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Holiday 2012

Sudbury resident Linda Morgan awarded with Jubilee Medal Promoting adoption ® with Iams Home ® 4 the Holidays Preparing your pet for winter


Meet Dr. Magdalena Smrdelj, Chief Veterinary Officer

Holiday 2012

Editor’s Note During the production of this issue of Animals’ Voice, it was inspirational to talk with other animal welfare professionals about how attitudes towards holiday adoptions have changed. Animal advocates are now encouraging people to adopt during the holidays. Instead of spending the holiday season in a shelter, a new home for lonely pets revives the spirit of love, compassion and giving. Thanks to easy-to-use websites such as and smartphone applications, finding that new perfect pet is just a click away. Potential adopters can search by breed, age, location and more. Can’t adopt another animal right now? Mike Arms, President of the Helen Woodward Animal Center and adoption expert (page 6) has some paws-itively wonderful suggestions on how you can still help homeless animals. Happy holidays!

Milo’s Story Rocky’s Recovery Jubilee Medal Paws & Give Home 4 the Holidays Holiday Hazards Staff Profile Winter Safety Prep

On the cover Milo (centre) is surrounded by his new best friends. To learn more about Milo’s story, see page 2 Cover image by:

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Milo, a small Pug puppy, came into the care of the Sudbury and District Branch after his owners could no longer care for him. Although he was still very young, Milo had a painful eye, swollen shut, while the other showed signs of ocular disease. After veterinarians did a thorough assessment of Milo’s condition, it was determined he needed to have both eyes removed immediately to prevent further suffering. After the operation, Ontario SPCA Agent Tracy Lapping was crossing her fingers for Milo to make a full recovery. She had a special affinity for Pugs, and Milo’s brave attitude despite pain due to his eye condition. Shelter staff cared for him around the clock to make sure he was kept resting and comfortable after his operation.

Milo’s life-saving operation was a complete success. Once he had adequately healed, it was time for the young puppy to learn


how to cope with the changes in his eyesight. He quickly learned how to rely on his other senses, and delighted shelter staff with his curious nature and willingness to adapt.

Agent Lapping knew that she, and her family of Pugs at home, would be the perfect environment for Milo to live happily ever after, so she adopted him. Her two other dogs, Maggie and Kiwi, took to Milo right away and now the three of them are inseparable.

“His blindness doesn’t define him, but proves how bright and resilient this determined little dog truly is,” said a proud Agent Lapping. We are so pleased that Milo has found a wonderful forever home with a staff member, and thank the public and donors for their support of Milo and other pets in need like him!

Rocky’s Recovery and our 2012 Winter Donation Campaign This holiday season, many homeless animals in shelters across the province will be wishing for someone to take them home and give them love and attention. A great way to show your support for the animals of the Ontario SPCA is by becoming a monthly donor.

When you become a monthly donor, your contributions will be helping animals of all shapes and sizes from neglectful or abusive homes. Rocky, a sweet natured mixed-breed dog, was found abandoned on a balcony in Toronto. Thanks to the collaborative work of several agencies, Rocky was rescued and treated for a severe skin infection that covered his entire body.

It took many months, but the staff of the Ontario SPCA were able to treat him, thanks to the support of our team and donors. He has since made a full recovery and was adopted out as part of the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® adoption program. Rocky will be featured on television as hero for his miraculous recovery on our winter donation campaign featuring Sarah McLachlan.

To join our valued team of supporters, please call 1-888-668-7722 ext 321 or visit on how you can help. Your support can make all the difference in the world for an animal without a home this holiday season.


As the world watched, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60 years on the Throne in 2012. As a part of the Diamond Jubilee anniversary, the Governor General’s office of Canada was pleased to award eligible Canadians with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The Ontario SPCA was thrilled to discover that one of our talented and dedicated volunteers, Linda Morgan, was nominated for and won this coveted award. The Jubilee Medal was designed to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians over the last 60 years.

