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TAKE ME TO FIJI! It seems the red dust from Alice Springs has scarcely had time to settle, but the great memories from our successful ten-year celebration conference last year are quickly making way for excitement about the plans being settled for our 2018 conference in Fiji! The six months since the Alice Springs conference have been momentum-building for Think Water. Many of our Members are recording strong organic growth, we’ve welcomed several new Members to the group and we’re delivering on new initiatives such as new marketing, supplier promotions, new services, aid projects and a partnership with Beyond Blue. We have also completed a series of Regional Meetings where we combined the feedback received to focus our efforts on services that will help our stores build their individual businesses tomorrow. We’re now looking to build even greater momentum this year with our best-ever conference - in Fiji. I’m excited that the program for this year’s conference is promising to the best yet – with small improvements to proven favourites like our dinners, forums and Preferred Supplier speed meetings. And some exciting new speakers that will challenge our thinking and inspire us to achieve more. Our conference theme and agenda, will focus the strength of our member to member business model on growing our individual and combined businesses. A new addition to the conference is Think Aid. The response from the stores and suppliers who are coming early to the conference to donate their time has been overwhelming. A full contingent of 60 volunteers will be spending their Monday at the start of the conference delivering aid to two local schools in the area. We are truly thankful to our team of volunteers who are spending their time to make a difference with Think Aid. As always, there’ll be plenty of time made available to share knowledge with each other – as we know the best ideas often come from someone doing exactly what you do - but in another market. Our theme of working “Together Towards Tomorrow” captures our mission of taking Think Water to the next level of success in our second decade of business. Take me to Fiji!

Tony France General Manager

We’re now looking to build even greater momentum this year with our best-ever conference - in Fiji.




The 2017 Think Water Conference in Alice Springs set the bar to a record high level. Our focus for this years’ conference is attendance, and our Store Owners decided the place they most wanted to visit was Fiji. I am pleased to advise the 2018 Think Water Conference will be held from 6th to 9th August 2018 at the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa, Yanuca Island, Coral Coast, Fiji. The Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa is located just 45 minutes’ drive from the Nadi International Airport giving most Store Owners and Preferred Suppliers 1-flight conference access. Set on a 109acre private island with a causeway joining it to the mainland, the resort has natural white sandy beaches and a large natural lagoon forming a protected bay in front of the main swimming beaches, making it ideal for swimming and water sports.



Over the years the Annual Conference has continued to grow, and has become the largest event in the Think Water calendar. The conference provides Think Water Members with a valuable opportunity to network with both fellow Store Owners from across Australia and New Zealand as well as our Preferred Suppliers. Think Water General Manager Tony France said “Maximizing attendance to give the best value to Store Owners and Preferred Suppliers was our primary goal in selecting Fiji as our venue. Offering a tropical resort location that is an easy flight for most attending the conference was the key to a record number of Member registrations, six months before the event. Catering for families has also boosted our numbers and we expect this

to be our biggest conference yet, with all of our Preferred Suppliers sponsorship packages sold.” In 2017 we increased the conference involvement of our Preferred Suppliers and this will be continuing in 2018. With time dedicated to conferencing, networking and enjoying the attractions of Fiji, Preferred Suppliers will have access to Think Water Members across much of the conference and social events. After the success of last year’s Speed Meetings, we will be repeating this format for our trade day. We will also be recognizing the outstanding performance of our stores, Preferred Suppliers and their staff at the Awards Dinner.


This will be a chance to relax and catch up with other Think Water Members and their families. Enjoy a buffet dinner with a performance by Fijian warriors and dancers.


Experience real Fijian hospitality at our Pirate themed beach party – costumes are essential!





8:00 - 16:30

Think AID: Optional Charity Project Travel to Venue / Conference Registration

18:00 - 22:00

Welcome Dinner (Included for Silver, Gold, Platinum Sponsors) Extra Cost for Speed Meeting Suppliers

8:30 – 13:30

Member Only Conference.


Conference: Members + Suppliers


15:30- 17:30

Fijian Amazing Race: Members + Suppliers


18:45- 22:30

Beach Party: Members + Suppliers

8:00 - 10:00

Supplier Speed Meeting bump in

10:00 - 17:30

Supplier Speed Meetings

18.30 - 22:00

Awards Dinner - Ball Room

9:00 - 12:30

Conference –External Speaker. Members + Suppliers


Tuesday 7/8/2018

Wednesday 8/8/2018

Thursday 9/8/2018


Lunch and departure

Families are welcome, and there will be prizes for best and worst dressed.

Join us as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of our Members and Suppliers of the year. The venue will be an outdoor marquee, where a buffet dinner will be served with awards presented and music by a live band.



ELECTRIC BOREHOLE PUMPS: ENDURANCE SERIES A PRODUCT ALWAYS NUMBER ONE Caprari’s ongoing research is centred on the creation of eco-friendly products that both protect the environment and optimise energy efficiency during operation. In recent years Caprari has developed a range of electric pumps produced with special materials, suitable for use in heavy duty conditions with aggressive, sandy and marine waters: the ENDURANCE series. These products are made using a precision stainless steel casting technique. Caprari is excited to announce that the Endurance range has expanded to now include new 8” full AISI 316 Stainless steel models. Precision casting technology makes it possible to produce very thick components. The absence of welds guarantees continuous hydraulic profiles without friction and turbulence for greater durability and reliability



compared to welded and moulded steel sheet solutions. All components are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, which guarantees high corrosion resistance (40,000 parts per million of T.D.S.), the shaft and the joint are made of duplex. The Endurance electric pumps are designed to withstand galvanic corrosion thanks to the exclusive DEFENDER® system, a passivation device designed and patented by Caprari that protects the pump from the first moments after installation. Endurance pumps are suitable for applications with solid content up to 150 g/m3. They feature bearings with antirecirculation lip protected against the introduction of sand. The special PROTECTOR® device, installed in NEMA couplings between wet-end and motor, perfectly seals the area, protecting the coupling and preserving the motor mechanical seal against solids. With the addition of the new full 316

Stainless steel Endurance range Caprari remains focused on the needs of customers, for whom Caprari does not only represent a mere supplier, but a reliable and attentive partner.

For more information call your area representative or the Adelaide sales office.

