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Head Lice & Nits KINA WHAT IS KINA? A mixture of aqueous extracts with various essential oils for spraying in children's hair, extremely effective against lice and nits. If you find head lice or nits (eggs) apply KINA head lice treatment as soon as possible. Inform the school or child care centre, temporarily keep your child at home and check the heads of all other family members. The treatment is more effective when all family members who are infested are treated all at the same time (on the same day). 125ml. WHAT IS KINA MADE OF? Eucalyptus (antiseptic, powerful antibacterial), Myrtle (stimulating, soothing), Cypress (improves circulation, antiseptic, astringent, antiinflammatory), Lavender (purifying, rebalancing, regenerating, calming), Rosemary (antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, improves circulation), Cinnamon (antiseptic, anti-viral, increases circulation). HOW SHOULD I APPLY KINA? Treat! Spray KINA on dry hair & and massage the scalp & hair for a few seconds to aid absorption. Leave for 15 minutes, and then pass a fine-toothed comb through the hair from the scalp outwards to the ends of the hair. Work section by section paying special attention to the base of the scalp and behind the ears. Prevent! - Spray KINA on dry hair and massage the scalp & hair for a few seconds to aid absorption. Use daily. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT KINA?

Mosquito & Insects Bites ASFAR

WHAT IS ASFAR? An ointment made of edible plants, suitable for application on all skin parts, including babies' skin, for repelling of mosquitoes, other insects, parasites & subcutaneous parasites. ASFAR is a great skin bites soother and contains natural SPF protection. 50gr. WHAT IS ASFAR MADE OF? Palm Oil (rich in vitamins, antioxidants, & phyto-nutrients), Beeswax (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, softens the skin), Lavender (purifies, rebalances, regenerates, & calms), Lemongrass (refreshes, stimulates, an effective mosquito repellent and anti-inflammatory), Geranium (tones the skin, regenerates, heals & balances the sebum to retain skin suppleness), Lemon (rich in vitamin C & fruity acids, softens, tones and brightens skin, purifies, refreshes, is astringent and anti-bacterial), Ylang ylang (stimulates, balances sebum secretion, is antiseptic, revitalizes). HOW SHOULD I APPLY ASFAR? Apply ASFAR locally as needed. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT ASFAR? ASFAR is safe for babies. Even for newborns!

Dry, Itchy Skin, Eczema, Diaper Rash MAZOR

WHAT IS MAZOR? A Mixture of essential oils that soothes and treats dry, itching and irritating skin, extremely effective in cases of eczema and seasonal skin dryness. MAZOR stimulates skin regeneration and provide fast results. 30gr. WHAT IS MAZOR MADE OF? Palm oil (hydrating, regenerating, restructures skin tissue), Beeswax (protects & softens skin), Lavander (regenerating, healing, effective for treating skin problems), Eucalyptus (powerful antibacterial, Camphor (antiseptic), Ylang ylang (stimulating, balances the secretion of sebum, antiseptic, revitalizing), Thyem (antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal), Oregano (antiseptic, powerful antibacterial for a large spectrum of bacteria), Basil (toning, disinfecting, purifying, kills infection), Myrtle (stimulating, toning, disinfecting), Wintergreen (anti-inflammatory, regenerating, detoxifying). HOW SHOULD I APPLY MAZOR? Dry skin—Your child’s skin may become very dry, to the point of peeling and cracking. Apply a small amount of MAZOR locally as needed. If the problem continues, see a health professional. Eczema—The skin becomes red, rough and itchy, causing your child to scratch, it may becomes more irritated. Eczema affects 2% to 8% of children. It causes sores that can reappear after being treated. In young children the sores appear on the face, head, chest, back of the arms and front of the legs. They sometimes reach the folds of the elbow and knee. Apply MAZOR three times a day. Diaper Rash – Change your baby’s diaper as soon as it’s wet or dirty. Wash his bottom with warm water that has a drop of olive oil in it. Pat dry, don’t rub. Apply a small amount of MAZOR locally. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT MAZOR? MAZOR can also be used by breastfeeding women to soothe irritated nipples.

Chemical Free Baby & Child Care Line KEEP YOUR CHILD HEALTHY AND HAPPY WITH HERBS OF KEDEM CHILD CARE PRODUCTS Herbs of KEDEM products are 100% free of synthetic ingredients, have been proven to be hypoallergenic, and have been on the market for over 13 years. They are based on ORGANICALLY GROWN herbs of the Dead Sea region, grown in that special environment, and are made based of ongoing research at the Judea Regional R&D Center.

KEDEM products are safe for the entire family to use KEDEM products are made of gentle yet effective ingredients KEDEM products have a natural fragrance (other commercial products usually contain high amount of chemicals!) KEDEM products are recommended by pediatricians & dermatologists DO YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION? DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION REGARDING YOUR CHILD’S CONDITION? We have a doctor that will answer your questions online. We offer over 30 different products for: Skin Aging, Acne, Nail Fungus, Skin Fungus, Eczema, Athletes Foot, Rosaceous, Psoriasis, Herpes, Hemorrhoids, Mosquito Bites, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Muscle and Joint Pain, Respiratory Problems, Allergies, Ear Infection & much more… To schedule a free consultation contact us at Tel + (514) 735-1120 Fax + (514) 735-4622 Toll-Free 1-877-636-5767 6900 Decarie Boulevard, suite #3485 Côte-Saint-Luc, QC H3X 2T8

Earache & Ear Infection TANUKH WHAT IS TANUKH? A mixture of essential oils designed for treating ear infection and relieving earaches. 20ml. WHAT IS TANUKH MADE OF? Olive Oil (softens skin, hydrates & heals), Rosewood (antiseptic, analgesic, stimulant), Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system, cleans & heals wounds), Sweet Basil (antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, & antimicrobial), Garlic (anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, and a traditional remedy for earaches), Oregano (antiinflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, pain reliever). HOW SHOULD I APPLY TANUKH? Apply 2-3 drops three times daily into the ear canal. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT TANUKH? Not for use in children under 18 months.


