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It was during this year that I inquired about the Health Professions Scholarship Program, or HPSP, that the military offered. As I looked into what the scholarship provided, I knew this was a path meant for me. Not only would dental school be fully funded, but I would have the opportunity to serve my country as a dentist, provided I was accepted to dental school. After talking with several recruiters, I decided that the United States Army was the best option for me. My decision to finally join the military was pretty easy since I had been thinking about such a career for a number of years. Nonetheless, I still had reservations. Would I deploy? Where would I work? What does the military involve outside of dentistry? I wanted to ensure that I was accepted into dental school before making a final commitment. My desire to serve was real although becoming a dentist was my true long-term goal. In January 2006, I finally received my letter of acceptance to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. Now that I knew where I would attend dental school, the application for the military scholarship could begin. After paperwork and several weeks of waiting, I was notified that I received the scholarship that would finance my dental school education in its entirety. In return, I would then serve four years as an active duty dentist. From September of 2006 to June of 2010, I attended dental school but only had to train with the military for a total of six weeks. Those six weeks were dedicated toward learning how to become an Army officer at the Basic Officer Leadership Course, held at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. The Army did not require any further training until I entered active duty in August 2010 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It was here that I enrolled in the 12-month Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program. I started treating active duty soldiers and other military beneficiaries at this point. I learned to become more proficient at molar endodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics and periodontics. I didn’t realize the full value of this residency training until several months after I graduated. After residency training, I was assigned to Fort Drum, New York as the Brigade Dental Surgeon for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division. This position meant I would be the only dentist for roughly 3,700 soldiers both in the United States and in deployed environments if the unit deployed. After finding out about my assignment to Fort Drum in late 2010, my commander at Fort Drum gave me a call in March of 2011 welcoming me to his unit. At this time I was informed that I would be deploying to Afghanistan shortly after my arrival in August. I was both nervous and excited for this opportunity 6 the ohio state university dental journal

and could not believe that I would be supporting Operation Enduring Freedom with the historic 10th Mountain Division!

A Different World Once I arrived at Fort Drum in August 2011, I completed pre-deployment training, which included roadside bomb identification and weapons qualification with M-16 and M-9 weapons. After the training ended, my flight overseas was scheduled for October 10, 2011. After spending a few days in Kandahar, Afghanistan, I headed out for the place where I would be stationed for the next five to six months: Forward Operating Base (FOB) Pasab.

I could see the flash on impact and smell the burning ammunition from the incoming round. Every time one of these rockets hit, it was a sobering reminder that I the middle of a war-torn country.

Pasab was not what I expected. The base was lined with concrete barriers that were approximately 30 feet high. Each road within the base was lined with these concrete barriers. The appearance of the FOB was akin to a rat maze. The entire base was only about 1.5 miles long so there was not a whole lot of room for maneuvering. I worked at an aide station with two physicians, two physician assistants, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist as well as a nurse. We didn’t have surgical capabilities due to the lack of a general surgeon or anesthesiologist. Our FOB would occasionally be hit with rocket-propelled grenade rounds. Fortunately, these events occurred only about ten times in my six-month tenure. There was one instance when one of the rounds hit the retaining wall just outside our helicopter landing area. Despite being 200 yards away, I could see the flash on impact and smell the burning ammunition from the incoming round. Every time one of these rockets hit, it was a sobering reminder that I was not within the comforts of the United States and was in fact in a combat zone in the middle of a war-torn country.

While deployed, my job was to provide emergency, as well as some routine, dental care to the U.S. soldiers, contractors, and Afghan soldiers. The care I provided included restorative, oral surgery, and endodontic therapy. Due to the limited lab capabilities, prosthetic treatment was not available. It was here that I really began to appreciate the training I received in my AEGD. The dental clinic I worked in was a plywood office. We had our portable field dental equipment that we could pack up in about four foot locker-sized tuff boxes. It consisted of a motor that ran my hand-piece, suction and water spray, a portable dental chair, and then another two or three boxes full of dental materials and supplies. My daily patient load ranged from five to 20 patients. There were a few times that I had to defer certain patients to the following day because more emergent cases needed to be treated. I had to constantly prioritize patients since I was the only dentist at my base and within a 50-60 mile radius. That distance does not seem significant although it is tremendously so when considering transportation in a combat environment. For the most part, I performed every kind of treatment I could handle. At some times, I might have considered referring patients although that would have involved a 25-minute trip by helicopter or a two-hour ride via convoy, and would also take the soldier away from his primary responsibilities for a longer period, so I tried to make as few referrals as possible.