Caprari Pumps Australia Ph: 08-8240 0767

Helping communities in Fiji access safe drinking water

On Monday 6th of August we are giving those who have arrived over the weekend the option to join the Think Water team on our 2018 Think Aid Project. Think Water have worked with the Shangri-La hotel to identify two local schools that need assistance with their water supplies. We will be putting together a team of volunteers to supply and install a number of products that will ensure these schools have a consistent supply of suitable water for the coming years. Ratu Ilaisa Primary School has 109 students and Nadroumai Primary School has 110 students, including 43 boarders who are housed in two dormitories. Both have water supplies that are inconsistent and in need of maintenance. The wider Think Water team have a fantastic opportunity to make a difference. We will be looking for donations of product, time and some funds to assist with the aid work. We are busy coordinating this aid with the Fijian authorities at present and more details will be provided closer to the conference. This is a great opportunity to make a difference and work shoulder to shoulder with the Think Water team.


100% of donations will go directly to the project



CELEBRATING SOLO’S 70TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1948 by brothers Hans and Heinz Emmerich. To this day, it is still a leading global manufacturer of high grade sprayers, misters and blowers, amongst other products. Its large manufacturing facility in Virginia, USA – where it is the leading supplier of backpack sprayers to the impressive US market – serves as a testament to Solo’s prominent standing in the industry. In addition to the head office in the southern German town of Sindelfingen, Solo has partners and subsidiaries around the world, ensuring it can adapt alongside customers’ ever-changing needs and wants. Solo has partnered with Clayton Engineering in Australia for 43 years. Andreas Emmerich, Solo CEO and second generation of the founding Emmerich family, commented, “The Solo backpack sprayer is the No.1 sprayer sold in the Australian market, not only because it is a superior product, but also because of the first-class support and service that Clayton Engineering have provided over a long period of time. It is great that Solo has such a stable but progressive partner

in the Australian market. We are happy to celebrate our 70th Anniversary together”.

“STABLE, BUT PROGRESSIVE,” certainly represents Clayton Engineering; and so, in keeping with this – and to celebrate Solo’s 70th Anniversary – Clayton will be releasing several new products this year. Mike Thompson, MD, stated, “We are excited to launch the first Solo product for 2018. This is a battery powered 10L backpack sprayer for the domestic market – called the Solo 414. The trend in the market is to move from manual spraying to battery power. This is a quality product that compliments the existing larger Solo 417 model. I think that it is the ideal product for Think Water for that retail sale to the domestic homeowner”. Solo sprayers are ‘built to last a lifetime’, and the Solo 414 is no exception. Some of its features are listed below: • 0.8V, 2.5Ah Li-ion rechargeable Battery • 10L fill capacity • 210 minutes of spray time • 150 minutes to fully recharge


You Know What’s In Your Water?





The rugged beauty of the Tropical North captured their imaginations and they found themselves in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Situated 1680 km north of Brisbane, Cairns has a population just shy of 140,000 people and is a trading hub for rural properties, mines, marine and the tourist industry. Luke was very excited when he arrived as he could clearly see the potential of the water and fluid management markets. Even though the existing businesses servicing those markets were doing well, the lack of proper care, service, attention and industry knowledge to meet client’s needs was glaring. Luke brought some wellknown bush hospitality and manners, laughs, and knowledge into the equation and has been very successful as a result. Luke initially joined the industry after being employed by Irrigear in NSW. When he and his family moved north in 2006 he took up a role briefly with Total Eden in Townsville and was then transferred to Total Eden Cairns where he has been ever since. He has now racked up 14 years

of experience, gaining knowledge and creating a network of contacts in his local markets. During Luke’s tenure at Total Eden he worked closely with a colleague by the name of Jeff Crowe. Jeff has 26 years of industry experience and is well regarded and known within the region and industry. Jeff could also see a bright future as a part of Luke’s team and was keen to play a role in it. With the dream still humming away, in March 2017 Luke met with Phil Best to discuss what the Think Water group could bring to the table. Luke was somewhat familiar with the Think Water family as the current Mareeba store owners also have a Total Eden background. Luke was looking for a strong brand that could assist with all the backend pitfalls in running a business, good marketing capabilities, but also a group of like-minded individuals who share the same struggles and dreams. Being an “independent” just didn’t appeal to him. After those initial meetings and lots of back end planning and sleepless nights, in November of 2017 Tony France and Chris Rehm met with Luke to finalise the new Think Water Cairns franchise. Soon afterwards the dream became a reality and Think Water Cairns opened its doors for trading in late January 2018. Luke says:

needed a bigger stick (Think Water) to help me set up camp right in the middle of them all. The team from Think Water have been amazing. Tony, Phil, Chris, Emily and Liesle have been fully committed right from the start and I cannot speak more highly of any of them. The support they have provided and the responses to my requests have been spot on. It really has been a fantastic start and I look forward to a long and positive relationship with the whole team.” Tony France reports “The team at Think Water Cairns will really shake up the existing Pumping and Irrigation landscape in the city. Luke has brought a wealth of local knowledge, new customers, experience and expertise to the Think Water family. While they have joined for Think Water’s collective knowledge, strong national brand and the wide range of support services the NSO offer, they will add tremendous value to the Think Water family with their diverse understanding of niche markets and help to complete a solid network of Think Water locations in Far North Queensland. What makes the fit so good is that their ethics and values align so well with Think Water and our existing Members. We welcome Luke, Jess, Jeff and the family with open arms.” If you haven’t had a chance yet to welcome Luke and the team, please drop them a phone call and introduce yourselves.

“Joining the Think Water Group was a no-brainer; both parties were well positioned, in the right place at the right time and proved to be a very good fit for each other. With a few corporates muscling their way into our industry in Cairns, going out as an independent was never an option, I



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DISEASE PREVENTION - THINK STEAM, THINK KÄRCHER Hot water instead of chemicals Cleaning is often essential on farms, at the end of milking or when dirty machines need cleaning. Using pressure washers is a standard procedure, but new findings have come to light on whether hot water or cleaning agents and disinfectants should be used. The Thuringian State Office for Agriculture, Germany carried out cleaning tests to compare the use of hot and cold water. The research goal was to test the cleaning effect and above all the pathogen eradication effect achieved by pressure washers with improved technical features that eject water at temperatures of 80°C and more, at different water flow rates, working pressures and exposure times. All tests were conducted without the addition of cleaning agents and disinfectants. Swabs were tested after breeding for staphylococci, streptococci, gram-positive farm bacteria, spore formers and coli bacteria. Detailed tests were undertaken of the effect of using hot-water machines for cleaning:

• • • •

Animal transport vehicles, Heavily soiled manure spreaders, Calf huts The stalls of a pig-breeding plant.

