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RAVINGS by Mike Hickey “MARCH 8”

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Mark your calendar for March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day. While women have definitely made progress over the past few decades, there is still unfortunately key gaps in many areas of importance. I am sure that everyone has noticed that the vast majority of politicians in Canada are male. Now I have to say, given my feelings for any number of politicians that I have observed, (yes Rob Ford you are one) I would far sooner trust their wives to bring some intelligence and empathy to the job. CTV News does report some progress being made amongst doctors. “At a provincial level, Quebec and New Brunswick had the highest percentages of female physicians last year, at 42 percent and 36 percent respectively. Prince Edward Island, at 28 percent, and Saskatchewan and Manitoba, both at 32 percent, had the lowest proportions of female doctors.” As you can see there is still a pretty large gap to reach a full 50 percent participation for women as doctors and I am sure that if we look at the trades such as electricians, plumbers and mechanics, the participation of women would be much, much lower. So what I am recommending is this... for young children, whether it is a birthday or Christmas, buy a doll or similar toy

and a dump truck or other boy type toy. Do this for both boys and girls, because we need to free both sexes from the stereotypes that are still going on. Boys can become nurses and child care workers and young females can certainly become mechanics and other trades people, but not if we keep dumping the same girl/boy expectations upon them. I never bought our daughters’ girl toys and while they never grew up to want to drive the tractor and work in the woods, it wasn’t because we limited their possibilities. All women and men deserve to grow to their own potential, without artificial limitations. Happy International Womens Day. 0001

Mike Completed his MBA in 1997, and has been working on a practical PhD since his wife Debbie and he started Ossekeag Publishing in 2000. He is also doing a practical degree in Restoring the Acadian Forest with a tractor and chainsaw. When Mike does come out of the trees he heads up Ossekeag’s fledgling IT department.

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ASk THE CHEF Colin Sifton here again from Holly’s Restaurant and Catering with some answers to many questions this week. I thought I would give you some insights to how to go about getting a caterer. Off-site catering is something I have been doing since the start of my career. Everything from a business outing for 500 people in the middle of a field, to providing food to a tall ships as it took a three-hour cruise, to weddings or just a simple board meeting for ten. All very different but all should come with similar questions. When dealing with a caterer, you should always have a budget in mind. If you are having an event, come up with a number that you wish to work with and your caterer should be able to fit into that number. If you just ask “how much for a chicken dinner” you will not be happy with what you get. Every business is different and what chicken dinner is to one may not compare to what another may offer. Ask if they are willing to give you samples. This will put your mind at ease and you’ll have an opportunity to make some changes if needed.

by Colin Sifton

Once you get the price, ask if that includes taxes and service charges. No need to get a big surprise when the bill comes in. 13% tax is an absolute, but service charges can depend on the caterer. Next is all about the extras. What are extras? Glassware, tableware, table cloths, napkins and more. The list can go on and on. Know what you need or ask what they can provide. Again another area that if not discussed from the beginning, you may end up having to pay for it in the end and now you have just blown your budget. Most caterers will be up front about all of these items, but what started as a $15 chicken dinner has now grown into a $34.95 chicken dinner. Lastly, I wanted to mention cleanup and removal of garbage. Again cost that you may not be thinking about or even worse, you will have to take care of yourself! A good caterer should always leave an area the way they found it, but if it is not discussed, then you may be stuck doing dishes and removing garbage after your big event. Trust me, it will be the last thing you will want to be doing.

So the next time the boss asks you to get a caterer in for a meeting, ask him first what is the budget you have to work with. When planning your big day, once you have figured out how many people you wish to invite, work out how much you want to spend on each of them. They won’t all show up so you will have some money left over. When you call around for a caterer, have these questions ready because it will save you a lot of time and money in the end. 0040

Colin Sifton is the owner and Chef at Holly’s restaurant in Hampton. He has been a chef for over 20 years. If you have a question about food or food preparation you’d like Colin to answer, send it in to

Ultimate Public Swims - All Pools Mon to Fri (March 3 - 7): 1:30-3:00pm Players from the Mill Rats will be in attendance come in and play water basketball with them! (Fri, March 7th, 1:30-2:30pm) Fri, March 7th: 6:30-8:00pm Sat & Sun, March 8th & 9th: 2:30-4:00pm

Tropical Swims - Leisure Pools Wed, March 5th: 7:00-8:00pm

Polar Flip ‘n Dip Camp Mon to Fri, March 3rd - 7th: 8:30-4:30pm (early drop off and late pickup included) Standard First Aid Fri and Sat, March 7th & 8th 8:30-4:30pm

Now Accepting Spring 2014 Registrations 50 Union Street (506) 658-4715 March 4th - March 17th, 2014


SEA BELLES CHORUS NEWS Sea Belles Chorus had a busy Christmas season entertaining audiences at various local nursing homes, malls and community events throughout holiday season. Sea Belles Chorus thanks all who supported performances and activities during 2013. A percentage of all proceeds

from chorus fund raising activities is donated to local charities. Sea Belles' Charity Coordinator, Cindy Mayo, recently presented a total of $1200 in cheques to Carolyn McNulty of Romero House and Janet Bordage of Sophia Recovery Center. Sea Belles celebrated Harmony Awareness Week (February 9-15) by entertaining residents of Parkland Shannex Retirement Living with a cappella harmonies of love, happiness and good times.

On Saturday, March 15 the Sea Belles will be at the 2014 Ford World Women's Curling Championship to help with the celebration. The Chorus is delighted to announce they will be singing O Canada in A Cappella harmony during the Opening Ceremonies. Join Sea Belles as they welcome curlers and their fans from around the world to our door! For more information on these and other Sea Belles' activities, visit: seabelles. ca or the Chorus Facebook page. 2645

Sea Belles, Cindy Maya presenting donation to Janet Bordage, Director, Sophia Recovery Centre.

Sea Belles, Cindy Maya presenting donation to Carolyn McNulty of Romero House.

Stefanie Richard


A cure for Diabetes could be hiding in your closet, thank you for your support! The Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline program collects items you no longer want in order to generate revenue to help those suffering from Diabetes. People wishing to donate can call the Clothesline at 1-800-505-5525 for a free home pick-up of your reusable clothing and household items. Individuals can drop off soft items only at one of our drop box locations listed below.

Needs Convenience - 75 Wellesley Ave Saint John Lawtons Drugs - 107 Catherwood Drive Saint John RJs Quick Mart - 634 Dever Road Saint John Pal's Garage - 1937 Manawagonish Rd Saint John


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St. Patrick’s Week Celebrations Sponsored by

The Irish Canadian Culture Association Friday, March 7 Saturday, March 8 Sunday, March 9 Wednesday, March 12 Sunday, March 15 Sunday, March 16

Official flag raising of the Tri Colour – City Hall 12 noon Gala Dinner. Delta Hotel. Contact Marijke 672-0294, Mary 672-9177, Donna – 849-1358 Ecumenical Service . Dedication to the Celtic Cross – 1:00 pm St. Patrick’s Sq. Corner of Water, Prince William Street In and Out of the Pub – Harbourview High School Douglas Avenue, Call 672-0883 or 642-4528 Breakfast at O’Leary’s, Princess Street 9:00am-1:00pm. Proceeds to L’ Arche Family Festival Day, Market Square, 1:30pm -3:30pm.

