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Olga Subirós (1965) is an architect graduated from the ETSAB and registered to the COAC

Mònica, La Virreina, FAD, COAC, L’Auditori, la Pedrera, MACBA, etc. Her work has been selected

has designed the multimedia installation for the International Exhibition Expo Zaragoza 2008: “Wa-

since 1994. She combines profesional practice and teaching in the Master in New Exhibition For-

as finalist for FAD Ephemeral Architecture Awards 1998 and selected for FAD Awards in 2001 and

ter for life” in the Water Tower Pavilion. The work “SPLASH” which form part of the installation, has

mats from Elisava-UPF and in the Master in Exhibition Design from UPC.

2003. Her work has also been shorlisted for Girona Architecture Awards in 2000.

made Program Collective being selected for the 2008 days, the Art Futura Festival 2008 and SIGGRAPH Congress 2010 in Los Angeles.

Olga Subirós has designed several exhibitions for the CCCB -7 of which have been published in the monography CCCB 1994-2006- and for other cul-

In 2006 she establishes the designers collective Program Collective, made up of Mona Kim (París), Todd Palmer (Chicago), Olga Subirós (Barcelona)

Her work has been published in the recopilatory book of the best international exhibition designs Exhibition Design edited by Links Books.

tural institutions of Barcelona such as Arts Santa

and Simon Taylor (Londres). Program Collective

FERRAN ADRIÀ and elBULLI Client: Palau Robert. Generalitat de Catalunya Curator: Sebastià Serrano Grafic Design: Mario Eskenazi Area: 450 m² Collaborators: Pol Esteve, Marta Banach Location: Barcelona Date: 2012

GLOBAL SCREEN Client: CCCB (Barcelona) / San Telmo (Donostia) Curator: Andrés Hispano, Gilles Lipovetsky, Jean Serroy Grafic Design: David Torrents Area: 1200 m² Collaborators: Marta Banach, Pol Esteve Location: Barcelona Date: 2012

WHAT TO WEAR? Client: DHUB Curator: Miren Arzalluz Gráfic Design: Anna Subirós Area: 500 m² Collaborators: Marta Banach, Pol Esteve Location: Barcelona Date: 2011

EATING ART Client: Fundació Catlunya Caixa Curator: Cristina Giménez Gráfic Design: Mercedes de Azúa Surface: 1000 m² Colaborators: Pol Esteve, Marta Banach Location: Barcelona Date: 2011

ARE YOU READY FOR TV? Client: MACBA (Barcelona), CGAC (Santiago de Compostela) Curator: Chus Martínez Gráfic Design: MACBA Area: 1000 m² Collaborators: Pol Esteve Location: Barcelona Year: 2010

CONDENSED MATTER Client: Arts Santa M貌nica Curator: Josep Perell贸, Pere Castells Grafic Design: Olga Subir贸s, Pol Esteve Area: 550 m虏 Collaborators: Pol Esteve Location: Barcelona Area: 2010

THE ENIGMA OF THE MUMMY Client: MARQ (Alicante) / Louvre (Besançon) Curator: Agathe Legros Grafic Design: Factordos Area: 1000 m² Collaborators: Pol Esteve, Belén Martínez, Las Gardenias Location: Alicante Year: 2010

ANTARTICA Client: Arts Santa Mònica Curator: Alicia Chillida Grafic Design: Arts Santa Mònica Area: 550 m² Collaborators: Pol Esteve Location: Barcelona Date: 2010

WATER FOR LIFE A project by Program Collective: Olga Subir贸s, Mona Kim, Todd Palmer, Simon Taylor Client: Expo Zaragoza 2008 Grafic Design: Program Collective Area: 10.000 m虏 Collaborators: Andrea Wasserman, Vargas, Vera Guasch, Pol Esteve Location: Zaragoza Date: 2008

Anne-Sophie de

COMBING THE DEATH Client: Museu Arqueològic de Catalunya Curator: Vicente Lull Gráfic Design: Anna Subirós, Roseta Mus Area: 250 m² Location: Barcelona Date: 2006

WEST SEEN FROM EAST Client: CCCB Curator: Abdelwahab Meddeb Diseño Gráfico: Roseta Mus Area: 1200 m² Location: Barcelona Year: 2005

THE LANGUAGES IN CATALONIA Client: Universitat de Barcelona Curator: Carme Junyent, Grup G.E.L.A. Grafic Design: Anna Subir贸s, Roseta Mus Area: 400 m虏 Location: Barcelona Date: 2005

DESIGN 21 Client: Forum Universal de les Cultures Barcelona 2004 U.N.E.S.C.O. Curator: Haruko Smith, Joey Tesalona Grafic Design: Olga Subir贸s Area: 250m虏 Location: Barcelona Date: 2004

HAREM FANTASIES Client: CCCB Curator: Fàtima Mernissi Grafic Design: Mont Marsà Area: 1200 m² Collaborators: Manel Soler Location: Barcelona Date: 2003

CANALETTO AN IMAGINARY VENICE Client: CCCB Curator: Dario Succi, Annalia Delneri Grafic Design: Mont Marsà Area: 1200 m² Location: Barcelona Date: 2001


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