The Hotter the Water the Better the Outcome The analysis of cleaning results shown in Table 1 shows how the cleaning and pathogen reduction goals were achieved. This is particularly clear in the image documentation. In the case of the heavily soiled manure spreader, the visual impression of cold-water cleaning compared with hot-water cleaning were especially convincing (see table below). If pathogen reduction is not a priority, cleaning with warm water at approximately 60°C is adequate. The cleaning of calf huts places more stringent demands as regards the pathogen status of the huts after cleaning. When the next calf is placed in the hut it should not be confronted with bacteria from the previous inhabitant. Prolonged periods of vacancy make additional interim disinfection necessary. For the purpose of testing, huts were cleaned with cold water, warm water at 60°C, hot water at 80°C and in each case swabs were taken after drying. There were clear differences in effectiveness. Cleaning with water at 60°C did not eradicate or minimise some types of pathogen. Cleaning with hot water at 80°C and with steam produced a very good effect. The huts and the floor were almost bacteria-free. Recommendations for use

Test equipment used TABLE Cleaning with hot water at 60°C Kärcher HD 13/18-4 SX Plus: 630 to 1,300 l/h water flow rate, 30 to 180 bars pressure, maximum water intake temperature 60°C Hot-water and steam cleaning Kärcher HDS 13/20-4 S: 650 to 1,300 l/h water flow rate, 30 to 200 bars pressure, maximum temperature 80°C at maximum water flow rate and pressure, 155°C at lowest.



Thorough and time-efficient cleaning and disinfection in all areas of agricultural production can only be achieved by using hot-water pressure washers. Cold-water models can achieve a certain basic degree of cleaning by means of high pressure and a large amount of water.

As soon as higher levels of fat removal or, indeed, bacteria reduction are required, they are largely ineffective, however. Using chemical cleaning agents to assist in the cleaning process with cold water is inappropriate. The test series showed that hot-water pressure washers can achieve a drastic reduction in bacteria levels even without using cleaning agents and disinfectant solutions. In many cases, disinfectant usage can be reduced or the disinfection cycle protracted. This saving and the reduction in working time required usually more than offset the cost of using hot water. Buildings and equipment are also less subjected to chemical contamination. The risk of residues in agricultural products and the environment is minimised. Compliance with statutory requirements such as for disinfection of animal transporters is of course essential, and operatives must work precisely as a precondition for success in cleaning and bacteria reduction. Given the low impact pressure and energy density of steam, cleaning with the full amount of water, the highest possible pressure and at 80°C, is usually to be preferred. A minimum hot-water pressure washer requirement is a water throughput of 1,000 l/h and a jet pressure of 180 bar. Less will not ensure reliable results.

SUMMARY • Cold-water pressure washers have a lesser cleaning effect than cleaning with hot water. • If hot water at a temperature of 80°C is used for cleaning, a second operation using disinfectants can usually be dispensed with. • Savings of time and resources financially offset the energy required to generate hot water.

Contact Bernie Keegan bernard.keegan@au.karcher.com for more details.


INTRODUCING THINK WATER SOUTHLAND Dale and his wife Kristie have managed the transition from Southland Pumps to Think Water Southland over the busy summer months, with the finishing touches going up on the building in February. The Southland team have plans to renovate inside their retail show room over the next few months. Think Water NZ Operations Manager Trevor Shadbolt reports “Dale and the team at Think Water Southland are a strategically important Member in the Think Water group of independent businesses, bringing us closer to completing our penetration into the NZ market. The new Southland and Manawatu stores give Dale Williams is the owner of the southernmost Think Water store, based in Invercargill on the South Island of New Zealand. Originally from South Africa, Dale’s world travels finished in the small coastal town of Riverton, 20km from Invercargill, right on the southern tip of the South Island. While Invercargill has a population of just 50,000, the city is surrounded by conservation and marine reserves and rich farming land, much of which has been converted from sheep to dairy over the last 25 years. Although the demand for irrigation is not as high as some areas, there is plenty of opportunity for pumping and water treatment. With an average yearly temperature of 9.8°C on top of the water, Dale still spends his spare time in the ocean surfing and diving. After moving to NZ, Dale spent time managing corporates in the agricultural field until he made the decision to buy the existing business Southland Pumps in 2015. After 2 years of building Southland Pumps as an independent business, Dale joined Think Water to accelerate his

business growth. Dale started looking at the Think Water group after talking to staff from a Think Water store at a supplier training session. While Dale had successfully developed his systems and processes to streamline his business, he was missing the support of peers from the industry and close relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers. Think Water has delivered Dale a network of like-minded business people who have experienced many of the challenges that Dale will have growing a small business.

Dale says: “The support of the industry’s major suppliers and Think Water’s Operations team has been fantastic. While our team within the business remains the same, Think Water’s Preferred Suppliers have helped open up many business opportunities. Think Water’s national branding is effective and well recognised. By combining our new branding with Think Water marketing, our business has developed a new level of recognition in our market.”

more New Zealanders close access to the special Think Water service that our stores deliver. Dale also has a strong business process skillset and will be an asset to the Think Water group.”



DAVEY EXPANDS INTO MEDICAL GRADE WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS Davey are developing a reputation as the go-to professionals for medical grade water treatment systems in New Zealand - with help from Think Water Pukekohe. The team’s ability to design comprehensive, tailored solutions to suit each individual application at a competitive price, plus the fact the plants are built entirely off-site on portable trolleys means they arrive to the customer pre-plumbed and ready for installation. Davey Master Dealer Think Water Pukekohe are an important part of this process with Davey relying on them for their specialised skills and equipment to help build the systems. Bruce Chave, General Manager at Davey NZ says customer feedback proves after sales service and support

Case Study 1: CR Kennedy

Case Study 2: Victoria University

The requirement: When CR Kennedy acquired Mercer Medical in 2015 they found themselves with an inventory of autoclaves and sterilising units which required medical grade water to the new AS NZS 4178 standard.