Linda has been an integral part of the Ontario SPCA’s Sudbury and District Branch for over two decades. She has performed a range of duties including sitting on the Provincial Board of Directors and chaired the Sudbury Branch SPCA Community Council. She was also the chair for the Paws for a Cause Walk Committee and the Furry Friends Feast Dinner Committee, in addition to several other committees. In addition to her administrative contributions, she is heavily involved with other fundraising projects and adoption drives. Linda also has a deep affinity for felines, spending hundreds of hours over the years socializing cats and finding them loving new homes.

“I was very humbled to be in the company of some well deserving recipients. It was hard to describe how I felt when I first heard. I was so appreciative to be recognized for my


work in animal welfare and with the Ontario SPCA. That to me spoke volumes, to be recognized not just as an individual but to be recognized for what I have done for animal welfare and the Ontario SPCA. I felt it gave animal welfare recognition as a significant service to the community. “ – Linda Morgan Karen Kirkey-Moore, Team Leader with the CRA, had worked with Linda for two years. She was able to see firsthand how Linda’s efforts impacted the shelter animals in such a positive way. “I wanted to recognize Linda’s volunteer contribution to the SPCA because I felt it demonstrated her commitment to our community. The SPCA is a well-respected organization in Sudbury that is doing very good work with animals and it is the dedication of people like Linda that helps it to thrive. Linda has spent countless hours over the past 21 years volunteering in various capacities with the SPCA,” said Karen Kirkey-Moore. “It is clear to me that she loves the cause and I wanted to acknowledge her selfless volunteerism. Linda’s efforts and actions are in my opinion, worth noticing and I therefore was very proud to nominate her.”

It is thanks to hardworking volunteers like Linda Morgan that the Ontario SPCA is able to provide a better life for animals while they are awaiting new homes. The Ontario SPCA would like to congratulate her on this prestigious award, and thank her for all of her incredible efforts in the Sudbury community.

provides hope for animals this holiday season After all the presents have been unwrapped and the last dessert tray has been washed and put away, many shelters are busy with homeless animals. Although some pets do find loving new homes thanks to adoption drives such as IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays®, many more still sit in our shelters needing care.

The demand for services and supplies in shelters can be greater than ever during this time of year. While you’re busy filling up wish lists and stuffing stockings, consider a gift that will make an incredible impact for a homeless cat or dog. Our Paws & GiveTM holiday gift catalogue has a wide variety of gifts, ranging from stocking stuffers to large group-worthy gifts.

Paws & GiveTM works by allowing you to browse our catalogue, and select one of our many gifts that correspond to a service or item that the animals require. For example, $6 could mean a snuggly blanket for a kitten, or a chew toy for a puppy. To provide lifesaving services to a dog who is injured or sick, $70 will give them a medical exam and treatment. Once you have selected the items you wish to gift, you will be guided through our simple checkout process where you can also choose how you would like to share your gift with the recipient. A personalized message notifying them can be sent through email, a printable card or through the mail.

Imagine the delight on your friend or family member’s face when they learn how your gift in their name has saved a life over the holidays. Instead of a gift that will be stored away in a drawer, this gift will warm the heart. An abandoned cat will get the treatment they require before they can be welcomed into a new home, or a neglected dog will receive the nourishing food and veterinary attention they need.

“Dear Annie, this holiday season I wanted your gift to mean something very special, like you are to me. Remember last year’s sweater that didn’t fit? This year, a kitten in need will have food for a week and a special treat in your name. Love always, Grandma.”

For larger family, groups or even companies, we have items that will make a real difference in the community. This great opportunity gives you a chance to provide socialization skills in a non-threatening environment by owning a share in a dog park. You can also sponsor a shelter for a day, in the name of the person or company of your choice. Paws & GiveTM makes corporate gift-giving easy and thoughtful. Why send another fruit basket when you can make a difference? To browse our gift catalogue and learn more about this life-saving program, please visit us on the web at Make this holiday season a happy one for all.


