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The Creation of PROMISE

(PROfessional and Managerial Internship in State Employment)

During the 1991-92 academic year, six members of OSU and one staff member of the Minority Health Agency started meeting. The purpose of these meetings was to respond to the document, Workforce 2000, created by the Department of Labor. Workforce 2000 projected that the labor force and jobs would be changing by the 21st century. A reason for the creation of the PROMISE program was related to the need to assist under-represented individuals in the workforce in gaining professional, managerial and technical work experience. In order to qualify for intro-level employment in State Government, applicants needed three years of work experience. The PROMISE program provided the initial part in gaining the necessary 3 years of experience. Since the inception of PROMISE in the Summer of 1992, the program has been highly successful. Over 500 interns have participated in the PROMISE program securing positions with Oregon Universities, state and county agencies. Success of the PROMISE program is due in part to the pre-selection of students participating, success of individuals providing supervision to interns and the University’s commitment to continue to fund the program. The Office of Community & Diversity took over the program in 2007.

Arellano, Miguel Major: Human Development and Family Sciences Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension Service, Marion County Supervisor: Dan Hoynacki

“The Promise internship has helped me become more professional, network, and get more work experience.”

Project (s) “The first week I was working on a marketing project for the Marion County Fair. The second week I helped Dan with the Barriers to pathways conference, teachers learn ways in which they help their students learn through service learning projects. The third week I was working at Marion County Fair with the Youth Environmental Squad also known as Summer YES. During week 4 I was a camp counselor for the high school international camp. My current project is working with youth in the Summer YES program restoring over-used and abused parks in the Salem area.”


Contreras, Sonia Major: Interior Design Sponsoring Department: Department of Forestry Supervisor: Susan Sahnow

“The most difficult part about this is that (the sponsors) have hundreds of other things to do. On the upside, they are all wonderful people and they make this PROMISE experience enjoyable for me.”

Project (s) “Our major project is putting together events for the state fair to celebrate Oregon’s forests. We are bringing renowned environmental artist [Robert] Wyland to paint a permanent mural with children in the Jackman Long Building. The other events we are organizing are central to forestry and art, including ForestStories (a recording booth set up to record your stories through an interview process), and also live music from Dave Orleans who performs with instruments made with natural materials.”


Cornejo, Salvador Major: Housing Studies Sponsoring Department: Benton County Board of Commissioners Office Supervisor: Rick Osborn

“The Promise program has given me a solid academic background and a strong network of professionals, both of which will help me to advance in my career.”

Project (s) “My job consists of getting hold of the eleven departments in Benton County and setting up a meeting with the main directors of each department Typically the way we are structuring these is to have the department head or a designee of that person saying a script on camera (this person appears on camera about the first 5 to 10 seconds of the video) and then have some shots illustrating the services provided to go over the top.”


Delgado, Michael Major: Industrial Engineer & Spanish Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension Service, 4-H Youth Development Supervisor: Mario Magaña

“My experience with PROMISE has been fantastic. I have met a lot of professional people as well as many other students and peers. I have to say that I have enjoyed every aspect of my internship.”

Project (s) “The project that I have been working on is coordinating the summer camps that Mario Magaña provides every summer to the Latino community. There are three summer camps total: one for elementary school students, one for middle school students and one for high school students.”


Ganub, Jason Major: Finance, Accounting, and Marketing Sponsoring Department: Extension and Experiment Station Communications Supervisor: Mark Anderson-Wilk

“My experience with the PROMISE internship has been great so far. I’ve met a lot of great people who I made friends with, as well as becoming closer with my coworkers. It’s been a great experience.”

Project (s) “I am involved in several closed-captioning projects for several videos for Extension. I will also be running a training program where I will be educating the Publications Department and a few other individuals on how to create subtitles and transcripts so they can continue to do that when I’m gone.”