Join us for a FAMILY FESTIVAL in the atrium Come hear our very talented Comhaltas Have lots of fun with Face Painting by Cathie Hair Flares with Hayley, Cathy and Sabrina Balloon animals by Maasa Translate your name to Irish Enjoy cake and special treat from Ireland Make a wish at the Green Fountain SPECIAL GUEST: ADAM MCINTYRE Sean Nos Dancer Féach tú ann--See you there Sunday, March 17

Mass, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception – 12 noon.

March 4th - March 17th, 2014


GET FRESH WITH FOOD Many medical programs in Canada and the USA do not teach any nutrition or plant based healing and nutrition courses are often centred around supplements. There are fantastic doctors that have educated themselves and will talk about natural ways to treat medical problems, but this is often not the case. "Natural" plant-based healing has been stigmatized in many ways, so many patients are more open to a treatment in the form of a prescription, rather than a grocery list. I find this to be unfortunate because much of our modern medicine is derived from plant based sources. In many cases, medicine is manufactured to mimic the chemical composition of what occurs in nature. There are huge problems with this. We know one of these problems as side-effects. I am not denouncing modern medicine. I have a lot of respect for our medical advances and I probably would not have a living mother without them. However, I am very disappointed that our modern medical system stigmatizes plantbased treatments to some of our most common ailments, especially when they can be at least as effective. Modern medicine

should place a higher value on natural sources than artificial sources and both schools of thought should work alongside each other to use the best of both worlds. Manufactured medicine and supplements should be a last resort option or a one-time temporary solution or relief. Have you ever suffered from clinical depression? Mental health is one of the most under-acknowledged and stigmatized medical disciplines. This is madness (pun intended) because according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year olds and 16% among 2544 year olds and approximately 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives. We are so willing to go to a gym to stay in shape, but we assume that those who seek therapy have a "problem." Depression is an extremely serious disorder. Depression is the dysfunction or lack of neurotransmitters to carry the signal between brain cells. Specifically, it is the lack of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that controls mood and emotion. SSRI's, such as Prozac are designed to artificially

by Dave Wolpin

mask or boost serotonin levels. According to Dr. Michael Gregor, the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, in a double blind, randomized and placebo study of the effects of saffron vs Prozac, saffron proved to be just as effective as Prozac. For this reason, it puzzles me why anyone would take prozac, especially when you might experience one of the common side-effects, such as sexual disfunction. In fact, it isn't just saffron that can naturally boost your serotonin levels. Exercise, pineapples, bananas, kiwis, plums, turkey, and tomatoes are all effective against depression. I'll warn you though, treating depression with food also has a side-effect, which most experience as a full belly and a longer and healthier life. If you are thinking of changing medications please consult your doctor and a naturopath to find a balanced solution that's right for you. 0039

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The Westgate Dance Committee recently presented a cheque, along with nonperishable food to the Westside Food Bank. This donation was raised from their annual dance, which was held at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #69 on February 15. The storm on that night did not hamper their success with this event. This is the thirteenth year they have had this event and have raised approximately $48,000 over the thirteen years. The success of this event depends on the enthusiasm and hard work of Tim his wife Terry and volunteers and well as all the Westside Businesses who donate great door prize. Westside Food Bank extends a big "Thank You" once again. 2653

The Irish Canadian Cultural Association is sponsoring St. Pat’s week celebrations in Saint John from Friday, March 7 until Sunday, March 16: March 7 - 12:00noon, Flag Raising at City Hall; March 8 - Gala Dinner at the Delta. Contact Marijke 672-0294, Mary 672-9177, Donna 849-1358; March 9 - Ecumenical Service (dedication to the Celtic Cross) 1:00pm, St. Patrick’s Square, Corner of Water & Prince William Streets; March 12 - In & Out of the Pub at Harbourview High School, 672-0883 or 642-4528; March 15 - Breakfast at O’Leary’s, Princess Street from 9:00am-1:00pm. Proceeds to L’Arche; March 16 - Family Festival Day, Market Square from 1:30-3:30pm - various activities, cake, performance by Comhaltas and special guest, Adam McIntyre; March 17 - 12:noon, Mass, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, 12:00noon. 2648

Helping women with cancer - Look Good Feel Better free workshops help women deal with the appearance-related sideeffects of their illness. Find support - lift your spirits - gain confidence! Join us in Saint John the 2nd Monday of every month from 1:30-3:30pm in the Oncology Conference room. Registration required - contact Angela at 648-6885.

Photo: Tim Ricketts (center), Chairperson of the Westgate Dance Committee presents Blake Lambert (right) and Shirley MacLeod (left) with a cheque for $4,717.


KOC MINI-BINGO The Fr. Thomas Beck Lancaster Council 8094, Knights of Columbus are sponsoring non-smoking Dabber Mini-bingo at the Msgr. Osborne Family Centre (basement of St. Rose School), Manawagonish Road, Saint John West on Tuesdays, at 6:30pm. Admission - non-perishable food item, $.50 for three-face card. G43

BRAIN TEASER 21. “Taming of the Shrew” city 23. Tapioca source 25. Stems used for wickerwork 26. Very bad in degree or extent 28. 14 lines with a fixed rhyme scheme 29. Enfeebles 31. Pops 32. Not a convenient time 38. Estimates 39. Making easier 41. Finished a skirt edge 42. Leprosy sufferers 44. Hasidic spiritual leader 45. Wife of Abraham 46. Runner used for gliding over snow 47. Not plain 52. Airport code for Gaborone 53. A mother’s summoning words 58. London Modern Art Museum 59. Motorcar


1. Live in a tent 5. Capital of W. Samoa 9. Seer’s prop

12. Household God (Roman) 14. Leavened rum cakes 15. Swiss river 18. Deepsea fishing line

1. Atomic #24 2. Pharaoh 1323-1319 BC 3. Mutual savings bank 4. Community school assoc. 5. Winglike part 6. NPR TV equivalent 7. Farm state

8. Atomic #13 9. Extended neck for a better view 10. Blood group 11. And gentlemen 12. Your store of remembered information (abbr.) 13. Father of Araethyrea 16. Your father’s sister 17. A scrap of cloth 19. Take as a wife 20. Killers Leopold & ___ 21. Breathe rapidly 22. ____ Frank’s diary 24. Made dry and brittle 25. Not inland 27. Ladyfish genus 28. Look at with fixed eyes 30. Wedding vow 32. Shakespeare’s pentameter 33. Deprived of feeling 34. Double curve 35. Employees 36. Type of palm or grass 37. Forceful exertion 38. Oddball computer expert 40. Grasp suddenly 41. Time units (abbr.) 43. Refers to a female 47. Federal excise tax 48. Ingested 49. Not yes 50. Awards org. for country music 51. Not me 54. Overtime 55. 1/1000 of an ampere 56. Montana 57. Atomic #42

Find the answers on page 17

March 4th - March 17th, 2014


House of Julie Tailoring. Dressmaking. Alterations Book your prom and wedding alterations now. 506 653 8595 or visit

