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Professional and Managerial Internship in State Employment

A PROMISE for the future We

“Who we are, and who we envision ourselves to be…”

PROMISE The PROMISE (Professional and Managerial Internships in State Employment) Program has been part of OSU’s campus community since 1992. PROMISE is a developmental internship program designed to provide professional, managerial, or technical paid work experience and mentoring in state and local government agencies for Oregon State University juniors and seniors. An annual, paid, 10-week program, PROMISE’s purpose is to increase the potential pool of applicants currently under-represented in state and local government agencies. Interested students from historically underrepresented backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. Goals of PROMISE  To promote the retention and success of students, particularly those from historically under-represented groups.  To encourage interns to see university and public employment as a potential career path,  To provide personal and professional development through a cohort model of learning,  To enhance the diversity of applicant pools for the employment opportunities with state and local government agencies, and,  To develop globally responsible leaders Learning Outcome  Developing professional capacity -- we hope through the internship experience interns develop skills and behaviors which contribute to being highly effective, accountable, authentic, and ethical leaders, prepared to tackle the global workforce. In addition to their projects at their worksites, the 2015 interns participated in required weekly professional development luncheons and workshops. This year’s topics included: Intern Cohort Retreat, Orientation, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Connections and Purpose, Technology, Professional Development Day, Mentor, Coach, and Advocate, and Meeting with President Ed Ray. Thank you for your interest in the program. All of what we do is made possible by the tremendous support from the OSU community.

Pod Group Leader: Miguel Arellano Members (left to right): Marina Monteiro, Amparo Mata, Morgan Thompson, Gino Tomala-Poss, Braulio Lopez, Benny Zhao

Miguel Arellano serves as the coordinator for social change leadership programs under the departments of Student Leadership & Involvement, and Diversity & Cultural Engagement. “It has been a pleasure being a pod leader for the PROMISE program. I have had the opportunity to watch my pod members grow professionally and personally over the past 10 weeks. Although I am no longer at OSU, you can still reach out to me :)” – Miguel Arellano

My name is Gino Tomala. I am a senior student majoring in Construction Engineering Management. I worked at the Center for Research of Lifelong STEM Learning working on Undergraduate Student Success and in hopes to redefine what success means for students, and the ways OSU can help. The study is for the student, by the student, and with the student. Later on, I hope to get a master’s degree in Engineering Education. 6 Word Memoir Fifty Shades of Brown: Changing the World

Intern: Gino Tomala-Poss Mentors: Julie Risien and Martin Storksdieck

Best Aspect of my Internship My three supervisors offered me feedback whenever possible and have pushed me to set professional goals for myself and ways to achieve them. Another great aspect of the internship is opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people whose ideologies have helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of various cultures.

As an intern of University Housing and At At University Housing and Dining Services, I worked on a project to develop a more efficient booking system for conference rooms on our Oregon State University Corvallis Campus. After speaking with multiple people, it has been made clear to me that it is an issue locating or even knowing where there are conference rooms available on campus. It is in my nature to resolve issues to the best of my ability when I become aware of them. Along with inputting my skills to this project I look forward to improving my personal communication skills. 6 Word Memoir Give what you want to get

Intern: Braulio Lopez | Mentor: Dave Warneking Best Aspect of my Internship There have been many aspects of my internship that I would have to say are and have been great. First, I have learned the skill of sending more professional emails, which is something I have never really knew how to do and feel confident about. Also I found it really great that after working with UHDS in other positions it was great to look at UHDS through another perspective. I learned very much that could be helpful for me. Overall this was a great experience.