SHOUNAM WHAT IS SHOUNAM? Asthma and Anti-Allergy Spray. An oral spray based on herbal extracts and essential oils, recommended for treating coughing and initial stages of inflammations in the respiratory tracts, and very effective for asthma relief. It is moderately anti-bacterial and clears the respiratory tracts (acts on the muscles which regulate the respiratory tracts). 50ml WHAT IS SHOUNAM MADE OF? Fumaria Officinalis (particularly valuable in the treatment of all visceral obstructions, antispasmodic, cholagogue, diaphoretic), Savory (a powerful antiinfectious, stimulates the cells), Mint (refrigerant and vasodilator, relieves pain and reduces sensitivity, antiseptic and a strong antibacterial, known for healing respiratory infections), Lemon (rich in vitamin C & fruity acids, purifying, refreshing, astringent, anti-bacterial). HOW SHOULD I APPLY SHOUNAM? Cough – 2-3 sprays orally up to 6 times daily. Asthma Prevention – 2-3 sprays orally 2-5 times a day for 3 weeks, resume after a 2 week recess. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT SHOUNAM? Not for use in children under 3 years old.

Respiratory Congestion MASHAV

WHAT IS MASHAV? A mixture of aromatic oils made for treating congestion of the respiratory tracts. MASHAV is effective during the initial phases of catching a cold, and the ensuing breathing difficulties (accumulation of secretions). 20ml. WHAT IS MASHAV MADE OF? Pine Extract (stimulant, anti-fungal), Eucalyptus Extract (antiseptic, powerful antibacterial), Mentha Piperita Extract (refrigerant and vasodilator, relieves pain and reduces sensitivity, is antiseptic and a strong antibacterial, known for healing respiratory infections), Orange (antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiinflammatory, sedative, tonic, creates a sensation of warmth). HOW SHOULD I APPLY MASHAV? Day Treatment - Drip a few drops into boiling water and let your child breath the vapors. Night Treatment - Dip a few drops into a vaporizer, or sprinkle on your child’s pillow. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT MASHAV? Do not use on babies under 12 months unless in a vaporizer.

Disinfection & Sterilization TAHAR

WHAT IS TAHAR? TAHAR is a disinfecting vaporizer based on antiseptic essential oils. TAHAR is extremely effective in cases of bacteria or fungus, it repels microscopic parasites, stimulates the metabolism, particularly the cerebral system. 125ml. WHAT IS TAHAR MADE OF? Eucalyptus (antiseptic, powerful antibacterial, fights fatigue), Pine (disinfecting, neutralizes odors, cleans the skin, ceases the development of fungi & yeast), Lavender (fights fatigue, vascular toner, balancing), Myrtle (changes the electrical charge of the air - reinforces the concentration of negative ions, soothing), Thyme (general toner, antibacterial). HOW SHOULD I APPLY TAHAR? Sterilization during flu season – 3-4 sprays in the air several times a day. Hands – 2-3 sprays on each hand. Do not rinse. Shoes - 2-3 sprays in each shoe. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT TAHAR? TAHAR should only be used externally.

Internal Insects & Worms Throats Inflammations KALITA

WHAT IS KALITA? A blend of plant extracts brown sugar, lemon juice and essential oils. KALITA possesses strong antibacterial activity and recommended for throat inflammations, particularly recurring ones (permanent presence of the Streptococcus bacteria). 50ml. WHAT IS KALITA MADE OF? Mint (refrigerant and vasodilator, relieves pain and reduces sensitivity, is antiseptic and a strong antibacterial, known for healing respiratory infections), Lemon (Rich in vitamin C & fruity acids, purifying, refreshing, astringent, anti-bacterial), Thymus Volgaris (antiseptic, antibacterial). HOW SHOULD I APPLY KALITA? Strong throat inflammations – 3-5 sprays orally 5 times a day for a week. For chronic inflammation – 2-3 sprays orally, twice a day for two weeks. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT KALITA? For children less than 2 years old apply no more than one spray at a time. For symptoms which persist please consult your physician.


WHAT IS NITAPIL FOR CHILDREN? A mixture of herbal extracts in olive oil, along with essential oils, which disrupts the development of worms (that, in the initial phases, concentrate near the rectum). NITAPIL FOR CHILDREN prevents the laying of eggs around cavities. 250ml. WHAT IS NITAPIL FOR CHILDREN MADE OF? Lavender, Niaouli, Cypress, Clove oil, Wormwood extract, Myrtle oil & extract. HOW SHOULD I APPLY NITAPIL FOR CHILDREN? First week - Apply 5ml around and in the rectum every evening. Second week – apply every other evening. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT NITAPIL FOR CHILDREN? Children 10 years and older may apply NITAPIL FOR ADULTS.

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