My brigade constructed a fully functional dental clinic inside of a shipment container, affectionately known as the ‘doc in the box.’

Given the intensity of combat operations in conjunction with transportation coordination difficulties, many soldiers in need of dental care were not able to travel to my location. As a result, my commander felt it would be easier to move me (with my dental assistant) to the soldiers’ locations at the different FOBs in order to provide the emergent care that was so desperately needed. My brigade constructed a fully functional dental clinic inside of a shipment container, affectionately known as the “doc in the box.” It had running water, cabinetry, and enough room for one dental chair, a dentist, and dental assistant. In my tenure, we journeyed to four different FOBs and saw approximately 100 different patients during three different trips.

Lessons Learned During our first trip, which was to a base called Azzi Zullah, I experienced what it was like to treat patients involved in a mass casualty. This specific mass casualty included 11 Afghan local nationals that were in a motor vehicle accident. The age range was from one to 48 years of age. There were multiple patients with spinal fractures and head injuries, which were managed by the physicians. I was charged with managing various musculoskeletal injuries and bone/softtissue contusions. We then called in a medical evacuation by helicopter so that these patients could be treated more effectively in a hospital setting. Seeing a medical helicopter land for an acute medical mission was awesome to witness and is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I was never able to find out how these patients were treated and their clinical outcomes, but I knew I did the best I could with what I was given. Another rewarding aspect of this deployment was participating as a guest lecturer and teacher for a medical conference that my brigade organized for Afghan medical providers. The Afghan medical providers had limited formal education and lacked the specialized training we receive in the United States or other industrialized countries. These alumni news 7

College of Dentistry Students and Alumni Advocate for the Profession during ODA Day at the Statehouse Keenly aware that it is in his best interest to advocate for the dental profession even before he graduates, thirdyear dental student Michael Border, president of The Ohio State University Chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA), looks forward to the Ohio Dental Association’s (ODA) Day at the Statehouse each year. “It’s a phenomenal opportunity,” said Border, who became interested in advocacy when he was an undergraduate student at the University of Mt. Union in Alliance, Ohio. “There are a lot of issues students would like to have a voice in to make sure our interests are protected when we get out into the profession.” The ODA created Day at the Statehouse to help legislators understand the oral health-related issues affecting their constituents so they can make informed decisions. On April 9, 2014, ODA leaders, member dentists, and participating College of Dentistry students met with Ohio lawmakers in their offices at the Ohio Statehouse. Topics on the agenda included maximizing the roles of current dental team members; loan repayment; creating closer ties with state Medicaid; and ensuring sustainability of current accessoriented programs like Ohio Partnership To Improve Oral health through access to Needed Services (OPTIONS). Border said that partnering with member dentists—including College of Dentistry faculty—is an added benefit to the day. “It can be intimidating for a 23-year-old student to go into a legislator’s office, but it helps to partner with member dentists. You feel like they are peers. You have the opportunity to walk alongside them and make a connection.”

is key to the event’s success. “We at the ODA believe that our members have as much impact on their communities seated at the decision table as at chair side. No health professional can exist in a vacuum, nor assume that his or her best interests will be represented at the table of change.” After cutting their teeth on advocacy at the statehouse, many ASDA chapter members also travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with United States representatives and senators during the American Student Dental Association’s National Dental Student Lobby Day. In 2013, The Ohio State University ASDA chapter was recognized by ASDA as the Regional Legislative Grassroots Network Chapter of the Year.

Photo courtesy of the Ohio Statehouse Photo Archive. For Dr. Casamassimo, seeing students become passionate about championing the profession is good news for the ODA, which strives to make advocacy a dental professional’s priority from his or her first day of dental school. “The ODA membership is on the front line as providers, employers, patients, and small businesses. They know these issues intimately and can convey them to their representatives who are often friends and neighbors. This single day of one-onone creates relationships that last and benefit everyone from that point forward.” ■

Paul Casamassimo, DDS, MS, president of the Ohio Dental Association and professor in the Division of Pediatric Dentistry, said that student and member dentist participation alumni news 9

Eagles and Buckeyes: A UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP “Collaborating with Glen Oak High School presents a prime opportunity for the College of Dentistry to enter into a partnership with a high school that shares our passion for providing educational opportunities for the underserved populations in the state of Ohio,” said Admissions Associate Director Ken Sigler, who authored the grant. “The opportunities and potential at I choose a college Glen Oak are great. They have the necessary resources and a pre-dent track?” support to make an impact that can serve as a model for school districts across the state.”

