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ISSUE 1 - June 2010


"And since all this loveliness can not be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June." – Abba Goold Woolson (1838–1921)

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Dear Readers, Voilà! I present to you the new Sixth Form Magazine! With much typing, nagging and working, it was finally put together, hurrah! This issue contains the usual selection of music, games and film reviews alongside the new fashion page, author profile and a few other miscellaneous articles. Also included, is an article that I‟m sure every student can associate with; the subject being mornings. I think that this month‟s calendar will be taken over by the World Cup; as I type England is playing USA , c‟mon England?! It feels so strange to be writing this instead of Kerry, but I'd like to applaud her for being the steady leader of the magazine for the year. I‟d also like to thank the OSFM team for this month... Ploughing on through the exam period was definitely mad, but we did it! So well done all! I hope that you enjoy the Issue, feedback is always welcome. Your New Editor,

Jasmine Camm. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 02

The New Website! >> <<

By Kieran Clayton

The new official Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine website offers plenty of new things. It has a new style and layout which allows easy navigation across the whole site. (Without an ad to be seen!). The new site will display much of what can be found in the magazine, but there is also content exclusive to the website; examples being articles published randomly by the team which means that you won‟t miss anything! Not only that, but there is now a whole section for the Sixth Form Team. Mary and both Rachels currently have an account. In this section they will be able to post instant updates and information just like the stuff that you get through emails; the difference being that it is all stored in one place and won‟t ever be „exceeding the storage limit‟. You could even ask questions and comment on the articles using the simple comment form. What sort of Content can I find on the site I hear you ask? Well, we have: A list of tutor periods - something that normally circulates by word of mouth. Useful links to UCAS and other handy websites that will make your time at Oakbank easier. A list of Open Days, provided by Rachel Gallagher, which will be updated whenever we are informed of a new open day! The ability to download the latest issue of OSFM, you can also view it online in the style of a real magazine! You can even submit your own article by using the simple submit form, the article will be sent straight to the Editor‟s email and you might even end up in the next issue of OSFM. The new website is just a great way of keeping in the know about what's going on in Sixth Form, whether this be Fundraising or important meetings in the common room, it will all be in one place, We‟d encourage both students and teachers to get involved.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 03

AS Exams Enlightening Closing of Exams for AS.

By Nicola Langthorne

Now that you've have jumped the hurdle of exams it's time to take a breather, it‟s also a great opportunity to make the best of your time. Here are a few suggestions! I t's highly recommended that we invest some time doing voluntary work. This could be at Manorlands through the connections we have at Oakbank - a wonderful organisation to help and be a part of. Other options are as part of the vInvolved volunteering award, which you can sign up for on the 28th June Period 2! These are great opportunities in which you can selflessly help others and feel great about, with another plus side of it being helpful on UCAS and job applications. A good plan would be to look at UCAS and career websites, researching the possible options you have for University and jobs for the near future. From here, you could look at how you could link any voluntary work or hobbies to the subject which you wish to study. Also, beginning your CV's and Personal Statements is a great idea; the latter of course will be a main subject in tutor periods. The better you can make them, the better your chances! Something that would be beneficial for the nearing A2 year is looking for extra work. AS students can begin to look into extra work to get a head start in your subjects. This could be from wider reading for English to visiting museums for Art! Look into your options, and also what you can do over the summer. This is a wonderful chance and you will reap the benefits. Finally, make the most of Enrichment Week, and most importantly have some fun!

Top 5 Things that AS exams have taught me:

By Jasmine Camm

Set up a revision timetable earlier. Admittedly, we were told again and again to set up those time tables; but who waited until the last few weeks of exam mania to draw up their calendar? From what I've gathered, quite a number. The exams seemed to sneak up on us, no matter what we were told. Ah, It‟s a lesson learnt. Point: Don‟t wait until there is so much stress that revising becomes a mixture of panic (of the time you have left to revise) and crammed knowledge.

Read through notes after lessons. Again, it was advised and yet the exams seemed to be so far away that it seemed rather strange to do that so soon. The transition from GCSE exams to AS exams was massive, as was the work load and thus the need for revision. Point: The earlier you start, the more comfortable you‟ll be with the subject, the less nervous you‟ll be when it comes to the exam.

How to revise. After trying stacks of techniques and advice given to me, it was only in the past month or so in which I finally found a way that works for me! This was the most valuable thing that I learnt from the exams, at least now I have the technique sorted and so i‟m comfortable with how I can improve. Point: It‟s pointless revising if the technique isn‟t suitable for you.

