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Adam Aguilar Major: English Sponsoring Department: KidSpirit Supervisor: Karen Swanger 125 Langton

“PROMISE allows and encourages me to work with the strengths I already have! .”

Project (s)

Adam was the Assistant Director for KidSpirit. He made sure camp was running the way it should each day. The majority of his time was spent working with KidSpirit staff – giving positive and constructive feedback and creating staff schedules. He also worked with campers’ disciplinary issues, helping the campers to work through their issues and come to a resolution. Adam said every day was different and unpredictable which, “could be working in the cooking camp because the recipe for the day needs an extra hand to working at a computer all day in order to get schedules out on time.”


Kenny Arellano Major: English Sponsoring Department: Benton County Public Information Officer Supervisor: Rick Osborn 408 SW Monroe

“The Promise Internship has been a great opportunity, and I've appreciated every minute of it.”

Project (s) Kenny’s internship was to organize and run the Benton County Fair booth for the 2010 Benton County Fair and Rodeo. Huge goals of his were to organize interactive activities for the booth as well as finding volunteers to run the activities. Kenny has also had the opportunity to write for the Benton County newsletter and search local newspaper archives to find stories about Benton County to put on the County website.


Rebecca Chávez Major: Public Health Sponsoring Department: Intercultural Student Services Supervisor: Earlean Wilson-Huey A150 Kerr Admin Bldg

“Student Affairs + SMILE Mentor + Strength Quest+ Professional Development + PROMISE Internship project = One hard-working memorable adventurous summer .”

Project (s) Rebecca’s project was to put together Multicultural Connect week. The project’s key component is to introduce students of color to the resources and services available on campus. The week will consist of workshops, fun activities for students to build their network of friends, and an imparting of key tools that will lead to the students’ success at OSU.


Cristina Delgado Major: Political Science Sponsoring Department: OSU Business Affairs Supervisor: Kim Clavery Lisa Silbernagel 100 Kerr

“My Promise Internship Experience has given me all the necessary tools and skills to succeed as a person and as a professional.”

Project (s) Cristina’s project was collecting and compiling information from OSU Payroll office, Accounts Payable, International Students, Faculty Senate, Procurement, Traveling, the Office of Post Award Administration, and Extension in order to create a webpage with necessary information to help facilitate sponsoring departments with the process of paying a visitor from abroad. This includes initiating a contract, paying a stipend, paying an honorarium, and processing a travel reimbursement.


Stephanie Dunn Major: Political Science Sponsoring Department: Student Affairs Supervisor: Jo Alexander Disability Access Services

“The PROMISE internship has allowed me to challenge myself while pursuing a passion for students.”

Project (s) Stephanie’s project entailed researching universities around the country to investigate what they are doing to accommodate and welcome students with Aspergers syndrome. She researched best practices and models that OSU current and future students may benefit from.


Sokho Eath Major: Political Science Sponsoring Department: OSU Libraries, Archivist Supervisor: Larry Landis Valley Library

“PROMISE has been an enlightening internship with many experiences and skills that I am sure will help me in future endeavors.”

Project (s) Sokho’s worked to create a portal website for the Japanese American Association of Lane County, Oregon Oral History Collection. The collection, which is a part of the Oregon Multicultural Archives, contains digital audio files of interviews, transcripts, pictures, and various other materials. These materials required the creation of metadata and descriptions for the material through the library’s acquisition station, to upload, convert, and format the digital content on to the Internet.


Emily Escobedo Major: Bioresource Research Sponsoring Department: NPIC Supervisor: Dave Stone 327 Weniger Hall

“PROMISE is an amazing experience that is giving me a head start in working for local government agencies and giving me skills that will be used throughout my life, helping me to have a promising future.”

Project (s) Emily’s internship was to create active ingredient files for the National Pesticide Information Center. The purpose of this organization is to serve as a source of factual unbiased information on pesticide-related information. The information is needed in order for NPIC specialists to help the general public though its toll free telephone service that assists people dealing with pesticides and help the public with questions they have regarding pesticides.


Xin He Major: Computer Science Sponsoring Department: Women’s Advancement & Gender Equity Office of Community & Diversity Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Supervisor: Donna Champeau 266 Waldo Hall

“PROMISE has turned me into a professional.”

Project (s) Xin worked on a Diversity Inventory, a collaborative effort between Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, the Office of Community and Diversity, and the Women’s Advancement and Gender Equity Office. The inventory looked at resources available for students of diverse backgrounds in the Academic colleges. Xin and Maarja Simila interviewed representatives from every OSU college, completed extensive web research, and compiled all their findings into a written report.


Cindy Hernandez Major: Human Development & Family Science Sponsoring Department: College of Forestry, USDA Supervisor: PattiAnn Monzie Marge Dryden Hood River, OR

“My experience with PROMISE was great.”

Project (s) Cindy’s project was to input historical sites and events from the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (CRGNSA) into the database for the area’s archeologist. This included creating hard copy and electronic copy files for each site so that there is an organized record of every site. These records Cindy put together are reviewed nationally and will be used in the future.


