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We amplify brands on Digital

We amplify brands on Digital

About us A Lahore based digital agency, our passionate team allow us to offer digital strategy management, creative designs, website development, social media solutions, email marketing services and as well as ecommerce solutions to our valuable customers. We ideafi the art of digital media in real. TRM and its valued clients confer to get the high ranked results like never before.

We amplify brands on Digital

Recent projects..

We amplify brands on Digital


We amplify brands on Digital

Digital Initiatives For

We amplify brands on Digital

Current Presence – Catalog

We amplify brands on Digital

Competitor Study

We amplify brands on Digital

Proposal Summary We propose to: • Enhance Social Media Presence via Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Linkedin (and other relevant platforms if req. )

• Engage with audiences through relevant social networking and direct channels. • Upload images and run activities as and when directed/provided by Catalog management. • Email Marketing + FB posts promotion to audiences and exposure through blogs and placements. • Ultimately leading to results for the business.

We amplify brands on Digital

Results: What we will work for Bottomline:

• We hope to increase the Xinhua Mall Image online steadily to create & enhance the exposure. • Reach out to audience via effective social media activities . • Consistent Exposure. • Results. We amplify brands on Digital

Reach find ways to create local and international exposure to target audience Engage with the appropriate audience through relevant channels and create a meaningful relationship with the brand Convert Increase intent through marketing messages and get desired results

Analyze Measure what has been achieved as a result of the above

How will we achieve this? Web Presence

Digital Assets

Online Marketing

• Enhancement in Catalog image through Social Media • Digital Look book • Active Engagement levels incorporated

• Email Database (Catalog existing data + to be built over time) • Catalog Blog • Social Media Assets • Reviews (to be built over time)

•Email Marketing* •Online Advertising (CPM, Contextual, retargeting)* •Blogging / Product placements / Articles* •Partnerships with websites* •Social Media

We amplify brands on Digital

Services We Deliver Digital

Creative Solutions

• • • • •

• •

Digital Strategy Search Marketing (SEO & PPC) Social Media Marketing Online Media Buying & Planning Campaign Monitoring/Reporting

Web design & development Creative design solutions for web

E-Commerce • • •

E-Commerce Design & Development Business Consultancy ROI Optimization & Testing

We amplify the brands on digital We amplify brands on Digital

Digital Strategy •

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service that will help inform, educate and advice on the digital and internet options and channels available to the company.

We can help the company define what they need to focus on, the processes they need to implement and the resources they need.

Viral / WOM

Online Brand Management

Online Advertising

The strategy is in line with the brand’s image and will also educate the user to generate as much response as possible.

Social Media

Website / Microsite

Syndication / Blogs

Email Marketing

We amplify brands on Digital

Objectives Enhance Main Stream media effectiveness

The objectives of this proposal is to: •

Maximize the reach to target audience

Create product awareness

To create a strong Social media presence

Engage and interact the target market

Make it an active brand

TRM Increase awareness of the brand

Create brand loyalty

Boost brand association

To boost brand association and create brand loyalty

Engage and interact with the target market through unique and interesting ways

Use digital media alongside mainstream media in amalgamation for 360o marketing effort

We amplify brands on Digital

How TRM will help Catalog? • Directly reach consumers at various levels • Get exposed to more and more people nationwide and internationally • Grow Brand Reputation online and Increase sales • Costs effective and instantly measurable solutions, so you know exactly what is happening among your targets and what people think about your brand

We amplify brands on Digital

Expected Results

If we are able to launch the digital campaign ideas, the results will be significant that’s our GUARANTEE!!

Such interactive activities from the youth’s end will leave an impact on them and they will associate more and better to a brand

We amplify brands on Digital

Role of Bloggers •

Blogs are the latest craze amongst Internet users.

Between some of the leading blogs in Pakistan, there are over 8M visitors to these blogs.

We propose to work with some of Pakistan’s best bloggers to put together posts relating to the campaign on their blogs and websites in order to gain brand exposure and generate more traffic.


