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Hello there!

To start off, I’d like to thank you for downloading this course. I'm absolutely certain that if you use the information found here, you’ll be able to generate a great income from video marketing. Or if you’re already a successful video marketer you'll be able to take your business to a whole different level from some of what you're about to learn. This ebook is divided into 3 modules. I discuss two money making methods that work well for me in module 1. In module 2 I talk about proven techniques for optimizing videos. Finally in module 3 I explain very effective methods for ranking your videos fast. This entire course revolves around my own experience and experiences of other successful youtube marketers. I tried to make this as beginner friendly as possible. If you're already experienced and have a youtube method that works for you, then you may want to skip ahead to module 2. I promise this course won't be filled with fluff content. Unlike many other products out there I won't waste your time with nonsense. I'll only discuss things that I know will put money into your bank account. So without further ado let's begin!

Copyright © 2013 Adam Bale

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Module 1: Money Making Methods.................................1 Method #1 (Beginner).........................................................1 Method #2 (Advanced).......................................................6 Module 2: Optimizing Videos..........................................9 Views, Subscribers, Likes Aren't Needed...........................9 Video Filename Optimization...........................................10 Video Title Optimization...................................................10 HD Videos Optimization...................................................11 Video Keywords Optimization..........................................11 Video Description Optimization........................................11 Linking to Affiliate Offers.................................................13 What if the Affiliate Offer Doesn't Convert?.....................14 Username Optimization.....................................................14 Module 3: Advanced Ranking Tactics: Backlinks........16 Backlinks from Youtube....................................................16 Embedded Backlinks from Web 2.0s................................18 Youtube Loves Spam.........................................................19 Wrapping Up...................................................................21 Blueprint for Beginners......................................................21 Copyright Š 2013 Adam Bale

MODULE 1: Money Making Methods In this module I'll explain step by step several methods I use to create videos that will make money. I don't claim these are the best or only ways to generate income from videos. However they work for me, they're relatively simple, and I strongly believe anyone can use these methods to start making money on youtube. Again, if you already have a successful strategy for creating and monetizing videos then feel free to skip this module and go to module 2 & 3 where I discuss proven tactics for optimizing and ranking videos.

Method #1 (Beginner): Find Keywords With Few Competitors Even though this is labeled for beginners make no mistake, this is a powerful method. If you're experienced on youtube you may find you still prefer this method because it's very simple and won't take much time or effort to rank. With proper keyword selection your videos should be able to rank from basic optimization alone and since you won't have any real competition you shouldn't have to worry about your videos getting flagged and removed by competitors. To start off, first select a niche with a product you can promote. This can be a product from clickbank, amazon, shareasale, CJ, CPA offer, or any other affiliate offer you're interested in. Next you need to think of a relatively broad keyword term related to that affiliate offer. Then:


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Open up the Google Keyword Tool

• Click the Keyword Ideas tab • Uncheck Match Types: Broad box • Check Match Types: [Exact] box • Select Locations: United States (unless the affiliate offer specifically targets another location). • Add the filter local monthly searches. I usually set the value >=200 (if it's a high paying affiliate product then you may want to set it even less) Your google keyword search page should look like this:

Then enter your keyword and press search. Next go through the list of keywords generated from that search and investigate each keyword by clicking on a keyword


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then selecting "Google Search." In the google search we're looking for a search result page that has a video on the first page but the video that shows up does NOT contain our search term. Let me explain the importance of these two things. First, if the search result page contains NO videos then for whatever reason videos aren't ranking for that particular search term (usually it's a very competitive search). Keywords with no video results should be avoided. Second, if there are videos in the search results but none of the videos that show up contain your search term in the title or description (look for the bolded words) then it generally means no serious competitors are targetting that particular term and it will be easy to rank.


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Here's an example of a search term that meets our criteria:

This is term gets around 200 local exact searches a month. In this example Google's search results contains videos but our keyword "geothermal" doesn't appear in the title or description of the videos. 4

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If you follow these two guidelines and find keywords with videos on the first page that don't contain the search term in the title or description then you are virtually guaranteed to rank on page 1 of youtube's search results within 12-24 hours. All you will need to accomplish this is the optimization techniques I discuss in module 2 (no backlinks & no views/subscribes/likes needed). If you take it a step further and implement some of the steps in module 3 you should be able to rank at the top of Youtube's search results and page 1 of google very quickly.