When you need clothing alterations done, you can trust Julie to exceed expectations. She’s been a tailor for 17 years and counting. Four years ago Julie opened a shop in the comfort of her own home. Julie has a passion for what she does and the quality of work for each and every client is second to none. She takes the time to talk to each customer and find out what they need, whether it’s a pair of pants that need hemmed and fitted or a dress that needs to be tailored for the big day, Julie gives every customer the time and attention they need, and what a difference it makes. Julie also tailors Men’s suits to fit better and look better than ever. Julie’s level of care and attention to every client produces beautiful clothes that flatter their body and look great to wear. Having her shop in her own home gives Julie ample space to work and a comfortable area for client’s friends to wait and see the big reveal of a once in a lifetime wedding dress that is perfectly fitted to the body. It’s not just dresses that Julie alters though, she offers a full service shop, from hemming pants, to upcyling your favorite clothes, that may be a little worn down, into new beauties that you’ll love to wear and enjoy for years to come. You may have never experienced the comfort and fit of clothes that have been custom tailored to your own body, but once you have, it’s not likely you’ll want to go back. This is because everybody is shaped differently and bringing your clothes to a skilled tailor can really bring out the beauty of you and your clothes. Come see Julie and have your clothes tailored to a custom fit and comfort. Julie always has room for new clients who want to get the most out of their clothes, look great and feel great.


The Tides

Saturday, March 8th

is International Womens’ Day

Women’s Day Women in Business Saint John is home to a vibrant community of local women owned & women operated businesses. These businesses represent a broad array across the spectrum, from real estate, to hair cutting, or from RV sales and services to wine making. That’s just to name of few of the successful women run businesses in our community. Women’s Day on March 8th seeks to not only celebrate just Women in Business, but all women, and the successes they achieve, the obstacles they overcome and the many, many ways that women help, support and nurture the communities around them. While you read the feature, you’ll find women from all walks of life who have pursued their passion, chased their dreams and turned them into a successful enterprise that brings value to those around them and offering unique products, which help their community in one way or another. On Saturday, March 8th, International Women’s Day take some time to appreciate the women who have enriched your life in one way or another. Whether they be teachers, mothers, business owners, cashiers, or friends.

Penny worked in the childcare field for ten years and when she got the opportunity to open her own early learning facility, she set out to have the best in the city. With this in mind Penny and her husband Darrell opened Family Ties Play Care a year and a half ago with four employees and a drive to create a fun, exciting and safe environment for children aged 12 months to 12 years old. Since then, they have expanded from their original four staff members to a team of twelve dedicated employees and have a mini-bus to accommodate afterschool children from all surrounding elementary schools. Family Ties goes the extra mile to make sure your children feel secure and safe, being the first facility in the city to have video surveillance and security locked doors. This brings so much peace of mind to their parents. Giving back to the community is also a big part of Family Ties, with fundraising going on within the facility all year round. This has made it possible for the children to make contributions to the Empty Stocking Fund, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Children’s Wish Foundation and local food banks. At Family Ties they believe in teaching your children the value of giving back to their community.

Day Spa & Laser Centre A NEW YOU in the

NEW YEAR Special-Digital Skin Analysis

FREE $60 Value with 2nd treatment*

It’s your face, you are entitled to the results which 25+ years experience with lasers and light will give YOU.

• Laser Non Surgical Face & Neck Lift • Laser Vein & Hair Removal • Stop Smoking Laser • Computerized Electrolysis -White Hair

*Some restrictions apply

Champlain Drive 696-1476 Saint129John, New Brunswick

Sheila’s Day Spa & Laser Centre has been locally owned and operated by Sheila Grimmer since 1986. We are celebrating 28 years in business which all started by introducing a new technology in Electrolysis, leading to other services as our clients requested to meet their needs. We are a complete hair removal centre from simple waxing to computerized electrolysis (white hair, brows) both laser & Cipl hair removal for larger areas. Our new lasers are 2nd generation and really offer even more comfort and faster results. Keeping our clients youthful has been Sheila’s focus since 2001, which leads to our new laser for none Surgical face and neck lifts, reducing lines around eyes, lips, between brows. It is so very exciting to be able to offer the intracel service to all our past, present and new clients. Sheila’s now offers email reminders because clients lives are soooo busy and we also phone those who are overwhelmed with emails. We introduced gift cards online for last minute shoppers. Our web site is informative including prices, hrs, and much more. Your face is important to you and deserves experienced laser technicians. Here at Sheila’s we offer experience, say it again, experience, 28yrs. Place your face in our, hands. Call today 696-1476 March 4th - March 17th, 2014


Last December, Darlings Island Bike Shop packed up and moved their location to the Parkway Mall, in between Wacky’s Flooring and Pharmasave, facing Boston Pizza. Now known as Consolvo Bikes they are ready and willing to serve you better than ever with over 6,000 square feet, and a wider selection of products available in their new showroom. Consolvo Bikes carries road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, BMX bikes, and child carrier systems allowing you to bring your child with you. Every bicycle comes with free tune-ups for a year. They also carry cross country skis and snowshoes. If you’re in the market for a new bicycle, Consolvo Bikes is your one stop shop. Save gas, get fit.

New Location Grand Opening! Saturday, March 15th

After 17 years of business, Darlings Island Bike Shop has moved to

Consolvo Bikes at Parkway Mall, 212 McAllister Drive, Saint John. Open 6 days a week 12 months of the year. Now selling skis and snowshoes in addition to a huge selection of bikes!


Spring is just around the corner... and so are big changes!

Call 832-5613

Email or visit 10 The Tides

Ossekeag Publishing was created in the summer of 2000 when Debbie Hickey & her husband Mike decided to jump with both feet into the publishing industry. Since then Ossekeag’s vision and direction have been steered by Debbie’s unending commitment to provide communities with local, feel good news, and events. Ossekeag’s four community magazines are widely read and valued in over 40,000 homes in southern New Brunswick. By direct mailing via Canada Post to every home in the region we are connecting every household to the community and giving service clubs, schools, churches, non-profit organizations and community groups an opportunity share their news and events with their friends and neighbours. We love what we do, and are honoured that our Sussex Herald, Hampton Herald, Valley Viewer and The Tides magazines have become so deeply entwined in the hearts and homes of our readers. In the coming months you’ll see changes to our four publications to better serve, connect and inform all of our local communities and residents. We welcome your feedback on our changes, and encourage you to submit them to Tell us what you like, what doesn’t work for you, or something you’d like to see in your community magazine.

If you’ve never made wine... it’s easy as 1-2-3! Bring in this ad and get 20% off your first wine making experience* at Barley, Malt & Vine.

