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Welcome to the latest addition of The Script, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy’s alumni publication. In it, you will find news on old friends and classmates, as well as information about some great advances at the college. In the few short years since I was appointed Dean of the college, I have come to appreciate what it means to be a Buckeye. It’s about becoming part of a family whose warmth can be felt no matter how far your journeys take you, a kinship that time cannot diminish, and a pride that can’t always be explained, but is always deeply held. I am touched by what the university means to each of you, and today, I am proud to call myself a Buckeye. Henry J. Mann

Whether you are an ardent Buckeye fan or haven’t stepped foot on campus since you earned your diploma, you will always be a part of the College of Pharmacy’s lifeblood. We hope to be part of yours as well. Here’s to a wonderful new year! Sincerely,

Henry J. Mann, PharmD, FCCP, FCCM, FASHP Dean and Professor College of Pharmacy The Ohio State University


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




• The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Division of General Internal Medicine were chosen as honorees of The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation’s 2015 Pinnacle Award in Group Practice–Health System–Corporation. The partnership has been led by Stuart Beatty, PharmD, BACAP, CDE, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Neeraj Tayal, MD, FACP, Director of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and Wexner Medical Center Division of General Internal Medicine started the collaboration with Beatty joining the primary care clinics in 2006. Since that time, the pharmacy team has grown from one shared faculty member at one clinic to four shared faculty members, one full time pharmacist, and three pharmacy residents practicing at five NCQA tier 3 patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) across the network. • Although delivery of mRNA-based (molecules that transport information from DNA) can be difficult, Yizhou Dong, PhD, (pictured left) assistant professor in The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, has discovered a way to organize certain nanoparticles so that they improve transport of mRNA-encoding enzyme efficiency 350-fold, opening the door to more productive experiments. His findings have been published in Nano Letters, a journal of the American Chemical Society. • Natalie Schellack, associate professor in the Department of Pharmacy at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in South Africa and Delyne Subrayen, a ward pharmacist for a private sector South African hospital, Netcare Sunward Park Hospital, visited Ohio State in late October to discuss their progress with the South African Antibiotic Stewardship Program: a partnership with South African pharmacists and physicians and Ohio State. Schellack, along Debra Goff, associate professor of Pharmacy and infectious disease specialist, started the program in 2013 to help improve antibiotic stewardship-the correct and effective prescription of antibiotics in South Africa. The program has seen several advancements, including creating awareness of antimicrobial stewardship, broadened their knowledge base, and created an internship program for younger upcoming pharmacists. Most notably, their work has been published in an international infectious disease publication.



• A recent publication coauthored by James R. Fuchs, PhD associate professor and A. Douglas Kinghorn, PhD, DSc (pictured right) professor and Jack L. Beal chair, both in the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society. The paper, “A Novel Sterol Isolated from a Plant Used by Mayan Traditional Healers is Effective in Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania donovani,” describes the synthesis, encapsulation, and in vivo activity of the natural product pentalinonsterol. Pentalinonsterol was originally isolated and structurally characterized in the Kinghorn lab at Ohio State from a plant that grows in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico where it is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease spread by sand flies. • The college welcomed new faculty, including Sharyn Baker Professor & Chair, Pharmaceutics Rajgopal Govindarajan Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics Navjotsingh Pabla Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics Alex Sparreboom Professor, Pharmaceutics

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society



What a year the College of Pharmacy has had! As a society, we have been very busy with our transition to a new membership model. Our alumni society brought us together for great celebrations, like our tailgate; great honors, like our awards banquet; and great new traditions, like our Pharmathon. Thanks to all who helped make these wonderful events so successful.