My job as an intern for Student Affairs Communications and Marketing is to start the development of the student experience website through the use of Drupal. Besides managing the contents of the website, other responsibilities include designing the content for the website, problem-solving issues that occur, and thinking about the accessibility of the website for students. 6 Word Memoir Like rockets, make your creativity boundless

Intern: Benny Zhao | Mentor: Carolyn Boyd

Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of this internship is being able to work with Carolyn Boyd and learning the methods of graphic designing visuals for websites. As I stepped into the world of web designing, I have learned a lot about the different aspects it takes to create a website. I would say it is a complex process to creating a well-rounded website, one that eventually becomes a powerful link between the interactions of entities. Besides designing contents, I also enjoyed the independent learning process of Drupal. The most enjoyable experience is being the first developer to initiate such a big project that would provide and assist the students of Oregon State University.

My internship at Oregon State University Global Opportunities (OSU GO) focused on the compiling of a database of every Oregon State University student who went abroad during the 2014-2015 academic year. I then used this information to create visual representation to be able to interpret discrepancies among opportunities and participation of students going abroad. This project will help each college at the university identify where they need to improve their support of students wanting to gain an international education experience and will assist International Programs in recognizing how to focus their efforts of assistance to the colleges and outreaches across campus. My interest and experience in areas of equality and inclusion have benefited me greatly in identifying areas of need while conducting this project. The time I have spent at this internship has helped me develop skills that I will be able to utilize throughout my continued education at law school and career goals of practicing human rights law and advocacy at an international level. 6 Word Memoir Always in The Process of Becoming

Intern: Morgan Thompson | Mentor: Julie Walkin Best Aspect of my Internship The best part of this internship has been the ability to work on a project that will have lasting affects long after my internship ends. I have had the best networking opportunities in this position as well that have and will continue to influence and help build my aspirations of continued education and my career ambitions.

As an intern this summer at the office of Diversity & Cultural Engagement, I have been organizing and promoting Multicultural “Welcome” Luncheon 2015. Very often students of color lack a sense of belonging as they transition to the university, especially first generation students. The purpose for Multicultural “Welcome” is to connect the students to multicultural student organizations and other resources, in order to have a more meaningful and successful experience. This project is very important to me because my future goal as a high school educator is to help underrepresented students be able to attend and thrive in college. 6 Word Memoir Real Education Will Bring Social Justice!

Intern: Amparo Mata | Mentor: Oscar Montemayor

Best Aspect of my Internship Overall, this internship has been wonderful, but there are a few things that highlight my experience. Two of the best aspects of this summer are working with Oscar Montemayor and learning video production. I met Oscar when I first came to Oregon in 2010, and he always has been a great mentor and inspiration, but this is the first time that I’m working with him on a professional level. Every time we meet to talk about the project, I learn so much from him and it goes beyond my internship description. For video production, I didn’t expect to learn how to make videos, but the opportunity came and I’m glad I took it. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make videos, but I didn’t have the equipment or the support. Learning this skill brings me great joy because I will be able to implement it in my future as an educator.

I am was a PROMISE Intern with Ocean Blue Project. I am very interested in conciliating spirituality, environment sustainability, and social justice in what I do. I have some strengths that helps me to make those connections, which are so important nowadays. Some strengths that I have are to be able to work in teams, and include diverse people for collaboration efforts. I consider myself positive about the future of our society. With the internship at Ocean Blue Project, I used those strengths that I have because I worked with awareness of pollution in urban streams, and using an innovative way of restoring our rivers, and ocean. I believe that the change of our society starts with our change. 6 Word Memoir Joy is to have inner freedom, and do your mission.

Internship: Marina Monteiro | Mentor: Richard Arterbury

Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship is that I have been able to do different activities that opened my range of creativity and flexibility. This internship helped me to create, and have better interpersonal relationships with people, and develop soft skills that are needed for collaborative group work.