71 City Road, Saint John

(506) 652-4884

If you had asked Bonnie Adams in 1993 if she was forging a path for female business owners she would have given you a resounding NO! But 20 years on it appears she has done that very thing. Barley Malt & Vine has become New Brunswick’s largest independent retailer of beer & winemaking supplies and a leader in brew on premises delivery. Being an entrepreneur means having to wear many hats and Bonnie wears them all with aplomb. If there is a secret ingredient to her success it is her zest for life and resolute belief that “it will all work itself out”. Prior to opening Barley Malt & Vine, Bonnie took a course at the YMCA Enterprise Center to learn business basics. This provided a solid foundation & sparked her desire to succeed. Beyond that, Bonnie exudes genuine warmth and infectious enthusiasm for what she does and her employees echo that behaviour. These key elements established the business when it was just Bonnie behind the counter and they carry on through every transaction 20 years later. Much has been written about the challenges of being a woman in business, but with typical Bonnie style, she has always thrown them aside. In the early days

*20% off your first wine kit and on-premises fee Valid until March 29th, 2014

when some of the gruff old timers would ask what a woman would know about wine or beer making, Bonnie would school them with a smile & a history lesson that told how in ancient times, women did all the brewing. Her subject knowledge is beyond mere interest, she is passionate about

every aspect of her business; especially her customers. The store has grown, both in size & product lineup, over the years as Bonnie carved out her niche. The location changed four times over the years growing from 900 square feet to the present 3500. Remaining as an independent retailer has allowed Barley Malt & Vine to offer an unrivalled selection of the industry’s best products in wine and beer kits and pet food. Perhaps the biggest challenge Bonnie has faced, greater even than the tribulations of purchasing & renovating the City Road store in 2009/10, was being diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2011. Early detection & successful surgery has meant a full recovery but subsequent treatment revealed a severe yeast allergy meaning that she cannot physically set foot inside her beloved store even though she is fit & well. As testament to the challenges of being a woman in business and true to character, Bonnie carries on undaunted from her home office with remote computer & video links. Her capable crew has accommodated this unusual arrangement with support and cooperation, ensuring that Bonnie Adams and Barley Malt & Vine will continue to forge a path forward.

March 4th - March 17th, 2014


WHAT’S HAPPENING Tuesday, March 4 Pancake Lunch & Supper at the Villa Madonna. Lunch sittings 12:00noon & 1:00pm; Supper sittings 4:00 & 5:00pm. Cost $8/adult $25/family (2 adults, 2 children). Please call to register for a sitting at 849-5125. Pancake Supper at the Portland United Church (50 Newport Crescent) from 4:30-6:30pm. $7/adults, $5/children under 12. take-out available. Ample parking, wheelchair accessible. For more information call the church office 632-4030. Shrove Tuesday Supper from 4:30-6:00pm at St. Mark’s United Church (50 Dexter Drive). Tickets $7/adults $4/children 12 and under. Take-outs will be available. Call 672-3320 for tickets or purchase them at the door. Pancake Supper at the Gelnview United Church (8 Upland Road) from 4:306:00pm. $9/adults, $5/children 5-12. Takeouts available. For more info or tickets call the Church Office at 696-3773.

12 The Tides

Tuesday, March 5 Annual Pancake Supper at Trinity Anglican Church from 5:00-6:30pm. Freewill offering will be taken to support church outreach ministries. All welcome. Thursday, March 6 Rocmaura Nursing Home Auxiliary meeting at 4:00pm in the Boardroom of the Nursing Home. All are welcome. Friday, March 7 World Day of Prayer Ecumenical Service, 7:00pm at Saint Columba Presbyterian Church, 1454 Manawagonish Road with 5 West Saint John churches participating. This year's service is written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of Egypt. Refreshments will be served following the service. Saturday, March 8 Singles & Friends Dance from 9:0012:00pm at RCL Branch #69 (714 Wilson Street W) with Second Time Around. Doors open at 8:00pm. Admission is $6 and is open to singles and couples. Dance schedule is available at: singlesandfriends. ca.

Annual Smelt Fry (or ham), hosted by the Southfield United Church (814 Rte 865) from 4:00-6:00pm. $10/adults, $5/children under 12. To place take-out orders or for information contact Sandra at 839-2326 or Pat at 839-2132.

Sunday, March 9 Lancaster KOC #8094 Breakfast from 9:00am-1:00pm at the Assumption Centre, Chapel Street West. $7/adults and $3/ children. Proceeds for KOC Council #8094 and the St. Rose the Lima Parish new flooring project. Lenten Service & Hymn Sing at the Lancaster Baptist church (87 Church Avenue, West) starting at 7:00pm. Light lunch to follow. Tuesday, March 11 TAOIST TAI CHI™ - NEW BEGINNER CLASS - 4:45-5:45pm in the library (first floor) of the Community College (Grandview Ave) for adults/teens of all ages. Classes (Tuesdays & Thursdays for 12 weeks). Classes also in SJ West & Rothesay (see classifieds). Cost: $140; (students/

WHAT’S HAPPENING seniors: $110.) For information: saintjohn. Voicemail: 658-9854.

Wednesday, March 12 Taste & Learn Class at Sobeys, West from 2:00-3:00pm. This free class will feature pasta samples and recipes. Saturday, March 15 West Side Co-Operative Preschool Open House from 2:00-4:00pm. Registration for the 2014-2015 school year. For more information: phone 635-8294, visit Facebook page or email - Annual Shamrock Supper (roast beef) and Irish music from 4:30-6:30pm at St. Mark’s United Church (50 Dexter Drive). $7/adults, $5/children under 12. Take-outs will be available. Call 672-3320 for tickets or purchase them at the door. Thursday, March 20 SJ Volunteer Centre Noon Nugget - Board & Staff Working Together to Build a Stronger Agency - with facilitator Betty Hitchcock at 66 Waterloo Street, Training Room Suite 224 from 12:00noon-1:00pm. Registration ($15/members, $25/non-members) from

11:30-11:50am. Bring lunch, tea/coffee provided. For info/registration call 6581555 or email:

Sunday, March 23 MADD Candlelight Vigil from 2:004:00pm at Brenan’s Bay View Select Community Funeral Home Chapel (1461 Manawagonish Road). Reception to follow. If you wish to light a candle in memory of a loved one please call 672-6188 or amail: RSVP by March 18. Saturday, March 29 Fashion Divas & Fabulous Desserts Fundraiser - 2:00pm, sponsored by Ladies in Fellowship Together, Church of the Good Shepherd (668 Manawagonish Road, Saint John West), with fashions from Alia Tan Jay modelled by L.I.F.T. ladies and friends. Tickets ($10) may are available from any L.I.F.T. member or by calling Judy 672-3932, Gloria 738-8615. April 1 & 2 Villa Madonna, Rothesay is hosting two one-day workshops - “Strengthen Your Non-

Profit” with Susan Howlett. Cost is $200/ day or $350 for both. Accommodations/ dinner available. For more information/ registration forms email: villamadonna@; or phone 849-5125, 1-866-783-3300.

Sunday, April 13 The Knights of Columbus Council #6770 Breakfast (Assumption Centre, Chapel Street, West) from 9:00am-1:0opm. $7/ adults and $3/children. Thursday, April 24 SJ Regional Hospital Auxiliary’s 95th Annual Meeting 12:00noon at St. Mark’s United Church (50 Dexter Drive, SJ West). Lunch $10/person. RSVP by April 14 email: or 648-6292. Sunday, April 27 Warbler Workshop with the Saint John Naturalists Club and led by Jim Wilson. For more information on the upcoming activities and on the SJNC, visit: and follow us on Facebook as “Nature Saint John”. 0023


March 25 - April 15 Myrtle Beach, Coco Beach, St. Pete’s Beach and Charleston.

