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Custom V/s Free Joomla: What works best? Well, it is question of great discussion and community sites of Joomla are flooded with these discussions. The programmers are struggling to make people believe that the community edition is just a means of making people aware with this tool. Up to some extent, it is true that open source web content management systems can be used directly on a website but business expectations cannot be based on these versions. However, people like to know the reasons that why the community edition is not suitable for development of an intelligent website for the business purposes. Here, you can read the pros & cons of Joomla community edition & customized tool by reading further. Joomla Community Edition For your information, Joomla community launched its initial version as community edition, which is open for all. You can open source web site with this tool. You just need to understand the way of using this open source tool in your website. Here are some positive and negative points of this version. You can read these points and make an informed decision while choosing the version of Joomla for your portal. Pros: •

The first and foremost benefit of using this CMS is its costless availability.

You can make changes in the web architecture of this CMS tool.

You can use this version on any number of websites.

You do not need to pay anything in form of license fee for using this tool. However, you can donate to community.

Cons: •

It lacks marks from security point of view and makes your site easily accessible for all kinds of hackers.

It carries an array of in-built features, which cause slow speed to the website.

You can find exactly similar settings on other Joomla websites.

It makes your site monotonous.

Joomla Custom Tool

After facing troubles in the community edition, some resourceful developers took a stand to enhance the quality of their online portals by customizing the codes. And, it worked and unleashed a trend of customizing Joomla development services in IT domai006E. Pros: •

It makes your site ready for your website. You will only have the need to ask your programmers to find the voice of your business organization.

It will make your site search engine friendly.

This version sports high loading speed with amazing user experience.

Cons: •

It makes you pay for addition of custom features in your website.

It tends you keep your site update with ultra modern features.

You need to manage your web content in order to keep your site updated with ultra modern features.

On reading the positive and negative points of both versions, you just need to choose the version as per the requirement of your business organization. It is simple. You just need to choose what suits best to your organizational growth. And, it will lead you to keep your site balanced & productive with a tailormade tool. So, you just need to hire an experienced and credible Joomla developer for creating a tailor-made website for your business organization. It will be an easy process to rule in your virtual business domain.

Custom vs free joomla what works best  

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