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Taking your Insurance Worries Away in Australia

Having an insurance policy that protects you and your family is crucial as medical care is becoming expensive, especially in the private sector. Hospitalisation and modern treatments can burn a hole in your pocket and drain your savings. It may become even tough if the breadwinner of the family is hospitalised. You can avoid this financial hassle by buying a medical insurance for yourself and your loved ones by paying just a small premium, which would reduce your stress in case of medical emergencies.

Living abroad entails securing a trustworthy insurance plan. When you move to a country like Australia, either as a student or a working professional, you need Health Insurance for 485 Visa Holders and others.

A good mediclaim policy would usually cover expenses incurred towards all treatment related expenses like doctor’s consultation fees, expenses for medical tests, ambulance charges, surgery, hospitalisation expenses, and even pre and post-hospitalisation expenses to a certain extent. OSHConnect has partnered with some of the leading health insurance providers where it offers you to compare and choose the right cover that is suitable for you and fit your needs.

The Importance of Insurance •

Protects savings: Having a health insurance policy protects your savings from getting

drained due to medical treatments. Medical emergencies are unpredictable, and without medical insurance, there can be a rapid loss of savings. •

Coverage provided: A medical insurance not only provides coverage against

hospitalisation costs, but also covers other medical costs that may be incurred during, before, and after the course of treatment like doctor's consultation fees, ambulance charges, diagnosis test fees, operation theatre charges, room rent, pre and post-hospitalisation charges, , vaccinations etc. •

Quality treatment: Most medical insurance plans provide cashless treatment, where the

insurance provider directly settles the bills with the hospital. This helps the policyholder to get quality medical treatment without the hassle of paying for treatment expenses at the hospitals. •

Income tax benefit: Payment made towards medical insurance premiums are eligible for

tax deductions Individuals can claim tax deduction for self, spouse, children and parents in a financial year. OSHConnect provides you the best cover and policies from leading insurance providers that meet the visa requirements set by the Australian Government. Overseas students must maintain adequate Student Health Insurance for the duration of their student visa. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a type of health insurance that every international student requires when he comes to Australia to study. OSHC assists international students to pay a part or complete cost of hospital and medical expenses if you need to go to a hospital, need an ambulance or buy medicines.

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Taking your Insurance Worries Away in Australia  

Taking your Insurance Worries Away in Australia