New York

April 23 - April 29

Canadian Classic May 17 - May 24

Ottawa Tulip Festival, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Quebec City

Boston & Newport Mansions June 10 - June 15

Call today for a FREE 2014 brochure! 506-433-3386 March 4th - March 17th, 2014



very time we have a long period with power outages during the winter I hear horror stories of how people maintained the heat in their homes. From using construction heaters to using barbeques inside, I have heard pretty much everything that people have tried to use to heat or cook during a power outage. First off, let me say this: if you are using a fuel burning appliance for anything other than the manufacturer’s intended purpose, you are taking a huge risk, as they all produce carbon monoxide. When I am talking about a “fuel burning appliance” I am talking about anything other than electric fuel. So, wood, propane, oil and gas appliances are all considered fuel fired appliances. Throughout this article I’m going to talk about the building code requirements and my own recommendations. Please keep in mind that the code is a minimum standard, which means that it is the least that must be done.



Smoke Alarms By: Trevor Murray, NBCBO Assistant Building Inspector Town of Quispamsis

When I talk about recommendations, it is what I would do in my own home. Finally, it is important that you check with your local building official to verify that there are no local amendments to the code or differing interpretations to the code requirements before you perform any work. Smoke alarms are probably the best bang for your buck when it comes to fire safety in your home and should be replaced

Serving You Since 1973 ~ Commercial & Residential

every ten years. The building code currently requires a smoke alarm installed on every storey and within 15 feet of every bedroom door (you can use one alarm to satisfy both requirements). The smoke alarms must also be interconnected, meaning that if one alarm goes off, so do all the others. In the next version of the building code smoke alarms will be required inside bedrooms as well. This is because locating B&N FLOORING 1190 Fairville Blvd. Saint John, NB Phone: 506-635-8823

Store Hours:

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm


Spring Clean Up • Dethatching • Booking Your Landscape Projects Complete Landscape Construction & Lawn Maintenance Lawn Installation Brick Patios & Walkways Retaining Walls


380 Ashburn Road

Full Gardening Services Lawn Mowing Fertilizer & Weed Control Tree Removal & Trimming

Build your Dream Home with

PLUME Constr uction Ltd.




• Custom Homes • Bathrooms • Custom Cabinets • Renovations


Siding · Windows · Doors · Roofing · Decks


Matt Plume


Red Seal Carpenters · Licensed & Insured · Free Quotes

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good at detecting smouldering fires. Which type should you have in your home? Both, but if you can only have one, ionisation is your best bet because 93% of home fires are flaming. Also, If your smoke alarm goes off a lot when you are cooking it is likely an ionisation type and you could replace it with a photoelectric type to reduce nuisance alarms. Having a new home emergency plan and going over it each spring with children is a great idea for your families safety. To get the kids more involved have them create the map with you and post it on the fridge where it can be seen daily.


to Friday - 5:00pm urday - 3:00pm

the alarm in the bedroom wakes people about 45 seconds earlier than the unit outside the bedroom door, and since you typically have an average of 3 minutes to escape your home after the alarm sounds, that 45 seconds is a big deal. If you have smoke alarms, but they are not i nt e r c o n n e c t e d you could replace them with units that are wirelessly interconnected to save you from having to run wires all through your house and still satisfy the code when your existing smoke alarms need to be replaced. Most people don’t know there are actually two different kinds of smoke alarms; ionisation and photoelectric. Ionisation alarms are great at detecting flaming fires, where photoelectric alarms are

All fuel fired appliances produce carbon monoxide, and should be vented to the outside. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless and odorless gas that is poisonous. Even when you are installing a fuel burning appliance that is designed for installation in your home, a carbon monoxide alarm is required (and if you have an attached garage). The carbon monoxide alarm must be installed within 15 feet of all bedroom doors (just like a smoke alarm). If you are wondering if your house has a carbon monoxide alarm the first place to check is your smoke alarm. If your smoke alarm is also a carbon monoxide alarm it will say so right on the outside of the unit. If you just have a smoke alarm you can either switch out the existing unit for a dual unit or you can also get a carbon monoxide alarm that plugs into an outlet. Either units are commonly available at all home improvement stores.

Lawrence Landscaping Property Maintenance Specialists

(506) 651-0888


Pricing (starting at)

Lawn Mowing & Trimming


Fertilizing & Weed Control

$39.95 /visit

Aerating & Dethatching


Lawn Installation


Flowerbed Weeding & Mulching

$0.25sq/ft (weed) $1.75sq/ft (mulch)



6 Market Street Quispamsis, NB P: (506) 849-2247 F: (506) 849-9382

• 2 lb Spray Foam • Fiberglass & Cellulose • Old & New Homes

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Other Services

(Contact for consult) Tree Trimming & Removal Tree & Shrub Planting Shrub & Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Debris & Junk Removal Spring & Fall Clean Up Lawn Repair

Contact Lawrence Landscaping today!! Call 651-0888 or email **Multi Unit Complex Packages available Starting at $40.00/month/unit includes Fertilizing, Weed Control, Snow Removal, Mowing and Trimming 5% discount given for referring 2 friends. 10% discount given on prepaid seasonal accounts. Prices subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include HST

March 4th - March 17th, 2014


Up, Up & Away by Ellen Tucker Bargain Travel deals to the UK - in the Fall of 2014. Right now, considering this winter’s severe weather, most people are thinking of a trip to the Caribbean, or another warm place, but now is the best time to start planning your trip to the UK or Europe. The brochures are out, and there are still some early booking discounts available. Here are a few examples of good value trips that might interest you: 1. Trafalgar, with Air Canada, is offering a 10-night UK tour. Prices vary on every date, but here is an example - leaving Saint John on September 17 and returning on September 28. The package includes roundtrip airfare, including the huge taxes, a 10 night Trafalgar coach tour, with many inclusions, and roundtrip transfers from London Heathrow - all for $2614 CAD. That is a very reasonable price. The tour includes visits to London, Stratford, York, Leeds, Grasmere in the beautiful Lake District, Glasgow for two nights, with an excursion to Edinburgh. Then a ferry to Belfast, on to Dublin for 2 nights, followed by Kilkenny and Waterford.

Then back across the Irish Sea to Wales, with a stop in Cardiff, over the Severn Bridge to Bath, and then to Windsor, before returning to London. This is a great first-timer’s tour of the United Kingdom. It has a few two-night stops, so you don’t feel you’re in perpetual motion, and yet it gives you a good taste of all four areas of the UK. 2. Transat Holidays also has some excellent packages to the UK. Air Transat flies weekly, on Wednesdays, from Halifax to Gatwick London Airport. As an example, a one-week London Package from Sep 10 -17 is $1978 CAD. But hold on, here’s what’s included: the round trip flight, 6 nights in a double-room, including breakfast, at the President Hotel, which is a good centrally located hotel, airport transfers, Royal London tour, City of London tour, 24-hour ‘hop-on-hopoff ’ bus pass, the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s and all taxes. Now that’s a good deal! Don’t be fooled by some of the super low prices you’ll see advertised! Once you add in all the extras, that are not usually listed,

Have you Pre-Planned your Funeral? Have you also made arrangments for your Burial? Save stress for your Family by arranging with us today.

