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My M new scchool is nice, n grea at, bright, roomy and very big. b Insidde it has big b cllassroomss, a library, a com mputer rooom, a speecial room m for tech hnology lessons l an nd on ne for hoome econoomics. Th here’s an n elevatorr too, but only puppils with special s neeeds may m use it. t. There are a also many m lockkers. Outsside theree’s a big pplayground, but itt’s fo or pupils that are younger y than t me. And I fo orgot – inside theree are threee gyms, one iss big and two are small. s Things are big and new. n I lik ke the new w school and a I feeel grreat in it. The first day in the t new scchool wa as great. Teachers T showed us u the sch hool. What W I likke about our o new school s (beecause I like l sportts) is thatt there’s a very bigg pllayground, but I don’t d like it that th here’s no basketba all court. So the neew schoool is allmost perf rfect for me. m For the th new scchool in the futurre I wish tthat it willl be su uccessfull and full of childrren. Zala Stanovnik S k, 6.a

©G Gorenjsk ki Glas Hi! H I’m Vi Vid and I’lll describ be our new w school.. Outside there is a playgro ound areaa for ch hildren in n the firstt, second and thirdd class. Inside I theere are claassroomss, corridoors, sttaircases and a lott of smalll lockers ffor each student in n school.. We havee three gyyms, on ne biggerr that the other two. I felt ggreat the first f day in our neew schooll becausee our cllass was aallowed to t go in fiirst. I likee the classrooms because b th hey are very big, I like th he gyms bbecause I can playy basketbaall there, but I don n’t like th he elevato or becausse we ca an’t use iit. I also don’t d likee the yelloow colourr in our school. s B But I like our o schoool beecause it’s cool. Vid Vi Thumaa, 6.a


My ideal day is the last day in the week. It’s Sunday. So, I wake up and turn on the TV. Then I have breakfast. After that I and my dad go to visit my grandparents. There, there are a lot of fruits and vegetables, but only in spring, summer and autumn. It’s so yummy to eat or prepare. Granny cooks a delicious lunch. I like visiting my grandparents because we can do a lot of interesting things together. My uncle also sometimes comes to visit. After the visit, dad and I go home. My mum prepares a tasty lunch too. She’s a good cook, just like my grandma. Then I go to church. Next I take a shower and sometimes I play an instrument. And finally, I go to bed. Eva Lap, 6.b In my opinion, my ideal day is Saturday because I don’t go to school. First of all, I wake up. Then I have breakfast. I usually have cereals. After breakfast, I brush my teeth. Next I go change my clothes. Then I watch TV for an hour. After that I often go to water polo practice with my brother. When we come back, we have lunch. Then my mum and dad take a nap, but I and my brother have to study. After studying we have dinner. After that we watch TV. Then we go to bed. Tjaša Belentin., 6.a My ideal day is Saturday because I don’t go to school. I wake up at 9 a.m. Then I have a delicious breakfast. After breakfast I always watch TV for an hour. Later, I play outside with my friends. I have lunch at about 1 p.m. After lunch we visit our grandparents. My mum and dad talk to my aunt and her husband. I play with my cousin. At about 7 p.m. we go home and eat our dinner. In the evening I always watch movies. Before bedtime I read a book and, finally, I go to bed. Doroteja Šink, 6.a My ideal day of the week is Saturday because I don’t go to school and I can relax all day. I usually get up early, around 5 a.m. so I can watch TV for five hours, then I eat breakfast. I usually eat bread and drink milk. Next I play some computer games. At 12 o’clock me and my mum go shopping to Ljubljana, we rarely go to the cinema. We eat lunch at 3 o’clock and after lunch we visit my grandma. At 8 o’clock p.m. I watch TV and later I go to sleep. Nika Rihtar, 6.a My ideal day is Sunday because there is no school and it’s always sunny. I usually wake up at 10 o’clock. Everyone else wakes up at around 8 o’clock. After I wake up, I eat my breakfast. Then I watch TV for an hour. Next, I play with my dog till lunch. Sometimes my brother joins us, too. Then we eat lunch. Next, I play computer games. After dinner we all watch a film. At 9 o’clock I go to bed. In my opinion the ideal Sunday bedtime is at 10 o’clock p.m. Jakob Ivkovič, 6.b