Promoting adoption around the world with

Adopting a new pet can be an exciting time for new pet owners. The search for the perfect pet can include visiting local shelters, searching online or talking to other pet owners in the community. To raise awareness about adoption, the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® program encourages potential adopters to learn more about adoption and how they can find their new furry family member!

To learn more about the program, Animals’ Voice sat down with Mike Arms, President of the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the mastermind behind this annual adoption campaign. The Helen Woodward Center is a private, nonprofit organization in San Diego. Arms has been involved with animal welfare since 1969, starting out with the ASPCA. He later became an adoptions consultant, which gave him a keen insight into the adoptions process.

Although many animal shelters promote adoption throughout the year, they would


historically close their doors to new adopters over the holiday season. It was a common belief in the animal welfare industry that adoptions over the holiday season would lead to mass shelter intake in the new year once the commitment of caring for a pet was integrated into the regular daily routine. This shelter myth is now outdated, and animal welfare workers now know that many pets actually find permanent, loving homes. “I’ve been in the industry for more than 40 years. I know for a fact that the holiday time is when [people] want to bring new pets into the home,” explained Arms.

The program was launched in 1999, and Arms knew they would need some strong, established supporters. Thanks to his many years of experience, Arms knew that IAMS® would be an excellent partner due to their ongoing commitment to animal welfare. Together, they created IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays®. As the holiday season came and went, animal adoptions went through the roof at the shelter. By spreading the word across the country, the program grew and many other shelters realized the potential of encouraging adoption over the holidays. “We had reports of a 50% increase in adoptions due to media attention. [We received] a letter from a U.S. animal control organization that said it was the first time in their history that they did not have to take a life of a pet over the holidays,” said Arms. “It kept us inspired, to see that the campaign was working.”

The adoption drive was now firmly in place in the U.S., and began to extend throughout Canada and the rest of the world. Not only were animals finding loving new homes, but shelters and animal welfare organizations were seeing the power of public promotion and marketing. “There is more advertising for a fast-food hamburger than the adoption of animals. It helped animal welfare organizations see how a little creativity and promotion can get [homeless animals] out of shelter facilities and into new homes.”

The biggest impact of the program has clearly been the animals, some who spend weeks, months or even years in shelters before they are adopted. An adopter can make a world of difference for an animal who is losing hope of ever having a real home. Not only does the pet benefit, but the owner receives the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in an animal’s life, but also receive that animal’s unconditional love. “[Adoption] gives an orphan pet a chance, [and] something changes in their lives. They were confined to small space and now live in a home with love and attention. They seem to know that this change has taken place. They become devoted to you for most of their natural life,” Arms said affirmatively. “I read a story about an adopted dog that woke his new family, standing and shaking on the bed. They found out that their 9-month old child had stopped breathing, and were able to rush the baby to the hospital, saving his life.”

“Adoption gives an orphan pet a chance, [and] something has changed in their lives, where they were confined to small space and now live in a home with love and attention. They seem to know that this change has taken place.”

Arms encourages people to get involved with IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® through adoption or simply participation in the program. “If you have the opportunity and time, you can go down and volunteer to walk orphan pets, love them, socialize them. If you can’t do that or don’t have time, maybe you can go down to a shelter and pick out a pet that you would love and pre-pay the adoption fee. It makes an enormous difference, that someone would take the time and donate so the animal can have a better chance at a new life.”

Jersey going home for the holidays with his new pet parent Sara.

The Ontario SPCA is thrilled to partner with the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® adoption program, and wants to encourage adoption over the holidays.

“We are fortunate to have the support of IAMS® as presenting sponsor of the program,” said Tanya Firmage, Director Of Animal Welfare and Operations for the Ontario SPCA. “During this adoption drive our hope is to increase adoptions and get all of our animals a home for the holidays!” To learn more about adoption or the IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® program, visit There is a homeless animal waiting for your love and support. Be a part of IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays®!