Pod Group Leader: Charlene Martinez Members (left to right): Amelia Allee, Kathleen Knight, Dulguun “Debbie” Baasansuren, Charlene Martinez, Savinda Aponso, Julia Hoffman

“Carefully observe what way your heart draws you, and then choose that way with all your strength.” – Hassidic saying. Dear interns, may you dream big and go with all your heart. You are an inspiration to us all, thank you for all of your gifts. – Charlene Martinez

Charlene Martinez is the Associate Director of Integrated Learning for Social Change for Diversity & Cultural Engagement and affiliated with the School of Language, Culture, and Society. She works with teams across campus to support various experiential learning and social change opportunities, including the PROMISE Internship Program, the Arts + Social Justice Living Learning Community, and the Social Justice Minor. She received her M.Ed. in Education with an emphasis in Multicultural Counseling from the Community-Based Block Program at San Diego State University and her B.A. in Global Studies with an emphasis in Culture and Ideology from UC Santa Barbara. Charlene’s professional experiences include work in cross/multi-cultural centers and student life programs at Sacramento State, Mills College, Contra Costa College, and UC San Diego, as well as a nonprofit, the Rockwood Leadership Program. Charlene is passionate about the power of courageous conversations, story-telling, and art as vehicles for critical dialogue and social change.

I did my PROMISE internship with Oregon Sea Grant. One of my main tasks as an intern was collecting and analyzing data on international students in major universities in Oregon. I was able to use my communication skills to connect with International Offices and students. One of my main projects I had been working on is creating a survey for international students as a form of outreach material for future purposes. I have a passion to work towards sustainable water management, natural resources and ecosystems and service international students and this position has allowed me to do exactly what I enjoy. 6 Word Memoir World in the eyes of a Mongolian woman

Intern: Dulguun “Debbie� Baasansuren Mentors: Sam Chan and Kayla Martin Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship would be our team. I have to say that my mentors are great in all ways. I can freely ask any questions, receive good feedback, or just chat about other aspects of our life. I am happy that Noelle and I got paired up for this internship as well; this made the experience more joyful and less intimidating. We have attended a lot of meetings together and learned a lot from this internship both professionally and personally.

I interned in the Fisheries and Wildlife department and worked on the preserved (ichthyology) collection. My main job consisted of cataloging, photographing, and Photoshopping specimens to digitally preserve them and allow anyone to access them through an online database. The collection has both teaching and future purposes as it preserves the species and their DNA for future research and knowledge. This is especially beneficial because the science community will continue to have access to these specimens regardless of loss through habitat destruction and species extinction. I'm going into my last year at OSU with a major in crop and soil science as well as environmental science. My interests lie in the preservation and sustainability of our natural resources for future use, but also for a healthier present. Work that I believe can be achieved by teaching people about science and soil, because it takes all of us to make a difference. 6 Word Memoir Connecting people to science and soil

Internship: Kathleen Knight Mentors: Brian Sidlauskas and Michael Burns Best Aspect of my Internship Some of the best aspects about the internship was getting to gain skills and knowledge I otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to do. Skills which involved photography and Photoshop, which helped me gain a personal interest in photography, as well create a full fish poster. Another valuable skill would be the clearing and staining of specimens. Finally, I have gained a larger knowledge of fish, when I previously had very little and had the opportunity to handle and create visually appealing images of some unique and even rare fishes. I'm also looking forward to going on a specimen collecting trip in early September.

I am currently a Public Health major with a focus in Health Management and Policy. This summer I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Anthropology department to return excavated human remains and funerary objects to Native American groups in order to comply with the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act. I have done social justice work on college campuses the last few years and interning here has only deepened my interest in the collective health of traditionally marginalized groups. 6 Word Memoir From hunger, a traveler is born.

Intern: Amelia Allee | Mentor: Brenda Kellar Best Aspect of my Internship Working with so many different cultures has taught me a great deal about how both context and perception can change interpersonal interactions. And subsequently, this internship has really challenged the way I communicate with others. I have become more aware of the ways in which my words, my identities and my culture shape the way I am being received. Though there is much yet to learn, I am more confident in my ability to effectively understand and be understood by another person.

I am a chemistry major specializing in biochemistry. This summer I worked in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife under Bill Gerth. The project is focused on determining the impact of current logging practices on stream ecosystems. This study will help determine if logging policies need to be reformed in order to learn the impact on the environment. In the future I hope to go into medical research, in the field of arthritis treatment. This internship has greatly developed my patience and attention to detail, along with giving me a solid understanding of the research process and how studies are carried out; skills which will be invaluable in my chosen career path. 6 Word Memoir All my experiences make me, me.