Hi! My name is Blaž and my ideal day is Saturday. On Saturdays I wake up at 8 o’clock. Then I eat breakfast and next I go to my water polo practice. I’ve played water polo for 7 years. After that I eat a good lunch with my family. Then we sometimes visit grandparents or go on a little trip. We sometimes go to Zbilje because there we can relax and we can feed the swans. Next I must study for an hour and then I eat dinner. After that I brush my teeth and watch TV or play video games. Finally, I log in to Facebook and I talk on the phone with my grandparents. Next I go to bet at 10 o’clock p.m. Blaž Belentin, 6.a

My ideal day is Saturday because I can sleep late and play video games. First I have breakfast and then I play video games with my brother. I sometimes visit my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa, my brother and I play basketball together. Next we have lunch. We often eat roast chicken and mashed potatoes. After lunch we watch some movies and have some free time. In the afternoon I read a book or play with my brother. Then I help my mother and father with the house work. After that I go to the playground and play with my friends. When I come home, I take a shower and eat my dinner. Next I watch movies with my family and finally I go to bed at 11 o’clock p.m. Vid Thuma, 6.a

My ideal day is Saturday, because I have a lot of free time and I don’t go to school. When I wake up, I usually eat Nutella for breakfast. With bread, of course. I usually have a basketball match around 9 a.m., but when I don’t, I play basketball on a nearby playground. Next I go out to help my dad outside or I help clean the dishes. After that, I help my mum make lunch and I tidy my room. I usually go out with friends. We usually take a walk and talk about school or ride our bicycles. If it begins to rain, we go inside one of our houses and play games. Later, I study, read books and play video games. Next I take a nap or watch TV. I also have dinner. My favourite is bread and butter with a cup of strawberry tea. It’s usually almost bedtime after that so I go take a shower and I brush my teeth. Finally, after a long day, I go to bed and read books for the reading badge, and then I fall asleep. Gregor Pogačar, 6.a


Zala Stanovnik, 6.a

Vid Thuma, 6.a


A STRANGE STORY: A horrible day    Hello! My name is Bob. So… How should I begin this story?  Ah, I know.  Last week I cycled to a coffee shop named: »The morning sun«. They had a worker;  Ally.  It sounds cute, right? Well, actually she was very rude and weird. So, that morning,  when I arrived at the »Morning sun« I saw a sign that said: »OUT OF ORDER!«. I was  curious and the door was open so I went in to ask why. I saw Ally taking the money  out of the cash register. She saw me just standing there and said: »GET OUT!«. I  went home to my farm. On the way I almost crashed because of the smoke coming  out of some business man's cigar. When I got home, things got even weirder! A bull  escaped its pen! It saw me and started hunting me. I needed to escape through the  hole in the fence. The bull caught me soon after it. Luckily, a nice lady called the  ambulance. The doctors found out, that I had broken my arm and my leg.  Now I am lying in my bed and waiting to get well. Bye!    Gregor Pogačar, 6.a   

A STRANGE STORY    Once upon a time there was a boy named Matic. He lived happily with his family.  One day when Matic came home he saw a gangster and his parents tied up. The  gangster said » If you don't bring me milk, I'll kill your parents.« He tried to call the  store if they had milk, but the phone's battery was dead. He took his bike and went  to a cow, but it was out of order. He remembered his milk box from school. He  quickly went home. He took a shortcut through the fence. When he got home the  gangster was startled and shot his dad. The boy gave the gangster the milk box. He  let them go. They called the ambulance. The doctors helped his dad. Then his mum  thanked him. After three days his dad came back from the hospital and his mum  told him to do his homework.  Then they all lived happily ever after.                                                                                                                    Jakob Ivkovič, 6. b


APPLE PIE RECIPE  GREGOR POGAČAR, 6.A        For the pastry, we will need:  ‐ 350 grams of flour,  ‐ half a packet baking powder   ‐ 1 packet of vanilla sugar  ‐ 120 grams of powdered sugar,  ‐ 150 grams of butter or margarine,  ‐ 2 egg yolks,  ‐ 4 spoons of sour cream,    For the filling, we will need:  ‐ some apples,  ‐ 80 grams of sugar,  ‐ 1 spoon of breadcrumbs,  ‐ a pinch of cinnamon    How to make it:  1. First, put the baking powder and the flour on the worktop.  2. Next, add butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks and sour cream and knead the  pastry.  3. Put it on cold and leave it there for some time.  4. In the meantime, you can prepare the apple filling. You grade apples, add sugar,  cinnamon and breadcrumbs.  5. Split the pastry on two parts and roll it out.  6. Last, you put the first half of it in the baking tray, put on the filling and cover it up  with the second half of pastry.  7. Bake it at 180 degrees celsius for an hour and you're good to go!   