Avoid panicking people. Just before an exam there is chaos. Basically, it‟s somewhat contagious and should be avoided at all costs. If you end up panicking in the exam, then it will muddle your brain, calm down. Point: Don‟t cram, don‟t have joint panic attacks with people, and be calm. You‟ve done all you can.

“Told you so” I‟m sure that many of us are cursing ourselves for listening, but not putting into action, the advice which we had been given by both teachers and students at the beginning of the year. Point: Cringeworthy... „listen to what we are told‟.

Also, don't worry after exams. What's done is done, worrying will do nothing to help, take Nicola's advice above and fill your time with things that will help. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 04

By Kieran Clayton

“OH NO! Its 8 o‟clock, my bus is in 10 minutes!”

Snooze, the first word most of us read in a morning. There is no doubt that we all love it - such a handy tool. I‟m sure you all agree with me when I say that getting out of bed in the morning is one of life‟s greatest challenges; given the chance I think we would all rather stay there for a few more hours and roll into school at the hour that pleases us best. Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed really shouldn‟t be a chore; what excuses do we have? Too tired? It‟s warm in here... I‟ve got too much to do! Getting up in the morning should be a good thing - you are waking from, on average, 8 hours of sleep; a new day has begun and it shouldn‟t be taken for granted. In this article I will give you some tips on how to get out of bed fast and begin your days! As well as others‟ methods of getting up...

Tips on how to make it easier to get out of bed in a morning: Be organised! - Having to pick out what to wear and gather your books together in the morning is all too confusing when you‟ve just woken up, so do it the night before. Spend 10 minutes before you go to bed putting your books for the next day in your bag and get your clothes out, or at least pick them.

But what do I have to get up for?! – Think of the benefits of getting up... some that spring to mind for me are; I won‟t miss the bus, I‟ll have time for breakfast, Mary won‟t kill me! I can start a new day - who knows what might happen!

Think of the dangers... – A classic mistake is when the alarm sounds like an air raid siren; in a tired dash to stop the ear splitting noise, instead of hitting snooze you hit turn off... then you fall back to sleep. OH NO! Its 8 o‟clock, my bus is in 10 minutes! You will never make it, so just think... if you‟d have gotten out of bed pronto then you would be able to stroll to the bus stop instead or running half dressed.

Now here are other people’s methods, the weird and the wonderful: “I get my mum to come in and put Queen on LOUD; I have big speakers!” “Wash your hair the night before.” – Courtesy of Year 12 History class. “I set about 5 alarms before I go to bed; phones, radio, clock... they all go off about 5 minutes after each other” “I use my phone alarms, so I set two; the second one goes off 30 minutes after the first so when I snooze the first one, they start going off randomly and that really starts to annoy me” If you still can‟t get out of bed after reading this then you need to go to bed earlier... seriously. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 05

Confectionary Conclusions By Jasmine Camm

After undertaking a number of food experiments that had successful and not-quite-successful results, I decided that they‟d be interesting to share - at least the successful ones. You may be wondering what on earth confectionary has got to do with school? To be perfectly honest, I would say that it hasn‟t got much to do with school. If I had to pick an argument, I‟d say that food is essential to good learning (albeit, healthy food) and that relaxation is crucial to coursework - This is how I relax, welcome!

Sweet Successes The Somewhat Soufflé Contents: Victoria sponge mix (with cocoa), chilli chocolate, double cream and berries.


This is something that I discovered on a lazy day. I wanted something chocolate and quick. After cooking the chocolate cupcakes (either in a ramekin or as usual), make some ganache by pouring almost boiling cream into a bowl of equal amounts of chopped chocolate, I used chilli chocolate. Then mix. Cut the cakes as you would do a butterfly bun, but make the cut deeper, then fill the gap with the ganache, place in the oven again to heat the whole thing to the same temperature. This recipe is ready to eat in less than half an hour so it‟s perfect for those chocolate urges or pajama days. Depending on your tastes, I‟d suggest eating with raspberries, black cherries or shortbread. I am in love with this snack, it‟s quick, it‟s easy and it tastes amazing.

Mini Muffins Contents: Victoria sponge mix, food colouring, buttercream and smarties. These were purely and simply, ace. Due to the minute bun cases that the cupcakes were cooked in peeling away, we resorted to this is order to make them presentable for a party. A tiny amount of buttercream in between the mirroring cupcakes sticks them together and then the swirl of buttercream on the top adds flavour and texture to the whole thing. They tasted like a compact version of a butterly bun, and looked really quite fictional, they reminded me of a children‟s fairytale. The downside? They are gone in one bite.