During a recent admissions visit to Canton, Ohio’s Glen Oak High School, students—clearly intent upon making the most of their opportunity to talk to dental students and a College of Dentistry admissions representative—asked questions at a rapid-fire pace: Should I choose a college that has a pre-dent track? What Grade Point Average do I need to have to get into dental school? What can you tell me about the DAT? What made you decide to become a dentist?

“Should that has

“What Grade Point Average do I need to have to get into dental school?”

The goal of the pipeline program is two-fold: To work with ninth graders to While admissions visits to high foster an interest in oral schools are not unusual, this health and dentistry careers, particular College of Dentistry and to develop a recruiting visit was unique in that it was “What made you decide to pipeline of underrepresented part of a year-long dental become a dentist?” minority and economically pipeline program between disadvantaged students to Glen Oak and the College the College of Dentistry. of Dentistry. Called “Surf’s The year-long calendar of Up: Eagles on the Buckeye “What can you tell me about planned interactions includes Pipeline” as a nod to Glen opportunities for Glen Oak Oak’s mascot, the pipeline the DAT?” students to shadow dental program is a result of a grant students and residents, handsfrom the American Dental on experiences in the College Education Association (ADEA) in partnership with the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni of Dentistry’s laboratories during a campus visit, and even a School of Dentistry. The program seeks to increase the number mock lecture by a College of Dentistry faculty member. of students entering the College of Dentistry from areas of “The partnership with Glen Oak High School supports the state where there is a shortage of dentists. Stark County, our college’s efforts to increase the dental workforce in Ohio, where Glen Oak is located, has been identified by the those areas of Ohio that do not have an adequate number Community Health Center as lacking an adequate number of of dental health professionals,” said Patrick Lloyd, dean dental health professionals.

10 the ohio state university dental journal


of the College of Dentistry. “Helping students at the high school level explore dental career options is an important step in achieving that goal.” It appears the program is already having an impact on students. Senior Jada Smith has been undecided about whether to pursue a career in dentistry or in pharmacy. “Since Ohio State and Glen Oak are pairing up with each other, I feel more confident applying to Ohio State for dental school,” said Smith. “They come to our school. They know us.” Senior Montanna Bachtel, who wants to become a dentist to help people feel confident by improving their smiles, concurred. “I didn’t even know Ohio State knew we existed. Having admissions counselors come here helped me decide to definitely apply to Ohio State for dental school.” ■ DDS Students Josh Tyson ‘16, Leonard Brown ‘15, and George Williams ‘14 (not pictured) answer students’ questions about dental school. Glen Oak High School students Johnathon Davis, Jr., Jada Smith, and Montana Bachtel explore opportunities through a unique partnership.

college news 11

Delta Dental Foundation Partners with the H.O.M.E. Coach Surrounded by smiling third-grade students at Columbus City Schools’ Linden STEM Academy, representatives from the Delta Dental Foundation recently presented the final installment of a $450,000 grant to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. The grant helps fund the college’s Health Outreach Mobile Experience (H.O.M.E.) Coach, a mobile dental clinic that brings dentists and dental treatment to children at Columbus City schools during regular classroom hours. “Access to dental care is the number one unmet health care need for Ohio’s children; but, this health care gap is bridged by the services of the Mobile H.O.M.E. Coach,” said Dr. Canise Bean, community outreach and education director at the College of Dentistry. “Thanks to the Delta Dental Foundation, we can provide genuine caring and great dental care to children in need.” “The Delta Dental Foundation is proud to support the dental H.O.M.E. program,” said Teri Battaglieri, director of the Delta Dental Foundation. “With children missing an estimated 51 million hours of school each year due to dental problems, programs such as this one help ensure that children have access to quality dental care and do not miss critical instruction time due to oral health issues.” The dental practitioners aboard the Dental H.O.ME. Coach provide services to approximately 2,000 children in Franklin County each year. The Coach is staffed by facultysupervised senior dental students and dental assistants. ■

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14 the ohio state university dental journal


