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Programs Subhead line 2010 • Grades K-12

Academic Programs... providing a pathway to higher education.

Youth Camps... offering opportunities to enhance physical and mental well-being.

Talented and Gifted Programs Expeditions

Grades 3 and 4 • July 12 - 23 Carol Brown, Coordinator • 257 Batcheller Hall • 541-737-2670 This exciting program provides gifted, talented, and high-ability youth with a two-week, half-day educational experience. Students are introduced to a engaging and intriguing subjects in an enjoyable and nurturing environment. Fees: $205/half-day tuition • Application deadline: April 5

Adventures in Learning

Grades 5 and 6 • July 12 - 23 Holly Mitchell, Coordinator • 255 Batcheller Hall • 541-737-2403 This adventuresome program combines stimulating academic and social opportunities in a fun-filled 10-day experience by exposing participants to exciting and sophisticated areas not usually available during the regular school year. The program is for gifted, talented, and high-ability youth who are interested in fast-paced, challenging opportunities. Fees: $430/full-day tuition • Application deadline: April 5

Outside the Box

Grades 7 and 8 • July 12 - 23 Josefine Fleetwood, Coordinator • 255 Batcheller Hall • 541-737-3735 This outstanding program enables gifted, talented, and high-ability youth to pursue topics of interest through a unique combination of in-depth, challenging academic explorations and social interaction with intellectual peers. Program participants can anticipate excitement, discovery, and challenge in the programs’ offerings, which are designed specifically to address their interests and abilities. Fees: $430/full-day tuition; half-day option available Application deadline: April 5 2


4-H Summer Programs

4-H OSU Summer Conference

Grades 7 - 12 • June 23 - 26 Roberta Lundeberg, Program Coordinator OSU State 4-H Office • 541-737-9295 4-H members from all over Oregon attend a wide range of workshops taught by OSU faculty and other community volunteers. Participants will be acquainted with OSU through on-campus tours, gain knowledge in various disciplines, and have the opportunity to be involved in hands-on educational workshops. See Cost: $200

International (Latino) Summer Camps

Grades 3 - 5 • July 16-18 (space limited to 75 students) Grades 6 - 8 • August 9 - 13 (space limited to 100 students) Grades 9 - 12 • July 10 - 13 (space limited to 75 students) Mario A. Magaña, Camp Director • OSU State 4-H Office • 541-737-0925 Have fun while learning about environmental science, engineering, natural resources, technology, health, nutrition, history, culture; participate in team sports such as soccer, volleyball, archery, canoeing; and learn about career opportunities, financial aid, and special programs for people of color. Cost: $100 • $25 and $50 scholarships are available

ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Science Camp

Youth entering grades 6 - 8 • August 2 - 13 Andy Hoffmann, Coordinator • • 541-737-4081 Full scholarships are available for 54 youth from underserved areas or from populations traditionally under-represented in science and engineering fields. The scholarship covers room and board and instruction. The scholarship application is available at The application deadline is April 16. Cost: FREE PRECOLLEGE PROGRAMS | OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY


Saturday Academy Camps Grades 5 -9 • June 28 - September 3, 2010 Cathy Law, Director • 245 and 247 Batcheller Hall • 541-737-1822 or 541-737-8139 • Saturday Academy offers educational enrichment opportunities that provide youth a direct connection to cutting edge science, math, engineering, and technology. Classes are small, hands - on, informal, project - oriented, and open to anyone. Please check our website for details on these and other summer programs.