He, Xin Major: Computer Science Minor: Business Administration and entrepreneurship Sponsoring Department: Office of Community and Diversity Supervisor: Terryl Ross

“Second time around, PROMISE program is only getting better at serving the community and benefits its interns.”

Project (s) “My project is to coordinate different activities, workshops and shadowing other interns. Additionally, I compile the documentation of the PROMISE internship, keeping records of everything regarding to activities, workshops, internship and cost.”


Hernandez, Jose Major: Industrial Engineering Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension, Linn County Supervisor: Dan McGrath

“This internship has allowed me to interact with professional people, and to slowly grow like them.”

Project (s) “The goal of this project is to help farmers reduce pesticides in crops. This is done by collecting data around the Willamette valley on the number of insects, and moths that damage crops such as beans, corn, cabbage, and others. My second project will consist in creating a parallel text in English, and Spanish which will contain information in how to sweep beans. Sweeping beans is a way to search for the 12 spot beetles, which are insects that can cause a tremendous damage on beans if they are not handled properly.”


Justice, Kristin Major: Graphic Design Minor: German Sponsoring Department: KidSpirit Supervisor: Karen Swanger

“My experience in the program has been really great. I found all of our meetings have been very beneficial.”

Project (s) “Cookbook, KidSpirit website revamp, and project managing marketing.”


Khan, Sam Major: Post baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting Sponsoring Department: Business Affairs Supervisor: Lissa Perrone, Associate Director/Bursar

“The experience so far has been great. I use my strengths and work with intelligent and dedicated colleagues. I could not ask for anything more.”

Project (s) “This summer I have the privilege to work with the Process Improvement Team, located within Business Affairs. My work has two goals. The first goal is to help ensure the continued safety of the university’s accounting system data by reviewing and documenting security classes. The second goal is to help improve the security access granting workflow.”


King, Joy Major: Fishery & Wildlife Science Sponsoring Department: Department of Fishery & Wildlife Supervisor: Dana Sanchez

“I am thrilled to be part of this project and learning so much in my PROMISE Internship this summer. What an experience! Thank you.”

Project (s) “I have spent the majority of time doing field research on Vanessa Petro's beaver research project. We worked the first 2 weeks on spotting signs of beaver colonies. There are three types o f sites we were checking; model, known and unknown. At the end of the summer we will be tagging and releasing beavers at 17 sites. The beavers will be monitored to see the survival rate.”


Leineweber, Megan Major: Nutrition Sponsoring Department: KidSpirit Supervisor: Karen Swanger

“It is nice to have the support of the other PROMISE interns and coordinators as I go through this learning process and I am learning many new things from the supplementary information and activities.”

Project (s) “This summer I am working as the cooking supervisor at KidSpirit which is a youth program on campus providing summer camp for children K-12th grade. My supervisor for this position is Karen Swanger and she is the director of all the programs KidSpirit offers. This is my third summer working for KidSpirit in the cooking program but my first year as the supervisor. It is excellent experience learning to work with people with many different learning and working styles and a wide range of ages.”


Mandujano, Clara Major: New Media and Communications Sponsoring Department: Extension Service, Washington County Supervisor: Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas Amy Grotta

“I am having a really fun and hands-on experience with my PROMISE Internship.”

Project (s) “While working with Octaviano on the first half of my internship, I coordinated a new media summer capstone camp for high school students in Washington County. The second half of my internship consists of working with Amy and creating an online resource available to small forest landowners so they can create a forest management plan.”


Michel, Jorge Major: Biology Sponsoring Department: Benton County Board of Commissioners and Community Health Centers Supervisor: Rick Osborn

“While it is a daunting task, the feeling of accomplishment and worth makes me realize I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Project (s) My project has been divided into three parts: A communications and outreach plan that outlines and prioritized a plan to increase the awareness of the center to new demographics and how to increase and improve internal communication. The second phase was the creation of a new brand, inclusive of a color palette, fonts and image guidelines. This has required extensive knowledge of brand design and use of design software. The final project will be a complete update of the website to allow for easier use. of the office remodel.