David (Doc) Lamberjack

Our alma mater continues to create new ways of teaching, research, and outreach that serve to elevate our industry. We have been fortunate to help provide students with scholarships that set them on a productive path. We’ve also expanded the reach of our alumni initiatives, so more of you can share your joys and achievements with fellow classmates. In this print edition of The Script, you’ll find news about old friends and today’s students. You’ll also get a jump on what’s in store for our society in the year to come. As president, I am looking forward to working with so many great alumni in advancing our society. Please join me in celebrating our college, our alumni and our students. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2016, and Go Bucks!!! Professionally,

Doc Lamberjack President, College of Pharmacy Alumni Society


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




David (Doc) Lamberjack, ’93 President Virginia (Ginny) Beaty, ’96 President-Elect Brice Love, ’00 Vice President Kimberly Like McDevitt, ’82 Secretary Joseph R. Sabino, ’68, MS ’84 Treasurer Barbara Ague, ’77 Immediate Past-President Marilyn Wollett, ’65 OSUAA Alumni Advisory Board Sheila Thomas-Jackson, ’92, PharmD ’00 Central Regional Co-Director Board Appointee Tiffany Kaiser, PharmD ’03 SW Regional Director District 4 Representative Beth Pfeiffer, ’94 NE Regional Director District 9 Representative Janet Lallathin, RPh, ’89 SE Regional Director District 12 Representative Marylou Sayre, BS, ’77, MS ’81 District 1 Representative Kim Laughlin, ’80 District 2 Representative Ernest (Ernie) Sparks, ’82 District 5 Representative Jaime Capestany, ’98 District 6 Representative Amira Del Tosto, ’93 District 6 Representative Emmanuel C. Ezirim, ’92 District 6 Representative Carrie Fish, ’00, PharmD ’04 District 6 Representative Anna Haas-Gehres, ’07, PharmD ’11 District 6 Representative Mary Ann Janning, ’02 District 6 Representative



Julie Beck Kendle, ’93, PharmD ’96 District 6 Representative Frank Krivanek, ’83, MS ’85 District 6 Representative Jack Lince, ’64 District 6 Representative Beth Pressler-Kremer, ’82 District 7 Representative Chris Hirt, ’95 District 8 Representative Andy Black, ’94 District 10 Representative Genie Dixon, ’96 District 10 Representative Lara Ramey, ’98, PharmD ’04 District 11 Representative Judy Consentino Peckens, ’78 District 13 Representative Mark Keckler, ’77 District 14 Representative David Amos, ’78 District 16 Representative Matthew Houser, ’89 District 16 Representative Robert (Bob) Leeson, ’69 District 16 Representative Michael Militello, PharmD ’95 District 16 Representative Richard (Rick) Arnoto, ’85, PharmD District 17 Representative Jeffrey Wallace, ’73 District 18 Representative A. Joel Arnold, ’58 Board Appointee Jerry Pierson, ’80, PhD ’97 Board Appointee Thomas Sherrin, ’65, MS ’67 Board Appointee Charles (Bill) Ague, RPh ’50 Honorary Lifetime Member John Coughlin, ’56 Honorary Lifetime Member Ralph Foster, ’56 Honorary Lifetime Member

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society



Andy Vick Pays It Forward with Philanthropy and Volunteer Service The successful path that Andy Vick’s (BS, Zoology,’93, PhD, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ’99) life has taken was not always an obvious one. “College was not necessarily part of the plan. My twin brother and I were the first in our family to go to college,” he said. But today, Vick is a member of the senior leadership team at Andy Vick WIL Research, a leading global contract research organization in the pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical industries. He credits Ohio State with helping him along the way. In turn, Vick has become a valued volunteer and donor at the College of Pharmacy.

scientific director of the BioPharma Services Division of Millipore, Principal Scientist within the Drug Disposition and Toxicology department of Eli Lilly and Company, and a preclinical scientist at Biogen. In these roles, he contributed to the design, conduct and interpretation of preclinical and clinical testing strategies for both small organic and biotherapeutic molecules across a variety of therapeutic indications and stages of development.

“Thank goodness for me, Ohio State had a satellite campus (Marion), which I took full advantage of. I’m still a big believer in the satellite colleges.”

