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- MEDIA TEAM EDITORS Annemari Sepp (EE) Oskar Košenina (SI) EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: Mazen Zibara (LV) MEDIA TEAM MEMBERS Andries Tjalma (BE) Anna Anttila (FI) Anita Sunila (FI) James Keaveney Jimenez (IE) Juulia Jääskeläinen (FI) Liza Lozar Zajec (SI) Magnus Pfeifer (DE) Mariann Jüriorg (EE) Robin Bucher (FI) Solène Hababou (CH)

LAYOUT AND DESIGN Annemari Sepp (EE) Oskar Košenina (SI) ILLUSTRATIONS Magnus Pfeifer (DE)



Dear reader, The session ended almost a week ago and you are now getting a chance to see another project by the media team. This project was bigger than others and involved all the team members. In this issue you can read about the session itself as well as about circular economy and get an insight to the lives of all the committees. Take this knowledge, use it and take the opportunity to discuss what the session meant for you with your friends. This session was a bumpy ride for all of us but nevertheless an important one. It is vital that after 2016 we see the people around us and learn how to work together. It does not matter where you end up at, what matters is with whom you end up somewhere. Take your connections from the session and move towards better 2017. Yours truly, Annemari & Oskar Editors of TRENS 17



By Anna Antilla

The beginning of a new year is a great time to change, this year we encourage you to think beyond yourself and focus on what you can do to make a difference. Each committee came up with some new year’s resolutions.

- AFCO -

Promote EYP to help people become more aware of the work of the EU Promote the Erasmus Programme to encourage intercultural exchange and strengthen European values Post more informed posts on social media about the EU Don’t give support to any populist news media

- ECON Supportlocal economy by consuming domestic products Encourage entrepreneurship by supporting local businesses Reduce the creation of waste by recycling and engaging in circular economy

- EMPL stand up to people who say that immigrants are coming to steal their jobs


- FEMM Treat both genders equally to reduce the prominence of gender roles Fight stereotypes and support people who are defying the status quo Not turn a blind eye on sexist matters

- INTA Get more informed about big scale agreements like TTIP Convince 1 more person that these kind of things matter

- ITRE Pay attention in physics class to learn more about science in the future Annoy my parents until they buy a hybrid/electric car Travel by electric bus to school Travel by bike to school when it is warm

- JURI Check privacy settings

- LIBE I Get in contact with refugees to help them to integrate to our society

- LIBE II Be open minded

- SEDE help and be accepting of refugees be active in political affairs be more aware of the current affairs



Recent studies have indicated that by 2050 we will be able to establish naval trade routes from Europe to China crossing directly over the North Pole. It is clearly visible that climate change is a serious problem but the rapid speed it is developing at is even more worrying. There has never existed a problem without a cause and this situation is no different. In this particular case, everything can be linked back to the current mentality of consumption and the steady increase of consumption of goods and services globally. Companies and consumers seek to produce and consume goods and services at the lowest possible price. Logic and simple economic theory tells us that when there is decrease in price of goods and services, there tends to be increase in consumption of these goods and services, which ultimately leads to more waste. For example, if jeans in your local store become cheaper, you will most likely buy more jeans since your disposable income becomes greater. In our economy, as you buy more, you will more often than not also be prone to throwing away your damaged jeans. However, does it really have to be this way? Do we really have to ensue this “take-make-dispose” mentality or are there other potential opportunities to be sought out?

What exactly is circular economy? It’s the idea of promoting maximum utility of resources, reuse, reproduction and maintenance of goods that have already been produced . Essentially what this means is that the focus of circular economy does not lie in the prevention of waste generation, but rather in the optimisation of waste quantity reused in production of new goods. In this way the circular economy is a very practical solution. It aims to keep products at their highest value at all times, thus extending the life cycle of products, reducing longterm energy use and consequently also waste. The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra was founded in 1967 as part of the Bank of Finland. However, after Finland joined the EU it became an independent public foundation which operates under the oversight of the Finnish Parliament. The work done by Sitra is guided by its vision of Finland being the frontrunner of sustainable development. They focus on creating sustainable welfare that benefits people, the economy and the environment. In recent times their work has been heavily focused on circular economy, aiming to support and endorse economic prosperity through sustainable and circular production.


