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“Information” is Accessible From One Point! Internet has become an indispensable part of our life with the developing technology. People’s behaviors have changed by the advantages that came with the internet. One day we were waiting on lines at the banks, or strolling down the malls for shopping, the next day we started doing all these through internet. According to the development of technology, the media and devices to access internet have also diversified. Internet was used to be accesible via only desktop computers. You can now access to internet via smart phones and tablet computers, and even via televisions. It is now very important to make users reach and understand the information through this variety.

As Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, we couldn’t stay away from all these developments. With this chancing enviroment, we designed our new web site so that people can access from every kind of device. We gathered all our web sites, SBM (, TRAMER (, HAYMER (, SAGMER (, HATMER (, as one URL adress, and that is


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