When Vick started at WIL and returned to Ohio 2013, he took the opportunity to become involved with Ohio State. “It’s allowed me to reconnect and has refortified my ties to Ohio State.” As with all his ventures, Vick has become a leading volunteer and philanthropist, giving both his time and resources to the college. “Andy Vick epitomizes what it means to pay it forward,” said College of Pharmacy Senior Advancement Director Tom Dauber. “He has consistently used the skills and assets he has to lift up others—like our students—and move them toward a brighter future.”

Vick spent two years at Ohio State Marion, and two years on main campus to finish his BS degree in Zoology. He worked as a part time research assistant in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Its chair, William Hayton, challenged Vick to consider a PhD. ‘It was not even on my radar,” said Vick, but pharmacokinetics became an interest. Vick still talks with pride about earning his PhD. “I still remember the first person I called after defending my thesis— it was my mother, then my wife. I didn’t think a blue collar kid from small town Ohio could accomplish something like that.” Vick serves as the vice president of Analytical Services at WIL, where he oversees the scientific, operational and financial aspects of the analytical, formulations, bioanalytical, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic services for sites in the United States. Prior to joining WIL Research, Vick was executive vice president and senior director of Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism (PDM) at Seventh Wave Laboratories, where he supported strategic operations as well as scientific efforts across PDM especially in early stage drug development. In addition, Vick has been


Vick is currently a board member and chair of the Biotech special interest group of the International Pharmaceutical Federation. In addition, he has been an active member of AAPS, currently serving on the Executive Committee of the AAPS Foundation and AAPS’s Executive Council as member-at-large. He also serves as the president of the Dean’s Corporate Council at the College of Pharmacy.

Vick cites the commitment to student leadership development as a factor that draws him to the college, and calls its students “some of the best I’ve seen in the country. They have a good work ethic and a commitment to the craft. These are the type of graduates I want to help and work with professionally.” As for his future aspirations for the college, Vick would like to see the continued success in equipping students with the tools to succeed both personally and professionally. He’d also like to see the college be able to secure funds to renovate its physical plant. “It helps to provide best return on investment,” he said. Vick counts among his greatest joys his daughter, 15, and son, 13, his high-school sweetheart wife of 22 years, and his spiritual growth and baptism at age 35. “Many blessings have brought me to where I am today.”

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




Tiffany Kaiser Connects Alumni and Students through Fitness If you were one of the 275 people who took part in last year’s first-ever College of Pharmacy Pharmathon 5K walk/ run, you probably were struck by the dynamism of its founder and leader, Tiffany Kaiser, (BS, Psychology, ’94, PharmD ’03). The inaugural Pharmathon was held on campus on a sunny day last April to promote health and wellness and provide education on prescription drug misuse prevention. More than $4200 was raised to promote awareness and education regarding prescription drug abuse via the Generation Rx Initiative.

Tiffany Kaiser

The event, planned collaboratively among the Pharmacy Alumni Society’s Public Relations and Publicity Committee, Generation Rx and pharmacy students, was organized with a goal of getting far-flung alumni involved and back on campus. “Being on campus was key,” said Kaiser. “We wanted an event that focused on health and was community-oriented, but also find a way to have pharmacists be experts,” After conferring with Ken Hale, Pharmacy clinical professor and co-director of the Generation Rx Initiative, the team decided to raise money for prescription drug misuse-related grants. The Pharmathon not only had a successful outcome, it had success in every measure throughout its planning. “Our goal was to be sure at each part of the process, that it brought students and alumni together,” Kaiser said. From its initial planning, to publicity, to logistics, to event day, students and alumni worked together. The result was an event that drew unheard of numbers for a first-time endeavor and cemented relationships between seasoned alumni and students. The ability to make something successful and meaningful is not new for Kaiser. A clinical pharmacist and research associate professor of Digestive Diseases at The



