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What do we do?

We partner with interactive/marketing agencies, delivering on our expertise - technology implementation, and extensive experience working with Creative Professionals.

What problems do we solve for you?

You would rather focus on the creative vision and execution. Have any of these problems ever distracted you from your focus? Staffing web projects; Meeting web project deadlines; Winning projects that require significant back-end work; Interacting with the client’s IT department; Managing technology contractors; Getting a large project done within a tight budget and/or timeframe; Understanding the client’s technology needs… If you answered “Yes!” to any of these, then Oshyn ITG can help.

How do we do it?

You Innovate – We Power You. That’s our formula for success.

Custom web application development (management, technical architecture, front-end and back-end development) Rich media banner production Content Management Systems (CMS) Portals and collaboration E-commerce development and implementation Systems integration Information Architecture (IA) Usability analysis Quality Assurance (QA) testing Site maintenance and management

Here’s what our clients say: Oshyn does great work. Oshyn has amazing people. “Technical Stars” is what they are.

We are very selective in our hiring. We only hire the best, the brightest and the most motivated to do great work.

Oshyn creates great synergy between Creative and Technical endeavors.

We are experienced in our space, and understand the needs of creative geniuses and interactive marketers.

Oshyn meets aggressive timelines and works with dynamic requirements.

Our development methodologies allow us to deliver faster than anyone. We know that in this space, requirements are constantly changing, which is why we are experts in handling changes to ensure that things get done on time and on budget.

Oshyn minimizes technology cost. Oshyn helped us make the most of our own talents by bringing to the table the best of their ITG Services.

Our Clients We strive to break new ground on every project, using our collective experience, diversity and teamwork to create then best user experiences and the very best in enterprise-grade technology.

Working with Oshyn is simple and headache-free.

Oshyn ITG - who are we?  

An overview of Oshyn ITG services.

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