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Laser hair removal Waxing Threading Eye treatments Ear piercing Vajazles Injectabes Dermal fillers Manicure/pedicure Nail design Semi-permanent make-up Sienna Spray Tan Face Peel/Microdermabrasion Massage Dermatology Facials Vouchers

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Bringing out th Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

With our staff having over 20 years’ experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry, we offer a range of treatments and cosmetic procedures from the world’s first pain free laser hair removal to Botox and semi-permanent make up. We take pride in offering the best in customer service and a friendly, professional approach to all our clients. Our treatment plans are tailored to suit each client’s needs, from a simple course of laser hair removal to advanced surgery; you will receive the highest standard of care throughout from one of our professional consultants. You the clients, are at the centre of all that we do. We ensure full client confidentiality and all consultations take place in a private consultation room. We are involved in extensive research and development programmes enabling us to be a technological leader in our industry. With knowledgeable, trained and experienced staff and specialist surgeons, we have a team you can rely on. If you would like to look and feel confident, please call 01902 270781 to arrange a free consultation.

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Laser hair removal Ever been afraid of the removal of unwanted hair? The Soprano XL utilises revolutionary new technology with GOLD STANDARD 810 diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. It’s the world’s first effective laser hair removal system to be FDA approved as “painless”

Why the SOPRANO XL is better than other lasers?

• Suitable for every skin and hair type. • No scarring or burns. • For men and women alike. • Faster and often less treatments

Women Face



Upper lip Chin Upper lip & chin Full face Lower face Forehead Neck (front or back) Centre brow

£50.00 £50.00 £60.00 £110.00 £95.00 £75.00 £50.00 £20.00

£260.00 £260.00 £300.00 £510.00 £450.00 £350.00 £270.00 £100.00

£60.00 £110.00 £70.00 £40.00

£320.00 £595.00 £370.00 £175.00

£175.00 £135.00 £115.00 £99.00 £40.00

£895.00 £695.00 £595.00 £525.00 £200.00

£65.00 £90.00 £80.00 £70.00 £40.00 £90.00

£320.00 £470.00 £420.00 £380.00 £195.00 £470.00

Arms Underarms Arms (full) Arms (half) Hands & Fingers


needed. • Less cost to you. • Maximum Comfort Minimum Fuss. • Superior, more predictable, with more reliable results.

Legs (full) Legs (upper) Legs (lower) Front of thighs Feet & toes

The laser is attracted to melanin, the dark pigment in hair, using Melanin as a ‘Conductor’. The energy from the laser travels down to the base of the hair follicle where it scatters as thermal energy damaging the base of the hair follicle and preventing it producing hair as quickly. The rate of growth is dependent on the number of sessions taken as hair growth is over a four to six weeks cycle. Six laser sessions are recommended to eliminate hair.

Bikini Bikini line Bikini Brazilian Bikini Hollywood Peri-anal Stomach Centre line Buttocks

Full body Legs, bikini, underarms & face £400.00


Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:






Upper lip Chin Upper lip & chin Full face Beard area Ears Nose Cheeks Forehead Neck (front or back) Centre brow

£45.00 £45.00 £55.00 £99.00 £80.00 £50.00 £40.00 £55.00 £55.00 £50.00 £20.00

£240.00 £240.00 £290.00 £595.00 £430.00 £250.00 £200.00 £290.00 £290.00 £270.00 £100.00

£60.00 £75.00 £65.00 £45.00

£320.00 £400.00 £350.00 £220.00

£175.00 £135.00 £115.00 £115.00 £90.00 £45.00 £50.00

£895.00 £695.00 £595.00 £595.00 £470.00 £220.00 £250.00



£150.00 £190.00 £95.00 £60.00 £85.00 £90.00

£800.00 £990.00 £490.00 £320.00 £440.00 £500.00


Underarms Arms (full) Arms (half) Hands & fingers

Below waist

Legs (full) Legs (upper) Legs (lower) Front of thighs Buttocks Feet & toes Feet

Full body for man

Everywhere besides face:


Underarm and groin area Back Chest Shoulders Abdomen (whole) Shoulder and back of neck

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deals Ava

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We use the Soprano which is:

- Virtually pain free - Suitable for any skin colour - Completely safe - Not expensive

FREE PATCH TEST AVAILABLE Ask our staff for more details

Waxing Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes hair from the roots. Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic is a one-stop shop for every waxing treatment you can think of. Using top quality products and the latest techniques, we make hair removal a much more comfortable experience than you can imagine.