University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Kaiser cares for solid organ transplant patients, co-directs the PGY2 Transplant Pharmacy Residency Program and precepts pharmacy students. She also oversees the transplant quality program and sees it as a perfect fit for someone educated in Pharmacy: “I think pharmacists have the skill set for quality control, it’s (Pharmacy) a very protocolbased discipline driven by outcomes.” Pharmacy was not at the top of career choices when Kaiser was growing up. “I grew up in Columbus and was born a Buckeye,” she said. Kaiser got her bachelor’s at Ohio State. “Initially, I was interested in going to med school” But family friend, Marialice Bennett, then Pharmacy faculty, steered her in a new direction. “The PharmD program was just starting. I was in the second class. Marialice made me see that the program had a lot to offer,” she said. Kaiser became entrenched in the college, becoming part of the Pharmacy Council and serving as a student rep on the search committee to hire a new dean. From there, Kaiser did a residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC), where she developed an interested in transplants. A second residency in solid organ transplant at University of Cincinnati set the course for her career: “I do so many different things now. I feel like I went a non-traditional route. You’re told in Pharmacy school you’ll be hospital pharmacy or retail, work inpatient or outpatient but I’m both. I knew when I left Ohio State I had a lot of options, even if they weren’t spelled out. I’m proud of Ohio State. It got me where I am today.” When not working, Kaiser likes to focus on family time with her two boys, including many walks in her Hyde Park neighborhood. She’s a proud participant in two Boston Marathons, and looks forward to the Ohio State Pharmathon next spring. Please join us and participate in the Ohio State Pharmathon 5K, Sunday, April 3, 2016. Visit to learn more.

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society



Pharmathon 5K On April 19, 275 alumni, students, and friends of the College of Pharmacy gathered for the first Pharmathon 5K to benefit Generation Rx and prescription drug misuse prevention education. The event included a 1-mile walk around the oval and 5K run/walk, as well as presentations and displays by Generation Rx. More than $4200 was raised thanks to more than 18 sponsor organizations, including Scarlet sponsors Kroger and Cardinal Health.

Clifton J. Latiolais Alumni Leadership Symposium In May, nearly 80 alumni of the Latiolais Program and 20 student pharmacists attended the second annual Clifton J. Latiolais Alumni Leadership Symposium at the Ohio Union. This two-day affair brought together alumni and local pharmacy leaders for discussion on contemporary issues facing health-system pharmacists. Participants enjoyed a tour of the new James Cancer and Critical Care Tower as well as workshops, an update on provider status from ASHP president-elect and alumnus John Armitstead, MS ’82 and keynote by Gene Smith, athletic director of Ohio State.

29th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Outing On June 17, the 29th Annual Alumni & Friends Golf Outing was held at the Golf Club of Dublin. The day began with a law CE presented by Joseph R. Sabino, treasurer of the Pharmacy Alumni Society, followed by golf and then dinner. This year’s dinner honored John Coughlin, BS ’56 and Bob Weber, BS ’80, MS ’82, PharmD ’10. Thank you to students who helped sell mulligans; our sponsors, Giant Eagle, lunch sponsor and hole sponsors Kroger and AmerisourceBergen. Special thanks to Lou Marcy, golf chair and Tom Whiston for arranging the BMW for the hole in one.


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




Pharmacy Buckeye Book Community Again this year, alumni and first-year BSPS students gathered together to discuss the Buckeye Book Community selection, The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen. Each year, first year students are asked to read a book to create a common learning experience among all first year students.

Homecoming Weekend Tailgate More than 250 alumni, students and faculty gather on homecoming game day, October 10 for the 29th annual Alumni Tailgate Party. Entertainment was provided by the Men’s Glee Club; the tailgate was sponsored by the Kroger Company.

Pharmacy Class Dinner The Pharmacy Class Dinner was held at the Fawcett Center on Friday, October 9. We honored the class of 1965, 1985, 1990, 2005 and 2010. Pharmacy alumni from all classes were invited. Special thanks to the class of 1965 who had a wonderful turnout. Thank you to Jack Lince, our photographer.



