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Professional and Managerial Experience in State Employment

The PROMISE (Professional and Managerial Internships in State Employment) Program has been part of OSU’s campus community since 1992. PROMISE is a developmental internship program designed to provide professional, managerial, or technical paid work experience and mentoring in state and local government agencies for Oregon State University juniors and seniors. An annual, paid, 10-week program, PROMISE’s purpose is to increase the potential pool of applicants currently underrepresented in state and local government agencies. Interested students from historically underrepresented backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. Learning Outcomes for the PROMISE Program: · Leadership: Interns will, through the experience of their projects and support

of a mentor, develop and cultivate an understanding of communication and team dynamics as well as knowledge of their personal and professional strengths. Through this study as well as reflection of what leadership is, interns will be prepared to serve as leaders, shaped by their own values, in their current and future activities and career paths. · Wellness: Interns will, through peer and mentor support practice and implement an ethic of self and interpersonal care while staying true and confident to both their personal and professional identity. · Skills: Interns will emerge from the program gaining practical experience ready to navigate the work force with confidence, build and maintain a solid network of colleagues and professionals and create a robust toolkit of proficient skills to serve them in their future career paths.

In addition to their projects at their worksites, the 2013 interns participated in required weekly professional development luncheons and workshops. This year’s topics included: StrengthsQuest, Exemplifying your Strengths, Building your Professional Portfolio, Cultural Communication Training, Networking and Dining Etiquette, Stress Management, Developing a Healthy Work-Life Balance, Professional Poster Design and Relaxation. They also participated in a community service project. For updates and information about PROMISE, please join the “Friends of the OSU PROMISE Internship Program” group on Facebook. Thank you for your interest in the program. All of what we do is made possible by the tremendous support from the OSU community.




Major: Human Development and Family Sciences

Internship: Women’s Center

Internship Description “I’m the program coordinator for WORTHE (Women Returning To Higher Education) at the Women’s Center. WORTHE is designed specifically for women undergrads ages 25 and up who are returning to college at OSU. We offer customized programs, including a mentoring program, throughout the school year to support and guide women through their non-traditional college experience. In addition, we award scholarships to a select number of participants.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “I’ve worked on all sorts of projects for WORTHE including recruitment, advertising, database building, program coordinating, and networking. This summer has been a time to create and prepare for the coming school year. In September, we will finally be implementing the program. By far, my favorite task has been creating marketing tools such as bookmarks and booklets. I really love to put my creativity to work and I’ve had free range to do so with this project. I look forward to seeing the fruition of all the work I’ve done.” Sadie with sponsor Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul


Major: Electrical Engineering Internship: STEM Academy

Internship Description “I worked as an intern with STEM Academy and Adventures in Learning Program with Cathy Law as my Sponsor and Theresa Desaulniers as my Co-sponsor. These programs provided summer camps for kids from Elementary to High School levels which involved interactive science and engineering projects.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of my internship was working with different communities that I’ve never worked before. These different communities included; kids, Adolescents and young Adults. Working and Interacting with them made me realize that they were very intelligent kids, and they knew what they wanted to be when they grow up. I met a kid who said that he wanted to be a scientist or an engineer to find the cure for cancer, but overall helping others with his future career. I was really impressed with his response, and I’ve realized that this kid wanted to change the world. This internship was a good opportunity for me to re-evaluate my career goals. Also, I got to see the fun side of science and engineering, and that was really motivating to me since I’m studying to be and Electrical and Computer Engineer.”

Roberto with sponsor Cathy Law


Major: Political Science

Internship: Intercultural Student Services

Internship Description “This summer, I have had the chance to work with Intercultural Student Services (ISS) at Oregon State. I manage the department’s Multicultural CONNECT event (as well as the Multicultural Grad CONNECT) by finding venues, planning the agenda, and getting all the necessary supplies. I also am helping build a social justice program called Project Social Justice (PSJ) with my supervisor from the ground up. Together we assemble the readings, the program outline, and overall structure of this nine-month long mentorship program. It's a lot of work, but I like working in the area of social justice, so it's been interesting, engaging, and enjoyable.”