Partilla, Oliver Major: Graphic Design Spanish & French Minor Sponsoring Department: Valley Library Archives Supervisor: Larry Landis Natalia Fernandez

“My experience here has been great, everyone here is friendly and willing to help me in my project in any way, if I get lost or do not know what to do next they will help me.”

Project (s) “My project involved reading Chinese disinterment articles, Chinese Americans that came here in the mid 1800s and early 1900s, their culture, traditions, and beliefs, Calling different universities in order to gain permission to use certain photographs they have rights to. Then summarizing the articles and uploading them onto the website we will be creating for the public. I will also be designing the website after we have created it so that the website can looks the very best it can look. “


Partida, Jesus Major: Managerial Economics/Mathematics Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension Administration Supervisor: Jackie Russell

“ Personally, I have grown tremendously from this internship, working with a degree of responsibility and autonomy that I could not have been given elsewhere.”

Project (s) “My internship deals with creating “impact statements” detailing the economic impacts of various extension programs, using data from internal extension databases. By the end of the 10-week period, I hope to have a summary of major extension program initiatives completed, and have them organized by county and legislative district.”


Railey, Amy Major: Human Development and Family Sciences Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension Services, Linn/ Benton County Supervisor: Tina Dodge-Vera Iris Carrasco

“So far, I have really enjoyed my time working with the program and learning even more about nutrition and its applications among various populations.”

Project (s) “For the first five weeks I have been working with Tina DodgeVera as she does SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) community outreach for the Latino/Latina population in Albany and Corvallis. The final five weeks of my internship will be spent working with Iris Carrasco as she educates children (1st -5th grade) on nutrition and physical activity. “


Scacco, Josh Major: Pre-Pharmacy Sponsoring Department: Sea Grant Extension Supervisor: Samuel Chan Megan Kleibacker Tania Siemens

“My internship has been an exciting, educational, and rewarding experience that I honestly thought I would never have when I started college. It’s changing the way in which I see my future education, career, and life.”

Project (s) “I’ve set up informational booths, taught crowds of people about the dangers of Zebra Mussels, led high school students in invasive plant scavenger hunts, and had field trips to a great number of unique locals. I’ve also learned a great deal of information about our environment, laws, and infrastructure and applied that information in a way that I can educate others about issues that have an impact on every human on the planet.”


Schneider, Amy Major: Zoology Sponsoring Department: Sea Grant Extension Supervisor: Samuel Chan Megan Kleibacker Tania Siemens

“I’m truly grateful to be a PROMISE intern and I think the experience and knowledge I have already gained here will be nothing but beneficial to me and my success after college.”

Project (s) “Currently, I’m drafting a press release that will alert the public to the recent appearance of the ringed crayfish, an invasive species, in the Umpqua drainage system. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with and get feedback from scientists and communications experts as they help me craft an efficient and informative press release. My fellow PROMISE intern Josh Scacco and I organized and brought into being the Oregon Sea Grant booth in Corvallis’ da Vinci Days Festival. We’ve also helped plan and teach several lessons for kids, ranging from grade school level to high school. “


Sikora, Kelly Major: Chemical Engineering Sponsoring Department: City of Corvallis Supervisor: Linda Weaver

“The PROMISE internship has been very informative and challenging.”

Project (s) “I am creating a pilot mentorship program for the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee. I am creating four presentations (for the DISC, management, mentors, and mentees), a policy and procedures handbook, interview questions for mentors, marketing and recruitment plans, and evaluation plans to evaluate the program. I will be giving the management presentation in two meetings to the department heads and then the entire management team.”


Vue, Taharka Major: Civil Engineering Sponsoring Department: OSU Office of Business Affairs Supervisor: Lissa Perrone Dan Hough

“I met some awesome people, work on some interesting projects and gain a lot of good experiences.”