Intern: Savinda Aponso | Mentors: Judith Li and William Gerth Best Aspect of my Internship Taking this internship through the PROMISE program has not only helped develop my research skills, but has also taught me how to improve the crucial skills that I will need in future work places such as how to effectively communicate and network. The program has also allowed me to meet a diverse group of people and has let me explore new ideas and ways of thinking through my interaction with them. That, to me, is one of my most valuable experiences from the PROMISE program.

I will soon to be a graduate from Oregon State University with a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife and a minor in Botany. I love being outdoors and working hands on with wildlife and would love to have a career where I can explore my love of animals, photography, and be able to see the difference I’m making in the environment and bettering our understanding of the world.

6 Word Memoir Love people; make a difference; overcome

Intern: Julia Hoffman | Mentor: Alba Argerich Best Aspect of my Internship I enjoyed that I had a hand in most parts of the project including electroshocking and collecting animals as well as processing them before release. I collected a lot of nutrient samples during nutrient injections as well as water for gas samples and was responsible for processing them in a GC machine back at the laboratory. I helped out with the biogeochemical crew and scrubbed algae for chlorophyll analysis and ran gas chambers for algae productivity studies.

Pod Group Leader: Melisa Lopez Members (left to right): Livia Cipriano, Brenda Dao, Osenat Quadri, Nanilei Lamchin, Amanda Swartzmiller

Melisa Lopez is the Assistant Director for Centro Cultural César Chávez. She joined Diversity & Cultural Engagement in June 2014, following three years of working as an Outreach and Retention Coordinator for OSU’s College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). Prior to that, she served as an Admissions Counselor for Eastern Oregon University. Melisa earned a master’s degree in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University.

"Remember to stay connected and develop genuine relationships! Don’t forget to schedule follow up coffee/lunch to stay connected with your mentors.” – Melisa Lopez

I am from Brazil and I study Forestry Engineering in Federal University of Sao Carlos. I am in an exchange program in Oregon State University, Forestry College. I interned in the PROMISE program and my site of work is Hatfield Marine Science Center, in Newport, Oregon. My main job consisted of assisting in the facilitation of science communication, research experiences and education programs in the marine sciences on site at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and periodically off site in the field. Under the mentoring and supervision of the Academic Program Manager/Senior Instructor, I assisted in the development of materials and plan for highlighting the marine science center research and education. This experience was very important to me because it is related with my ultimate aim that is being a good professional, and then help to change the world.

6 Word Memoir Believing is essential to go beyond

Intern: Livia Cipriano | Mentor: Itchung Cheung Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship is learning how to work with other people that are from other cultures and speak other languages. This is a great opportunity to learn how to work, how is the work environment and how people from different countries have different perspectives about our projects. This internship helped me to gain experience in the work environment and how to work in a diverse team.

I am a 2015 graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in Public Health and a minor in Ethnic Studies. I will be pursuing my Masters in Educational & Leadership Policy with an emphasis in Student Affairs at the University of Utah in August 2015. Some of my passion lies in the work of Social Justice and Diversity - how to cultivate change through embracing empathy and learning from each other's story.

6 Word Memoir No Status Quo For The Survivors

Intern: Brenda Dao | Mentors: Jeff Sherman and Pamela Hoene Best Aspect of my Internship What I really loved about the internship was the openness to allow creativity and on top of that, we were encouraged to do so along the way. I was able to explore many skills that I didn’t even know existed and that I didn’t know I really enjoyed until I was given the opportunity to do them.