The partnership between Sitra and Tampere National Session of EYP Finland 2017 could not have been more fitting seeing as the theme of the session is “Global development as a driver of a sustainable European Economy�. The session and its theme shares the aims of Sitra and their vision. Moreover, this year Finland is hitting a notable milestone by celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence. Sitra on the other hand is celebrating its 50th anniversary and thus the motivation to teach you, the youth, about the Finnish potential for a sustainable future is increasing. This is vital as ultimately the youth will secure sustainable future. Changing aspects of how our economy functions is not an easy task. It requires large-scale elemental social redesign

and change in mind-sets. This is not something that can be achieved in one day. However, throughout history, the best and most impactful results have always been the ones that have needed persistence, hard work and time. However, you, the delegates, have already done just this. You have sat through several days of hard work, time pressure and intense teamwork trying to solve highly complex topics that even Members of the European Parliament have hard time approaching. This is a sign of potential that is within all of you. Carry the memories you have made at TRENS17 with you and never forget that you can achieve any task, no matter how hard it may seem by working with a like-minded team and have a desire to succeed.

HOW TO BE A REAL FINN By Juulia Jääskeläinen and Magnus Pfeifer

1. Drop everything you are doing and stop showing your emotions immediately. Finns do not have emotions. 2. Never make the first move, never talk to others. If you do, it will be understood as flirting as in Finland there is no small talk. Be ready to undertake great efforts to avoid this. 3. You will have to Finnishise your home as well. Aka buy Mariskooli cup, Moomin mugs and Marimekko towels.


4. Holiday means to you going to your mÜkki (summer cottage) in the middle of nowhere and having no human contact, electricity or water for weeks. You will enjoy it. 5. You cannot be a Finn without being punctual. Always be on time (read: 15 minutes early (exclude EYP)) and ALWAYS keep your word. 6. Fight against kaamosmasennus (winter depression) with D-vitamin. However, you lose the battle every single year. Remember, do not complain to anyone, just suffer silently. 7. Your hobby is getting drunk in your underwear aka kalsarikännit (literally getting drunk in your underwear).


8. There is no such thing as casual drinking – the only legitimate reason to drink is to get wasted. 9. The only tolerated non-alcoholic drink is coffee of which you only accept the Finnish brand Paulig. 10. Furthermore, you have to be jealous of Sweden and its accomplishments, but you must never admit it. Pretend you hate them instead and always be ready to go to war with Russia. You know ‌ just in case.



Valmennuskurssit yliopistoon - 09 2727 130 - Abikurssit Ammattikorkeakoulut Biologia DI-osastot Englanti Farmasia

Kasvatustieteet Kauppatieteet Liikuntatiede Lääketiede Maantiede Maatalous-metsätieteet

Oikeustiede Psykologia Ravisemustiede Teologia Valtiotieteet Yhteiskuntatieteet


Set between two vast lakes, scenic Tampere has a down-to-earth vitality that makes it a favorite for many visitors. The Tammerkoski rapids churn through the centre, flanked by grassy banks, which contrast with the red brick of the imposing fabric mills that once drove the city’s economy. Regenerated industrial buildings now house quirky museums, enticing shops, pubs, cinemas and cafes. After three trains and one plane my first impression of Tampere, and Finland in general, was not immediately the one I described above. It was a much colder one. When you need to wait for hours in temperatures around -20 degrees you are not likely to start loving the country you are finding yourself in. The only thought going to my head was the one telling me that this session will most likely end in me freezing to death. Although I must say winter has its own charm as snow blankets the pines and lakes freeze over. The best way to banish those frosty subzero temperatures is to get active. How better to do that than on an eyp session called TRENS 17. I had almost forgotten the friendship and energy sessions like this can provide for a young man like myself. It gives young people like you and me the chance to see and experience how Europe really is through our very own eyes. To make


friends who you will cherish for the rest of your lives. To work together on resolution with the sole purpose to create a better Europe for everyone. That is what eyp is all about and I do hope you experienced this in the same as I did on my first national session in Belgium. EYP has shown me also its demanding and stressful side. During the nights of editing and writing of articles, the doubt sometimes found its way into my mind. Is all this tiredness and frustration really worth it, while you can just as easily be at home. There is only one right answer that I can offer you. Yes, it is. Let the tiredness pass by looking back at the memories and friends you made by attending these kind of sessions. Remember why you are really doing it by looking at the pictures on the sessions’ page. Most of all look at the bright future you are offered to explore Europe.


Throughout the session many things have been heard. The Media Team payed attention to it and made sure that everything was documented. Take a look bellow at just a few that were noted down.