Sweet Disasters The Cardiac Cake Contents: An awful lot of butter, sugar and chocolate. Improvise. Sure, it doesn‟t look like much, but after only a few bites you‟ll soon find yourself wondering just exactly how much chocolate is in the cake. The recipe is practically butter, sugar and chocolate with a sprinkle of flour and egg. It was coated with a thick layer of Cadbury‟s ganache as we made too much for such a small cake - with Cadbury‟s chocolate, the ganache tastes very caramel-ish, very sickly. Even the largest Chocoholic I know couldn‟t handle another slice. Although the general flavour exceeded expectations, that aspect of the cake was also its downfall; everyone feared for their blood-sugar levels that day, we couldn‟t stomach any junk food, how sad...

Gummy Bear Genocide Contents: Victoria sponge mix, food colouring and gummy bears. This was purely experimental...The analysis? Gummy bears + Cake mixture = Explosion. The rating was given for prettiness and the sheer addictive nature of these colourful creations, stars were taken off because they are sickly and really quite revolting. As you can see in the picture, the pink was the most delightfully cute thing, which boosted the rating a lot. Otherwise, the buns are like extra strong toffee to the teeth, as the melted gummy bears refuse to release their grip on anything they touch. They were certainly unusual, and the gummy bears gave the sponge a very sweet flavour, they may have even been nice if there was a higher sponge : gummy bear ratio. Overall, they were fun to make, fun to watch as the gummy bears explode in the oven but really not fun to bite.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 06

It‟s a Breeze

By Rhianna Jones

Are you 19 and under? Do you want great discounts on sports and entertainment? Could a Breeze Card be for you?

Discounts With Breeze Cards you can get great discounts, free gifts and gain entry to special events all around the Leeds area!

Some of the many events include: Young Peoples Film Festival Middleton Railway Trust (£1 off adult return, 50p off additional Breeze Card holders. Saturdays only)

Freedom Divers (20% off all try dive sessions) Swimming (Discounts vary with age) Squash/Badminton Fitness Classes Breezereads Book Discounts (15% off selected books at Borders) Karate International Black Belt Schools (Discount of £15 per person) Leeds Wall (10% off pre-booked sessions) Breeze Cards double up as a library card Jumbo Records (5% off all full priced merchandise) Breeze on Tour! Breeze International Youth Festival 2010 Breeze Breaks Out!

Breeze on Tour This five week tour gives you the chance to get outside and have a laugh with your friends. Aimed at 8-18 year olds the Breeze Tour travels to different locations holding many activities that Breeze Card holders can access for free!

Some activities at Breeze on Tour: Dancing Arts + Crafts Music Football DJ‟s Movie Making Performances from locally formed bands

TO GET YOUR BREEZE CARD, VISIT: (Click above to be taken to site)

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 07


By Olivia Sayer & Michaela Johns

Summer is on our doorstep! ... Hopefully. So make the most of the sunny days as they come by stepping out in the à la mode of spring/summer 2010. Proportions have changed this season; floor skimming hemlines are summers favourite new length. From bodycon styles in bold shades and eye-popping prints to floaty pieces in romantic hues. This long and flowing shape is going to be this season‟s statement silhouette.

Trend 1 – The Maxi Dress A big one for the summer is the maxi dress. In order to make it look good, ensure that you have the cut that is perfect for you, so even short people can wear it. If you‟re short, avoid dresses with large skirts, to avoid being swamped. Team with strappy sandals and either a denim jacket for the chillier days or a waistcoat when the sun is blazing. Here are some maxi dresses from the high street, differing in types: £39.99, River Island

Trend 2 – Sportswear Another trend to follow this season is the All American collegiate look. Sports inspired pieces can include; sheer layers, aertex meshes, neoprene panels and lattice detailing – creating a cool athletic vibe. Haute hoodies emblazoned with motifs, sweatpants and oversized baseball jackets can be teamed with jersey maxi dresses or knits.

