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English Narration of Kagerou Project Music Chapter 4: ヘッドフォンアクター (English: Headphone Actor) sm16429826

“For just one thing, don’t doubt it.” The story that one’s eyes doubts. (目を疑う話。) The story about the day when the world is going to end. Guided by the voice coming from her headphone, a girl dashes throughout the ending world. [Leave out everything and anything Arrived at last with feebly breath Watching from the top of the hill, this town looks like…]

Lyric, Compose & Arrange: Recoding & Toning Assist: Mix: Illustration & Movie: Feat: Upload date on Nicovideo:

Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) Kacchan がっちゃん SunplazaP サンプラザP Shidu しづ IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES15 December 2011 by Jin - Gas mask is an accessory - By Osso

Translated Lyric: (Referenced from vgperson’s translation) The day was extremely average, without a single obstacle in my one day life. From the radio I was listening to kill my boredom, flowed out the announcement that said: "It's very unfortunate to say this, But the world is going to end today." as By some country's president spoken as serious as in tears. ********** Outside the window was a huge flock of birds, congesting enough to cover up the sky, swallowing up the crescent moon, headed to some unknown direction. Left off my playing game without save; A scarcely-touched textbook lied on my desk; To stop my body from trembling, I promptly putted on my headphones. From a file of an obscure artist; A number with an unknown title; At the moment, it flowed to my ears: "You want to survive, don’t you?" Over the wriggling world stage, the skyscrapers were shaking, seems like waves. No matter how I heard, the voice unmistakable: It was my own voice, which I tired hearing on. "If you went on 20 seconds after crossed that hill, You'll know the meaning of my words, even if you don’t wanted to Don't doubt it, just listen close: head on 20 seconds ahead..." **********

The intersection was of course heavy crowded. Man, woman, elder, child, it didn't matter anymore. I was buried under people yells and babies cries. Rioting people; sobbing girl; praying priest; I passed them all by. One single person headed the opposite way, toward what was beyond that hill. From the headphones, the voice persisted. "Twelve minutes left," it told me. If everything was going to up and vanish, then I had no other way. The chorus of shrieks and screams turned into tearful eyes in ten seconds. I had my doubts, but no matter who did what, that was endless humanity hymn. "Run, run, there's only one minute left." I couldn't even hear those words by then. What was beyond hill which I sought, was almost right before me... ********** With feebly breath, I finally arrived before a wall which projected the sky. Behind it were scientists in white "Magnificent." they applauded. I doubted... The scenery of the town that I saw from there; It is as if quite some kind of experimental facility. "It is no longer needed." The scientist calmly tossed a bomb to it. This tiny little world in a box; I had been living my whole life in it, so as I realized. The burnt wreckage that had been be the town; I could only stare on it, dumbfounded. And to my ears, from the headphones, there is a faint "I’m sorry…"

Lyric Summary: (Duplicated from the means of lyric.)

A girl was listening to a radio out of boredom on an average day, radio carrying out the announcement from a country‟s president being in tears “the world is going to end today.” The town started to act unusually, with the birds started to flee and the buildings were shaking on wriggling world. She then put on her headphones; to seek to stop herself trembling from fear. An unknown track was playing and she heard a voice which asked her if she wanted to survive from this world ending. The voice from headphone, however, as the girl recognized, is her own voice. The voice guided the girl to cross over the hill and she will find the answer, for better or worse, right on the other side of the hill. Hearing that, the girl started to run across the town and head toward the hill. The town was filled with yelling, crying, rioting and panic people, moving across the town (seeking to escape from the end of the world.) However, only the girl herself ran to the opposite direction. She stated that if everything is going to vanish then she have no choice but to listen the voice from the headphone, which rushed the girl as the time was running out. As the girl reached over the hill she found out a group of scientists, applauded and congratulated/praised her (as succeeded on reaching there.) She found out that the world/town she had been living on was „small and inside a box‟, man-made (for experiments). The scientist(s) then said that the „town‟ were no longer needed and bombed the „town‟ into „burnt wreckage‟. The girl was in doubt and dumbfounding, witnessing the situation. The end of this song shows that the voice in the headphone apologized to the girl.

About Headphone Actor & PV facts: (Referenced from 初音ミク Wiki, dic.nicovideo & dic.pixiv.) (The basic ideas of Kagerou project haven’t actually existed/revealed yet around the period this song was uploaded.)

- The 4th work of Jin/Shizen no Teki-P. This is the very first song by Jin using IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-. - Similar as Kagerou Daze; a splint-feeling rock number, with lyric that tells a shocking story. - This song was created using the beta version of IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, which was set to release on 27th January 2012. Headphone Actor was later then used as a promotional material for onselling IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-. (The girl appearing in PV had often been mistaken as IA.) - Although it was before IA was released, Headphone Actor is the first IA original that accumulated 100,000 views and entered Vocaloid Hall of Fame tag, on 17 December 2011. The song clip later then accumulated 1,000,000 views on 2nd July 2012, and 2,000,000 views on 5th April 2014.

- At the end of the PV it shows out the voice in the headphone speaks “I’m sorry” was most probably by the girl from Jinzou Enemy (Ene).

- It is later revealed that the girl in the PV is named as Takane, as the previous existence of the girl appeared in Jinzou Enemy (Ene). Before this name was being revealed, the girl had been called by fans as Actorko アクター子 (Actor Girl). (This report does not contain character descriptions of Takane. The descriptions will be written in Yuukei Yesterday, together with Haruka.)

Extras: About Vocaloid3 [IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-]: (Heavily referenced from dic.pixiv & dic.nicovideo.)

- IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- is a Desktop Music (DTM); Singing Voice Synthesizer; Vocaloid3 Voice Library developed by 1st PLACE Company. - Voice library / voice bank was provided by Lia, who is well known as the singer of “Tori no Uta”. IA Demo Song “Tori no Uta” (Nicovideo). Mascot character was designed by the illustrator; mangaka Akasaka Aka. The character is named as IA in alphabet, [イア] in katagana. IA Character Design by Akasaka Aka (Pixiv) - It is currently being the most well known Vocaloid3, as being the one which being used by indie producers the most. Jin started to used IA much frequently in his works; best to known as he used IA in all songs of Kagerou Project since Headphone Actor. Product Information: Product name: Date of release: Price: Production: Engine: Language: Voice Gender: Recommended Tempo: Recommended Range:

IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES27 January 2012 12,800 yen (tax included) 1st PLACE Company VOCALOID3 Japanese Library Female 63~228BPM B2~A4

Original Voice Provider: Lia (“Tori no Uta” (YouTube)) Illustration: Akasaka Aka 赤坂アカ (Pixiv Profile)

IA –ARIA ON THE PLANET- Official Website

4 ヘッドフォンアクター  
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