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Dear BCAP Supporter, Of the 1.2 million individuals living with HIV in the US, only 25% have reached an undetectable viral load. Viral load is the measurement of how much HIV is in a person’s blood. The viral load test is a useful tool to determine the presence and progression of HIV in the body. What does having an undetectable viral load mean? If a person’s viral load is determined to be “undetectable” it means the amount of detectable HIV per milliliter of blood cannot be measured using the testing methods available at this time. What does having an undetectable viral load NOT mean? While some levels of HIV may not be detectable by current testing technologies, an undetectable viral load does not mean that HIV has been eliminated. It is important to remember that HIV is also present in lymph nodes, semen and rectal fluids, so HIV may still be present in the body. Researchers have posited that persons with an In countless ways, undetectable viral load are less likely to transmit my life in Boulder HIV to others. In terms of the pathway to health, County the last lower is better. The lower your viral load, the easier twenty years has your body can fight opportunistic infections and the been a story of a pathway less likely it is that you will transmit HIV to others. to health. The pathway has been built by our conscious The path to an undetectable viral load requires and active community, and continuous, uninterrupted treatment that starts with BCAP maintains an essential early diagnosis through HIV testing and continues stretch of that path. throughout a person’s lifetime. BCAP, along with all the Access to affordable health care, affordable organizations fighting HIV/ housing, healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle are AIDS globally, is dramatically keys to a healthy body and a healthy community. changing the health outlook Communities like Boulder that prioritize the overall for gay men like myself. health of its residents are able to achieve what can Knowing that undetectable be termed an undetectable community viral load. viral loads are obtainable, BCAP believes all people in Boulder County and and that the percentage of beyond should have fair and equal opportunities to undetectable HIV+ people attain their full health and life potential. is growing, provides us with We depend on your commitment and support of a kind of freedom from fear BCAP as we work together to achieve health equity that we haven’t known in for our community. decades. We can begin to envision what the world will Warmly, be like when there is a cure. Thanks to all of you who continue to make this pathway to health and Ana Hopperstad David Ensign freedom possible. Executive Director Board President - Dave Ensign Board President

BCAP CREATES A PATHWAY TO HEALTH THROUGH PREVENTION BCAP provides HIV testing and risk reduction counseling in a welcoming, non-clinical setting. Testing clients are given up-to-date information about HIV and their current status, are supported in reducing risk behaviors, provided mental health and substance use screening, and offered referrals to support health. In 2013, BCAP’s staff and volunteers tested over 600 individuals. Six newly diagnosed HIVpositive individuals were identified and linked to case management and medical care. Studies show that treating HIV+ people early in their infection dramatically reduces their risk of transmitting the virus to others and greatly improves health outcomes. BCAP provides a comprehensive package of interventions, services, and activities to curb HIV incidence locally. These include our Atlas, Community Outreach, HIV Testing and Syringe Access programs. We reach people at greatest risk of HIV transmission in the communities where they live. And we provide community-wide HIV awareness and education. BCAP’s diverse programming provides opportunities for skills building, group dialogue and social activity. Prevention programs are combined with efforts to link persons who test positive for HIV to medical care and case management. We are successfully reducing the overall community viral load in Boulder, Broomfield, Gilpin and Clear Creek counties. For every HIV infection that is prevented, an estimated $380,000 is saved in the cost of providing lifetime HIV treatment. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a 28-day course of HIV drugs that can prevent infection if started within 72 hours after exposure to HIV. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is a daily dose of HIV meds to prevent HIV infection. BCAP is optimistic that PEP and PrEP will become more accessible to individuals who can benefit from them. They offer further promise, along with behaviour change, for HIV prevention in HIV-negative individuals. Condoms remain the most effective way to prevent HIV transmission. BCAP has the potential to take prevention much further. We are committed to continuing quality programming. The Atlas program motto best describes how BCAP’s prevention programming supports a client’s pathway to health: “[We are] building a future where HIV transmission is rare.”