Creative Collaboration Leads to Innovative Oral Cancer Therapy The cells inside the human mouth are constantly and quickly regenerating. When you burn your mouth on hot food or accidentally bite the inside of your cheek, this quick regeneration is a gift. But for patients with precancerous mouth lesions, rapid cell regeneration can mean a lifetime of painful biopsies and oral surgeries. Drs. Susan R. Mallery ‘81 DDS, ‘90 PhD and Peter E. Larsen, DDS along with an array of partners across the country, have developed a novel treatment delivery vehicle that could significantly improve these patients’ lives. The inspiration for their work started with Dr. Garry D. Stoner, a researcher at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Dr. Stoner is the principal investigator in a study that showed that black raspberries contain vitamins and minerals known to prevent cancer in animals. Drs. Mallery and Larsen wondered how this discovery could apply to their own patients. “Black raspberry gel, applied directly to cancer cells,” said Dr. Mallery, “is highly effective at inhibiting those cancer cells’ growth.” Applying the substance to cells in a laboratory environment is simple. Applying the substance inside a patient’s mouth and preventing it from being washed away by saliva poses a larger challenge. A recently conducted berry gel human clinical trial confirmed previous pilot study findings; that is, very positive results in a subgroup of patients. To help those patients whose lesions didn’t respond to the berry gel, Dr. Larsen suggested a patch while Dr. Mallery recommended a vitamin A derivative, fenretinide. The patch could keep the substance in contact with the affected cells, protecting it from the mouth’s wet environment while fenretinide would add a drug with well-recognized cancer preventing activities. With this idea in mind, the doctors set off on a quest to create a mucoadhesive patch that could deliver the water-adverse

drug fenretinide to the saliva-rich oral cavity. To do so, they enlisted the help of Drs. Steve Schwendeman and Kashappa Goud Desai at the University of Michigan’s College of Pharmacy. Dr. Schwendeman is chair of Michigan’s Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Dr. Desai is an assistant research scientist in the lab. Together, they developed a mucoadhesive patch designed to adhere to the inside of the mouth. “Residents, dental students, and faculty from both Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pathology have been involved in the research and publication of the various preliminary results,” said Dr. Larsen. “This is truly a team effort and is one of the things that makes academic surgery so rewarding. The opportunity to develop collegial working relationships across divisions is one of the things that makes working at Ohio State so enjoyable.” The team turned to Ohio State’s Technology Commercialization Office, which helps Ohio State faculty and students turn ideas into products and business opportunities. They connected the researchers with Venture Therapeutics, a startup pharmaceutical and biotech research and development company that is making its home in New Albany, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. Rather than purchasing the patent for the patch from the research team, Venture Therapeutics will become a partner, allowing the research team to be highly involved as the patch moves on to Phase I trials. Dr. Mallery said of this project, “It’s been a remarkable team effort. This product would not have made it this far without its collaborators.” “My patients are always asking me when we’re going to start the testing,” Dr. Mallery continued. “They know this technology could be life-changing.” ■

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Dr. Henry Fields Celebrated as the First Vig-Williams Endowed Chair Surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues, Henry Fields, DDS, MSD, MS was formally recognized on October 24 as the College of Dentistry’s first Vig-Williams Endowed Chair in the Division of Orthodontics. The $1.6 million endowment provides support for the selected chair, and it represents one of the highest honors the college can bestow on a faculty member. The endowed chair was created on behalf of two College of Dentistry faculty emeriti, Katherine Vig, BDS, MS and the late Benjamin Williams ‘46 DDS, ‘49 MS, both of whom served as Division of Orthodontics chairs and faculty members. The fund for the endowed chair received support from the college’s orthodontics alumni and from these founding donors: the late George H. Pommert ‘56 DDS, ‘69 MS; James R. Zettler, Jr. ‘73 MS; and Brian Hockenberger ‘92 DDS, ‘98 MS. “Dr. Fields’ outstanding career speaks for itself, and there is no better choice for this position that will have a profound and positive impact on the Division of Orthodontics and on our College of Dentistry,” said Patrick Lloyd, dean of the College of Dentistry, in his address to the assembled guests. “This is a culmination of our wonderfully generous alumni and the achievements of the person who I am delighted will be the first recipient,” Dr. Vig added. Dr. Fields, who served as dean of the College of Dentistry from 1991 until 2001, has been the recipient of many

Dr. Henry Fields (center) at the VigWilliams Endowed Chair Reception with members of the Vig and Williams families. Former Dean William Wallace ‘56 DDS, ‘62 MS and his wife, Jane, congratulate Dr. Fields.

prestigious awards, including the ODA Distinguished Dentist Award (2010), the highest honor bestowed by that organization, and the 2013 Educator of the Year, awarded by the University of Iowa Dental Alumni Association. “This chair brought together our division’s early and most recent graduates for a common focus, and it fueled remarkable generosity among our many alumni and friends,” Dr. Fields remarked. “This endowment also gives us an opportunity to strengthen our college’s position in orthodontics nationally, and it is especially rewarding for me to receive this acknowledgement that is named for two people who are known for their long and splendid service and their overall excellence in orthodontics.” ■

