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ignite the spark...

‌and bring your environment to life Nebula is an interactive wall that combines the latest in interactive technology and software-controlled content to provide hours of fun, exercise and magical experiences for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Nebula is a sensory experience for the entire body, including hands, feet and eyes. By touching the wall the user’s body will ignite LED lights, thus creating different light effects.


Nebula offers a wide variety of activities such as drawing, colouring, playing games and practising motor skills. Nebula is a living wall that can be fully integrated within its environment, limited only by the floor and ceiling.


ignite the spark...

‌everywhere where people meet

In schools or day-care centres. Use Nebula in all those places where children interact socially to bring education to life. In health-care centres or medical facilities. Use Nebula to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere or provide it to health-care professionals so that they can use it as an interesting and user-friendly means of progressing their patients’ treatment. In public places and shopping centres. Use Nebula to create a focus for social interaction or use it to enhance your brand or product. At special events, in theme parks or at the theatre. Use Nebula to create powerful messages with entertainment value and transform queues and waiting areas into places visitors will want to linger.

ignite the spark...


...challenge children illuminate ideas Nebula draws children in and engages them in a wealth of new challenges such as playful education, competitive games and social interaction. Thanks to the variety of possible applications Nebula never loses its appeal. Children can use it to do maths, make drawings, do puzzles, discover topography and geography, practise writing and much more. Let children discover the fun of learning and stimulate them into using their imagination in a way that allows them to jump, crawl and run. Learning with Nebula will prove to be fun!


ignite the spark...

‌strengthen comfort and health

Nebula provides people in hospitals, care facilities or special needs’ centres with the warm and comfortable atmosphere they need. Nebula invites people to touch, feel and interact. This allows them to express their emotions by means of powerful positive responses, thus engaging social spaces and creating social networking opportunities. Nebula has been used successfully in speech and language therapy as well as in occupational therapy settings, strengthening body movement and giving those people affected by these problems greater independence and mobility in their everyday life. Nebula turns your environment into a tool, a means of strengthening both you and your patient!

ignite the spark...


...engage your customers propel your brand Draw your existing and prospective customers into an exciting social experience. Get them to interact with their surroundings. Allow them to touch, feel, create and see and propel your brand thanks to the ground-breaking sensation offered by the interactive wall. Nebula is not only an excellent commercial tool, it’s fun too!


ignite the spark...

...entertain audience make business move

Nebula is a great way of drawing attention and entertaining the audience at special events such as roadshows or music festivals. Due to its size and ability to be fully integrated into its environment Nebula is guaranteed to have a high impact. Your audience will undoubtedly become moved, inspired and engaged. A sure success in getting your message across.


The one idea that sparked NYOYN is simple: developing engaging products that give customers an unforgettable, immersive experience. NYOYN is a creative company that invents, develops, designs and builds interactive and engaging products aimed at getting people of all ages involved. We provide services to educational and health-care organisations as well as commercial operations, experiential marketing agencies and special event organisers. NYOYN delivers turnkey solutions from initial concept through to installation and maintenance. Our HQ are based in Eindhoven in The Netherlands, but we work with various local service providers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Helping to make the world a more active, social, healthy and vibrant place that everyone can be part of and enjoy.

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