Science & Art

Exiting Grades 5 - 8 • One-week, 9 AM – Noon Do you enjoy creative art projects? Do you like cool science experiments? Have fun making colorful art projects using your knowledge in science. Examples of what you will create: marbled paper, wood and leaf prints, lava lamps, copper-coated keys, and rainbow sucrose density gradients. Cost: $125

Engineering Camp

Exiting Grades 5 - 8 • One-week session • 9 AM - 4 PM Explore the many careers available within engineering! Hands-on activities each day will feature bioengineering, chemical, civil, environmental, electrical, industrial manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Work in labs and classrooms as you design, construct, and test models. Cost: $250

Lego Robotics

Exiting Grades 5-8 • One-week, 9 AM – Noon (Beginning), 1 p.m.-4 p.m. (Int.) Beginning: Create and program Lego Robots! Learn about “smartbricks” and work with the Mindstorms RCX kits. Start by building a simple robot, practice driving it, and program it to go around obstacles by “reading” touch sensors. Your robot will have an opportunity to share what it has learned! **For students who have not previously worked with Lego® Robotics kits.** Intermediate: Work with the LEGO®Mindstorms RCX kits to build on your programming skills with experienced instructors. Learn advanced techniques of Lego Robotics programming and mechanics and apply your new skills to complete a challenge project. **For students who have taken Beginning Lego Robotics in past years, or who have had SOME experience using kits** Cost: $125 4


Science Camp

Exiting Grades 5-6 • One-week, 9 AM - Noon Explore areas of science that you may not get to see in school like physics, chemistry, biology, and geosciences. Work with science professionals and OSU students in labs and classrooms doing hands-on investigations and experiments that will ignite creativity and critical thinking. Cost: $125

Girls Creativity Tech Camp

Exiting Grades 5-8• One-week, 9 AM – Noon, Off-Site @ Boys and Girls Club Work with an OSU computer scientist to express your creativity in fun and interesting ways. You will explore programs such as “Sketch Up” to design the room of your dreams and “Game Maker” to create your own simulation. Cost: $125

Marine Mammal Ecology

Exiting Grades 5-8 • One-week: M, T, W, F, 9 AM – Noon; TH 9 AM – 5 PM Spend a week learning about a variety of marine mammals and the impact that humans have on these creatures’ environments. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center where you will see the animals studied in class and do hands-on activities. Cost: $175 (includes Thursday’s lunch, transportation, and admission)

Fun with Numbers

Exiting Grades 7-9 • One-week, 9 AM - Noon You will have the opportunity to play mathematical games and learn about game theory. Taught by a high school math educator, this program will increase your math skills, build your confidence, and help you learn how much fun working with numbers can be! Cost: $125

Beginning Web Design

Exiting Grades 5-8• One-week, 9 AM – Noon Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a website from scratch? Learn to write in HTML, the language of the web, while building your very own page. By the end of the class, you will have a complete page with text and pictures ready to “Go Live” online! Cost: $125 PRECOLLEGE PROGRAMS | OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY


High School Programs JumpstART: Precollege Visual Arts Workshop

Grades 9 - 12 • June 20 - July 10 Felicia Phillips, Associate Director • Dept of Art • 106 Fairbanks Hall 541-737-5007 • This visual arts summer residential/day program, hosted by the Department of Art, emphasizes skill development and conceptual growth through exposure to accelerated art instruction and faculty mentors. Students spend six hours daily working in the art and design labs, attend evening presentations by guest lecturers and artists, and participate in multidiscipline events. The workshop concludes with a final exhibition, as well as an evaluation of student portfolios by a faculty committee. Cost: $1,995 residential; $1,195 for commuters. Scholarships are available.

Newspaper Institute for Minority High School Students Grades 9 - 12 • June 19 - 27 Kami Hammerschmith, Interim Director of Print Media • 541-737-6379 Co-hosted by OSU and The Oregonian, this camp seeks to nurture budding journalists of color. Participants will create a print and online newspaper from start to finish working with professionals in the field. They will learn the value of making a difference by covering multiple perspectives in the news. Application deadline: April 19. Cost: FREE, pre-enrollment is required, 24 maximum.

