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Exemplary Community Service Learning Projects 2010/11


olyU students have actively participated in various community service projects in the past few years. The University presents annual awards to recognise students’ outstanding achievements in serving the community. The following exemplary projects are awarded with the Outstanding Service Project Awards 2010 -11.

Gui with You 2011 花溪情 遊理繫 Course-required Project

Gold Award

The Most Creative Award

This was a service trip to a remote part of Guizhou, China. Students from Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics built 3D models for some local famous tourist spots in an old town using the skills and knowledge learnt in classrooms, and students from other disciplines such as marketing, tourism management, English, etc, collected and edited the relevant tourist information. The project hoped to promote the old town and attract more tourists so as to boost the towns economy and enhance the quality of life of the townspeople. Besides, PolyU students also taught the pupils of a local primary school how to read maps and how to introduce their hometown in English. Classes and group activities were also organized for two local primary schools to stimulate the pupils’ interest in studies and widen their horizons. Department: Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics Student Affairs Office Service Place: Guizhou, China Period: 24/3/2011 - 11/9/2011 Service Users: Primary pupils and the local residents Project Advisor: Ms. Alice Cheng, Mr. Joseph Lam, Miss Camilla Li Collaborating Agency: • Communist Youth League in Education bureau in Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province • Communist Youth League in Qingyan Town, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province • Huaxi Commissary of Communist Youth League in Guiyang, Guizhou Province • Qingyan Primary School • Swan Primary School

Cambodia Service Learning Tour 2011 柬埔寨服務行 2011 Course-required Project

Silver Award

The Best Demonstration of Teamwork Award

29 students from different disciplines spent 7 days in Cambodia working for various NGOs as part of one of PolyU’s first credit-bearing service learning subjects, COMP 397 (Service Learning and Civic Engagement in the Information Age). They were divided into small teams and worked on a variety of projects, including teaching computer literacy, web programming, movie making, digital storytelling, science mechanics, arts and crafts and English reading and writing, to a wide diversity of beneficiaries, such as slum children, HIV/AIDS orphans, former sex workers, street youths and vocational college students. The projects hoped to make a difference in the life of the local people by teaching them ITrelated knowledge and skills, as well as to expose the local teachers to the interactive teaching methodology practiced at PolyU and demonstrated by our students. At the same time, our students also experienced the impact of the digital divide first-hand and learned different ways in which their discipline knowledge can be used to serve the community. Department: Department of Computing Service Place: Cambodia Period: 4/6/2011 - 6/8/2011 Service Users: Slum children, street youth, HIV-AIDS positive orphans, vocational school students, former sex workers and at-risk girls and young women

Empowering Creativity through Use of Technologies in Xinjiang Service Learning Trip 創意啟動在新疆 Course-required Project

Bronze Award

Ten engineering students divided themselves into two teaching teams and went on a service learning trip to Xinjiang in the summer of 2011. One team conducted a 3-day workshop on LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot programming for primary and secondary school teachers coming from different parts of Xinjiang. The other team organised a 4-day workshop on a creativity tool (i.e. MIT Scratch) for children from two ethnic groups. The project has widened the service recipients’ horizons in IT, raised their interest in different learning approaches, enhanced their creativity, and cultivated social integration among different ethnic groups. Department: Department of Computing Service Place: Xinjiang, China Period: 4/6/2011 - 20/7/2011 Service Users: Teachers and children Project Advisor: Dr. Vincent Ng Collaborating Agency: Esquel Enterprises Limited

Project Advisor: Dr. Stephen Chan, Prof. Lu Qin, Dr. Grace Ngai


Collaborating Agency: • Asia Human Resources Development Centre • Emmanuel Christian School • Happy Tree Social Services • New Life Centre • White Lotus


Hand-in-Hand: Serving People with Rehab Needs in China 手牽手 — 中國義務康復治療服務計劃

Healthy Community Programme 健康社區計劃 Self-initiated Project

Bronze Award

Self-initiated Project


Global Biomedical Engineering Service 2011 – Voluntary Orthotics Service in Zhaoqing 愛心關懷傳肇慶 Self-initiated Project