Best Aspect of my Internship "The best aspects of the job have to be how I was treated. The ISS team is extremely compassionate, and treats me as an equal to the rest of the professional staff. From the get-go they were all very welcoming, open, and kind. I never once felt like I was out of place. I also had the chance to speak at a couple pro-staff meetings, and through that I felt that my voice was being heard and valued by staff who have years of experience more than me. It’s been very empowering to work with ISS, and I am looking forward to future interactions with the team and the department.”

Justin with sponsor Charlene Martinez


Major: Engineering System Engineering

Internship: College of Engineering

Internship Description “I am working for the College of Engineering Dean’s Office helping revamp their intro class for entering students that are undecided. I am part of a team designing the topic and format of the curriculum; new lecture topics and structure, recitation/lab periods and online activities through Blackboard. I am also involved with figuring out the corresponding research targeted for this course. The point of the curriculum is to guide undecided students into a discipline that suits their goals and the research is to track these students to see if they stick with that discipline through graduation or if they switch their major before graduation. I will also train Undergraduate Teacher Assistants on the lab activities, and finally develop an interactive webpage for the entire College of Engineering as a pre-university/freshmen self-exploration tool.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of the PROMISE Internship was having the freedom to make a real contribution to the curriculum design. It was nice to use the knowledge I have been working/developing for the last four years in a meaningful and impactful way. Plus, it feels really good to know that I will, in some capacity be leaving a lasting impression on the place that cultivated me to be the professional I am.” Stephen with Sponsors Christine Kelly and Shane Brown


Major: Public Health Internship: KidSpirit

Internship Description “This summer at KidSpirit, I have been in charge of running the office as the Office Supervisor. I have spent my time training staff, writing manuals, trainings and helpful guides while working on the daily operations of camp. My main goal this summer was to enable the office to be sustainable through the summer and the school year within the trainings and guides, since there is a high turnover rate of staff since you must be a student to work at KidSpirit.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my job has been working with people my own age at a place that works on personal and professional development while still making sure that you are having fun at your job. I love getting to work with my friends and to interact with children daily and to see the impact that we have on their lives. You make real connections with the campers and get to see them grow as you grow through the summer as well, which is extremely rewarding. This summer has taught me many things that I cannot wait to use in the future.”

Courtney with sponsor Karen Swanger


Major: Public Health

Internship: Linn County Extension

Internship Description “I am a PROMISE Intern at OSU Extension Linn County. It has been a unique experience because it is an internship that gives me professional experience in different areas. I teach 45 - 60 minute classes two times a week during garden club at Sunrise Elementary school using the Growing Healthy Kids Curriculum. I work with Master Gardener, staff, and other volunteers at Calapooia and Takena schools to maintain the school gardens. Some of the activities are to organize harvest events at the end of the summer for each garden program where students and volunteers can cook the produce grown in the school garden. I have also created a garden/nutrition related display and activity for the Linn County Extension booth at the Linn County Fair that occurs July 19 - 22. This will involve helping to staff the fair booth part of the time and organizing the activity.

Best Aspect of my Internship “Also I wrote a literature review of impact of school gardening and how to recruit retain parents /family voluntary support (low-income, Hispanics). Writing the literature review helped me gain insight of what other programs are doing to improve school garden for the benefit of kids and community.”

Yuritzy with sponsors Pami Opfer


Major: Environmental Science

Internship: Sea Grant Extension

Internship Description “I am interning at Oregon Sea Grant under my mentors, Jennifer Lam and Dr. Sam Chan. I have been very involved in a number of activities related to invasive species education and outreach. One of my ongoing roles is to work on a toolkit that will be given to teachers in the Watershed and Invasive Species Education (WISE) program, which integrates invasive species into science classes. The WISE program aids teachers in the engagement of students in watershed issues and community action. For the toolkit I have edited and developed primers (fact sheets) on invasive species in the West and I have been updating lesson plans for the classroom. I have also taken part in planning other summer events related to outreach efforts.