High School Newspaper and Yearbook Workshops

Grades 9 - 12 • August 10 - 12 Kami Hammerschmith, Interim Director of Print Media • 541-737-6379 High school students and faculty advisors from Oregon, Washington, and California meet on the OSU campus for a three-day workshop. The annual event gives practical instruction in organization and development of high school newspapers and yearbooks. It is co-hosted by Jostens Yearbook Company, Northwest Scholastic Press, and the OSU Student Media Department. Last year’s workshop attracted more than 180 participants. Application deadline: June 15. Cost: $260, pre-enrollment is required. 6


Saturday Academy’s Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering Program Exiting Grades 9 -11 Cathy Law, Director • 247 Batcheller Hall • 541-737-1822 or 541-737-8139 The ASE Program offers high school freshmen through juniors a chance to work with an engineer or scientist for eight weeks during the summer. A stipend may be available. Students also attend workshops, seminars, lectures, and leadership classes at the Mid-Summer Conference at Oregon State University. Students will present their work in a poster session at a final symposium at Portland State University.


Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth

Grades 9 - 12 • July 11 - 16 Skip Rochefort & Christine Kelly • School of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering • 103 Gleeson Hall • 541-737-2408, SESEY is primarily for high school girls and ethnic minorities traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering. Students come to the OSU campus for a one-week residential summer camp and are paired with a faculty mentor in engineering for a mini-research project in areas such as micro scale technologies, plastics recycling, drug formulation and delivery, bioprocessing, microelectronics, and environmental engineering. There are also group learning activities such as computer instruction, communication skills, field trips and social activities. Students are exposed to science and engineering as viable and interesting career paths. Career counseling is provided by faculty mentors and OSU students who work with participants during the week as research project advisors and friends. Students live in OSU housing, so they receive a complete college experience. Cost: $150 (includes room & board, field trips, materials, and instruction) due after acceptance into the program. Students are responsible for getting to/ from OSU. Scholarships are available. Application deadline: June 1 PRECOLLEGE PROGRAMS | OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY


Oregon Sea Grant Programs Location: Hatfield Marine Science Center • Newport, Oregon Camp Hours: 9 AM - 3 PM Maureen Collson • 541-867-0159 For information on OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center K-12 programs, go to or visit the Center’s website at:

Animal Adaptations

Ages 7 - 9 • June 28 – July 1 Discover the amazing world of marine animals through field trips and handson activities. Campers will explore life on rocky shores, sandy beaches and in the estuary, investigating how animals are adapted to these environments. Activities include the dissection of deep-sea Humboldt and club hook squid, experimenting with bioluminescence, and assembling a whale skeleton. Cost: $150

Coastal Ecology

Ages 7 - 9 • July 19 - 22 Explore numerous costal habitats and discover how they are connected and how organisms depends on one another for survival. Campers will create their own marine habitats and bird feeders, conduct experiments on symbiosis and transpiration, and participate in several field investigations in this fun and fascinating camp. Cost: $150



Habitat Hunt

Ages 10 - 12 • July 5 - 8 Discover a variety of coastal habitats and the unique creatures that inhabit then through fieldtrips, experiments, and other hands-on activities. Campers will travel to estuary, sandy beach and rocky shore, exploring unique areas and the amazing creatures that call them home. Activities include working with researchers and kayaking. Cost: $165

Sea Lab

Ages 10 - 12 • July 26 - 29 Get ready to immerse yourself in marine science as we investigate and utilize various research techniques from plankton nets to ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) to sample organisms and collect data. Participants will travel to several field sites to study different habitats and conduct research. Handson activities include kayaking, conducting bird counts and water quality testing. Cost: $165

Art-Sea Adventures

Ages 13 - 18 • July 12 - 15 Work with different artists to learn a variety of techniques and explore the marine environment through art. See marine life in a whole new way as you learn techniques including biological illustration, Gyotaku (fish printing), and batik. Create a portfolio of ocean themed artwork from recycled materials and mixed media as we travel to several sites for inspiration. Cost includes all materials. Cost: $165

Marine Investigations

Ages 13 - 18 • August 2 - 5 Delve into marine seine as we work with researchers to explore coastal habitats and species of concern that inhabit them. Conduct mark and recapture experiments, participate in seining and stream surveys, and then assemble ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) complete with cameras to study various underwater habitats. Cost: $165