Enjoy your meal! 


RECIPE: My breakfast  A. Banana omlettes (for eight omlettes)   2 eggs    1 banana   some oil  Slice the banana into small pieces and whisk it with eggs. Pour a  little oil onto a frying pan. When it is hot enough, pour some  mixture on the hot pan. Continue like you're doing pancakes.      B. Chocolate bowls:  Warning: when you put your finger in melted chocolate it  shouldn't be hot (if it is, balloons will pop).     1 chocolate bar   some fruit    some balloons (small size)  Cut chocolate into small pieces and melt it in a shallow bowl.  Blow up some balloons and dip them in the chocolate, pull them  out and place them onto a baking tray. Leave for 30 minutes to  solidify. Carefully pop all balloons, then slice any fruit you like  and place it into the chocolate bowls.    THEN JUST EAT EVERYTHING!    Bor Plahutnik, 6.b   




SCHOOL UNIFORM girls The girls have uniforms that are really colourful. Their jacket is short, tight and orange. It has got some grey buttons, but it hasn’t got any pockets. Under the jacket girls wear a tight checkered sweatshirt. They wear a blue smart skirt too. All they need more are violet and green All Stars and they’re good to go. Nika Rihtar, 6.a Gregor Pogačar, 6.a Nika Koželj, 6.a


SCHOOL UNIFORM boys The boys’ uniform is trendy and colourful. They wear an orange bow-tie, a plaid sweatshirt and a light blue jacket with dark blue shiny buttons. Their jeans are tight and have got two pockets. Boys also wear a pair of orange shoes and white socks. Nika Rihtar, 6.a Gregor Pogačar, 6.a Nika Koželj, 6.a


SELY S   Selyy is a “Mu ulti‐Tiger””! She hass got two ears  thatt look like e triangles, two eyyes that are  sparkling and d one mo outh with  eight wh hiskers.  ge and sh e’s got tw wo arms  Shee’s black aand orang thatt are 20 ccm long and have 55 cm longg claws.  Shee has got e eight legss and a taail and she e is 140  cm  tall. In itss name “M Multi” staands for the legs  beccause she has got e eight ant  legs, and d “Tiger”  beccause she is a tigerr. She lovees to eat meat  andd leaves, sshe likes ffish and m mushroom ms, she  doeesn’t mind d grass, she doesnn’t like carrrots and  soup and she e hates broccoli. SShe is gentle but  she  can attacck you if yyou are nnot nice o or if you  enddanger he er. She lives in my  imagination and  she  is aweso ome.  Alex Barkković, 5.b b

FFIGER Fig ger is veryy big, braave and  ha ardworkinng. It's a b black cat  with white  stripes. H He's got  tw wo ears, tw wo black eyes, a  wh hite snou t, four leggs, a blacck  ma ane and aa black taail. He likees  me eat, fruit  and vege etables.  Fig ger is a m mix of two o animals:: a  FO OX and a TTIGER.  Gašper R Rangus, 5 5.b


FISHC CATI   My fantasy anim mal is calle ed Fishcaati. It lookks like a fish and a  cat. It has a cat’s  ody with ffins and aa tail. My fantasy a animal haas four leggs and short  head, aa fish’s bo whiskers. On its fish bodyy it has sccales. Fish hcati eatss sardiness, meat an nd cat foo od.  m very we ll. It is frie endly, quiet  It lives in my imaagined world in thhe sea. It can swim and braave. It is vvery fat, sstrong and fast. It is bigger than a tigger. It is ccute and  smart. It loves cats and p penguins. Iza Bela Ivanko o, 5.a

DIMO D ONSTERBIRT TLE   mart and iit is loud. It’s a night anima l. It’s got five eyess,  It’s big, ttall, slow,, long, sm two earss, one bigg beak, no o hands, ttwo legs, a mane a and a sheell. It eats everything.  It lives in n a cave in east Assia. It’s veery dangerous. I ca all it Dimoonsterbirttle.    Jan Orehek, 5.a