Keep Hazards out of the Holidays this season The dazzling lights, winter weather and time at home are all reasons people look forward to the holidays. Whether two legged or four legged, we want to keep our family members happy and healthy. This holiday season, be sure to scour your home for anything that could possibly pose a risk to your pets. Festive lights and decorations may seem visually appealing, but keep your pet-parent radar alert and make good decisions for your pets!

Living Room

• Always keep rat and insect killers away from pet-accessible places. They may also be present in a neighbour’s yard.

• Planning on putting presents under a tree? Fertilizers, chemical additives and stagnant water that may breed bacteria are all dangerous to pets.

• This is also a popular place for decorative items and electronics. Tinsel and ribbons can cause intestinal obstruction.

• Glass ornaments that sparkle and shine may be especially attractive to curious pets. Keep any breakables higher up where pets can’t reach. • Electrical cords can become deadly if pets chew through them. Cover up and hide any electrical wires.

• Any packages or gifts that contain edible foods or enticing scents should be kept away from nibblers! Store these items away until it’s time to open them.


• Antifreeze and coolant containers need to tightly fastened and stored away. Spills or leaks should be addressed right away. Less than four teaspoons can harm a small dog.

• Store extension cords and other electrical tools away to avoid being chewed on.

• Products designed to melt ice such as salt can cause cracked, dry paws and can cause electrolytic imbalances and toxicity. Choose eco-friendly and pet-friendly alternatives such as Safe Paw ice melter.



• Don’t light candles in places where pets can reach them or accidently knock them over.

• Plants are decorative, but can be harmful. Lilies are especially harmful to cats. Keep pets away from poinsettias, mistletoe and holly. • Holiday candy canes, chocolate and other festive treats should be stored away from pets and in pet-proof containers

Keep in mind that some veterinary clinics and emergency services for animals have reduced services. In addition to your regular veterinarian, it’s a good idea to have the contact information of a couple other clinics in your neighborhood that will be open, just in case.

It can be easy to get caught up in family functions and work events, but always make sure your pet still gets regular trips to the bathroom, has access to food and fresh water, and gets the love and attention they crave. Happy holidays!

Pets get cozy with Santa! The Chatham South Animal Hospital in Chatham, Ontario, was pleased to host a fundraising event for the animals of the Ontario SPCA’s Kent Branch during several weekends in November and December. The event raised money for the shelter by having Santa Claus pose with community pets. The 4x6 festive photos were a great way for pet parents to share the spirit of the season with family and friends!

“The Santa Pics event is an annual event which takes place in the three weekends leading up to Christmas. We have Santa present as well as a professional photographer to take photos of your dogs and cats for you to enjoy over the holidays,” said Robyn Brady of the Ontario SPCA Kent Branch. If you have some heart-warming, adorable or silly pictures of your pet enjoying the holiday season, visit us on our Facebook page and share your pet’s pics with our online community!

Zwilling J.A. Henckels supports the Orangeville and District Branch The Zwilling J.A. Henckels company, wellknown for its fine knives, kitchen gadgets and culinary accessories, recently participated in a knife sharpening clinic for the community last November to benefit the Ontario SPCA’s Orangeville and District Branch. For a small suggested donation of $5.00/knife, dull or tarnished knives found a new life. Judy and Sigrid also demonstrated the proper use and care of their popular knives. Many thanks to From the Kitchen to the Table, an independent retailer that

specializes in kitchenware, cookware and dinnerware products in downtown Orangeville, for hosting the event and providing the demonstrations.

The money raised at the clinic was donated to the branch. If you would like to contact the Orangeville and District Branch about donating or participating in future events, please visit their website at www.orangeville.