Amy Jauron Major: Fish & Wildlife Sponsoring Department: Hatfield Marine Science Center Supervisor: Itchung Cheung Newport, OR

“Promise has been a great experience that I would recommend to anyone, they really want you to succeed in your career, while still learning and having fun along the way.�

Project (s) Amy had the opportunity to work with students, fellow interns, faculty, and administrators at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The key focus of her internship was to understand and assist with academic programming at the center. Some of the projects she worked with included a timeline research report looking at the history of the sea water system at HMSC, writing articles for the upcoming HMSC newsletter, constructing a profile poster of all the interns, and trying to build an overall sense of community between the interns, faculty, and the graduate students.


Juan Leon Major: Ethnic Studies Sponsoring Department: 4-H Extension Supervisor: Mario Magana 105 Ballard Hall

“It is never too late to learn, or to get started on the path to success and I am glad that I was able to start on mine with PROMISE.”

Project (s) Juan’s internship project could be described as assistant director of summer camps. He updated forms and entered camper information into a database. While at the camps, he was responsible for problems that arose, as well as supervising counselors to ensure the camp ran smoothly.


Juana Luna Major: Human Development & Family Science Sponsoring Department: Saturday Academy Supervisor: Cathy Law 245 Batcheller Hall

“Children are amazing to work with and I wish more people got to have the same opportunity I have with the PROMISE program.”

Project (s) Juana’s internship was assisting middle school summer camps. From start to finish, Juana worked to prepare for camps, escort campers, organize the end of camps, process evaluations, and then prepare for the next camp. Through Precollege Programs, she was also able to help with camps from other departments.


Kim McAloney Major: Ethnic Studies Sponsoring Department: Office of Community & Diversity Supervisor: Terryl Ross 330 Snell Hall

“PROMISE was a great way to bridge my undergraduate career with beginning my graduate program by giving me professional campus leadership experience.�

Project (s)

Kim facilitated the PROMISE program. She served as the liaison between students, supervisors, and the PROMISE program. She was in charged of organizing all the events for the program including orientation, weekly professional development and brown bag luncheons, a service project, and poster galleria. Kim also interviewed, video taped, and photographed all interns during site visits. She was also in charge of the directory and created a more in-depth intern evaluation process. Additionally, she helped with the coordination of the office remodel.


Bianca McKenzie Major: Business Sponsoring Department: Memorial Union Supervisor: Sid Cooper Memorial Union

“PROMISE is a fabulous experience enabling me to work, and learn lifelong skills in a professional environment.�

Project (s) Bianca worked to configure and implement a new work order maintenance software system for Memorial Union Building Services. Her job was to gather and input data, as well as manage the new systems decision-making committee.


Arya Morman Major: Pharmacy Sponsoring Department: OSU Business Office, Financial Aid Supervisor: Lissa Perrone 100 Kerr Admin Bldg

“PROMISE has given me more than a promising career, but the opportunity to develop strengths and apply them in a professional manner.”

Project (s) Arya’s project was working with the Business Affairs office to create a student account management course, updating brochures, and researching comparable university’s business affairs offices. A major portion of each project was to show the Business Affairs Office’s commitment toward helping students.


Jennifer O’Dell Major: Graphic Design Sponsoring Department: Benton County Supervisor: Rick Osborn 408 SW Monroe, Corvallis

“It’s all about thinking fast, who you know and taking the first step.”

Project (s)

Jennifer’s project was working with the Board of Commissioners to create a navigational framework for the entire Benton County website that is people-friendly and clean. She redesigned the webpage layout so content is easily available and accessible to the public. She developed and presented a style guide for her redesign recommendations to the Board and other office staff. She also designed visuals for the Benton County Fair Booth intern and other various projects throughout the office.


Chantel Peterson Major: Interior Design Sponsoring Department: Diversity Development Supervisor: Victoria Nguyen 149 Snell Hall

“PROMISE has given me the ability to broaden my horizons and explore different career venues, and with these skills in hand I know that I am more than capable to succeed in anything I choose to do in the future..”

Project (s) Chantel’s project was to create an online library for the book collections at each of the cultural centers. She worked closely with a librarian on testing computer programs that would be easy to learn and maintain. The main goal of this project was to create a webpage that can be accessed from every center as well as giving users total access to browse each book collection without physically being in a particular center.


Jesús Ramírez Major: Human Development & Family Science Sponsoring Department: SMILE Supervisor: Eda Davis-Lowe 18 Gladys Valley Center

“PROMISE offered me an excellent opportunity; work in a meaningful position, develop professional skills and work experience, and get paid during the summer. ”

Project (s)

Jesús’ internship was to serve as facilitator and mentor for the STARS program that SMILE coordinates every summer. STARS is a cohort of 5 or 6 students transitioning from high school to college. His position was supportive in the students’ process by providing study techniques, academia, and research skills that will be helpful to the students’ overall success. Jesús also produced a document for SMILE high school students on college readiness, a document addressing parent and family members’ fears and concerns of their student going off to college, and a poster for CONNECT Week.