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my internship has been participating in all of the new experiences. Every day I get to do something new or learn something new. Last month I went to Coos Bay for the Oregon Invasive Species Council meeting and we went on a field trip to visit multiple sites and learn about the invasive plants and animals at each one. A few weeks ago I put together and led an invasive plant species scavenger hunt with a group of high school students. So many fun and new learning experiences for me!”

Danielle with sponsor Jennifer Lam


Major: Economics

Internship: Business Affairs

Internship Description “My PROMISE Internship this summer was with Business Affairs. Within Business Affairs, I worked directly with the PIT Crew (Project, Improvement, & Technology). As the name implies, the PIT Crew helps to find ways to improve current processes in order to help contribute to increasing and maintaining an efficient work environment. One of my major projects this summer was to help improve the process of granting security access to current employees, as well as future employees. I was initially given the current security access held by the employees, and then I had to figure out the trends and patterns of the access that was held, by analyzing and reviewing the data. This helped me to find and illustrate current trends, and further define what access is needed for current and future employees, in a given role within Business Affairs.

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my internship was the vast array of resources that were made available to utilize, in order to accomplish my tasks, goals, and projects. I also greatly appreciated the freedom that I was given, and I never felt that I was being “micro-managed”, ever. The PROMISE program has been such an amazing experience. I am truly grateful that I was chosen to participate and I know I will always remember this being a great summer in my life. I hope all future PROMISE interns are able to embrace this wonderful program and have experiences that are comparable to my own.

Rick with sponsor Lissa Perrone


Major: Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies Internship: Office of the Dean of Student Life

Internship Description “Over the course of the summer I have designed curriculum for the NUFP Exploration of Higher Education course by infusing social justice frameworks, conducted a START Assessment that explored and proposed best practices for the Office of the Dean of Student Life with fellow interns, created surveys through Qualtrics, Facilitated staff meetings, developed a database for CSSA Internship and Projects Courses, and supported and prepared orientation for CSSA.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “Being in an affirming community that fosters individual and communal growth and learning. My supervisor made intentional effort to create space for all interns to display our own abilities and the autonomy to do so. The enriching conversations, professional and personal development added purpose and validation to my internship to experience. this PROMISE internship has been a wonderful reminder why I engage in the work that I do.”

Meleani with sponsor Kim and cointern Kyla


Major: Interior Design and Housing Studies

Internship: Diversity Development

Internship Description “The two main projects I have been continuously working on are: the Cultural Centers Art Inventory and the New Reservation System Photographs. I researched and set up a new inventory system to keep track of all the art work at each center and its pertinent information. Also, I have been setting up the reservation spaces and photographing them for input into the new system. Along with those projects, I have had the opportunity to promote Diversity Development at the START Info Fair and work with the Administrative Assistant on archiving promotional materials.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “I have one more year until graduation and I start to think: am I prepared for the “real world”? Having been chosen to intern for Diversity Development as a part of the PROMISE Program at Oregon State University has certainly helped me develop an answer to that question. Most importantly, I have gotten the opportunity to build a relationship with not only one, but three mentors. It has helped greatly sharing the PROMISE Program and my personal experiences with them and getting feedback as to how certain issues play out in a workplace setting and ways I can manage them professionally. We also discuss how the skills I’m developing can easily transfer to other occupations, which really helps answering my question. All in all, this internship is expanding my skills, facilitating the networking process, and has given me a stronger sense of identity.”

Ruby with sponsor Salvador Miramontes Jr.