The requirement: Students working in brand new laboratories required a controlled water supply for experiments and required off-site water quality monitoring without manual sampling.

The Davey solution: A system which treats 3,808 litres of reverse osmosis water services six washing and sterilising machines with expected peak use of 12 cycles per day. “Meeting these standards is critical and if the water used isn’t of a certain standard then there is a high risk of damaging the equipment,” says Darryl Ingham from Davey. “Giving the customer peace of

The Davey solution: Four water treatment plants and two pump units with offsite monitoring. The system included carbon filters for de-chlorination, water softeners to remove hardness, reverse osmosis to remove most of the salts, mixed bed deionisation resin for more intensive polishing and deionisation, and UV disinfection with 0.2-micron filtration on the end of the treatment for endotoxins. The Rosemount 1056 Analyzer dual input conductivity meters measured readings before and after the reverse osmosis systems. Similar analysers read resistivity after the mixed bed resin de-ionizing tanks and the 0.2 filtration on the ring main. Both UV units come with comms centres for data-logging and trouble-shooting. “Other companies were only supplying equipment and didn’t have the scope to put it all together, whereas we could put all this equipment on a trolley, plumbed, tested and ready to go, a plug and play solution. Because we were able to offer a complete solution we secured the job,” says Darryl.

The Think Water Pukekohe team have been involved in building around 90% of the medical grade water systems for Davey.

through collaboration with Think Water is providing quality outcomes. “We are providing a complete solution and we’re giving the customer peace of mind. We are offering a premium package and we really add value to the customer in terms of service and support utilising Davey’s expertise,” he says.

“We see the medical market as being a niche growth area for us, bespoke solutions that require a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and compliance requirements.” 12


mind that this aspect is taken care of has helped CR Kennedy deliver their products to the end user.” “It takes pressure off us. We realise what needs to be achieved but we’re not water experts, so we’ve brought the water experts in,” says Scott Robinson, Service Manager at CR Kennedy. “We need can-do people. There’s a lot of work to be done and there’s a lot of scope for things to go wrong. We need partners like Davey, so when things go wrong, which they do, we have faith we can get them on the phone and it is sorted very quickly and efficiently.”


INTRODUCING THINK WATER MANAWATU Pita Tua-Davidson and Sophie Arends have developed TD Engineering and Water Solutions over the past four years. Based in Palmerston North, a two-hour drive north of the bottom of the North Island, Pita Tua-Davidson and Sophie Arends started TD Engineering and Water Solutions four years ago to service a range of rural customers with general water and engineering services and solutions. Palmerston North is on the southern fringe of the Manawatu district and has the unique skyline of 55 wind turbines that generate 90 megawatts of electricity for the city. Clearly not afraid of heights, and before starting TD Engineering, Pita was part of the maintenance crew working 70m off the ground ensuring these massive turbines keep operating. Pita and Sophie were looking at taking the next step with their business and mentioned their plans to a sales representative from Davey Pumps, a Think Water Preferred Supplier. He suggested they speak to Think Water. After a visit from NZ Operations Manager Trevor Shadbolt and GM Tony France, they decided to join the group as Think Water was able to give them the assistance they were looking for to take their engineering-based business to the next level.

Finding and preparing a building on the main industrial street during a busy Manawatu summer was a challenge in time management, however the outcome has been worth it. On Friday the 9th of February Think Water Manawatu was officially opened at 733 Tremaine Street. The renovation turned an old Hydraulink service centre into a stylish Think Water retail store with a contractor’s fitting warehouse and engineering shop. The team took a hands-on approach, building many of the show room’s feature items including the timber counter and working pump display. The outcome is a spectacular and crisp retail experience for customers looking for advice from the Think Water Manawatu team. The Open Day was huge success with Think Water Preferred Suppliers attending and continuing the strong support they have given this new store from the start. Sophie says:

The location of Pita and Sophie’s new Think Water store on the main commercial street of Palmerston North will be a critical part of bringing in new business, with several sales from driveby traffic in their first few days. Think Water GM Tony France comments “Location is a critical part of any retail store’s success and the team at Manawatu have nailed it with the newest Think Water store. The original building needed some serious attention and our newest team have performed an awesome transformation, with a show room that will have customers coming back for more. The engineering knowledge and drive of the team at the Manawatu store has impressed many

“The whole experience of becoming part of the Think Water team has been fantastic. The Think Water Preferred Suppliers have been extremely supportive of our joining the group and developing our business to this next level. The Think Water team have been an important part of our transition to where our business is today.”

of our Preferred Suppliers and the rest of the Think Water group. Their opening day was a huge success with plenty of customers visiting to talk to the Manawatu team and supporting suppliers. Congratulations to the team Think Water Manawatu, you have built a great start to your new business.”




GAIN THE NATIONALLY ACCREDITED CERT III IN IRRIGATION Think Water Training school not only provides students with a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies in irrigation and pumping, but also provides students with the opportunity to complete the nationally accredited Certificate III in

Irrigation in a blended learning model. Students are expected to complete additional projects and assessments after the six (6) day training school to satisfy the requirements of each of the 12 competencies.

Call the NSO for details on 07 3209 9400

INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR: JASON GEHRKE Jason has a passion for franchising and has been involved in the sector for over 25 years. He is the director of the Franchise Advisory Centre, an education and advisory service that assists franchisors and franchisees to work more effectively together. More than half of the franchise brands in Australia and New Zealand have attended a professional development event presented by Jason. In 2017, Jason joined the Think Water Board as an Independent Director. JASON’S FRANCHISING & SMALL BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENTS INCLUDE: • Deputy Chairman, Franchise Council of Australia (20122016) and Director (2008+); • Chairman, World Franchise Council (2015) & Australian delegate (1999-2001, 2013+); • Chairman, Asia-Pacific Franchise Confederation (2015), founding 14


member 1998, member 2013+; • Member, ACCC Small Business & Franchising Consultative Committee (2004-2010, and 2012+); • Director, Inspirations Paint (2014+) a franchise with 132 retail outlets across Australia; • Franchise education presenter and facilitator, conducting more than 50 education events per year; • Adjunct Professor and past franchising course convenor, Griffith University Business School (2007+); • Mentored more than 100 independent and franchised small businesses under the Queensland Government Small Business Solutions program; • Developed and authored Australia’s first free pre-entry education program for franchisees (endorsed by the ACCC, with more than 13,000 participants since 1 July 2010); • Authored submissions for Franchising Code (Inquiry 2013, 2008 & Review 2006), SA & WA state franchise inquiries (2011 &

