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2014 October Italian Heritage Month OCTOBER ITALIAN HERITAGE MONTH COMMITTEE Cav. James DiStefano, President Dr. John Christoforo, Chairman of the Board Salvatore Bramante, Vice-President Fiscal Affairs Marisa Di Pietro, Recording Secretary Dr. Spencer DiScala, Historian Dr. Stephen F. Maio, Director of Education Cav. Kevin Caira, Immediate Past President Nicola Orichuia, Director/Public Relations Richard C. Bardi, President Justinian Law Society, Director

America in History Landing of Columbus Designs created & implemented by Constantino Brumidi (1805-1880), the Michelangelo of the United States Capitol

Nicola DeSantis, Consul General, Honorary Chairman

Carmelita Bello, President Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, OSIA, Director Anthony Cassano, President Dante Alighieri Society, Director Rosario Cascio, President Pirandello Lyceum, Director M. Gioconda Motta, President C.A.S.IT., Director Maurizio Pasquale, President COMITES, Director Anna Quadri, President Federation of Italian Associations of N.E., Director Hon. Peter W. Agnes, Jr., Chairman Emeritus, Co-Founder Hon. Joseph V. Ferrino, Ret., Chairman Emeritus, Co-Founder Comm. Lino Rullo, President Emeritus, Co-Founder

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100th Annual State Convention Highlights by Michelle DiPlacido

Some OSIA memorabilia shown at Convention.

State President Carmelita Bello being escorted by John Bagen and Rosemarie Connell.

On Saturday, June 21, 2014, officers and delegates gathered at the Burlington Marriott in Burlington, Massachusetts for the 100th Annual State Convention. State First Vice President Antonio Sestito greeted delegates and acknowledged the members of the State Council, Benefit Insurance Commission, Chairmen of Permanent Commissions, National Officers, and State President Carmelita Bello as they filed into the hall. State President Carmelita Bello was handed the gavel and called upon Chairman Barbara DeStefano to give a preliminary report of the Credentials and Registration Committee. Sister DeStefano reported that 156 delegates were registered out of 184 authorized. There being a quorum, the officers donned their regalia and the first session of the 100th Annual State

Convention was declared officially opened. State First Vice President Antonio Sestito read the Principles of the Order, and the colors were presented by the assigned flag bearers. The National Anthems of Italy and America were sung by Benefit Insurance Commissioner Ross Zagami, and the entire delegation recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The colors were posted and State Chaplain Reverend Father Gregory Mercurio delivered the invocation, asking all delegates to keep in mind the fraternity on which our Order is based. State President Carmelita Bello dedicated the convention in memory of our departed members. State Recording Secretary Marie Jackson was asked to read communications from various lodges and to note any

corrections in the schedule or Convention book. The delegation voted to accept the reports of the State President (with the exception of her proposals), the State officers (with the exception of the proposals of the State Orator), and the Chairmen of Permanent Commissions, with the exception of the Budget and Judiciary Commissions. The Committee on Budget and Finance and Committee on Laws broke out into sessions at 10:15. In the general session, Author Anthony Sammarco gave a slide show presentation to demonstrate the kinds of photos that will go into the 100th Anniversary pictorial history book that the Historical Commission is working on. He reiterated a request that Lodges send in photos for this book. State First Vice President Antonio Sestito spoke on behalf

of the Organization and Education Commission and asked Lodges to contact him if they have questions. State Second Vice President Ron Hill spoke on behalf of the Membership Commission and distributed a packet on membership retention and recruitment guidelines and recommendations. Charity Commission Chairman Carol Rossi presented a new initiative from the Commission to send “get well,” sympathy, and “thinking of you” cards to Lodge members in need. Benefit Insurance Commissioner Ross Zagami spoke on the many different kinds of policies and services the Commission offers, and encouraged delegates to remind Lodge members that confidential services are available to all members. 100th Anniversary Gala CoChairman Margaret Olivieri reminded the delegation that

tickets are available to the Gala on October 4th, and that more information would be forthcoming about hotel and transportation arrangements. Pot of Gold Co-Chairman Rudy Viscomi reported that any sold tickets should be turned in, and that he has unsold tickets if anyone would like to purchase one. He reminded the delegation that the prizes are determined by the number of tickets sold. Executive Director Paul Guida reminded Lodges that it is very important to file their annual Form 990-N information return to the IRS. He reminded the lodges that have lost their nonprofit status to complete the reinstatement process, if they haven’t already done so, and to send a copy of their favorable determination letter to the Grand Lodge so it could be (Continued on Page 2)

July/September 2014  

Includes highlights and photos from the 101st Annual State Convention, and the 2014 October Italian Heritage Month Calendar.

July/September 2014  

Includes highlights and photos from the 101st Annual State Convention, and the 2014 October Italian Heritage Month Calendar.