LIOFIELG GIZE   This is a liofielgize e. He’s goot a long n neck, a  mane, big ears, tw wo eyes,  a nose likke  apig,  a fin, a b body like a zebra, w whiskers, two  long legss like an o ostrich annd wings like an  owl.  nia in the  forest. He eats  He lives in Sloven people aand he’s d dangerouus.  Jera Ko odrič, 5.a

WORM W MLES   ot four w wings, a sh hell, big  Wormles has go nd a slim  body. Wormles is   teeth, 2 eyes an dangerous, it ca an fly, sw wim and drink  blood..  Lan Rolih, 5.b


KAN NGAR RLIZAR RDS   My animal M  lives in the jungle e and is  ve ery dangeerous. It m mostly eaats meat  an nd lizardss. It has go ot five eaars, three  eyyes and a big mouth. It’s go ot a long,  grreen, sharp tail, on ne blue arrm and  tw wo black llegs. It haas also go ot two  ho orns and spines on n its back. Its namee  is Kagarlizaards.  M Melisa Ča aušević, 5.a

W WARLO ORD   ms, no facce, two leegs, aimbo ot mask h hack, a P999 with a silencer, an  Waarlord hass four arm RSA ASS, a P90M1, an MP7, sem mtex, twoo flash graanades an nd an RPG G‐7. It live es and figghts  witth space m marines. It knows no fear, hhas no we eak spotss and it’s ggot robott boxers. It  eatts bullets.  Miha Novak, 5.a


PUMPKIN M MONSSTER   Th his is Pumpkin Monnster! It’ss very  sm mall and friendly. Itt’s got on ne very  bigg, blue eyye. Its twoo ears are e very bigg  an nd brown. It’s got bbrown, sh hort hair.  It’s a cepha alopod. It’’s got six red legs  nd two ha ands. It’s ggot a longg red tail..  an It eats dessserts but iit has a problem  be ecause it d doesn’t hhave a mo outh. It  can fly with h its big, ggrey winggs.  Neli Crn nkovič, 5.b

EMMA   Thiss is Emmaa. She is aa very stra ange anim mal. She’ss got onee  big and two  small eye es. She’s g got two rrabbit earrs, dinosaur  ms, two caat tails, tw wo giraffe e legs andd a violet mouth an nd  arm whiiskers. Heer head iss pink, her body is  yellow, the tails are  blacck and whhite. Her arms are dark gre en and her giraffee  legss are brow wn. She iss very smart, fast aand brave e.    Tanai Movern, 5.a

FLON NGL   Itss name is Flongl. Itt’s got fou ur legs,  on ne wing, ttwo fins, oone horn and a bigg  mo outh. It eats everyything. Th his is the  bigggest animal in thee world. IIt is  friendly. It lives in thhe ocean and on  lan nd.  novšek, 5..a Nik Drn


Choose thee correctt verbs and writee them on n the line es.  Izb beri pravee glagolee in jih prravilno vppiši v ma anjkajoča a polja v ppovedi.    eating        dancee        give e       taking       stuudy  ride           find         drriving       waiting     

1. You _________________ _____ fo or a good grade.   2. We usually  _________ _____________ at a disco.   u're luckyy, you can ______________ _____ a treasuree.  3. If you   4. Michaael is ___________ ____________ forr a bus att the buss station.    5. You _________________ ____ youur friend a birthday gift.    6. Bob iss  _____________ __________ a wate ermelon.     7. You ccan ____________ ______________ a horse.   8. Mia iss ______________ ______________ aa car.    9. Jack is ______________ _______________ ____ a ph hoto. 


L at thhem, theyy’ve got delicious d ffood, like those san ndwiches.. Fox: Look Rabbiit: Yes, suure. And look l at thee fruit. It looks so fresh. f Marryy: Tom, caan you giive me som me waterr? Tom: Sure, herre you go. mmy. Thiis juice looks so goood and fresh. fr I’ll have a gllass of it. Bobbyy: Oh, yum Ellie: Bobby, ddon’t drinnk this. Yo ou’ve drunnk too mu uch juice today. I’lll have tw wo glassess of b II’m very thirsty. t juice because Tom: Look at tthe sky. There’s T a rainbow! r Marryy: I’s gorggeous! Bobbyy: Can I hhave a bar of chocolate? Ellie: OK, but then you have to eat e some aapples an nd cherriees. I steal oone sandw wich and run awayy. Fox: I’ll Rabbiit: OK, buut be caref eful! (5 min nutes laterr) Ellie: Go awayy, fox! Bobbyy: Yes, goo away annd don’t steal s our ffood! Tom: Go awayy, we don’t like foxxes! Fox: Rabbit, R raabbit, com me and heelp me! Merryy: Go awaay, fox! (Rabb bit comes)) Merryy: This rabbit is soo cute! Ellie: Yes, it is.. - - THE EN ND - Vid an nd Blaž, 6.a