Jiggie steals the show at

Kibble & Bids dinner

When a cruelty investigation brought 40 Walker Hounds to the attention of the Ontario SPCA this past year, a tough little female named Jiggie was brought into the care of the Ontario SPCA Renfrew County Branch. A veterinarian inspection revealed Jiggie was pregnant, and while in foster care she gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

While all of Jiggie’s puppies were eventually adopted, Jiggie still needed a home. The Renfrew County Branch decided to name her the “Spokes-dog” of their

annual Kibbles & Bids dinner auction, held at the Petawawa Civic Centre on Saturday, November 17th. Although Jiggie found a wonderful new home in August, shelter staff wanted to honour her resilient nature and loving personality. Jiggie and her new family made an appearance at the festivities, and the transformation from shy and pregnant into happy and healthy was truly remarkable.

We would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who participated in the auction which was a success, and wish all the best to Jiggie and her new family!

Gift ideas are hard to come by, and truly thoughtful gifts are even harder still.

Visit our online gift giving catalogue today:

Staff Profile Dr. Magdalena Smrdelj, DVM As the head of the Department of Shelter Health and Wellness, Dr. Magdalena Smrdelj, DVM is the (Acting) Chief Veterinary Officer at the Ontario SPCA. In her role, she oversees the shelter health and wellness programs and initiatives for the organization. Dr. Smrdelj is an avid animal lover, growing up with dogs, and later taking an interest in zoology. “I pursued a veterinary degree with the goal of becoming an advocate for animals, to really give them a voice,” she recalled. After becoming a licensed veterinarian, she worked in a private practice before streamlining her efforts into shelter medicine for fifteen years. “I felt strongly about preventative medicine, and I was very drawn to working with homeless pets in need of care.”

She became involved with the Ontario SPCA as a part of the team that opened Canada’s first high-volume spay and neuter service provided at the veterinary clinic in Newmarket. In her current role, her department focuses on preventative care and creating a standard of care for all animals that come into the shelter. “All animals that come through our intake process are spayed or neutered, given medication to deworm and prevent fleas, and assessed for behavior and personality before they become available,”explained Dr. Smrdelj.

Dr. Smrdelj also sees on a daily basis how donations and supporters make a difference in the healthcare of animals in the shelter. “It really supports us to be able to provide this level of care,” she said. “Donors provide basic medical care and medications like deworming, antibiotics, spay and neuter surgeries and quality food.” Animals are also given small comforting, enrichment items, such as a hiding space for cats and chew toys for dogs. As the head of her department, she has big plans for the future of shelter health and wellness in animal welfare communities. “Pet homelessness is a societal problem, not a shelter problem. We hope to continue to build strong relationships and collaborative programs with partners in animal welfare, veterinary medicine, and pet-related industry.  Our department’s goal is to optimize the health and quality of life of the animals during their stay with us, and increase their chances for a forever home.”


Summit Awards acknowledge excellence in animal welfare

The annual International Summit for Urban Animal Strategies (ISUAS) showed us how our efforts in animal welfare do not go unnoticed by the industry! We were thrilled that the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society (KWHS) and the Ontario SPCA were nominated and won their respective categories.

This past October, the annual ISUAS awarded the KWHS the 2012 Distinguished Service Provider Award for their Humane Education Program. A panel of leaders in the animal welfare industry chose KWHS as demonstrating communication, responsibility, compassion and collaboration to make a positive impact on the lives of animals. The KWHS offers a Junior Vet Club, field trips, summer camps and community outreach in their educational program. To learn more about the KWHS program visit The ISUAS also recognized the Ontario SPCA with a 2012 Communications Award due to the success of their No Hot Pets campaign this past summer. The website generated an incredibly positive response, asking pet owners to pledge not to leave their pets in cars, distribute educational leaflets in their community and to be vigilant for pets that need assistance.


Why take one but leave the other? Pledge to NOT leave your pet in your vehicle!

We would like to congratulate this year’s winners for their awards, and thank all of our staff and volunteers for the hard work they do across the province!