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DONOR CONTRIBUTIONS (continued) Dr. John Rosen Dr. Richard Runkle Dr. Thomas Ryan The Sabo Trust UTD Dr. Thomas Salmon Dr. J. Michael Sarnovsky Dr. Carl Schafer Dr. Jerry Schommer Dr. Charles Schwarz III Dr. Jeffrey Seiver Ms. Pat Seymour Dr. Patrick Shaffer Dr. C. David Shaffer Mr. Samir Shah Dr. Kathryn Shroyer Mr. Thomas Shuster Dr. Jane Silk Dr. John Smith Jr. Dr. Jason Smithberger Dr. Robert Speer Jr. Mrs. Norma Spejewski Dr. Craig Spletzer Dr. Ronald Spritzer Dr. Jon Staley Dr. Dawne Stefanik Dr. Daniel Stewart Dr. William Swinderman III Dr. Ryan Swisher Ms. Nanette Taylor Dr. Evan Tetelman Dr. David Teufel Dr. Sarath Thikkurissy Dr. Timothy Tilton Dr. Perry Trinkner Dr. Colleen Vienna Ms. Edith Wacksman Dr. J. Wall Dr. Daniel Ward Dr. Robert Weaver Dr. David Willen Dr. Charles Wilson Dr. Steven Wilson Dr. Burak Yilmaz $1 - $100 Dr. Barry Aab Col. George Aberth Jr. Dr. Sudha Agarwal Dr. Kevin Aiken Dr. Philip Alexander Dr. Roger Amstutz Dr. Richard Andolina Dr. Louis Andrews Jr. Dr. Richard Aros Dr. Sarah Ash Ms. Ruth Ashburn Dr. David Astrachan Dr. John Aughenbaugh Dr. Cesar Augustin Jr. Dr. Sami Awadallah Dr. Shereen Azer Dr. Michael Bailey Mrs. Molly Baily Dr. Justin Baker Mrs. Cynthia Bankes Dr. Dennis Baum Ms. Jamie Beale

Ms. Mary Beck Dr. Douglas Beilstein Dr. John Bennet Sr. Ms. Denise Beres Dr. Theodore Berg Jr. Ms. Marilou Berg Ms. Deborah Bernard Dr. and Mrs. Howard Berusch Ms. Alyssa Betchie The James & Betsy Parrott Trust Dr. Anthony Biggio Mr. Dmitriy Bikmayev Dr. Barry Biniker Ms. Amy Bjornstad Dr. and Mrs. Olin Bleichrodt Mr. Allen Bloomberg Ms. Winnifred Blozis Dr. Gary Blumberg Ms. Pamela Bores Dr. Jose Bosio Ms. Lois Boucher Ms. Judy Bourne Dr. Garry Boyd Dr. George Bradley Ms. Anita Bratcher Mr. Roy Bristol Jr. Ms. Carol Brooks Ms. Susan Brooks Dr. David Brophy Ms. Lindsay Brosnahan Dr. Douglas Brower Ms. Candace Brown Dr. David Brown Ms. Donna Browning Dr. Richard Brunner Mrs. Susan Bucheit Mr. Scott Burch Ms. Yolanda Burleson Dr. Alan Burley Dr. John Burley Dr. Robert Burnard Dr. Melvin Burns Ms. Sally Caldwell Dr. Marjorie Calloway Dr. Howard Calver Dr. Brandon Canfield Mr. R. Nicholas Captor Ms. Marilyn Carl Dr. A. Noelle Carpenter Dr. Robert Cassidy Ms. Donna Catchpole Dr. Ralph Cater Dr. Elizabeth Caton Dr. John Cercek Ms. Rachel Childress Mr. Jon Christopherson Dr. Robert Clendenen Dr. Arthur Cloran Dr. Ronald Clowson Dr. Richard Cohen Dr. Marvin Cohen Dr. Carol Collins Community Officers Association of Singer Island Inc. Dr. William Cooper

