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From the British attempts to seize the airfields at Depienne and Oudna to the bloody night battle for Green Hill and the bitter struggle for Primosole Bridge in Sicily, these highly trained parachute troops clashed with their opposite numbers, gaining experience, refining tactics and learning valuable lessons. Author David Greentree Illustrator Johnny Shumate

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From the snows of World War II’s Eastern Front to the mud of the Somme, Osprey’s Combat series pits history’s adversaries against one another, offering insights into how small groups of combatants were motivated, armed and led into action during a specific conflict.


The airborne forces of Britain and Germany were among their best troops of World War II and when they met in battle the result was a brutal trial of strength. British paratroopers and German Fallschirmjäger clashed repeatedly and their training, tactics, experience, morale and weaponry were tested against each other, not least in the three bruising encounters outlined here, in Tunisia and Sicily.

Inspired by the hugely successful Duel series and shaped by feedback from our readers, Osprey’s new Combat series arrives in 2013.


Mediterranean 1942–43


British Paratrooper vs Fallschirmjäger

978 1 78096 924 4 £11.99/ US $18.95/ CAN $19.95

Innovative split-screen artwork – a key moment in battle from both sides’ perspectives offers a glimpse of war through the eyes of those on the ground First-hand accounts Expert analysis Photographs, maps and specially commissioned colour plates combine to immerse the reader in the experience of close-quarters battle Gain new insights into the realities of warfare on the front line with Osprey’s Combat series.

Featuring dramatic split-screen artwork – the same moment in a battle from both sides

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Union Infantryman vs Confederate Infantryman


Eastern Theater 1861–65 The enthusiastic but largely inexperienced soldiers serving on both sides in the Civil War had to adapt quickly to the appalling realities of warfare in the industrial age. Author Ron Field, an authority on the Civil War, investigates three clashes that illustrate the changing realities of combat. Pitched into combat after an exhausting march to reach the battlefield, newly recruited infantrymen of both sides clashed at First Bull Run/Manassas in 1861. Two years later, the outcome of the Civil War’s pivotal battle at Gettysburg hung in the balance as the Confederate veterans of Pickett’s Division mounted a set-piece attack on Union positions at ‘The Bloody Angle’. In 1864, African-American troops fighting for the Union took part in a bloody assault on formidable Confederate positions at Chaffin’s Farm/New Market Heights, outside Petersburg. Ron Field Peter Dennis 978 1 78096 927 5 £11.99/ US $18.95/ CAN $19.95

British Infantryman vs Zulu Warrior Anglo-Zulu War 1879


This absorbing study casts light on what it was like to take part in close-quarters battle during the Civil War, as increased infantry firepower and a growing reliance on prepared defensive positions spelled the end of close-order tactics in the conflict that shaped America.


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Detailed maps, photographs and illustrations

The short but savage Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 pitched well-equipped but complacent British soldiers into combat with the Zulu, one of history’s finest fighting forces. The clashes between these two different armies prompted tactical innovation on both sides, as the British and their Zulu opponents sought to find the optimal combination of mobility, protection and firepower. This engrossing study traces the changing face of infantry combat in the Anglo-Zulu War. Three major engagements are detailed: the Zulu ambush at Nyezane, repulsed by the British using their established tactics; the shocking defeat and massacre of outmanoeuvred British forces in savage close-quarter fighting at iSandlwana; and the British victory at Khambula following their adoption of more condensed firing lines and prepared positions. Author Ian Knight Illustrator Peter Dennis

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978 1 78200 365 6 £11.99/ US $18.95/ CAN $19.95

Detailed front and back views of the troops, showing how they really appeared in battle

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French Guardsman vs Russian Jaeger


1812–14 The Russian Jaeger regiments and Napoleon’s Young Guard clashed repeatedly during the campaigns of 1812–14. The Russian Jaeger were light infantry who gained enormous experience and prestige during the struggle to rid Europe of Napoleon’s armies, while the Young Guard was expanded to become the main strike force of the French field armies.

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Laurence Spring Mark Stacey 978 1 78200 362 5 £11.99/ US $18.95/ CAN $19.95

In appalling winter conditions in 1812, the Young Guard turned to confront their opponents, including spearhead Jaeger forces, at Krasnyi. In the face of constant bombardment, Young Guard regiments held off the Russians, covering the retreat of large parts of Napoleon’s forces. They clashed again at Leipzig in 1813 and then again in the bitter cold at Craonne in 1814, where horrendous casualties finally told on the newly formed Young Guard units pitched into a premature attack upon Russian Jaeger regiments. Putting the reader in the shoes of the ordinary soldiers of both sides, this absorbing book traces the evolving trial of strength between Russia’s Jaeger arm and France’s Young Guardsmen at the height of the Napoleonic Wars.

Full-colour battle scenes convey the experience of combat


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Combat Leaflet  

Take a look at our upcoming series Combat!

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