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5 Pen PC Technology

Intro The 5 pen PC technology was designed by “Toru Ichihash” a prototype of the “pen” computing device was built in 2003 but such machines are still not available to the consumers. The present topic 5 pen PC technology avails five pens in making a computer. One pen is a central processing unit, other is a camera, another one is a virtual keyboard, another plays the role of a projector and the last one is a communicator or phone. All these are placed on a holder and this not only holds them but also recharges their batteries.

All these pens communicate with each other by means of a wireless connection like Bluetooth or internet. Pen and pencil have been the best method or way to write the fast notes and now let us imagine the world where the message or information written by the pen can directly send the data or information to the email of the person we want. With this device, we can also get the digital copy of the handwritten data or information.

This total device can also be connected with the internet connection and this under developing technology is not implemented till now. The release of this device makes a big impact on the computers and the electronic field. CPU Pen:Â The function of the CPU pen is computing engine and that is the reason for calling the CPU as computing engine also. It is made up of dual core processor embedded in it and operates with WINDOWS operating system. Generally, a CPU is a primary element of a computer which performs the functions of a computer and also it carry outs the instructions of a computer program. A central processing unit performs its operations in four steps and they are:

Fetch Decode Execute Write back The first step fetch involves the fetching of the instruction from the program memory and in the next step it decodes the instructions and executes it. In the final step, it simply writes back the result. Digital camera pen: In this device, the digital camera is in the shape of a pen and used for recording video, video conferencing and much more. It is simply called as a web cam and is a 360 degrees virtual machine used for an exchange of information.

Virtual keyboard pen: 

   

The virtual laser keyboard which is abbreviated as VSK is the new and final device for the PC users. The VSK release the laser beam on the device where it looks like a keyboard with the arrangement of keys and it is a software part which permits the user to enter the characters. The virtual keyboards are of different types based on the following features: Physical keyboards with the clear keys Virtual keyboard with the areas of sensing Keyboards with optical projection Keyboards which optically detect the human hand and motion or movement of the fingers.

Projector pen: This device plays the role of a monitor by availing the LED projector and projects the screen. It consists of a resolution capacity of a screen about 1024*768 and furnishes excellent clarity. Communication pen:Â The whole set up of the device can connect to Bluetooth or the internet and the communication pen has the cellular network which has a huge number of portable transceivers.

They are used in covering a large area at the same time and also decrease the interference of the other signals. Merits of 5 pen PC technology: The merits of this applied science are as follows:  

 

It is a portable or feasible device. This device performs the computing in an omnipresent way or method. It avails the Wi-Fi technology. We can touch and feel the applied science.

 

 

Demerits of 5 pen PC technology: The demerits of the 5 pen PC technology are as follows: It is an expensive device. The concept of the virtual keyboard is already an existing one. As it is an under developing technology the device is a bit unclear. It can be easily misplaced


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5 Pen PC Technology