Trend 3 – Nude This season is focusing on the colour nude. Pastel colours and nude are a must if you want to hit this season‟s main trend. £18 Urban Outfitters

£18, Topshop


£22 Urban Outfitters £40, Topshop

£32, Topshop

£30, Topshop

Something for the Guys... £40 Urban outfitters



Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 08

Author Profile: Pratchett By Ruby Whelan


Name: Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE, was born in BuckBorn: 28 April 1948 inghamshire in 1948. He is an extremely successful fantasy writer, having sold over 55 Location: Salisbury, million books worldwide. He was given an Wiltshire OBE for services to literature in 1998, was knighted in the Queen‟s 2009 New Year HonGenre: Fantasy ours, and has received 8 honorary doctorates. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer‟s disease in In the beginning there was nothing, 2007, and has since made large donations to which exploded help find a cure; he has also presented a TV programme to help raise awareness. He published his first story at the age of 13, The Hades Business (in his school magazine!), which was later published commercially.

Works The Discworld series is his most prolific series, and follows the stories of the inhabitants of the Discworld – a parallel world to our own, where the world is (as the name suggests) a large disc. However, as the name definitely doesn‟t suggest, it is also carried on the back of four elephants, who ride on the back of a giant turtle. The first Discworld book – The Colour of Magic, was published in 1985, and he has since published a further 36. Pratchett‟s works feature a great amount of parody, on subjects as varied as Shakespeare, to fairytales, great battles and Hollywood. The majority of the books are set in Ankh-Morpork, the Disc‟s largest and most… interesting city (smell-wise, anyway), ruled by benevolent tyrant Havelock Vetinari. The books don‟t follow any one character, but instead follow groups of people; the City Watch (led by cynical and street-smart Sam Vimes, also known as “Vetinari‟s terrier”), the Wizards and the Witches. Or specific people, for example Rincewind the wizard, Death (wonderfully anthropomorphically portrayed), Susan Sto Helit (Death‟s granddaughter), and Moist von Lipwig (a con artist, saved from the gallows (post-hanging) and forced to re-vamp the post office). There are also standalone novels, which follow different characters, though these usually feature the series regulars in some way or another.

Interesting Facts He has a greenhouse full of carnivorous plants in his garden. He credits his local library for his education, rather than his school. He came top of the country in the exams for the National council for the Training of Journalists Course. He has a great interest in astronomy and had an observatory built in his back garden for that very purpose. He‟s a trustee of the Orang-utan Foundation UK – one of his most popular characters, the Unseen University‟s Librarian, is an orang-utan. He says, on the subject of writing, that you must “make grammar, punctuation and spelling a part of your life”, (which makes me very happy indeed). Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 09

Internet picks of the month By Ruby Whelan

All sites found using: This rather interesting website gives you access to the front pages of hundreds of newspapers, worldwide, from The New York Times, to The Ashasi Shimbun, in Japan. Obviously, the newspapers are generally in the language of their home country, though some, like the Japanese paper I mentioned, have English versions. This could be extremely useful if you‟re studying languages, though weirdly, there are NO French newspapers on the database. I suppose I‟ll have to just read the ones from Luxembourg… There are a majority of American newspapers on here, and currently only 4 from England (one of which is the Lancashire Evening Post, which I find quite odd – no Daily Mail, or Telegraph, but we WILL have the Lancashire Evening Post!), but the ability to look at newspapers from Vietnam and New Zealand sort of makes up for it. Updated daily. I adore this website, partially because it allows me to keep track of what‟s happening in the world, without the boredom of sitting through the news, or reading a newspaper. Worldly knowledge, sans effort. Plus, you get to look at lots of fantastic photography; yay, pretty (though sometimes shocking, as with the oil spill) pictures! More recent photo collections are of South Africa‟s world cup preparations, and the horrific Gulf of Mexio oil spill, currently advancing on America‟s south eastern coast, destroying the habitat of many helpless animals as it goes. The website updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This webcomic can be ridiculously geeky, which is kinda why I love it. As it says, it‟s “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”, and also extremely funny, unless you don‟t get the joke, which, unless you‟re a real maths/computer nerd, you won‟t for every comic. However, this is not an overly regular occurrence, and as it updates 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri), there‟s always something that will appeal to all audiences. I adore pretty much everything about this webcomic, from the artwork, to the humour, to the more serious “let‟s reflect on life in quite a silly way” aspect of it. Some of the comics do contain HUGE walls of text, though (which I sometimes skip, which is very naughty of me, but I am lazy and it doesn‟t necessarily detract form the joke, so whatever), which I suppose can be a negative, but not everything is perfect. There are a few regular characters here, such as the sphinx, pictured on the right, whose terrifying appearance doesn‟t make her many human friends, though that may be because she eats them. It updates… Well, it does update fairly regularly, but I don‟t think there‟s currently any rhyme or reason to when. Generally, it‟s every week.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 10

Things to do

By Jasmine Camm




Further Information

Victorian Sports Day.