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Dr. Gary Cortesi Dr. James Costas Dr. James Cottle Dr. Timothy Craemer Ms. Judith Crawford Dr. Joe Creel Dr. Forrest Cress Jr. Dr. William Crowl Dr. William Cuckler Mrs. Nancy Darnall Dr. Jaime Darr Mr. Thomas Dauber Dr. Wallace Davidson III Dr. Richard Davis Dr. Theresa Davis Ms. Cheryl De Vore Mr. George Dean Ms. Gay Deems-Ries Dr. Robert Deetz Dr. Sheldon Degenhardt Dr. Randall Del Bene Ms. Elizabeth DeLong Dr. Louis Demeter Mrs. Erinn Dennis-DaCunha Mrs. Sandra Desatnik Dr. Dwight Dessart Mr. Ronald Dewan Ms. Diana DiMeo Ms. Barbara Dixon Dr. Edgar Downs III Dr. Patricia Doyle Dr. David Dreffer Dr. Todd Dunkle Dr. Charles Durbin Ms. Nancy Duskey Dr. Melody Dutton Dr. Fred Ebetino Jr. Ms. Suzanne Edie Dr. Diane Ehrbar Ms. Susan Eib Dr. Beshir El-Dahdah Dr. Christine Elfers Dr. Erik Ellingsworth Dr. Ronald Erkis Dr. Kelsey Esber Ms. Genevieve EzzoWallace Dr. R. Burleson Family Dentistry Ms. Christine Farrell Dr. Robert Farrell Ms. Barrie Fearn Dr. Mark Fiss Ms. Judith Flee Ms. Patricia Foltz Ms. Michelle Foster Dr. Michael Fountain Ms. Allison Frankel Dr. Troy Frazee Ms. Patricia Frounfelter Dr. James Frounfelter Dr. Hiram Fry Ms. Stephanie Furlong Dr. Matthew Gaebelein Ms. Lisa Gajary Ms. Donna Gallaway Mr. Jeff Galley Dr. Ralph Gallimore

Dr. Robert Garrison Jr. Dr. Edgar Gassin Jr. Ms. Kristin Geiger Ms. Karla Geise Dr. Louis George Ms. Susyn Gia-Quinta Ms. Cassandra Giesige Ms. Mariana Gil Escalante Ms. Melinda Gitzel Dr. Gregg Glamm Dr. Sanford Glazer Dr. Seymour Glick Ms. Sarah Goff Mr. Misha Goloborodko Ms. Maxine GoodallSchildknecht Dr. Michael Goyette Dr. David Grabeman Mr. Philip Grant Ms. Pamela Gray Dr. George Greco Dr. Floyd Green Mr. Justin Griest Dr. Alan Grimm Dr. Richard Gross Dr. Samuel Gruner Ms. Dawn Gurr Dr. Richard Gustaferro Ms. Jane Guzauskas Ms. Christine Hacker Dr. Edward Hadaway Dr. Francis Hagman Ms. Roberta Hall Dr. Eric Hall Ms. Karen Hamilton Dr. Stephen Harlan Ms. Sally Harms Dr. Paul Harr Dr. John Hartsel Dr. Paul Haynes Dr. Dale Hazelbaker Dr. John Heffernan Jr. Dr. Alan Heller Dr. Connie Hemmer Mrs. Rebecca Henderson Dr. Kyle Hensley Dr. S. Craig Herman Dr. Craig Hewitt Dr. Todd Heydinger Ms. Jean Hiatt Ms. Martha Hisey Mr. Chris Hock Ms. Edwina Hoffeld Ms. Carol Holdren Ms. Doris Holmes Dr. Gregg Holtkamp Dr. Thomas Holtmann Dr. Robert Houtz Ms. Susan Huggins IBM International Foundation J L Ventrues LLC Dr. Carl Jeffery Dr. John Jenkins Ms. Janet Johnson Dr. Richard Johnson Mrs. Barbara Johnson Dr. J. Eric Jones

Dr. David Jonke Ms. Patricia Jordan Ms. Cheryll Joseph Dr. Stephanie Kaplan Dr. Gerald Kassoy Ms. Angelica Kauffman Dr. Lawrence Kaye The Hon. Duane Kelleher Kelsey Periodontal Group LLC Dr. John Kennard Ms. Brenda Kennedy Dr. James Killen Dr. DoGyoon Kim Dr. Victor Kim Dr. John Kimberly Ms. Kathryn Kirn Dr. Earl Kisker Dr. Steven Klayman Dr. Susan Klingshirn Ms. Carol Kloss Ms. Connee Kneen Dr. Dennis Knuth Ms. Karen Kontras Dr. Brent Koudelka Dr. Ronald Kowan Dr. Elvin Krabill Dr. Jay Krasne Dr. Herbert Kraus Dr. Larry Kravitz Dr. Jonathan Krogg Dr. Kenneth Kurtz Dr. Gregory Kusner Dr. James Kwasniak Dr. Gerald Lander Dr. Timothy Landers Ms. Jean Langhout Dr. Richard Lapp Ms. Pamela Laux Dr. Robert Lazarow Dr. Daniel Leach Mr. Thomas Lebowsky Dr. Michael Lehmiller Dr. Thomas Liller Linkenbach Living Trust Dr. James Lipaj Dr. Jerold Lipson Dr. Allen Litvak Mrs. Jennifer Long Ms. Beverly Louis Dr. Stacy Love Dr. Jack Luce Mr. John Lyon Dr. Richard Mahfood Mr. Michael Manor Ms. Shelley Mardany Dr. Anthony Marino Dr. Carlo Marino Dr. Vincent Marino Dr. Beth Marks Dr. Gordon Marsh II Dr. John Marstrell Dr. Amin Mason Dr. Rick Mason Dr. Christopher Masoner Ms. Anne McCaffrey Dr. Philip McCauley Dr. Howard McCleese