Gold Award

The Best Demonstration of Teamwork Award

A group of PolyU students pursuing biomedical engineering and with their concentration in proshetics and orthotics joined hands with the engineering students coming from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to provide voluntary orthotics services for 50 children suffering from cerebral palsy in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. Students of the 2 universities worked together to assess, prescribe, construct and fit orthoses for the underprivileged children. In their first visit, they performed assessments and measurements. Then, they constructed and later fitted, adjusted and delivered the orthoses to the children in the second visit. Through the project, the underprivileged children could receive proper orthotic treatment. The project also facilitated the exchange in orthotics services among the students and staff of PolyU, UPenn and the rehabilitation centre in Zhaoqing. Department: Department of Health Technology & Informatics


There is a great demand for rehabilitation services in the Chinese mainland. A group of 20 occupational therapy and 32 physiotherapy students worked hand in hand to provide rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in various parts of China in the summer of 2011. Lasted for 3 to 4 weeks, the project brought rehabilitation services to various parts of China including Chengdu, Xinjiang, Xining, Shanghai, Qingdao and Guangzhou. While applying the professional knowledge and skills they learnt in classrooms, the PolyU students helped promote rehabilitation treatment programmes to people with disabilities and staff working in rehab settings. The project has also enhanced PolyU students’ understanding of the rehab needs of their motherland. Department: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Service Place: Chengdu, Xinjiang, Xining, Shanghai, Qingdao & Guangzhou, China

Being one of the health care projects of the “Community Service Learning Programme in Sham Shui Po 2010/11”, the Healthy Community Programme brought love and care to the chronically ill elderly patients residing in Sham Shui Po, and helped them build healthy lifestyles. PolyU students grouped in pairs visited the elderly patients regularly (twice a month). They listened to the elders’ concerns, observed their lifestyles and habits, and put together a healthy lifestyle proposal for each elder they visited. While enabling PolyU students to practise their knowledge and skills, the project promoted health care messages to the community. Students themselves also showed improvements on their communication and interpersonal skills. Department: School of Nursing Student Affairs Office Service Place: Hong Kong Period: 30/12/2010 - 21/05/2011

Period: 1/4/2011 - 18/10/2011

Service Users: Elderly people suffering from chronic illnesses

Service Users: People with rehabilitation needs and rehabilitation workers

Project Advisor: Ms. Sylvia Ting

Project Advisor: Dr. Karen Liu, Dr. Grace Szeto

Collaborating Agency: Caritas Hong Kong – Services for the Elderly Integrated Home Care Service (Shamshuipo) Enhanced Home and Community Care Service (Shamshuipo)

Collaborating Agency: • Christian Action • The Good Rock Foundation

Service Place: Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China Period: 1/3/2011 - 31/5/2011 Service Users: Children with cerebral palsy Project Advisor: Dr. Aaron Leung, Dr. M. S. Wong Collaborating Agency: • University of Pennsylvania, USA • Zhaoqing Disabled Persons’ Federation



Certificate of Excellence Course-required Projects Department of Applied Social Sciences High Flyers' Project (Community Participation Project) Project Advisor: Dr. Hui Lo Man-chun, Jenny Collaborating Agency: Chinese American Service League

Health Fair 2011: Smoke-free Homes 2011健康嘉年華:「無煙家居」 Self-initiated Project

Youreable Fashion Design 2011: Knitted Top and Evening Gown 展才設計2011: 針織上衣及晚裝 Self-initiated Project


The Most Creative Award


Certificate of Excellence Health Fair 2011, funded by the Hong Kong Government’s Health Care and Promotion Fund, was the main event of a one-year non-research health promotion project “Promoting smoke-free homes in Hong Kong”. The objective of this project was to promote “smoke-free homes” to school children and their parents. The project hoped to enhance the public awareness about the health consequences of smoking, second-hand and third-hand smoke exposure, and to provide tips of establishing smokefree homes in Hong Kong, especially for families with young children. This project was consisted of three components – (i) interactive health talks, and educational leaflets distribution to primary and secondary schools; (ii) Chinese & English slogan, and story-telling competitions for primary and secondary school students; and (iii) 2011 Health Fair, which took place on PolyU campus on 25 June 2011. At the Health Fair, twenty booths were set up providing health-checks and games. The messages on the benefits of smoke-free homes were further disseminated through various activities at the Fair. Department: School of Nursing Service Place: Hong Kong Period: 01/06/2010 - 31/08/2011 Service Users: Primary and secondary school students, their family members and the general public Project Advisor: Dr. Mak Yim-wah, Prof. Alice Yuen Collaborating Agency: • Christian Family Service Centre • Culture Homes • Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association • Kowloon Technical School