People‟s Park, Halifax.

June, 1pm 4pm, Free.

If you‟re looking for a unique thing to do with your time then this may be for you! It sounds quite hilarious - Victorian costumes, egg and spoon races, whip and top? Hilarity is sure to ensue. Of course, it isn‟t imperative that you dress the part, but why not? Refreshments are also available.

A Tour with Anne Lister

Shibden Hall, Lister‟s Road, Halifax.

13th June/11th Following the release of BBC‟s „The Secret DiaJuly, 2pm, Usual ries of Anne Lister‟, the tour at Shibden Hall aladmission. lows you to find out more about the life and location of this fascinating woman, the first modern Lesbian and mistress of the Hall in the 19th century, and to have a refreshing walk around some awesome rooms and grounds. You could even go on the mini-train or the rowing boats afterwards if you were feeling particularly child-like.

Calderdale Pride. Piece Hall, Hali- 19th June, 2pm fax. - 8pm, Free.

Once again the Piece Hall has the pleasure of hosting the celebration of diversity in Calderdale. Everyone is welcome to bring picnics, blankets and friends to enjoy the day. In the Hall there will be a variety of eating places, a bar, a full programme of live entertainment, and „quality DJ‟s, artists, bands, and speakers‟. Not much missing is there?

1960‟s Weekend.

Haworth Main Street.

19th/20th June, Free.

If you enjoyed the vintage feel of the 1940‟s weekend, why not indulge yourself in another era of iconic things? Take yourself back to the days of fashion from that of Mary Quant‟s miniskirt and Doris Day‟s feminine gowns to Bardot‟s beehive hairstyles and Hepburn‟s skinny jeans. The most popular style associated with the 1960‟s is that created by those who prompted sexual liberation and „peace, love and freedom‟. Groovy...

The Bridge Birthday Bash.

Hebden Bridge.

19th June, 1:30pm start, Free.

A medieval festival celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Bridge. There‟ll be a packhorse procession over the bridge, medieval music, dance and Jesters. It‟s a chance to learn truly fascinating facts and fiction about bridges; some to „fascinate even the unfascinatable‟.

Leeds Loves Food.

Millennium Square, Leeds.

1st - 4th July, Free for browsing.

A festival which shows off the range and the quality of the food in Leeds, including events and promotions. The four day spread of events has a packed calender which can be viewed online. There‟s no shortage of food, as the choice varies from BBQ, picnics and Mexican dishes to the smoothies, the Mad Hatter‟s Tea Party and a selection of master-classes. If food isn‟t your thing, then Angel‟s Share Vintage Fair on the 3rd July may give you a break from the mass amount of edibles. See for specific times and dates.

OSFM, Issue 2

Oakbank School/

17th July

The next issue of Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine is released, just as we say bye bye for summer!

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 11

Things to own By Kieran Clayton

This Months Essential Item! Editors Pick

Toy Story 1 & 2 Boxset £16.99,

Pileus: The Internet Umbrella!, £16.99,

There is no doubting that we are all hyped for the release of Toy Story 3 in UK cinemas 23 July 2010. So, why not re-cap on the gang‟s shenanigans in the much loved childhood classics, Toy story and Toy story 2, together in this new boxset!

„To make walking rainy days fun‟, at least until you get run over by the car that you never saw because you were too busy staring up at your umbrella screen. It contains a built-in camera and allows photo-sharing, so you can upload the photo‟s that you take via a wireless Internet connection. Obviously, this is something every umberella needs - who cares about keeping dry? It also has the function of a birds eye 3D map, this could be useful; however, its purpose is described as being for the user „to compare the 3D views to real sights‟. Perhaps this is just me, but doesn‟t the physical sight erase the need for a 3D view? I admit that it‟s creative, but I fail to comprehend WHY somebody looked at an umbrella and thought that it was necessary to add the Internet. I know that it is the „Age of the Internet‟ and such, but surely this is a little excessive...

Sound Asleep Pillow, This handy little gadget will help £20, with that ever so daunting task of revising. With the Sound Asleep

pillow you don‟t even have to open a book, all you need to do it SLEEP! Simply plug in your mp3 player, and listen to pre-recorded lectures or class notes whilst you sleep, experts say it works...

EatMeCrunchy Cereal Bowl, A lot of us don‟t eat breakfast in a morning even though we are told time £4.99, and time again that we will perform better throughout the day. This may look like your average cereal bowl however it has a built in shelf which stops the milk coming into contact with all the cereal. Instead it releases a little bit of milk onto a small section of the cereal, keeping it crunchier for longer! YUM!