Major: Political Science

Internship: Ethnic Studies

Internship Description “The PROMISE Internship that I have had the opportunity to be part of has focused mainly on the aspect of marketing for the Ethnic Studies department. The experience has thus ranged from documenting OSU student profiles by taking pictures and interviewing current and fellow alum who have studied Ethnic Studies at Oregon State University, to developing flyers, bookmarks, brochures, and planning out future Ethnic Studies events to put the department “out there.” I have also been mapping out the current Ethnic Studies website to make it more accessible, and plan on updating it with the current Ethnic Studies staff/faculty, as well as implementing the student profiles that I did early on to strengthen the department’s credibility.

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of my internship has been strategizing marketing plans with the Ethnic Studies faculty and staff, so that Ethnic Studies can become more visible on the OSU campus. This has been done through establishing relationships with other programs on campus such as the cultural centers, encouraging OSU students to major/minor in Ethnic Studies, to mapping out ideal location spots for placing flyers and brochures. Marketing is something that I wasn’t familiar with prior to this internship, so it’s been something fairly new, but at the same time fun and enjoyable.

Victor with sponsor Natchee Barnd


Major: History

Internship: History Department

Internship Description “During the ten weeks of my PROMISE internship, I have been working closely with Dr. Christopher Nichols researching background material for his forthcoming book, "Republican Revival."

Best Aspect of my Internship “This is particularly helpful to my future career. Not only do I have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an outstanding scholar, but the experience will greatly contribute to my postgraduate studies, and my plans to become a profession historian.”

Steven (right) with sponsor Dr. Nichols (center) and co-intern Matt Sharpe (left).


Major: Ethnic Studies

Internship: 4-H Tech Wizards

Internship Description “This summer I have been interning with the 4-H Tech Wizards, a program through the 4-H Extension Services of Washington County, which in turn is a part of Oregon State University Extension Services. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln helped create legislation that established land-grant institutions (OSU) in each state and then in 1914, the Smith-Lever Act began having local agents, from these institutions, go out into the communities and bring back information on what those communities needed. The duty of Extension Services today is to help provide for and address those needs.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The 4-H Tech Wizards program helps to teach youth about science, technology, engineering and math. We do projects such as lego robotics, cinematography, and website development. This summer we've mainly been at the Centro Cultural of Washington County working with a group of students to develop a Multi-Media project that explores the community through the eyes of the community members. They've been learning the basics of photography, cinematography, lighting techniques, storyboarding, equipment set up, and much more.” Agustin with sponsor Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas


Major: History Internship: History Department

Internship Description “My job this summer has been to assist Dr. Christopher Nichols research his coming book on the Republican Revival during the 1952 presidential election. This research is of great importance among the greater historical academic community and my work here can help lay the foundation for my reputation as a scholar. This internship has also been a great opportunity for me as it has enabled me to work with a noted historian and scholar first hand.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of my summer internship is that it is relevant to my career plans as I plan to become a professional historian. The skills I am learning during this summer are things traditionally learned midway through grad-school and will serve me for the remainder of my academic and working life.”

Matt with sponsor Christopher Nichols and co-intern Steven


Major: Sociology

Internship: SMILE

Internship Description “I have had the opportunity to do a number of different tasks working with SMILE. I have translated letters, made videos, organized and planned a scavenger hunt, planned new activities, connected with campus resources that will be able to work with our students, and most importantly, I was able to recruit a group of 24 incoming freshman students to apply for our Summer Bridge Program. Everything I’ve worked on all these past weeks has been in preparation for our Summer Bridge Fellowship Program. The Summer Bridge Program is designed to help incoming OSU students "bridge the gap" between high school and college. It exposes students to campus and community resources and assists in building skills that will support them throughout their college careers Best Aspect of my them Internship all while also introducing them to the emerging field of Bioenergy. Our students have an excellent “Working fortothe SMILE program has beenskills, the best work a peer support network and to familiarize opportunity strengthen their academic develop experience My sponsor/mentor Jay Well has are done a prepared when Fall term begins. “ themselves I’ve withhad. the campus and its resources so they better great, job offering support and helping me when I am unsure of how to do something. My internship will go beyond the usual week 10-end date, as I will continue working with SMILE for an additional 3 weeks in order to help execute The Summer Bridge Program and see all of our hard work in action. I am most excited about working and interacting with the students during the two weeks of the program and building strong relationships with them as a mentor and a friend. I hope that after the program students will look for me Daisy with sponsor Jay Well for anything they need. I cannot wait!”