Youreable Fashion Design provided a platform for the elderly and disabled people to demonstrate their design talent by designing a garment for their loved ones. PolyU students took part to provide technical support and assistance for the participants to produce the products from the designs. The project, while helping the elderly and disabled people to express their love and gratitude to their loved ones, also raised the public awareness of their potential. It provided an opportunity for the elderly and disabled people to work alongside with others in the community, and helped build a harmonious and caring community. Department: Institute of Textiles & Clothing Service Place: Hong Kong Period: 05/03/2011 - 06/10/2011 Service Users: Elderly and disabled people Project Advisor: Dr. Frency Ng Collaborating Agency: • Caritas Hong Kong – Services for the Elderly • Direction Association for the Handicapped • Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth • SAHK • St. James’ Settlement – Rehabilitation Services • The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council – College for Adults with Special Education Needs • Vocational Training Council – Shine Skills Centre

Department of Building and Real Estate Industrial Centre Campus Improvement Works for W F Joseph Lee Primary School Project Advisor: Ir. Albert Kwok, Industrial Centre Collaborating Agency: W F Joseph Lee Primary School Department of Computing YMCA Computer Summer Bank Project Advisor: Dr. Grace Ngai Collaborating Agencies: • Christian Action • YMCA of Hong Kong School of Design Anti-Drug Animation – Merry Go Down Project Advisor: Mr. Anthony Lee Collaborating Agency: Christian Family Service Centre School of Design Co-op Project Project Advisor: Mr. Anthony Lee Collaborating Agency: Independent Commission Against Corruption School of Nursing Joint Project for Disadvantaged Seniors Project Advisors: Mr. Jeff Fung, Mr. Keith Fung, Ms. Carol Kwok, Prof. Claudia Lai, Ms. Phyllis Pang & Ms. Ivy Wong Collaborating Agency: Caritas Cheng Shing Fung District Elderly Centre (Sham Shui Po), Caritas Hong Kong – Services for the Elderly School of Optometry Elderly Vision Screening Project 2011 Project Advisor: Dr. Chi-wai Do Collaborating Agency: PLK ECO-Home for the Senior and Sunny Green Day Care Centre for the Senior School of Optometry Vision Screening Project 2010-2011 Project Advisor: Dr. Chi-wai Do Collaborating Agency: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society


Certificate of Excellence Self-initiated Projects Dean of Students Office Mountain Village Projects 2011 Department of Computing Helping Elderly with Dementia Collaborating Agency: HKYWCA Wan Wah Care and Attention Home for the Elderly Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Physiotherapy Health Promotion Day 2010 Project Advisors: Ms. Shirley Fong, Dr. Margaret Mak & Dr. Nicola Mok Faculty of Business PolyU-FB CARES-ORBIS Lunar New Year Charity Sale Project Advisor: Dr. Susana Yuen, School of Accounting and Finance Collaborating Agency: ORBIS Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Mini-U for the Third Age Summer Course 2011 Project Advisor: Miss Kitman Lau Institute of Textiles and Clothing Youreable Fashion Design 2011 Project Advisors: Dr. Frency Ng & Dr. Patrick Hui Collaborating Agencies: • Caritas Hong Kong – Services for the Elderly • Direction Association for the Handicapped • Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth • SAHK • St. James’ Settlement – Rehabilitation Services • The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council – College for Adults with Special Education Needs • Vocational Training Council – Shine Skills Centre School of Nursing Care for the Elderly Living Alone 2010 Project Advisor: Miss Sylvia Ting Collaborating Agency: Association for Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services Student Affairs Office Aware of Children Rights Project Advisor: Ms. Camilla Li Collaborating Agency: Against Child Abuse Student Affairs Office Life Memory Books for the Elderly Project Advisor: Miss Renee Leung Collaborating Agency: PLK Eco-Home for the Senior and Sunny Green Day Care Centre for the Senior Student Affairs Office Long Bin BBQ Fun Day Collaborating Agency: The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship Student Halls of Residence PTH Workshop Project Advisor: Dr. Vincent Ng, Department of Computing Collaborating Agency: The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong



Exemplary Community Service Learning Projects 2010/11