Freeloader Solar Charger, £40,

We have all been caught out by our mobile or mp3 battery whilst on the move; it has to be one of the most annoying things that can happen! The Freeloader Solar Charger will charge up any mobile device including; iPods, phones and even portable games consoles, just from the power of the sun, anywhere! It would come in handy for festivals and camping trips this summer.

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 12

4 Years later... By Jacob Bartnik

Well the waiting is over; the most anticipated sporting event in the world has come around yet again. I am talking, of course, about the Fifa World Cup. Nothing in the world of sports can amount to such an awesome, contagious force that floods across the planet, compelling peoples from every nation to tune in and watch the greatest and most popular sport in the world, football. The tournament will be held in The Republic of South Africa where 32 teams from across the globe will battle it out to take home the trophy. Of course, most people know this is more than just sport. This is patriotism. This is pride. What happens over the next few weeks will be written in the history books along with all of the other past tournaments. As a nation who holds football close to its heart, we devote ourselves to supporting the 23 heroes chosen to represent our country. Although we may not have competed so well in the previous World Cup (Losing in the quarter finals to Portugal in a penalty shootout), we have grown and developed into a team that is considered one of the favourites to take home the gold. Led by newly appointed captain Steven Gerrard, our nation‟s squad is built up of powerful, talented athletes who will work themselves to death to win this tournament and the love and admiration of their proud nation. (Yes, I know it rhymes.) So keep watching, this is history in the making; be proud of our beloved England, no matter what the outcome... unless we lose in penalties.

Gig Reviews

By Rhianna Jones

The EDITORS played at St George's Hall in Bradford on Monday 8th March as part of their UK tour to promote their latest album, “In This Light and on This Evening”. The set which included some old favourites as well as new material went down well with both old and new fans. The EDITORS style of Indie-Rock was performed with a stunning backdrop full of visual and lighting effects which added to the experience. The supports acts were equally as good featuring Cold Cave, an experimental Synthpop band from Philadelphia and English band The Strange Death of Liberal England which varies from folk to IndieRock. A number of Oakbank students attended the night, each enjoying the evening to its full. Pictured: Top - Tom Smith, Editors | Middle - Cold Cave | Bottom - The Strange Death Of Liberal England

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 13

By Kieran Clayton


was looking forward to seeing Portia

Conn live after the let down on a previous attempt where she was pulled from the line up, the only problem this time was the fact that Portia was, once again, pulled from the line-up. We went anyway, what fool would turn down a free gig? We deliberately arrived late so we could try and avoid seeing the first support act, “Eight days straight”, however this plan was foiled when we arrive thirty minutes after doors and people were still waiting outside. When we were just about to give up and go find something else to do, there was movement, doors. After battling with rude staff over the guest list we were finally stuck to the floor inside the oddest basement id ever seen, where I couldn‟t help but feel sickened by the smell of what I should hope is the toilets seeping through my blocked nose. We sat away from the stage for the first support, “Eight days straight”, I was genuinely afraid of needing ear treatment if I got any closer to the speakers, or the girls screech emitting from them. I also found myself being irritated by her trying too hard to pretend she gave a damn about the main act, “MiMi Soya”, by screaming there name down the mic towards her obligatory fans. The people who were paying some kind of attention to EDS could only be described as... relatives. I resorted to checking Facebook on my phone, were I got carried away and posted on Portia Conn‟s wall expressing my disgust towards the evening so far; you know when you‟re on Facebook at a gig, you can‟t be having a good time! Before the next band, “Pegasus Bridge”, we went to speak to the manager of MiMi Soya, Pegasus Bridge and Portia Conn – Nathen McVittie. He was very friendly and he kindly explained the situation with Portia and we couldn‟t help but to forgive him, he also told us more about Pegasus Bridge and we even had a brief conversation with Tom Lynman (drummer of PB) before they took to the stage. Pegasus Bridge, consisting of two lookalikes; Russell Howard and Nick Jonas/Simon Amstell (although I think I was on my own with this one), got my foot tapping