The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society



Alumni Awards This year’s award winners were honored at the 32nd Annual Alumni Awards Banquet on May 15, 2016 at the Blackwell Hotel. Receiving awards this year were: Jack L. Beal Postbaccalaureate Award: recognizing alumni who have contributed outstanding service to the professional practice of pharmacy John Armistead, MS ’82 Eric Yiu-Kai Fung, PhD ’80 Aditi Kare Panandikar, MS ’92

Beal award winner Eric Fung with faculty (l to r) Popat Patil, Eric Yiu-Kai Fung, Lane Wallace

Distinguished Alumni Award: recognizing alumni who have distinguished contributions in the fields of public health and public service Jaime Capestany, BS ’98 Brian Lehman, BS ’97 John A. (Jack) Lince, BS ’64 Kathleen Nameth, BS ’80 Josephine Sitterle Failer Alumni Award: Alumni of the past 10 years who have made outstanding conributions to community or professional service Bridget Protus, PharmD ’05 Friend of the College Award: Recognizes a non-alumni individual or individuals for continued contributions to the growth and success of The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy through ongoing service and support of students, faculty, staff, and/or the Ohio State Pharmacy Alumni Society

Distinguished Alumni Award winners (l to r) Brian Lehman, Jaime Capestany, John (Jack) Lince

Steve Lawrence Dianne Radigan Lifetime Achievement Award: outstanding lifelong accomplishments in pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences or public service Marialice Bennett, BS ’69

Latiolais Award

Friend of the College Award winners with faculty members (l to r) Nicole Kwiek, Dianne Radigan, Steve Lawrence, and Ken Hale

Bonnie Kirschenbaum, MS ’76 is this year’s recipient of the Latiolais Award. Chosen by a committee of past recipients, the award was officially presented to Kirschenbaum at the annual Latiolais Luncheon at the Midyear Clinical Meeting in New Orleans on December 10, 2015. The Latiolais Award was created by former students to honor Clif Latiolais, an Ohio State College of Pharmacy professor who created the hospital pharmacy graduate and residency program. The award is presented to a graduate of the hospital-systems pharmacy administration program or an individual involved with the development of these programs who has made significant contributions to institutional pharmacy practice. Latiolais award winner with faculty (l to r) Bob Weber, Bonnie Kirschenbaum, Dean Henry Mann


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




2016 Alumni Society Membership Changes We are excited to share with you the new membership structure for The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society. In 2012, The Ohio State University Alumni Association changed to an inclusive membership making all alumni members. In 2015, Pharmacy Alumni Society’s Board approved changes to its constitution that reflect this membership model. This important change will provide the opportunity for ALL pharmacy alumni to enhance their relationship with the College of Pharmacy and will better align us with The Ohio State University Alumn Association (OSUAA). The changes are as follows: Alumni Membership If you received a degree from the College of Pharmacy or completed a residency through the College of Pharmacy, you are automatically considered an alumni member of both OSUAA and Pharmacy Alumni Society. Sustaining Membership • Graduates of the College of Pharmacy (including life members of OSUAA) who make an annual $75 gift or more to the College of Pharmacy will receive benefits of Sustaining Membership in both OSUAA and Pharmacy Alumni Society. • Graduates of the College of Pharmacy (non-life members of OSUAA) who make a gift of $75 or more to any Ohio State fund other than a College of Pharmacy fund will receive only the benefits of Sustaining Membership in OSUAA.

Lifetime Membership • Lifetime membership to OSUAA and College of Pharmacy Alumni Society are no longer offered. • Graduates of the College of Pharmacy who are life members of the OSUAA will be sustaining members of the Pharmacy Alumni Society if they give $75 or more to a fund at the College of Pharmacy • Life members of College of Pharmacy Alumni Society receive the same benefits as a College of Pharmacy sustaining member. To become a sustaining member of the Pharmacy Alumni Society, donate online at or fill out the donation form on page 12.