Creating a Video: Easy to Use Software Camtasia is a great piece of software for creating professional looking videos. However that option costs money and I promised you could start with $0 so I'll explain a free method of creating high quality videos: Animoto. Animoto offers a free version that allows you to create videos up to 30 seconds long. These videos are very easy and quick to make. Simply search Google images for pictures related to your niche. Insert the pictures and some related text into the video making sure you mention in the text that they can find a link to the product in your description. Always make sure the videos are 30 seconds long because very short videos won't rank as well. From start to finish you can make an Animato video and upload it to Youtube in less than 5 minutes. Congratulations! You've made your first video. It's important not to stop here. On average, each video will likely make you a few dollars a day once they start 5

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getting traction. Pocket change! Hopefully you can see how easy it is to scale this method once you get the hang of it. Take an hour out of each day to create and upload a few more videos. If you stick with it, before you know it you'll have a hundred videos earning you a nice passive income.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD #1: Use yahoo answers to find a problem people are having. Find a product that solves their problem then make a video explaining how your product is a solution to their problem. Use the steps listed in Method #1 above to find an appropriate keyword and then create the video.

Method #2 (Advanced): Review Video This method is intended for advanced users. If you're completely new I would not recommend trying this until you've mastered the beginner method #1. If you're reviewing a worthwhile product you'll likely need backlinks to rank using this method. Also if you're in a more competitive niche you'll have competitors flagging and removing your videos. However the rewards are also much greater if you're successful. A single video ranking for the right keyword in a high paying niche can earn you thousands of dollars each month. Some of the highest paying niches to consider for reviews: money (such as gambling and forex) and health (such as diet, beauty, and anti-aging). Just be warned, generally the more profitable the niche the tougher the competition will be. If you want suggestions for less competitive niches feel free to email me at and I'll help you out. 6

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To begin we're going to pick an affiliate offer and then create a review video. Many people search for reviews from other consumers before making a decision to buy a product. If you convince them it's a good product many won't hesitate to click the link in your description to buy it now. To begin, first pick an affiliate offer you want to review. Then: • Open up the Google Keyword Tool • Click the Keyword Ideas tab • Uncheck Match Types: Broad box • Check Match Types: [Exact] box • Select Locations: United States (unless the affiliate offer targets another location). Search for the term product name review. We're doing this to make sure the term is getting some searches. I like to see at least 300+ local monthly searches. Sometimes there will be an alternate search term that gets more searches which you may want to target instead such as product name scam or product name results.

Creating The Video Now that we have our product and keyword selected we need to make a review video. The BEST type of video to make is one featuring an attractive girl. If your video has a girl in it then it WILL get clicked and viewed much, much more


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frequently than any other type of video. If you're a girl or know one that will help, great! If not you can always hire one from If that's not an option then a video of a guy talking works too, just nowhere as effectively. The video should be about 1 to 3 minutes long. You should briefly review the product discussing its benefits and drawbacks, how it has helped you, and why the viewer should get it. Very simple so don't overthink it. Mention that a link to the product can be found in the description (also mention this in an annotation) and you're done! I would not recommend Animoto for this method. A video featuring a real person will really help add authenticity to a review.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD #2: Find upcoming Clickbank product launches to review using,, and You can't use the Google Keyword Tool to check if people are searching since the product hasn't launched yet so you have to use your best judgement and pick what you think will be popular. If you make the video before the launch there will be little or no competition so you won't have much trouble ranking. If you contact the product owner and ask for a review copy most will be happy to oblige.


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MODULE 2: Optimizing Videos What's the secret to ranking videos? Contrary to what many believe, it's not views, subscribes, or likes. For videos with low competition (such as videos from method #1 above), all you need is proper keyword selection and optimization to rank. For higher competition keywords you'll also need some backlinks (discussed in module 3). In this module I'll show you the formula for optimizing your videos.

Views, Subscribes, Likes First I want to dispel the myth that views, subscribes, and likes are important for ranking. Just to clarify, while these metrics do play a role, you can rank the most competitive keywords while totally ignoring these metrics. I also want to mention that if your video is receiving a high number of views then your video will receive a boost in rankings but once those views stop your rankings will drop. Given these facts, I believe "boosting" views, subscribes, and likes is largely a waste of time. However for the sake of completeness, I'll mention a few free boosting services. Vagex, u2bviews, youlikehits, and addmefast are some of the more popular free services for boosting video metrics. I would never recommend you buy services to boost your views. If you feel you must spend money on your videos then buy backlinks instead. Again just to reiterate this important point, contrary to what some will tell you, you should not spend your time and resources increasing views, 9

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subscribes, and likes. With that said let's focus on the actions that will really improve our rankings.

Video Filename Matters: Change the Filename to your Keyword Before you upload your video rename the filename of your video to the keyword you're targetting. For example if you're targetting the keyword acne cure then you would rename your video from originalvideo.flv to acnecure.flv. Pretty simple. Although the effect of this is relatively small, Youtube will take notice of the filename so you should always change it to your keyword.