“are you looking forward to MiMi Soya?!!!!!!!” - Not Really... almost straight away. Now we were up in front of the stage it really sank in how poor the turnout was for this gig, I would say there was at a max, 25 people there... 4 of which were staff, 2 managers, 7 bands members and the rest... „fans‟. I couldn‟t help but to give Pegasus Bridge the loudest wolf whistle I could at the end of every song; something which literally got the thumbs up from Tom. However some rude members of the audience didn‟t like it as much and these just happened to be the members of MiMi Soya - The main act of the evening! Edward Turner, the lead singer of PB had an outstanding voice which pleased the audience and Tom was beating the crap out of those drums like there was no tomorrow. These guys really did lift my mood and I was actually having a good time! Whilst we waited for MiMisoya we again had brief conversations with Alex Howick (Bass) and Tom who donated a couple of drops of his drink for the purpose of a cheers. It was time for MiMi Soya, I was hoping she would stand behind the pole in the middle of the stage however no such luck. I reluctantly watched the head banging, shaking and eye rolling (with the hand on the hip) of the singer of MiMi Soya whilst thinking to myself; “SOZ paramour”. Struggling to depict any difference between each song I gave no whistle just a pathetic little clap. Overview of the night... Eight Days Straight Who? Pegasus Bridge - What an awesome bunch of guys with the potential to be BIG. MiMi Soya - get your own act. Eight Days Straight Pegasus Bridge Ribena available now - FREE @ pegasusbridge MiMi Soya Hear more of the same @ mimisoya

Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 14

Music Pendulum - Watercolour By Michaela Johns

Scouting For Girls - This Ain’t a Love Song By Michaela Johns

ALBUM OF THE MONTH Four Year Strong - Enemy of the world By Michaela Johns


Pendulum are back, but have they brought anything new with them? In my opinion: no. It‟s the same formula that has always been used by the famous Australian D&B band. I can‟t deny the fact that the song in itself is not bad at all, but I just can‟t completely differentiate it from its predecessors. It brings nothing new to the table, which will eventually have its consequences as original artists could shine through and leave pendulum in the dust. Putting aside the lack of originality, this song still stood out to me as a must have. Its fast paced euphoria will blow your mind away, and I can‟t even begin to imagine how incredible this would be if this was performed live. June Releases to Look Out For We Are Scientists Barbara

14.06.10 Scissor Sisters - Night Work

28.06.10 3oh!3 - Streets of Gold


I must admit, I‟m not very fond of Scouting for Girls, but this one caught my attention. It differs from the stuff you‟d expect to hear from them, so it captivates a wider audience; it managed to dominate the charts for a couple of weeks. If you‟re a SCG fan already you won‟t be disappointed nor let down and if you‟re not already a fan you may just be pulled in by this one.

The eccentric, explosive FYS are back and are better than ever. Personally I don‟t believe it‟s as good as their last album Rise or Die Trying but it‟s still an amazing album! From beginning to end its pure ear melting goodness with upbeat pop punk to really get you into the summer mood. Panic! At the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out By Kieran Clayton

Yeasayer - Odd Blood By Kieran Clayton

I first saw these guys live supporting Bat For Lashes in Leeds, it turns out they have collaborated on most of the track on her CD. I thought they were good but one of the vocalists seemed to be trying to go too high. When I heard „Odd Blood‟ I wasn‟t expecting much however I was truly blown away by its excellence! The experimental indie music really is something new, a great outcome to an experiment if you ask me!

Now I know this album isn‟t new and most have you have probably forgot about its existence , it was the same for me. Listening to it for the first time in years really was such a treat, the transitions in it are fantastic, they really add the story like feel of the album when listened to from beginning to end. The music in it is extremely varied, they have probably used ever instrument under the sun, and it really works! If you havn‟t listened before, do it. Even if you don't think its „your thing‟. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 15

Film & Games Film By Christina Cooper

The Bounty Hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) a bounty hunter gets his dream job when he is given the task of picking up his ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) who has „jumped bail‟. Milo, thinking he has this one in the bag goes for the easy catch, only to find out that Nicole has other ideas. The pair play cat and mouse for a while which becomes a little repetitive, but has its funny moments. While they‟re arguing between themselves it turns out they are being pursued by a bigger threat, suspects from a murder case Nicole is reporting on. The action is questionable but it‟s played well and helped by the obvious chemistry between Butler and Aniston. In the end, they both get locked up in a police jail, but seem happy to be there together. Overall its quite funny, and definitely worth a watch. Games By Joss Cope-Smith and Jacob Bartnik

