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7th Sunday of Easter May 16th, 2010 Worship @ 9 am & 10:45 am Chaos Church for Kids @ 11 am

Church Office: 780.444.6769 Pastor Dave: 780.467.8767 Karen’s email: PD email: 9 am Organist @ 9 am June Getty

Summer High Seas Expedition at OSLC July 12-17 You can register on the Church website (early next week) Worship at 9 am A Time to Prepare Ourselves for Worship (confession) The Gathering - Psalm 97 “This Is My Father’s World” (LBW #554) Greeting & Liturgy “The Light of Christ” (WOV p.12) The Prayer of the Day Paul & Silas in Jail (Acts 16:16-34) Jesus’ Prayer for Unity (John 17:20-26) A Few Thoughts About This Passage “Bind Us Together” (WOV # 748) Apostles’ Creed Giving of our Gifts & Offerings Prayers of the Church “One Bread, One Body...” (WOV # 710) The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper Blessing “I, the Lord of Sea & Sky” (WOV # 752) Thank you for celebrating the faith with us this Sunday. We hope you will join with us again as we celebrate the faith together.

Worship at 10:45 am The Gathering (Come, Now Is the Time) Welcome To Worship @ OSLC “Top of My Lungs”, “Indescribable”, & Shout to the North”

Giving of our Gifts & Offerings

(Children are excused to attend a time of Christian Learning as they attend Chaos Church for Kids. Parents are welcome to walk to the Learning area with their kids to get them started.)

“Holiness” The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper “Communion” & “There Is a Redeemer” Blessing “We Will Dance”

Biblical Feast Luncheon: “A Taste of Torah a Look at Pentecost” Join Pastor Dave for a BBQ luncheon on Tuesday, June 1st beginning at noon. We will eat, discuss the Feast of Pentecost...a New Understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven. Please sign-up on the sheet by the usher table.

Clothing exchange @ OSLC on Sunday, June 13th. Bring something to give away...take something you like. All clothing left will be given to the Canadian Diabetes Association Contact Rebecca gage for more information (780.242.1146)

Coming Events: Wednesday, May 19th: Note: No Confirmation Class at 4 pm Women’s Bible Study @ 7 pm Pew Warmers Softball Game at 7:30 pm (OSLC vs. Mustard Seed @ Diamond Park #1) If you would like to join the “Team”, please contact Danny Whittaker ( or talk to Danielle or Adam Unger. Next Sunday, May 23rd is: Pentecost. Worship @ 9 am & 10:45 am… Chaos Church for Kids at 11 am Pastor Ken Grambo (a Lutheran pastor) ... also known as “the singing pastor” will be in concert at Saint Matthias Anglican Church (6210 – 188 Street) on Saturday, June 12th at 7:00 PM. Admission is free. There will be a gift offering taken during Ken’s performance, that will help to support his music ministry. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served. To find out more about Ken Grambo, you can log onto his website at For further information on this event please call the St. Matthias church office at 780-487-0324.

Loonies of Love: You are invited to help provide an entire community with all the resources (Water, sanitation, farming and other income producing resources, health, etc. through the OSLC “Loonies of Love” Program.) Our first village project will be in one of the areas in Haiti most affected by the earthquake. We will be working with CLWR. & the Lutheran World Federation to provide this help …. and thanks to government matching funds, we can help four villages at a time! UPDATE: Canadian Lutheran World Relief has begun work on building twelve wells paid for through OSLC’s One Campaign/Micah Challenge. We will be placing a map indicating the location of these wells and the completion of the projects. Thank you for your support!

This Summer Join the Crew for a HIGH SEAS ADVENTURE At OSLC’s Incredible Summer Vacation Bible School Experience This will be an awesome adventure helping kids learn more about God’s Word. Kids will hear stories about some famous bible characters like Peter and John and Paul. They will also learn more about living in a faith community. For FIVE mornings in JULY (12-16) kids will get together for Fun, Fellowship, Food, and an opportunity to Follow along with God. All OSLC kids are invited to participate AND you can bring any or all of your friends. You won’t want to miss this experience. High Seas Adventure: July 12-16, 2010 (Please note: You will be able to sign up on-line. Watch for email updates with a link to the OSLC Website registration page...and if you are not on the email update list, you can sign up at one of the usher tables.) OSLC eLearning 2010 The first course (“Finding Your Place at the Table”: a close look at Luke 15) will begin in June. These OSLC eLearning courses will be designed to allow you to study at your own pace. You will receive weekly lessons (by email), have access to a facebook/website discussion site, and have opportunities to attend any of the optional dinner/discussion gatherings during June/July/August. If you wish to participate, please sign-up on the sheet by the usher table. Courses being considered for the fall/winter/spring of 2010-11: Revolutionary Parenting Becoming a Good Samaritan Redemption: Becoming a New Person And for the kids: It Isn’t easy being Green...or Blue...Helping God Repair the World


A Time to Prepare Ourselves for Worship (confession) The Gathering - Psalm 97 “This Is My Father’s World” (LBW #554) Church Office: 780.444....