I am a senior studying Human Development and Family Sciences with pre-nursing. I interned for the College of Education’s Licensure and Field Services. I helped to increase their recruitment and outreach programs, in addition developed promotional materials for diversifying the department. While being very involved in the community, I am a founding member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. on Oregon State University’s campus, served on the committee for the Black Student Union as well as working at the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center. I find it very important to utilize my key strengths to not only better myself, but those around me. 6 Word Memoir Old soul, young spirit, hopeful heart

Intern: Osenat Quadri Mentors: Nell O'Malley, Liz White, and Karla Rockhold Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of this internship is all the different connections I’ve made, as well as the professional development skills that I’ve gained. I got to step into a field that is totally different from my own and learn what it takes to be successful in it. I have gained more knowledge about the double degree program and the demographic of students that engage in it. One thing that I enjoyed the most while interning at the College of Education was having the amazing opportunity to be on the hiring committee. It was there that I was able to incorporate all the skills I learned during workshops into a very professional setting. I also was able to provide them with ideas and a voice from a student perspective.

I am a junior at Oregon State University. I am majoring in Public Health with an emphasis in health management and policy and a minor in business. I worked with Professional and Continuing Education (PACE), a unit that provides education and training for businesses and professionals throughout the world. I assisted in the content creation of email campaigns, blog posts, client communications and the website. In addition, I supported in the development of projects, which include booking hotels, organizing catering and creating guides for students. My goals throughout this internship were to become familiar with the project and marketing processes and learn various search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. 6 Word Memoir Fall in love with your purpose

Intern: Nanilei Lamchin Mentors: Johanna Lounsbury and John Buzzard Best Aspect of my Internship Overall, working with PACE has been a great experience and I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to be a part of their team. There are many aspects of my internship that have highlighted my experience. First, this internship has allowed me to work with such amazing mentors- Hanna and John. They have been so supportive and have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Second, I really enjoy the collaborating process of both the marketing and project teams. This is a great time where we can be creative and bounce ideas off of each other. Third, I wrote a blog for the very first time about one of our courses and to my surprise it was published on the Oregon Business website. A big thank you to the PROMISE team and to my mentors for giving me this opportunity to learn, expand my knowledge and grow.

Along with school and work, I spend my time as an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta, a Panhellenic sorority here at Oregon State. My position is with Kevin Stoller, the Director of External Relations and Operations at the University Honors College located on campus. I had the pleasure of connecting with alumni and seeing their areas of professional and educational growth since graduating from OSU. Also, I am the project manager for the 20th anniversary celebration for the Honors College. This is an extremely fitting position for me considering I pay attention to detail, manage my time wisely, and am able to connect with others easily. PROMISE has been an extremely rewarding experience and I am very excited to take my new knowledge and skills and apply them to my next professional position. Memoir Aspire to Inspire

Intern: Amanda Swartzmiller Mentors: Kevin Stoller, Gildha Cumming, LeeAnn Baker Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship is all the learning that has gone on since day one. I knew I was going to learn a lot at my first professional workplace, but I hadn't realized how much. I have already learned so many new programs such as BaseCamp, InDesign, Qualtrics, Outlook, and so many more. Not only did I get to learn about each of these programs, but then I was able to use them and put what I learned to the test as I incorporated the programs into my projects.

Pod Group Leader: Jon Stoll Members (left to right-top to bottom): Nazario Rivera, Tim Williams, Luke Kawasaki, Kenya Juarez, Ariah Suek, Eddie Rodriguez Jonathan Stoll, who has spent much of his career facilitating collaborative partnerships and communication among organizations and individuals, was named the director of Corvallis Community Relations at Oregon State University in 2014. He began his career working as controller and chief financial officer for the Associated Students of San Jose State University in 2003, and then founded the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center there two years later to connect students with the lifelong commitment to civic activism at the heart of the Cesar Chavez legacy. Prior to his arrival at Oregon State University, Jonathan served as the manager of Associated Students’ Diversity Center at California State University, East Bay, where he directed campus diversity efforts, launched several programs to support multiculturalism and student retention, and led a number of outreach and engagement initiatives.

