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English Narration of Kagerou Projects Music Chapter 6: コノハの世界事情 (Romaji: Konoha no Sekai Jijyou) (English: Konoha’s World Affair) sm17397763

“With that kind of future then; for example.” The story of an awakening HUMAN. (目が醒めるニンゲンの話。) The story about eye awakening. (目を醒ます話。)

The story about the never-ending world. The artificial me, am watching the two who continue repeating the summer days. [The future that is repeating back again and again, The slowly wobbling me Had been watching them since forever from the opposite road lane.]

Lyric & Music: Guitar: Bass: Drum: Feat: Illustration: Background & Animation: Upload date on Nicovideo:

Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) Nakanishi 中西 Masiro Shirakami 白神真志朗 YuuMao ゆーまお IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETESShidu Wannyanpuu 30 March 2012 by Jin - Lifetime ticket to watch the favorite sport? Sounds good. - By Osso

Translated Lyric: (Lightly referenced from zcatcracker’s translation)

Amassing ‘meanings’, ‘dreams’ and ‘life’, the body had been manufactured. Apparently this is a machine that brings up an ended life. [This is the story about that guy’s past.] Each and every one of them was weeping, muttering about want to see the person again. The experiment about the end in the papier mache town was too flaccid yesterday, as predicted. At this point wouldn’t it better to give it up? The next couple, from a cranny of the town, had seen that kind of aquatic colored dream. Contrary to expectation, ahead the road lane, the tiny body again flew off and scattered. I, who didn’t awake, was watching the girl shouting and crying. The second hand of clock stops advancing, and tries to overwhelm, darken the world with it. This dream does not end. *********

The sounds of the withering sun; the eyes under the swelter-full blazing flare; seem like they were forced out from the summer heated world. Even if the noise of cicadas already starts stridulating, with this wobbling transparent body, the stretching hand wouldn’t ever reach them. Contrary to expectation, ahead of the sight, second hand of clock being facetious and halts. From the opposite site of the road lane, I was watching the futures being trampled and squashed. Escape from the mechanized world, to the scene of the future where leaves of trees fall. With your eyes… The sneering sunlight vanished somewhere else; August comes and passes, over and over; “See you next year” as laughing to each other; With this kind of future, then…?

Cobbling ‘meanings’, ‘dreams’, and ‘circumstances’, the head only just thinks. Contrary to expectation, in a nook of the world; “Seems like this world appear to be a little too the rain, in contrary to the forecast, starts falling. At that time… At that time then... dangerous.” [This is the story about him and her.] With this heart which was manufactured, no words could reach it anymore.

Even if the exemplary future rewrites, those Eyes would…

Short Lyric Summary & PV facts: (Duplicated from the means of lyric and what shown on PV)

An artificial body had been manufactured; for the purpose of resurrect a dead life. It is described that the body experiences of watching incidents happening in different world, without actually being awake (similar with being OOBE). He had been watching the incidents involving deaths (of the couple mentioned in [Kagerou Daze]), in a flaccid ‘papier mache’ town (which is most probably the world mentioned in [Headphone Actor]). The world and the incident repeat over and over again, as he ‘dreams’. He is powerless to prevent any of these; all he could do is only watch them happen into the worse. He tires on watching these nightmares, and hopes the future could be full of happiness for the peoples involving inside the ‘world’.

About Konoha no Sekai Jijyou:

(Referenced from 初音ミク Wiki & dic.pixiv.)

► The 6th Kagerou Project music of Jin/Shizen no Teki-P.

Differs from the previous work [Souzou Forest], [Konoha no Sekai Jijyou] carries out high-tempo rock, returning to the similar style as [Kagerou Daze] and [Headphone Actor].

► [Konoha no Sekai Jijyou] has been amazed as such following:

o The 2 favorite Vocaloids - Hatsune Miku & IA, are both used in it. o Having the story that connoted with the world views of [Kagerou Daze] & [Headphone Actor], the popular songs from the same artist; There are, too, parts of melody line that featuring the same phrase as [Kagerou Daze]. o The strong tag of cooperation between Shidu and Wannyanppu, together as the maker of the music video. o The first original music of Jin/Shizen no Teki-P that used music sources from actual instrumental performances. Moreover, the guitar is performed by 中西 Nakanishi, the popular indie guitarist in Nicovideo. (Nakanishi’s Nicovideo Mylist) (Nakanishi’s debut clip post) (Nakanishi’s highly viewed duet guitar performance, together with Maurii)

o All the characters of the originals that Jin composed so far made minor appearance at the end of the video clip. (Including the characters in the songs that Jin never posted onto Nicovideo)

(Characters that appear in the video clip:  Konoha  Hibiya & Hiyori  Shintarou  Momo  Seto, Kido & Kano  Marie  Ayano  Ene / Takane)

As this surprisingly great compilation, this song clip could be called as the best elaborated work by Jin so far, among the other uploaded works in Nicovideo.

► [Konoha no Sekai Jijyou] entered Vocaloid Hall of Fame tag on 31st March 2012,

in 24 hours 24 minutes. With the marvelous view gaining, it renewed the record as Jin’s fastest clip to accumulate 100,000 views. The clip later accumulated 200,000 views on the same day, after 23 hours 7 minutes of 100,000 views, surpassing the previous record. 4 months later, on 27th July 2012, it accumulated 1,000,000 views and entered Vocaloid Legendary tag.

► Together with the upload of this song, Jin made several announcements on the clip’s description: The major debut of the 1st full album [Mekakucity Days]; and the novel and manga adaptation, which both are named as [Kagerou Daze], has been confirmed.

Small fact about Hiyori: Although Hiyori did not appear in the video clip [Kagerou Daze], she made her debut appearance in the PV [Konoha no Sekai Jijyou]. She wears a pink tunic on top of black shirt with semi-long sleeves and black leggings. She has black hair, with straight bangs and ties 2 ponytails on lower.

(The actual descriptions of Hiyori will be written in Otsukimi Recital.)

Extras: Character’s description – Konoha (コ コノハ): (Referenced from dic.pixiv.)

(Despite huge amount of critical spoilers, this description has been limited to be safe to read.)

- Designed by Shidu.

From Shidu’s twitter: “I Love Konoha!!---”; “Earthquake!! konohakonohakonoha… wew it stopped.”; “Konoha spells angel, hey.”; “I’m happy that there are a lots of you guys who love Konoha since PV, but among these guys There Is Me Who Crazy On Konoha Since His Character Design Completed.”; “HOW MANY TIME SHOULD I SAID! KONOHA IS OLIVE COLOUR!!!!!”

- An amnesiac young man whose identity contains full of mystery, with average-long white hair in a ponytail and pink eyes, and there are marking that is same color as his eyes on his right cheek. Member No.9 of Mekakushi Dan, and having the eye ability [Me wo Samasu] [目を醒ます] [To awaken one’s eye] - In the epilogue of the 1st novel [Kagerou Days –in_a_daze] he made his first novelize appearance, as he rides in an ambulance together with Hibiya. Ene seems like able to recognize him…

- Childlike, native personality. Often acts on his own pace, talks in a slow pace, and has high curiosity. He is seen as plays baseball with the local kids.

Although always shows no expression, he is actually quite rich in emotions inside. He has an unusually high capacity of physical strength. (As seen in Comic version that he is able to defeat a group of terrorist that seized a department store, alone.)

- Voice by Mamoru Miyano.

6 コノハの世界事情  
6 コノハの世界事情