Major: Ethnic Studies Internship: Recreational Sports

Internship Description “This summer I have been working on improving accessibility here at Recreational Sports. I have been working with the outreach team to ensure that we eliminate and identify the barriers that are preventing individuals from utilizing the services that we offer here. I have been also working on identifying the things that we do great here. I have been doing research throughout the term, collecting the data to present in my final week for all the staff members to hear about. I have been working with our student outreach team and will be conducting group discussions to get input from both non users and users in identifying how we can improve our services here at Recreational Sports. Overall my work has been to ensure that Recreational Sports is being accessible by being proactive to the needs of the community rather than being reactive and waiting for there to be a need.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my job is the knowledge that I have gained and also the great working environment that I am a part of. Here at Recreational Sports I have learned so many transferable skills that I know will benefit me in the future. The working environment though is amazing and by far my favorite part of my job. Everyone has been so loving and accepting of me and have really made me feel a part of the family here at Recreational Sports. They also have shown that they value the work that I do which is something that I have never felt before in a working environment. They are all so positive and make work here such a rewarding and enriching experience.”

Blake with sponsor Tina Clawson


Major: HDFS

Internship: 4-H Extension

Internship Description “I am currently interning with Oregon State's 4-H Extension Services as an Assistant Camp Director for the 4-H International Summer Camp Program. The 4-H International Summer camp program is comprised of four individual week long overnight camps. The 4-H camps provide fun educational activities that inspire and engage youth of all ages at a very affordable price. There is something magical and unique about this camp that keeps kids coming back year after year. Some of my tasks as an assistant director include: organizing transportation, physical activities, educational presentations, guest speakers, registration, outreach events and much, much more! The 4-H International Summer Camp Program is one of the largest outof-school programs in the United States. We serve thousands of underrepresented students from all over the state of Oregon as well as neighboring states. The 4-H program has been going strong since 2004 and I am more than thankful to be a part of the 4-H family and the 2013 P.R.O.M.I.S.E internship cohort.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “My favorite part of this program is having the opportunity to network with other professionals and impact these youth every day. When my boss asks me “Why are you here?” I simply say: I am here because it’s my job to be here and because I want to be here! I could have been home in Southern California this summer with my family, but instead I decided to stay and create a whole new family outside of home and that family is the 4-H family. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better internship program. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow. Con Dios todo es posible!”

Gina with sponsor Mario Magana


Major: Accounting

Internship: IDEA

Internship Description “My internship is in the office of International Degree and Education Abroad (IDEA). I attend START sessions with tabling and presentations to inform incoming freshmen and transfer students about their options abroad while they are a student at OSU. While in the office; I update the website, label pictures on the shared drive, and update curriculum integration sheets. The curriculum integration sheets allows me to work with advisors in many programs around campus.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my job is working in such a familiar environment. Although I knew near nothing about the programs IDEA offers before I started my internship, I couldn't wait to dig in. Reading about the programs, in a way, is living vicariously through these students I don't even know. I love learning and talking about travel. This internship has given me a great outlet for transitioning back into life in Corvallis after my semester abroad.”