Jason Gehrke Brisbane, QLD 4075, Australia | P: +61 7 3716 0400 F: +61 7 3716 0300| M: +61 (0) 418 747 493 | E: jason@franchiseadvice.com.au www.franchiseadvice.com.au

2008) and Productivity Commission Retail Leasing Inquiry (2007); • CEO of FCA Franchise System of the Year 2004 winner (Homebased & mobile 21-100 outlets); »» Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of Southern QLD (studied part-time 2002-2007) »» Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) Awarded by Franchise Council of Australia October 2015 »» Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors


KEY OUTCOMES • More profitable business - Greater staff moral

How Can You Get More From Your Team? by Koos Kruger



A business in South East Sydney employed fourteen technicians, four project managers and two support staff. The technicians had different levels of chargeable time and write offs and had various excuses as to why their hours would be over the quoted price. The owner felt that some team members were simply ‘cruising’, mildly disruptive and were so de-motivated that they would undermine his attempts to address these issues. This had a negative effect on morale throughout the business. The owner being busy with business development wanted someone with experience in these matters to help him overcome these issues.


Obtain commitment from owner to introduce a formal Feedback/ Career Development program within the business (with input from staff).


Develop a Corporate Vision Document – including the goals of the business.


Demonstrate how each position in the business contributes to the goals of the business.


Stipulate the Values and accepted behaviours of the business.

If he did nothing he would continue to receive lower profits, lower business value, less committed workforce and reduced job satisfaction. Ultimately the key issues were poor morale/culture resulting in inconsistent levels of performance.


Develop a reasonable target for Revenue for the year (about 20% greater than existing levels).


Identify the reasons for Write Offs and inefficiencies.


Determine extra profit that the HPB will create.


Agree what will be offered to staff as an Incentive.


Identify what behaviours the owner wants to emphasise for each staff member.

This case study highlights how a structured High Performing Business (HPB) program reduces business stress for the owner and improves the financial returns.


We discussed with the owner the need to identify and create the work environment that he wanted for his workplace. He agreed on certain workplace behaviours that he wanted to encourage and those he wouldn’t tolerate. Identified the strategies required to create a team environment. Identified the performance targets that each staff member needed to achieve.

10. Discuss the HPB with staff and introduce the HPB. 11. Regular celebration of YTD Revenue achievements.

• Less stress for the owner - A better business (greater business value) ────

High achieving businesses recognize that effective communication and welldefined vision, employee goals and targets are the key to motivating employees. Employees must also feel respected and valued by the organization. Praise, encouragement and acknowledgement are essential ingredients, and should be combined with employee performance targets and goals that set clear benchmark standards.

• • •


BUSINESS COMPANION Sydney | Brisbane | Melbourne | Perth | Auckland | Christchurch

1300 856 477 info@businesscompanion.com.au businesscompanion.com.au



VERTICAL MERCHANDISING TECHNIQUES - WHY IT WORKS FOR IRRIGATION INDUSTRY RETAILERS Selling techniques are a crucial element of any retailer’s success, but a copy and paste approach across all stores is not enough to compete in today’s competitive retail market. Vertical Merchandising is the method of presenting items in a vertical display. Each category of merchandise gets equal levels of exposure at eye level and customers will locate what they need and

then investigate further at higher and lower shelves. By placing popular products closer to the customer’s line of sight, these products have higher visibility than items which have a much lower turnover. A vertical merchandising display allows customers to stay in one position and use their eyes to follow the display of items, from top to bottom, in a vertical fashion.

Retail Design Specialist: Lisa Christie from Visual Edge www.visualedge.com.au 0438 847 825

Vertical Merchandising

• Customers tend to focus on the products at eye level. By displaying merchandise vertically, customers will see more inventory and more product options. It makes it easier for them to compare product offerings and prices. • Vertical Merchandising improves the appearance and organisation of the shop. • Large product selections tend to look messy and overwhelming to customers. Presented consistently in vertical columns, a large selection will appear organised and easy to understand for a customer. • All brands and product categories receive equal visibility at eye level.

Retailers in our industry who have adopted this method have reported that this technique makes items easier to find for customers, easier to re-order and has a positive effect on sales figures as a result. – Noel Gardner, Director of Think Water Whitsunday is an advocate of vertical merchandising strategies.

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THE ROLE OF VIDEOS IN BUILDING TRUST IN A SERVICE DOMINATED INDUSTRY 80% of the developed world’s economy is a service based. Even if you are selling products like pipes, pumps or fittings, the service components not only dominate but are key in your customers’ decisionmaking process. Take for example a rival pump manufacturer wants to break into the irrigation industry and compete against the big two - Grundfos and Davey. The decision of irrigation stores like Think Water to sell and support the new supplier is not merely based on pump performance. We all know that Davey and Grundfos manufacture top quality pumps that are innovative, efficient and pass rigorous testing. However, Think Water stores need to consider the service component which includes pricing, terms, support, after-sales service, etc. There is risk in purchasing a service as the quality varies greatly with every transaction. As such, companies invest heavily in systems and procedures to minimise customer-perceived risk. One challenge that remains is attracting new clients. How can you build trust and eliminate risk? The answer is in audiovisual materials, in other words videos.

Think Water Darwin uses project videos to influence customer decisions. Through a series of videos demonstrating completed projects, they have generated over 30,000 views in the Darwin region alone. One of the projects featured was a full irrigation system installation at Marrara Christian College which was recorded with a customer testimonial. The video, along with project photos posted on social media, generated over 8,000 views. Now consider for a moment that you are the Maintenance Manager of “St Andrews School” in Darwin and that it is time to upgrade the oval irrigation system. No doubt after seeing these videos the level of trust you will have about Think Water’s capabilities, even if you have never heard of them before, will be high.

Social Media and smartphones have opened the door to low-cost video production and streaming. With a click of a button and few dollars, you can spread your videos to tens of thousands of targeted viewers across your region, building trust and eliminating any perceived risk in your service.