“Dolphins live in pods; we live in community. You didn’t just tread water this summer, you dove in head first. There’s much to be discovered as you cross new waters and navigate the open seas. Enjoy the voyage and be in touch.” – Jon Stoll

I served as a PROMISE intern at Student Health Services and worked on two main projects. The first was researching and identifying a best practice for cultural competence training for all of the Student Health Services staff. The second was to further develop a Community Health Partners group that will be committed to the well-being of our student body and will regularly engage in conversations around student health. The need for both of these projects is becoming more and more important as the diversity in our student body keeps rising. My future career goals include working within the field of student affairs. My current position is a perfect opportunity to explore the intersection of public health and Student Affairs.

Six Word Memoir Hasta la Victoria siempre

Intern: Nazario Rivera | Mentor: Malinda Shell Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of the internship is the cohort model. Even though all of the interns are doing very different things it is nice to come together and talk about our experiences at our internship sites. Not only do we learn professional development skills but we also get the opportunity to talk about what’s going well and what’s not going so well. These conversations and interactions have been great. I am grateful for all the networking and connections I have made.

I was a PROMISE Intern with Kim McAloney through EOP and the Meyer Bridge Program. I was really excited to help Meyer Bridge students succeed here at OSU. In the US, Higher Education reports say that 60% of students aren’t ready for college. Of that, the number of students from historically underrepresented groups are even less ready for college. As a bridge program alum, and EOP member myself, I know first-hand that these programs work. My goal was to prepare these students for their college years, as well as be a mentor to them after the program and allow them to get a jump start on their future.

Six Word Memoir Loving what you do is happiness

Intern: Tim Williams | Mentor: Kim McAloney Best Aspect of my Internship I love the fact that I am helping new students who have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education, and to help them achieve their goals here at Oregon State and beyond. This is an important, and delicate step for these students. Planning a four day bridge program sounds like it wouldn’t take much time at all, but it takes the whole summer to plan for, and possibly more. There is a lot of work that goes into it to ensure that the program is the most beneficial for the students. I thank the PROMISE Internship staff, and my mentor Kim McAloney for allowing me to gain this experience.

I am a recent graduate from Oregon State University with my degree in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Queer Studies. I am passionate about working within the LGBTQ community, and specifically with LGBTQ people of color. I worked with the College of Liberal Arts on the development of an Eportfolio program to support career development within our underserved student populations on campus. This internship has strengthened my passion for pursuing social justice work, and has bridged that passion with higher education.

Six Word Memoir Creation stands in opposition to desolation

Intern: Luke Kawasaki | Mentor: Robin Fifita Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship has been being able to work with such an amazing mentor, Robin Fifita. I have been so fortunate to be mentored by such a driven and intelligent person. I have learned the value of showing up to your work space authentically and still professionally. I have also really appreciated being brought into so many committee meetings, and participating in such powerful conversations around supporting underserved student populations in higher education.

I am going to be a junior in the fall here at Oregon State University. I am currently pursuing a degree in Speech Communication with a minor in History. This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at the Valley Library with Kelly McElroy through the PROMISE program. My internship focus is creating outreach materials for mentorship programs with the hope that these mentors will be able to inform the students they serve on how to use the library resources. In doing this, more students will look at the library as not only a place to study, but also a welcoming space filled with knowledge.

Six Word Memoir Dream as if you'll live forever.

Intern: Kenya Juarez | Mentor: Kelly McElroy Best Aspect of my Internship What I have loved the most about my internship is my supervisor/mentor, Kelly McElroy. She is such a creative and intelligent person. Kelly has done a great job of making the library feel like my second home by introducing me to the staff, meeting with me regularly and genuinely caring about me as a person by discussing values and social justice issues. If I had the opportunity to create my supervisor, they would possess all the qualities Kelly does.

I helped to re-organize the archiving system at DAS. In addition, I was responsible for creating a poster series to market learning disabilities in a strengths based approach. The last project I helped with was researching and providing a best practices for a peer mentoring program for students registered with DAS.