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Pharmacy Alumni Society Sustaining Member

OSUAA Sustaining Member

Pharmacy graduate

Pharmacy graduate with a $75 gift to any College of Pharmacy fund Pharmacy graduate with a $75 gift to any Ohio State fund other than a College of Pharmacy fund For questions or more information, visit or contact Alyssa Grovemiller, Director of Alumni and Constituent Engagement, College of Pharmacy at or 614-688-5517.



The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society



Pharmacy Alumni Society Endowing a New Scholarship Thanks to the support of the many dues paying members of the Pharmacy Alumni Society, $150,000 will be donated to create an additional scholarship as a part of the Ohio Scholarship Challenge. As a part of the challenge, the payout from the endowment will be matched in perpetuity.

2015 Scholarship Recipients Jacob Schaurer, PharmD Candidate, 2016 Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Columbus has been home for Jacob Schaurer for the past eight years through undergraduate and pharmacy school. He graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and began seeking a career that would not only utilize scientific knowledge, but would also allow direct interaction with others. Jacob says Pharmacy fits every aspect of what he enjoys. “Coming into Pharmacy with no previous experience, I was determined to explore the vast opportunities within the field to find where would be the best fit for me, he said. “In order to accomplish my goal, I knew that I needed to become involved, and it has been through scholarships, such as the Alumni Scholarship, that I have been able to do just that.” Through his experiences with SNPhA, APhA, SSHP, PLS, Rho Chi, and Kappa Psi, and their associated conferences, Jacob says he has been able to find his place, with his leadership position in SNPhA playing a major role in his current job offer with Walmart Pharmacy. This school year in particular has been pivotal for Jacob: “I have discovered a passion for clinical pharmacy in critical care and infectious disease scholarship, which has allowed me to participate in ASHP midyear, where I am currently pursuing a PGY1 residency with focus on those two areas of practice.” With still so much to decide, and new opportunities always being presented, Jacobs says he very grateful for all he has received. “I am thankful for those that have contributed back to the college, and have invested in the future success of Pharmacy; I am doing my best to ensure their faith in the college and in me does not go to waste.”

Jason Anderson, PharmD Candidate, 2016 Jason is a fourth year student in the PharmD/PhD program at Ohio State. He plans to be a part of the drug development process, in clinical trials, where he can apply both aspects of his degrees. In 2012, Jason graduated with honors and summa cum laude from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He was a part of the National Science Foundation’s research experience for undergraduates in Cadiz, Spain in the summer of 2011. During his experience, he studied natural products and their biological activities at the University of Cadiz. At Ohio State, Jason works on a National Institute of Health research project regarding inhibitors of HIV integrase. Last year, his work helped develop a bioassay that was used to screen over 350,000 compounds for anti-integrase activity. In regard to pharmacy, Jason is very active in many local volunteer clinics and organizations. Common Jason Anderson volunteer activities include taking patients’ blood sugar, blood pressures or assisting senior citizens with understanding their complicated Medicare Part D (prescription) plans. After PharmD graduation, Jason plans to continue to work in Mamuka Kvaratskhelia’s lab to develop novel HIV integrase inhibitors and pursue his PhD in Translation Sciences. Financial assistance from the alumni scholarship has helped Jason fund his fourth year Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE). Some of Jason’s unique fourth experiences included a rotation at the FDA in Washington, DC, along with two months at Tradition Medical Center in Port St. Lucie, FL. These unique pharmacy experiences would not be possible without the generous support of alumni around the country. Your donation to Ohio State’s scholarship fund directly supports bright young individuals to make a positive impact on the future of pharmacy.