Here at the Games Review our goal is to inform you of the top new games being released and share with you our honest opinions on their content; stretching from storyline and game play to graphics and online content. For this issue of the Sixth Form Magazine we will be reviewing the best game of 2009 (and probably the decade), Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, as well as some of the newest and most anticipated releases of 2010. As you may already know, Final fantasy is one of the largest gaming franchises of all time, with dozens of instalments for different platforms and even a couple of movies. So, does the latest instalment, Final Fantasy XIII, meet its much anticipated expectations? Short answer, no! But why is it such a let down? Well, you may have seen the adverts on TV; though you may not believe it, those aren‟t cinematic that is pure game play. The graphics are unmatchable, but that‟s not all that games are about. Yes, it is very new and very shiny, but the in game content, the lack of depth underlying its predecessors and its dismal battle system make it very boring, repetitive and an all round letdown. I don‟t think it would have been as difficult to play if it had a follow-able plot. I would consider it a game to play, but definitely not one to waste your money on.

Final Fantasy XIII

Call of Duty is an established series of top-notch first person Call of Duty Modern shooters, never failing to entertain. Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Warfare 2 is the second instalment of the highly successful MW series. It follows the exploits of 2 army divisions; Task Force 141, and The U.S Army Rangers, fighting against Vladimir Makarov and his ultranationalist regime, whilst also driving back a Russian invasion of America. This amazing storyline is well complemented by an array of excellent missions, great realistic graphics and outstanding game play. But the game doesn‟t finish after the campaign. The real MW2 experience is found within its mind-blowing multiplayer content. Players can customise their classes with an arsenal of unlockable weapons and perks and can play with, and against players from anywhere around the Globe. This can be done in various game modes and locations - from the basic team death match to the complex demolition, in which teams try to destroy 2 central objectives. It has been hailed the shooter to end all shooters and is a definite must buy. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 16

Random Facts By Jasmine Camm Welcome to the random page. Here you‟ll Fact of the Month find snippets of information that will range from humorous to serious, and from origins of phrases to scientific theories. Much of this information is trivial and useless in ordinary life, however there are also possible conclusions to questions that we‟ve all asked, such as „Why is yawning contagious?‟.

In 1843, a Parisian street mime got stuck in his imaginary box and consequently died of starvation.

The average chocolate bar has 8 insects‟ legs in it. (Sorry!) A blue whale‟s aorta is big enough for a human to crawl through. French was the official language of England for over 600 years. „Raining cats and dogs‟ originated in the 17th century when homeless animals would drowned and float down the street, making it seem as if it had rained cats and dogs. A picture of Gandalf the Grey (LotR) can be seen in the collection of great wizards in Dumbledore‟s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In the early 16th century, a visitor to an English home would kiss the family cat for good luck. The „brain cooling theory‟ says that when we contagiously yawn we are participating in an ancient ritual that evolved to help groups stay alert and detect danger. No other language has a word that means exactly the same as the English „cake‟. During World War II, sugar was rationed in the UK, so icing could not be made and cakes were reduced in size. To make them look presentable cakes were often served inside a box which had been decorated with plaster of Paris, to resemble the traditional cake. There is a 7 ft sculpture made completely of marmite. It is a re-creation of „The Kiss‟ sculpted by Jeremy Fattorini. 'Yahoo' is an acronym for „Yet Another Hierachical Officious Oracle‟, created by David Filo and Jerry Yang. In 1926 women were banned form competing in marathons as it was believed that they caused infertility. Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine 17

June Open Days

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops

12 06 10

University of Derby

12 06 10

University of Central Lancashire

16 06 10

Royal Holloway, University of London

18 06 10

Northumbria University

18 06 10

University of Reading

19 06 10

Coventry University

22 06 10

Aston University

23 06 10

Askham Bryan College – Taster Day

24 06 10

University of Birmingham

25 06 10

University of Birmingham

26 06 10

University of Liverpool

26 06 10

Peninsula Medical School

26 06 10

University of East Anglia

28 06 10

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

29 06 10

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

29 06 10

Durham University

30 06 10

Liverpool John Moores

30 06 10

Newnham College, Cambridge

30 06 10

London School of Economics and Political Science

30 06 10

University of Glamorgan

30 06 10

St Anne‟s College, Oxford – Formal Open Day

And some for early July... 01 07 10 St Anne‟s College, Oxford – Formal Open Day 02 07 10

Leeds Metropolitan University

02 07 10

University of East Anglia

02 07 10

Newcastle University

03 07 10

Newcastle University

If your university isn‟t here, check the Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine Website for a full list of University open days.

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Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine :: Issue 1 :: June 2010  
Oakbank Sixth Form Magazine :: Issue 1 :: June 2010  

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