Walter Buchsieb, Sr. ‘55 DDS, ‘60 MS and Betty Buchsieb

“I felt very fortunate to have been included in my dentistry class and I give back today so that other young men and women can have the same opportunity that I was afforded.” Ms. Charlotte McEnery Ms. Susan McFadden Dr. Clyde McKeand Ms. Darla McKitrick Ms. Lauren McMahon Mrs. Margie McMullen Ms. Annette McMurry Ms. Marsha McNutt Dr. James McQuigg Mr. Alex Meade Ms. Susan Melaszus Dr. Marc Michalowicz Ms. Sarah Mikhail Ms. Julie Miller Ms. Cassity Miller Dr. William Miller Ms. Cathy Miller-Thornton Ms. Patricia Monaghan Ms. Donna Moore Ms. Wendy Moore Dr. Donald Moore Dr. David Morgan Ms. Carolyn Morrison Ms. Marsha Mullins Dr. Sunny Munn Dr. James Murphy Dr. Richard Nash Dr. Terrance Nessif Dr. Kenneth Nevar Ms. Sara Newbright Ms. Angeline Nichols Dr. Patricia Nicklas Ms. Tiffany Nordstrom Dr. Ruth Nowjack-Raymer Dr. Joseph Ohlinger Ms. Susan Olsavsky Ms. Janet O’Neil

Dr. Lee Ortman Dr. Bryan Osterday Dr. Thomas Osterday P & G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Mr. John Paccioretti Ms. Vicki Pagliarini Dr. Sunny Pahouja Dr. Edward Paikoff Dr. William Palmer Dr. Michael Pap Dr. Selena Pape Ms. Lindsey Park Dr. Robert Parker Ms. Sharon Parkison Mr. Michael Pastore Dr. David Patten Dr. Fred Peck Ms. Kayla Pelok Ms. Barbara Pennington Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pennington Mrs. Martha Perry Ms. Sandra Pfaff Dr. Catherine Phillips Ms. Elaine Pierce Pohlmann Farms Mrs. Cecelia Polster Ms. Christine Pompili Dr. Lawrence Pompili Dr. Brian Pope Dr. Gregory Prater Mrs. Patricia Pressler Dr. Scott Presson Dr. Kevin Priest Ms. Shannon Prince

Dr. Simon Prior Dr. Duke Rakich Dr. Albert Resnick Ms. Gilia Rethman Dr. Greta Richter Dr. John Risha Dr. Claire Ritter Ms. Michelle Roark Robert J Ripich DDS and Bret M Pavlica DDS LLC Dr. Douglas Rolfe Dr. Michael Rolfes Dr. Ralph Rosenblum Dr. Roland Roske Dr. Allen Ross Dr. John Ross Mr. Thomas Rossman Dr. John Rothacker Dr. Robert Rothan Ms. Cheryl Royse Dr. Gary Salenger Mr. David Savage Dr. Ralph Scheer Dr. M. Joseph Scheingross Dr. David Schlueter Dr. Karl Schmitter Dr. Richard Schmuck Ms. Jane Seto Ms. Jane Seward Mr. Shayer Shah Dr. Masid Shaheen Jr. Dr. Stephen Shall Dr. Shawn Shaver Mrs. Jessica Shaw Mrs. Carol Sheehan Ms. Patricia Shepherd