Women Below waist:

Full leg ¾ leg ½ leg Modest bikini Brazilian Hollywood


Full arm ½ arm Underarm Chest Stomach Naval Back Lower back

Full packages:

Full leg & modest bikini Full leg & Brazilian Full leg & Hollywood Full leg & full arm Full body + modest bikini Full body + Brazilian Full body + Hollywood Full face + EBS

Men £16.00 £13.00 £10.00 £7.00 £15.00 £18.00

Chest & stomach Full arm &underarm Full legs Back Underarm Full body Bikini Hollywood

£25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £25.00 £9.00 £110 .00 £25.00

£12.00 £7.00 £6.00 £7.00 £8.00 £3.00 £13.00 £6.00 £25.00 £28.00 £31.00 £30.00 £58.00 £65 .00 £70.00 £18.00

Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

eye treatments

Threading for men and women

Eyebrows Forehead Full face Upper lip Chin Sides

£5.00 £4.00 £12.50 £3.00 £4.00 £6.00

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow tint Eyebrow tint& shape Eyelash tint Eyelash, brow & shape Eyelash perm Eyelash extensions

Ear piercing One hole Extra holes


Small Large

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£5.00 £10.00 £6.00 £15.00 £18.00 from £15.00 £10.00 £7.00 £10.00 £20.00

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We understand the need for reliable service and the importance of quality materials in our semi-permanent eyelash extension glues, semipermanent eyelash kits and of course, the eyelash extensions themselves. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are the fastest growing salon service in the UK and internationally. Lush Beauty offer high quality eyelash extensions products at competitive prices

Injectables & Fillers Fewer wrinkles makes a beautiful face We offer three different forms of injectable anti-wrinkle treatments, and we can help you to decide which one is right for you:

• Botox • Juvéderm® • Sculptra™ Injectable anti-ageing treatments are a quick and convenient way to smooth out lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth without any need for surgery.

Injections for relaxing lines & wrinkles

Nurse Consultation Free 1 Area £150.00 2 Areas £220.00 3 Areas £275.00 Brow lift from £220.00 Bunny lines £150.00 Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) £450.00

Surgeon Free £200.00 £275.00 £340.00 from £300.00 £180.00 £550.00

Dermal Fillers Facial rejuvenation


Consultation Free Lips from £200.00 Cheek Enhancements from £300.00 Voluma from £500.00


Free from £300.00 from £400.00 from £600.00

Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

Semi-Permanent Make up

Semi-Permanent Make-up is set to transform your life. Semi-Permanent Make-up is set to transform your life. It will last for months, won’t wipe off, and you will look beautiful bare-faced from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and whether you are swimming or sunbathing! Using high SPF sun cream to protect your skin from sun damage complements the benefits of the treatment leaving you looking younger for longer. Semi-permanent makeup is widely used around the world and has proved to be a safe and effective beauty skin treatment backed by medical approval. The inorganic make-up minerals will remain effective for up to five years. An almost unlimited selection of colours are available, to compliment your natural skin tones and eye colour. Eyeliner top £150.00 Eyeliner bottom £130.00 Eyeliner top & bottom £250.00 Eyebrows from £250.00 Lip liner £190.00 Full lips £350.00 Lip blush £250.00

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The most popular treatments are as follows:

• Top eyeliner • Lower eyeliner • Eyebrows (More) • Lipliner (More) • Lip extensions • Lip blush Eyelash enhancement Full lip colour (‘lipstick’) Beauty spots and freckles

nails, Manicures & Pedicures Pedicures Express pedicure £18.00 French pedicure £20.50 Luxury pedicure £23.00 Luxury pedicure & paraffin wax treatment £25.00 Reshape & polish £7.00 Reshape & French polish £9.50 Shellac Hybrid pedicure £40.00

Nail design One Colour Two Colour Three Colour Sparkling Stones

£5.00 £7.00 £10.00 £1.00

Manicures Express manicure French manicure Luxury manicure Luxury manicure & paraffin wax treatment Reshape & polish Reshape &French polish Shellac Hybrid manicure Minx Manicure

£13.50 £16.00 £18.00 £20.00 £6.00 £18.50 £35.00 £35.00

Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

Achieve the perfect all over golden glow. Visit our Wolverhampton based beauty salon for professional applications of ‘Sienna Spray tan’. Sienna spray tan is the choice of professionals and beginners the world over because every product is created to deliver a beautiful even tan, every time. Sienna spray tan is loved by celebs all over the world. So if you want to achieve a natural golden brown tan with no streaks - then allow Sienna Spray Tan to make you look like a goddess.

Sienna x Spray Tanning Full Body You will be amazed by the fantastic results. A seamless all over body tan using a specialist airbrush applicator that takes just 15 minutes (30mins includes drying). 30 mins @ £29.00

Spray Tanning Half Body Can be applied either from the waist up or the waist down. 30 mins @ £20.00

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FACE treatments Face Peels

Designed to improve the appearance of skin Mandelic Peel Jessner Peel

£135.00 £150.00

TCA Peel Glycolic Peel

£200.00 £60.00

Microdermabrasion Face, neck & mask


Ionyzime facials Ionyzime treatment (60min) Ionyzime treatment + mask (75min) Ionyzime nose

Facials Active Vitamin Treatment (3 Areas) 1 hour £55.00 Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment (10 Areas) 1.5 hour £75.00 Packed with nourishing, antiageing ingredients, the active vitamin treatment will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy.

