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Halfeti is a district of Şanlıurfa . In M.Ö.855 III, king of Assyria . Salmaneser Şitamrat was called when it was conquered by . Modifying it to Greeks gave the name of Uri . If the Syrians and Hesna Kala Rhomeyt have used the name to Ron . After the city passed into the hands of the Arabs Kal'at -ul Greek name has been inserted. II. century passed into the hands of the Byzantines was named Koyla of Romaio this time . In 1280 the Mamluk army under the command of the besieged by Beysar results Christian neighborhoods in the city was plundered for five days . This time in the year 1290 was conquered by the Mamluk Sultan Ashraf . Be repaired by the Mamluks and the last time the city was called Kal'at -ul Müslimin . The last Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Selim city, which is used in our time Urumgal and taking names Rumkale was turned into a district in 1954 . Halfeti away from the city center of the town is 120 Km . Up from the skies, a hamlet of the town there are 35 villages and 34 . According to the 2000 census, the county's population of 33 thousand 467 is . ( County population of 2 thousand 608, the village population of 30 thousand 859) Land majority of the Birecik Dam flooded because the county's new residential areas as Karaotlak area identified and the district was rebuilt , Residential owners have been delivered.

Currently, the so-called eskihalfet a portion flooded regions , is slowly turning into a tourist are

Halfeti known to have a very long history dating back to the Romans , although the information insufficient. However, near the settlements are believed to have the same date .

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According to this region , MÖ.2000 ' s dominance of the Hittites and Assyrians entering the region MÖ.612 ' remained within the limits of Babylon . Then the Medes and Persians had dominated the region , Alexander the Great MÖ.332 ' to end the dominance of the Persians in Anatolia after the Birecik with the Urfa region came under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Macedonia . After the death of Alexander the Great, the Seleucids came to dominate the regio it was followed Osroene Kingdom .

Halfeti the first known date is that established by the Romans with the name of Ekami . After t split of Rome in 395 the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) have stayed within the boundaries , betwe the Sassanids and Byzantines was frequently changed hands . The Byzantines Romaio Koyla wa referred to by name . In MS.640 Arabs invaded the area , of the Umayyads in 661 , came unde the rule of the Abbasids in 750 .

Battle of Manzikert (1071 ) is extended until then here Seljuks (1087) . Eyyubiler time between then and the Seljuks has changed hands . The region was invaded by the Mongols , in 1280 the Mamluk army under the command of Beysar Halfeti besieged , conquered , but could not have been looted . Halfeti Ashraf in 1290 under the command of the Egyptian army recaptured and has been given the name of Kal'at -ul- Muslimin . Yavuz Sultan Selim's Egyptian Expedition ( 1517 ) has participated in during the Ottoman Empire .


• QUARTERS • Rüştiye Quarter • Şimaliye Quarter • Fırat Quarter • Siyahgül Quarter • Karaotlak Quarter • Seldek Quarter • Arğaç Quarter • Yeşilözen Quarter • Cumhuriyet Quarter • Dutluca Quarter

• Altınova Vıllage • Aşağıgöklü Vıllage • Balaban Vıllage • Beyburcu Vıllage • Bozyazı Vıllage • Bulaklı Vıllage • Çakallı Vıllage • Çebekoğlu Vıllage • Dergili Vıllage • Durak Vıllage • Erikli Vıllage • Fıstıközü Vıllage • Gözeli Vıllage • Gülaçan Vıllage • Günece Vıllage • Gürkuyu Vıllage • Hilalli Vıllage • Kalkan Vıllage • Karaotlak Vıllage

• Kavaklıca Vıllage • Kayalar Vıllage • Kurugöl Vıllage • Macunlu Vıllage • Ömerli Vıllage • Özmüş Vıllage • Salmanlı Vıllage • Savaşan Vıllage • Saylakkaya Vıllage • Ortayol Vıllage • Sırataşlar Vıllage

Otayol Köyü,

• DISTRICTS • Argıl Dıstrıct • Yukarıgöklü Dıstrıct

TRANSPORTATION Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa highway to the town center 40 km in length, is connected with an asphalt road. The 35 km long coastal road is connected with the Birecik. 120 km away from the district center of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep is 105 km away. Citizens of official business relationship with the city of Sanliurfa in such cases is to be seen. County's economic links Gaziantep forwards. In this regard, the need to go to Gaziantep from their villages from the district center that has a large number of vehicles. Paved roads within the boundaries of the county of about 60,000 meters, 28,000 meters gravel road is available. In summer and winter transportation is provided by the whole village.


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