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Professional and Managerial Internships in State Employment


“Who we are and who we envision ourselves to be…”

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Finale Intern Projects Pedro Arenas


Sade’ Beasley

Painting and Poem

Sarah Borycki

Video and presentation

Clarisa Caballero


Courtney Jackson


Anesat Leon-Guerrero


Kayla Martin

Comic strip and presentation

Alejandra Mendoza


Edward Miranda

Video and presentation

Angelica Perez

Prezi and presentation

Nazario Rivera


Esther Rodriguez

Poem and presentation

Maira Rodriguez


Israel Salgado


Magali Sanchez

Video and presentation

Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi


Victoria Syhalath


Cindy Truong


Nicthe’ Verdugo

Poem and poster

Zachary Wallace


Katie Wicks


Anesat Leon-Guerrero Spanish major

Internship: NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program | Sponsor: Sophie Wilson

6 Word Memoir: “Ni de aquí, ni de alla” Internship Description Assisted with the evaluation, synthesis, and writing of NUFP assessment from the 2013-2014 academic year and build assessment pieces for the 2014-2015 academic year. Also supported staff in developing curriculum for participants in the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program (NUFP) for the 2014-2015 academic year. Best Aspect of My Internship “This PROMISE Internship opportunity has strengthened my knowledge of assessment and workshop development. As a NUFP Intern, I was able to assist with the evaluation synthesis, and write assessments for the 2014-2015 academic year. I will be an NUFP scholar this upcoming fall so I will be able to share my work with the other NUFP scholars. In addition, I developed a presentation and materials for educators at the International Living-Learning Center. Overall, this PROMISE internship has widened my perspective of student affairs, and I have developed a great interest in higher education as a possible career. “

Courtney Jackson Biology major

Internship: HMSC Academic Programs | Sponsor: Itchung Cheung 6 Word Memoir - “The magic is in the water” Internship Description Assisted in coordination and facilitation of research experiences and education programs for undergraduate and graduate students in the marine sciences on site at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and periodically off site in the field. Best Aspect of My Internship “Throughout my internship at OSU’s HMSC, I was welcomed into a tight knit community of students, staff, faculty, interns, graduate students and employees of the 5+ State and government organizations that all utilize HMSC’s campus. Within this community I was constantly supported and was able to grow in my abilities. This internship has allowed me to connect with professionals in scientific fields and been able to participate in volunteer opportunities at the Oregon Coast Aquarium with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). I have also been able to expand my knowledge base of administrative tasks.”

Esther Rodriguez Liberal Arts major with a focus on Pre-law and Activism

Internship: 4-H Youth Development | Sponsor: Mario Magaña Álvarez 6 Word Memoir- “Fear is temporary, regret is forever” Internship Description Involved assisting the 4-H Outreach faculty and staff in organizing, recruiting, conducting three summer camps for students 3rd-8th Grade, promotion of materials and budget management. Best Aspect of My Internship “In my PROMISE Internship experience I have been able to extend my network of colleagues and professionals not only in the general professional arena but also in my career path. Thanks to the networking day, new doors and opportunities have opened up. The networking day made me realize how there are times that the person that can help one build the bridge to success is right next door. A key lesson that I have learned from PROMISE is the importance of having an attentive eye to what is close to you. Through the PROMISE internship site I have also picked up countless lessons that I will endlessly carry on. I have worked for 4-H Extension before; however, the experience I received this summer has been a unique ride that without PORMISE I would have not have the privileged to have acquired such valuable memories. “

Final Project Poem by Esther Rodriguez There are lots of great wins and we have done many amazing things but there are also many stings and they have clipped our wings There is disparity and yet little clarity. In 4-H, minorities used to be non-existent Let me help you capture this instance so you understand how minorities were kept at a distance. But, thanks to Mario Magana we now hear names like Lucero, Pancho and Tatiana. Don’t let the truth be bent. In our education there is a huge dent. Of the Latinos that make it to college only 14 percent graduate and better results I know we can generate. These are not just things of the past and let me just tell you real fast. Incarceration rates for minorities are growing real fast and we cannot let this just bypass. Our country makes up 5 percent of the world’s total population yet we hold 25 percent of the world prisoners so, please, I need to make sure you are all good listeners. Is it that the crime rate really increased? Or is there something wrong with the police? Last notice was that crime rates had actually decreased. There isn’t the need to create this storm Reevaluate and challenge: the unjust norm. Through 4-H Outreach let us all become leaders and show our friends and children how we became great doctors, lawyers and teachers