William (Bill) Semple, MSW, LCSW has been doing pro bono psychotherapy work with BCAP clients since 2006. Bill has been a social worker since 1975 and worked at Boulder County Mental Health Partners for over 20 years. For the past eight years he has been working in private practice. I was honored to have a conversation with him recently about his involvement with BCAP and other community and health-focused volunteer work. What role does psychotherapy have to play in supporting a pathway to health for someone who is HIV positive? Depression can inhibit the immune system. Alleviating depression through psychotherapy can help the body’s natural wisdom to maintain health. Good mental health treatment helps a person to pay attention to his or her genuine current needs, which has a very positive effect on the immune system. How did you first get involved with BCAP? About eight years ago, when I began to work in private practice, I was concerned about losing the community approach of Boulder County Mental Health Partners (formerly MHCBBC) which had allowed me to work with people who would otherwise be disenfranchised. For me, reaching out to work with BCAP clients was less about seeking HIV involvement per se, and more about serving people who otherwise would not have access to mental health care. Continued on page 7


CARE SERVICES HELP CLIENTS NAVIGATE TO BETTER HEALTH In 2013, BCAP provided HIV Care Services to 224 people living with HIV and/or AIDS. While some of these individuals have been managing their disease successfully for many years, others are newly diagnosed or facing multiple health challenges in addition to HIV. For them, working toward improving health may not be a straight path, but one with many twists and turns on which they take two steps forward and then one step back. BCAP’s Care Services team provides clients with support, information and access to the direct services necessary to meet clients where they

mental health and substance use challenges. When he did have prescription HIV medications in the past, they were often stolen from him while he slept on the streets, preventing him from taking them regularly. When JJ came to BCAP looking for help, he was matched with a case manager right away. He now has health insurance, and, for the first time in years, a growing sense of stability, hope and belonging. Because there is virtually no vacant housing in Boulder, JJ is still homeless, but is living in a shelter and not on the streets. He is working and volunteering in the community with BCAP’s help. The relationship that JJ has built with BCAP empowers him to take better care of himself and gives him access to valuable support and resources. While relapse is part of the lifelong path of recovery, JJ has established himself with a sober community and is taking HIV medications regularly to keep his viral load low. He stocks up on nutritious foods from the BCAP food bank. He is taking control of his medical care and making it to his appointments with the help of bus tickets offered through BCAP’s transportation services. JJ remains resilient in his job hunt, building a supportive network and utilizing employment service referrals from BCAP. With his HIV under control, JJ is able to face some of his other health conditions complicated by years of living on the streets. While he hopes to get into permanent housing this year, he has articulated that it’s not going to be easy and is glad to have BCAP for some emotional support during this major life transition. JJ will stay connected to BCAP as he continues on his journey to optimum health.

... working toward improving health may not be a straight path, but one with many twists and turns on which they take two steps forward and then one step back. are at and continue forward on the path to better health. Improving health outcomes is critical because decreasing one’s HIV viral load decreases the chances of infecting someone else with HIV, and improves the overall health of the community. Without BCAP, however, the path to improved health can be fraught with bumps and setbacks that, alone, very few people can overcome. In 2013 BCAP conducted a comprehensive evaluation of its services and found:

Compared to patients receiving only medical care, BCAP clients who were receiving medical care and case management services were 32 percent more likely to have an undetectable viral load. This demonstrates the direct impact of BCAP’s HIV Care Services on HIV viral load. BCAP services lead to better health outcomes for individuals and the community. Community factors such as the lack of housing, mental health services and substance abuse treatment can pose a tremendous challenge to people living with HIV. The number of people who were homeless and seeking services at BCAP doubled from 2012 to 2013. Some of them were like a man we’ll call JJ. When JJ came to BCAP last year, he was homeless and not receiving any HIV medical treatment. He was in poor health and his viral load was very high. He was unemployed and had no insurance to help him cope with his medical issues and his worsening


The Affordable Care Act has allowed persons living with HIV access to private insurance for the first time in history. This lifesaving benefit was formerly denied to those with pre-existing conditions. BCAP’s staff participated with other HIV providers in enrolling 1,200 plus HIV+ Coloradans in Medicaid and other health insurance programs beginning in October, 2013.