We amplify brands on Digital

Advertising We would suggest using online advertising as a medium of reach for campaigns only ass well as initially. We cover advertising on sites like PakiUm, Koolmuzone, Propakistani, Hamariweb, Pakcricteam etc and as well as advertising on Facebook We would suggest cosseting in Rich Media Advertising also

We amplify brands on Digital

Email Marketing We would like to build on email marketing as a direct channel of communicating to consumers. For this purpose we would like to consolidate a database of contact as well as increase it organically by implementing sing up forms all across. For most of us, email is the first thing we check in the morning and what we rely on most to communicate online. The same is true for most email users, including your customers and prospects.

We amplify brands on Digital

Online Media Buying • We work on a hybrid structure, which is one of it’s kind. We not only target new potential consumers via ads placed on various websites on the above model, but we also: Offer advanced retargeting solutions where visitors are retargeted to increase recall and intent. •

Intelligent advertising: does not market to those who have already completed the required ‘goals’, thus saving impressions and costs.

• We also have exclusive access to 1.5M unique users in network aged between 18 – 24

We amplify brands on Digital

Social Media – Catalog Services: • • • • • • • • • •

Page Management Upload Relevant Material/Images (provided by Catalog) Basic Creative Artwork Daily Posts & Special Posts (Execution & Management) Increase in user engagement Online Support & Maintenance Increase in Users/Viewers Answers to the queries Competitions & Contests* Reporting & Analysis

* We can also Include an ecommerce section to the Catalog’s fanpage.

We amplify brands on Digital

Additional Services(No extra charges) We will provide the under given additional services within the approved costs: •

Linked-in & Google Plus Profile (Management)

Dedicated Video Channel (Youtube)

Propose ideas for other relevant media activities

Other Social Media Accounts i.e. Twitter/Flicker

We amplify brands on Digital

Digital PR/Content Syndication It develops a proper online presence for your brand, in exactly the same way that physical PR would take care of your brand offline image. Our digital PR services and Content syndication are designed to segue with your social media. •

Blogs, News, Websites

Spread Content with Publishers

Controlled Placement of the content on multiple touch points: - to increase exposure - Eliminating the problem of audience fragmentation

Enhance Brand Visibility

Effective Syndication “Drive Sales”

Video Syndication

We amplify brands on Digital


We amplify brands on Digital

Interactive LookBook

We amplify brands on Digital

Interactive LookBook The major attraction to Catalog’s target market is the availability of craftsmanship on the internet which is not seen or purchased easily. The handmade items itself are the biggest VALUE to the user on the digital front. With the interactive ‘LookBook’, we intend to enhance the user’s social commerce experience. The LookBook will have the following features: 1. Zoom-In options on any part of the dress, enabling better product display

2. ‘Check out different Colors’ button 3. ‘Customize’ option(if any), enabling user to key their own customized designs to order the product 4. ‘Ad to Cart’ option to buy instantly 5. Like, Share, Comment and Recommend options. Clicking any of the options will publish the following message on the users wall “Ayesha just ‘like’d’ Catalog’s (Item Name), Check out Ayesha’s choice right here” making the page go viral. We amplify brands on Digital

Brand of the Month Product Category wise

MEN / WOMEN - Clothing - Shirts - Bags - Footwear - Bottoms - Tops

Primary focus: Catalog Store Secondary focus: Brands

We amplify brands on Digital

Online Reputation Management We conduct Online reputation management : • Constant Search/research • Monitor & track image recognition • Consumer generated Analysis • Attending Reviews/Comments • Watch Industry Forums • Maintaining Transparency

We amplify brands on Digital

TAG & WIN Its an activity to promote in large numbers: • Existing Products • Product launches • Store Promo • Event/Happening

We amplify brands on Digital

Catalog Curiosity Project Exclusive Store Directive Campaign: • Brand Promotions • Celebrity Reviews • Video Reviews • Dedicated 30 days • Creative Artworks • Special Announcement • Discounts/Sale/Promotion

We amplify brands on Digital

Consumer Focused • Online Sync-up with Consumers • Aligned: - Assessment - Analysis -Review

• Opportunity Collection

We amplify brands on Digital

Experience Sharing Online Fans Participations: • Share their photograph • Videos • Write Experience story 

We can incentivize them.