Let us not become hesitant because then we become stagnant. Let us not be afraid to act and speak out so everyone knows what we truly care about. Education for all the nations and all the future generations. We need to let our mask fall and tear down the baleful wall Rip off the red cloth that covers our mouth. And, the shadows of fear will soon stop filling our hearts with doubt. Let us be ourselves and faithful to whom we are. And, that way we shall shine like a glorious bright star. In the diverse summer camp everyone was champ We each shared our story and it gave us a glimpse of glory. We will remember the women who stood tall and proud and was not afraid of being too loud. At 40 years old did she not lose hope despite the drug addiction that put her at the end of a loose rope. A single mother who in search for a better life was able to obtain Bachelor’s degree, although it felt far from her reach and everyone seemed to agree. 4-H Outreach with countless success stories and in various categories 5 Bill Gates scholars yet it is not even about the dollars Great people I work with that go to their wits to give Thank you 4-H for helping me to step out of the shadow and give voices to those trapped between the shallow.

Sarah Borycki

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Pre-PA major

Internship: HMSC Archives | Sponsor: Maryann Bozza 6 Word Memoir - "Fake it 'till you make it." Internship Description Supported the Director’s Office with an archive project in support of the Center’s 50th anniversary in 2015. As well as identify, catalogue and disseminate relevant materials in OSU and HMSC archives related to the anniversary. Best Aspect of My Internship “Working as the sole archive intern for HMSC, I learned a lot about business communication during my internship. I split my work-week between creating archive protocols, working on HMSC’s website, facilitating tours and trips within the director’s office in Newport, OR, and working alongside the archive team at OSU’s Special Collections Archives Research Center (SCARC) in Corvallis. Not only was I able to form professional relationships with members of both staffs, but also acted as a liaison between the two groups. Living out on the coast in Newport was a new experience for me! I was housed alongside several passionate Marine Biology interns. I was able to tie that together with what I was learning about HMSC’s 50 year history.”

Maira Rodriguez HDFS; Psychology; Health Management and Policy Double major

Internship: Juntos Diabetes Project | Sponsor: Carolyn Mendez-Luck 6 Word Memoir- “I want to hear your story” Internship Description Assisted with the research team in conducting outreach and recruitment in the Latino communities throughout the Willamette Valley and assist in conducting exit interviews and post-intervention assessments.

Best Aspect of My Internship “Through the PROMISE workshops I learned about how to present my work, my identities, and myself most authentically and professionally. I learned that one of my strengths is in trust building. I also gained knowledge on community resources for Latino families, low income families and for the elderly. I became pretty good with making spread sheets, seeking resources and connecting with community organizations. This was my first time working full time in a professional setting. The PROMISE experience has prepared me and has me excited for my last year here at OSU. I feel ready for life after my undergraduate career. Thank you PROMISE family and friends!”

Kayla Martin

Environmental Science major

Internship: Sea Grant Extension | Sponsor: Sam Chan

6 Word Memoir - “Watching fish swimming in the sea� Internship Description Assisted in research and developing environmental education programs and materials to engage people (including teachers) and communities on solutions to help mitigate and prevent human caused problems in the water and ocean environment.

Reflective Poem By Kayla Martin Includer, positivity, achiever, learner, futuristic How do you define my top strengths? This is how I define mine. Studying my way to discover on how to approach my days. My mind is fumbling, twisting, and tumbling. Thoughts are scattered into a 1,000 puzzle pieces. Day 3: Haloa Naka, a poem by a native Hawaiian writer. Mural communitario de Centro Cultural CĂŠsar ChĂĄvez. It's a connection to home. The ideas and information I learn has a purpose. Science with a purpose, meaning science can be used in a way that actively engages those around us of our natural surroundings. To share and appreciate the relationship humans hold with the land and all its wonder.