It is important to understand that other advertising use fake people and creates fake situations to manipulate decisions. However, project videos use real people, real situations and provide genuine insights into the service and product quality delivered.

WHEN DOES A REQUEST TO WORK OVERTIME BECOME UNREASONABLE? The word “reasonable” in the context of requesting staff to work overtime can sometimes be a frustration for employers and Human Resource practitioners. With no stated definition under Australian industrial relations legislation, and limited case law to fall back on, the determination of whether a request from an employer to work overtime is reasonable is based on what impact such a request will have on the employee. So how can employers determine if a request made to an employee to work overtime is “reasonable”?


1. The operational requirements of the business

where the employee is engaged to work; 2. The cost to the business for employees who are to be paid overtime penalty rates and other benefits such as a meal or meal allowance; 3. What notice (if any) has the employer given the employee when a request has been made to work additional hours; 4. Will such a request put any risk on the employee’s health & safety? Employers need to ensure they are monitoring their staff for fatigue and particularly so during busy periods where working additional hours may be more regular; 5. The employee’s personal circumstances, including family responsibilities.

According to the Australian Fair Work Act, full-time employees are expected to work a maximum of 38 hours per week, with the provision for reasonable additional hours. If an employee will be expected to work reasonable additional hours from time to time to ensure the operational requirements of the business are met, employers must state within the original contract of employment how such additional hours will be compensated for, e.g. included in their annual remuneration package, or alternatively, will be paid at the applicable overtime rates in accordance with the employee’s modern award. If there is a reasonable expectation that a role to be performed will require the employee to work additional hours, e.g. on a roster basis, or perhaps during specific periods of the year when business activity is greater, then it is in the interests of both parties to ensure this is communicated from the beginning. If Members have any questions on this and/or any other matter relating to the daily management of the Human Resource function of your business, please call Mel Dixon of Red HR on (07) 3399 4977 or mobile on 0414 570 988 or email Mel at melinda@redhr.com.au. MARKETING/HR



ALICE SPRINGS STORE PROFILE HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE GROUP? Since October 2014. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE IRRIGATION INDUSTRY? Including the civil engineering side – 27 years. WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY MARKET? It varies; contractors, stations, councils and shires. Supplying water mains, irrigation, plumbing and generally all products associated with water. REASON FOR JOINING THE GROUP: Watershed had closed down and with my civil company being one of its major customers, I thought I would like to try retail and sell product as a semiretirement package. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Everything to do with opening the business was a major challenge. Watershed had closed leaving three exceptional employees. They took on the challenge with me to rebuild everything; the yard and shop, computers, stock, customers, parking, and suppliers. BIGGEST WIN: By October 2017 after three years of hard work, we have a crew who have been rebuilt (we have now expanded to 10), 18


a positive attitude, clean shop, plenty of stock and watching more and more customers come in.

the positive vibe going and we’ll see how far up the mountain we get. When customers walk out with a smile, we are achieving!

FAVORITE PRODUCT: The one I am selling right now. MOST INTERESTING PROJECT? It generally works in conjunction with my civil company; pump stations for numerous communities, hydraulic works, sewer, setting out complete water supply to homesteads and suppling and installing major water mains projects. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: We are into our 4th year and no gaps in our stock has been our latest completed project. Now onto advertising! Always working on quickly and efficiently supplying product and quotes, keeping

THINK WATER ALICE SPRINGS Rick Chambers P: 08 8952 1844 E: alicesprings@thinkwater.com.au


With the right filtration system...

...You can trust every drop. TITLE


NEW GENERATION UNDERGROUND TANKS For more than 50 years, the GRAF brand has represented high-quality plastic products. Founded in 1962, GRAF has grown to become the European market leader in rainwater harvesting. Our new generation of Carat rainwater underground tanks has been specially developed for rainwater harvesting but can also be used for storm water and waste water purposes. Easy to transport due to low weight and encircling H profile, our Carat tanks consist of two half shells which can be put on top of each other, allowing for multiple tanks to be stacked on a single pallet for shipping purposes. The tank’s unique stacking feature not

only reduces transport costs, but also helps to lessen the environmental impact from vehicle emissions, whilst allowing shipments to any destination in the world. With frost proof installation and firstclass EPDM material that has been tested to last more than 25 years, our Carat tanks can be assembled in less than 10 minutes! The versatility of this product is what makes it one of our most popular due to its ability to be used as a storm water, rain water or waste water tank. Saving water has never been so easy with this product’s guaranteed retention of rain water.

Need Reliable Fittings & Valves? Ball Valves


• True Full Flow Ball Valve • Positive ‘click’ smooth open & close action • High pressure rated to 16 Bar • Hand tested before leaving the factory • Frost Friendly

Compression Fittings


• Fast fit push on with easy grip nut • Proven reliable leak proof O-Ring Seal • High pressure rated • Largest MD range Made in NZ

“The Hansen Ball Valve is the best tap you can buy. It just works. The smooth open/close action is great, it feels natural and right from the beginning I’ve been happy with the performance.”

See this and more testimonies at www.hansenproducts.co.nz

Bill Davidson, Dairy Farmer, Palmerston North

Proudly Kiwi Owned and Operated Since 1958 www.hansenproducts.co.nz 20


HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADER BOARD Congratulations to our fastest growing stores from September 2017 to February 2018: WHITSUNDAY ALICE SPRINGS SMITHTON NEW PLYMOUTH ROCKHAMPTON


Rankings measured by percentage of Preferred Supplier sales growth.

NEW PREFERRED SUPPLIER Think Water are excited to announce the latest irrigation industry leader to join our Preferred Suppliers. Reinke Irrigation have partnered with Think Water as our Centre Pivot and Lateral Mover Preferred Supplier. Think Waters’ Tony France introduced Reinke to Store Owners at our recent Regional Meetings. “As Reinke are an independent, family owned business, who are firmly rooted in agriculture, they are a perfect fit with our familyowned Think Water businesses. The feedback from our stores on the quality of the Reinke product combined with the large number of successful Reinke installations already installed by Think Water stores has confirmed our newest supplier partnership will be an advantage for both Reinke and Think Water.”