Cedar HillGreenwood Cemetery 1650 Manawagonish Rd. 672-4309

16 The Tides

they are often not a good deal at all. It’s important to know all the costs involved with a holiday - before you book it. The inclusions are great in the two options I mentioned above, but there are still a few extras to pay for, such as meals that are not included. Restaurant prices in the UK are high by our standards, so you can count on a minimum of $15 for lunch, and $25 and up for dinner. A knowledgeable travel agent can help you tally all the likely extra costs, so you can budget appropriately, and avoid unpleasant surprises. 0043

Ellen Tucker is the owner and president of Freedom tours. She has over twenty years experience in the travel industry. You can also listen to Ellen talk about travel on CBC 91.3 fm

Weekend in New York City Easter: April 18-22, 2014 Thanksgiving: Oct 10-14, 2014 Coming Soon - New Year’s Eve

Price pp, CAD: Quad $399 Triple $450 Double $550

Price Includes: • Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation from Saint John • Two nights with Breakfast in Portland, ME • Two nights with Breakfast in New Jersey • Tour Director from Freedom Travel • Return Daily Transportation from the Hotel to New York City

PIC OF THE MONTH Sponsored by: Ossekeag Publishing




Congratulations to Tim Brown, who submitted this “Close-up” themed photo of a bee on a flower to our “Pic of the Month” contest during the month of February. Tim has won pair of movie tickets (including popcorn & drink), compliments of Ossekeag Publishing. The theme for March submissions is - “Something Red”. No people or pets please. Happy shooting!! 0037

Lancaster Mall, 621 Fairville Boulevard, 643-7260 Children’s Programs: Babies in the Library: Please sign-up for next session. Time for Tots, Drop-In: 10:30am on Thursdays for ages 18-36 months. Story Time Drop-In: 10:30am on Fridays for children of all ages. Thursday Night Homework Help: 5:307:30pm on Thursdays for students in Elementary grades. March Break-ing Records: Break the Movie Record - March 4-8, 11:00am; Break the Piggy Knock-off - March 4, 2:30pm; Breaking Art Rules - March 5, 2:30pm; Break the LegoTM Tower Record & T-Shirt Transfer - March 5 at 6:30pm & March 8 at 2:30pm; Breaking Open - Clothespin Critters & WiiTM Games March 6 at 2:30pm; Breaking Story Time - March 7 at 10:30am, Breaking Bubbles Art & WiiTM - March 7 at 2:30pm. Saturday, March 29 - 12:00noon4:30pm, LEGOTM. Teen Programs: Teen Movie Night - 6:00pm, first Thursday of the month (March 6). Thursday Homework Help - 5:30-7:30pm, on Thursdays for middle school grades. Pre-register at 643-7260 or westbranch.


Thursday, March 13 - 6:30pm, Celebrating Teen Tech Week. Contact the Library for more information. Register at: UKU 4U: 1:00pm, Beginner class and 1:45pm Intermediate class on Thursdays. Wednesday, March 12 - 6:00pm, “Girl’s Night” with a Chick Flic. Wednesday, March 19 - 7:00pm, Chick Lit Book Club (Perfect by Rachel Joyce). Thursday, March 20 - 7:00pm, Mystery Book Club (books by Ann Cleeves). New members welcome. Wednesday, March 26 - 6:30pm, e-Reader Clinic. Pre-registration required. Blankets for Canada Society Inc: Crocheters and knitters make 8x8 squares to create blankets for people without shelter in the SJ area. Yarn donations accepted. Knit 2 Together - Wednesday afternoon drop-in. Gates’ Computer Lab: Free Internet service available. Book a tutorial and learn basic computer skills. WiFi available. Family Drop-in Table: All day, every day, different theme each week. Community Room Rental:the Library has a spacious room offering tables, chairs and limited kitchen facilities. Contact the library for further info. For more information on programs please contact the Library. Note: The West Branch Library keeps Tuesday to Saturday hours. 0019


March 4th - March 17th, 2014


LEGIONS JERVIS BAY RCL #53 1016 Bayside Drive, 633-0092. Weekly Breakfast every Saturday: Enjoy eggs, toast, beans and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage, with juice tea or coffee - just $7; or for $10, you get the total breakfast! All made to order and served to you at your table. LANCASTER LEGION # 69 Wilson Street, Saint John, Phone 6358095, Tuesday, March 4, 11, 18 - 7:30pm, Crib, upstairs. Wednesday, March 5, 12 - 1:00-4:00pm, #69 Seniors, upstairs. Friday, March 7 - 7:00pm, XWA Wrestling, upstairs; 8:00pm-closing, Karaoke, downstairs. Friday, March 14 - 6:00-8:00pm. Alfie & John downstairs; 8:00pm-closing, Karaoke with Jason, downstairs. Saturday, March 8 - 2:00-5:00pm, Don & Del downstairs; 9:00pm, Branch #29 & Singles’ Dance with 2nd Time Around, upstairs. $6.

Sunday, March 9 - 2:00-4:00pm, Branch Darts, downstairs; 8:00-11:00pm, WCR Country, upstairs. $5/ Saturday, March 15 - 9:00am-5:00pm, Dart Shoot, upstairs; 3:30-6:30pm, Jed & Moe, downstairs. Sunday, March 16 - 2:00-4:00pm, Branch Darts, downstairs; 8:00-11:00pm, dance with Steve & Joyce, upstairs. $5. 0015

“THE DROWSY CHAPERONE” AT ST. MALACHY’S St. Malachy’s Memorial High School is pleased to announce the Saint John Premiere of The Drowsy Chaperone; from Wednesday, March 19 through Saturday, March 22 you can be among the first to see this brand new musical to our city.

Tickets ($15) are being sold at The Butcher's Daughter in the City Market and at the school office. Call 658-5361 to reserve yours today. 2650

MARCO POLO QUILT GUILD The Marco Polo Quilt Guild (MPQG) welcomes all those interested in quilting, whether they are beginners or experienced quilters. As well, the Guild will be offering various other workshops throughout the year (see Calendar of Events). Join us at St. Columba Church, 1454 Manawagonish Rd., Saint John West, on the first Wednesday of every month (7:00-9:00pm) and every Thursday morning (10:00am-2:00pm). Come alone or bring a friend, enjoy the programs, take a workshop and learn a most enjoyable, relaxing and time-honoured skill. For more information: Website - sites.; Calendar of events - rosa/calendar2014.htm; or facebook. com/groups/MarcoPoloQuiltGuil. 2590

MADD Candlelight Vigil 2:00-4:00pm Sunday, March 23 Brenan’s Bay View Select Community Funeral Home Chapel (1461 Manawagonish Road).

Reception to follow.

