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Architectural Portfolio Sotero Urbina

Texas Tech University College of Architecture at El Paso 700-B San Francisco St. El Paso, Texas 79901 Architecture and Me…

Sotero Urbina

It is a difficult task to express into words what Architecture means to me. I am sure I should be writing about how I have always dreamed of drawing big buildings and adding my own little flair to each one. Although yes, this is part of the job description, but this means so much more to me than adding my name to a design. I truly didn’t know what I wanted to be “once I graduated from high school.” I had never been really influenced by many to continue my education beyond high school, if I even would complete that. I was not an excellent student and had enough of school to last me a lifetime. I decided to go to the Career Fair held at my high school, really more of a way to get out of class, but I got more than I had bargained for. I noticed most of the Colleges and Universities did not express themselves in their set-ups. I knew the military was not the answer for me either. I noticed only two of the schools set up proudly displayed their school colors, banners and tapestries, those two schools were Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University. I spoke with both representatives and was guided by them both to follow my art capabilities and make my living with something I loved doing, drawing, since being a Rock Star was not working as well as I thought it would. The following school year I went on a school trip to Europe with the French Club. While on this trip we went to London and Paris. While in these cities I saw Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. It was these two iconic structures which really sparked my interest in Architecture. I began noticing more details in the structures and thinking about how these were designed and how I would be able to improve these structures. I realized at that time, becoming an Architect was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Upon completion of high school, I was unable to start college right away due to financial constraints. I began working in an attempt to begin saving for my education and life happened. I became a certified welder and was able to design with this work, but it was still unfulfilling to me, it was not Architecture. I registered and enrolled into Dona Ana Branch Community College (DACC) and got my Associates Degree in Drafting. I decided I wanted to experience more in life and changed my scenery and moved to New York. I was able to work for a small architecture firm there; I had finally begun to see my dream become clearer. I returned to New Mexico after a couple of years to be closer to my family. I then began working for a local architecture firm, Studio-D Architects, as a drafter. Although I was helping to design I still wanted to utilize my own designs and would not be able to do this until I had my own license. I again returned to DACC in search of my pre-requisites completion so I would be able to move onto a major University to complete my Master’s Degree in Architecture. I choose Texas Tech University, because I believe they have the best program available to me. Gaining acceptance into this program will start the next chapter in my journey to complete my goal of becoming an architect and designing my own buildings and offering my contributions to this world.

Sotero Urbina 532 Palma Street Chaparral, NM 88081 Email: Phone: (915) 491-9935

Table of Contents Arct 170-Comp. In Arch NMSU Shade Structures DACC Recreation Building

Arct 210-Arch. Delineation I

Modified Contour Line Drawing The Shoe Field Sketching & Perspective Drawing

Arct 260-Arch. Delineation II Sky Meets Built Form Fruits Micro Studies Car Painting

1-2 3-5

6 -9

Arct 101-Intro to Architecture


Arct 111-Architectural History I


Line Drawing & Model

Las Cruces Bath House

Arct 254-Design Studio II

12 - 14

Personal Work

15 - 16

In the Manner of ....... (Posters) In the Manner of ....... (Model) Destination Habitat

Tattoo Work Tattoo Art Flash

Arct 170 Computers in Architecture - NMSU shade structures

Instructor: Luis Rios


Top View

Side View

Back View


To design a shade structure for NMSU students where the students can relax and study outdoors between classes. The use of solar panels would allow the students to recharge there electronic devises. Media: Sketch-Up Software 1


Top View

Back View

Side View

Arct 170

Computers in Architecture- DACC Recreation Building

Instructor: Luis Rios

Interior Render-Lounge Area

Isometric Render Interior Render-Food Court

Interior Render-Game Room

Goals: Floor Plan

To design a building that would meet the needs of DACC students, and to give students a place where they can relax before there classes. Media: Revit Software 2

