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O.S.P.A Ghana

O.S.P.A – The Cooperation of Oil Spill Preparedness Response in Africa

o O.S.P.A wants to establish and maintain oil spill preparedness on the African Continental Shelf in order to combat oil pollution in cooperation with oil companies, governmental institutions and nongovernmental organizations. o This includes both responses in open seas as well as in coastal waters and along shorelines / beaches. o O.S.P.A wants to be a part of a well established national emergency preparedness model which combines public and private oil spill response resources. o This unique organizational relationship between public and private response organizations ensures that responsibility and command is clearly defined and that national/ regional total emergency response resources are ready and available at all times.


O.S.P.A Ghana

Organization of oil spill response o In the event of oil spills from ships, the national Coastal Administration is normally responsible for oil spill combat, clean-up and restoration. Coastal Administration may, as a government organization, order mobilization of all national/ regional combat resources, including O.S.P.A. Coastal Administration through agreements will compensate resource owners for use of their equipment.

o In the event of oil spills from offshore installations, the operator is responsible for oil spill combat, clean-up and restoration, O.S.P.A will assist to implement all practical measures. Through agreements, O.S.P.A may utilize all national combat resources.


O.S.P.A Ghana

International Regulations According to international Law and regulations, any industry with a potential for polluting the environment must have emergency preparedness proportional to the probability and consequence of the event, with consent from the authorities. • For field developments, required studies include: • Environmental Impact Assessment; • Production and Development Plan; • Emergency Preparedness Plan; • Discharge Permit.

• For exploration drilling, operators must submit consent applications, including: • Environmental Risk Analysis; • Oil Spill Contingency Analysis; • Oil Spill Response Plan; • Discharge Permit.


O.S.P.A Ghana

O.S.P.A Strategy for Further Developments • Oil spill preparedness in Africa must be strong, efficient and adapted to local conditions. It must be based on the established co-operation model between the public authorities and private oil spill response resources. • Strengthening the oil spill preparedness will benefit both minor and major incidents, regardless of whether the source of the discharge is a ship or an offshore installation. • O.S.P.A’s strategy to strengthen the oil spill preparedness includes: – Increased availability of sea-going resources. – Improved capacity and competence for coastal and shoreline preparedness. – Locally adapted logistics. – Implementing new technology • The strategy shall be implemented in all areas where O.S.P.A is operating and should be based on experiences from areas with similar environmental and geographical conditions.


O.S.P.A Ghana


O.S.P.A Ghana


OIL SPILL PREPAREDNESS AFRICA O.S.P.A is a non-profit organization that will cooperate with oil companies, relevant authorities and organizations and create an active well-functioning preparedness regarding handling of oil spill in Africa. Furthermore, it is a task to educate keypersonnel and volunteers and to cooperate with other international and national organizations and companies who handle oil spill. We want to put relevant people in contact with each other and convey important knowledge on this matter. We want to establish national and regional depots. Phone Email

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