Joven Rasgo Major: Marketing Sponsoring Department: Benton County Human Resources Supervisor:

Katrina Hopkins 408 SW Monroe, Corvallis

“I recommend this program to anyone. The internship has given me a paying job for the summer and people to network with in the future. It’s honestly the best job I have ever had.”

Project (s) Joven’s internship project was to research career development and job rotation for Benton County. He put together presentations for the Human Resources office to encourage implementation of job rotation.


Eric Rothe Major: Computer Science Sponsoring Department: OSU Libraries Supervisor: Margaret Mellinger The Valley Library

“The PROMISE internship has been a valuable learning experience for me.”

Project (s) Eric’s internship project was to help convert the Library Archives existing website to a new one using Drupal 6 and incorporating the OSU web standards for brand identity. This project involved both installing and testing Drupal 6 on the developmental server, giving it the same functionality as the existing installation, debugging and finding alternative ways to work with Drupal 6. Once a stable installation was achieved, Eric helped build the website’s infrastructure. This included writing documentation for the project including a project plan and administration manual.


Amanda Slade Major: Biology Sponsoring Department: Sea Grant Extension Supervisor: Samuel Chan Megan Kleibacker 307 Ballard Hall

“The PROMISE internship has been educational, rewarding, and fun experience that has utilized my creativity, given me networking opportunities, and given me new passions for subjects I have had limited exposure to.”

Project (s)

Amanda’s internship was split in a way that mirrors the Sea Grant program’s three main ideas: education, outreach, and research. Along with Sue Xiong, Amanda campaigned and taught about aquatic invasive species at da Vinci Days and prepared learning activities for children attending summer camps. They also created an online, interactive, multimedia presentation on a specific case study involving invasive species and water quality. Another project completed was a professional and informative display board for the entire Watershed Education team used to give the public a comprehensive glance at what the team is about.


Maarja Simila Major: Computer Science Sponsoring Department: Women’s Advancement & Gender Equity Office of Community & Diversity Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Supervisor: Donna Champeau 266 Waldo Hall

“PROMISE is definitely more than a summer job; it has really helped me take that next step in preparation for graduation and starting my career in the real world.”

Project (s) Maarja worked on a Diversity Inventory collaboration between the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Office of Community and Diversity, and the Women’s Advancement and Gender Equity office. She and Xin He completed research only and through interviews with deans and committee chairs to create an inventory of all diversity efforts with the academic colleges at OSU. Their final assignment was to create a tangible way to present the information gathered.


Angela Vue Major: Education Human Development & Family Science Sponsoring Department: Intercultural Student Services

Supervisor: Gustavo Martinez-Padilla 150 Kerr Admin Bldg

“My experience with PROMISE has been insightful.”

Project (s) Angela’s internship project was to gather information and construct a report on the status of the communities at Intercultural Student Services. Some of the information included enrollment rates, retention rates, graduation rates, etc. In order to create her report, she researched data from other various institutional research websites.


Sue Xiong Major: Public Health Sponsoring Department: Sea Grant Extension Supervisor: Samuel Chan Megan Kleibacker 307 Ballard Hall

“PROMISE has created a stepping stone for me to continue to do what I love to doManage!”

Project (s) Sue’s project worked out of Oregon Sea Grant’s different areas—research, outreach, and education. She and Amanda Slade worked on a display board to showcase how watershed intertwines with different areas of impact in our communities. Another project was a pachyderm; an attractive, interactive Flash-based multimedia presentation accessed through a web browser that focused on watershed and invasive species education. Both interns designed the da Vinci Days’ booth to teach students about invasive species and the water cycle.


Jenny Yan Major: General Science Sponsoring Department: Linn County Extension Supervisor: Dan McGrath 104 4th St, Albany

“PROMISE has provided me with a wonderful experience that I will never forget.�

Project (s) Jenny worked as part of Integrated Pest Management. As part of the project, she went to different farms along the Willamette Valley and checked the amounts of pests in the air and on the plants themselves. The Integrated Pest Management data will be relied on by farmers to asses if pesticides are needed for their crops.


Thanks to our Task Force Terryl Ross

Office of Community & Diversity

Becki Metzger

Office of Community & Diversity

Kim McAloney

Promise Coordinator

Diane Davis

Office of Community & Diversity

Angelo Gomez


Larry Griggs

Emeritus, Former Director of EOP

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Victoria Nguyen

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Judy Russell

Retired-Honorary Lifetime Member

Stephanie Taylor

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Sandy Tsuneyoshi

Intercultural Student Services Director


PROMISE Mission & History Mission Statement PROMISE is an internship program designed to provide professional, managerial, or technical paid work experience in state agencies for Oregon State University students. The program's purpose is to increase the potential pool of applicants currently under-represented in state agencies. Student of color are encouraged to participate in our program.

PROMISE History The Office of Human Resources at Oregon State University established PROMISE in 1992 in effort to attract its own students of color to employment at the university as well as state and county government. Over 500 interns have participated in the PROMISE program since 1992. Many interns secure positions with Oregon universities, state and county agencies.


2010 PROMISE Intern Booklet  
2010 PROMISE Intern Booklet  

A directory of our interns and the projects they worked on during their PROMISE experience.