Zach Wallace Marine Biology major

Internship: INTO OSU | Sponsor: Julianna Betejmann 6 Word Memoir - “9 to 5, what a life” Internship Description The internship project involved supporting the Student Engagement Coordinator in offering a range of co-curricular programs and services which promote the social, personal, and academic well-being of international students at INTO OSU students. Also, planning, promote and implement a range of social events and activities. Best Aspect of My Internship “By being an integral part of moving the trip sign-up process online, I was given the opportunity to develop technical design skills on the back-end of a website. Working in back-end design helped me to discover my passion for coding and computer design, and has given me several explicit examples of experience in that area. My capstone project gave me another opportunity to showcase this new skillset. The PROMISE internship has given me the confidence to move forward with my professional goals and determination to overcome the obstacles ahead so that I may one day provide others the opportunity to develop their abilities.”

Cindy Truong Pre-Chemical Engineering major

Internship: MU Website Redesign | Sponsor: Kent Summer 6 Word Memoir - “Do whatever that makes you happy” Internship Description The internship project involved strategizing with the project manager on the basic layout of the web site to make “user friendly” for OSU students. Also, work directly with unit managers to review the current website content for update and modifications. Best Aspect of My Internship “I was able to develop through networking and interactions with great people on various projects. From this experience I’ve learned that it takes a team to get things done; that patience and understanding are great skills to have because everyone has their own schedule with tasks to accomplish. By working with numerous supervisors, I’ve become comfortable with speaking and have been able to adapt too many types of communication styles. During this PROMISE internship, I was able to find out more about myself. Yes I am a college student, but what else? What is my purpose? What are my future goals, and why am I doing what I’m doing? After much consideration, I realized that I am a problem solver. I like to fix things in order to create security because stability in my life is important.”

Victoria Syhalath Cultural Anthropology major

Internship: Center Lifelong STEM Learning | Sponsor: Julie Risien 6 Word Memoir - “Stoking their fires, magnifying their light” Internship Description Assisted in Broader Impacts Assessment and Communications & Community Building initiatives. Best Aspect of My Internship “What I never expected is that this internship became the intersection between everything I hoped to explore academically. When I first came to OSU I chose to pursue chemical engineering, which instilled in me a love of science. I segued from engineering into secondary education, until graduating with a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology. With great surprise, I found that the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning conducts work in examining how students, facilitators, and educators navigate their identities as scientists throughout the lifespan. I appreciated the opportunity to put my book learning into practice: utilizing my love of science, understanding of pedagogy, and appreciation for diversity to help navigate the center’s many projects. Best of all, I had the chance to try my hand at science journalism. I feel like I grew into a more effective communicator and was proud of my ability to speak knowledgably about the many projects and initiatives.”

Magali Sanchez Ethnic Studies major

Internship: ISS-DD | Sponsor: Oscar Montemayor 6 Word Memoir - “Social Justice returns freedom to communities” Internship Description Internship project involved assisting ISS Staff with designing, implementing, and promoting various student orientations such as START and CONNECT week. Best Aspect of My Internship “I am very interested in helping students learn about the resources on campus that will help them excel. Being a current student, I have always attended events that promoted diversity or spoke of the resources at Oregon State. Through my internship I was able to get a deeper understanding of how these programs are developed. I was able to help plan and coordinate an event that helped underserved and underrepresented students. One of the highlights was being able to table during the START sessions. I was able to connect to both students and parents while explaining the different resources Intercultural Student Services –Diversity Development provides. By sharing of my own experiences I was able to help students understand the vital part ISS-DD has played in both my time here at OSU and for other students.”

Alejandra Mendoza Mathematics major

Internship: UABC | Sponsor: Dee Wendler 6 Word Memoir - “Purpose: providing the best I can” Internship Description Internship project involved assisting the UABC in entering a joint project with Extension to modernize and streamline registrations, sales and corresponding payment processes. Best Aspect of My Internship “This experience is, and will be, one of my most unforgettable moments here at OSU. It is wonderful what the internship does for students. I learned so many valuable things that I will take with me to my future career and anywhere life might take me. I’ve learned to communicate effectively, be more confident in myself, to speak in context, and to give great presentations. I am also grateful for the opportunity I got to work on my professionalism, and all the selfreflection we were able to do. The networking and relationships we were able to build will also benefit me greatly in my future. I would definitely recommend PROMISE to anyone. PROMISE simply wants to prepare students to enter the professional field, and I know as college students we can use that support to help us reach our dreams.”

Pedro Arenas History & Spanish double major

Internship: SMILE | Sponsor: Ryan Collay

5 Word Memoir - “Without risk, life is pointless.” Internship Description Responsible for developing and designing various elements of the summer bridge experience for a cohort of up to twenty students. Best Aspect of my Internship “In order for individuals to trust you, you need to be authentic. Sharing your experience, your story, will invite others to share their stories.”