THINK TIPS TO MAXIMISE YOUR TANK SALES • STOCK – According to Ray Tucker from Think Water Hastings, having stock sells more tanks - they usually hold 4-5 on-site and offer delivery. When space makes this impossible try a small tank display in your retail area, you will be able to demonstrate simple working accessories and generate customer interest.

• WARRANTY - When a customer buys from a Think Water store, the store is ultimately responsible for warranty so it’s important to support a Preferred Supplier like Bushmans Tanks. • BUY A BIGGER TANK - Think Water Peats Ridge encourages customers to buy a bigger tank as the cost difference between 10,000 and 22,500 litres is not double. • A GOOD BASE - Ensure the customer has a good base for the tank. This may also be a value-adding opportunity to supply, install and prepare the base.

• BUY TRUSTED BRANDS - says Andrew Carrier of Think Water Peats Ridge. Customers have plenty of online options but it’s unlikely they will get the same support if there are issues with delivery, site selection and preparation. 22


• SELL A PACKAGE - It’s likely that a customer will require additional equipment such as filtration, pumps, first flush diverters and fittings which our stores have on hand. Selling a package adds value for the customer and improves your margin, taking the focus off the price of the tank or pump. You could also add in installation for a further boost. • GET THE WORD OUT! - Many areas have new housing estates and while some builders supply a package, many don’t. Or you could work a package in

conjunction with a builder which might also include whole of house filtration and landscape irrigation systems. • GET INFORMED - Tanks appear pretty simple but understanding how they are manufactured can help you sell to a customer and support your choice. • SOCIAL MEDIA - Use social media to promote tank packages and give information on tank hygiene issues. • PROMOTION – There are a wide range of tanks available including slimline, liner, poly and fabric tanks manufactured by Fabric Solutions in Queensland. RESOURCES AND WEBSITES • www.bushmans.com.au • https://kingspanwater.com.au/ruralwater-tanks/ • http://www.fabricsolutions.com.au/ • http://rainharvesting.com.au/ knowledge-center/rainwater-research/ • https://www.basix.nsw.gov.au/iframe/ images/BASIX_Rainwater_Harvesting_ System_Guidelines.pdf,


ORANGE SOLAR PUMP The HD50 has a 36 Volt, DC, brushless, permanent magnet, step motor which operates at variable speed. The DC motor saves cost and increases the efficiency by not having to invert the power to AC like most solar motors. Variable speed allows the motor to rotate faster when the sunlight is stronger enabling the pump to deliver more water and maximise the use of available solar energy. It also offers the flexibility of having a 1, 2 or 3 panel system as the motor changes speed depending on the wattage available. The flow switch provided makes the HD50 ideal for filling a header tank which

supplies water to stock troughs, irrigation lines, or tap outlets. Other applications include aeration for aquaculture, aquaponic water transfer, moving water for swimming pool solar hot water systems and household water supply through large pressure tanks. The HD50 is easy to install as it comes with 5.5m electrical cable and MC4 solar connectors that clip onto the solar panel The pump can be purchased as a system with 280watt solar panels, mounting bracket, Ezrack, pole, clamps and clip on electrical cables. The HD50 pump can be purchased on its own or as a 1, 2 or 3 panel system ready to be installed. Orange Pumps is currently offering Think Water Members an introductory package.


60 50

Head in metres

Orange Pumps have recently designed and developed a unique solar water centrifugal pump with a built in electrical circuit that provides loss of prime protection and tank filling control.

Panel Watts 1000 Watts 600 Watts 300 Watts

40 30 20 10







Litres per hour

HR PRODUCTS INTRODUCES IGATOR TO THE AUSTRALIAN IRRIGATION INDUSTRY iGator is a complete range of valves, remote radio control for pumps/valves that can be adapted to existing control systems or start from new with complete turn key solution.

The University of Stellenbosch is situated in the town of Stellenbosch located in the Western Cape of South Africa. The campus is spread over a huge part of the town covering several square kilometres. In the past the irrigation control on the turf and landscaping areas was done by hand or using single station valve controllers and multi station 24VAC irrigation controllers with wires running underground for long distances. These methods proved to be problematic over time due to wires becoming faulty as well the management nightmare of programming vast numbers of remote valve controllers. Lightning was also a cause of system failure as solenoids and

underground wiring would fail after a lightning event. To remedy this, a centralised controlled system (iGator control system) which communicates wirelessly to the Gator Receivers which in turn control the system valves (zones) was installed. The system was expanded over the years, and today it controls over 700 valves with the Gator system. Gator Receivers have now even been installed on top of buildings where plants are being grown. For more information please speak to your friendly HR representative.

Typical Gator Receiver Installation SUPPLIER NEWS




Many Think Water Members in horticultural areas will no doubt be aware of the Galcon GSI web-based irrigation controller, which is now in its fifth year in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The GSI was one of the first commercial irrigation controllers to feature secure online management from anywhere in the world and has proven to be very successful. The interactive user interface and real-time notifications have made the GSI an essential tool for remote irrigation management and allow one operator to run multiple sites. A couple of years ago, Galcon released the “AG” upgrade, which added volume based and proportional control of fertiliser pumps to the controller’s capabilities. Now, with the release of “V2” of the AG upgrade, the GSI has the capability to be an “all-in-one” control solution for many horticultural irrigation systems. THE FULL SET OF ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS WITH THE AG UPGRADE INCLUDE: • Fertiliser pump control by time, volume or proportional dosing; • Back-flushing control of up to 12 filters by time, volume or pressure differential; • External sensor input to start, run pause or cancel programs; • Co-valve function to pair up valve outputs for simultaneous operation; • Program prioritisation to determine which program runs if there is an overlap; • Optional completion of an irrigation program paused due to an alert; • Display of watering and fertigation progress on the user interface.



These new features allow the GSI to be used for misting and frost control as well as irrigation. The filter back-flushing functions also make the GSI a more costeffective solution, as the cost of a stand-alone filter flushing controller can in many cases be saved. For more information on the Galcon GSI controller, please contact WSP in New Zealand and HR Products in Australia.