Kelsey with sponsor Shandin Rickard


Major: HDFS

Internship: Linn County Extension

Internship Description “I am serving my PROMISE internship at OSU Extensions office in Albany, OR. I work for Las Comidas Latinas, Nutritional Education Program under the wing of Tina Dogde-Vera. As the title implies as a program we provide nutrition information and promote healthy lifestyles. Within the program we offer Zumba classes to the women of the community at two locations in town. We also provide a women’s focus group every Wednesday that covers nutrition, community and children’s health topics.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of my internship is that I get to make a heartfelt difference in the lives of the women with my selfdesigned muscle toning program. In this program I focus on providing low joint-impact exercises that help women tone their bodies. Also part of the program we cover topics that impact women’s self-esteem, family communication and body image. Getting to hear from the women themselves that the group helps them put a smile on their face is what makes the difference for me and I’m thankful for the opportunity of serving the Latino community.”

Yesenia with sponsor Tina Dodge -Vera


Major: Fitness and Nutrition

Internship: 4-H Extension

Internship Description “As an internship for Mario, I have gained so much experience and knowledge about the camp. Whether is filing papers and transferring the information into the computer. From having to experience the camp from a different side and the things that take place for the camp to be able to function and run smoothly.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “Working for Mario Magana and the 4-H extension has been a blessing for me. I have gained new skills that I will use moving forward. One of those skills is leadership. I’ve never seen myself as a leader, but working for Mario I have been able to develop those skills. Being able to help Mario at the camp has been amazing. Working with kids who want a better future for them and their families makes me smile because I know I am making a difference. I’m glad to say that I have new people and call some of them friends. I plan on coming back and hopefully see all of them back as well. I love seeing others smile knowing you have made a difference in their lives. I love everything from this internship experience.”

Miguel with sponsor Mario Magana


Major: Art

Internship: Professional and Noncredit Education

Internship Description

“Some of the tasks I took on were developing and enhancing the Onboarding Manual. The Onboarding Manual is a wiki which all new employees look at to get started working for PNE. It includes how to set up technology, how to get paid, office etiquette, different policies, and other useful employee tools. As part of my internship I also got the privilege to get in touch with my creative side and put my art background to work. I made and designed concert programs, certificates, and was able to take pictures at those concerts. Pictures which I got to edit and enhance myself. Another major task I was a part of was sending a reminder email to prospective students. I was also able to design this email myself and collaborate with other members of PNE to ensure all the information was correct as well as obtain feedback.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspects of this internship so far, are the collaboration efforts. Everyone essentially works together with each other. Even though many tasks are assigned to specific people, we still obtain feedback from each other, frame ideas and brainstorm together. Another really great aspect of this internship is all the technology that is used. I have learned to use so many different programs I never knew existed, such as Confluence, Jira, Basecamp, MailChimp and Outlook. I was able to create a wiki and learn how to manage it, add to it, remove from it, and link items in it. This is a really good tool to add to my arsenal of programs I have used and am comfortable with. Additionally, another aspect of this internship I thoroughly enjoyed was the marketing experience I have gained. I worked mostly hand in hand with the marketing team to develop and formulate plans and ideas not only for the future but also for the present PNE program.”

Darlayne with sponsor Johanna


Major: Bioresource Research Internship: Hatfield Marine Science Ctr.

Internship Description “My project was to use GIS mapping technology to determine the research experiments that are conducted in Yaquina Bay near Hatfield Marine Science Center to be part of a comprehensive map of Yaquina Bay. This map enables better understanding of all the research in the Bay and to increase communication between federal and state agencies at Hatfield Marine Science Center to encourage long-term data set collaboration.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “This PROMISE internship provided me with a solid foundation to build the expectations of my career upon. My favorite aspects of the internship are its flexibility and encouragement of creativity. Through this program, I have been able to take the initiative with projects to maximize my time and abilities. For example, even though I am a marine science major surrounded by research at Hatfield Marine Science Center, my interests in identifying limitations and inventing creative alternatives, led me to take control of a website design and development project for an improved Hatfield Marine Science Center internship website. Overall, I have been able to recognize my strengths, as well as areas of improvement in my life that I will continue to pursue and work on.“