Six Word Memoir Progression is achieved by fully understanding

Intern: Ariah Suek | Mentor: Martha Smith Best Aspect of my Internship The best part of my internship has been learning about different aspects of disability and how they play a role in the education system.

I am senior majoring in History with a minor in Spanish. I will be applying to law school in the fall, and look forward to pursuing a career in immigration law. Here at OSU I have had the opportunity to be involved with various organizations and support programs. This summer I worked for the University Innovation Alliance which seeks to improve graduation and retention rates. Specifically, I conducted a series of focus groups comprised of first-generation college students, which I used their experiences to inform other services on campus in order to better support these students.

Six Word Memoir Embrace challenges, stay hungry, be humble

Intern: Eddie Rodriguez Mentor: Becky Warner, Kerry Kincanon and Alex Aljets Best Aspect of my Internship The best part of my internship has been going to various meetings, and getting an inside view of what the administrative side of the university is like. My networking and professional development skills have improved a lot thanks to my internship. I also have enjoyed my time with my supervisor Alex, who is extremely nice and always willing to help me out with my projects.

Pod Group Leader: Reagan Le Members (left to right): Efrain Alonso, Julia Shields, Noelle Moen, Carmen Lopez, Vanessa Otamendi

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” – Reagan Le from Bruce Lee

Reagan Le considers himself a tripleBeaver having earned his B.S. and M.A. from Oregon State University and now serving as the Assistant Director with the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center. Prior to coming back to Beaver Nation, Reagan served as the Assistant Director for the Asian/Pacific Cultural Center at Colorado State University and most recently as the Asian & Pacific Islander Retention Specialist at University of Oregon. He currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Vietnamese Student Association and Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc., and recently completed the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute in Portland.

Intern: Efrain Alonso | Mentors: Mario Magana and Maria Brambila

I am going into my fifth year as an undergraduate, majoring in Zoology with a minor in Natural Resources Environmental Law & Policy. I interned with the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP). My internship has allowed me to plan a one day orientation program for incoming freshman and transfer students to get them connected to faculty, resources, and research. I have also used my marketing and design skills I have developed working at the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center under Diversity and Cultural Engagement for the past two years to create flyers and marketing material for the Oregon State LSAMP program.

Six Word Memoir Following Purpose. Chasing Dreams. Appreciating Community

Intern: Julia Shields | Mentors: Marleigh Perez and Ellen Momsen Best Aspect of my Internship The absolute best aspects of my internship is that it incorporates things that really matter to me. Science and creating an impact and supporting under-represented minorities that are in different STEM majors. I have a passion for environmental and biological conservation and the advancement of others in these science & engineering fields that have similar passions to myself. I have worked at the Cultural Resource Centers on campus for two and a half years and now I can incorporate that work - such as event planning and outreach - to the STEM community and it is a beautiful thing.

Interning with Oregon Sea Grant has been an amazing experience! My main focus with Oregon Sea Grant was to help create a toolkit for teachers to use in the classroom to teach students about an increasing global issue...Aquatic Invasive Species. The toolkit provides lesson plans that help teachers reach their grades benchmarks by using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) principles in the classroom. These lessons are designed to engage all ages and to raise awareness of the impacts of invasive species around the USA and in their daily lives.

Six Word Memoir Be the opposite of being ordinary

Intern: Noelle Moen Mentor: Sam Chan, Kayla-Maria Martin and Tania Siemens Best Aspect of my Internship The best parts of my internship was the variety of experiences that I was exposed to and the people I was able to work with. I was able to go to many different areas around Oregon, while also interacting with many different people from the Oregon Invasive Species Council to interacting with professionals at the American Fisheries Society National Conference in Portland, Oregon. I was very happy to have another intern, Dulguun, to work with. She helped me grow and we became very close during our time at our internship and helped each other grow professionally.