LARGE BORE INTEGRAL BUILT FLANGED HOSE FIXES THE PROBLEM A mine site in the Mudgee NSW local area contacted Leo Rheinberger from Think Water Mudgee with a problem that exists with many large bore hose assemblies. The mine site had attempted all clamping arrangements possible, including stainless steel strapping and bolt clamps on numerous 8� and 10� suction hoses but were often losing flanged hosetails and the connected galvanised foot valve in

their dam. Leo approached Advanced Industrial Products and they advised that the Powaflex integral flanged material handling suction hose range would be ideal for this application. The flanges are factory built in the hose, which allows for full flow as well as preventing corrosion. One end of the hose has a floating flange

for ease of installation. The main advantage however is that the built in flanges do not come out of the hose under suction or pressure. The end result is that now all the suction lines are now working efficiently and expensive flanges and foot valves are not being lost at the bottom of the dams.



INTRODUCING THE NEW FILTRATION RANGE FROM RIVULIS In 2018, Rivulis aims to take the filtration world by storm with the launch of an exclusive new line of automatic selfcleaning screen filters manufactured by STF-Filtros. Rivulis has signed an exclusive global deal with STFFiltros to distribute their filter range world-wide.

This exclusive agreement offers Rivulis customers access to a larger range of filtration products and offers the market a cost-effective filtration solution. The manufacturing standard of these filters are excellent and a cut above current suppliers to the Australian market.

STF Filtros is a global leader in filtration with all screen and media filtration products developed and manufactured at the company’s huge 6-hectare production facility based in Monzon, in the north of Spain.

STF-Filtros produce a filtration range that suits the needs of Australian irrigators, especially those using drip irrigation, both large corporate arms and the smallest hobby farmer and every grower in between. The range includes self-cleaning (automatic) screen filters in both hydraulic and electric drive formats for primary filtration, media filters for primary filtration and a range of manual and semi-automatic screen filters for secondary, in-field filtration situations.

For more information on this exclusive line please contact Rivulis Customer Service on 1800 558 009.




Water Application (inches per hour)

Typical Infiltration Curves combined with Center Pivot Application Rate*

8 7 6

175 150


5 4 3

125 100

A3030 O3030 S3030

2 1 0

Today, the correct sprinkler package selection and computer design can achieve CU (Christiansen Uniformity Coefficient) values of 90 to 95 percent. This is the result of good sprinkler overlap of patterns, and careful consideration of mounting heights in relation to the crop height and structural interference from the machine itself.


(mm per hour)

Without sprinkler performance that can apply water at an application rate that closely matches the infiltration rate of the soil, the efficiency gained with drops and money saved with low pressure is soon lost to runoff. The rate at which a centre pivot applies water increases with the higher flow demands required at the outer portion of a centre pivot. By increasing the wetted throw distance of the sprinkler, the rate at which water is applied can be reduced to match the soil’s infiltration rate.

Infiltration Curves combined with 8 Look atTypical a typical infiltration curve below Center Pivot Application Rate* 7 with superimposed application rates for 6 D3000 pivot sprinklers. It is obvious that centre 5 4 Rotator, which provides the widest the A3000 O3000 3 throw distance on drop tubes, comes the S3000 Sand 2 closest to matching infiltration rates of 1 R3000 Silt Loam the 0 soil. The best condition for infiltration 5 10 15 20 25 0 is to keep the soilTime surface (minutes)open and apply of 402 m system at 4.5 m3/hr/ha water using a*Endwide application width. and travel speed 1.4 m/min Rotating-type sprinkler heads have maximised uniformity for mechanised irrigation.

WATER APPLICATION (inches per hour)

The Nelson 3030 Series is an advanced design sprinkler line developed to simplify the variety of sprinkler choices into one basic group of pivot products. The 3NV Nozzle system is the centre of the 3030 Series Pivot Product line. The 3NV Nozzle is interchangeable with all 3030 Series sprinklers. A variety of connection devices are available to link the sprinkler with a hose or rigid drop.


75 50




Silt Loam

10 15 Time (minutes)

*End of 402m system at 4.5 m3/hr/ha and travel speed 1.5 m/min




For further information contact Nelson Australia 1300 856 368 email: info@nelsonirrigation.com.au

1 Around



16 18 IN




are likely to experience DEPRESSION in their lifetime




people in Australia live with


13 15


Think Water as a collective believe that every Australian business should be taking action to create not just physically safe, but also mentally healthy workplaces. As part of our commitment to improving the mental health of our workforce, we’ve signed up to be part of the Heads Up campaign – a joint initiative between beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance. We recognise the clear benefits of mentally healthy workplaces – for our people, our businesses and the broader

people in Australia live with





are likely to experience ANXIETY in their lifetime


community. One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition, and untreated depression and anxiety result in more than 6 million lost working days every year. We also know that stigma and fear of discrimination often prevents people from speaking openly and seeking the support they need at work. Investing in improving our workplace’s mental health is part of our commitment to our people, and simply makes good business sense. beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman says creating a mentally healthy workplace has benefits for employees and employers alike: “Employers who are mindful of their employee’s wellbeing and introduce supporting policies promote greater worker satisfaction and deliver enormous productivity improvements, making it a truly win-win situation,” she said. “However, too many business leaders still don’t know how to help


people who may be struggling with a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. These people continue to face discrimination and do not receive the same support that people with physical conditions receive. Employers who do not promote good mental health miss out on the benefits that it can bring, but adopting Heads Up can help to change that.” Think Water GM Tony France says

“Our people are the most valued asset in our businesses. We want our employees to enjoy themselves and thrive in their place of work, it’s not just about physical wellness.” We’ll be looking for your input as we start planning the right approach for our workplace, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime www. headsup.org.au has plenty of information to help of us take care of ourselves and each other.



Think Excellence

…if considering what Think Water can bring to your business. The 2017 Think Water franchisees of the year, Steve and Angela Bevan, are continually redefining what’s possible with their business. Their steely determination, commitment to change, and absolute customer focus have seen Think Water New Plymouth break new records this year. From installing the first ever carbon fibre rotary table dairy, to a major overhaul of their own showroom, Steve and Ange are constantly innovating. Steve says, “Joining Think Water has allowed us to focus on our customers and improvements – knowing we’ve got such great support from the National Office.” It’s our pleasure Steve and Ange – keep thinking big. - Steve & Angela Bevan | Think Water New Plymouth | Directors

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: thinkwater.com.au | admin@thinkwater.com.au Suite 3, 3990 Pacific Highway Loganholme QLD 4129 | 07 3209 9400 28


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