Michael with sponsor Itchung Cheung


Major: Bioengineering

Internship: Memorial Union Building Services

Internship Description “As part of my internship, I developed an optimal way to change the training implementations of the Memorial Union Building Services staff. Through video filming and PowerPoints, my duties have helped prevent on the job training which saves time for coordinators to be more productive in maintaining the facilities at the MU. I also developed a training website to make training documents more accessible to employees along with helping coordinate training evaluations for current employees.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best aspect of my internship is the amount of personal growth I have gained from all of the networking and interactions I have encountered. I have learned how to do so many things including video filming and editing and website development, but all of that does not matter unless you have people to work with. Working with this particular group of people has shown me that I need to be cognizant of other people’s schedule and understand how to work with people who are all diverse in their backgrounds and personalities. Finally, working with such a diverse and close knit group of people has taught me to be more aware of my own identity and share my experiences openly and honestly.”

Joseph presenting with sponsor Mike Mayers looking on.


Major: Psychology Internship: Center for Healthy Aging Research

Internship Description “This summer my main project was going to be entering research data on a cross-cultural project of aging as well as transcribing some interviews Due to an unavoidable delay at the institution in Taiwan, data collection got started later, so I'll still be helping work with the data - but less so than originally planned. The good news is that I got to do a wider variety of tasks in order to utilize my time efficiently. For example, I learned to create an online survey using a program called Qualtrics and I designed and conducted a survey of the Center for Healthy Aging Research LIFE Scholars program. I also learned to use publisher to create posters that I displayed in the cultural centers, and I was also responsible for updating the Center's website and Facebook page. “

Best Aspect of my Internship “The PROMISE internship has been such a great experience, everything I have worked on, from creating surveys and posters to learning about the aging community, has enhanced my skills in some shape or form, but what I enjoyed the most has been meeting my sponsors Karen and Anne. They have both been a great support on every project I have completed, not mention all of the networking I have done thanks to them. Meeting all of the PROMISE interns and the Center for Healthy Aging Research LIFE Scholars has been very rewarding as well; I made great friends and great memories.“ Viviana with sponsors Karen Hooker and Anne


Major: Environmental Science

Internship: Sea Grant

Internship Description “I've spent my summer working at Oregon Sea Grant. I've gotten involved with many fun, diverse projects including the Coastal Master Naturalist program, Clean Boater Project, and Corvallis Salmon Watch.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “The best part of my job is getting to see how various ideas take form and to see it materialize into something tangible. It was great to meet so many people from various arenas within the earth sciences and learn about what they do- I will miss it!“

Latifa with sponsors Megan Kleibacker and Jason O’Brien


Major: Spanish and Education

Internship: Sea Grant Extension

Internship Description “This summer I have been working with the communications team at Oregon Sea Grant. I was originally contracted to take all their online publications and make them accessible to the visually impaired by creating tagged PDFs. Now I am working on taking those same publications and converting them to Epubs, which can be read on a variety of handheld devices, including the iPad. The main programs I have been using are: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader and the iBooks app. Over the course of the summer I have learned more about Adobe and Apple products than I could have ever imagined, and I think you can tell in what I have been able to accomplish.”

Best Aspect of my Internship

“Some more fun aspects of my job have been centered on learning experiences, but also in taking a step back at what I have accomplished and being able to share that with all my coworkers on the communications team at Sea Grant, all of whom have been very supportive of me. I have had fun learning how to use computer screen readers and listening to the computerized voices read the publications and the images I tagged. The learner in me has also enjoyed learning more about InDesign, macs, and the how to use the iPad. I also had the unique opportunity to present my work, both the tagged PDFs and the e-publications, during a meeting with the communications team. Even though some of my work was still in progress, it was great to be able to present some of the completed work I had done and receive feedback on it. I enjoy stepping back and looking at a finished, polished product that gives one a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I am grateful to all my coworkers here at Sea Grant, for all their support, and especially for the support of my mentor, Rick Cooper. I had a great summer.