My internship focused on improving nutrition and sports performance in active teens to develop a healthy lifestyle for when they transition out of soccer season. The responsibilities I had included editing English documents to asses participants in the soccer, summer camps and translating numerous documents in Spanish to recruit, and enroll Spanish speaking families. I created student reports using Word, Excel, and OneNote to communicate with participants their progress in health an sports behavior. Our team enrolled 700 high school students to participate in the 2 year WAVE study.

Six Word Memoir Inspire people to love, laugh and learn.

Intern: Carmen Lopez | Mentors: Gretchen Dursch and Siew Sun Wong Best Aspect of my Internship I have enjoyed being part of this research study, working with the high school students, and the WAVE team. I have enjoyed the experience, I had never worked with such a large scale of participants and so many moving pieces. Thank you to: Siew Sun Wong, Meng Yu, Mario Magaña-Álvarez, Linnea Sonnenberg, Amparo Mata, Nicthé Verdugo, Gregorio Luis, my supervisor, and the WAVE team for all the support with translating, creating packets and endless work hours.

I am going into my last year as an undergraduate in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. This summer I was chosen to intern with PreCollege Programs, through the PROMISE Program, which focuses on creating accessible academic camps for underrepresented children to attend. I am very passionate about what I do, and I look to continue my work with minority groups in the future.

Six Word Memoir Leap and the net will appear

Intern: Vanessa Otamendi Mentor: Cathy Law, Dennis Hickey and Kyle Cole Best Aspect of my Internship The best aspect of my internship is working with students (K-12 grade) and seeing how their confidence of campus changes over the week or two week period of camps. This internship is valuable to the student's families from all backgrounds because they are getting to know other kids from their school and others all over Oregon. This program builds a larger community and helps students strive academically.


A Special Thanks The PROMISE program is a true community effort. We are deeply grateful for the time, energy, and funding that our OSU community contributes to the success of this program. We could not do it without you. Professional Development Presenters Allison Davis-White Eyes, Director of Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE), Connections and Purpose Angela Batista, Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Student Life, Panelist and Keynote Dana Emerson, Dean of Instruction Humanities and Basic Skills at Coastline Community College, Communication Skills-Intercultural Communication Edward Ray, OSU President, Guest speaker Janet Nishihara, Director of Educational Opportunities Program, Panelist Joanna Abbott, Assistant Director of Career Development Center, Interviewing Skills Larry Roper, Professor, School of Language, Cultural and Society, Entering and Leaving the Workforce Luke Kawasaki, PROMISE Intern for College of Liberal Arts, E-portfolio Workshop Maduka Ogba, Doctoral Student for the Department of Chemistry, Panelist Marian Moore, Assistant Director of Career Development Center, Resume and Cover Letter Workshop Melissa Yamamoto, Assistant Director of Leadership Development, Strength Quest Workshop Miguel Arellano, Social Change Leadership Programs Coordinator, Self-initiation and Goal Setting Reagan Le, Assistant, DCE, Assistant Director of Asian Pacific Cultural Center, Technology Salvador Miramontes, DCE, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Technology Sue Theiss, University Ombuds, Conflict Resolution Workshop Teresita Alvarez-Cortez, UHDS, Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives and Programs, Panelist The Office of the Provost The Entire Diversity & Cultural Engagement and Office of Equity and Inclusion Staff Curriculum Team

Romeo Lopez-Gonzalez Rebecca Schaffeld Pod Leaders

Logistics Team

Binh Le Mayela De la Torre Raymond Poss Leanna Ott

Pod Leaders

Miguel Arellano Jonathan Stoll Melisa Lopez Reagan Le Charlene Martinez

Intern Coordinator

Maira Rodriguez

Professional Faculty

Charlene Martinez Gabriel Merrell

Advisory Council Members Allison Davis-White Eyes, Angelo Gomez, Lawrence F. Griggs, Mario Magana, Kim McAloney, Janet Nishihara, Judy Russell, Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi, Jeff Sherman and Jonathan Stoll

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2015 Promise Booklet  
2015 Promise Booklet  

A directory of our interns and the projects they worked on during their PROMISE experience.