Animals find new families before the holidays in Thunder Bay Canadian Tire stores all across the province opened their doors to help bring animals “Home 4 The Holidays” in the first two weekends in November. The Thunder Bay & District Humane Society (TBDHS) enjoyed a successful adoption drive as part of the IAMS® Home 4 The Holidays® adoption program, thanks to collaboration between IAMS® and Canadian Tire. Despite unpleasantly cold temperatures on November 10th and 11th, local community members enjoyed stopping by the pet showcase to meet some of the wonderful dogs for adoption, while the cats were digitally featured. Four dogs and several guinea pigs were brought to the event, which was the launch of their seasonal IAMS® Home 4 the Holidays® adoption drive. Many visitors and shoppers were enthusiastic to learn more about the benefits of adoption. Two of the dogs and both guinea pigs found new homes! Staff invited the community to visit the shelter to meet the cats and other animals who were looking for homes.

Judy Decicco, Board of Directors member, was pleased with the turnout, and encouraged the community to learn more about adoption options during the holiday season. “We look forward to participating again next year,” said Decicco. A special thanks to IAMS® and Canadian Tire for being an important part of a great day.

Supporting the Horse Industry

Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) in their planning to help horses in need.

A report released by a government panel regarding the provincial “Slots at Racetrack Program” in August had many horse owners concerned. As part of the reallocation of funds to other programs, changes to racetracks in Ontario would mean thousands of horses would need to find a new line of work. Equine enthusiasts in the province were concerned about the wellbeing of these horses. The Ontario SPCA is working together with communities across the province as well assisting the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,

“This past summer, there were hay shortages due to the unseasonably dry summer,” said Connie Mallory, Chief Inspector of the Ontario SPCA. “This is a serious concern going into the cold winter months.” The Ontario SPCA encourages the community to support these horses by donating critical supplies such as feed, horse blankets and hay. If you are interested in donating items or are interested in learning more about fostering horses, please contact us at 1(888)668-7722.


Prepare your pet! Just like people, pets have their own opinions when it comes to winter weather. Some are couch potatoes and are happy to curl up on a warm sofa, while others are ready to romp and play in fresh snow. If you have a pet that loves the outdoors, our winter weather guide will help you and your pet enjoy the winter season!

Before the first snowfall, take some time to make your home and outdoor buildings pet friendly. Hide or put away any chemicals that may be attractive to your pet. Antifreeze is a common winter item, but is lethal if ingested. Check your fence line for any gaps or areas needing repair. Although many cats are exclusively house pets, others are allowed to explore the outdoors by their owners. In the winter, your outdoor cat can be confused by the new landscape and is more prone to getting lost. Keeping your pet clearly identifiable is a priority, so ensure your pet is microchipped and is wearing ID tags to make sure animal welfare groups can help get your pet home faster if he or she is lost. Bigger predators may turn to small neighbourhood pets if food is scarce, so to avoid any injury, keep cats indoors. They may also become infected with disease, such as rabies, in altercations with wildlife. Before getting into your car, always bang the hood to scare away any animals such as stray cats who may be sleeping under the car for warmth.


Young animals, whether puppies or kittens, are more susceptible to the chill of winter. Never leave any animal in a vehicle, especially in the winter. A car can become like a deep freezer in a short period of time. Keep young animals protected from the elements and keep bathroom visits for puppies outdoors short and sweet. Aged animals may feel the bite of winter, especially with arthritic joints. They also may have extra difficulty getting up and down snowy or icy stairs, so be sure to clear a safe path. Winter Tip! Instead of using salt which can damage sensitive paws, try using environmentally-friendly and pet-safe alternatives to salt-based melters to dissolve the snow in an ecologically-friendly way! Since most dogs look forward to their daily walks and time outdoors, dogs with short coats or susceptibility to inclement weather should be dressed appropriately. Salt and de-icing chemicals can dry out and crack sensitive paw pads, so be sure to inspect your dog’s paws regularly to avoid painful sores. If your dog plays a lot while outdoors, consider increasing his daily amount of food in small amounts to avoid unnecessary weight loss. If your dog lives outside, check out our handy online guide to building a proper doghouse. As the seasons change to colder temperatures, pet owners need to be extra vigilant. Stay on top of your pet’s health and they will enjoy a safe and fun-filled winter!