Katie with Sponsor Rick Cooper


Major: HDFS Internship: Office of The Dean of Student Life,Student Life Programs

Internship Description “This summer I developed a NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program (NUFP) orientation and coordinated all NUFP events for next year (including reviewing and updating the budget). I created a Student Affairs Graduate School Guide that will be used region wide and helped gather data for a Peer Institution Exploration of Student Affairs Masters Programs across the country. I completed a START Info Fair Assessment with two other interns in the office and provided feedback and recommendations for improving the Dean of Student Life booth next year. Additionally, I organized and planned Careers in Student Affairs Month and helped with NUFP Program recruitment.

Best Aspect of my Internship “I worked on numerous projects this summer that helped me grow both personally and professionally. Overall this internship has been an amazing experience and had reaffirmed my desire and passion to pursue a career in student affairs.”

Kyla with sponsor Kim McAloney and co-intern Meleani Bates


Major: Electrical Engineering

Internship: College of Forestry

Internship Description “Building a high school recruitment database for the College of Forestry. Duties included sourcing data on Oregon high schools and OSU internal data on enrollment in the College of Forestry, building the database, and synthesizing visuals to aid in evaluation of the data.”

Best Aspect of my Internship “I liked being able to design and implement my own system. Knowing that I can start and finish a project that will be used extensively gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.”

Justin with sponsors Randall Rosenberger and Brittany Goltry


Major: Public Health

Internship: Hatfield Marine Science Center

Internship Description I am the Web Development Intern at Hatfield Marine Science Center. HMSC recently created a whole new website, and it is my responsibility this summer to make various aspects of the website more user friendly and accessible. I am also responsible for creating new content for the website that will be used in the future as community engagement tools. Another aspect of my internship includes HMSC archive data management. I should add that before this internship, I had little experience with web development. Now, however, I feel that this is a skill I have been able to develop and cultivate extensively; it has been fun learning a whole new skill and getting to use it so creatively. I hope to be able to use these skills in future jobs.

Best Aspect of My Internship Hatfield is hands-down the best workplace environment I have ever experienced! The employee dynamic is amazing and it has been such a wonderful opportunity to see the amazing things happening with OSU and all of the state and federal agencies that also call Hatfield home.

Elisabeth with Sponsor Maryann Bozza



The PROMISE Program is special, in part, because it is a true community effort. We are deeply grateful for the time, energy and funding that our OSU community contributes to the success of this program. We could not do it without you. Thank you to our PROMISE Program Task Force Angelo Gomez, Office of Equity and Inclusion Mario Magana, 4-H Youth Development Janet Nishihara, Educational Opportunities Program Victoria Nguyen, Diversity Development Judy Russell, Honorary Lifetime Member Sandy Tsuneyoshi, Intercultural Student Services Judy Russell, Honorary Lifetime Member Special Thanks to: Earlean Wilson-Huey Maria Chavez-Haroldson Mark Belson, Recreational Sports Doug Cochran, Career Services Emily Bowling, Center for Civic Engagement Marian Moore, Career Services Teresa Preddy, Student Multimedia Services Sabah Randhawa, OSU Provost & Exec. VP Dr. Ed Ray, OSU President Dr. Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs The Entire Intercultural Services Staff Beth Wasylow, Counseling and Psychological Services Melissa Yamamoto, Student Leadership and Involvement The Entire Office of Equity and Inclusion Staff MU Events Staff LaSells Stewart Center OSU Catering Sincerely, Josh Scacco 2013 PROMISE Associate

Bianca Quinones 2013 Student Coordinator


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2013 PROMISE Intern Booklet  
2013 PROMISE Intern Booklet  

A directory of our interns and the projects they worked on during their PROMISE experience.