It’ss a beautif iful day and a some children are havin ng a picniic... Ala an: Mmm mmm, this cake is so s good. Heenry: Not as good as fresh mineral m w water. An na: What a beautifu ful rainbo ow! (Th he childreen go to play p on th he meadow w. And when w they come bacck, the foo od is gonee!) Fo ox: What ggood choocolate, an nd can yoou please give me another a ssandwich? Ch hildren: W Where aree our sand dwiches?? Fo ox: Oh, I fforgot ... I ate them m all. Ala an: You aare goingg to pay fo or this foxx! Fo ox: So, whhat are yoou going to t do withh me? Heenry: No, nothing. You’ll ju ust pay forr this. Fo ox: I can ggive you 20 2 bucks. Jan ne: That’’s not enoough! Fo ox: OK, I’ll give yoou 30 buccks. Heenry: Youu’ve got a deal. Ala an: Tomoorrow we’ll have another a piicnic with hout the fox. fo ...a and thus eends the day. d - - THE END - -

Nika and Doro oteja, 6.aa


GIRLS VS. BOYS Boys always say that girls are weird and complicated and they don't understand anything about them. But have you ever thought that maybe boys are complicated? I'm guessing not. But here's a fact: girls always show their emotions, boys don't. Boys can tell when we're happy, sad, angry… All we can ever know is if boys are happy, just because they are smiling. Even though girls may be complicated we always explain everything, while boys don't say anything and just agree to everything we say. So this is my conclusion on who is more weird and complicated. What about you? What do you think? I know boys will disagree but still, am I right or wrong?

Daša Zoya Habjan, 8.b


How to get happy when you're sad?    From time to time, we all feel a little down and lonely, sad or lost. There are many reasons for  that; we feel bad because we think we're not doing well with our goals, or our peers, friends or  even family say something harsh. Nobody can really tell you to stop feeling down, or causing  drama, but there are many ways for getting that bad feeling away.  1. Watch a comedy, or whatever TV show that makes you laugh. Forget about sadness with  time you're laughing and enjoy the happy moments.  2. Take a nap. It always makes me feel better when I have a rest and forget about  everything bad that's happening around me.  3. Exercise. When you're exercising, hormones of happiness are released and when you  come back to your house you feel completely new, fresh and ready for new problems  that will come over and over again, no matter what you do, it's the way life is.  4. Cry out. If you want to cry, don't push tears away. Go to your room, lock yourself and cry  your eyes out, if you need to.  5. Listen to music. If you're sad, turn on the radio on full volume and listen to wild music,  dance like no one is watching you, be wild and let it all out.  6. Smile. Scientist have figured out that smiling makes you happier than you were before. It  may be a forced smile at first, but eventually it will cause itself.   7. Distract yourself. You should read a book, magazine or something to imagine a whole  new life and forget about stress.  8. Cuddle with a pet or a pillow.  9. Eat chocolate. Girls all know it always helps.  10.Talk about it. This is the most important thing to do when you feel down and depressed.  It's hard at first, wait a few days and when you calm down talk about it. If you have good  friends, pick one you trust the most and tell him/her everything. If not, talk about it with  your mom, dad, brother, sister, anybody. Just let it out. If you feel like you can't talk  about it with anybody you know, then talk to psychiatrist. People who love you will be  beside you and comfort you and tell you everything's going to be alright, help you get  through whatever you're going through. It helps a lot.     The rarest thing when people are feeling down is they harm themselves. But it's also the  saddest and the worst thing in the world and it can cause serious consequences. Before you do  anything bad to yourself, think about your friends, family, who will always stand by your side.  You always have somebody to talk; even teachers in school are good if not anybody else. Talk to  them, get away from sadness and enjoy your life.    Zala Zorman, 8.b


Kitty K y so ong g Sofft kitty, warrm kittty little b ball of fur. Hap ppy kitty, sleep py kittty, purr, p p purr, purr.

Bor P Plahutnik k, 6.a


Teenager 2014  
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