The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Alumni Society




Pharmacy 101 for Refugees dents help new arr u t S ivals nav iga te

For many refugees and immigrants new to the United States, the American healthcare system can be confusing and daunting. If they are not fluent in English, this can compound the problem. But Pharmacy students at Ohio State are trying to help these refugees through Orientation to Pharmacy Services, a targeted program of health system classes, held at the Kroger Pharmacy on Morse Road in Columbus. Each month students meet with refugees, US Together, resettlement staff and an interpreter to explain topics such as how medicine is classified, how to read a prescription label, and how to use a pharmacy in the United States. Information is also distributed on how to obtain translation services when they visit the pharmacy. This class allows the attendees to not only learn the process, but also offers a chance to ask questions in a friendly environment. Laura Smith from US Together said the experience is valuable to their introduction to America. "Many of the refugees have been living in camps. They have not had the chance to use a pharmacy like we have here in the United States. This is something that people tend to



aU . S.

ph arm ac y

overlook. It is something they all need, especially for those with families. It’s helpful to come first when they don’t need services, so when they do need that help they are able to access it." Led by Helen Kim, PharmD, ‘14 and now pharmacy fellow, the program has been featured in The Columbus Dispatch and in radio stories on PRI’s The World, Boston’s WGBH and the BBC World Service. Kim hopes to help other schools start similar programs in their cities. To listen to the PRI story, visit Orientation to Pharmacy Services is a project of SNAPhA. To continue to provide these services in the community over the long-term, financial support is needed. A gift of $100 will provide translation for brochures in an additional language and $300 can provide printing of leaflets. This program is currently funded by The Ohio State Fund for the College of Pharmacy. To support the program, elect this fund on the giving form on page 12 or visit and select fund #301069 (The Ohio State Fund for the College of Pharmacy).

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The following College of Pharmacy Alumni passed away this year. Our deepest sympathy to their family and friends. Richard E. Angel, BS 1968

Abdul S. Khan, BS 1961

Peggy A. O’Neil, BS 1947

Floyd G. Bender, BS 1959

Seyoum Kiffle, BS 1989

Albert A. Oravec, BS 1959

Rose M. Broidy, BS 1940

Bruce E. Krane, BS 1960

Alida Osorio, BS 1992

Ronald W. Carey, BS 1975

Virginia B. Krinn, BS 1948

Carl T. Peterson, BS 1955

Leslie G. Chatten, PhD 1961

Jeffrey J. Kuper, PharmD 1995

Clayton D. Raynes, BS 1949

Richard L. Chesnut, BS 1948

Rudolph F. Lukez, BS 1955

Charles W. Ridgway, BS 1953

Tina Chia, BS 1986

Robert E. Martini, BS 1954

Maribodine B. Robinson, BS 1931

Terrence A. Davis, BS 1981

George M. McCann, BS 1947

Ronald H. Stevens, BS 1996

Edward M. Dolin, BS 1955

David C. McComb, BS 1990

Phyllis J. Tilton, BS 1946

Keith B. Harbit, BS 1954

Douglas G. Miller, BS 1994

Joanna N. Tracey, BS 1948

Henry R. Jones, BS 1957

Lloyd M. Parks Hall 500 W. 12th Ave. Columbus, OH 43210-1291


Dean’s Dinner at the APHA Conference Are you attending APHA? Contact Alyssa Grovemiller at or 614-688-5517 to make sure you receive an invitation to the dinner.

March 10, 2016

Pharmacy Alumni Society Board of Governors Meeting

April 3, 2016

Pharmathon 5k Walk/Run, RPAC on Campus

April 7, 2016

Research Day

April 8, 2016

Pharmacy Gala featuring Alumni Awards, Blackwell Hotel

April 15-17, 2016

138th OPA Annual Conference

April 16, 2016

Spring Game

May 6, 2016

Ohio State Day at Cedar Point

May 7, 2016

Pharmacy Annual Hooding Ceremony BSPS Graduation Celebration

May 12-14, 2016

Latiolais Leadership Symposium

September 29, 2016

Pharmacy Alumni Society Board of Governors Meeting

Homecoming Weekend September 30 - Alumni Symposium and Class Dinner October 1 - Alumni Tailgate October 2 - University Class of 1966 Celebration

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The Script  
The Script  

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