What does a PROMISE Intern


Katie Wicks

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major

Internship: Graduate School | Sponsor: Brenda McComb 6 Word Memoir - “Made life easier for other people” Internship Description My project during this internship has been to design and conduct an assessment of transgender inclusion at 14 land-grant institutions across the country, with Oregon State being one of them. In conducting this assessment I have reached out to approximately 200 individuals and offices across these 14 institutions. It has been very exciting to be able to encourage these people to consider the level of inclusion for transgender people within their office and on their campus as a whole. Best Aspect of My Internship “One of my favorite aspects of this internship has been having the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others at Oregon State and across the country who are passionate about making colleges and universities more inclusive for transgender individuals. I am also very grateful for the learning and growth that I have been able to take away from the professional development sessions, as well as the interactions with my sponsor, the PROMISE Team, and the other PROMISE interns.”

Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi

Public Health & International Studies double major

Internship: Student Health Services | Sponsor: Malinda Shell 6 Word Memoir - “Helping others makes me very happy” Internship Description Engaged in program development and evaluation, outreach activities, cultural competency efforts, and serve as an active part of the Student Health Services Health Promotion Department. Best Aspect of My Internship “This internship has been immensely successful in allowing me to build my confidence in myself, especially in the professional sphere. I am incredibly grateful to PROMISE for giving me the chance to grow and develop myself while having the chance to work on a phenomenal project. I have been given the fantastic opportunity of collaborating with Student Health Services to plan a Health Inequities and Social Justice Symposium for April 2015. The symposium will greatly benefit the OSU community, especially by educating students about the root causes of health inequities and their effects on marginalized and underrepresented populations, which often includes their own classmates. This symposium has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to create a sense of awareness and compassion at OSU and has so much potential to bring knowledge to students at our campus.”

Angelica Perez Merchandise Management & Marketing double major

Internship: IDEA | Sponsor: Theresa Cuenca 6 Word Memoir - “Carefree, unbelievable, blessed, in pursuit, confident, dreamer” Internship Description Worked in close collaboration with IDEA advisors to develop a Master Outreach and Recruitment Plan to promote international education opportunities to incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors, in particular focusing on students underrepresented in education abroad. Best Aspect of My Internship “During my 10 weeks of my PROMISE internship, I learned a lot about International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA) and myself. I found myself struggling to keep up with the 8-hour work schedule. My supervisors were very supportive and great role models. I was able to network with many people and learn about several programs and resources at OSU. Overall, I gained many skills and learned about several opportunities. Through the PROMISE workshops I was able to gain professional knowledge to help me succeed in my future. I was also able to identify several potentials and learn more about my leadership skills.”

Sade’ Beasley

Pre-Mechanical Engineering major

Internship:College of Forestry | Sponsor: Brittany Goltry 6 Word Memoir - “The thought of you propels me” Internship Description Internship project involved establishing a recruitment plan with Native American tribes in Oregon and constructing a database of all Oregon community colleges that have historically been sources of transfer students into the College of Forestry, or ones that are identified as new markets. Best Aspect of My Internship See artist piece and poem on next pages.

Final Project by Sade’ Beasley Painting with interactive statements.

“What is the Purpose of a Seed? –Poem by Sade’ Beasley There is wind in the air, Dirt at my feet, And a certain uncertainty that wallows within my chest. Wondering where this path will lead me to. I’m in the office the next morning Finding…collecting…storing Data. The next day I’m finished. The day after I’m hosting a meeting for the betterment of Native students. The day after that I’m surrounded by students With dreams ready to cultivate before them. Then the day after the day after creativity could beautifully speak Volumes about an experience felt and one waiting to happen. A finale that ends and starts a new chapter of understanding within my existence. Like a seed that questions what it will be in life. Destined to become a tree. To fulfill its purpose, which it was created for.