Your Title Needs Improvement The title of your video is extremely important. The keyword you're targetting should be located within your title. However that's not enough, we still need a title that makes the user intrigued enough to click our video. For example instead of naming our video "The Truth About Abs Review" (a clickbank product), name it "The Truth About Abs Review – YOU MUST SEE THIS" or "10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying The Truth About Abs." Better yet, ask a question. Asking a question tends to get the highest ClickThrough-Rate (CTR). You could ask "Does The Truth About Abs Really Work?" or "Is The Truth About Abs A Scam?" Also notice in all my examples I Capitalized Every Word In The Title. Capitalizing every word in the title further improves CTR so be sure to do it. And capitalizng an ENTIRE or word two can also improve CTR 10

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but I would avoid capitalizing your entire title. Remember, put your keyword in the title and phrase the title in a way that piques the interest of the user and makes them click your video.

HD Videos Youtube gives a small advantage to HD quality videos in the rankings. Always make HD videos if possible. Enough said.

Add Your Keywords Be sure to fill in the video's keywords. Add the keyword you're targetting then think of all the variations and longtails for that keyword. Use Google's Keyword Tool if you need help. Oftentimes you'll rank for longtail keywords or showup in the related videos section based on your keyword selection. Keywords are important so don't leave any space empty here.

Writing Your Description: High Keyword Density Works A few years ago high keyword density content helped websites rank. Later Google started cracking down and penalizing those websites that took it too far. Guess what? High keyword density descriptions still work on youtube. There is no penalty for overusing your keywords in your description (unless you make it too spammy and unreadable and get a manual review) Want some proof? Take a look at the top result for this HIGHLY competitive and lucrative search term: 11

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raspberry ketone review. Granted, high keyword density isn't the only reason this video is ranking but if this were a website Google would've slapped it with a penalty rather than ranking it #1. You'll find spammy, high density keyword descriptions similar to the example below in almost all of the top rankings for competitive search terms on youtube.

So how should you write your description? On the first line include the link you want people to click and your call to action. For example "Buy It Now: YourAffiliateURL" or "YourAffiliateURL - Click Here". If you're direct linking to an


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affiliate offer then you need to shorten it with a URL shortener or redirect through a domain you own (I'll discuss this more in the next section). Then starting on the next line write out a long description, the longer the better. The first word of your description should be your keyword then add your keyword and related keywords throughout the description as often as possible. Your description doesn't need to be high quality and well thought out. Most people won't read it. Just make it readable enough to pass a manual review.

Linking to Your Affiliate Offer: How To NOT Get Your Video Removed If you've advertised on Youtube before, you're probably well aware that Youtube hates affiliate links. Yes, there are plenty of videos with millions of views that direct link to an affiliate and get away with it. Just be aware that direct linking always puts you at risk of getting your video removed. The best way to link to an affiliate offer is by creating a simple 1 page website that your video links to. On this 1 page website you would have a picture of the product, a simple description that could be copy & pasted from elsewhere, and your "Buy It Now" text with your affiliate link. Using a free domain name is fine for this page. If you link your videos to your affiliate offers this way you won't risk getting your videos removed. Also if you're an advanced user you can improve your conversion rate even more by providing some reviews or testimonials on this page. Of course the second way to link to an affiliate offer is by direct linking. As I already mentioned, you always run the risk of getting videos removed. If you're going 13

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to direct link ALWAYS use a url shortener such as or redirect it through one of your domains (again a free domain works fine). If your video ever gets removed because of the affiliate link then remove a few seconds from the video and reupload it.

What if the Affiliate Offer Doesn't Convert? If you find your videos are getting viewed but aren't earning you any money from affiliate offers then you could instead link it to your adsense account. More information found here hl=en&answer=72866 just be aware you won't earn anywhere near as much as you can with affiliate offers so I would only recommend this as a last resort. If you're unable to put adsense into your videos you could instead link the video to a simple website you create filled with adsense or an adsense-alternative such as chikita. Since we aren't trying to rank this website with SEO, using duplicate content on the site is fine. Again, your earnings won't be as high as your potential earnings from affiliate offers so I wouldn't suggest this unless you've given it time and the video still isn't making any money from affiliate offers.

Your Username Should Contain Your Keyword This part is optional. When creating a username, it helps if your username contains the keyword you're targetting. Oftentimes your keyword won't be available as a username. When that's the case it's fine to add words or numbers before or after 14

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the keyword in your username. For example if you're targetting the keyword Forex Brokers, the username forexbrokers is already taken so instead you could use forexbrokers9847 or forexbrokersresource as your username. In the next section I'll explain the benefit of creating a username containing your keyword.