If you wish to light a candle in memory of a loved one please call 672-6188 or amail: RSVP by March 18 18 The Tides

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LISTEN IN by Jeff Liberty The Poet and the Songbird Slamming and Singing with Clyde A Wray and Debbie Adshade: Last week, I met up with poet extraordinaire Clyde A Wray and songwriter Debbie Adshade at Wray’s uptown haunt, the Magnolia Café, to talk about their work together and life over cappuccinos and my regular green tea and honey. Adshade is actually a nearby neighbour of mine on the Peninsula. I have been fascinated about both these artists as individuals for years now. When I heard they were collaborating, I knew I needed to explore this partnership further. Debbie tells me they first collaborated in the spring of 2011. “We were Facebook friends first”, Debbie says with a laugh. “I gave a reading and Debbie came out and asked if I wanted to do something together”, Clyde continued. Their first collaborative effort was “Between the Dark and the Light". They then followed this up with "Mood Swings". Debbie explains it as “a weaving of spoken word and song”. Throughout our lengthy conversation, I learn that the process

seems to be very much a collaborative effort with the music, lyrical singing and poetry coming together in a very natural and fluid manner. “There is no ego involved; we let the work take over”, Clyde says in expressing their approach. “It is all about the A-ha! (Eureka) moments”! Clyde adds in regard to finding what sounds and seems right for the pair. The duo plays off each other seamlessly, with Clyde’s stirring poetry in a dramatic delivery with a weighty and rich voice I can only liken to the great American actor, James Earl Jones. Debbie, in contrast, sings like an earth-bound angel, playing guitar while she sways back and forth, evoking something between Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell. A show that will captivate you with a journey that is worth the ride. I urge all lovers of song and poetry to take in one of their performances. Both Debbie and Clyde keep a busy individual schedule and work load as well. They both have fascinating projects on the horizon. Clyde just finished two

big productions, where he wears many creative hats in making these projects a success. Debbie’s work with Clyde Wray has also led to her most recent endeavour,”NB Poets”. Debbie has just received a NB Arts Creation Grant to compose 12 songs inspired by New Brunswick Poets. I’m looking forward to that release! To stay in the know, you can find them both on Facebook, YouTube, as well at (for Debbie) and 0041

Jeff Liberty has been in the music business for over 20 years. Listen to his show “Take Liberty” on CBC 91.3 FM and follow him on twitter @jlibertyartists.

Now Open! Servicing All Your Auto Needs!

10 Crown Street - Saint John NB - E2L 2X5 March 4th - March 17th, 2014


Home of the Hampton Herald, Sussex Herald, Valley Viewer & The Tides

Easter is coming! Wish that special someone a happy Easter.

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CREATING A COMPOST PILE Creating a compost pile in your backyard can be a great idea, especially if you garden. Not only does composting help reduce waste going to our landfills but it also provides you with great fertilizer for free. Compost piles require very little to turn your unwanted organic refuse into beautiful compost that is rich in nutrients and lovely food for plants. When you start your compost pile make sure you have an area about 1 meter by 1 meter. If it’s too small the necessary chain reactions take longer to occur. Layer some twigs and branches in a criss-cross pattern over the ground to a depth of about 6’ this encourages air flow all around the compost and helps excess water drain from the pile. Kitchen scraps are great to add to a compost pile, but your compost pile will decompose quicker if you also add in dry leaves, dry grass clippings, and occasionally shredded newspaper. A good compost pile is made up of alternating layers of kitchen scraps (nitrogen rich “green” material) and dry leaves and grass (carbon rich “brown” material). Green

and brown material should be added in equal parts to the pile. To keep your compost decomposing steadily and evenly be sure to turn it every other week and give it a good mix with an aerating tool, pitchfork, or shovel every two weeks. Add water to the pile every time you turn it; Your compost should be damp to the touch, but not soaking wet. Adding manure from horses, cows or chickens when you start your pile is a great way to kick start the decomposition process. Manure from meat-eating animal is best left out of the compost. Compost is good and ready to use when it has an ‘earthy’ aroma and is deep brown colour. In can be used to enrich your lawn, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Compost is a great way to cut down on waste and improve the quality of your soil. 2510

Caleb Burns is Ossekeag Publishing’s editor and in-house writer/photographer. He has been a member of the Ossekeag family since 2006 and recently graduated from St.Thomas University.

Ask about our

Down Option

$69,900 • 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath

• 16’ x 64’, 1024 spft • Delivered and set up • Upgraded Cabinets • Seven Year Atlantic Home Warranty *Plus Applicable Taxes

20 The Tides

OAKHILL HOMES - SAINT JOHN Toll Free: 1 (888) 579-6222 Telephone: 1 (506) 633-8383

OAKHILL HOMES - FREDERICTON Toll Free: 1 (888) 579-6222 Telephone: 1 (506) 446-3208

COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER TAX PROGRAM The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) assists thousands of low-income Canadians each year to prepare and submit current or prior year returns. Volunteers use CRAapproved software and can submit current year returns directly over the Internet (older returns have to be printed and mailed). The program is available free of charge to single taxpayers with income under $30,000, or couples under $40,000. Volunteers do not accept returns for those who are self-employed, in bankruptcy proceedings, or just deceased. Since 2011, nearly 500 returns have been completed at a weekly tax clinic at St. Paul’s Church on the Rothesay Common. This year’s clinic will again be held at the same location on Tuesdays from 9:00am-12:00noon and 1:00-3:00pm March 11, 25 and each Tuesday in April. No appointments are necessary; service is on a first-come first-served basis. Clients may, if they wish, fill in an information sheet and leave their returns for completion later


(normally by the next week). For a full listing of other clinics in the area (Hampton - Grand Bay), or for further information on the Volunteer Program, visit:, or call toll-free 1-855-516-4405 for the Saint John area coordinator of the program. 2654

MEDALS AT SKATE DARTMOUTH The Kennebecasis Valley Figure Skating club would like to congratulate Madison Herrington for a great skate at the Skate Dartmouth event; she received a Gold in Interpretive and a Bronze in Freestyle. Great job, Madison. 2656

KV TOASTMASTERS Are you practicing when it comes to presentations? Are you learning new skills or reinforcing bad habits? Because when you practice the wrong skills, practice makes permanent not perfect. Kennebecasis Toastmasters will help you toss those bad habits and catch some credibility and confidence. Join us ... learn the right skills ... so that your practice really does make perfect and not just permanent. The KV Toastmasters meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-9:05pm at Rothesay Baptist Church on the Vincent Road. For more information visit: kvtoastmasters. org or phone Jean at 763-3923. G015

Dementia: ten things you should know

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Ossekeag Publishing

Changes in a person in the early stages of dementia can sometimes be mistaken for normal aging. How often have you misplaced your car keys or walked into a grocery store and forgotten what to buy? Memory lapses are common as we age, but when memory loss begins to impact our daily lives, it could be the early signs of dementia. Ignoring these signs often leads to peole not being diagnosed for months, even years. An early diagnosis allows you to know what you’re dealing with and make importatn decisions with the right information so you can live well with dementia.

Take 10 minutes to learn these 10 signs: Memory loss - having trouble remembering

Difficulty with abstract thinking - struggling

Difficulty doing day-to-day tasks -

Misplacing things -

Language problems - finding the right words

Changes in behaviour - exhibiting severe mood

Disorientation - getting lost in your own

Changes in personality - becoming unusually

Poor or decreased judgment - wearing

Loss of initiative - withdrawing from friends and

recent events or retaining new information.

forgetting how to write a cheque or cooking a familiar recipe. or using them inappropriately.

neighbourhood or not knowing the time of day.

light clothing in freezing weather.

to perform mental tasks like adding numbers.

putting the ice cube tray in the oven instead of the freezer. swings for no apparent reason.

depressed, suspicious or anxious.

family and lising interest in favourite activities.