Israel Salgado Pre-Business major

Internship: MU Building Services | Sponsor: Mike Mayers 6 Word Memoir - “Look back but explore the horizon” Internship Description Internship project involved building a user guideline for MU Building Services and the building occupants residing and coordinating programs in the 12 buildings and 6 satellite restaurants operated and maintained. Also assisted with assessment and help describe both the content of the guide as well as its setup and delivery method. Best Aspect of my Internship BestBest Aspect of My Internship Aspect of My Internship Hatfield is hands-down the best workplace

“What I appreciated was that right from the beginning the staff environment I have ever experienced! The employee dynamicme is amazing it has always been suchbeen a welcomed in, as and if I had part of the team, which made wonderful opportunity see the amazing things my transition into thetointernship smoother. I would like to thank Mike happening with OSU and all of the state and federal Mayers, Marlon Mejia, Cindy Garmon and the entire staff of the Building agencies that also call Hatfield home. Services Team. These projects ranged from procedure writings, having Q&A sessions on better utilizing Microsoft programs, creating historical construction documents, and developing informational packets to improve communications with new buildings. In the end, I can say that this internship has taught me new skills and experiences both in construction and in the office environment which I wasn’t expecting to learn at the beginning of this summer.”

Clarisa Caballero Biochemistry & Biophysics double major

Internship: Precollege Programs | Sponsor: Cathy Law 6 Word Memoir - “Believe things happen for a reason” Internship Description Be a part of the summer Pre-College Programs team in running day camps and classes for K-12 youth on the OSU campus. As well as be involved in managing the daily operations of the summer STEM Academy and Adventures in Learning/Outside the Box programs at OSU. Also work with the student registration process for the STEM Academy and Adventures in learning program. Best Aspect of My Internship “Working with the Precollege Programs as a PROMISE intern was an awesome experience. The best aspects throughout my internship were interacting with the kids and witnessing the enthusiasm and eagerness the students had. While assisting in the camps I was able to learn about programming myself. I enjoyed communicating with families about the great camps offered who do not speak English. I also had the chance to mentor three high school students and inform them about the different resources available on campus. My ten weeks as an intern gave me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person.”

Nazario Rivera Public Health Major

Internship: SLI/SSI | Sponsor: Jen Christion Myers 6 Word Memoir - “Social Justice, hasta la victoria siempre” Internship Description Internship project included research best practices for social and environmental justice programming in higher education, conduct assessments, survey potential partners and produce a report of recommendations for integrating environmental, social, and economic justice within SSI’s operations and programming. Best Aspect of My Internship “This internship has allowed me to grow as an individual and as an agent for social change. I have had the opportunity to work with the staff at the Student Sustainability Initiative. I appreciate all the knowledge and expertise that the staff was able to share with me. Through this experience I have been able to make connections between social and environmental justice. I have become aware of the connections that are present among these various issues and movements. I have also been able to put myself out of my comfort zone, which gave me an opportunity to truly be invested and grow. I am truly appreciative of and I am excited to explore a new area of my life, sustainability.”

Edward Miranda Mechanical Engineering major

Internship: 4-H Youth Development | Sponsor: Mario Magaña Álvarez 6 Word Memoir - “Mamá y Papá, los quiero mucho” Internship Description Internship project involved assisting the 4-H Outreach faculty and staff in organizing, recruiting, counducting three summer camps for students 3rd-8th Grade, promotion of materials and budget management. Best Aspect of my Internship Working with youth has been a passion of mine since I was a senior in high school. Being a part of this program helped me solidify my sense of purpose in this world, and that is to encourage youth to seek a higher education. The best aspect of my internship was being able to connect with youth of all ages on a person-to-person basis. The 4-H Program is great because it gives people an opportunity to refine skills, both social and technical. Not only was I able to share good information with the campers and camp counselors, I found myself learning a lot from them as well. Co-leading, co-planning, and co-learning is what I loved the most about my PROMISE Internship. I am optimistic for what the future will bring as a result of my current and future contributions to 4-H and PROMISE.”

Nicthé Verdugo

Ethnic Studies major

Internship: SHPR/Phronesis Lab | Sponsor: Stephanie Jenkins 6 Word Memoir - “Siempre para adelante, nunca para atras” Internship Description Provided the Program Directors managerial, professional, and administrative assistance organizing the leadership camp and identifying. Contacting, and recruiting high school student participants. Best Aspect of My Internship “The most valuable skill I gained through the PROMISE Internship was understanding the importance of navigating my identity and how I can use it to contribute positively to my workplace. At my site, I was able to further explore and develop my passion for social justice and youth development. What motivated me through this experience was knowing that I would be part of the spark for youth to further explore their identity, determine inequalities in their communities, and develop a plan to tackle the issues. Overall, it has been a very rewarding journey!”