KidSpirit Camps & Programs KidSpirit Summer Day Camps • 541-737-KIDS (5437) Grades K-12 • June 14-Sept 3 • One and Two Week Sessions Enjoy games, sports, arts, science, computers, and more at KidSpirit Summer Day Camps! Make friends and play your favorite games on OSU’s campus with outstanding and energetic staff. Come to camp in the morning, afternoon, or all day. Different camps offered depending on age and preference. Junior Beavers: Grades K-2. Participate in a variety of activities, including swimming, science, rock climbing, t-ball, art, gymnastics and drama. Dam Builders: Grades 3-5. Experience a variety of activities, including swimming, diving, lacrosse, bowling, First Aid/CPR, tie-dye, scrap booking, cooking, and foreign language. Duck Busters: Grades 6-8. Grades 6-8. Participate in activities such as pottery, leadership, First Aid training, and a variety of sports. Teen Leaders: Grades 8-12. Develop leadership skills through an interactive, team-building curriculum and hands-on experience with our younger day camp participants.

Future Iron Chefs: Grades 6-8. Bake, chop, blend, dice, and sauté

while preparing foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from around the world! Students will learn the art of recipe preparation, kitchen skills, safety, menu planning, and grocery shopping, along with the importance of a healthy diet, all while preparing their own meals!

Chefs in Motion:

Grades 3-8. An overall wellness program combining running/walking and cooking gives youth the opportunity to participate in non-competitive physical activity with a nutritional cooking component. Each session, individual participants work toward goals and receive entry to a KidSpirit 5K event to celebrate their accomplishments. .

SKIES (Spirited Kids In Engineering and Science)

KidSpirit participants in grades 1-5 can explore the wonders of chemistry, physics, math, life science, ecology, and engineering in a fun and interactive environment! Those enrolled in the SKIES program will also enjoy organized physical activity, such as disc games or soccer. The SKIES program runs through KidSpirit under the instruction of the OSU College of Engineering. 10


Gymnastics Program

Ages 2 - 18 • 8 classes, twice-a-week or once-a-week Come flip for fun in gymnastics! Participants will explore movement with emphasis on strength, flexibility and coordination. KidSpirit gymnastics participants will focus on four primary events including floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam and vault.

Girls on the Run Willamette Valley

Girls on the Run (grades 3-5) and Girls on Track (grades 6-8) will train for a 5K event while completing a curriculum designed to help pre-teen girls improve sense of identity, learn advantages of a peer support group, learn to stand up for herself, and improve body image. Every girl will also be paired with an adult “running buddy” to run with during the 5K events. Cost: $135 • Scholarships are available upon request.

OSU Sports Camps

Baseball Basketball (Girls & Boys) Cheer Football Golf

Gymnastics Soccer (Girls & Boys) Strength & Conditioning Volleyball Wrestling



Programs by Grade Level Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Expeditions Adventures in Learning International (Latino) Summer Camp Saturday Academy Camps Oregon Sea Grant Programs at Hatfield Marine Science Center KidSpirit

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Adventures in Learning Outside the Box 4-H Conference International (Latino) Summer Camp ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Science Camp Saturday Academy Camps Oregon Sea Grant Programs at Hatfield Marine Science Center KidSpirit

High School (Grades 9-12)

p. 2 p. 2 p. 3 p. 4-5 p. 8-9 p.10-11 p. 2 p. 2 p. 3 p. 3 p. 3 p. 4-5 p. 9 p.10-11

4-H Conference p. 3 International (Latino) Summer Camp p. 3 JumpstART p. 6 Newspaper Institute for Minority High School Students p. 6 High School Newspaper & Yearbook Workshops p. 6 Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering p. 7 SESEY (Summer Experience in Science & Engineering for Youth) p. 7 Oregon Sea Grant Programs at Hatfield Marine Science Center p. 9 KidSpirit p.10-11

Precollege Programs Oregon State University 350 Batcheller Hall Corvallis, OR 97331-1203 541.737.9424

2010 OSU Precollege Summer Camps & Programs  

Summer camps and programs for Grades K-12 on Oregon State University's campus at Hatfield Marine Science Center.

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