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Module 3: Advanced Ranking Tactics - Backlinks For keywords with little competition, backlinks won't be needed to rank. If you're using the Beginner Method #1 outlined in Module 1 then you may not need backlinks. However for more competitive terms, you're going to need backlinks just like a website needs backlinks to rank. I've divided backlinks in this module into three categories: backlinks from youtube, backlinks you create from web 2.0s, and backlinks created with automation.

Backlinks From Youtube If you find you need backlinks to rank your video, I suggest first starting with backlinks from youtube. In the prior section I told you to create a username containing your keyword, now I'll explain why that's helpful. A very easy and effective way to get backlinks is by commenting on related videos in youtube. When you comment on another video, that comment gives you a dofollow link with your username as the anchor text back to your channel. These backlinks will still work if your username doesn't contain your keyword, they just won't be quite as effective for ranking purposes. How do we find suitable videos to comment on? Look for related videos with a high Page Rank (use SEOquake brower plugin to see the page rank) and make sure there isn't much activity in the comments section. There should be comments on the first page from at least several months ago. The example below shows a suitable


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video to comment on if you were creating backlinks for a weight loss video:


Copyright Š 2013 Adam Bale

Notice in this example it's a PR4 video, the newest comment is 1 month old and there's still a 4 month old comment showing on the first page. The comments section isn't active so we won't have to worry about our backlink getting bumped off the page anytime soon. When creating a comment it's important not to make it seem spammy or generic. Try to mention something specific from their video in your comment. VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT overdo the youtube commenting. Stick to 2 comments every other day at the most. If you comment too often with a new account you'll be banned. You've been warned.

Creating Embedded Backlinks From Web 2.0s If you've optimized your video, created some youtube comment backlinks, and find you still aren't ranking the next thing to do is create some backlinks from web 2.0 properties. To do this you need to create some web 2.0 blogs and embed your video. Embedding the video is more effective than an anchor text link and looks more natural so be sure these are embedded. There are lots of sites you can use some of my favorites that allow embedding are: Weebly, Jimdo, Tumblr, Livejournal, Blogger,, Newsvine. Once you embed the video add some related articles. You can find over 100,000 PLR articles for pratically every niche here: g3cncbcizbuussr (direct link) or if that link is down you can find it on my website: 18

Copyright Š 2013 Adam Bale or you can just search or scrape article directories for content. If you use a PLR article I suggest spinning it. You can use the free version of SpinChimp or SpinnerChief to spin the articles (don't buy the paid version, it's not needed for this). Once you have the spun articles insert them around your embedded video and you're done. Fairly easy and very effective for ranking. I usually make 6-10 of these backlinks. If you have multiple videos in the same broad niche you can insert all of them into your web 2.0s. There's no need to make a new web 2.0 for each video. If you've followed all the steps up to this point you should be able to rank for all but the most competitive search terms. If your video still isn't ranking then continue reading. This last tactic is very effective...

Youtube Loves Spam: How to Rank Virtually Anything Now for the fun stuff. If you're trying to rank for a competitive keyword and the above steps aren't enough to rank your video then it's time to create a LOT of backlinks directly to your video. A few years ago you could blast a website with massive link spam from scrapebox/xrumer and rank. Google has heavily cracked down on this practice and today creating mass spammy links directly to a new website won't work and will just get you penalized. However that's not the case with videos. The secret weapon that will let you rank practically any keyword is this: spammy links still work for ranking youtube videos. That's right, large amounts of 19

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backlinks pointed directly to videos still ranks youtube videos like it's a webite in 2009. Your videos won't receive a penalty for having spammy backlinks. So load up your favorite backlink software or purchase backlink services from sellers on forums, blast your video with all the links you can get, and it WILL rank. Another thing note, you won't get penalized for overoptimizing your video's anchor text keywords in the backlinks. Usually I create about half the anchor text as the keyword I'm targetting and the other half as the video's url. At this point you should know what's needed to rank ANY video. If you throw enough links at your video it will rank. With the information learned here you should be able to start earning serious cash if you put in a little work.


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Wrapping Up Blueprint for Beginners I had a lot of information I wanted to cover so if you're a beginner parts of this ebook may have seemed overwhelming. If you're a total newbie and unsure how to proceed, here is exactly how I'd begin: 1. Using method #1 (p. 1), make videos around low competition keywords using Animoto or your preferred video software 2. Optimize videos and link to affiliate offers as discussed in module 2 3. Get backlinks from within youtube using comments (p. 17) 4. Make web 2.0 blogs, embed your videos, and insert related PLR articles (p. 19) 5. Repeat step 1, making more videos for more keywords. Once your videos start getting traction you will begin earning a steady income that you can continue to scale. If you put in the necessary work, I promise you it will pay off. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at

Final Words Thank you for reading this ebook. You should now know effective methods to create, optimize, and rank videos. I look forward to hearing your success stories. Good luck! -Adam


Copyright Š 2013 Adam Bale


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