Let’s Flip the World Upside Down Poem by Nicthé Verdugo Let’s flip the world upside down Let’s see what we carry in our pockets Hatred, ignorance, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, exploitation, sexism, ageism, racism, classism, ableism…the list goes on. We see THIS every day. And for a moment…just for a moment… Let it all drop! Let’s envision a world … Where every human being, like Dr. King Jr. said, is valued by the “content of their character” Where every human being gets an education to pursue what truly makes them happy. Where the health and wellbeing of every human IS a priority. Where… Wait…let’s first face the truth… We need to change. So let’s get rid of the mentality that if “we turn our head the other way, it never happened” or that If “ it does not affect us, it is not our problem” Let’s challenge ourselves to eliminate the voices in our heads that say “It is impossible, we can’t do it, we will not make a difference” It IS easier said than done. I understand…It all seems so distant… hopeless... frustrating... But what I believe and what author Joel Barker believes is that… “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. Now, I ask you to be curious about what you have in your pockets. Now, throw out all the negativity that harms us all and adopt acceptance, confidence, compassion, and love.

Dear Intern Cohort of 2014, Below are words of wisdom for you as you embark on your journeys… “I am very proud of all the PROMISE Interns. Very inspiring and motivating” - Con Carino

“I feel so blessed to have been a part of this amazing cohort! I wish you all the best in the future. Continue to grow and do great things for this world ” – PROMISE intern

“A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.” - Bruce Lee

“May this experience truly be impactful and life changing for you all and allow you to aim higher in your future careers and endeavors.”

“You all are amazing! You will succeed in all aspects of your career! So much talent!”

“Keep the connections and professional relationships you built through your internship. You never know when you might be reconnected with them in the future- Handwritten thank you cards are always well appreciated.”

“Thank you all for an amazing internship. You’ve all made it something more memorable. I love our family ” “Everyone did an amazing job. You should be very proud. PROMISE Rocks! ” “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your being” - Hafiz “Thank you for you work! OSU is better because of your brilliant contributions.” – PROMISE Supporter “You exhibit supreme poise and confidence! Congrats on a successful internship.” – PROMISE Supporter “Let the path wind- it will be more interesting!” – PROMISE Supporter “Thank you for your positive energy, passions, and commitment to making this world a better place. Always remember to bring your best selves, be open to giving and receiving feedback, and continue to work on yourselves so you can give your best to others. I am looking forward to hearing about your journeys and the impact you will make in Oregon and beyond.” – Charlene Martinez, program director

A Special Thanks… The PROMISE program is a true community effort. We are deeply grateful for the time, energy and funding that our OSU community contributes to the success of this program. We could not do it without you. Dr. Ed Ray, OSU President The Office of the Provost Emily Bowling, Center for Civic Engagement Malia Arenth, Career Services Hun Lee, Community Member Loren Chavarria-Bechtel, Center for Latino Studies & Engagement Chris Hughbanks, University Housing and Dinning Services Kerstin Colón, Equity and Inclusion Miguel Arellano, SLI and ISS Susie Brubaker-Cole, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Teresa Preddy, Student Multimedia Services Sabah Randhawa, OSU Provost & Exec. VP Melissa Yamamoto, Student Leadership and Involvement MU Events Staff LaSells Stewart Center OSU Catering Joyce Contreras, HDFS volunteer intern Native American Longhouse Eena Haws and Staff The Entire Intercultural Services-Diversity Development Staff The Entire Office of Equity and Inclusion Staff PROMISE 2014 Sponsors PROMISE Advisory Council Members Angelo Gomez, Office of Equity and Inclusion Mario Magaña Álvarez, 4-H Youth Development Janet Nishihara, Educational Opportunities Program Judith Russell, Honorary Lifetime Member Kim McAloney, Educational Opportunities Program Larry Griggs, Honorary Lifetime Member Jonathan Stoll, Office of the Dean of Student Life Jeff Sherman, Outreach and Engagement PROMISE Leadership Team Meleani Bates, intern program coordiator Elba Moise & Binh Le, OEI graduate assistants Charlene Martinez, program director Jennifer Almquist, OEI

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2014 PROMISE Intern Booklet  
2014 PROMISE Intern Booklet  

A directory of our interns and the projects they worked on during their PROMISE experience.