Project (s) “Some of the projects that I have done are Visio flowcharts for the Vet Med Accounts and E-loans procedures. I have done research for the Data Protection Project, Credit Card Research Project, Petty Cash Project, Tuition Petition Research and more. I also have the chance of creating PowerPoint training slides and quizzes for some of those projects that I have completed for future staff. All the projects have been very interesting and I find some of them very useful for me as well. “


Wang, Jessica Major: General Science (Pre-Pharmacy) Minor: Chemistry Sponsoring Department: Office of Community and Diversity Supervisor: Terryl Ross

“PROMISE has helped me to become more responsible, respectful and professional.”

Project (s) “I created one of the volume in the set of The Voices Projects called “Being Asian…”.The Voices Project is a set of DVDs that shares perspectives from different groups of people. This was my first time to create a video from the beginning to the end. In the video, people who I interviewed included OSU students, staff, and faculty who addressed their experiences of being Asian.”


Weatheroy, Brianna Major: Psychology Sponsoring Department: OSU Extension Linn County Supervisor: Dan McGrath

“The experience is fun, challenging, and competitive.”

Project (s) “I’m a Coordinator for OSU Extension Outreach & Engagement (O&E). I coordinate activities for twelve other Promise interns that are working in OSU Outreach & Engagement (O&E) programs. This is not a supervisory role; rather I’m responsible for integrating the O&E cohort of interns into the broader 2011Promise program.”


Weatherspoon, JerRonde Major: Human Development & Family Science Sponsoring Department: Intercultural Student Services Supervisor: Maleah Harris Sandy Tsuneyoshi

“My experience here at Intercultural Student Services is amazing and warm. There is always a coordinator here in the office willing to help me succeed in my planning project.”

Project (s) “I am creating events that will further introduce the freshman to resources on campus. I am working to develop a Multicultural Connect program which helps facilitate first-year students of color to Oregon State University, a predominately white campus. I am serving as a liaison between the incoming students of color and coordinators of the various ISS offices.”


Wong, Sarah Major: Chemical Engineering Sponsoring Department: Crop and Soil Sciences Supervisor: Amy Dreves

“The PROMISE internship has allowed me to meet a lot of new people while gaining a new experience in a professional environment.”

Project (s) “Our team goes out to six farms where we have set out traps. We have several different projects. Mass trapping involves most of the farms, where we have several traps placed throughout the farms. We trying to monitor where the flies are in the field throughout the season, and year, and ultimately find a way to manage them in a way that reduces the use of pesticides.”


Zamora, Jose Major: Zoology Minor: Chemistry Sponsoring Department: Hatfield Marine Science Center Supervisor: Itchung Cheung

“PROMISE has allowed me the opportunity to strengthen my organizational and time management skills along with creativity.”

Project (s) “My big project is to create a formal proposal in bringing light to restoring and properly protecting the estuary trail that’s in front of Hatfield. The trail has recently received structural damage due to improper erosion protection. My goal is to bring light on just how many different groups of people actually use the trail, and this in turn will persuade organizations to pitch in to restore and provide adequate erosion protection for the whole trail. “


Special Thanks To:

Dr. Larry Griggs Emeritus, Former Director of EOP

Dr. Terryl Ross PROMISE Director Director of OCD

Dr. Judy Russell Honorary Life-time Member

and the following individuals on the PROMISE Task Force Angelo Gomez

Mario Magana

Janet Nishihara

Victoria Nguyen

Sandy Tsuneyoshi

Donna Stevenson

Thanks to the dedication of the following individuals who supported the PROMISE program: Dr. Larry Roper Dr. Terryl Ross Doug Cochran Melissa Yamamoto & Brett Jeter Dr. Mario Magana President Edward J. Ray Dr. Janet Nishihara Kim McAloney & Sokho Eath Dr. Sandy Tsuneyoshi Dr. A. Scott Reed

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2011 PROMISE Intern Booklet  
2011 PROMISE Intern Booklet  

A directory of our interns and the projects they worked on during their PROMISE experience.