If you’re concerned about any of these signs for yourself or someone you care about, see your doctor. Remember, there is a great deal that you can do to live a fulfilling life after diagnosis. The Alzeimer Society can help. Find out more:

March 4th - March 17th, 2014


MUSINGS by Debbie Hickey THANK YOU, FRIEND Ossekeag is saying good-bye to one of our own as she moves on to a new job. Sharon has devoted (and I do not use that word lightly) ten years to Ossekeag Publishing and has often joked her blood runs Ossekeag green. (‘Course, we have now changed from green to blue for our corporate colour. . . does that make her a blueblood?) She has worked throughout the whole organization at various times over the years and has a head chock full of all kinds of knowledge garnered from those experiences. Hopefully she will be able to shake some of it out and leave it behind for us to utilize, and to make space in there for the new and exciting things she will be learning in the next few months! From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: Serendipity - luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. Serendipity brought Sharon to Ossekeag, as Mike met her through another organization and sent her my way. Serendipity intervened again to create a friendship as well great co-worker. Now serendipity takes her on another path that will hopefully continue to intersect with mine. We often say that when people move on

to other positions that they may leave the job, but they remain part of the Ossekeag family. Sort of like moving out West for work. Sharon may not be in the building every day, but she will most certainly always be a member of my “family”, which stretches to include more than those people who may be related by blood to include those related by heart. Congratulations Sharon, on a job well done, on the legacy of pursuit of excellence you have worked so hard to instill on Ossekeag, and of course on the new job. “May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.” - Irish Blessing. Or, more appropriately (tho’ less poetically) from me “Live long and prosper”. 0002

Take a a Bite of children’s injuries For tips on car seats, helmets, home and playground safety, as well as poisoning prevention, visit our website at

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Ossekeag Publishing

Debbie Hickey is the owner & president of Ossekeag Publishing. She is passionate about Ossekeag’s mission to connect communities and people. When Debbie is not at the office you can find her tending her gardens, spending time with her grandchildren, or curled up with a book in front of the wood stove.

COMMUNITy CLASSIFIEDS NOTICES Taoist Tai Chi™ Beginner Classes – Saint John, West. Information session and first class – Tuesday, March 11, morning 10:00am–noon and evening 7:00-9:00pm, and also Saturday March 15, morning 10:00am-noon, at Assumption Centre, West Saint John. Also in East Saint John Tuesday afternoon 4:45–5:45, March 11 at NBCC Library, Grandview Ave. For adults of all ages, including teens. Try this body-mind-spirit approach to building health, strength and flexibility. Cost: $140; (students/seniors: $110.) Our Instructors and assistants are volunteers. For information: Voicemail: 658-9854. SERVICES OFFERED GETTING MARRIED (BOOK EARLY). Civil weddings performed when and where you choose. Telephone 847-2079.

22 The Tides

DAVE’S LIGHT TRUCKING & Cleaning Service, junk, garbage, construction & roofing materials, demolition, brush, trees, decks, small moving jobs. 7 days a week. Also picking up unwanted vehicles. 8323982 or 653-0026. SEWING JOBS DONE for ladies, gentlemen and children. Hems done on pants, dresses etc., other alterations. Call 672-2599. FREE SCRAP METAL DROP OFF. All car parts, batteries, lawn mowers, washers & dryers, pots & pans, scrap metal etc. Free junk car and truck removal. Free refrigeration disposal. Open 7 days/week, 187 French Village Road. Phone 847-3569. GBS EXCAVATING offers fully licensed septic work, foundation drains, erosion control, demolition, culverts, old concrete/ asphalt removal and more! Call today for a free quote: Chris 639-8766 or Matt 651-5172.

CARD READINGS BY DONNA Regular playing cards with 100-year old chart, also Angel cards. Contact for prices: i.e. Individual, party, group. Phone 506-8490550 or ED’S CLEANING & HOME REPAIR: Spring/Fall clean-up, small tractor services, snow clearing, lawn maintenance, garbage and recycling services, home repairs. 6515807, WE HAUL AWAY junk cars, trucks, tractors and farm equipment. Small fee for appliances and small scrap. Drop off site 54 Backland Road, Kingston. 7632933 or 333-9067.

VEHICLES WAYNE’S AUTO WORLD - In house financing. Buy, sell, lease, rent. Owner Wayne Ganong, bus. 738-6777, cell: 6478777., 53 Epworth Park Road, Grand Bay-Westfield.

AT yOUR SERVICE CALL C.K. ADHESIVES Services Offered Include: · Repairs with liquid rubber/epoxy injection · Drain tile repair/replacement · Internal drain tile systems · Repairs to block foundations · Membrane water proofing · Complete excavation services · Video inspection FREE · Environmentally friendly ESTIMATES! 30+ Years


Blaine Campbell of Experience Phone: (506) 832-5071 Email:

West Side Home Improvements • Residential & Commercial • Repairs, Renovations & New Work • Decks, Doors, Windows, etc. REGISTERED & INSURED Phone: Roger 214-3194 Email:

LANCASTER FLORISTS Family Owned & Operated for Over 60 Years

• Flowers & Gifts • Fruit & Gourmet Baskets • Plush Animals • Baskets & Balloons Delivery to Saint John and Surrounding Areas 11 Main Street, West. Tele: 635-1040

KENO’s Flooring “Renovations with meticulous worksmanship” Installation of Hardwood, Tile, Laminate and Engineered Flooring. We do Sanding & Finishing of Hardwood Floors with a dust containment system. We do Hardwood and/or Tile on stairs with custom stains.

Please give Kevin a call for an estimate on your flooring project @ 608-2368

Do you have a VanEE, Venmar, Life Breath or any other model Heat Recovery Ventilator or Air Exchanger in your home? Has it been serviced in the last year? If not, you should be calling MC Clean Air for a complete cleaning, service and check-up. Replacement parts and units available.


Appointments: 631-0841 A Division of MC Ventilation Ltd.

Tel: 832-5613 242 Main Street Hampton, nB E5n 6B8 March 4th - March 17th, 2014



M ther’s


Tell us about your Mother for a chance to win a weekend getaway for your mom at Hampton Inn & Suites and dinner for two at East Side Marios!

Send in your most heartwarming story about your Mom in 250 words or less and a photo by April 14th at 5:00

The winning story & some runner-ups will be featured in our publications on April 29th and May 6th. Send your stories to: Make sure your submission includes, your name & phone number, and your mom’s name. Contest rules: All submissions must be received by April 14th, 5:00pm. Ossekeag employees, contest sponsors, and their direct relations are not eligible for entry. Submission of stories authorizes Ossekeag Publishing the right to print your story and included photo in any of our four publications – The Tides, Valley Viewer, Hampton Herald and Sussex Herald, website and Facebook group and any other media channel that Ossekeag Publishing chooses to employ.

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Hampton Inn & Suites

“Your Community Connection ”

March 4, 2014 The Tides