Dr. Sanford Shifrin Ms. Jacolynn Shrider Dr. Mark Shull Mr. Kenneth Sigler Dr. Kevin Silva Dr. Eugene Simon Smiles at the Exchange Dr. Robert Smith Dr. Burton Smith Dr. Frederick Soller Ms. Sandra Spencer Ms. Cheryl Spencer Ms. Bettie Spoerndle Dr. Thomas Spoonster Dr. Jack Spratt Jr. Dr. Louis Spronz Ms. Alicia Standerfer Dr. Gregory Stepanski Dr. Dale Stevens Ms. Shirley Still Dr. John Stimmel Ms. Bonnie Street Dr. John Strong Jr. Dr. George Stuart Jr. Dr. Edward Suso Jr. Dr. Kathryn Sutton Mr. Earl Sweigart Dr. James Tauschek Dr. Michael Thomas Dr. F. Richard Tolloti Dr. Robert Tootle Dr. Andrew Toth III Ms. Christina Treboni Mr. Jeffery Trebonik Ms. June Tremblay Ms. Alexandra Tsigarida Dr. Peter Tsivitse Jr. and Associates Inc. Dr. Richard Umbaugh Dr. Edmar Upite Ms. Rebecca Van Horn Ms. Elizabeth VanSchepen Dr. Mark Vermillion Dr. Emerson Vicuna Dr. Fred Vigder Ms. Whitney Volk Dr. Steven Vorholt Dr. Rudolph Vostatek Dr. George Vukmir Ms. Sue Ann Wackler Dr. Matthew Warner Dr. Jeff Warner Ms. Gwendolyn Watkins Dr. Steven Watts Dr. Stephen Webster Jr. Ms. Carol Weiland Dr. and Mrs. Brandt Weininger Dr. Gerald Weinschenk Dr. Daniel Welsh Dr. Scott Wemmer Dr. Rebecca West-Natale Ms. Diane Whitener Ms. Dalandrea Whiteside Dr. Richard Widdoes Dr. Horace Wilder Dr. Michael Wiley

Ms. Deborah Willen Dr. Todd Williams Dr. George Williams Dr. Jennifer Williamson Dr. Joseph Williamson Dr. Eric Winders Ms. Karen Wise Dr. Suna Woods Dr. Charles Worton Ms. Linda Yenrick Ms. Susan Yontz Ms. Nancy Young Dr. Jinny Yun Ms. Victoria Zajack Dr. Albert Zakel Ms. Deena Zaron Dr. John Zatko Dr. Kristen Zitterell Dr. William Zucker Dr. Marvin Zuravsky Dr. Sanford Zussman



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Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor, Maryland, Camellia Room 7:00 p.m. Washington, D.C.

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Dean’s Reception

Dean’s Reception

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Reunion Receptions, Dinner, and Annual Tailgate Party Columbus, OH

Watch Your Email for the Alumni Survey The College of Dentistry will email a short online survey within the next few weeks to those alumni whose email information is current in our systems. The subject line will be College of Dentistry Alumni Survey. Your input via the survey will help ensure that our interactions with you remain positive and productive.


Don’t Miss the 70th Annual

POST COLLEGE ASSEMBLY May 8-9, 2014 | The Ohio Union

Featuring keynote speaker Jon Waters, Director of The Ohio State University Marching Band. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of PCA, we will be featuring our alumni and special guests as presenters: Fred Alger ‘85 DDS, ‘88 MS

Susan Mallery ‘78 MA, ‘81 DDS, ‘90 PhD

Homa Amini ‘93 DDS, ‘96 MPH

Wendy Moore ‘98 BSDH, MS

Michele Carr ‘84 DH, ‘93 MA

Rodney Phoenix ‘83 DDS, MS

Karen Daw MBA

Dale Sharples ‘83 DDS

Lary George DDS, ‘95 MS

Michael Strayer ‘76 DDS, MS

Becky Henderson ‘01 BSDH, ‘06 MS

Nicole Uhl ‘10 BSDH, MSA

Denise Kissell ‘99 BSDH, ‘04 MPH

Chris Walinski ‘89 DDS

Lisa Knobloch ‘91 DDS, ‘94 MS

Daniel Ward ‘79 DDS

Connie Kuntupis ‘97 MA

Joel Weaver ‘72 DDS, ‘76 PhD

Peter Larsen DDS

Ralph Wilson ‘99 DDS, ‘02 MS

Binnaz Leblebicioglu ‘93 MS, ‘98 PhD

Burak Yilmaz DDS

For session topics and registration information, please visit: Don Gray Director, Continuing Education Allyson Kuentz Program Coordinator phone: 614-292-9790 fax: 614-688-3188 1198 Postle Hall 305 West 12th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210

Damian Lee DDS, MS 25

Ohio State Dental Journal - Issue 2  

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