Adoption Stories Nitro is loud, proud and has a new home! Like many of the animals that come into our care, a move, family changes or financial difficulty are all reasons wonderful and loving pets come into our shelters. Nitro came to the Ontario SPCA’s Leeds and Grenville Branch through no fault of his own. Since he arrived, he has been a delight for shelter staff to work with. Using the Meet Your Match® Felineality™ personality assessment program, we determined he was a “Leader of the Band” with his outgoing nature. Whenever a staff member approached his cage, he would greet them loudly and enthusiastically!

Nitro During a local adoption drive hosted by the Pet Value store in Brockville, Nitro was featured. His charming personality and loving nature made him a popular guest at the event! A couple from the area who were attending the event to support the Ontario SPCA happened to meet Nitro. They knew right away he would be a purr-fect addition to their home. Nitro was adopted that day and continues to delight his new family with his vocal stylings and playful cat-titude!

Blossoming from neglected to loved

The Huron County branch was contacted by local animal control officers after they picked up a starving dog that needed care. Although Owen, a five-year old German Sheppard/Rottweiler mix, initially seemed afraid and aggressive, a few days of gentle handling by the staff, proper nutrition and veterinary care revealed a big heart underneath.

Despite being emaciated and having a raging skin infection, Owen quickly became welcoming and friendly towards staff, and was clearly trained to be a polite house-guest. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with other dogs, and had a healthy respect for cats! Owen was taken in by a foster family who happily reports his amicable personality has made him a great fit in a busy home.

“Owen is by far the most amazing dog that has come through the doors of this shelter. He is incredible. He is a mixed breed and so gentle,” said Kara Gosleigh, Manager at the Ontario SPCA’s Huron County Branch. “He is trained, wellmannered, loving, and perfect with kids. He is like no other dog!”


If you are interested in giving Owen the second chance he deserves, please contact the Huron County Branch at (519) 440-0250 or via email at


Adoption Stories Costly surgery saves Xena’s life Funds are urgently needed to cover the costs of a specialized surgery used to remove a gastrointestinal obstruction on a young, frightened Siberian Husky named Xena who had dangerously ingested a thick sock. Her owner noticed her in distress and sought help. After other methods had failed, it became apparent the only way to save Xena’s life would be to perform a costly surgery which the owner could not afford.

Xena recovery. The cost of the surgery exceeded $3,300 and impacted the budget of other animals awaiting veterinary procedures.

Desperate to save Xena’s life, her owner turned to the Ontario SPCA Investigations team and surrendered Xena into the care of the Ontario SPCA. The surgery was performed and Xena began to make a

We are pleased that not only has Xena recovered, but was also reunited with her owner. What a happy ending! To contribute to Xena’s costs, please visit her donation page


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I am I aman anIams Iamscat catfor forlife. life. *vs Iams Original or Iams Adult. *vs Iams Original or Iams Adult. **If you aren’t satisfied with this product, simply save the unused portion together with proof of purchase, and call us. We’ll gladly replace product or refund your money. **If you aren’t satisfied with this product, simply save the unused portion together with proof of purchase, and call us. We’ll gladly replace product or refund your money.

Animals'Voice - Holiday 2012 Edition  

In this edition of Animals’ Voice: Milo the Blind Pug and his story of loss, recovery and hope, promoting pet adoption with IAMS® Home 4 th...

Animals'Voice - Holiday 2012 Edition  

In this edition of Animals’ Voice: Milo the Blind Pug and his story of loss, recovery and hope, promoting pet adoption with IAMS® Home 4 th...