« I’ve heard that AFCO had a 15 minute-long discussion about dogs having autism »

« The USA are a part of the EU anyway, we don’t need a trade agreement with them, trading is free. »

« Drone deliveries are dangerous though, do we really want sofas flying around? »


« We could conduct TTIP negotiations in a sauna, it would work better »

« If we’re the EU, does that mean that we’re also the European Commission? » « Our safeword could be popsicles »

« The European Union is currently composed of 42 members. »

« Dismantling the EU would solve the refugee crisis because Europe couldn’t block them anymore » « If we make the EU one country there won’t be any border problem anymore »



Friends, the memories, the smiles, the vibes, all the little and small changes without forgetting freezing all the time and claiming the stairs all day long. That is something what TRENS has offered us. Changes - maybe you won’t notice them immediately. We need to keep in mind that we are not directly changing the world with this particular session. However we are changing ourselves. We are developing as individuals, we build on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses. After the session you might have a sudden realization that you’re more aware of your surrounding, more open-minded and even have a different mind-set on things. The last thing mentioned is something that very really likely happen to you. Maybe you changed your opinion after defending your point of view, or perhaps someone surprised you with their words and character. With this remember – Rome was not built in a day.

Overall TRENS has seen many faces, laughs and new friendships were formed. Staying in touch can sometimes be difficult and even though you might drift apart this experience will stay in your memory forever. Remember that if you will in the future attend another session the same excitement will return and with time transform into a feeling of belonging and being a part of something innovative and revolutionary. Together we know that even though the problems can’t be solved immediately and they might even worsen in the future, but always remember facing a problem together is more important than anything. Remember the people who kept us warm during this few days, despite the cold weather. Remember all the funny moments you experienced and relive them in your heart when you get home. Keep TRENS forever in your heart.



What was the most difficult thing during the session? Ella: The cold in the first two days was difficult to handle, and people were complaining a lot about it. As someone with a car, having to drive constantly between venues and for errands was hard to manage while dealing with the rest of the event! Hans: Getting all the officials to the session, definitely! There were way more problems about that than expected, so it’s very good we got everyone here in the end. What was your favourite thing about the session? Ella: The people, without hesitation. Hans: More a favourite moment I think: when the Opening Ceremony was ready to start, I entered the room and saw the Board’s table, with the podium and the session’s flag. It suddenly seemed all so real, I thought « Woaw, this is really happening! ». It was a very good feeling. I could actually steal the flag as a souvenir, or go hang it on the walls of the EYP Finland office so it stays there forever…

Opening the session without a president was a first, but it makes for a fun story. They all got here and that’s what matters. Hans: Some things could have been ready earlier, that would have allowed us to go faster at some points, but other than that nothing. What was the best idea you had for the session? Ella: Implementing the 100th anniversary of Finland in the session process, that gave us many opportunities to do things differently. Hans: The photobooth! Mostly we tried to learn from previous sessions and improve everything we could. I am also proud of the name-tags, I designed them and they’re quite handy. What was your favourite meal during the session? Ella: The Chinese food we ordered on the night of Committee Dinner, it was a nice moment and a bit more original than the other days. Hans: Probably the meatballs we had on Sunday evening, these were very good.

What would you change about the session if you could?

Can you name all the Officials by name?

Ella: The travel issues of the leadership!

Ella: Yes!


Hans: Perhaps, I can at least recognise all the names, I looked at the lists for months so they all are familiar. What will you miss the most once the session is over? Ella: My friends, the old one I got to see again and the new I made in the last days. That’s going to be hard… Hans: Not having a big project to work towards, the whole anticipation of the event and the excitation that comes along. I will feel a bit empty I think. Do you already have your Closing Ceremony speech? Ella: No, but I don’t want to improvise! I

will try to do it tonight if we manage, but that most likely won’t happen. Hans: Not yet, we will do it together, and there is no way we improvise, we need to have it on paper first! Did you eat more bananas, apples or oranges` Ella: Bananas, they keep me going. Hans: Apples, they’re just so easy to grab and walk around with, and you don’t have messy peels like with bananas or oranges. I don’t even like oranges. To be continued...




HONORARY PATRONS HENNA VIRKKUNEN Member of the European Parliament

ANNA-KAISA IKONEN The Mayor of Tampere

LIISA JAAKONSAARI Member of the European Parliament


TRENS 17 - Issue  

The Issue produced by the Media Team of TRENS 17 - Tampere National Session of EYP Finland taking place in Tampere, Finland from 5th to 9th...

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