community with a complete operatic experience. Past performances have taken place at The Ohio Theater in downtown Columbus and Mershon Auditorium on-campus. Auditions are open for both undergraduate and graduate students. Recent productions include: Carmen (2013), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012), Falstaff (2012), The Ruby Elzy Story (2012), Albert Herring (2011), Faramondo (2010), The Marriage of Figaro (2009), The Magic Flute (2008), La Calisto (2007), L’Elisir D’Amore (2007), and The Cradle Will Rock (2006)

small ensembles There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in small ensembles, including:

w... o n k ou s Did y emble

he ens ge t , r a r ye one la Each n i e t ipa the partic nce called ma cert! n o perfor C ration Celeb

• • • • • • •

African Drum Ensemble Composer’s Workshop Flute Troupe Horn Choir Percussion Ensemble Trumpet Ensemble And more!

For a complete listing of small ensembles, visit Page 22

student organizations

For a li sting o f all student organiz ations and inf o on ho w to ge involved t , please s e e mus




Phi Mu A

Undergraduate Mus ic Council


ma eta Sig Tau B

Sigma Alpha Iota


Kappa Ka

ppa Psi

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Ohio State School of Music Undergraduate Student Handbook  
Ohio State School of Music Undergraduate Student Handbook  

A guide for undergraduate music students where they can find a wealth of information about the University and the School of Music