We amplify brands on Digital

Online Magazine/Newsletter • Shopping Awareness • Latest News • Store + Mall Ambiance • Stock Availability • Promotions • New Product Launches • New Season offers

We amplify brands on Digital

Catalog ‘s Online Highlights

Store Ambassadors • Using Social Media Hype We can select ambassadors from schools/colleges/Universities. • Offer Discounts on Referral basis They can greet Customers guide them through mall • Loyalty Cards Concept • Happy Hour*

We amplify brands on Digital

On-Ground Activation Sync-up • Fanatic Corner/Spot • Fashion Walk (entries through facebook)

• Intelligent data collection • Same going online • Giving News about mall • Answering Queries 7 days

We amplify brands on Digital

Celebrity in-house!

The idea behind this Facebook activity will be to link fashion trends and latest happenings in town with catalog. In order to promote this, users will be able to ask a known celebrity their queries. Fans will be given a week to submit their questions

We amplify brands on Digital

Celebrity Endorsement • Just like all big brands, We would leverage the star power of local celebrities in promoting Catalog as a new trend in fashion • We would reach out to the most influential local celebs such as ‘VJ Saira’, Mahira Khan, and some local fashion designers and have them promote Catalog on their facobook, and twitter accounts • These celebs have around 50K-100K fan following on their pages which will give Catalog a big push in creating the brand awareness

We amplify brands on Digital

Valentine Exclusives for

We amplify brands on Digital


We amplify brands on Digital

DESIGN YOUR OUTFIT • Design your own outfit is an interactive application in which the user can design a new outfit with the given presets, styles, color options, and material options • The idea is to let people try and make new designs which will then be uploaded onto catalog’s facebook wall; this will invite a lot of likes and comments creating an ample amount of activity on the page • We will urge users to submit there own designs, and the best design can then be turned to production, creating a hype in the industry and catching a lot of attention among the users on facebook We amplify brands on Digital

Style Statements/Fashion Tips

• We will be sharing latest fashion tips whole month-Feb • We can call for submissions for Best Style Statements

We amplify brands on Digital

Complete the Combo Be A CELEBRITY • Complete a set of Catalog outfit range • Selection of a winner

We amplify brands on Digital

On-Going Relevant Activities •Up-coming & Latest Trends •Daily Highlights •Daily Plan •Products/Store Related Content •Strategy Devising TWT – Tele With Time •Sentiment & Influencer Monitoring •Quiz Contests (Before Sale/Season/campaign)

We amplify brands on Digital

Our Team @ TRM TRM will ensure the following resources are made available for the tenure of the contract •

Dedicated Account Manager

Creative Team for creative artwork and ideas

Development Team

Application Team

Social Media Coordinator

Research & Insights Coordinator

We amplify brands on Digital

Our Involvement • Your Company will have to signup TRM as their sole online marketing agency with a 12 month contract

Services will include: • • • • •

Proposing ideas Consultation on the latest trends on the internet Planning, creating, implementing and managing online strategies Running online campaigns Regular measuring and reporting on performance

We amplify brands on Digital

Financial Summary Description

Covered in Website

Monthly (PKR)

Social Media

Facebook page management + Increase in user engagement + Online Support & Maintenance + Answers to the queries + Daily Posts + Increase in Users/Fans + Other Relevant Channels


* All prices are based on assumptions that content is provided by client

We amplify brands on Digital

Project Timelines & Costing Description

Social Media Consultancy Including Digital PR & Syndication

Total Retainer

We amplify brands on Digital


Cost (PKR)





Limitations: Any third party costs (such as domain, ssl, ppc, banner ads etc.) are the paid in advance. Client is responsible for all content for the website, including but not limited to: Website text, content copy, logos, etc.

Payments: 50% advance payment on signing of contract for design & development. 50 % on completion, prior to website being handed off / going live. Monthly at the start of each month.

We amplify brands on Digital

Reach Us E: Skype: trmlhr M: +92 300 4 707 807

T: +92 42 3735 1789

We amplify brands on Digital

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