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VISION ď‚—To build a vibrant metropolitan Spiritual alive Church with a membership of five Thousand (5,000) loving Christians.

ď‚—To Plant five (5) Churches and a

Christian school ( Secondary and Theological) in the vicinity of New Tafo, Kumasi-Ghana, by the next Ten years (By 2013) and beyond.

ď‚—To train and release into

leadership five (5) other Pastors and Missionaries by influencing our society with the Gospel of Christ the Lord in Obedience to the Great Commission – Matthew 28:1920.

Achievements since 2003

 Purchased Mission Urvan Bus – 15 Seater (PD in full). GH¢7000

 Purchased 58 Seater Tata Bus GH¢80,000.00.

Leadership Training Pulpit Decorum / Leading

order of service Duties of various Committees Working Relationship – Pastors/Council/Deacons Marketing Your Church

ď‚— Auxiliaries Recruitment started

ď‚—Increase in Tithe and

offering (Room for improvement) (Between 5m-7m-10m- to between 23m-30m)

 Building Projects  School up to Roofing

Mission House – laying

……………., remaining iron sheets.


Building up to Roofing

ď‚—Additional Pastors (Part

time & Full time)

ď‚—Soliciting loans

for the above

ď‚—Temporal place for Teens

and Children

ď‚—Increase in membership.

(400 +490 = 890)

ď‚— Website to enhance publicity(


 Policies concerning Building / vehicle maintenance.  Regular Hiring  Implementation of training ……………….skills.

 Paying of loans  Some members commitment to giving  Building projects – (How we are going to complete them.

ď‚— Parking space ď‚— Supporting additional Pastors ordination etc.

 Toilet Facilities  Spacious Conference Room for meeting etc.

 Permanent – Place for ;  Sunday school  Teens Service  Children Service

 Membership sustainability on Cell / Family / Church levels.  Auxiliaries Recruitment. 


Plan  To maintain vehicles – Drivers to be innovative.  To adopt method for attracting customers to hire the Bus.

 To advertise school (Pre-School & JHS)  To purchase site for S.H.S.

ď‚— To create discipline for implementation (Training of skills acquired) ď‚— To build toilet facilities.

ď‚— Finance and Stewardship committee to work a plan for us to achieve our goals financially (educate us on how we can pay our loans). ď‚— To get a parking space.

 To complete building projects by the year……………..

ď‚— To write out policy (ies) stating that every three/five years our buildings and vehicles will be maintained.

New Tafo Baptist Church Achievements  

New Tafo Baptist Church Achievements From 2003-2012

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