Arct 210 Delineation I - Modifies Contour Line Drawing

Instructor: Alexandra Lopez


Developing observational skills, become aware of mass and skeletal structures inherent in the contour of form. Additionally become more aware of proportion,composition and the development of line quality. Media: Graphite Pencil, 8x11 Sketch Paper 3

Arct 210

Delineation I - The Shoe Instructor: Alexandra Lopez


To observe texture, value and form as an extension of an initial line drawing.. Media: Graphite Pencil, 8x11 Sketch Paper 4

Arct 210 Delineation I - Field Sketching and Perspective Drawings

Instructor: Alexandra Lopez


Exploring and developing sensitivity to the environment around us, (Perspective drawings teaches you to scale entourage to create a convincing environment.) Media: Micro-Pens, and Markers, 24x36 Sketch Paper 5

Arct 260

Delineation II - Skies Meets Built Form Instructor: Raphael Codero


Developing organizational rendering skills by creating appropriate skies to complement specific architectural structures. Media: Markers, Color Pencils, 8x11 Sketch Paper 6

Arct 260 Delineation II - Fruits

Instructor: Raphael Cordero


Developing general painting and drawing skills while Increasing visual sensitivity to the environment. Media: Color Pencils, Markers, 8x11 Sketch Paper 7

Arct 260

Delineation II - Micro Studies Instructor: Raphael Corcero


Developing how a “photo-real� painting can also be an abstract composition. Matching local color, emulating texture and mastering perspective drawings at a micro scale. Media: Color Pencils, Micro Pens, Grey Wash ink, 8x11 Sketch Paper 8

Arct 260 Delineation II - Car Painting Instructor: Raphael Cordero


Successfully render in color on reflective irregular surfaces. The goal addresses the challenges inherent with foreshortening, proportion and other problems in drawing a car. Media: Color Pencils, Markers, 8x11 Sketch Paper 9

Arct 101 Intro. to Architecture

Instructor: Guillermo Barajas


To explore the different elemental concepts of architecture; (mass, addition, subtraction, extrusion). Model Material: Plexi Glass, Balsa Wood, Chipboard Model Size: 9”x19”x15” Scale: 1” = 40’-0” 10

Arct 111 Architectural History I - Las Cruces bath House Instructor: Hema Pandya


To design a modern bath house for the city of Las Cruces. Staying true to the architectural style of the city. Model Material: Museum Board, Balsa Wood, Plexiglas, Chipboard

Model Size:

scale: 1/8” = 1’-0” 11

Arct 254

Studio II - In The Manner of......... Instructor: Julia Kirton

Biography Collage

Architectural Collage


Inking Collage

To generate a series of collages which incorporate the life and work of the architect. Media: Photoshop(Software), Micro Pens, Grey Markers, 11x17 Paper, 24x18 Sketch Paper 12

Arct 254 Studio II - In the Manner of......

Instructor: Julia Kirton


Using the background information gathered on our architect of study, as, students generate a 25’x25’x25’ cube located at a four cross intersection. Student use the architects philosophy and theoretical practices yo influence the design. Model Material: Foam core, Balsa Wood, Plexiglas, Chipboard Model Size: 6 1/4”x6 1/4”x6 1/4” Scale: 1/4” = 1’-0” 13

Arct 254

Studio II - Rural Architecture Instructor: Julia Kirton


I’m high I’m so high I cant believe how high I am I hope I don’t slip and die.


Project Site

To design a habitat of no more than 100 sq. ft. that will promote the recharging of the mind, body, and soul, concept of design was developed in relation to an original poem. Model Material: Plexi Glass, Foam Core, Balsa Wood, Chipboard Model Size: 4”x6”x7” Scale: 1/4”=1’-0” 14

Personal Work Tattoo’s


To try a new media and to showcase my art ability which is influenced by the visual design of the client. Media: Skin, Tattoo Ink, Tattoo Machine 15

Personal Work Tattoo Art Flash

Colors Pencils

Water Colors

Media: Micro Pens, Color Pencils, Water Colors, 9x12 Sketch Paper,

Colors Pencils

8x11 Water Color Paper,


Arch. portfolio