BCAP is grateful for in-kind donations and professional pro-bono services received in 2013. Generous donors provided $213,833 in food bank donations, HIV tests and supplies, reduced rent and internet services, licensed therapeutic massage, acupuncture treatments, licensed psychotherapy, legal services, website and graphic design.









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Our heartfelt thanks to all of BCAP’s in-kind donors, volunteers, and event attendees not listed here. Donors wanting their listed name corrected in any way should contact Elissa Smith, Marketing and Special Events Manager, at We apologize in advance for any errors or omissions.


RECENT WORDS... From a letter accompanying a new monthly donation: “I personally experienced a connection with someone who has AIDS when he visited my health class at Manhattan Middle School. It was intense for me to learn about his journey dealing with his illness. It’s good to know that persons in this unfortunate situation have a resource in BCAP to comfort their needs.” - Charlie Charlie and his siblings Courtney and Jeremy donated $217 in January, and have pledged to send another $43 a month through our monthly giving program. If you would like more information about monthly giving, please visit our website, at

JOIN US... MAY 18: International AIDS Candlelight Memorial MAY 24: Big Top; A Springtime Circus Extravaganza JUNE 7: National HIV Testing Day AUGUST 16: AIDS Walk Colorado AUGUST 23: Absolute! Fabulous! Gorgeous! NOVEMBER 9: BCAP’s Local Legends Gala DECEMBER 1: World AIDS Day DECEMBER 6: KBCO Studio C CD Release JANUARY 1, 2015: Boulder Polar Plunge BCAP has many exciting events throughout the year. See the full calendar of events at Y visite nuestro nuevo sitio en español!


How do you connect with those BCAP clients who seek psychotherapy, but cannot afford it? Jenny Schwartz , BCAP’s volunteer Pro Bono Psychotherapy Team Coordinator, will give me a call to see if I have the capacity to take a new referral from her. If I can take a new person on, I may see him or her for a few sessions, or for a few years. I have worked with five BCAP clients altogether. What are some of the changes you notice having been involved in the HIV/AIDS epidemic over seven years? The question “How do we live with HIV?” has largely replaced the question, “How do we face death?” When I am in session with the BCAP clients I see, it is not usually about HIV. HIV is a component of their lives, but my BCAP clients are not that different from the rest of the people I see, in terms of what they bring to our sessions. What does volunteering add to your life? Part of living a satisfied life as an adult is the feeling you have more to give than you need. Volunteering affirms that. I see about 15-25 people who do pay for my services which allows me to volunteer with BCAP . I also volunteer as the President of Co-operate Colorado. This organization is working in response to the Affordable Care Act’s invitation to states to improve on the federal requirements laid out in the act. It “educates Coloradans about the health care crisis, brings Coloradans together to work for solutions, and advances principles, policies and structures that establish universal and equitable access to affordable, quality health care for all Coloradans.” [from the web site]. What do you enjoy most about offering pro bono psychotherapy to BCAP clients? As I moved from a community-based system to working on my own, I was concerned about some people not having access. Doing some work on a volunteer basis helps me round out my practice, so I can work with a good range of people. Congratulations and thank you Bill! On February 12th, the Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers named Bill Semple Social Worker of the Year for 2014. BCAP is excited to congratulate Bill on this well-deserved honor. Thank you for being a part of BCAP’s Pro Bono Psychotherapy Team. The behind-the-scenes volunteer work that Bill and the other 16 members of the team provide BCAP clients for free is highly beneficial to their mental and physical health. BCAP is proud to offer this vital program.


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