£45.00 £50.00 £20.00

Facial rejuvenation treatments The Frown Treatment 45 Minutes £90

Hydraboost Treatment 1 hour £90

This highly effective treatment uses a special penta-peptide serum to target frown lines and achieve dramatic results.

The perfect antidote based on Hyaluronic Acid, which holds 1000 times its own weight in water, it helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increase the plumpness of the dermis, resulting in moisturised, glowing skin.

Body Sculpt Treatment 1 hour £65.00 This effective treatment is a great way to help smooth stubborn cellulite while firming and tightening the skin.

Skin Clearing Treatment 45 Minutes £45.00 Specially designed to address problem skin, this gentle peeling treatment helps to clear the complexion and calm inflammation.

Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

Body Massage A ‘Lush’ treatment for the body, leaving you totally relaxed and stress free.

Treatment for the body


Your skin will be deeply nourished leaving you feeling calm and content.

Face & neck massage Back, shoulder & neck massage Full body massage Full body lymphatic massage Hot stone massage Hot stone back massage Aroma therapy face massage Aroma therapy full body massage Sciatica massage

(20min) (30min) (60min) (60min) (60min) (45min) (20min) (60min) (30min)

£15.00 £20.00 £35.00 £40.00 £40.00 £35.00 £20.00 £35.00 £20.00

Treatment for the BODY Find us on Facebook

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dermatology The Fresh New Face of Beauty:

Dermatology is a medical speciality concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions from acne to the eradication of fine lines and wrinkles through anti-ageing procedures.

What treatments are there? Our Dermatology treatments can be tailored to suit your exact requirements Using state of the art technology, we can assist with the following conditions:

• • • • • • • •

Age Spots Black Heads Crows’ Feet Double Chin Excess Skin Forehead Lines Ingrowing Hairs Jowls

• • • • • • • •

Laughter Lines Lumps & Bumps Neck lines Nose to Mouth Lines PCOS Pigmentation Redness Spots<

One of the world’s leading skincare products which cannot be found on beauty counters. Environ is vitamin and antioxidant based. Active Ingredients particularly vitamins A, C & E are combined with highly effective antioxidants to give RESULTS. Environ aims to counter the skin thinning process which happens over time as we age. It has a corrective affect, normalises, repairs and heals, protects from free radical & UV damage and significantly helps stimulate natural and elastin production Lush Beauty &collagen Laser Clinic to combat the visible signs of ageing.

• • • • • • • •

Stretch Marks Sun Damage Thin Lips Tired Eyes White Spots Wrinkles Hyperhidrosis Acne

You won’t believe the difference Jane Iredale 100% mineral make up will make in how your skin feels and looks. The foundations contain algae extracts to help prevent moisture loss and protect against damage from UV Radiation. The Jane Iredale range is known for its additive free formulation, Containing no oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens or fragrance. Even the most sensitive skin will feel and look fabulous. The foundations also contain algae extractsto help prevent moisture loss and protect against UV damage. Ultra water-resistant and designed for all day wear; your skin will not only breathe, but be absolutely breath-taking.

A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE | T: 01902 270781 | W:

Vouchers Our prices are completely transparent and unlike many companies there are no hidden costs. The price advertised is always the price you pay. We are offering you the chance to get discount on some of our exclusive treatments.

10% off OAP & Student Bring this voucher in to recieve your 10% off in store on any treatement. You need to be over 60 years of age or carry a valid NUS card.

10% off Under 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Present this voucher to receive your 10% off in store on any treatment.

10% Referral Discount

10% off for you and a friend when you introduce your friend as a new client

Loyalty Cards Available Loyalty cards available for most treatments!! Please ask for details

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Pain free laser hair removal Skin peels & skin products Semi-permanent make up Laser Skin tightening Eyelash extensions Injectables (Botox) Microdermabrasion Pedicure & manicure Dermatology Dermal fillers body vajazzles spray tan Nail art & tips Threading Waxing Lush Beauty & Laser Clinic A: 1 Market Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3AE T: 01902 270781 W: E: Car parking is available 200 yards from the clinic. Entrance to the car park at Pipers Row. Find us on Facebook

We are based here in Wolverhampton town centre

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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;For both Men & Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Lush Beauty Price List  

lush, hair, beauty, pricelist

Lush Beauty Price List  

lush, hair, beauty, pricelist